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Im 18 years old, just turned that age in fact - but I've been sexually active since I was about 12. I recently moved in with my uncle out of my moms house. I really despised my step-father, and she knew that. But anyway, living with my aunt and uncle - were my two older cousins, Maria and Melissa.

Melissa was two years older than her younger sister. Both of them were equally attractive. After I moved in, I became real close with them both, as if they were my best friends. How close I was, I would soon find out. I soon began to get the hot's for them both. They would appear in my dreams.

In my wild, sexual fantasies. One night after work, I came home. I remember the night being very hot, which wasn't unusual in the summer. I retired to my room, and removed my work shirt. I grabbed together some loose clothes, and went to take a shower. The bathroom door had been closed, which I didn't think nothing of - as usually all of the doors in the house were closed.

I reached down, and grabbed the door knob, and twisted it before pushing open the door. I stopped dead in my tracks when I saw Maria in the bath. No water was running, which is why I didn't hear anything from the hall.

Maria was laying in the bath, her eyes closed, and headphones over her ears. The headphones were connected to a radio that sat on the floor, so she obviously couldn't hear me open the door. I stood there frozen. My eyes were locked on her chest. She had a big chest - if I were to simply guess, I would have guessed D cup.

Slowly my eyes traveled downward to see, she had a clean shaven pussy. I heard a car door slam shut in the distance, so quickly I shut the bathroom door.

Moments later, Melissa came into the house, dressed from work. She stopped when she saw me in the hallway. Out of them both, I would have to say that I liked Melissa more. Her eyes were fixated on my upper torso, which remained uncovered. I've always been athletic, and worked out, so my muscles and abs really attracted the females. Melissa's eyes moved down, and she saw the erection I had gotten starring at her sister, which she knew nothing about.

With a slight smile, she looked back up at me. "Hi, Sean." - she said. Her room was right at the beginning of the hallway. He opened the door before turning her back to me. She must have known I kept my eyes on her, because she kind of wiggled her ass as she entered her room. She left the door cracked just a little bit. I stepped closer to the door to look in to it through the crack in the door. She had removed her shirt. She was standing in front of a full length mirror, not knowing that she was being watched, or not.

She reached behind her to unclasp her bra - when I heard the bathroom door open. I quickly moved away from Melissa's door, when Maria walked out, completely naked with a towel in her hand. She had the towel up to her hair, drying it.

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When she saw me, she jumped, nearly throwing the towel. She quickly covered herself up, as best as she could. "Oh shit, I didn't hear you come home, Sean." Her eyes, much like her sister's were, were fixated on my upper torso.

She quickly caught herself starring, however, and turned around to walk away to her room. The towel had covered up the front of her body - but not the back.

I watched her ass with every step as she walked away. She had a perfect ass, much like I envisioned her sister having as well.


I stepped into the bathroom, and closed the door behind me - locking it after words. I quickly stripped down, and started to stroke my cock, which was rock hard by now. I had an average sized cock, about 7 ½ inches. Within minutes, I was about to cum. I had been thinking about Maria's huge breasts as I saw just a few minutes ago, then her ass. I happened to look down to see a pile of Maria's clothes.

I stopped, and began to go through them. No panties.


So I grabbed the next best thing, her bra. I was right - D cup. I started to stroke my cock again, faster than before, and held the bra up to the head of my cock. Moments later, I came in each of the cups. After I was spent, I turned on the water, and took my shower.

Two days later I happened to be off of work, today. After the incident two days ago, I stayed in my room, and jacked off . A lot, just thinking about it. At the moment, I was laying on my bed. It was a hot day, so I was wearing a pair of black gym shorts, and a white muscle shirt.

The radio near my bed was playing, but not loud, so I clearly heard the knock on my door. I looked up, then moved my hand over to turn the radio down. "Come in!" - I shouted. The door opened up, and Melissa walked inside of my room. She wore a pair of tight fitting jeans, like she usually does, and a small black shirt that showed off her stomach.

She had a smile on her face, which wasn't uncommon, she is always happy. "Hey, are you going to do anything today?. Like go to work?" - She asked me. I arched an eyebrow, wondering why she wanted to know. "No, im off today." I replied before she sat on the foot of my bed. "Ok, cool. Do you mind running with me to the store? Im cooking dinner tonight, and I would like someone to help me out to try and find something." she said, as her eyes were locked on me. "Yeah, sure.

I'll go." She jumped up off of my bed, before saying "I'll drive.". A few minutes later, I met her outside. We both got inside of her car. Thank god she was driving, my car was out of gas. We put our seat belts on, before she started the car and backed out of our drive way.

A little way down the road, I glanced over at her chest. Her tits weren't as big as her sisters, and once again, if I had to guess - they would be B cups. I began to think of them. I love tits, big or small - I don't care. As I was thinking about sucking them, I gained a hard on - that was noticeable. We stopped at a red light, and I started to shift around, trying to hide my hard cock.

She looked over at me, and happened to glance down to see my hard cock. She smiled, much like she did two days ago. "What's wrong?" - she asked me. She took one hand off of the steering wheel, and placed it on my leg that was closer to her. I looked down at her hand, as she started to move it up and down, as if she were rubbing my leg. She moved it further up, and felt my hard cock. With a gasp she took her hand away, and pulled into the near by gas station.

She stopped the car completely, and looked over at me. "What?" I asked, inquisitively. "We're going back to the house, real quick." she replied. I arched an eyebrow, but before I could say anything else, she turned the car around and we returned home.

After she parked it, and turned it off - she quickly got out of the car. I got out as well, and we entered the house. "C'mon - Maria won't be home for hours." She said before grabbing my hand, and pulling me into her bed room.

She slammed the door, and pushed me into the center of the room. She dropped down to her knee's in front of me, and looked up. "I know in the car you're cock was hard, and I know why. I caught you looking at my boobs." I got kind of embrassed. "No, don't be embrassed - 'cause I have a confession too. I've wanted you ever since you moved in. That's why I left my door opened the other night, so you could watch me change. You did watch, didn't you?" I was speechless, but minutes later I finally said something.

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"I started to - but Maria came out of the bathroom." "That whore" she replied. "Well, you'll get to see what you missed." She grabbed my shorts, and pulled them down around my ankles, then followed by my boxers.

My cock sprang out, and nearly hit her in the face. Her jaw nearly hit the floor. "My, my. You're a big boy, Sean." she said as she took my cock into her hand.

She started to stroke my cock, as I took my shirt off. She stuck out her tongue, and flicked it against the head of my cock. After doing that a couple of more times, she raised my cock forward, and pressed it against my stomach.

She leaned forward, and licked by balls. I watched her with a smirk.

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She dragged her tongue up from my balls, up the shaft of my cock, and to the head before taking it into her mouth. She sucked on just the head of my cock for the moment, before taking more of it in. I moaned softly. She was a great cock sucker. Moments later, she had nearly all of it in her mouth, as he deepthroated me. She tried to take all of it into her mouth, but couldn't. She pulled away, and stood up. After kissing me roughly, she started to strip slowly. "Sit down", she said to me, as she pushed me into the chair after taking her shirt off.

I sat down, and watched her. She turned so that her back was to me, and reached behind her to unclasp her bra. With her back to me, I couldn't see anything. She reached down, and un buttoned her jeans. She unzipped them, and bent over, pulling them down. She wore a black thong, that matched the bra she threw on the ground. After kicking her pants to the side, she took a few steps back, and started to grind her ass onto my cock. She leaned her upper body back, and pressed her back against my chest.

I reached around her, and placed a hand on each of her breast. I started to gently rub them, before pinching her nipples - that were already hard. I rolled them between my fingers, before she stood back up, and took her thong off in the same process as she took her pants off. Bending over, and slowly pulling them down. After they were off, she remained bent over, and looked back at me, in a very sexy way. She reached back, and smacked her own ass. "You want me? Come get me.

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Come fuck me like a fucking whore." she said to me. I wasted no time.

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I stood up, and rubbed my cock against her pussy lips. Her pussy was wet, and the head of my cock was soon covered in her pussy juices. I shoved every inch of my cock into her pussy. She wasn't really tight - as she's had sex partner's before, but I didn't care. I was living out half of my fantasy.

I started to thrust my cock deep into her pussy. She began to moan, almost immediately. I could tell her was loving it. I brought my right hand up, and back down to slap her ass, as hard as I could. She replied with a scream, and the moans of "harder. Harder damnit. Fuck that fucking pussy". I did as she demanded.

I'm not sure why, but a woman demanding me to do something, is a turn on for me. I started to thrust into her deeper, and harder. Her hands moved back, and she held my thighs as I continued to slam into her cunt. Faster, and harder I thrusted into her. Her moans grew louder, and louder, and even louder when I slapped her ass more.

"S. Stop" she said in between moaning. "Fuck my ass." she said. I pulled my cock out of her pussy, and she held her ass cheeks apart. I rubbed the head of my cock against her pussy some more, to get more pussy juice on it, before I rubbed it around her, now, exposed asshole.

After it was good and wet from her own juices, I put my cock into her ass. Immediately I started thrusting hard, and deep into her ass. The moans from before, were nothing compared to the ones now. After fucking her incredibly tight asshole for a mew minutes, I felt that I was about to cum. She was about to orgasm as well. She had taken one of her hands off of my thigh and started to finger herself while I fucked her ass. A few minutes later, I heard her screaming like never before.

It was obvious she had just came herself. Before I came, I pulled my cock out of her ass, and she looked back at me.

I pushed her down on her bed, and straddled her. I started to stroke my cock in front of her face, before shooting a shot of cum onto her face. It landed just below her eye. More shots followed that landed on her cheek, on her forehead, and on her lips. She licked her lips, and put the head of my cock into her mouth, and milked the rest of my cum out.

After I was spent, I collapsed off of her, and onto her bed. She smiled, and looked over at me. "Wow. That was great, Sean. I've never been fucked like that before." she said to me. I could do nothing but smirk. She got up, and left her room to the bath room to clean her face.

Half of my fantasy had become a reality. She came back in, and sat on the bed with me. "We're defiantly going to do this again. But for now, I have to go to work. I'll see you later, sexy." she said as she looked at me. She leaned forward and kissed me. I returned the kiss, and before I knew it, we were playing a game of "tonsil hockey".

I brought one hand up, and started to rub her tits again, but she pulled away a few moments later. She got dressed in front of me, and took her time while doing so - she knew I enjoyed her being naked. When she left I grabbed a pair of her panties, and went to my room.