Indian lady doing a open mouth deep throat blowjob

Indian lady doing a open mouth deep throat blowjob
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Sorry for the length of this - I like detail. This is all true and happened late in 2010. This is Part 1 - Part 2 will be along very shortly.

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Name has been changed - no need to know her real name is there? Enjoy! We arranged our get together for around 7:00 or so. Laurie arrived on time like the good submissive slut that she is, knowing a late arrival might be grounds for more severe discipline.

She knocked on my hotel door and I let her in. Laurie had on the outfit I told her to wear, nothing unusual - jeans, low cut top, nice make-up - I like her looking like a normal mom when she walks through the lobby of the hotel.

She has with her the toys I told her to bring; large dildo, lube, riding crop, rope, wooden spoon (she would have brought more but she was following my instructions). My wide leather belt was on my jeans and would be used as well during our play. I welcomed her in and had her sit on the edge of the bed. It has been a while since our last session and Laurie has been begging for a proper beating and fucking. We engage in a little lite conversation and while chatting, I reach into her top to feel those breasts that I love to play with.

Soft, full, warm, big, the nipples get immediately hard and Laurie sucks in air at my touch.


I pinch the skin of her breast and Laurie pulls her head back, eyes closed, she is trying to talk but can't seem to say anything. I move to her nipple and pinch it and pull on it hard. Laurie moans with pleasure at this little bit of pain. It is going to be a fun night.

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Laurie is about 5'5" or so, blond, curvy with 44 DD breasts, she had her pussy and asshole waxed for me just a couple of days before this meeting. I had her get the waxing while wearing a remote vibrator in her pussy.

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When she was finished her hands were shaking so much from the pain and pleasure, she was having trouble texting me but she wanted me to know that her orgasm was exquisite. Back to the room. . It's around 7:20 now and I want to get to work on my slut.

I reach for her other breast and nipple and she obediently lets me do as I wish - she willingly accepts the pain of my hands and enjoys it. It's time for her to suck on my cock and I have her kneel before me and take me into her mouth, she is staring at the bulge in my pants and reaches out to rub it through my jeans.

The look in her eyes is one of pure desire - she is starving to have my cock in her mouth - her lips are red and wet. I allow her to open my jeans and enjoy.

She licks the head of my cock and puts it into her mouth, it does feel good but, I am not interested in how good it feels right now - I am interested in making Laurie gag and choke on my dick. Pushing it into her mouth, Laurie is greatly enjoying having her mouth full - the head of my cock makes contact with the back of her throat and she gags a bit.

She is out of practice. I pull out and grab her face. Looking into her eyes I remind her that she is not to vomit on my cock and I admonish her for being out of practice. She lowers her eyes and I feed her my cock again. Laurie quickly finds a way to take it deep in her throat again without gagging - she is a very good whore. I allow her to enjoy my cock for a few more minutes and then I pull out.

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Deep disappointment in Laurie's eyes - she starts to protest but catches herself. She knows better than to argue with her master.

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I have Laurie stand before me. I remove her top and bra. Her heavy breasts look so nice against her white skin - the nipples are large and full and erect. I have her remove her jeans but leave her panties on. She does as told. I then move Laurie to the chair in the corner of my room, have her take a seat. I feed her my cock again - it does look amazing watching her work it deep in her throat.

Pulling out, I leave her there while I inspect the toys, I am thinking of what I am going to do to her tonight. I grab the rope and move closer to Laurie. She has a slightly concerned look on her face, which is understandable. I have her remove her panties - that are wet and smell of her musky pussy.


Dropping them on the floor, I have Laurie raise her right leg and hold it with her right hand - I tie her wrist to her ankle. She can't move it. I touch her pussy and it is hot, wet and open. I have Laurie raise her left leg and hold it with her left hand - I tie her wrist to her ankle.

Laurie is spread wide. Her ass is near the bottom of the chair, her pussy is starting to leak juice. I remove my jeans and take my belt out of the loops - the sound of the jangle of my belt makes my whore smile and she looks at me longingly.

She wants her ass spanked. I turn the tv up and begin to strike her ass with my belt. Laurie cries out at the first feel of leather - I do not permit her to so. I find it important to control how much she yells and cries when I punish her.

Taking her wet panties, I force her mouth open and put them in - they act nicely as a wet, smelly, gag. Laurie accepts it willingly. Her legs spread wide, ass hanging on the edge of the chair, breasts against her legs - she is bent so that her head is forced downwards - looking directly at her pussy. She can see every strike. I go back to her punishment, 10 -15 beatings with my belt. Her ass is welted already and turning red. I grab the wooden spoon and use it in the same spot - 15-20 times in a row until Laurie is recoiling from the pain and struggling to get away.

I use it on her ass and thighs. I use it on her breasts and nipples. Moving on to the crop now, I hit her ass and thighs with it.

She is starting to moan but the gag works well. Her ass is glowing red now and I am beating it with the crop. I move on to her nipples and whip them. And I save her pussy for last. I like to take my time when I hit her pussy. I find it to be very fulfilling when I swing and hit it just above her clit and then on her lips and finally directly on her asshole. This usually causes her great pain. This time, Laurie is happy to have me hitting her pussy and even though she is clearly in pain, bruised, welted and her ass is very red - she is enjoying it very much.

I grab the dildo and fuck her pussy with it just enough to get it wet. It is big. The dildo stretches her pussy and Laurie is enjoying it very much. Too much. I pull it out, spit on her asshole and put the head of the dildo into her ass - it stretches and Laurie is forced to watch as her hole is filled with the large dildo.

I feel her ass open and accept it - it slides in easily and I fuck her with it. Laurie wants to cum now and she is desperate to do so. I rub her clit and shove the fake cock in her asshole - I shove it in hard and deep.

Laurie cums and her pussy lets loose with a squirt of her piss and a white cream runs out and down to her asshole. More later. .

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