Hot threesome with brunette two British ladies in stockings

Hot threesome with brunette two British ladies in stockings
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James stood outside the club, as Sarah had requested, and he smiled at the thought of what had just happened. Although technically it hadn't been his birthday for over an hour he decided this certainly was the best way to end a birthday celebration ever. He'd said his goodbyes to friends inside and explained (with as little detail as possible, he was a gentleman after all) his reasons for leaving. They were jealous, but more than happy for him to celebrate his birthday in true style. He'd been outside for about ten minutes when he began to worry.

He'd noticed the bouncer looking at him, and was starting to think that Sarah had sent him outside in order to have time to collect the bouncer's so they could kick the crap out of him. Maybe she hadn't wanted him like she'd said.

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Maybe it was all part of the act, part of the dance. He was about ready to make a run for it when she emerged from the door and smiled at him. She said goodnight to the bouncer and walked over to where James was waiting. Her dreadlocks were tied up, making her look a little like a pineapple. But a damn fine pineapple. She was obviously well aware of her beauty; she had removed all her make-up and not re-applied it.

James thought she looked all the better for it in fact, naturally beautiful, and she didn't walk like a girl full of herself. She was stunning, and down to earth with it, a lethal combination.

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She was wearing a long black coat, that went past her knees and he could see that underneath she was wearing a pair of jeans and some skate trainers, no high heels. She was short and sweet looking and he knew there and then that he was falling for her. In his head he repeated I must not fall in love with a lap dancer over and over, but was well aware it could already be too late.

She was almost a foot shorter than him and when she reached him, she stood on tip-toes to plant a soft kiss on his lips. She smiled, took his hand and they began walking. "I've never done this before," She said, "Took a client home I mean.

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Hell, I've never done anything but dance for them before. I've had offers from guys but never took them up on it. Something about you was different though. I felt like you were actually looking at me, not some fantasy I could never live up to." "Don't sell yourself short," He replied, "Any man not satisfied by you as you are, is just plain stupid.

You out do any fantasy I could come up with." She laughed, and they continued to talk as they walked to her apartment in the dark of night. He learned she was twenty, and a student. She was dancing because it was the quickest way to make big money and she could only work weekends. She was studying to become a nurse. James told her about himself also, he was working part-time in a bar to pay his way through university. He was studying to become a teacher, and was in his final year.

They arrived at her apartment block and she opened the door and he followed her to the lift.

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While they coasted up to the tenth floor they made out in the elevator and his cock began to harden. Her kisses were just the right amount of soft and hard to really turn him on. It was like she wanted him there and then, but knew that she couldn't so was restraining herself.

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The conflict turned him on a lot. As the lift doors opened they pulled themselves apart and he followed her down the corridor to her flat. She unlocked the door and invited him in. Once the door was locked behind them, there was nothing to stop the urge they had and simultaneously they grabbed and pawed at each other, ripping clothes off in their embrace as they passionately kissed.

Both of their coats hit the floor within seconds and she began to pull his t-shirt over his head. He was no muscle monster, but he was athletic and was a regular at the local swimming pool. His chest and stomach were flat and taut with the faint outline of muscular formations under the skin.

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As he helped her remove the t-shirt she began kissing his chest and nipples and they hardened at her touch. She grinned widely and pushed him into the darkened room behind him. When she switched the light on her saw they were in the bathroom. It was bright white, with a mirror next to the bath, covering the whole wall. There was also a shower, which was completely separate from the bath, it had a glass door and was big enough for around four or five people easily.

It also had a seat in one corner, built in, obviously under the pretence of being suitable for OAP's, but was also perfect for those hard mornings after a rough night on the town when standing to wash is just too much effort. Oh, and of course sex. She pulled her own top over her head, revealing her naked torso, and kicked off her shoes. "I always have a shower when I get home from work.

To get the stench of smoke and alcohol and sweaty lecherous men off me. Considering you've had a hard night to, I think you should join me." She unbuttoned her jeans and slid them off, removing her socks at the same time. She stood, completely naked, in front of him and for the first time her could actually really see her.

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In the club the light was dim, but here, under the harsh florescent bathroom light, he could really see how perfect she was.

"You're an angel," He mumbled, not even realising he was speaking out loud, "No one on earth is as beautiful as you. It's not possible." As soon as he'd said it, he regretted it.


He saw her face, the shocked look, and knew she thought that he was falling in love with her. He was pretty sure he agreed. He didn't know what to say and the silence felt like an eternity, before she moved.


She closed the door behind her, locking it as she did, and then walked toward him. Pressing her body against his, she stood on her tip-toes once more and laid a gentle, passionate kiss on his lips. "I don't know what I did to deserve meeting you, but whatever it is, I'm glad about it. You are remarkable," She said. She opened the shower door and began to run the water. James was stunned, he was falling for this girl and beyond all reasonable thought, she seemed to be falling for him to.

This was entirely new territory for him. Never in a million years would he have thought he'd have a chance in the real world with someone this amazing. "You'd best take those off," She said, bringing him back to reality. He stared at her blankly.

"Your jeans," She smiled, "They'll get wet in here." She stepped into the shower and he watched as the warm water drenched her tight little body. His cock was stiff as a board and begging to be released. He gladly obliged, kicking of his shoes and pulling down his jeans and boxers, his stiffy sprang out of captivity happily, and pulling off his socks, he jumped into the shower with Sarah. The water was perfect and they held each other close as they kissed in the endless stream. Sarah grabbed the soap and began to lather up James's chest as they kissed, staring deeply into each others eyes.

He took the soap from her hands and rubbed it into her breasts, lathering her completely. Her nipples erect he moved his hands down to her stomach and around her waist. His hard cock, sliding between her legs; he leant down, kissing her deeply on the lips. He smiled and slowly turned her around, as he did he smile grew wider to.

She placed her hands against the wall as he began to massage the soap into her back. He pressed his hard cock into the crack of her arse, and watched as the water ran down her back, through the dint where her spin was, like a river and split into two smaller streams when it met his cock, running down her ass cheeks and then her legs.

His cock throbbed against her asshole and she moaned. He washed her back and ass, he pressed a little harder with his fingers when he reached her asshole and she moaned again. She liked it.

He watched the soap drain off her and then dropped to his knees, parting her legs a little more in front of him, he licked her cunt, from the clit, all the way to the hole (where he pushed his tongue inside, tasting her juices) and then up further still to her asshole. He licked all around the rim as she gasped with pleasure. He reached up, squeezing her firm pert breast with one hand as he insert a finger inside her pussy hole.

He then rubbed his tongue into her ass star and she let out a long, deep groan, a groan that told him to fuck her. Keeping his finger in her pussy, he lifted her round, and onto the seat beside them. He kept her facing the wall, and she bent her knees so that she was the perfect fucking height for him.

Slowly he removed his finger from her and using the other hand he guided his thick, hard cock towards her tight little cunt. As he got closer, she pushed back onto it and let out a great groan of excitement, he to grunted with pleasure. She was the tightest girl he'd ever fucked; something he couldn't believe considering where he'd met her. He began ramming her hot, wet cunt hard, gripping her hips with one hand as he did. With the other hand he pushed against her asshole, eventually slipping a finger inside it as he did.

"Oh God," Sarah moaned, "That's good." He grinned at her response, and as he ploughed into her ever wetter pussy, he pushed a second finger into her butt. She groaned again, louder this time, as he stretched the tight hole with his fingers. Grabbing her hair with his other hand he pulled her back and kissed her deeply on the lips.

As he twisted her body like this, his fingers in her ass, his rock hard cock in her pussy, she trembled with an intense orgasm, moaning into his mouth as they kissed. When their lips parted, he smiled.

"Fuck my ass," She moaned. Letting go of her hair, he let her fall back into the corner gently. He slowly removed his fingers from her asshole, opening them slightly as they were almost all of the way out. He knew his girth was much more than two fingers, but she wanted it now and he wasn't about to argue about it. He withdrew from her still spasming pussy and moved his stiff dick towards her ass.

Pushing against her little puckering hole, he slid the pulsing head of his thick member into her. It was so tight it felt like his cock was being strangled, her ass tightened around him and they both groaned. She pushed back onto him slowly, letting her ass stretch and engulf his solid man rod.

She was taking deep breaths, groaning as she did, no longer deep moans, but little stifled groans of pain mixed with pleasure, high pitched and incredibly hot.

It made his cock pulsate with desire; he gripped her hips with both hands and began to pull her further down on him.

She moaned more, pulling against him, wanting to go slower, so he reached around her hip with his left hand and began rubbing her clit. He hoped that the pleasure he caused would help her with the pain. He was right, she stopped fighting against him, and he slid the full length of his cock into her asshole.

It was so tight, that his cock was struggling to stay hard; the flow of blood was being restricted so much. To counter this he pulled back out, much quicker than he'd gone in and began to thrust back and forth, slowly at first; and then gaining speed. Her moans made it impossible for him not to pound harder, and eventually he gave up using his fingers on her pussy and gripped her hips hard, forcing his cock deep in her, stretching her with every thrust.

She screamed with delight, and shuddered once more from orgasm and he shot his load inside her for the third time that night, with this she shuddered again, cumming herself for a third time, as she felt his hot jism against the inner walls of her ass. It took all his might to stay standing after that, and he pulled himself gently out of her to see his cock glistening with his own cum and the natural juices of her ass.

He watched as his spunk leaked slowly from her gaping asshole. His cock twitched at the sight, he wasn't yet soft again, but his was more than ready to go again. She turned slowly, shaking with ecstasy, to face him and her face had the look of complete contentment across it. Smiling up at him, she slid off the shower chair and knelt in front of him, taking his semi hard cock in her hand; she wrapped her lips around the end of it and then began to clean it thoroughly with her mouth.

His cock quickly hardened again and soon she was using both hands around the base and slurping greedily as she moved quickly up and down over the head before swallowing the full length once or twice, then repeating the action. With this technique of rapid sucking and deep throat it wasn't long before he exploded for the fourth time and she swallowed all of his juices until he was completely finished.

Once he was done, she smiled up at him, as he stared (also contently smiling) at her, "Well, that wasn't exactly cleaning ourselves up, was it?" She laughed.

He smiled, "Not really." "Let's get cleaned up, and get to bed," She said, "I want to you to fuck me at least one more time tonight."