Amazing gay scene I wished to observe Justin spray his ballsack all

Amazing gay scene I wished to observe Justin spray his ballsack all
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I just love the idea of breeding with strangers, having them fill a girl up with cum! If she's tied up, even better! I'm thinking of making a series out of this, if ya'll like it :3 24 Hours of unprotected Breeding >:D Forgive my terrible intro, but here's the story! ~ Jenny ------------------------------------------------------------------ Recently Hannah had been searching on the internet; specifically looking for things to spice up her sex life with her Boyfriend.

She scrolled through pages and pages of toys; sleek vibrators, thick dildos and bottles of potions and lotions that could make you tingle and twist, burn or shiver! A whole world of pleasure ready to open up to her. Her Boyfriend worked away a lot, and often came back too tired to pay any interest to her.

She knew he wasn't cheating, and the job was too good to pass up. Maybe it would just take a little surprise to get his motor running? A few curious clicks later, and she found herself browsing Bondage. Handcuffs of steel or fur, soft and coarse ropes, gags and blindfolds! She was getting so turned on just scrolling through pages, throwing things into her cart.

She giggles as she put in a few things particularly naughty, before something in the SALE section caught her eye. 'Self-Typing Bondage Rope Simply wrap the rope around an object, put your hands in the loops, and tug the small string around your finger! The rope will tighten and leave you bound - unable to escape until you're freed! [Warning: For safety reasons, rope will automatically release after 24 hours.]' The example videos linked on site soon piqued her curiosity.

Before long, her desire was bubbling between her tights as she watched clip after clip of the rope in use - and its users in use. Soon, an idea began to formulate in her head. A sordid, kinky, sexually outrageous idea! With a sly smile, she dropped in into her cart, and hit purchase. [A few days later] Hannah sat at the kitchen table, an assortment of torn cardboard, clamshell packaging and parcel tape strewn all around her.

She eyed the equipment laid out over the table, set and ready for her plan to rekindle the passion between her and her Boyfriend. There was one box that hadn't arrived - but it didn't matter. She was too horny to wait and her Boyfriend would be back any moment now.

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With a sly smile, she gathered up her things and put her plan into practice. [Hour One] The Delivery Man knocked impatiently on the front door - he hadn't got all day. With a sigh he checked his watch; there were other parcels to be delivered today and he'd already spent too long waiting here.

After knocking a few more times, to no avail, with he checked the address once more. It was correct, but he couldn't just leave it here - It needed to be signed for. He'd give it one last shot, but that was it - Maybe they were around back?

He headed around the house to the garden gate and knocked on it as loud as he could, calling out; "Hello? Delivery!" The gate wasn't latched, swinging open as he touched it. They must be out back. Taking his pen out of his pocket, he walked through the gate and into the back garden. The fences of the garden were high, the trees set around them giving plenty of shade and cover. Most of the garden was grassed over, save for a short path and a stone patio. In the centre of the garden, a thick Oak tree grew straight up out of the ground, casting a pleasant, cool shadow.

And tied to the tree, was a woman. She had dark hair and fair skin, her body falling in the middle between slim and curvy. Her arms were wrapped back around the tree, tied with a rope. Her shapely legs were set slightly apart, showing off the fact the lingerie hugging her body was crotchless.

It was made of panels of black fabric and intricate lace, stopping just under her full breasts, leaving them to stand naked, perky and free. Matching stockings went up to her knees, but no shoes, and lace sleeves were slipped over her arms. Her face was mostly obscured by a black blindfold covering her eyes and she was silent - a small ball gag stuffed her mouth. The Delivery Man was frozen. He gingerly put the package on the floor and paced backwards and forwards. Training had never covered this.

Should he untie her and ask for a signature? No, that'd just feel stupid. But he was running out of time, bound to his schedule. She must have heard him moving around, what looked like a smile forming over her gag, her thighs parting just a little bit more. He watches as the slit of her pussy mound delicately unzipped, her tantalizing pink flower blooming before his eyes.


It dripped readily, almost shining with damp under the morning sun. His cock quickly began to stiffen in his pants, the allure of this mysterious woman getting him hot. Soon his thoughts were turning to giving her a different kind of delivery.

But he couldn't. Couldn't he? Hannah could barely contain herself - although, the rope and gag did a pretty good job of that. She couldn't see through her blindfold, but the thought of her Boyfriend watching her now, tied up like a homecoming present! She could hear him moving on the grass, stems crunching under his feet as he admired her, his new toy ready and waiting to give him the perfect welcome.

As he got closer, she could just imagine the lust in his eyes, his big cock unable to deny it, his urge to take her as his own, right now!

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He stops, only a few feet from her, and the tingle of a hand passing over her skin - not enough to touch, its shadow tantalizing her shoulders, and then her face. Little did she know, the Delivery Man was pausing as he went to take out her gag, his next breath ready to for some awkward explaining. But he didn't. And all she felt was his hand move down, instead hovering under her spread pussy, so wet it was practically dripping onto his palm. Her short, tidy hairs just touched his skin.

It was too late to go back now. He'd given into his urges, the allure of this beauty, exposing herself to him, soaked in her own arousal. Her cupped her pussy in his hand, the hot, slick lips spreading over his palm.

Her could feel her clit in middle of his hand, being gently squashed as he slowly circled and squeezed, almost testing her needy cunt. Hannah moaned into her gag, her head rolling as her Boyfriend finally touched her, muscles coiling like a spring as just that nearly brought her over the edge. All her pent-up frustration being lovingly massaged, her love and commitment to him leaking out in anticipation.

Hannah was a quivering, trembling mess of arousal and fire, her whole body trembling, the gentle motions over her clit winding her up, bringing her closer and closer to a release she hadn't been close to in so long. He can't wait any longer. The Delivery Man unzips his pants and tugs them down, yanking his stiff cock out of his boxer shorts. Hannah can just see her Boyfriends face now; always doing that narrow-eyed, lip-biting thing, then his mouth opening slightly as he prepares, his cock hard with lust for her, gripped in one hand.

He strokes it gently a few times, all the way to its tip, before he moves his hand away, using his hips to guide it to her waiting pussy. Its thick head makes contact, fitting snug between her lips, bumping her clit as he moves it to down to her fuckhole. Then he puts both hands either side of her head, bearing down on her.

His blue eyes stare at her with a swirling mix of love and horniness, as with a slow push of his hips, he takes her. It's effortless to push inside her, the soaking cunt all too ready to accept hard dick. Her wetness glistens over her thighs and on her pussy, collecting in her sparse hairs and glittering in the sunlight.

The Delivery Man almost cums right there and then. She's squeezing tight, the soft grip of her pussy feverish hot around his cock. Her tunnel clenches around his hard dick, egging it on, wanting it further in her pussy. She moans softly into her gag, as her boyfriends cock pushes into her, feeling so big and thick. It must be how horny she's become, making her pussy so tight.

Or maybe how horny she makes him, his cock getting so big and hard! All she can do is squirm against the tree, moving her hips, trying to wiggle down onto his cock, all to eager to be impaled on his long, thick fuckstick. Only happy to oblige, the Delivery Man thrusts up, until the nub of her swollen clit touches the base of his cock - cunt fully stuffed. He unbuttons his shirt, throwing it to the ground. Grabbing the bark either side of her head, he braces himself and pushes up hard.

The noises she makes in her covered mouth are turning him on so much, urging him to pound her like the whore she is - tied up and waiting for cock. She must be such a filthy slut, ready to be fucked silly by anyone and anything. Bet she can't go out anywhere without craving cock, getting screwed by strangers. "Fuck me!" She screams, bucking her hips down onto her boyfriend, his furious thrusting setting her pussy on fire!

"Fuck your bound up little slut! Take her naked, slutty pussy! I'm just a bitch to be used by you, dominated by cock!" Although all that escapes her gag is muffled sounds of enjoyment.

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His strong hands move onto her shoulders, sliding down her front to grope her big, bouncing tits. Fingertips knead them, squeezing and pulling, before they clamp around her stiff nipples and tug.

She almost cums! That's a first; Cumming during sex!? His hands move off of her, grabbing the bottoms of her thighs and lifting her legs high. Her back moves up the trunk of the tree a little, his cock still savagely slapping her spread cunt. Her big bust at face level, the Delivery Man leans into them, closing his lips around one nipple, kissing and sucking on the sensitive little nubs.

She just wants to grab her Boyfriends head, hold his head in her fingers and scream as he sucks, his cock using the pussy that's so wet for him. She can see him in her mind - his naked, muscled back, his bottom thrusting up and down as he fucks her wild.

He legs spread out either side of him, shaking as she cums and cums, begging him to fill her! To stuff his cock as deep as it will go, and pump her full of sticky cum! Breed her, make her his, and his alone!


Her ear-splitting shriek is stopped dead by her gag, her pussy exploding into a soaking bust of wetness. her thighs shiver and shake, muscles quivering wildly all around her body, throbbing with raw sexual fire. Her head throws back, and slumps down as she cums and cums, toes curling and pussy squeezing. Her violent reactions are too much for the Delivery Man to watch.

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The slut cumming all over him, her pussy trying to swallow up the cock that's saying all her slutty needs. His balls twist and churn, spreading heat up into his throbbing cock, he feels the first sharp spurts deep in his shaft, until he explodes into her bound body. He groans heavily as his cum flooded out in powerful spurts, forced high by his heavy thrusting. Each squirt of virile seed sloshes and splashes through her aching cunt, until it's so full he's pumping into liquid, stretching her walls with pressure.

She lets out a guttural groan as her Boyfriend breeds her like a stallion, her toes curling as his hot, thick spooge fills her pussy, leaking out around his cock and running down her thighs.

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Their orgasms slowly unwind, her muscles relaxing and his balls running dry. He stands, still stuffed in her, his body sheened with sweat. She's well used and worn out, slumped down in her bonds, dripping all over the place. With a wet splot, he draws his softening cock from her cunt, splattering the grass with his cum. It's difficult to get his exhausted body to move. Wiping the sweat off of his brow and he staggers over to his discarded clothes, struggling back into his shirt.

Shaking fingers finally manage to button it, and then pop his cap back onto his head. He looks at the girl tied to the tree, leaking his seed from the her spread lips of her well-fucked cunt. What to do with her? If he unties her, it might be awkward.

What if this is a mistake - but surely you can't tie yourself up by mistake? Can you? Has she been left like this by someone? What if he's just raped her? A little panicked, he backs away down the path, just leaving the parcel on the patio. Busy searching around for prying eyes as he hurries back to his van, he pulls the gate shut behind him.

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The lock bounces, not catching, and the force sends the gate bouncing back wide open. [Elsewhere] Inside the house, on the kitchen table, her phone vibrates. The screen lights up, flashing a text message: "Not going to be home today.

Had a last-minute breakdown at the plant. May take another day or so to fix; the overtime is good and we need the money." Before the screen fades back to black. To be continued?