Hairy Ladies Show Us What They Got

Hairy Ladies Show Us What They Got
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As you entered the door Serenity stood directly in front of you her straight blonde hair with caressing curls she was wearing a powder blue tank-top that clung slightly to her erect nipples, seeing her round perky breast through the cloth, a you looked down you saw a light jean mini skirt that was cut off right as it finished rounding her ass but as you look down her long muscular legs you see her on a pair of white strap on heels.

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She takes one step towards you, she grabs the hemline of her shirt and tugs on it slightly so it pulls straight off, giving you the view of her firm D cup sized breast.

Serenity turns around being just a slight tease and bends over giving you the sight of her tight ass with a nude colored lace thong running along her ass cheeks, giving you just a teasing view of her moist pussy. As she was bent over she undoes the skirt and lets it drop her ankles as she bends back up carefully stepping out of the skirt. Serenity looks at you and has captured your vision.


She leans over you and plants a kiss on your cheek and undoes the tie of her thong that attaches at the hip. Leaving Serenity standing over you in nothing but a pair of white heels as her blonde hair flows down her back her blue eyes in lock with yours. Just at that moment she grabs your hand and pulls you to your feet and grabs a blindfold out of nowhere and attaches it around your head leaving your sight vulnerable.

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Serenity starts to undo your shirt and runs her soft gentle hands down your chest kissing each of your nipples as she decreases on your body. She then starts to take off your jeans that hang off your hip showing just a hint of "happy trail" that she kisses down.

After Serenity pulls down your pants and removes them from your graceful body, in one swift movement she has your boxers off within the blink of an eye.

Releasing your member from its shelter, she takes it in her hand and sits you down, crosses one of her smooth soft legs over yours and starts to invade your mouth with her tongue twisting hers against yours. Stroking softly and gently on your long cock teasing you just slightly as it gets longer as time increases.

Whenever Serenity thinks that you have reached your full length she bends over and uses her mouth on your long member going deep into her throat then pulling it back out and repeating.


Plunging into her mouth and swirls her tongue around it using her hand at the base to match the rhythm with her mouth going on and off of your cock. You grab a hold of her golden locks and start to control her fucking her throat wildly and fast. Hardly giving her time to catch her breath but she manages. Without a second to think about it she swings her leg all the way over you and lowers herself onto you.

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Serenity's juices soaking out of her begging hole onto your length, then she raises herself then begins to ride. She has a hold of your shoulders using you as her balance with her knees on either side of you and all of your cock deep inside of her.

Moaning and biting softly onto your ear her orgasm starting to build.

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Serenity looks at you, stops for a moment rips of the blindfold then continues. You push her to the ground and Serenity being on her hands and knees you being behind her in doggy style. One of your soft tender hands full of her long blonde hair, causing her head to tilt back with each thrust going deeper into her.

Your other hand running down her back leaving red scratch marks as a trophy to her. You go hard and deep into her, her juices running out like a waterfall and onto the floor. You take the hand that was scratching her back and scoop the sweet nectar up and you reach around and smear it onto Serenity's mouth and face.

Telling her that she is a good little fuck- doll. She moans your name and you smack her ass cheek hard leaving a perfect red hand-print upon her tan skin.

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You whisper to her that she's yours' now, that her mouth and her other two holes are too good just to let go after one time.

Serenity hears you and she cums, she came harder than she ever had in her life. You grab a hold of her perfect D cup tit saying that, that is the last time that she will be able to do that by herself. The next time she wants to cum she is to ask for your permission. You continue to pound her hard and whenever you get close to cumming you stand up and go in-front of her face demanding that she is to get onto her knees now.

She doesn't hesitate and gets on her knees. You stroke yourself hard and you shoot your streams of hot cum onto her face and hair.


Covering her eyelids and cheeks with streams of white you finish shooting your streams then you demand that she suck you clean. Serenity does and then starts to clean herself. You grab a hold of her hand and tell her no, that you will decide whenever she can get clean.

Serenity stands up and wraps her arms around you she then goes to gather her clothes but stops as she heads out of the door, her hair in a mess, makeup smeared, ass red as a tomato scratches down her back she locks eyes with you and says thank you for the fucking Master Nick.

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