Cutie Brittney Babe gets nailed for cash

Cutie Brittney Babe gets nailed for cash
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Part One: Ashley rode my rock-hard cock, moaning like a banshee with her huge tits bouncing in my face. Ashley was my girlfriend, and she had always been somewhat of a nymphomaniac. She was 19 and I was 21 and I had snagged her when she first came to college.

As she rocked back and forth on my lap, I was rubbing her pussy with the thumb of my right hand and squeezing her melons with my left. As I groped them hard and pinched the nipples, Ashley moaned and ran her fingers through her blonde hair. "Oh god, Zach!

Smack my ass!" I slapped her rear with both hands and squeezed the soft cheeks as hard as I could. Holding onto her perfect rear, I started lifting her up and then slamming her down onto my rod, using the force to push myself as far up into her luscious pussy as possible. Ashley leaned forward as I fucked her as fast as possible. "Harder! Harder!" she moaned as I sucked on her tits. Grabbing her hips, I turned her around so that her back was to me. Lifting herself up almost in a crabwalk, Ashley handed the job of movement to me as I started hammering her cunt in a steady rhythm, my nut sack was starting to hurt from being slingshot up and down like a yoyo in the hand of a crackhead.

"I'm going to fucking cum!" At that, I began fucking her even harder. I hammered her cunt with the last of my strength, trying to turn my manhood into a jackhammer with flesh. Her womanhood was pulling on me like a vacuum, desperately trying to draw forth my seed. Finally, a river of pussy juice gushed out from between her legs, washing over my lap. There's nothing better than a squirter. With her taken care of, now I could unleash every drop of sperm I had. In one final burst of strength, I forced my throbbing manhood up inside her and emptied myself into her womb.

Ashley pulled herself off of my deflated dick, turned around, and wrapped her lips around the head. She knew her job. With her sucking the last globs sperm out of my cock as if it was the straw of a milkshake, I could feel another orgasm welling inside me. Her lips wrapped around the head and Ashley pushed the tip of her tongue into the slit, while simultaneously rubbing the shaft with one hand and massaging my nuts with the other. Holy shit, she was a sex goddess.

She then took my whole cock in her mouth, rubbing it against the back of her throat. Her head began bobbing up and down as she massaged every centimeter of my dick with the soft corners of her mouth.

She would use her lips, tongue, and the inside of her cheeks to massage the shaft, and she would rub the head of my cock against her uvula and agitate her gag reflex, just enough so that her eyes would roll back into her head, she would slightly tremble, and saliva would drip from her lips and onto my lap.

I wonder how many guys she had to fuck to get this good… Finally, she took my dick out of her mouth and I shot a stream of cum across her face and onto her tongue. "Holy shit, that was one of our best ones yet," I said.

"You're damn right it was," Ashley purred as she lied down beside me. "I love you," I said as I wrapped my arm around her and kissed her on the forehead. 'At least I love fucking you.' "I love you too." She gripped my worn-out cock. "And I love this." I pulled up to Ashley's house, trying yet again to call her cell phone. She lived with her mom in a nice beach house, but their landline phone service often went down. Most of the time, communication was restricted to cell phones and driving.

Ashley's phone battery was probably dead, and her car wasn't in the garage. She wasn't home, exactly what I wanted. I was constantly showing up at Ashley's house, so she and her mom had told me that I didn't need to knock. I silently opened the door and stepped inside the lavish beach house. Ashley's mom really had gotten a lot of cash from the divorce. Down the hall, I saw the flutter of blonde hair.

It was her, Jill. She was an easy-going woman, having no problem with me and her daughter fucking while she was still in the house or me spending the night, even with Ashley's moans and dirty talk loud enough to be hear next door.

Jill looked just like an older version of Ashley, and was just as sexy and beautiful. I didn't know how old she was, but she was the definitely the perfect age. She was the best mix of young babe and mature milf. Her skin was still tight, smooth, and soft, but lines were starting appear on her face and you could tell she was aging, but in a way that made her more desirable than a woman ten years younger.

Seeing her always gave me an erection, and I would have given my right hand to fuck her. I would have given my right hand and both my legs to have a threesome with her and her daughter. I had spent countless hours masturbating while imagining Jill and Ashley sucking on each other's tongues while I shot my load into their faces. She was one of the reasons why I was dating Ashley. Once Ashley introduced me to her parents and I saw Jill for the first time, I made a promise to myself that I was going to fuck her, no matter what it took, and I was here today to once again try and inch myself closer to that goal.

My cock instantly hardened as I realized that she was in a tight bikini. Her round tight ass looked just like Ashley's as she walked around while swinging her hips. She was in the bedroom… looking for her top. I couldn't believe it, I was finally able to see her bouncing double D tits.

Her areolas were the size of quarters and she had nipples like pencil erasers. Like her face, you could see the signs of age on her tits, but that just made me want grope them more. As much as I wanted to stare at her tits, I knew that she would notice me and get angry. She was looking for her bikini top, which I saw on a reclining chair in the living room. If I gave it to her, it would grant me a little more time to admire her tits and she wouldn't be as angry.

I walked to the doorway of the bedroom when she had her back to me. "Looking for this?" I asked as I held up the bikini top with it wrapped around my fingers. Jill let out a small shriek of surprise as she bolted around.

"Zach, you scared me!" It was only then that she looked at her titties and covered them with her arms. "Relax, I was standing in the hallway, I've seen them." "You were spying on me?!" On cue, I tossed the bikini top to her.

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She caught it and began to calm down, just as I planned. "I wasn't spying. I opened the front door and I saw you down the hall. You're just as beautiful as Ashley and I've always admired you and even had a small crush on you. I must admit that I was a little awestruck." She gave a modest smile, and to my surprise, she lowered her arms. She wasn't covering her tits and was holding the bikini top as if she was about to put it on… but she hadn't.

For some reason, she kept it in her grip.

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'Interesting, very interesting,' I thought to myself. I decided to push it a little further, to experiment with the situation. "Your breasts are beautiful. I'm guessing that they're natural?" She gave another modest smile; I was actually putting her in a good mood.

"Yes. Most people think that they are fake, but they are actually real. Why didn't you think they were fake?" "You're always so honest, you don't seem like the person who would lie about her appearance.

Plus you're already so pretty that breast size doesn't matter." She began to blush. "My ex-husband never appreciated my looks…" Then she held her tits and jiggled them.

"Or the girls." "I can't imagine why, they're fantastic," I said, reaching out and cupping one. Jill stiffened at the feel of my palm against her areola, but she didn't pull away. "Uh, Zach, I don't think we should be doing this." "Relax, it will be our little secret. Besides, a little human contact feels good, doesn't it?" She gave a soft moan as I gently squeezed.

Holy shit, her titties were even better than her daughter's! I began massaging it, first with one hand and then two. I then moved my other hand onto her other breast and began squeezing them both. Jill moaned and hummed as I massaged her tits and even pinched the nipples.

There was no telling how long it had been since she had felt this. Before she could stop me, I got behind her, continuing to massage her breasts. Now with more elbow room and straight wrists, I was able to be a little more rough, groping the melons with a firm squeeze, rubbing them in circles like joysticks, and pulling on her nipples to make her yelp. I could take it anymore; I had to have her. I pressed myself against her and ran my tongue up the side of her neck.

The feel of that lick and my erection poking her ass told her that we had gone to far. She hurriedly stepped forward out of my reach and put on her bikini top. "Ashley, uh… Ashley will be back in a few hours. I'll uh… I'll be out back." She rushed out of the room without looking back at me and into the kitchen, where she pulled a bottle of white wine out of one of the cabinets.

Something told me that she had not planned on taking it with her. She walked outside and lied down on a beach chair out on the yard. She began drinking heavily from the bottle while putting on tanning oil. "It looks like I might get a piece of that sweet ass," I said to myself with a smile as I put my hand on my rock-hard cock.

With how fast she drank, Jill was passed out in half an hour. I walked outside and waved my hand in front of her face to make sure she was really out. A slight flicker of her eyelids told me that some stimuli was getting through, but she was so drunk that I doubted that she would wake up unless I splashed her with a bucket of water.

I was tired of waiting, I was going to take her then and now, whether she liked it or not. She would undoubtedly try to fight me off at first, but if as long as I overpowered her, she wouldn't get away, and there weren't any neighbors around right now to hear her.

All I really had to do was make sure she had an orgasm. She had left her husband three years ago, and according to Ashley, hadn't dated anyone since then, meaning that this milf in her sexual prime was probably starving for a good fuck. All I had to do was make her cum and her resolve would break, then I could do whatever I wanted. It all depended on how well I could keep from blowing my load.

I moved down to her legs while enjoying the view of her barely-covered tits, her slim belly, and her long smooth thighs, all of which were tan and oiled. Very carefully, I pulled off the top of her bikini, letting the sunlight shine on her firm tits.

Cautiously, I began to feel them, massaging those glorious mountains with my hands and pinching her nipples just like before. She would stir ever so slightly with every squeeze, but she would not wake up. Once I had worked up enough courage, I leaned down and did one broad lick across the side of her huge right breast, savoring the feel of the soft flesh against my tongue.

I started sucking on her nipples, tracing my tongue around them and pulling on them with my lips. Her titties were delicious, the taste of her skin, and they felt like water-balloons. My cock was so hard and throbbing that it almost hurt.

I undid my pants and pulled out my dick, which I swore had never looked larger. I began jacking off, not enough to risk wasting my supply of sperm, but enough to lessen the strain. The more aggressive I became, the more Jill moaned. I moved down to her bikini bottom and undid the knots that rested on her hips. I pulled away the strip of blue fabric and almost gasped as her pussy came into view.

The soft lips were open and already wet, revealing the pink insides. Her pussy was open just enough for me to know that it was still nice and tight, but I would have no problem forcing my whole missile up inside her.

She had a very short and thin mat a pubic hair. It wasn't shaved, but it was obviously well trimmed. I brought my face up to the lips, not touching her pussy yet, but savoring the sweet fruity aroma. When I couldn't restrain myself any longer, I reached out with my tongue and gently flitted it just outside of the soft lips. With that first touch, the drunken Jill shivered and gave a low hum.

I began circling her pussy with my tongue, slowly getting closer and closer to the wet pink insides. With every teasing flit, Jill's hums turned into moans. Finally, I forced my tongue deep inside her and a sampled her pussy juice. Jill was shifting her head from side to side and moaning as I relished the taste of her sloppy wet cunt.

She was probably dreaming now. Still unconscious, Jill began to spread her legs, allowing me to send my tongue deeper and deeper into her delicious insides.

As her cunt became more and more inviting, I brought up my hand and slowly pushed my index and middle finger deep inside. The more I moved, the wetter she became, dripping like a faucet. In less than a minute, Jill had a gushing orgasm, squirting just like her daughter. The intoxicated milf spread her legs even farther and raised her hips. I licked my lips as her asshole came into view. It looked almost like it was bleached.

I had always wondered what I was like to lick a girl's asshole. Ironic that I would be licking Ashley's mom's before I licked hers. Experimentally, I flitted my tongue around her tight little anus and she squirmed. I pushed my tongue deep inside her, sucking on the ring as my nose was buried in her cunt. Her recesses had a very unique taste, somewhat resembling the taste of her pussy, but was much more… concentrated. It was like tasting the physical essence of the kinky taboo.

The whole time, Jill didn't moan; instead, she just kept on squirming. After several minutes, I moved my tongue back up to her pussy, and as I ate her out, I pushed my thumb up into her asshole.

It was apparent that she had never done anal before. She whined and squirmed as I rubbed the inside of her asshole with my thumb, pulling it out and pushing it back in, and rubbing the dribbling pussy juice around the ring. Finally, I knew it was time to take it to the next level. I stood up and fully undressed, then crouched over her head, opened her mouth, and stuffed in my cock. That final intrusion was enough to wake her out of her wine stupor and she gave a garbled scream, choking on my manhood.

She tried to push me off her, but I grabbed her by the throat and squeezed hard, robbing her of the ability to breathe. Her struggles waned and I lessened my grip, stirring my manhood around in her mouth while keeping my hand around her throat like a collar. The shock and confusion was now replaced with horror as to what was happening and who was doing it do her.

Was her daughter's boyfriend really assaulting her like this? "You like that don't you, a big cock in your mouth. Can you taste your daughter on me?" Jill was crying now, her pretty face streaked with tears out of pain, humiliation, betrayal, and the struggles of breathing.

"Come on, suck on it like a good whore." Jill refused, just holding her mouth open like a dead fish. "Have it your way." I fully got on top of her, sending my dick all the way to the back of her throat and choking her with it.

I had my full weight on her, smothering her face as she struggled to find any way to breathe. Within seconds, her body began to convulse and I pulled back as she threw up on my cock.

"Look at the mess you made, clean it up!" I barked, smearing my manhood across her face, mixing her tears with the mix. "Please stop this!" she sobbed, trying to push me away. "Hell no, I'm having too much fun! Now blow me, you fucking slut!" This time she gave in and began sucking me off, cleaning up the mess.

Her tears continued to pour as I violated her mouth, my hands wrapped in her hair to pull her head back if she tried anything. She worked diligently but it was clear that she was rusty at this. After a minute or so, I pulled out my cock and instead began rubbing my balls on her face, teabagging her as many would say.

She took the message and ran her tongue around my nut sack, thoroughly wetting it. Soon enough I got bored and decided to try something new. I pulled her up in her chair and got behind her, locking her head with one arm. "Zach, please stop this! I beg you!" "No, I'm going to fuck you hard and nothing is going to change that. But I want to enjoy this first." I forced my free hand between her legs, trying to probe her insides.

She screamed and flailed her legs, but a couple hard smacks ended that. Her legs still, I forced my fingers into her pussy, shaking them hard and making her cry out. "You're so wet, you can't wait for me to rape that slutty pussy of yours, can you? Be honest." "Let me go!" Against her protests, I continued to finger her, grabbing her pussy from the inside and shaking my hand.

The mix of pain and humiliation made her cry out, but I knew it was starting to feel a little bit good for her. I pulled my hand out and stuffed my fingers into her mouth, forcing her to taste her own feminine essence. Now it was time for the main course. I got out from behind her, trying to figure out the best position for penetration, when she made her escape.

Her ass and tits jiggling as she moved, she ran back into the house. I chased after her and caught up before she could reach the phone. She screamed and struggled against me, but I picked her up and carried her to the living room, where I threw her down on the couch.

She was on her stomach, and before she could get up, I held her down. "Nice try, but you're not getting out of this." Having decided to enjoy myself a little more, a raised my hand and struck her ass, making her shriek in pain. I had her bent over my knee, her perfect milf ass sticking up, tanner than I thought it would be. I smacked her again and again, savoring her pain and the chance to do whatever I wanted to her sexy body.

With each smack, a redness would spread, welts from my brutality. This mature, beautiful woman was now bent over, her naked body at my mercy for me to abuse however I liked. Licking my fingers, I again stuck them in her pussy and worked my thumb into her asshole. She groaned and cried as fingered her, her tears soaking the couch. After spanking her a few more times, I knew the time had come. I got out from under her and forced her against the couch.

I smacked her thighs, telling her to spread them, and while she resisted for a few moments, she knew that I was inevitably going to be inside her. She spread her legs, and with a deep breath, I penetrated her, burying my manhood up to the base in her slit.

She cried out from the sensation, having forgotten what it felt like to be fucked, and feeling overwhelmed with shame and revulsion. It was easy for me to set myself in a good rhythm, pushing down on her back to keep her pinned while my lap and her ass clapped together in applause.

I had dreamed of this day for a long time, the day when I would get to turn this woman's magnificent body into my personal cum dumpster, and the fact that it was against her will made it even better. "Please stop!


You're raping me!" she cried. I didn't reply, and regardless of her words, her pussy was just getting wetter and wetter. Her lips said "no no", but her body was begging for violation. My speed increased as I kept on telling myself that I had fucked Ashley the night before and was now fucking her mom. I was forcing into her cunt the same throbbing cock that her daughter had rode and sucked.

Jill's felt so good on my erect manhood. Her lips were so soft and tight, and I could feel almost a vacuum-like pressure, as if her body was trying to pull me in deeper.

After years of loneliness, her pussy craved to be stretched by my cock and filled with cum. With each passing second, a noticeable change could be seen in Jill. Her cries of anguish were turning into moans, and her hands, which had been gripping the sofa for dear life, were now brushing the golden hair out of her face while she licked her lips.

Deciding I wanted to see her face, I rolled her onto her side, her leg now across my chest. I continued hammering her, watching her melons jiggle and bounce every time my manhood reached her womb. I grabbed her by the throat, forcing her to look at me. The pain in her eyes was gone, and while she still reviled the situation, she could not contain the look of lustful hunger on her face.

She was starting to enjoy herself, but she clearly hated me with a burning fury. "Yeah, you like that don't you?" I growled.

Jill shook her head in refusal, prompting me to move my hand from her throat to her breast and give a hard squeeze to coax a cry from her. "You love being raped, don't you?" "No! Stop it!" Deciding to toy with her, I did as she told and stopped.

I never pulled out, but I halted my thrusts, and the lack of movement did send a tremor through her. Having reached the age of her sexual prime, her body, starved of contact, was reacting like a recovering addict in the first moments of relapse.

She hated the situation, but loved the sensations. Further teasing her, I began rubbing her clit with fast strokes of my fingers, sending a continuous stream of lightning through her body and making her moan. "Come on, beg for it.

You know you want to be fucked harder. You love that I'm raping you." "No!" she countered, turning away from me to hide her shame. Continuing to play with her clitoris, I gave ten deep thrusts, just slow enough to tease her. The stimulation was driving her wild, but it wasn't enough to satisfy her, and when I stopped, I knew her will had broken. "Beg for it!" "Please rape me harder!" she finally shrieked. Grinning, I pulled her up onto her hands and knees and brought myself to my top speed.

Her tits swinging like chandeliers in an earthquake, Jill was moaned at the top of her lungs, finally giving in to the physical bliss of a man fucking her.

I hammered her with all of my strength, watching the ripples travel through her body with each slam, her tan ass jiggling like ballistics gel when punched with a shotgun shell. With each impact, her moan would be interrupted, her whole body shaking and her mind momentarily going blank.

Unable to resist, I started smacking her ass between thrusts, just to remind her who was in charge, but the harder I spanked her, the more she seemed to enjoy it, her rear end absorbing the force and transforming it into physical bliss. "Oh god, I'm cumming!" She screamed these words over and over again, having given in to her lust.

I continued fucking her through the orgasm, the movement of my cock altering the spray but still soaking me in it. I knew I had won. Now that I had made her cum, she was hooked like an addict and I could do whatever I wanted to her without worrying about her telling anyone about it. Deciding her mouth would feel good right about now, I grabbed Jill's hair, turned her around, and pulled her head to my lap. Drunk with perverse desire, she began sucking me off as if she had been poisoned and my cum was the antidote.

Unlike before, when we were outside, she was putting true skill into her work. She would slobber on my cock as if she were trying to put out a fire, then suck off the saliva and pour it on again. Using the wetness as lubricant, she would work the shaft with her hand while rolling the head around in her mouth, always with the beautiful sound of sloppy suction. But still, it wasn't enough… An idea popping into my head, I grabbed Jill and picked her up.

She yelped in surprise, flailing her limbs as I held her upside down in the vertical 69 position, our fronts pressed together with her legs in the air. Understanding what I was doing, Jill resumed sucking my cock while I took in the beautiful sight of her milf cunt put on display, inches from my face, and behind it, her virgin asshole. I dove right in, gorging myself on her pussy like a dog with an empty peanut butter jar.

Jill continued to swing her legs, the feeling of lips and a tongue stirring her honeypot driving her wild, with her smooth thighs clamping the side of my head. After a minute, I could feel my self-control starting to crumble. I was about to cum, and I wanted to make sure Jill caught every drop. Continuing to hold her up with one arm, I used a free hand to grab her hair and hold her head steady. I began to thrust, skull-fucking her without mercy and turning her face into a sloppy mess.

Feeling the orgasm approaching, I pushed her dead down and forced her to deep-throat me. She tried to push me off, struggling to breathe, but I held her firm. Finally, the threshold broke, and I shot load after load into her throat. At the same time, while she was choking on my cock, her gag reflex triggered. I let go of her head and she retched, a frothy mix of saliva, vomit, semen, and tears pouring down over her face and into her hair.

Unable to open her eyes, she gasped for air while I rubbed my placid cock across her face, buying time to regain my erection. That orgasm had been a doozy, but I knew I had plenty more, and I wasn't going to stop until I finished turning Jill into my personal cum dumpster.

Though maybe it was time to wrap things up. Once my cock returned to its original glory, I began lowering Jill down. I stopped when her head and the back of her neck touched the floor, further dirtying her hair with the puddle of bodily fluids.

Her lower body still in the air with her ass pointing up, spanked her a few times to make her spread her legs enough for me to force my cock into her pussy, still filthy from when Jill threw up on it. I had seen lesbians with strap-ons do this position in Ultimate Surrender, so I was able to figure it out in a few moments.

Holding her by the hips, I once again started thrusting into her, now feeling fatigue take its toll. Below me, Jill continued to moan, desperate to cum a second time. She had wiped the slime off her face and could open her eyes, but her only view was my ass directly above her. Soon enough, we both achieved an orgasm. Jill moaned at the top of her lungs, having forgotten the joy of a man bringing her to climax.

A human fountain, she sprayed clear fluid from her pussy while I poured my seed deep into her womb. I pulled out and dropped her to the floor, shooting two more white streams across her stomach and breasts, sullying her and marking her as my property like a dog pissing on a tree.

Jill lay still, wallowing in a puddle of filth, her beautiful body painted with bodily fluids from being raped and violated by the same man who routinely fucked her daughter. I stood over her, beaming at my accomplishment. I had finally achieved my goal, but I wasn't done yet. I was going to enjoy my new fuck toy. "That was a lot of fun, we'll do it again real soon," I said, turning around and leaving her there.

I wasn't worried at all about her calling the police or telling Ashley. She was too ashamed and embarrassed that it had happened, and that she had enjoyed it so much. Part Two: Three days passed and no police came for me, and when I saw Ashley, it didn't seem like she knew anything.

Just as I suspected, Jill didn't have it in her to tell anyone about what I had done, either because she was ashamed or because she loved it, probably both. But after the third day, I decided it was time to stop by and pay her a visit. I arrived at her house in the mid-morning, when Ashley was still there. Like before, I didn't bother knocking, but I hollered when I stepped inside. "Ashley?" "In here!" Her voice came from the kitchen, and at the same time, I heard a dish break.

"Mom, are you ok?" "Y-yes, dear, I'm fine. It just slipped out of my hand." Hearing Jill's voice gave me a hard-on, the fact that she had broken a plate when hearing my own telling me that the iron was still hot and it was time to strike. I came into the kitchen, where Ashley was sitting at the dinner table in her waitress uniform with a stack of pancakes in front of her.

Jill was at the stove in a pair of tight jeans and a tank top, standing with her back to me and trying to hide her trembling. "Hey, what's up?" Ashley asked. "I wanted to see if you were up for a movie." "You should have called, you wouldn't have had to drive.

You know I have the lunch shift at the diner today. I told you before, remember? I got to leave in half an hour." "Oh yeah, I guess I forgot," I replied, waiting for Jill to look over to me.

"Luckily my mom was in a good mood and offered to make me some pancakes. Want some?" "I would love some. Jill, you don't mind, do you?" Jill had to turn to me or else her daughter would get suspicious.

Putting on a brave face, she looked over to me. "Sure, I'd be happy to!" I flashed her a grin, one that Ashley didn't see, one that broadcasted what I really hungered for.

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Seeing that look in my eye, knowing what I wanted to do, Jill turned her attention back to the stove and began mixing up more batter, trying to keep calm so that Ashley wouldn't sense anything while she prepared food for the man that had raped her. I watched her while she worked, her tight denims making her ass pop.

The pancakes were made in ten minutes and Jill handed me the plate without making eye contact. For a while, I sat with Ashley and ate this second breakfast, talking with her about the usual subjects while Jill cleaned up in the kitchen. Ashley soon finished and left for work, leaving Jill and me alone.

At first I didn't do anything, I simply continued eating while Jill tried to distract herself with dirty dishes. The kitchen was silent, save for the scratching of my knife and fork on my plate and the clinking of dishes in the sink. I could tell the silence was getting to Jill, that she could feel my eyes on her. What was I going to do to her? What was I waiting for? These questions were driving her wild, and against her will, her body was preparing itself.

All I had to do was watch my timing and the suspense would do a lot of the work for me. Finally I stood up and strode over to her with intentionally slow footfalls, watching Jill tighten up as I approached. I grabbed her ass and pressed myself against her. "Your cooking is as good as ever, now how about I prepare something to stuff into YOUR mouth?" "Zach, what happened before was a mistake and we can't ever do it again?" "It wasn't a mistake. I took you like a dirty whore and you loved it, begging me to rape you harder.

You know, the day after we had sex, Ashley and I had a little bit of fun. I wonder if she could taste you on my cock, the way she was slobbering all over it. Her mouth felt just like yours." Jill tried to push me away. "I said no!" "Haven't you learned yet?

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You don't get to say no to me." I grabbed the front of her jeans and unfastened them, then wrapped my arm around her waist and pulled her from the stove and to the middle of the kitchen floor.

"No! NO!" she screamed as I yanked off her pants, revealing her pink thong. I forced her to the floor and kept her on her stomach with me on top of her, letting me undress. I then flipped her over and ripped off her tank top like wrapping paper. She wasn't wearing a bra underneath, her melon-sized tits bouncing freely.

Momentarily letting her go, I stood up and retrieved a bottle of cooking oil from beside the stove. Pinning Jill on her back, I held her wrists together so that she couldn't fight me off and poured the oil onto her chest. I rubbed it into her skin with my free hand, loving the feel of her breasts slipping in my grip.

"Nothing like a pair of big oiled titties," I said with a chuckle. Jill glared at me with fear and anger. "Fuck you," she hissed.

"Oh no, I'm going to fuck YOU." My sadistic side getting the better of me, I squeezed one of her tits with a hard grip, making Jill cry out in pain. From there, I began smacking them, each time making her yelp as I whipped the mountains. The sound of flesh on flesh and her cries, the sensation of her beautiful breasts against my palm and fingers, and the sight of the forming welts turned me on beyond words.

It was like they were stress balls, begging for abuse. I shifted my position her, keeping her arms pinned beneath me but with my hands free. Having the perfect opportunity, I held her oiled breasts together and slid my cock between them, me shuddering in euphoria and Jill in revulsion.

Even bustier than Ashley, I knew that Jill would give the best tit-fucks imaginable. I moved back and forth, rubbing her breasts against the shaft while Jill tried to keep her face away from the tip. Against my planning, I had a premature orgasm from the excitement. I didn't lose much, mainly precum, and it sprayed across Jill's tearful face while I maintained my erection. I soon moved on, retaining my hold on her wrists with one hand and sending the other down south.

She writhed beneath me, but I held her still. Grabbing her thong, I pulled it up, wedging it between the plump lips of her cunt.

Again she cried out as I pulled harder and harder, using the narrow fabric like floss and rubbing it against her erect clitoris.

I let go of her, letting her try to push me off with her hands as I pulled off her thong. Grabbing her again, I rolled her onto her stomach and bound her wrists behind her back with her underwear, having learned online how to use them as makeshift handcuffs. Like before, I had Jill over my lap, her ass in the air. First I poured oil on her, giving her rear end a sexy shine, then I took my time spanking her, bruising her tan milf ass like I had done with her breasts. My hand slid right off her ass each time, her soft flesh jiggling from the strike.

My fingers slick with oil, I worked them in her pussy, relishing the sounds of her voice. Regardless of her anger, her body was again relapsing in its desire for sexual contact.

With just my fingers, I had her moaning in bliss, the volume rising and falling with the speed of my hand. She came after only a minute, much sooner than I expected. Maybe after fucking her the other day, her body was on a hair trigger. Her moans echoed through the house, her whole body in spasms as waves of pleasure rolled through her while my hand was soaked in a spray of her juices.

Not giving her any rest, I grabbed her legs and pulled them up, putting her in the same position as the other day with her head and the back of her neck pressed to the floor, her bound arms underneath her, and her ass in the air. This time, I was behind her, kneeling and holding her up with my arms around her stomach. Her virgin asshole was inches from my face, glistening from the cooking oil and just waiting to be used. "Zach, what are you doing?" Instead of answering, I grave a broad lick of her anus, making her shudder in bliss.

The cooking oil didn't taste very good, but all I really cared about was the physical sensation of running my tongue around her brown eye. I had already done it before, when she was passed out on the lawn, but I was enjoying it even more since she was awake to experience it. I penetrated her with my tongue, flicking around her insides while I sucked on her asshole with my lips. All the while, I worked her clit with my right hand, trying to coax another orgasm from her.

I was able to push her over the threshold again, making her moan like an opera singer. After a few minutes, I retrieved the bottle of cooking oil and stuck the nozzle in her raised asshole like the jug of a water cooler. I squeezed bottle, making Jill gag as I pumped her ass full of oil.

A full liter was poured into her rectal cavity. "How about we play a little game?" I suggested. Without letting go of her or letting her fall over, I reached into one of the drawers above my head and grabbed a wine stopper. Jill shuddered as I inserted it into her ass as a makeshift butt plug. "You're going to suck me off like a good whore, and if you can make me cum without that oil spilling out of you, I'll leave right now.

Which of us can last longer?" Jill stared at me in disbelief. "You promise you'll leave?" "I won't even bother getting dressed. I'll just grab my clothes and walk right out that door." Jill didn't answer, but since this was rape, I didn't care about what she had to say. I set her against the fridge, still upside-down like a weirdly drawn 2, her ass pointed straight up.

I rubbed my cock against her face, just like after I skull-fucked her the last time. She resisted at first, remembering how I choked her with it until she vomited, but she soon gave in and began blowing me, though it was hard to do in the position we were in. Seconds passed, and before the first minute was finished, I could tell that Jill was struggling with all her might to keep the oil from spilling out of her. Even while upside-down, the pressure inside was painful and her body was trying to push it out.

All the while, I was maintaining my composure, easily able to hold back my reserves in the face of this half-assed blowjob. Deciding to speed up the process, I started working my fingers in her pussy, make her give a shrill whine. Were she to speak, she would say I was cheating. But again, this was rape, so I wasn't really under any obligation to play fair. I used the stimulation to ruin her focus, and after less than a minute, the wine stopper shot out of her ass like a Champaign cork and a geyser of cooking oil sprayed up.

I moved out of the way, letting it pour down on Jill. She cried as the thick fluid splashed her tits and face, knowing where it had just been. To her, it might as well have been my semen.

Standing over her, I inserted my fingers into her asshole, now loose and slick. I stirred them around, making her whimper and cry in humiliation. "Oh, such a shame, now I get to rape your asshole for as long as I want." "No, please!

Anything but that!" she begged. "I told you before, you don't get to say no to me." Grabbing her arm, I pulled her to her feet and then bent her over the sink. She continued begging for mercy, but I just spread her legs, and in a single shove, I forced my manhood into her asshole.

She screamed when I violated her, having never before been sodomized by more than my fingers. I had mounted her like a dog, and with all the cooking oil in her ass, I was able to slide in and out effortlessly.

This was my first time as well, none of my past girlfriends eever being brave enough to try ass play. The sensation of Jill's anus around my cock was indescribable, both physically and psychology. The fact that I was sodomizing this beautiful mature woman was like winning a trophy, with her unwillingness only sweetening the moment. She cried as I slammed myself against her over and over again, punishing her asshole without mercy, unable to resist me as I turned her body into a sex toy.

She wanted to die, the pain and shame overwhelming her. Her rear end clapped against my lap over and over, the sound music to my ears. But soon after I started, a familiar change took over Jill. She would look back at me, licking her lips with a lustful glare. After only a minute, her cries of pain were replaced with calls for me to fuck her harder and faster.

I had reawaken the vixen from last time. "You like that, don't you? You like getting ass raped? Take my cock like a good whore!" I growled, reaching around and smacking her tits. "Yes, I love getting raped! Fuck my slutty asshole harder! Cum in my ass!" "Imagine if Ashley were to hear you say that. Your daughter showing up, seeing her mother beg her rapist to turn her into a cum dumpster." She didn't respond, but her asshole tightened around me.

So it seems I had struck a nerve… I changed positions, pulling her down with me to the floor, removing my cock from her ass just long enough to turn her towards me.

We were both on our sides, her body curled up with me continuing to thrust into her, her asshole forming a perfect seal around my cock.

I stared into her eyes as I sodomized her, seeing the ravenous joy of being fucked like a dirty slut. "Now do you get it? See how much fun it is getting fucked?" I panted, never stopping my movements.

"Oh god, I think I'm addicted to your cock…" she groaned. "Just like Ashley. How does it feel knowing that the same man who routinely takes your daughter like a whore is now violating you? Does it turn you on?" Shocking me, she took control, using her body weight to roll me onto my back so that she was on top, even with her hands still bound. Now riding me, she leaned over and slipped her tongue between my lips.

Lifting her up, I began bucking my hips, shooting myself straight up into her asshole with her rear end jiggling magnificently. I wished with all my heart I could see us from behind, watch my manhood stretch her anus wide while her cheeks bounced and jiggled. I fucked her like a jackhammer, gripping her ass while she moved and spanking her, all while she and I made out. "I always wondered why you were ok with me and Ashley having sex while you were in the house.

You had to have heard us; she moans and talks dirty just as loudly as you do. You had to have heard your daughter begging to be fucked, of her whines as she came over and over again." Again she tightened up on me, telling me that I was getting closer. "Did it turn you on, hearing her getting violated? Hearing her beg for it? Maybe you were jealous.

Maybe you wished I would do the same to you. Maybe you wished you were the one getting fucked and filled with cum." After a minute, she sat up, letting me watch her tits bounce as she rode me.

The grin on her face was more depraved than Ashley's, loving the feeling of bobbing on my cock, as if I had become the sex toy and she was using me to sodomize herself.

But I could tell from the look in her eyes that I was getting closer. She changed again after a minute, finding the floor unsuitable for her to properly ride me like this. Instead, she turned her back to me and put her feet up on my knees, maybe so that we couldn't make eye contact anymore. Now in my favorite position, I held her up and once again started bucking my hips, pumping her asshole like a piston while she moaned.

"Yes! Oh god, it feels so good!" she screamed. Again I wished I could watch from another angle, wanting to see her jiggling oiled tits, her glistening slit, and her ass being pummeled by my cock. "Or maybe it was because you liked the idea of your daughter getting fucked.

You wanted to watch your little girl get penetrated, get mounted." I suddenly stopped, a savage grin on my face. "Maybe you wanted to fuck her, to turn your daughter into your personal fuck doll!" "Please don't stop! I'm so close!" "Admit it! Admit you want to fuck Ashley!" "Please let me cum!

I want to cum with your cock in my ass!" "Admit you're attracted to your daughter!" "Ok, I admit it! I loved listening to Ashley get fucked! I want to fuck my daughter! So fuck me like you fuck her!" That was all I needed.

I returned to my maximum speed, ramming her from below so fast that my balls actually hurt from the movement. "Oh shit, I'm cumming! I'm cumming!" Jill screamed the words over and over again, and from her slit, a wave of clear liquid sprayed freely. I never stopped moving, instead using her orgasm as a chance to fuck her even harder and drive her wild. She soon calmed down, but I was getting tired from this position.

I needed to be back on top. I grabbed her bound wrists and pulled her to the side, using the momentum to get us both up onto her knees.

Now back in the doggy-style position, I was able to resume humping her while sparing my stomach muscles. I pulled on the thong around her wrists like reins, slamming her down onto my cock after each retraction. "Damn, I never knew you were such an anal whore." "Oh god, it feels so good! Fuck me, Zach! Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck me like you fuck my daughter!" To be fair, I hadn't yet taken Ashley's backdoor virginity, but I did as told, hammering Jill with all my strength, again filling the house with the sounds of her oiled ass clapping against my lap, mixed with her euphoric moans.

But I still felt I could get deeper. Without picking her up or pulling out, I got to my feet, bending Jill over farther until her face was to the floor. Now standing, I was able to put all of my weight into my thrusts, driving straight down into her.

Jill continued to moan, drunk with sexual euphoria. She had orgasm after orgasm, spraying the floor over and over while I butt-fucked her without reprieve, screaming at the top of her lungs. "Shit, I'm about to cum!" I grunted. "Pour it all in my ass! Fill my asshole with your cum!" she begged. She didn't need to ask twice, as with a shudder, I pumped everything I had into her rectum, a deluge of my seed.

I pulled out of her, my manhood deflating and my lungs feeling like they were on fire. Just like before, Jill was now silent, remaining with her face to the floor and her ass in the air, frothy semen trickling from her bruised anus.

"Oh god, what is wrong with me? I can't believe I admitted that," she groaned. "What first made you horny for your daughter? Her firm bouncing tits, her tight round ass, her soft luscious pussy, or the fact that it's such a naughty taboo?" I asked, too intrigued to leave it alone.

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"I don't know. Whenever I would listen to you two, I would get so turned on. I would imagine you were fucking me instead of her. I kept fantasizing about it, and soon, my daughter would be there, just watching me get fucked. Each time I thought about it, it would just deeper and deeper. Soon I would dream about you taking turns with us, and then I even began to imagine Ashley and I kissing and licking each other's bodies as you used us like whores." Hearing her talk was putting me back in the mood.

It seemed my ultimate fantasy of a mother-daughter threesome might not be so impossible after all, and staring at her ass and pussy, sticky with cooking oil and semen, was returning my hard-on. Revitalized, I grabbed Jill's bound wrists and pulled her to her feet. "Wait, what are you doing?" she asked as I pulled her upstairs.

I led her into Ashley's room and threw her on the bed, still warm and smelling like her. With my cock now fully erect, I grabbed a pair of Ashley's dirty underwear and jammed it in Jill's mouth as a gag. Then I took her from behind and violated her pussy.

My energy returned, I fucked her like an animal, turning her womanhood into a receptacle for my desires. As I rode her, she looked back at me, grinning with her daughter's panties in her mouth, telling me that she was enjoying this even more than I was. Things were going to get very interesting. Part Three: The following weeks blended together into a nonstop sex romp. If I wasn't having sex with Ashley, I was sodomizing Jill. We always fucked in Ashley's bed, Jill getting off on her daughter's scent with Ashley's panties stuffed into her mouth as a gag.

Whenever she could, Jill would listen in on Ashley and me screwing, standing on the other side of the door and touching herself. The door would be slightly open, a crack just wide enough for her to see me empty myself into her daughter. Whenever I would spend the night, I would wait for Ashley to fall asleep, then go into Jill's room and let her suck me off. She would finger her pussy while she rolled my cock in her mouth, savoring the taste of her daughter on me. I had a sexy girl and her milf addicted to my cock, but the question was how could I get them together?

Jill wouldn't hesitate to go in on a threesome, but Ashley was another story. Somehow I had to get her to be ok with having sex in front of and with her mom. If nothing worked, I could always just rape her and have Jill join in. Jill might be into that idea. But hopefully it wouldn't come to that and I could bend Ashley willingly. I found myself pondering the situation as Ashley and I were having an afternoon romp. Jill was home, and as mentioned before, she was on the other side of Ashley's bedroom door, her fingers buried up to the knuckle in her velvet sleeve.

I had Ashley on all fours, ramming her from behind, her screams of bliss bouncing off the walls. 'Let's see, how can I do this? Now would probably be the best time to try and manipulate her, at least lay the foundations. Now Jill is just like her, so if I'm lucky, she'll have the same affinity for incestuous desires. I just have to plant them and help them grow.' "Yes!

Harder! Deeper! Fuck my pussy!" Ashley screamed. "I love how much you moan when we fuck, how loud you get. I bet your mom can hear us." "What?" "She can probably hear us right now, begging for my cock, hear her little girl turning into a ravenous cum slut." Just like with Jill, I could feel her tightening up on me, telling me I had struck a nerve.

My words were arousing her and her body was reacting. Out in the hall, Jill bit her lip and the strokes of her fingers increased in speed. She knew I was saying this not just to Ashley, but to her as well. "She knows you're getting fucked like a dirty whore, getting mounted like an animal. Does it turn you on?" "Shut up!" I grabbed her arms and pulled them back, gripping her wrists like handlebars as I fucked her. With each slam, her tits bounced beautifully.

"She might as well be watching us right now. Imagine her sitting in the corner, her eyes on you, watching you getting fucked. You're so shameless, getting turned on my your mom watching you have sex." "Zach, cut it out!" "You're getting wetter, I can feel it." I lied back, pulling her on top of me, her body heaving as she bounced on my cock like a mechanical bull.

"Can you feel her watching you? She's probably as horny as you are. She would be sitting in the corner, touching herself to the sound of your moans." Ashley stopped moaning, panting instead with her eyes on the corner where Jill would be. Against her will, she was beginning to imagine her mom sitting there, massaging her full breasts with one hand while her other strayed south. "She can see your tits jiggling, your erect clitoris, your pussy wrapping around my cock.

Put on a show for her, let your mom see your slutty side. She can watch you get fucked and you can watch her finger herself." Outside, Jill was on her knees with her hand between her legs, fighting the urge to come into the room and lick the sweat from her daughter's stomach.

She was so close. "Oh god, I'm going to cum!" Ashley cried out, bouncing like a super ball. "Tell Jill you're cumming. Let her hear you cum." "Zach, stop!" "Fine." I stopped my thrusts, just like with Jill. "Say it and I'll let you cum!" "Ok, I'll say it!" I resumed moving, immediately pushing her over the boundary. "Mom, I'm cumming! Zach is making me cum! His cock feels so good, Mom!" she moaned as she squirted like a water pistol.

'Me too, baby! I'm cumming too!' Jill thought, soaking the carpet beneath her with the waterfall between her legs. Ashley collapsed and fell on her side. I hadn't had an orgasm of my own so I just wanted to fire off a quick round. Leaning over her head, I started masturbating, using the wetness from her pussy as lubricant. I soon ejaculated, painting her face with my seed.

'Just a little longer and my dream will come true.' More days passed, Jill continuing to watch from the sidelines as I fucked her daughter, until it was her turn to get pounded. Whenever Ashley and I had sex, I would try to manipulate her like before. I would tell her that her mom could hear her, tell her to imagine Jill was watching, have her visualize her mom masturbating to the sight of Ashley getting mounted.

Funny that that's exactly what her mom was doing, even if Ashley didn't know it. I even convinced her to have sex in her mom's bed. The more I worked her, the easier it became to make her cum. I would tell her to put on a show for Jill and she would spray like a fountain.

Every day, my goal of a threesome got closer and closer. It was a beautiful Saturday morning, and Jill was lying on her back on the kitchen table as I ravaged her soft pussy. The lips of her cunt gave off the sound of gum being chewed with each thrust I made. "Fuck my wet pussy! Fill it with your cock!" she whined. "Zach?! MOM?!" we heard the shrill voice scream. We looked at the front door and saw Ashley, wearing her waitress outfit.

She was supposed to have the morning shift, but apparently she came home early. She was staring at us with her mouth hanging open and tears rolling down her cheeks. Dropping her purse, she ran up to her room and slammed the door shut with a house-shaking crash. "Ashley, wait!" I said as I grabbed my pants and pulled them on. "Baby, hold on!" Jill said as she put on a bathrobe. We rushed to her locked bedroom door. Inside, we could hear Ashley screaming and destroying everything in her path.

"Ashley, come on. Can we please talk?" I asked as I knocked on the door. "Talk about what?! You were fucking my mom!" "Baby, it's not what you think," Jill said. "My boyfriend was cheating on me with my fucking whore of a mother! I know what I saw!" We waited outside the door for almost an hour as Ashley released her rage on everything in her room.

"Ashley, if you won't come out, will you at least let us in? We just want to talk," I eventually asked. After several minutes, we heard the door unlock and we stepped inside.

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The round was covered in wreckage, the walls had been stripped bare of pictures and posters, and Ashley was sitting on the bed with her face in her hands. We sat down next to her and held her close. "How long? How long have you two been doing this?" Ashley asked in sorrow and anger. "A couple weeks. I'm so sorry, sweetheart, it was all a huge mistake," Jill said as she put her hand on Ashley's knee.

Something caught my attention when her hand touched her knee. Ashley squirmed at her touch, but not away from her. Had she truly been mad, she would have jerked back, but her legs just clamped together as if she was trying to suppress a reaction. Was… Was she aroused? 'Now's the time.' Deciding to experiment, I mimicked her mom and placed my hand on her other knee, but taking it one step forward, I slowly moved my palm up and down her thigh.

Ashley continued to squirm, and she had her arms crossed against her stomach. She was looking at our hands and chewing on her lip. 'I knew it. She's not angry with us for screwing, she's angry with herself for watching us and enjoying it! It's just like when I figured out that Jill was hot for her, she's angry at herself that seeing me pound her mom makes her horny.' Jill and I locked eyes and I motioned to Ashley while raising my eyebrows.

Jill gave a small smile and licked her lips. She turned to Ashley. "Baby, I'm so sorry, I couldn't help myself. I've seen the two of you have sex and it just made me so hot." "What?" "At first I would just listen to the two you, then I started spying.

Watching your breasts bounce as you rode his dick made my own nipples hard…" She began to open her bathrobe, exposing her round full breasts to her daughter.

"And watching you rub your pussy as he hammered you made me so wet." She fully opened her robe and exposed her cunt, glistening in arousal. Ashley was in disbelief as she looked at her naked mother, and I knew that she was almost as horny as I was.

Her ability to hide it was beginning to fail. "Did… did you feel the same way as you watched us? Did you want to touch my body?" Jill asked as she picked up her daughter's hand and placed it on her left tit. Ashley stirred and tried to pull away, but Jill forced her hand to squeeze her breast, making her massage it with her fingers and rub her nipple with her palm.

"Mom, this is a little too weird," Ashley panted. We all knew it was a lie. "Come on, I know you like it," Jill said softly as she leaned forward and pressed her lips against Ashley's.

Her daughter resisted for only a moment before kissing back, a deeply buried switch being flipped. I couldn't believe my luck as I watched the two blondes make out, softly at first, but then with more passion. As they started to feel each other with their hands I decided to back off and give them time to get… acquainted. With my rock-hard cock in my hand, I watched as mother and daughter began to French kiss each other, licking the inside of each other's mouth and sucking on each other's tongues.

Their lips became shiny and wet as they savored the taste of each other's saliva. Jill unbuttoned Ashley's waitress blouse and pulled it away, leaving her in just her bra. "Show me those beautiful titties," Jill groaned.

With a coy grin, Ashley pulled off her bra, revealing her round bouncing boobs. They looked just like her mother's but had their own unique size and dimensions.

"Lovely!" Jill said as she licked her lips. Her daughter moaned in ecstasy as she began massaging the plump mounds of flesh, squeezing them like they were stress-relievers and tweaking her nipples as if she was adjusting a radio. "I've spent so many hours rubbing my pussy while imagining my lips around your sweet nipples," Jill said as she held Ashley's left boob with both hands.

Slowly and gently, she reached out with her tongue and dragged it across the soft flesh of her tit, just a few inches from the nipple. Ashley moaned as her mom began licking her round boobs, the sensation itself magnified over a hundred times by the taboo. She then closed her lips around the areola and sucked like a vacuum. Ashley released a high-pitched moan like the ringing of wind chimes as her mother sucked on one nipple and pinched the other.

I resisted the urge to shoot my load, as Jill would switch between Ashley's titties, using her lips and tongue to play with the erect nipples and tease her daughter. Ashley finally moved back to the headboard of the bed and Jill suspended herself over her daughter as Ashley pulled off her skirt and revealed her panties, which were stained by her wetness. Jill pulled off her daughter's panties, revealing the soft lips, dripping with arousal.

"Lick my pussy, Mom. Make me cum onto your tongue," Ashley said as she massaged herself. "Not yet, baby, first suck on my titties like you used to," Jill moaned as she held her massive jugs up to her daughter's face. Ashley playfully squeezed the milf's breasts, massaging them and pinching the nipples like her mother had done to her. Finally, Ashley raised her head and began sucking on her mom's tits and lapping her nipples with her tongue.

Jill moaned in bliss as Ashley sucked on her skin with gusto and buried her face between the two fleshy mounds. Both mother and daughter thinking alike, Jill began rubbing her daughter's pussy and Ashley began rubbing her mom's.

Both women moaned as their pussies became wetter and softer, countless drops of their arousal staining the blankets on the bed as the lips became more and more amendable. The girls moaned with ecstasy, but Ashley's moan was stifled by her mom's tits smothering her face with one of the nipples always in her mouth. After several minutes, both women separated and began licking the other's pussy juice off of their fingers, then Jill moved back to her daughter with her head between her legs.

"I've wanted to do this for so long," she hummed as she spread the lips of her daughter's pussy and sent her tongue deep into Ashley's wet insides. Ashley moaned as her mom drank up her pussy juice and explored every corner of her hot cunt.

As I watched, I wasn't sure whether I should focus on Jill licking her daughter's pussy, or the milf sticking her ass in the air. I just wanted to jump onto the bed, force my cock into her pussy, and hammer her so hard that she would scream into her daughter's cunt.

But I fought the urge. I wanted to see how far they would go on their own. Ashley released an extra loud moan as she had her first lesbian orgasm, soaking her mom with her pussy juice. Jill moved up on top of her daughter and kneeled over her with her head between her knees. "Lick it, baby, send your tongue up into your mother's soft cunt," Jill purred as she squeezed her tits. Ashley grabbed her mom's ass with both hands and forced Jill to sit on her face.

The milf moaned in bliss, for Ashley didn't just eat her pussy, she fucking DEVOURED it. I had to bend my neck so I could see Ashley, her chin and lower lip just barely showing under her mom's ass as she sent her tongue deep into Jill's womanhood.

Jill moaned like an opera singer as Ashley worked her middle finger into her mother's backdoor, fucking her ass faster than I ever could with my cock. She was forcing her fingers into her anus so fast that her hand was a blur, and I started to wonder if it was actually hurting Jill. After only a few minutes, Jill had a gushing orgasm and sprayed pussy juice onto her daughter's face and Ashley drank it all up.

Jill got off of Ashley, and as if the two family members were telepathic, their legs interlocked and they began to grind their pussies. They moved like mirror images, slamming their clams together over and over again, letting their lips rub in a sloppy wet kiss.

Both mother and daughter moaned and squeezed each other's tits, and the longer they scissored, the wetter they became. Foamy drops were spraying from between them, soaking the bed with their combined juices. I honestly couldn't believe what I was watching. After both cumming at the same time, the two women separated and lay side by side.

With Ashley's right leg wrapped around Jill's left, the mother and daughter rubbed each other's pussies while giving a mix of a moan and a whine. They writhed and gyrated their hips, at the mercy of each other's toying. Finally, I rushed over and forced my cock into Jill's pussy and fucked her faster and harder than ever before, unable to hold back any longer. Jill moaned at the top of her lungs and squeezed the blankets of the bed until the veins in her wrists bulged. I turned to Ashley. "How do you like watching me fuck your mom?" "It makes me so horny.

Fuck my mom, fuck her hard and fill her with cum!" she moaned as she sucked on her fingers and rubbed her pussy. As I hammered Jill's cunt, Ashley masturbated to the sight. I would swing my pelvis so that I could slam her cunt with my full strength and my cock would dive into her and then swerve up, allowing it to plow into every corner. As I picked up speed, Jill had orgasm after orgasm that soaked my lap. After watching the lesbian incest, my ability to hold back an orgasm was already hindered.

I let slip a single stream of cum, just enough to cause it to overflow from her stretched out pussy. Drunk on arousal and desperate to indulge every desire I had, I pulled out my cock and then forced it up her ass so fast and hard that she screamed. With my cock lubricated by her pussy juice and my sperm, I was able to fuck her without hesitation. To stifle her mom's moans and whines, Ashley bent over and began kissing her and forcing her tongue down Jill's throat.

I fucked Jill so hard that she couldn't hold still, so she and her daughter often broke the connection. Because of this, their French kissing was disrupted, and they would end up licking each other's faces and covering each other in saliva. "Ashley, come sit on mama's face!" Jill moaned. Ashley eagerly obeyed, climbing on top of her and in the 69 position.

She pushed her pussy down on her mom's face and buried her own face in Jill's cunt, trying to give me room to move. Both women began eating each other out while I fucked Jill in the ass, and after every dozen or so thrusts, I would pull out and rub my cock against Ashley's face, prompting her to take it in her mouth. She sucked gluttonously, relishing the kinky taste of her mom's ass, and then she would manually guide me back in, licking her lips as she watched me sodomize Jill. After a few minutes, Jill screamed and had a massive orgasm.

Pussy juice and my sperm from before gushed out of her pussy and Ashley hungrily lapped it up. "Zach, fuck her, fuck my daughter," Jill begged. I pulled my cock out of her asshole and climbed onto the bed as she moved to the headboard. Ashley got on her hands and knees, facing her mom and I got behind her. With one hand on her hip and the other on my tireless manhood, I pressed the head of my dick against her pussy and pushed it in.

She was already so hot and wet that there was absolutely no resistance. Ashley gave a soft moan as I pushed it in all the way to the base, pulled it out, and slammed it back in.

Her low moan turned into an endless whine as I took my regular fast-paced rhythm of hammering her cunt. Jill was a few feet in front of us, rubbing her pussy as she watched. "How do you like watching me fuck your little girl?" I asked as both women touched themselves.

"Fuck her harder, make my daughter cum and moan. Watching you fuck her is making me so hot!" she moaned. "Yes ma'am." I picked up speed, causing Ashley to scream in bliss as I ravaged her sweet cunt, only stopping when she came.

I followed soon after, flooding her womb with my seed. After a few seconds for us both to catch our breath, I pulled out of her. "I'm not done yet," I said as pressed the head against her asshole. "Zach, no!" I ignored her cries and rammed it in, robbing her of her black cherry.

Ashley released a shrill scream ass I began to pummel her tight ass. The fact that I was raping her asshole just like I had done her mom made me grin. "Oh god, it hurts!" she screamed as I picked up speed.

"How about it, Jill? How do you like watching me ravage your daughter's virgin ass? How do you like your daughter being defiled and violated right in front of you?" "I love it.

Her asshole must feel incredible. How do you like it, baby? He raped me just like this and I loved it." "Oh god, it hurts! It hurts so bad!" she tearfully screamed. "But it feels good, doesn't it? Having that cock stuffed up inside you? You love it." For the first couple minutes, Ashley took no joy in the sodomy, but before long, her arousal had returned and surpassed its former peak.

"Oh god! It hurts, but it feels so good! Fuck my ass! Cum inside me!" she moaned. It seemed being an anal whore ran in the family. She wasn't able to say another word, for Jill had gotten on her hands and knees and had pushed her daughter's face into her perfect ass.

The only sounds now were my grunts, Jill's moan, Ashley's stifled whine of kinky ecstasy, and the squishing sound of my cock punishing her asshole. After several minutes of sexual nirvana, I shot a massive load of sperm up into Ashley, causing her to cum. Exhausted, Ashley collapsed on the bed and Jill climbed on top of her. With the mother and daughter spooning, Jill turned to me. "Put that fat cock back in my pussy and fuck me!" I looked down at my cock.

Frankly, it was a miracle that I could still maintain the erection after all the fucking I had done. I had shot so much cum that my dick was seriously aching. "Come on old buddy, don't fail me now," I said to myself. I spread Jill's ass cheeks, revealing her eager pussy. I pushed it in past the soft lips and began to hammer her cunt, while still slick from her daughter's asshole.

Supposedly this caused infections in women, but that wasn't my problem. If anything, it made Jill moan just from the initial penetration, her voice rising with my speed. "Come on, Mom! Take that cock!" Ashley moaned as she fingered herself. With their smooth thighs rubbing against each other and Jill's tits against her back, Ashley couldn't think of any words to describe the kinky forbidden horniness she was feeling.

Jill also reached under her, feeling Ashley's tits and then helping her daughter finger herself. "Cum in my cunt! Fill my womb with your seed!" the milf moaned, reaching back and forcing her fingers up her asshole. I grunted as I shot one massive load of cum into her pussy. As I pulled my cock out of my girlfriend's mom's, I felt a second wind arrive.

Mounting her like a dog, I rammed my cock into Ashley's cunt so hard that she almost screamed. I began fucking her faster than ever before, ignoring the soreness of my cock and riding Ashley as hard as possible. "It's your turn, baby!" Jill said as she began fingering Ashley's semen-filled asshole.

"It hurts! I can't take it!

He's fucking me way too hard, but it feels so good!" her daughter moaned in both pain and bliss. Finally she had a seismic orgasm and pussy juice and cum erupted from her cunt as I shot jet after jet of sperm up inside her. After ten seconds of filling her up until she was overflowing, I dismounted her.

From there we fucked like rabbits, always changing positions. At one point, I was on my back with Jill bouncing on my lap and Ashley riding my face, the two women tongue-kissing above me.

Soon after, I was mounting Ashley like a dog, sodomizing her to my heart's content, while Jill and I made out. At one point, Ashley was sucking me off while Jill smothered my face with her tits, then the two women pressed their chests together and gave me a double tit fuck. After an hour, I stood up and tried to catch my breath. My dick ached as blood rushed in and out of the exhausted veins, keeping the sore flesh inflated.

I watched as the mother and daughter into the 69 position and sucked my cum out of each other's pussies, then they climbed off each other and they took turns drinking my cum out of each other's backdoors. If you think you've seen the sexiest thing in the history of the world, you've obviously never seen your blonde busty girlfriend and her blonde busty mom drink your cum out of each other's assholes like wineglasses. They both turned to me and I knew what was next. 'Come on, old buddy, just stay strong for one more minute,' I mentally said to my penis as the two women climbed off the bed and got on their knees.

Jill was the first to suck my cock. She wrapped her hand around it and jacked it back to its full erect size. She licked the shaft, savoring the accumulated taste of her pussy and ass juice, the pussy and ass juice of her daughter, and my semen. She took the whole cock in her mouth and her head began to bob back and forth. As she blew me, her daughter was working her pussy with her fingers and sucking on her tits. I put my hand on the back of her head and forced my cock down her throat.

She choked and gagged on it, but I didn't stop. I kept pushing it in further until I forced my balls (which had sufficiently shriveled up and from all the work it had done) into her mouth. With her throat completely filled with my cock and her tongue lapping at the underside of my balls, Jill's eyes rolled back into her head as saliva overflowed from her mouth, caused by her agitated gag reflex.

After ten seconds, Jill released my cock, but first she left a thick coating of saliva all over the shaft, head, and my ball sack. Now it was Ashley's turn, and she lapped up the saliva with gusto, savoring the taste of the delicious taboo. Like her mom, she began to deep throat me, and often times, she would take my cock out of her mouth so that she could suck on my balls. Jill and Ashley began working together, sucking and licking my cock at the same time and letting their tongues wrap around it and touch each other.

While one was blowing me, the other would roll my balls around in her mouth. After thirty seconds, they released me, pressed the sides of their faces together, and looked up at me with their mouths wide open and their tongues sticking out. I gripped my manhood and began rubbing it furiously while forming every last blob of sperm in my body into one last load.

Finally, I aimed the head at them and shot four streams. The first two globs completely covered their faces and the second pair of blasts filled their mouths. I stepped back as the sperm-filled sluts began French kissing, cumswapping the mouthfuls over and over again. They didn't swallow it; they wanted to savor the taste while they mixed it with each other's saliva and stirred it with their tongues.

Once they swallowed it and began to lick the cum off of each other's faces, a wave of throbbing pain struck my manhood. With the two nymphomaniacs preoccupied, I rushed into the kitchen, flung open the freezer, grabbed a bag of frozen peas, and held them against my equipment. I exhaled a gasp as I felt instant relief.

I almost expected my junk to emit the same sound as red-hot metal being dipped in water. "Are you ok?" I turned around and saw Ashley standing in the doorway. Her body and face had been licked clean of my cum by her mom. "Yeah, but I'm worn out. In the words of a wise man, the spirit is willing but the flesh is spongy and bruised." "Yeah, I guess we were all a little too rough," she giggled. "It's ok, but I'll be out of commission for a few days.

If I tried to go for another round, my dick would either fall off or the only thing that would come out would be a flag with the word BANG on it." "Well, I suppose me and my mom can keep each other entertained." "Zach, come back to bed! You can't hog my daughter and not leave me out of the fun!" "I got to go. If I let her near my junk again, it will turn into an all-girl threesome." I grabbed my shirt off of the kitchen floor and ran towards the door with the bag of frozen peas still held against my sore dick, not even caring about my pants still in Ashley's room.

"Zach, where are you going?" Jill hollered from upstairs. "I have to go to the college, sorry I can't stay!" I replied as I ran out the door. "Are you sure you don't want a blowjob for the road?" she asked as she stepped out of the bedroom. I was already at my car.

"Why is he going to the college?" Jill asked Ashley. "He's going to try and find some of the local drug dealers to see if he can buy some Vicodin. We rode him a little too hard." "Damn." "What are you complaining about? Do you honestly think I've had enough of your pussy?

Your going to have your legs spread all night long. Get back to the bedroom!" Ashley barked. The threesome had more than altered the dynamics of their mother-daughter relationship and she was trying to figure out how much authority her mom still had over her.

Jill licked her lips and turned around. As Ashley followed her to the bedroom, she slapped her mom on the ass. "Honey, if I don't wake up tomorrow with your tongue up my asshole, consider yourself grounded," Jill laughed as they stepped into the bedroom and closed the door behind them.

Part Four: For three days, a sexual fire burned in the beach house. Ashley and Jill stopped going to work, Ashley even stopped going to classes. They stayed locked in at home, constantly fucking like their lives depended on it. They started their days waking up in Jill's bed, their naked bodies intertwined, still sticky from the night before. Whoever woke up first would go down on the other.

As promised, the first morning after their threesome began with Jill on her stomach, shaken from sleep by the feeling of Ashley's tongue in her anus. She looked back, licking her lips and smiling at the sight of her daughter's pretty face buried between her tan ass cheeks. The next morning, Ashley woke up, lying on her back, moaning as her mother sucked on her clitoris. From there, they moved on to the kitchen, where they would eat breakfast off each other's naked bodies.

On the first morning, Ashley was up on the kitchen table, ass in the air with her face pressed down. Giggling, Jill peeled a banana and stuck it in her mouth.

She spread her daughter's ass cheeks, revealing her anus, thoroughly licked clean and loose from how much she had fingered it already. Holding Ashley's anus wide open with her fingers, Jill began inserting the banana with her mouth.

She was as careful as possible, trying not to mush it, and Ashley couldn't help but play with herself as it was pushed inside. Once it was fully inserted, Ashley's asshole closed and swallowed it up, making her purr in arousal.

"Ok baby, now push it out, I'm hungry." Jill held her mouth open against her daughter's ass and Ashley pushed out the banana. The taste of the banana soaked in her daughter's rectum aroused Jill beyond words and she ate it gluttonously. The next morning, Jill was hanging off the side of the table in a handstand, her ass in the air. Licking her lips, Ashley inserted a funnel into her mom's ass and began pouring in maple syrup.

Jill shuddered and hummed as she felt the cold liquid fill her up. "Zach gave me an enema like this when raped me the second time. It was so much fun and felt so kinky." "Well this is even kinkier. Now get on top of me." Keeping her butt clenched, Jill got to her feet and Ashley lied on the floor.

Her mother squatted over her face and Ashley opened her mouth with a smile. Jill spread her ass and let the syrup pour out, her daughter drinking it up like water from the Fountain of Youth. Once the stream trickled to a halt, Ashley raised her head and ran her tongue around her mother's asshole, licking up the last few drops.

After breakfast, the mother and daughter moved to the living room. At first they would just watch TV together, barely paying attention as they fingered each other. They would slowly stir their fingers in each other's pussies, relishing the feeling of the slippery softness and shivering from the kinky taboo of it. Once fully aroused, they would start making out, licking every corner of each other's mouths, neither woman pulling her fingers out of the other.

Then they would move down and suck on each other's tits. Endless minutes would pass by, Jill's lips wrapped tightly around her daughter's pointing nipples, moving from left to right while gripping and massaging the free one.

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Then it would be Ashley's turn, sucking on her mom's breasts like a vacuum, all while Jill tickled her clitoris. They would finish by getting into the 69 position, tit-sucking each other like leaches, then of course, already in the position, they would move down and lock their lips with each other's pussies. They would lick each other to the point of climax, squirting in each other's faces and drinking in every delicious drop of each other's essence.

After lunch, they would scissor for hours, and then after ordering takeout for dinner, they would fuck in bed until passing out. On the evening of the third night, Jill and Ashley were in their shared room. While naked, they weren't having sex for once. In Jill's arms was a box of dildos, vibrators, and an assortment of other sex toys, just delivered that day.

As Jill unwrapped them like a child on Christmas morning, Ashley was making room in the bureau by the bed. "Oh-ho, look at the size of these anal beads!" Jill exclaimed, revealing a chain of glass spheres, each one the size of a ping-pong ball. "Nice!

That's going to feel so good going in and coming out!" Ashley laughed. "Get your ass ready, baby, I'm going to yank it like a lawnmower cord." "Likewise, then you get to suck it clean," Ashley replied, kissing Jill on the cheek. "Oh damn it, looks like they forgot to pack one. Well, it'll probably be delivered tomorrow." With all the toys unwrapped, they put them back in the box and stashed it in the bottom drawer, though as they tried to close it, it jammed.

Ashley shook and pushed, but the drawer wouldn't budge. "Shit, this drawer is always a pain. You really need to shove," said Jill. The two women teamed up, pushing against the drawer with their tits jiggling. Finally, the drawer broke free of the catch and slammed shut.

The bureau shook, and above them, an antique bottle of perfume was knocked over. The faulty top popped off and the fetid liquid spilled across Jill's head. At that moment, both Jill and Ashley squealed in disgust as the horrible odor assailed them. "Go! Go!" Ashley shrieked, sending Jill running to the bathroom and into the shower. Keeping her nose plugged with one hand, Ashley grabbed some paper towels from the kitchen and began cleaning up the mess.

Jill had once told her about the bottle, a wedding present from before Ashley was born. Jill's grandmother would wear it church every Sunday, much to Jill's anguish. A little squirt was rancid, and even after all these years, to be splashed with it was on par with getting skunked.

In the bathroom, Jill was scrubbing her scalp and back near to the point of bleeding, even considering shaving her head if the stink didn't come out. After several minutes of work, Ashley managed to clean up the mess and the stench was already fading. That bottle hadn't been opened in almost two decades, so much of the potency had been lost to time. She gave a sigh of relief, glad that catastrophe had been mostly avoided, but with the perfume issue now taken care of, her thoughts drifted to her mom.

Right now Jill was probably lathering her body with soap, scrubbing herself clean with the water running down her curves. The more she thought about it, the more turned on she was getting.

She switched her gaze to the troublesome drawer. Maybe now would be a good chance to test out one of those sex toys. With enough soap and shampoo, Jill was sure she had cleaned herself of the disgusting perfume. About to turn off the shower, she smiled as she heard Ashley get into the shower behind her. "Checking up on me?" Ashley leaned against her, pressing her breasts against her mother's back and sliding her hand between her legs. "I just wanted to make sure you cleaned off all of that nasty perfume, maybe scrub you down a little." "Well go ahead and clean me off, I'm a dirty slut of a mother after all." Ashley retrieved the nearby bar of soap and began sweeping it across Jill's stomach, gathering up suds in her hand and then rubbing it against her pussy.

Jill hummed in bliss and bit her lip, feeling her daughter's fingers stir inside her. The soap was like lubricant, allowing her to slide the digits in and out effortlessly. After a minute or so, she moved her soapy hands up and began massaging her breasts.

Jill gave a soft moan as Ashley groped her, letting the orbs of flesh slide out of her grip again and again. The slipperiness of the soap only increased the intensity of the sensation, the feeling of Ashley's hands gliding like oil across her smooth skin feeling so good that she could almost cum just from that bit of stimulation. Behind her, Ashley was enjoying it just as much, relishing the feel of her mom's gigantic tits in her hand, knowing that she got to play with them as much as she wanted.

She had spent hours sucking on her breasts these past few days, but she would never tire of them. Soon enough, they decided to change positions. Jill turned around, and with her chest soapy, she pressed herself against Ashley. The two beautiful blondes began to kiss, their tongues wrapping around each other like mating snakes. Down below, their tits were doing the same, the two pairs of mountains rubbing against each other, their erect nipples fencing like swords.

Even lower, they were straddling each other's thighs, Ashley rubbing her slit against Jill's leg and vise versa. The longer they kissed, the more turned on they got, beginning the whine through their joined lips as the stimulation grew and grew. Before long, they had stopped kissing and were just moaning as they grinded against each other, changing the angles so the lips of their pussies could kiss instead.

With water pouring down their soapy tits and between their flat stomachs, both mother and daughter shared a simultaneous orgasm. They separated and Ashley got on her knees, wanting to again taste her mother. With Jill's pussy now wiped clean of the soap, Ashley did not hesitate to bury her face between the shaven lips. Jill moaned in euphoria, even raising her leg so that her daughter could send her tongue deeper in. Ashley tried to keep her eyes open, watching the water pour from Jill's tits and splash her face or run down her smooth belly and into her mouth.

After getting her fill of pussy, Ashley had Jill turn around. The blonde milf did as told and turned into the spray, her back to Ashley. As expected, Ashley spread Jill's ass cheeks and sent her tongue up into her asshole. Jill purred, never getting used to the sensation of her daughter sodomizing her with her tongue. With Jill's ass smothering her face, Ashley reached out of the shower and retrieved the sex toy on the floor outside.

Jill yelped as she felt it pushed inside her, one head of a double-ended dildo. The toy was well made, almost sixteen inches long and made of a strong yet flexible rubber, and of course ribbed for the user's (or users') pleasure. Ashley began thrusting it into Jill, making her mother moan while she continued to suck on her asshole. Being both dildo and tongue-fucked, Jill was on Cloud 9, wanting to never get out of the shower. Wanting a little self-abuse, Ashley pulled her tongue from Jill and began to deep throat the dildo, wishing that it was a real cock.

Keeping her head stationary, she continued to jack the dildo with her arm, skull-fucking herself with one end while violating her mother's slit with the other. The whole time, her eyes never left Jill's asshole. Even after penetrating its recesses with her tongue, she wanted to play with it more. "Come on, baby, let's move to the bedroom and really take this thing for a spin," said Jill. She removed the dildo and she and Ashley stepped out the shower.

Still soaking wet, they climbed onto the bed and each began sucking on the dildo. Jill took the end that Ashley had originally been sucking on, licking off her daughter's saliva, while Ashley took the end she had fucked Jill with, licking off her mom's sexual essence. Once both ends were slippery with spit, they brought their bodies together and each inserted one end into their pussies.

Getting into position as if to scissor, they began moving back and forth, fucking themselves and each other. Their moans were immediate, the two of them trying to keep the toy itself from moving as they rammed themselves on it, their legs interlocked.

The toy seemingly disappeared between them, only the very middle becoming visible when they pulled back, only to again push themselves back together and let their pussies kiss around it. "Oh god, mom! That feels so good!" Ashley moaned as she reached out and gripped Jill's left tit. "I know, baby! I love it too!" she replied as she grabbed Ashley's right. Like before, they shared a simultaneous orgasm, squirting on each other like a pair of Super Soakers.

As if reading each other's minds, they immediately changed positions, removing the dildo and getting on their hands and knees. They reinserted, this time into their assholes, and pushed inside until their rear ends were touching. They were both panting from the sodomy, as well as the sensation of their bodies pressed together.

Like mirror images of each other, they both leaned forward, exposing the dildo but without letting it fall out of either of them, then, after taking a deep breath, they both forced themselves onto the ends, not stopping until their asses met.

From there, they moved back and forth in perfect rhythm, exposing the dildo and then bringing themselves back together. The house was filled with the sounds of their moans and the clapping of their asses. With each collision, their rear ends would collide and ripple, their tan flesh jiggling like jello. Their melon-sized breasts rocked back and forth, swinging like chandeliers.

For the two of them, the sexiness of the moment was beyond description, mother and daughter butt-fucking each other with a double-ended dildo, their asses clapping and rubbing together. The taboo of it was mind-blowing. Sometimes, one of them would clamp down on the dildo, holding it tight with their rectal muscles. From there, they would ram themselves back against the other with more force, sodomizing them without mercy and dominating them. "Yes mama! Fuck me harder! Fuck my asshole!" Ashley screamed.

"Fuck me too, baby! Be a good girl and wreck my asshole with this big rubber cock!" They moaned obscenities at each other, desperate for any way to further heighten the experience. Taking control, Jill wrapped her legs around Ashley and rolled them both onto their backs. Then, without taking the dildo out of her asshole, Jill climbed on top of her.

With her daughter's legs held back, knees to chest, Jill got into a crouch and began bob her ass up and down, holding the toy stationary in her asshole and using it to butt-fuck Ashley with full control. "You like that, baby? You like getting your ass pounded by your mom?" "I love it!

Harder! Harder!" Jill increased the strength of her thrusts, the toy sliding between their assholes as she dropped her full weight on Ashley. They could both feel it approaching, their final orgasm.

They let it wash over them, the bliss of an incestuous sodomy-induced climax. They sprayed each other with their juices as they had again and again, and both completely exhausted, Jill fell back and the two women passed out, the dildo still deep inside their assholes.

A loud knocking on the front door awoke Jill, still naked and with her anus stretched around the dildo. She then heard tires screeching on pavement and a heavy vehicle retreating from her driveway. That must have been the UPS truck she had heard. Glad that she didn't have to put on clothes, she went to the door and retrieved the delivered package. Opening up the box in the kitchen, she grinned and licked her lips.

The lost toy from yesterday had arrived, and Jill couldn't wait to use it on Ashley. But until then, she wanted to sleep in a bit more. She returned to the bedroom and hid the toy for later, then crawled into bed for some naked spooning. This time it was Ashley who opened the door in response to the sound of knocking. Annoyed that someone had interrupted TV and fingering time for her and Jill, she pulled on a bathrobe and answered the door.

A wide smile crossed her face when she saw me. "I'm back, baby," I said with a hungry grin. "Zach!" Ashley shrieked, jumping up and wrapping her arms and legs around me like a straightjacket.

"I'm back to 100% and I'm ready to have some fun," I said, holding her and kissing her cheek. She stepped down and pulled me inside. "Mom, Zach's back!" Looking into the living room, I saw Jill get up from the couch and strode over, completely naked and with a sultry smirk, hips swinging and breasts jiggling with every step.

"So, the man returns. We've been waiting for you to come back. Any longer, and we would have gone out to find someone to give us the hard cock we wanted. Dildos and fingers only work so well." "Don't worry, I'll leave you thoroughly satisfied." Jill then leaned over and kissed me, her tongue passing my lips the moment that contact was made.

Ashley watched us eagerly, getting turned on by her boyfriend and naked mother making out. Jill then pulled away and looked at us both. "Give me a minute, there is something I need to set up in the bedroom." She departed to the bedroom, both Ashley and I staring at her tan ass like a heart-shaped peach. "I hope you didn't rub one out before you came here. I want to be completely drenched in cum," Ashley purred, grabbing my crotch as if trying to measure how much semen I had.

"Don't worry, I got plenty for the both of you. It seems like you and Jill have been having fun these past few days." "There's nothing like a little mother-daughter bonding time." "Zach, Ash, you can come in now!" Hearing Jill's voice echo from the bedroom, we moved down the hall, Ashley licking her lips and me sporting a proud erection.

Ashley opened the door and gained an ecstatic grin, but I, on the other hand, felt my whole body tense up as if I were inches from a wasp nest. Jill was standing by the bed, wearing a large purple strap-on.

My instincts were telling me to watch my back from this point forward, while I tried to gauge the size of the dildo in comparison to my own manhood. "Jill, don't even think of coming near me with that thing." "Oh, don't worry, this isn't for you. This is for double-teaming my daughter. Come on, baby, come give this thing some love." Licking her lips, Ashley removed her bathrobe and strode over to Jill.

She got on her knees, and having no reason to hesitate, took the toy in her mouth. Jill hummed in bliss, as if she could actually feel her daughter's tongue.

Looking down over her breasts, she watched Ashley's head bob back and forth, showing the toy as much enthusiasm as she would my own dick.

"That's right, baby. Be a good girl and suck that cock," Jill purred, rubbing the top of Ashley's head. I watched with precum now dripping into my pants as Jill grabbed Ashley's head and held her still, forcing the dildo deeper into her mouth. Ashley gave in, not showing the slightest resistance as her gag reflex was taunted. A few tears fell from her eyes as the toy was stuffed into her throat, while saliva dripped from her lips and slicked her breasts.

Jill then pulled back, letting Ashley catch her breath. Deciding I wanted to get in on the action, I removed my clothes and walked over, hefting my cock in Ashley's face. She lovingly began to suck on it, while rubbing the dildo with her hand as if it were real. Like Jill, I held Ashley still and forced myself down her throat, choking her with my manhood and coaxing her gag reflex to make her mouth water.

She welcomed the rough treatment, even when I pulled out my cock and wiped it across her face. Using her saliva as lubricant, she started jacking me off while she turned to Jill. She opened her mouth and allowed her mom to bounce the dildo on her outstretched tongue, then resumed sucking on it.

This continued on for a couple minutes, Ashley switching back and forth between my schlong and the rubber toy. I soon stepped back, inviting Jill to take the initiative with Ashley.

Ashley crawled onto the bed and lied back, spreading her legs wide. The dildo swinging between her thighs, Jill got on all fours and ran her tongue through her daughter's slit, just to make sure she was wet and slick, as well as to get the taste of her sensual essence. She then moved up, trying to guide the dildo into Ashley. 'Damn, how the hell do men work this thing?' she thought. She finally got it in, making Ashley shudder as her mother penetrated her with the rubber phallus.

Once again, it took her several moments to figure out how to properly move, but soon enough, she started thrusting into Ashley. I watched, hypnotized by the erotic sight, as Jill leaned against Ashley, their melon-sized tits pressed together with areolas kissing, Ashley moaning as Jill swung her body, her sexy ass jiggling like a gift from god with a strap of the harness nestled between her cheeks. "You like that, baby? You like getting fucked by your mom?" Jill panted.

"It feels so good! Harder, mama, harder!" Regretfully, Jill couldn't reach the bar I had set, meaning it was time for me to step in. "Here, I'll show you how it's done," I said, cutting in between Jill and Ashley.

Jill lied back, watching as I penetrated Ashley and began fucking her with the skill and power earned from years of practice. She licked her lips as her daughter got fucked, getting as much joy from watching it as from doing it. Having gone three days without sex, I was relishing the feel of Ashley's snatch around my manhood, the soft warmth of it, the wet tightness, the way she sucked me in like a vacuum cleaner hungry for my seed.

I worked my tongue around in her mouth and groped her tits as I moved, making her moan in bliss. After a few minutes, she had her first orgasm, spraying me with clear liquid. Time for Jill to tag in.

"Ok, let me try this again." I moved aside and let Jill get ahold of Ashley. Instead of maintaining the missionary position, Jill moved her daughter onto her hands and knees and mounted her like a dog. Grabbing Ashley by the hips, she started thrusting with brutal strength, both women's bodies jiggling with each impact. "Oh god, that feels so good!" Ashley moaned, face to the bed and arms stretched out in front of her.

"Come on, baby, take that cock!" Refusing to let her daughter rest, Jill grabbed Ashley's hair and pulled, forcing her back onto all fours. Having caught my breath and replenished my stamina, I took some time to enjoy the beautify of the scene, of the ripples moving through Ashley's ass with each thrust, and how the two women's breasts bounced and swung as if obeying their own laws of physics.

I moved to the other side of the bed, getting to see both of them from the front. Ashley's eyes had rolled back into her head and she was panting like a dog with her tongue sticking out, moaning in euphoria from the defilement. Behind her, tits bouncing, Jill was biting her lip, almost looking angry, as if rather than moan in happiness, she wanted to hear Ashley cry in pain and humiliation from the hard fucking.

She leaned over and stuck her fingers in Ashley's mouth, holding it open like she was at the dentist. She looked up at me. "Come on, Zach, skull-fuck my slut daughter." Not needing to be told, I jammed my cock into Ashley's mouth and wrapped her hair around my fingers, getting a firm hold on her as I fucked her like a fleshlight.

Hearing her daughter gargle and choke on my manhood, Jill licked her lips and leaned back, returning her hands to Ashley's hips and increasing the strength of her thrusts. Every time Jill would thrust, Ashley would be pushed forward and my cock would be sent farther down her throat, then a countering thrust from me would push Ashley back onto the dildo.

While this move is normally performed in a threesome consisting of two men, I would call this "wobbly H" (as it is called in the urban dictionary) the best in the world. Ashley soon had her second orgasm, telling us it was time to change positions. Jill eagerly got out of the strap-on harness, allowing Ashley to put it on. She pushed Jill onto her side and got behind her, as if spooning.

Lifting Jill's leg, she inserted the toy with surprising ease, then began to thrust. "That's right, baby! Be a good girl and give it me!" Jill moaned as her daughter penetrated her. I watched for the first couple minutes as Ashley fucked her mom, actually proud of how well she was using the toy.

Feeling left out, I lied down behind her, lifted her leg, and moved the strap of the harness in her asscrack to the side so that I force myself inside her anus.

Even without lubrication, Ashley's back door had taken enough abuse for me to slide in easily, forming an airtight seal around my manhood. Ashley shuddered, having missed the sensation of being sodomized by a real cock. Now I was able to take control, thrusting in Ashley and forcing her forward so that the dildo was forced deeper into Jill. The two women moaned as I worked, and with my free hand, I took turns fondling their breasts.

It was like I was wearing Ashley as a human condom to fuck Jill, controlling her body with my own thrusts. Soon enough, though, I got bored, unable to move properly while on my side. I pulled Ashley from Jill, my cock never leaving her asshole, and got her onto my lap. Now in the reverse cowgirl position, I was able to start bucking my hips and ravaging her like a machine. Ashley moaned from the anal abuse, the strap-on bobbing and swinging every time I dropped her onto my lap.

Jill crawled over, first taking a few moments to suck the toy clean of her own essence. With Ashley bouncing on my lap, she need only to hold her head still and let the dildo move in her mouth like a piston. Getting it slick with her saliva, she stood up on the bed and turned her back to us. I stopped moving so that she could settle her ass down on the dildo, while holding herself up by pushing off the headboard to create room.

I resumed moving once Jill was penetrated, once more using my thrusts to move Ashley. I would throw my body upwards, burying myself balls-deep in Ashley's rectum, and like a domino, that force would be transferred to Ashley and she would be pushed up, burying the dildo deeper in her mother's anus.

The two women moaned beautifully, experiencing the true epitome of erotic taboo. This time, it was Jill to have the first orgasm, screaming like a murder victim and rubbing her clit as she sprayed like a fountain, managing to even wet the ceiling.

She fell off Ashley and Ashley moved off me. We crowded around Jill, and like her daughter, she instinctively began sucking us off. On the dildo was the taste of her own ass, and on my cock, the taste of her daughter's ass. She sucked gluttonously, switching back and forth between them with the free phallus dripping her saliva onto her face.

The two women moved back to the headboard, Ashley on her back with Jill on top of her. She shuddered as the toy spread the lips of her pussy, and with her ass pointed to me, I knew what she wanted. Jill leaned over, locking lips with her daughter and pressing their breasts together.

Ashley, starting to figure out how to really work the dildo, began thrusting upwards, using the springs of the mattress to enhance her movements. I watched for a few moments, then, of course, I grabbed Jill by the hips and rammed my cock inside her asshole.

She cried out from the sudden penetration, but she loved it beyond words. "Oh yes! I've always wanted to get double-teamed like this!" With Jill bent over, I was able to be as brutal as I wanted.

I threw my body against her again and again, using all my weight. As hardcore as she was, not even Jill could handle my thrusts, her moans laced with cries of pain from the cruel sodomy, but the fact that it was hurting her just turned Ashley and I on more. "Zach, you're being to rough!

You're going to split me open!" "Fine, then I'll just fuck your pussy instead." Grabbing Jill, I pulled her off the strap-on and flipped her onto her back.

Ashley hurriedly inserted the dildo into her mother's ass, while I forced myself into her slit, still lubricated from her back door. Jill winced from the penetration, knowing that ass-to-pussy sex was dangerous, but the disgust she felt only turned her on. I resumed my thrusts, now able to send my tongue into her mouth. She kissed me ravenously, and even chewed on my ear when I pulled my lips from hers and made out with Ashley.

"Shit, I'm going to cum," I grunted. "Pour it all in me!" Jill begged. Before she could repeat her plea, I exploded in her pussy, pumping her full of my seed. Jill moaned in happiness, relishing the sensation of semen dripping from her cunt. I pulled out of Jill, temporarily placid, and she moved to the side, careful not to let my white chocolate spill out of her.

"Come on, Ashley, come clean me up like a good daughter," she purred. Licking her lips, Ashley crawled over and began slurping my cum out of Jill's flower, making her mother moan. Once she had drunk up every last sperm, she removed the strap-on, hungry for a cream pie of her own.

She got down on all fours, head lowered, shaking her ass at me. Jill kneeled beside her, running her tongue around Ashley's asshole while working her fingers in her slit.

She looked at me, spitting on her daughter's asshole and spreading the lips of Ashley's pussy to show me her pink insides. "Doesn't my baby girl have the prettiest pussy in the whole world? It's just begging to be stretched by a thick cock. Give her a nice white filling." I grinned and moved over to her, having regained my erection. I mounted Ashley and began riding her, bringing myself to that perfect rhythm that made her moan like an opera singer and her ass ripple like ballistics gel.

Jill continued to run her tongue around her daughter's asshole, even working some fingers in. Soon enough, she moved back and let Ashley continue to eat her out, the nymphomaniac digging with her tongue for any cum she missed in her mother's pussy. Damn, I wish I had my phone with me.

This really needed to be recorded. Within a couple minutes, I had my second orgasm, filling up Ashley just like she wanted. Jill crawled back over to me as I pulled out and took my flaccid cock in her mouth, savoring the taste of cum and pussy juice. Being swirled around the milf's mouth, my manhood regained its rigidity, and seeing that I was ready, she again spat on her daughter's asshole and helped guide me in.

"Oh yes!" Ashley moaned from the sudden sodomy. Remaining in doggy-style, I went back up to maximum speed, brutalizing Ashley's rectum like an underage sex slave.

While I worked, Jill maneuvered herself under me, and after toying with the idea of giving me a hard prostate prod, managed to work her head between Ashley's legs with her pussy above her face.

It was a bit difficult to move now with Jill under me, but I didn't want to deprive her of the bliss of drinking my cum out of her daughter's pussy.

Feeling her mom's lips to her cunt and my cock ravaging her asshole, Ashley was in heaven. She didn't want this day to end. For hours, we changed positions like wrestlers, going through every combination we could think of. Over and over again, the strap-on would come into play as Jill or Ashley would be double-teamed, along with all the other toys they had bought. I watched with a smile as Jill and Ashley fucked each other with the double-ended dildo as if they were scissoring.

Their breasts moved beautifully as they threw themselves against it, the two of them moaning at the top of their lungs.


The only thing better was the feel of Ashley's tongue on my ball sack as I tea-bagged her. Jill had just finished sucking my balls and now it was her daughter's turn. Ashley was on top of me, the head of my cock slamming against the entrance to her womb, while above her, Jill was crouching on the bed, sodomizing her daughter with the strap-on.

It seemed she loved getting double-teamed as much as her mom did. Minutes later, she had her back to me, her ass wrapped around my cock, and Jill was punishing her cunt with the dildo, taking the opportunity to make out with Ashley. Ashley was gagged and blindfolded, her wrists and ankles tied to the corners of the bed. She screamed through her gag in bliss, relishing the sexual torture. She had clips on her nipples and Jill was tormenting her with a large "neck massager", setting it at the maximum level and resting it on her daughter's clitoris.

She writhed and pulled against her restraints, the buzzing of the toy pushing her infinitely close to orgasm, but just shy of the threshold, driving her wild. POP! POP! POP! POP! POP! POP! I yanked out her anal beads, managing to push her over the edge. With that last stimulation, she sprayed like a garden hose, having one of the best orgasms of her life. I was lying back against the headboard, Jill sucking me off. She writhed and whimpered, struggling to focus on pleasuring me as Ashley fisted her.

She was buried wrist-deep in her mother's asshole and cunt, a sadistic grin on her face as she pumped her arms like pistons. She pulled both hands out, slick with juices, and started licking them clean. Jill was gaping like a seasoned whore, and deciding to join her, Ashley crawled over and started using her tongue to play with my balls while Jill rolled my cock around her mouth.

As they worked together, Ashley smacked her mom's ass and worked her hand back into Jill's stretched anus.

Jill matched her daughter, working her fingers into Ashley's asshole one at a time until she was able to slide her whole fist in. At that moment, I felt like a king, watching a sexy mother and daughter gobble on my cock while they fisted each other.

Life was good. Oh my god, life was hell. I had been fucking for so long that I felt like my dick was going to fall off.

I was about to keel over from exhaustion. In contrast, Ashley and Jill seemed like they could go for another six hours without stopping.

Jill was lying on top of Ashley, sucking on her daughter's tongue, and I was standing by the bed, trying to gather up what little strength I had. "Come on, Zach, put it between us!" Ashley said. Wanting nothing more than to go home and pass out with an ice pack on my crotch, I shakily nodded and walked over to the bed. Jill and Ashley spread their legs, allowing me to slide my chaffing cock between their slippery pussies. I began thrusting, sliding it against the two pairs of lips.

"Faster!" both women screamed, their nipples kissing. I barely even felt my final orgasm, spraying every last sperm across Jill and Ashley's chests. The two women separated from me and licked the cum off each other's tits. I'm glad that was the last thing I saw before I passed out. I woke up with a throbbing headache, probably from when I lost consciousness and dropped to the floor like a chopped tree.

My whole body was sore and I was barely lucid. I was on my stomach, lying on the bed. Hell, I could tell that just from the smell of bodily fluids staining the sheets. Wait, I couldn't move my limbs.

I raised my head, realizing my wrists were bound to the corners of the bed, same as my ankles. What the hell was going on? "You passed out after cumming, just like a typical man." I heard Jill's voice, but I couldn't see her. "But we're still horny and rearing to go," said Ashley, somewhere in the room like Jill.

Jill stepped into my field of vision, wearing the strap-on. "Don't think the fun is over yet." "Jill, what are you doing?" She laughed and moved back out of view. I felt her crawl up onto the bed. "Jill, don't!" "Haven't you learned yet? You don't get to say no to me." "Jill! No! No! No! NONONONONO! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" Down the street, a UPS driver looked up from the mailbox he had just closed. He could have sworn he just heard a scream. The End