Alma y Espermat en sexo oral y cogiendo rico con gemidos que me encantan

Alma y Espermat en sexo oral y cogiendo rico con gemidos que me encantan
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REST STOP SPANKING I was getting back to Dayton late, about midnight, and had stopped at the usual rest stop to take a leak.

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A guy stepped up to the urinal next to mine, and I noticed that he was standing a little turned and had his arm out of the way so I could look at his cock, if I chose. And I did so choose. It was a medium sized cock, fairly big around, I thought. He noticed that I was looking and glanced down at my cock.

I had turned so that he could see mine, too. After he finished peeing, He turned full faced toward me and stroked himself gently, hardening a little. I finished peeing and turned toward him, so he could look at my cock. I stroked it.

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He reached over and began to stroke me. It was electric. As he stroked, my cock began to harden, so I reached for his cock. He seemed soft, with a tough center, which I stroked back and forth. He soon hardened, got very hard. "What do you want to do?" He asked.

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I thought about something I had always wanted, but had always been afraid to ask of my wife. I thought this might be the time to ask. If it was too silly, he could laugh at me and walk away. "I want you to spank me till my ass turns red." "Ooohhh! I can get off on that," he said. "Let's go out to a dark picnic table and do it." We walked out through the lobby and back a sidewalk past a few motorist to the furthest picnic table.

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"bare your ass for me," he said, "I'll spank you till you cry." I slipped my scrubs down to my knees and bent over, resting my chest and shoulders on the table.

My cock was now semi-hard and hung down over the end of the table. He began tentatively with a few gentle spanks, then began to spank me harder, alternating right and left cheeks, and alternating higher on my ass and lower down toward my legs.

The warm glow he administered began to turn into a definite stinging feeling as he began to spank me harder. Then the stinging began to turn into real pain as he continued to pick up speed. The dark rest area resounded with the sound of his hard slaps to my reddening bottom.

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I could see people leaving the rest room area looking around to see what was happening as they returned to their cars. The pain began to be unbearable as his spanking began to concentrate on the area just over my asshole. It really hurt now.

I tried to rise up to ease the pain, but his other hand pushed down on my neck to hold me in place. My eyes were running tears now as I pleaded for him to stop. "I'm not going to stop," he said, "You asked for this. You wanted to be spanked. You're an ass pain whore.

I'm going to spank you till you come." I lay there crying till the pain began to get even worse, but pleasure began to grow in my cock. It got harder. It bobbed in a rigid fashion as the man continued to administer hard spanks to my now bright red ass. He told me how red my ass had become, and that he was going to keep spanking me till it was almost purple. The pain had passed into pleasure now, and I begged to have him bring me off.

"I'd fuck you in the ass, but I can't do that and keep spanking you, and that's what you want. Massaging your prostate at this point would make you shoot your seed onto the ground.


I don't want you to come yet. You're not excited enough yet." With that, the spanking continued hard. I could feel the punished flesh of my ass cheeks bounce as he slapped them hard over and over again. I could see several guys materialize out of the darkness, drawn no doubt by the sound of ass cheeks being spanked hard.


They watched for a minute as I watched them through my teary eyes. They pulled out their cocks, which were hard and began to stroke them. "That's so hot," one of them said. The guy never let up on the spanking, but with the other hand, he reached under my belly and took hold of my rigid manhood and began to wank it.

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"Oh, God, jack it, man. Make me come. Oh fuck, that feels great. Spank me, man, and make me come. It hurts so good." He jacked me harder, but never let up on the spanking. The woods still resounded with the sound of his hand connecting with my crimson ass. I watched as first one and the other of the men watching had their climaxes, spewing their seed on the grass, on the picnic table and some onto his shirt.

They shot over and over again wetting my shirt. "Oh, man, fuck me," I cried out as my orgasm boiled up from my balls. They pulled up tight against my cock, as the seed speeded though, then out of my cock. It sprayed on the grass and on my pants bunched around my ankles. The guy stopped spanking and concentrated on stroking my cock as I came.

I cried out in ecstasy and fell limply to the surface of the table as I finished. He stepped back, quite satisfied with the job he had done spanking me.

I, too, was satisfied with my first anonymous spanking.


He walked me to my car, where we kissed good night. It was, after all, quite an intimate experience. I then got into the car, quite gingerly, and drove away, with more than my bottom glowing.