Gay fuck Jax wants more that a blow though and briefly his rump

Gay fuck Jax wants more that a blow though  and briefly his rump
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This is part 2. I'd recommend reading the first one before this one. Enjoy. Before reading, this I would recommend reading the first story. -We walked up the stairs then I realized how tired I was. "Austin, I understand if you say no but I was wondering. can I sleep in your room tonight?

I just don't want to sleep in the same bed as Kailyn" He smiled a devious smile and his eyes lit up. "Of course you can" he replied. I smiled at him. I couldn't believe in anything that has happend. Im kind of glad Chaise tried to mess with me because it led to this. "Hold on a sec". I walked into Kailyns room and grabbed my overnight bag. I pulled out short spandex shorts and changed into them then walked out to Austin.

-He was eyeing me up and down. Eager to go to his room, he grabbed my hand and we walked into it. I looked around in his room. He had a nice queen sized bed that looked so comfortable. He closed the door behind him and turned to face me.

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-Again, he pulled me close and kissed me. The kisses got wilder by the second. My arms were wrapped around his neck. He grabbed both legs and picked me up. My legs wrapped around his waist. His hands were rubbing my ass and back. I realized how wet I was. He walked me over and pinned me up against the wall while we were violently kissing.

I started grinding my pussy on him. -He set me down and got quiet. "What's wrong?" I asked.

"I don't want to pressure you into anything or be to rough with you tonight especially after what just happened. We should just slow down. After all, you are my sisters bestfriend. I really don't wanna hurt you." After he said that I was shocked.

My only response was "you're not making me do anything I don't want but okay." -I started walking towards the door. He grabbed my hand and said "You can still sleep in my bed" "Okay. Well I'm tired so." He walked to his bed and asked "you coming?" I walked to him and climbed up and my body collapsed.

I layed on the side up against the wall. He climbed in After me and turned his tv on. I was out like a light within minutes. -I woke up about an hour later. I heard the shower running. I sat up and tried organizing my thoughts.

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Then the shower cutt off. I layed back down and pretended to sleep. -Austin walked in the room in only a towel tied around his waist.

His abs were incredibly sexy. Just as he was going to untie the towel I giggled. I sat up and he smiled at me. "Did I wake you up?", "No I woke up a couple mintutes ago" I said while staring at the towel.

He saw where i was looking. My eyes were thirsty to see under the towel. I wanted to go to him and take the towel off and blow him. I slowly got up and stoood infront of him nervously waiting his reaction.

-After a minute of me just looking at him, he walked over to his dresser, grabbed a pair of boxers, and left the room.

-"Dammit" I thought. I was getting really frustrated. He kept sending me mixed signals. Or maybe he wants me to make a move. I just don't know where to start. I layed back down with my leggs hanging off the -He came back in the room. Finally, I spoke up. "Austin, I don't know what you're doing but it's driving me crazy and it's lightweight pissing me off." He laughed lightly and sat next to me. -I stood up and turned to him then sat on his lap straddling him. He put his hands on my back.

His semi hard dick was pressing up against his boxers and my shorts. I kissed him lightly on his lips. He responded by kissing me back. We were in a heavy kissing fit. -I was really wet and was grinding against his dick. He knew what I wanted and he wouldn't be able to hold himself back from the temptations much longer.

He layed back pulling me with him. He stopped kissing my lips then moved down to my neck and chest. I took off my shirt and tossed it. He unhooked my bra and started circling his tongue on my nipples and lightly bit them.

I whimpered with pleasure. -He rolled our bodies over to where he was on top of me. He looked me in the eyes and said "I'll be gentle." He must have known I was a virgin. Most guys assumed I wasn't. He kissed my neck and worked his way down from my tits, past my ribs, and continued to go down further until he reached my most intimate area.


I willingly spread my legs a little to give him better access. His mouth got really close to my clit I could feel heat from his hot breath. He inhaled deeply then blew. It gave me chills. After a while if teasing me I couldn't take it anymore. -"Austin, please." You could hear how desperate I was.

Finally his tongue made contact with my clit. It was so sensitive, as soon as he started licking, my body squirmed like crazy. He held my legs down and continued eating me out. -I was dripping wet. His tongue danced in all different directions. This lasted for only a couple of minutes then sensations started buding up and I squeezed his head into my pussy with my legs and wouldn't let go.

-Wave after wave of pleasures sent through my body causing me to moan loudly and claw my hands into the sheets. -I loosened my legs and let Austin's head free. I layed there weak and was frantically breathing. He sat up and laughed. -I drifted off for a few minutes but Austin woke me. "We're not done yet." He grabbed my hand and pulled me off the bed.

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I was a little groggy so I let him lead me. He pushed down on my shoulders so I sat down in the floor on my knees. I knew where this was headed. -Austin sat at the edge of the bed and motioned me to scoot closer. He pulled his boxers down his semi erect dick stared at me.

-This was my first time ever giving head so I knew it was gonna be a challenge. It was huge. Probably 9 inches long. I looked at him worried and he gave me a nod.

-I grabbed the shaft and stroked it a few times. I put the head in my mouth, swirled my tongue around it and licked down the sides. I slowly took more into my mouth until it hit the back of my throat.

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-I looked up at Austin and his eyes were closed. I slowly bobbed my head up and down gaining speed and getting a rhythm. I heard a groan then Austin whispered "tighter". I tightened my mouth and continued. -More groans were escaping Austin's mouth. I looked back up and watched his facial expressions change.

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I decided to go faster and tried to take as much of him as I could in my mouth. I started gagging but didn't want to stop and disappoint him.

My saliva covered his dick. -"Stop". So I stopped and let him out of my mouth. He pulled me up to the bed then layed me back. This was it, I wasn't gonna be a virgin anymore. -He hovered on top of me then lowered himself. "Relax" he said. So I relaxed my muscles. I felt the head of his dick press against the entrance of my pussy.

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He slowly pushed himself in a little more then he came to a stop. He gave me a kiss then covered my mouth and thrusted himself into me. -I screamed into his hand and clawed my nails into his back.

Tears built up in my eyes and spilled over. It hurt like hell. Austin slowly drew himself out a little then back in. His strokes were slow and soft. The pain started to subside and pleasure took over. -His movements got faster and harder but he slowed down so I wouldn't get hurt. We were both really into it.

I arched my back and started grinding along with him.


-It wasn't long until the sensations started building up again. I started bucking my hips fast about to lose it. "Oh fuck, I'm gonna cum." Austin said. My legs wrapped around him and pulled him in tight. More waves of pleasure took over my body. -Austin tore my legs off of him and pulled out just in time. Hot streams of cum came out all over my stomach.