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Free porn gay giving bj to straight men group Holden has done a
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It was early Monday morning. I was asleep in bed next to my wife, dreaming a strange dream. I can't remember the first part of the dream but things become clear and memorable when I was lying on my back. A woman, I can't tell who it was at first is straddling me. We're fucking, she is riding me, pretty hard. It's so fucking vivid!

I can feel how hard my cock is. How it feels inside her but I can't see who she is, can't see her face.

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I look to see if she has the same recognizable thin arms and dark hair as my step daughter. And she does, it's Selena! I can finally see her face above me, looking down at me as she bounces on my cock but the colors are all fucked up. Her eyes look like they're changing colors and I then get confused about her hair color.

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"Maybe it's blond like my wife, Angela's? I look to but it's not. Angela has the same blond color as Chloe's mom so it's not her.

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Of course Chloe's mom dyed her red hair blond. Chloe does have red hair" …and I look around us. "It's a football field! What the fuck?" I say out loud "We're lying in a football field!

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Why are we fucking in the middle of a football field? Selena doesn't play football." I look into my partner's face and then I see that it's Chloe riding my dick, She puts her hand on my chest as her petite, athletic body bounces up and down, her tight pussy sliding up and down on my cock.

"Oh, that makes sense. Chloe plays football"' I think to myself, for some reason. But I don't think about stopping, instead I pinch her nipples then I grab her by her ass and roll us over. "mm You're so wet" "Wait, did I say that before?" I feel a brief deja vu and I roll over onto my side in real life in my real bed and my full erection presses against my wife's ass.

I am between awake and asleep, fucking in my dream and pressing up against my wife. "MMmm" She lets out a mostly still asleep kind of noise but I know means she likes what's happening.

I want to stay asleep and not wake up to the real world but I realized that's not an option I scooch closer to her, rubbing it against her ass more I reach around her naked breasts, touch her nipples she gives me another mmm You awake? I ask "mhm" She must have been a little awake already. she sleepily puts her hand over mine, laces our fingers, squeezes my hand and slides it down over her taught stomach. I can feel the little muscles of her stomach as my fingers trace the way down before she puts my hand between her legs.

I always loved how fit she was. I started sliding my fingers up and down her inner thigh. She spread her knees apart to give me better access and as I started to toy with her pussy through her panties she reaches back and lazily grabs my cock, she was still a little asleep and she stopped moving her hand after a moment before starting up again after I move my fingers over the top of her pussy.

We were waking each other up by touching each other. "mmm What time is it?" She asked "Almost 7" "mmm Good.


Enough time. If we hurry a little" I could hear her smile as she said it I started thinking about my dream as I started to wake up for real. The image of Chloe naked over me, riding me …The feeling of her She's the same age now as her mother was when we were together. Chloe looks so much like her mother, but she thankfully keeps her hair its natural red and she's definitely more athletically fit than her mother was because of football.

Damn she is hot. After a moment of playing with each other I turn her to face me. We kiss a little. She slides her cotton panties down and off.

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I touch her, exploring her "You're already wet" mm I'm really horny. "Me too" I reply "You were having a good dream I take it?" She asks as she reaches down and takes my hardening cock in her hand.

"Yea I was." mmn. About me? "Yea" I smile and lie to her. It's not as though I was going to tell her the truth. I had never had a sexy dream about my daughter before. I wonder to myself if anyone else ever does. I tell myself they probably do. It's probably OK to dream about that. About Chloe, like that, especially since she looks kind of similar to her mother, and she's the same age now when we were hooking up.

Besides I didn't even know about Cloe until a couple years ago when her grandmother contacted me. Lying next to Angela I kiss her cheek and her neck as she caresses my hardon. Brushing her blond hair aside, sucking her ear, she starts stroking me. .Maybe it has something to do with Selena. It's SO hot when Selena calls me "Daddy". I don't know. Probably allot of things I think about telling Angela to call me daddy but I don't know if she would be into it.

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She might think it's weird. She's not as kinky Selena, that's for sure. Maybe I'll wait until the next time she comes to bed after having some wine.

I lean over my wife, kiss her breast, a trail of kisses between them, then taking one nipple in my lips, sucking and kissing, then the other. She cooes an moans as I nibble and suck My mind floats back to those encounters, 17 years ago with Chloe's mother, sneaking off to the back seat of her car.

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Going over to her house when her parents were away. Then back to the dream laying in the football field, then back to the reality of my wife grinding her hips forward against my hand.

I want you to ride me. ""Oh, OK"" I lay back and she gets on, straddling me, her hands on my shoulders, she presses my cock forward under her and she slides her clean shaven pussy back and forth grinding her clit on the underside of my dick. "Ohh fuck I love that, Angela" "I know, mmnnn. Me too" She keeps it up for a little before reaching down and inserting me in her On her knees, bouncing up and down She knows just what I like, how to move the way I want it Oh yea.

fuck. yea mmmm "Oh, you're so wet" ".Wait, did I say that twice?" "uh, no&hellip.


I love your dick!" I look over and see what time it is Hun, maybe we should. She sees me looking at the clock and does the same "Oh!


Yea we probably need to. You just want to do missionary?" "Hell yes" We reposition, I get between her legs and she reached down and guides me into her and I slide into my wife's pussy. Uhhhh "Mnnnn. Angela" "Uhh fuck, Rick baby." she spreads her legs as far as she can I start thrusting, picking up speed quickly Uhhhhn!

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GOD yes! I know exactly how she likes it, how to angle it, and where to put the pressure Oh god! oh yess. You like my cock? mm Yess I'm above her, up on my forearms, she holding onto the back of my arms.

I know she loves the feel of the muscles there I lean in and start kissing and sucking her ear. That Always helps with her ohh god. ohh fuck. mmmm. mmmm I moan into her ear as she starts breathing faster and faster "UhHH. uhNNN!!!" "Did you just.?" I ask Mhmm You want me to cum in you? I whisper in her ear mhmm! wanting to speed things up, I start thinking about my dream. Thrusting and driving my dick deep I get the pressure on just the right spot "Ohh Uhh.

OHHH! YES" I explode a hot torrent of cum into my wife's pussy uhhhh mmnn She and I moan back and forth to each other and I collapse into her arms Normally we would lie there and kiss each other slowly but it's early and we haven't brushed our teeth yet and we don't have extra time this morning we just lie in the dim light of early morning holding each other for a couple of minutes.

As the bliss dies away we begin to talk about the day, what time we will leave, what time we will be home, who will cook and what we will have for diner before we get up, shower put on our wedding rings and start on our week.

I think about my dream and I can feel my cock twitch a little.