Gothic mistress spanks cock and balls from male slave

Gothic mistress spanks cock and balls from male slave
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1. Sangeeta & Angela Random Guy Sangeeta was lying in bed, staring at the ceiling, listening to Angela fucking some guy she'd found in the bar that they'd visited that evening. First of all there was the talking, but that didn't last long as neither of them really spoke the same language, then things got quiet.

Sangeeta assumed that they was kissing and feeling each other up. Then the regular sound of the bed, so that was when they started fucking, and the grunts and moans from Angela told Sangeeta that she was getting close to orgasm. She found Angela was far more religious than she had imagined, as she'd called out "Fuck me, oh God, fuck me," time and time again over the last 20 minutes. Finally things had built to a climax, with the noise of the bed getting faster and faster, and the calls from Angela getting faster and louder, then finally the guy started calling out in some language she didn't recognise.

Then things went quiet. Thank God they were finished. It was a funny experience. She didn't really want to know about Angela having sex with some random guy. But at the same time she'd found it arousing, and had lain their rubbing her clitoris, and playing with her nipples listening to Angela getting her brains banged out in the next room.

Sangeeta hadn't come, but she was very aroused, thinking about what it would have been like to have a new cock inside her. It did answer one question that she had wondered about for years Angela wasn't a lesbian. Or at least not only a lesbian. How Some Random Ended Up in her Apartment It had sounded like a good idea when Angela had first suggested coming over to visit her in Prague.

Sangeeta didn't know anyone, except at the university, and was a bit lonely. The apartment had a spare room, so Angela could stay for a few weeks having a cheap holiday while keeping Sangeeta company during the week, and travelling with her at weekends. But it hadn't worked out that way. On the second evening she was in Prague, Angela insisted that she and Sangeeta go out for a few drinks at one of the bars in the centre of town.

Angela had gone out in one of the short, tight skirts she wore so often to show off her slim hips and tight ass.

On top she was wearing a little top, with her look finished off by lot of makeup. The only concession to the cold was a jacket that she took off the moment she got to the bar. Sangeeta had been more conservative in her choice of clothes, but the blue, low cut top showed of her large breasts, while her tight black trousers showed her ass off. Then Angela started drinking as fast as she could. She always drank with remarkable speed, and with her small frame, she quickly got very drunk.

Angela continuously encouraged Sangeeta to drink, buying her another glass of wine even when she didn't want it, so Sangeeta got drunk too, though not as badly as Angela. They were two drunk aged women in a bar, obviously tourists or visitors, and so the inevitable happened. Men started chatting to them, offering them more drinks.

Angela was happy to let them start touching her, first her arm, then her back, then patting her ass, kiss on the cheek, hand on her thigh, kiss on the mouth, and finally hand up her skirt.

Angela responded in kind, drunkenly groping the men, letting her hands wander freely, stroking their crotches, pressing her ass against their groins, feeling the stiff cocks pressing against her. Sangeeta was more reserved, after all she was married, but none the less, men pursued her. She tried explaining she was married, pointing to the rings on her finger.

But apparently they didn't understand her English. Or maybe they understood, but didn't care since they weren't interested in marrying her.

When it came time to go home, Angela whispered in Sangeeta's ear "which one do you want?" "What do you mean?" "Which one are you going to take back to the apartment?" Sangeeta was shocked, "I'm not going to go home with anyone." "Have you got someone else here?" asked Angela. "No! Of course not," replied Sangeeta. "You know what happens on the road stays on the road. You've been here two weeks, and you haven't fucked.

You'll get tense." "I would never do something like that." "All that time your husband spends on the travelling you don't think he's managed to find a few girls around the place." Angela had known Sangeeta's husband for many years, and knew that he was clearly a ladies man.

She'd never tried him herself, but it was pretty obvious he was a player. Sangeeta thought back over all those trips her husband had taken, when he'd come back suspiciously "drained" when they first had sex, the smell of perfume on some shirts, of things that looked a lot like love bites.

"I'd never do that," Sangeeta finally said to Angela. There were some disappointed men that evening when Sangeeta walked out alone. They'd wasted their money buying drinks for some cock tease. Sangeeta Gets Fucked by the Random Guy Too When they had gotten back to her apartment, Angela had dragged the guy to her room, and Sangeeta had gone to bed, the room spinning a bit after all the alcohol she had consumed.

Now Angela had quietened down, she hoped to get some sleep. Hopefully Angela wouldn't decide to have a repeat performance with the guy. And even better, if she kicked the guy out before breakfast so Sangeeta wouldn't have to deal with the embarrassment of the aftermath of Angela's one night stand.

Sangeeta heard the door to her room open and someone came in. Hopefully Angela didn't want to talk to her about her latest sexual conquest. She felt the bed spread get lifted up and said "Angela! What are you doing?" and reached out to push her away. Instead her hands encountered a naked man, who proceeded to climb on top of her. Sangeeta couldn't dislodge him, and felt the man pull up the tee shirt nightie Sangeeta was wearing up, revealing her pussy and breasts.

Sangeeta tried to grab his balls so she could squeeze them and get him away from her, instead she got his penis which was very hard and surprisingly thick. She tried to squeeze it, but it had no effect. He prized her hand off it, and used his thighs to lever her legs apart. Sangeeta called out "Angela! Help me!" and saw a light come in the apartment, giving a little bit of light in her bedroom. Then Angela's shape appeared in the doorway, silhouetted by the light from somewhere in the apartment.

"Don't worry, you'll manage without my help," said Angela. "I told him he should fuck you before he went home. You need to get over your 'I'm married' thing. I know your husband and I'm sure it doesn't let it stop him." Sangeeta felt the guy push inside her, sliding all the way in on the first stroke.

"Unnh," groaned Sangeeta in response to a long thick penis sliding into her. Listening to Angela and playing with her pussy had made her wet, and even though she knew she shouldn't fuck this guy, she was surprised how aroused she was by the experience.

He started fucking her, driving in and out of her pussy. She enjoyed the experience more than she should have.

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The guy was probing her deeply, and she was getting more and more aroused. He rearranged himself slightly so he could suck on her nipples, then sat up and put his legs over his shoulders. When he started plunging in and out of her, his penis went to new depths. She started grunting "Fuck me, fuck me" as he plunged into her, and finally she orgasmed, her back arching, just before he blasted a load of cum into her.

He slumped forward on to her, kissing her, while she held on to his ass. She knew she shouldn't have, but she was glad that she had. He left not long afterwards, pausing, Sangeeta assumed, to put his clothes on before leaving the apartment. Sangeeta never saw him again. Sangeeta Thinks about her Night Sangeeta woke the next morning, the feeling of her pussy reminding her of the pounding she had received the night before.

That fucking bitch Angela. Telling some strange guy to fuck her. At the same time, she had to admit that the random fuck had really relaxed her. Maybe the guy just climbing on top of her and fucking her brains out was just what she needed. 2. Angela Makes Sangeeta a Slut Clothes Shopping She didn't know how it happened. She had meant to kick Angela out. How had she ended up sitting on another bar stool, wearing a new skirt that was too tight, and a newly bought top that was cut too low, and a set of lacy red lingerie?

She'd called the lab saying she wasn't feeling well. They'd wanted to send her to a doctor, but had finally been convinced it was just a little stomach upset from the chicken in a cream sauce. And it was the cream that caused the problem from some stranger pounding her vagina to pieces and filling her with his cream. Instead of working she'd gone out shopping with Angela. They'd tried on all sorts of clothes before settling on her purchases.

The town seemed full of fashion shops. They were in a new bar, and the guys were paying the two of them even more attention. Guys that liked drunk skinny sluts were all paying attention to Angela, while men who liked bustier women that were a bit exotic were chatting up Sangeeta. She knew Angela was going to pick someone.

But Sangeeta still wasn't sure if she was going to have the nerve to ask some stranger home and let him have sex with her for no reason, other than she felt like having sex.

Sangeeta & Angela Pick Up Two More Guys At the end of the night Sangeeta wasn't sure what to do. She had been paying particular attention to a cute guy, and he'd been responding. His hand was currently resting on her leg, stroking between her thighs, slipping further up with every stroke.

Sangeeta knew she was wet, and her nipples were stiff. Finally Sangeeta didn't have to do anything. Angela leant across to Sangeeta and kissed her on the mouth "We're going home," she said, before putting her hand around Sangeeta's man's waist and saying "You too." He didn't really speak much English, but he got the idea.

As they had walked to her apartment, her arm had been around the man's waist, holding him tight against her. His left arm had started around her shoulders, before slipping down to her waist, then onto her ass.

While they walked along Sangeeta took the chance to kiss him on the cheek, and he responded by quickly kissing her on the lips. Underneath her jacket and blouse, and inside her lacy red lingerie, Sangeeta knew her nipples were stiff and hard.

She was glad she had a jacket on so that no one could see how aroused she was. Her panties were wet from the juices leaking from her vagina. He had her ready for cock before he had even gotten to her apartment. Soon the four of them were walking in the door to Sangeeta's apartment and Angela quickly had drinks in everyone's hands.

Before Sangeeta knew what was happening, and she found herself kissing this strange man, his tongue probing her mouth. His hands stroked her ass, her back, her legs, her breasts, and he ran them through the long black hair on her head. She watched Angela out the corner of her eyes, seeing her kissing her man, unbuttoning the top button on her skirt, unzipping it, and then letting it drop to the ground.

While he was playing with her ass, which was covered by a lacy white g-string, Angela undid his trousers, pulling them a little down so she could put her hand down his shorts and play with his penis. Sangeeta felt her blouse being undone, and a hand slipping inside to play with her boobs, cupping them, and pulling the bra down a little so he could get to her nipples, squeezing them and rolling the between his fingers before leaning down and licking and sucking them.

His hands were on her ass, his mouth was on her nipples. Sangeeta was too aroused to stop and think about what was happening, so when he pushed her down onto the couch she complied, letting him pull her skirt up and pull her panties down.

Soon his head was between her thighs, licking her clitoris, his fingers inside her. Angela was sitting at the other end of the couch while her man was standing.

Angela had his cock in her mouth, her head bobbing backward and forward. From the look on his face, he was close to cumming, and Sangeeta knew she was close too. Her partner had his tongue on her clitoris, and the fingers of one hand jammed in her vagina, rubbing her g-spot, while the other hand was cupping her large breasts, playing with her dark brown nipples.

Angela finally got the man to cum in her mouth, filling it with his white juice. After the first load, she pulled away from his cock, letting the next shot of his white cum shoot onto her chest, before it ran down her skin ending running into the gap between her small breasts and the a-cup of the white lace bra she was wearing.

Sangeeta couldn't hold back and found herself and had an orgasm of her own, her hands pressing her man's head into her crotch, while arching her back, and letting out a long groan. She relaxed, savouring the moment and the sensation, when she was surprised to find Angela kissing her, pushing some of the cum that she had taken in her mouth into Sangeeta's mouth.

"Taste's yummy, doesn't it?" Angela said in Sangeeta's ear, before she went back to her man's penis, sucking it to get the last bit of juice out of it, and to get it ready for the next round.

Sangeeta wasn't sure, as she hadn't tasted cum before, but she was finding the experience overloaded her senses, so she couldn't react, other than to savour the saltiness of the cum, and the sensation of a woman kissing her. Angela seemed to like kissing her. The man positioned himself in front of Sangeeta, undoing his trousers, and pulling them down. His penis was hard and ready.

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Without giving Sangeeta time to recover, he rubbed his penis through her pubic curls before putting the tip inside her, slowly thrusting deeper and deeper. Sangeeta didn't think she was going to cum with his fucking, but after her orgasm, she was happy to take a hard cock however she could get it.

Angela had all of her clothes off, her skinny body lying naked on the floor. She was masturbating herself, while the guy was standing over her, masturbating himself while looking at her tiny breasts, and dark patch of pubic hair. He focused on Angela's fingers sliding in and out of her vagina, and masturbating her clitoris.

Once he was stiff again, he got on top of Angela, entering into her wet, warm, vagina. Sangeeta watched Angela getting screwed, while enjoying the cock sliding in and out of her own body. It wasn't long before she felt the guy shooting his load of cum inside her, feeling him pull out and slouch on the couch beside her, panting to recover his breath.

She knew his cum was leaking from her vagina, but she just sat back, playing with her nipples, fingering her vagina, and watch Angela getting screwed in different positions. Finally Angela was on her hands and knees, one hand rubbing her clitoris, while the man had his hands around her waist letting him fuck her hard.

Sangeeta watched them both cum, the man shooting his semen deep into Angela. The look on their faces fascinated Sangeeta, with the loss of control combined with the look of ecstasy. Angela slumped onto the floor, with the man beside her. After lying there for ten minutes, Angela said "Time for bed," before standing up and walking to where Sangeeta was sitting.

She bent down and kissed Sangeeta, squeezing her breast, before taking the hand of Sangeeta's man. "And time for a change of cock," Angela added, taking Sangeeta's man into her bedroom.


Angela's man stood up and came over to Sangeeta, he took her hand, taking her to the other bedroom. After she had gotten into bed, she had sucked the guys cock, first tasting Angela's pussy on his cock, and then tasting his semen when he came her mouth. A little later Sangeeta woke up with the guy on top of her, his meat buried in her vagina.

She didn't mind, but was glad when he finished quickly so she could get some sleep before work the next day. It was easy to get one day off sick without too many questions, but two or three became more of a problem. Angela & the Two Random Guys The next morning Sangeeta woke up alone.

She could hear the sound of Angela servicing someone, so her guy must still be here. Sangeeta got up to go to the toilet, and have a shower. When she walked past Angela's room she glanced inside seeing Angela lying on her back with one guy between her legs fucking her vagina, while the other guy was fucking her mouth. After a long hot shower where she tried to make sure as much of the cum as possible was washed from her body, she dried herself off, walking back to her bedroom and seeing Angela sandwiched between the two men.

Sangeeta quickly dressed and left for work, leaving Angela to finish off the men. She sent Angela a text saying kick them out of the apartment before she got back. 3. Sangeeta Learns that there is More to Sex than a Cock in your Pussy Dinner for Two That night Sangeeta got home, having spent the day lying to her colleagues about how much better she felt. In fact, all the fucking meant she was feeling stiff and sore, but explaining that she had been having sex with two different men the night before might not be the best possible answer.

When she got home, she found the apartment empty of strange men. There were no signs of any cum stains on the carpet or on the upholstery of the couch. The table was laid, and she could tell from the smell that there was a meal being cooked. While they were eating, Sangeeta said "I don't think I can go out tonight.

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My pussy is just too sore, and I'm starting to feel like the biggest slut in Prague." "Okay," said Angela. "But you're not the biggest slut. There's me to start with. And from all of the sex shops around the town I'm sure there are other people here that are even bigger sluts than me." "Yes, I've seen some sex shops around the place.

I'm not even sure what you do with some of the things in their front window." "Have you been inside any of them?" "No," said Sangeeta. "What if someone who knows me saw me?" "You're in a town where virtually no one knows you, and you're leaving in a few weeks anyway.

So this is the perfect place to go exploring." "Maybe tomorrow," said Sangeeta, still not all that convinced. Sex Toy Shopping "So what do you do with this one?" said Sangeeta, holding up a blue sex toy, that was clearly meant to be inserted, but wasn't shaped at all like a penis. More like some sort of plug. "You put it in your ass to loosen it up before anal sex," said Angela, who was holding a large black dildo.

Sangeeta looked at the other similar objects, some of which were of terrifying size. She couldn't imagine being stretched as far as you would need to go to take something like that up her ass. "And people do that because they like it?" "Yes." "I can't imagine doing that." "And a week ago you couldn't imagine picking up guys in bars and fucking them, but now you do.

Anyway, those are mostly for guys." "What about this?" said Sangeeta, picking up a silver toy shaped like an egg, but with a sort of controller on the end of a wire. "A vibrating egg.

You can press it against your clit, or put it inside your vagina. You can walk around with it inside you all day if you want. The vibrations mean you're on the edge of orgasming the whole time." They went around the shop, with Angela explaining the operation of all but the most obvious phallus shaped objects. "How do you know all these things?" asked Angela. "I'm single," replied Angela. "I have to be able to take care of my own needs." "So you have some of these at home?" "Oh yes lots.

Some I've bought, some were gifts." "People give you them as gifts?" said Sangeeta, astonished at the idea. "Of course. Good friends who want you to have a good time. Helps you relax if you can't be bothered going out looking for a guy." "I'm going to try one." "Yes, I know," glancing down at the sex toys she was holding. "And so am I." Losing her Sex Toy Virginity "Okay, which ones do you want?" said Angela. "I want the blue dildo. And that one. And the egg one." Sangeeta picked them up and started to walk to her room.

"No, out here. We've fucked guys in front of each other, so we can do this together. And I can show you how to use them." Angela started to undo her jeans, pulling them down over her hips, then down her legs.

She sat on the couch, and pulled her panties off. Angela ran her fingers through her hair, letting Sangeeta see she was sliding fingers inside herself. "I like one of these first," she said as she picked up a vibrator, took it out of its packaging, put in some batteries and switched it on. "I lick them to give it some lubrication," Angela said, before sliding the vibrator in and out of her mouth to cover it with saliva. Sangeeta saw the pink vibrator rub against Angela's clitoris, and imagined how that would feel against her clitoris.

She put down the dildo and egg she had been holding, and unwrapped the vibrator, put in the batteries and switched it on. "Press it against your nipples," said Angela. Sangeeta pressed the tip of the vibrator against her breast covered by bra and blouse. The nipple responded immediately, getting stiff.

After a few seconds she moved to her other breast, the nipple stiffening quickly. Her whole body reacted, her pussy getting wet, and she felt her heart beat increase. "Take your blouse off, so you can press it directly against your nipples.

That feels much better than through your top." Angela watched Sangeeta use one hand to press the buzzing vibrator against her nipples, while the other fumbled to undo the buttons on her blouse.

Once it was undone, Sangeeta pulled it open, and used her free hand to pull down the left cup of her bra, revealing her nipple. While Sangeeta was undoing her blouse, Angela had moved from pressing the vibrator against her clitoris, to sliding it in and out of her vagina to keep it lubricated, then running it around her labia, up to her clitoris, and back to her vagina.

"Why don't you show me how you use your vibrator on your nipples," said Sangeeta, her vibrator now pressed against her left nipple. She pulled the right cup of her bra down, and transferred the vibrator to it, feeling it get hard. "There isn't anything there," said Angela, excited that Sangeeta was now taking on a more assertive role. "I'll take off my panties when you take off your bra," said Sangeeta.

She knew Angela would comply, as she was sure Angela wanted them to do a mutual masturbation display, and maybe they would fuck each other with the dildos and vibrators.

That seemed the next step. All during Angela's visit, she had been trying to get Sangeeta to loosen up sexually. First noisily fucking that guy, then getting him to fuck her. Second, by going out shopping for sexy new clothes, taking her out to a bar, picking up the guys and fucking them both.

Third, buying her sex toys, and then getting Sangeeta to do a masturbation display. Sangeeta wondered where things would be at the end of Angela's two week stay in Prague, and what she would be doing by the end of another month in Prague.

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She knew she would have to be good during most of that time, as her sister would be here part of that time, and Yvette would be here most of the rest. Soon they were lying side by side on the couch, Angela completely naked with a dildo in her vagina, and a vibrator pressed against her clitoris.

Sangeeta, was lying back on the couch with her skirt round her hips and panties on the floor, the vibrator in her vagina, and silver egg pressed against her clitoris. The dildo was being pushed in and out more rapidly, and when Sangeeta looked over, the look on Angela's face said she was verging on an orgasm. Finally Angela pushed the dildo in all the way, pressed the vibrator hard against her body, letting out a groan and biting her lip as her body arched in orgasm.

"God," said Angela as she slumped back, ending up with her sweaty body pressed against Sangeeta. She lay there recovering from the abuse she had administered to her body, while Sangeeta masturbated frantically, thinking about Angela's body pressed against her own. The short hair, tiny breasts, skinny body, and small ass made Sangeeta feel like she had a boy pressed against her, not a woman.

"Take off my bra," panted Sangeeta. "It's too uncomfortable like this." Angela eagerly finished undoing Sangeeta's blouse, pulling its sleeves down her arms, with only the shortest moment where Sangeeta had to take her hand off her vibrator, or away from her clitoris. Then she reached around behind Sangeeta to undo the strap, managing to press her own body hard up against Sangeeta's as she did so.

As she pulled the straps off Sangeeta's shoulders, and the cups away from Sangeeta's breasts, Angela managed to stroke Sangeeta's body, spending a lot of time on her breasts. When the bra was finally lying on the floor, Angela had her crotch pressed firmly against Sangeeta's thigh, rubbing herself back and forth to stimulate her clitoris as Sangeeta finally brought herself to an orgasm.

They lay there for a while, their orgasms slowly receding, then Sangeeta pulled the still buzzing vibrator from her vagina and said "I've got to get some sleep. I've got work tomorrow." New Lingerie The following night they went out to another bar. Now she knew her sizes, Angela had gone out and bought Sangeeta more lingerie, and even more revealing clothes.

"How am I going to explain them to my husband when I get home?" said Sangeeta, standing in front of Angela modelling her new set of lingerie. The dark green lacy bra, panties and suspender belt set went with the black stockings, making her look and feel sexier than she had in years. "He's going to wonder why I needed all these new clothes, but I can't wear these at home. Everyone will think I'm a slut." "Then I'll look after them," said Angela, standing in front of Sangeeta in her own new lingerie set.

Angela thought the dark pink was very attractive, and the bra made as much as possible of the little she had. "You can get them off me when you go off to conferences, or away on trips." "And I need to pay you for them, he'll notice the money on my bank statement.

"Don't worry, we'll sort out the money," said Angela.


4. Angela Teaches Sangeeta Group Sex Her First Orgy The night had been shorter than Sangeeta had expected. A few drinks in a bar full of women all dressed as sluttily as Angela and her, before Angela dragged her home with some new guys she found.

They weren't as young as the first guys they'd taken home, but better dressed. Both guys fucked both women, swapping between mouth and pussy and back again, from Sangeeta to Angela, and back again. The guys swung them around in all sorts of positions.

One man was fucking Sangeeta's mouth, she was kneeling in front of him with his hands behind her head, letting him drive his cock in to her mouth and down her throat, making her choke and gag, until she remembered tricks about swallowing.

Finally he thrust into her mouth and came, making her swallow all his semen before he pulled his penis out of her mouth. Angela was straddling the second man, who was watching his friend fuck Sangeeta's mouth. When the first guy finished, the second pulled out of Angela and went over to Sangeeta, to fuck her mouth too, except at the last moment he pulled out of her mouth and jacked off all over Sangeeta's face.

Angela crawled over and licked Sangeeta clean. They finally ended up as one big four-way fuck. Firstly one of them fucked Sangeeta's tits, and Angela sucked the tip of his cock, while the other guy fucked Angela doggy style.

Angela ended up taking nearly simultaneous loads in her mouth and her pussy. Then they changed so Sangeeta was riding a guy's cock, while Angela licked his shaft as it disappeared in and out of Sangeeta, or sucked his balls, all the time tasting Sangeeta's juices. The other man started fingering Angela's asshole, before pushing his cock into her loosened hole.

They finally ended up on the couch in a sandwich, with first Angela and then Sangeeta taking cocks in both their pussy and ass at the same time, while eating the other woman. Sangeeta had never been used like this, but found she enjoyed being sandwiched between the two men, licking Angela's pussy, tasting Angela, and sucking the men's cum out of her friend.

Sangeeta took the final loads, both guys reaching their peak at the same time as Angela orgasmed They crawled off to bed, with Sangeeta getting fucked a couple more times during the night. Listening to the sounds from Angela's room, she had carried on in there too. Finally at seven, Sangeeta got up and had a shower. When she walked back to her room she saw Angela was lying on her front, with one guy fucking her asshole, and the second man fucking his ass.

Sangeeta was a bit shocked by the display of homosexuality. Double Penetrated Evenings followed much the same pattern, with the women visiting bars and finding men to take home sometimes one, mostly two, and occasionally three or four. The sex sessions varied, sometimes for a couple of hours then the men left having filled Angela and Sangeeta with their cum, other times they went all night. Sangeeta always found night long sessions the most enjoyable as she got to try all sorts of different positions and combinations of partners.

Her favourite was the time she ended up lowering herself onto a guy sitting on the couch, taking his penis in her vagina. She sat on him, facing away from him which let her see what was happening in the rest of the room. After a few minutes one of the guys walked over and stood in front of her, stroking his hard cock.

Sangeeta was ready to suck his cock, or for him to blow his load all over her face and tits. Instead he knelt between her legs and stretched her pussy wide when he pushed his cock into her vagina.

It surprised Sangeeta to begin with, but she soon realised she enjoyed the sensation even more than having her pussy and ass fucked at the same time. The third guy had just given Angela a load of his cum, and so while he recovered Angela came over and sat on the couch beside Sangeeta, and began sucking on her nipples, which only added to Sangeeta's enjoyment of the experience.

This sight got the third guy aroused again, and he started fucking Sangeeta's face, before switching back to Angela's pussy. Sangeeta felt one of the guys cum inside her, all the extra lubrication making their cocks slide more freely. The guys both kept fucking for a few more strokes before the one who had cum inside Sangeeta pulled out and stood up so he could offer her his softening but cum covered cock first to Angela, who sucked it to taste his cum and Sangeeta's pussy, then to Sangeeta.

Sangeeta loved how her pussy was still being fucked, her nipples were being sucked, and she had a cock in her mouth. She stretched her hand out to find Angela's pussy, rubbing her clitoris while the guy was fucking her, quickly bringing Angela to an orgasm. The guy took this chance to pull out of Angela, and switch to Sangeeta, putting two cocks in her vagina for a second time.

Once Angela started rubbing her clitoris, it didn't take long before Sangeeta was cumming, orgasm following orgasm. This made the men unload. The one fucking Sangeeta's mouth pulled out, and jacked off onto her face.

His semen went onto her lips, cheek and into her hair. The guy kneeling in front of her and fucking her pussy decided it was time too, standing up and masturbating, blasting more sperm on her face.

He carefully controlled where his cum went, getting some in Sangeeta's mouth, some on her cheeks and eyes, and the last onto her breasts, which Angela quickly licked up.

The third pulled out of Sangeeta, then rearranged the girls so they had their cheeks pressed together, both faces creating a single target which he proceeded to cover in his sperm. Angela licked Sangeeta's face clean.

The only thing Sangeeta would have changed was getting the third guy to cum in her pussy. Then she would have made Angela suck all that cum out of her. 5. Sangeeta & Angela Go Lesbian On the nights they didn't go out, it was sex toys, or inserting things into each other like bananas, bottles, even the candles from the dining room.

Sangeeta found it strange to have fruit pushed into her vagina, but since Angela always ended up between her thighs, eating the banana out of her pussy she didn't mind. The bottles were a challenge between the women with each competing to see how much they could take inside.

"You really love pussy," Sangeeta said one night. Angela's head was buried between Sangeeta's thighs, and she was running her hands through Angela's hair after a particularly wild orgasm. Strap-on Dildo Another evening Sangeeta found a new toy at home. "It's a strap on," said Angela. "So a woman can fuck another woman." Sangeeta took it from her and said "I'm going to try that out," running her hand along its length. Angela expected to fuck Sangeeta with the strap on, and was surprised to see Sangeeta take off her skirt and panties then buckle the rubber cock on.

"I've always wanted to be on the other end of a cock." Angela ended up on the couch, her skirt around her hips, her little g-string pulled to one side with Sangeeta guiding the rubber cock inside her. Angela put her hands on Sangeeta's ass, pulling her forward into her body. As Sangeeta started rhythmically thrusting into her body, Angela's hands wandered, pushing up Sangeeta's top so she could play with her boobs, undoing her bra so she could cup the soft breasts.

Finally she took Sangeeta's top and off entirely allowing her to stare at the soft brown breasts, topped with stiff nipples. Sangeeta enjoyed the control, speeding up or slowing down, suddenly stabbing the rubber cock deeply into Angela and watching the reaction on her face.

She put Angela's legs over her shoulders, like some men had done to her, letting her push even deeper into Angela's wide open vagina, finally making her orgasm. At the end of their sex session, Sangeeta leant forward, and gave Angela a long kiss, more passionate than other kisses, which had mostly been to swap cum when a man had cum in one of their mouths. Sangeeta broke away from the kiss. "I never thought I was a lesbian, but it seems I am." "You fuck too many men to be a lesbian." "So even though you have sex with women, you don't think you're a lesbian?" "Oh no," said Angela.

Angela's Leaving, but Yvette and Jasima are Arriving It had been a long day at the university, and Sangeeta was thinking about the night in front of her. Angela was leaving the following afternoon, and no doubt they would end up picking up more men for sex.

It had been great fun, but she also felt kind of guilty about the whole experience. Having her skirt round her hips while a stranger fucked her, sucking cum out of Angela's pussy, having three guys taking her at the same time, and skewering Angela on the strap on dildo had all been great fun, but Sangeeta wondered if she was becoming some sort of slut. Yvette arrived in a few days. Yvette was pretty, and would have no trouble finding men, but she was also happily married, so Sangeeta couldn't imagine her doing anything like this while she was here.

Fortunately Yvette was here for work, as it meant Yvette would stay in a hotel instead of in the apartment. Maybe if Yvette had a few early nights Sangeeta could sneak out on the town and find a man.

It was a pity wasn't staying with her though. Sangeeta would have liked to see more of Yvette's body, and that would have been more likely if she'd stayed in the apartment. She thought about fucking Yvette too.

Sex with Angela had opened Sangeeta up to the possibilities of sex with other women, and Yvette was high on her list. Then her sister would arrive near the end of Yvette's stay, Jasima would stay in the apartment, but having Jasima around meant she wouldn't be able to go out and find men. 6. Sangeeta's First Time with a Couple Making Amateur Porn The apartment had been carefully arranged when Sangeeta arrived home. All of the sex toys lying on the coffee table, and Angela and Sangeeta's cameras set up around the room.

Sangeeta wasn't sure about photographing herself with no clothes on, or having sex, but maybe a few photos of Angela would be fun. When Angela walked into the room she was wearing the dark pink lace lingerie she'd bought while she was in Prague, matched with brown silk stockings, and red high heeled shoes.

Sangeeta had to admit Angela did look sexy. Sangeeta kissed Angela, and put her hand on her ass. "So just the two of us tonight," said Sangeeta. "No, I've got some people coming around soon. They want to do something a bit kinky." "Kinkier than we've done so far? What did you want to do?" "Not kinkier than we've done, kinkier than they've done before.

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It's the guy's birthday." "So he wants to have sex with two women? Or does he want to watch us have sex? Or is he coming over with a group of his friends? Or what?" "No, not like that. His wife has organised it. He's always wanted to watch his wife have sex with another woman, so we're going to start with that. Then he wants to screw one of us while we're going down on each other, and to finish his wife is going to peg him.

It's something his wife has always wanted to do, but he doesn't know about it." "Why the cameras?" "She wants to have a record of the whole thing. She says they often record themselves having sex, and don't want to miss out on recording tonight.

I picked her up while I was down by the lake while you were at work. She took me back to her place and I got to see some of them." "Did you fuck her then?" asked Sangeeta. "Yes, she said she wanted to make sure I was the right person for tonight. And when I told her about you, she had to have us for the birthday surprise. Have a shower and get changed. They'll be here soon." "Kind of early?" said Sangeeta. "Yes, but they wanted to go out afterwards for a family thing.

Part of the kink is that you wear a sari too." After a quick shower, Sangeeta dressed in her favourite dark green lace lingerie, topped by a sari.

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She put on make-up, and was sitting on the couch beside Angela by the time there was a knock at the door "I think that's them now, said Angela as she stood up and walked to the door. "Start the cameras and just take control. I've set them up, and all you have to do is press go." Angela isn't a Lesbian Angela opened the door, revealing a middle aged couple.

The man was clearly shocked at the sight of a nearly naked woman opening, while the woman leant forward and kissed Angela hard on the mouth. All three walked into the centre of the lounge room, and Sangeeta guided the man to the couch, sitting him down where he would have a good view, then started the cameras recording.

She sat beside the man who was watching his wife passionately kiss Angela. The woman paused and said "You've always wanted to watch me with another woman, and tonight you're going to get your chance," before she resumed kissing Angela.

Angela had the woman undressed quickly, kissing her, and pulling her down to the floor. They kept kissing, and Angela reached for one of the vibrators, which she used on the woman, pressing it against her clitoris, then inside her. They got into a sixty nine position, with Angela on top, drilling the woman with the vibrator, while getting her own pussy eaten out.

The woman fumbled around on the coffee table, and ended up with the large blue dildo that she used on Angela. The man put his hand between Sangeeta's thighs, then pulled up the hem so he could slide his hand up her leg and press it against her panty covered crotch, which he then rubbed. Sangeeta was sure he would feel her wetness through the green lace material. Sangeeta pressed her hand against his crotch, rubbing his dick, making it hard.

She unzipped his trousers and pulled them down along with his shorts, stroking his cock directly. The woman had her tongue against Angela's clitoris, the dildo driving in and out, which together gave Angela an orgasm. Angela responded by driving the vibrator in and out of the woman, then getting the vibrating egg off the table so she could press it against her clitoris. The woman pressed her face into Angela's crotch, then wrapped her arms around her waist, moaning and screaming into Angela's groin while she orgasmed.

After her orgasms had subsided, Angela turned around and started kissing the woman, and sucking on her nipples. Sangeeta is a Lesbian "Your turn now Sangeeta," Angela said, glancing up. "Use the strap on. You're great when you use that." Sangeeta started undoing the sari, when Angela said "No, just take off your panties. They want to fuck you while you're dressed up like that." She wasn't sure why she needed to wear a sari while having sex, but Sangeeta pulled down her panties and pulled on the harness.

The skirt of the sari was pulled up over the strap on dildo. The woman was lying on her back, watching the dildo move up and down as Sangeeta walked to her. The woman spread her legs, and Sangeeta knelt down between them, pushing the tip into the vagina that Angela had already loosened up with the vibrator. Sangeeta pushed further inside her, then lowered herself down and started kissing the woman while she fucked her.

The thick dildo stretched the woman, and Sangeeta knew the length would be a challenge too. She positioned herself so that each stroke was of the maximum possible length, and the woman put her hands on Sangeeta's ass, pulling her in as far as she could. To her surprise, Sangeeta felt someone behind her, moving the straps of the dildo she was wearing, and then pushing something into her pussy.

At first she thought it was Angela with a vibrator or dildo, but then she realised it was the man. It was so arousing for Sangeeta, giving dildo to the woman, and at the same time taking cock from the man. Angela grabbed one of the cameras, and started filming a close up of where the three of them were joined by two cocks in two vaginas.

The two cocks got into a rhythm. As Sangeeta pushed forward into the woman, the guy pulled back, so that when Sangeeta pulled out from the woman, the man thrust into her. She loved looking into the woman's eyes while she plunged into her, watching the reaction as she hit her cervix with the end of the dildo, and at the same time feeling a hard cock inside her own body.

"I thought you just wanted to watch me screw your wife, and then fuck Angela and me as a three some" said Sangeeta, glancing back to the man behind her. "Yes, but after watching the first woman, I couldn't hold back when I saw you start on my wife," said the man. "I've never had an Indian before, and your ass looks good so I couldn't wait." He kept thrusting, slowly getting faster as Sangeeta increased her speed with the woman.

Angela positioned herself so her pussy was pressed to the woman's face. While the woman licked her vagina and clitoris, Sangeeta sucked on Angela's nipples. Angela always loved this sort of arrangement, with one woman eating her pussy, and another sucking her nipples.

The only thing that would have improved it was a pussy pressed to her own face so she could eat that. She always enjoyed the orgies on hockey trips, or breaking in the new girls on the team. Already aroused Angela quickly came, covering the woman's face in her juices.

"Angela, can you get a vibrator or egg on the woman's clit," said Sangeeta. "I want to watch her cum." Sangeeta felt the vibrator every time she thrust forward, the feeling made her more excited to, and she tried to position herself so that the vibrator pressed against her own clitoris when she was pressed against the woman.

She loved the feeling so much, she started shorter thrusts so that she didn't lose contact with the vibrator. Finally the woman grabbed her shoulders, and pulled Sangeeta hard against her so she could kiss her.

After a moment Sangeeta pulled back, thrusting as fast as she could, and watched the woman orgasm. Pegging The man pulled out of her without cumming, and moved over to Angela where he got his cock licked before starting to fuck her.


"Now fuck him," said the woman. "His ass is ready for it." "What?" "Yes, fuck his ass. Do it while he's screwing your friend." "I thought you were going to do it?" "Yes, but you did such a good job on me I want him to experience it too." Angela saw Sangeeta walking over, and knew what was going to happen, so she pulled the man's buttocks apart. Sangeeta got behind him, lined up on her target, grabbed his hips and drove straight in, giving the man six inches in the first thrust.

He flinched and yelled when the dildo drove into him, so Sangeeta gave him two more inches. "Oh," he moaned. "I've never done this before." "Yes," his wife replied. "It's all part of your special birthday present. You knew about the two women, and this is something else I came up with. Something you'll never forget." Sangeeta started fucking him with long strokes so that the tip of the dildo nearly came out, then plunging back into his ass, giving him all of the length of the dildo.

She felt him relax, and so started to fuck him faster. His wife insisted on re-arranging them, pulling his cock out of Angela so she could get him onto his back, getting him to turn on Sangeeta's dildo as if he was on a roasting spit. He ended up with his legs over Sangeeta's shoulders, and she restarted her pounding of his ass.

Angela and his wife worked on his cock, using their hands and their mouths to stimulate him. The woman used her free hand to caress Sangeeta, putting her hand inside Sangeeta's sari so she could stroke her breasts. Sangeeta could see the look of pleasure on his face, as the women brought him closer and closer to orgasm.

He started grunting and finally shot a large load of sperm, cum landing on Angela's face, and his wife's hand. While they licked his cum, Sangeeta pulled out and sucked his cock using her hand to squeeze the last of the cum into her mouth.

His wife kissed him, and said "There, a birthday present to remember. We better get going so we can get to your party on time." Sangeeta layback, her head resting on Angela's lap, and watched them get dressed, the woman putting the cameras into her handbag.

The woman came over and kissed them both, discretely giving Angela an envelope as she did so. "That's the address of the party if you want to come along later on in the evening. I'm sure you'll find its worth your while." You're a Prostitute "What's in the envelope?" asked Sangeeta when they left.

"A little thank you." "What do you mean?" "Because of all the kinky depraved things we just did, she gave us a little present to say thank you." "So, what is it?" Angela opened the envelope and peered inside.

"About 1000 Swiss francs." "What!" "Well, it should be a thousand. That's what we agreed." "You mean you had sex for money?" "No, we had sex for money. Most of those men we had sex with paid us. "I'd never do something like that." "You already have.

The first guys were just pick ups to get you used to fucking around. We've been paid ever since the day we went out shopping and got you that sexy red lingerie and that new dress." "What happened to the money?" "Well, part went on your lingerie and dresses, and part on the sex toys.

The rest we split. I'll get your share." Angela got up and walked into her room, quickly coming back with a thick envelope. She gave it to Sangeeta who had gotten up, taken off the strap on, and was now sitting on the couch. "There's a note that shows how much we made, and how much we spent. Didn't I say not to worry about the money? You've made a big profit." Sangeeta was trying to quickly count the money.

She realised there were thousands of francs. Instead of worrying about explaining big credit card bills, now she was going to have to explain all this extra money. "My husband is going to wonder about all this money," said Sangeeta. "Just open an account over here. You can get the money when you want with an ATM card. Use it when you want to spoil yourself." "What will you do with your money?" "I normally use to pay for holidays, then do tricks while I'm on the trip to help top up the account." "But I'm not a prostitute." "Think about it however you want.

This is your share, and you've done a great job. The way you ass fucked that guy tonight was great." 7. Angela Gives Sangeeta a Farewell Strap-on Fuck They didn't go to the party, and instead Sangeeta and Angela spent the night together in Sangeeta's bed. In the morning Sangeeta got Angela to put on the strap and screw her. This was the first time Sangeeta had been on the receiving end of the strap on, and she enjoyed the way Angela screwed her.

They went to the airport, and Sangeeta watched Angela check in. They had a long farewell kiss just before Angela went into immigration and security. Sangeeta thought about how she would be out here in a few days to meet Yvette.