Tattooed chap copulates sexy gf

Tattooed chap copulates sexy gf
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This is the story of how I and my cousin Lucy ended up having sex. It all started one day at my nans when she came home from school on a hot summer's day; this was when I first noticed she was growing up. She started flourishing around last winter but she always wore think coats so I never really took much attention. Her skirt was mid-thigh showing off her perfectly smooth legs and if she bent over you got a glorious view of her sexy ass.

Sometimes I thought she did just for my benefit being that most of the time I was the only one in the room. At the time she was 12 and I was 16, Lucy went to the local secondary school and I was at the college and living with my Nan as my house was too far to commute every day.

Lucy was a terrible preteen; she wore skinny jeans and converse all the time, with a range of tops like tank tops, helter necks, anything that shows off her growing boobs.


She had long fiery red hair that was always a mess and both ears pierced, her eyes were a deep green, her face seemed to radiate beauty and I knew she would grow up to be a stunner. She must have been around 5'3 and very trim from playing football and doing gymnastics. Now me I was 6'2 and built like a tank, hours of doing rugby, wrestling, karate, anything violent really, had muscled me up, I had short brown hair and light stubble, pale skin and several scars from fights, I never considered my handsome, and the scars just made it worse, but I was happy go lucky so nothing could get me down and one or two girls did fall in love with my light blue eyes.

I was watching TV when she walked into the living room her shirt half unbuttoned and her skirt half way up her thigh, she bent over to untie her shoes and drop her bag and in the process give me a good view of her budding breasts.

As she sat down next to me I got a whiff of perfume and the sweet smell of her sweat. Even though it was 30 degrees she still curled up next to me as she had so many times before, she lowered her head to rest it on my shoulder giving me a good view down her top at her breasts hidden within her bra.

As I looked, a small bead of sweat travelled down her neck then between her breasts, I thought to myself how I wanted to be that drop of sweat rolling across her silky smooth flesh. Lucy looked up at me as I sat there staring so I quickly had to look at the TV, I couldn't tell if she noticed but if she did she didn't seem to mind. Thoughts raced through my mind of me and her doing things men get sent to prison for, I tried to stop but they got stronger and more vivid. Soon I found myself at full mast and pushing uncomfortably against my jeans.

I had no way of adjusting it without Lucy noticing so I just had to hope it would go on its own. However Lucy chose this moment to get closer, even in the heat, she put one arm on her thigh and slid down the sofa making her skirt ride up in the process, there must have been an inch of skirt covering her panties and all I wanted to do was rip of her skirt and eat her out till she screamed, her other arm fell onto my leg and my world stopped, her hand mere inches from my pulsing rod of steel.

She began to slowly move her hand up and down my thigh, her fingers just brushing the head of my cock before running down the inside of my thigh. I looked over at her but she was still concentrating on the TV. My eyes fell to her top and the view I had of her boobs now with her beautiful pre-teen nipples, all puffy and erect, out of her bra which somehow had moved down freeing her breasts. I felt daring so I slowly put my arm around her shoulder and pulled her close, with one finger I slowly started stroking the underside of her breast.

With each passing second I grew bolder using more fingers to stroke her. At the same time her hand brushed more and more of my cock which felt like it would blow anytime now. Then in one motion I grabbed her breast and rubbed her nipple with my fore-finger and thumb as she grabbed hold of my cock, our eyes met and she pushed me back onto the sofa then sat on my crotch. She closed her eyes and began to slowly gyrate on me causing a small moan to pass her lips and even through my jeans I could feel the soft folds of her nether region.

I tried to speak but Lucy put a finger on my lips and said "No don't say anything just enjoy it, I've wanted this for a while now." Then she leaned in to kiss me and our tongues danced, twisting and turning, exploring every inch of each other's mouths, it seemed to go on for ever. My hand was still on her breast so I began to roll her nipple again while my other hand went under her skirt to her panty cover ass and began to massage it making her moans become even fiercer.

Then before I knew it we had stopped kissing and she was standing next to me. "meet me outside" was all she said as she took off her panties and threw them at me then ran from the room, as she ran I swore I could see her bum as her skirt flew up slightly.

I lay there wondering what the hell happened, then I realised Lucy's panties were still lying on my chest. I picked them up and breathed in their scent, there was a faint smell of pee but they smelt strongly of her juice. It was the greatest smell ever, I gave the crotch a lick and was able to taste her juices, from that moment I knew I was hooked on it and I would have to get some from the source.

I stuffed her panties in my pocket and made my way to the back garden, Now my Nan was really rich and she had a big house and an even bigger garden which was surrounded on two sides by 3 metre tall hedges, with a small wood at the rear of the garden and several large bushes between the house and garden so you couldn't actually see the garden from the house.

Anyway, back to the story, so I walked out into the garden and the heat hit me like a wall. I called out for Lucy but she made no reply so I picked up a rugby ball and started doing my drills. After about 10 minutes I heard her call from the woods so I made my way in. I walked between the trees looking for her when someone landed hard onto my back, their hands over my eyes "Guess who?" came the sing song voice of Lucy, my hands went behind my back to find her and touched her bare mid-rift making her giggle, "That tickles, stop it!" she laughed.

My hands traced their way around to her back and down onto her soft pre-teen ass, clad in short shorts. I gave her ass a squeeze and she jumped off me and ran through the wood. I chased her and tackled her to the ground and flipped her onto her back before sitting on her, pinning her to the ground.

"So now what?" she said her eyes flashed down to my crotch and she licked her lips hungrily. " well it's my turn to be in charge" and I reached back and gentle stroked the inside of her thighs then traced her panty line through her shorts making her squirm and sigh, my other hand rubbed her breast through her top.

Her hands went for my zipper to free my raging hard on which still hadn't gone. She gasped and licked her lips as she freed my 7" hard on.

I moved forwards so she could reach it with her mouth. She tenderly licked the head then took in a couple of inches licking the underside of my cock, she licked and slurped covering my cock in saliva, slowly taking more and more of it in till I felt it touch the back of her throat and she started to gag, she grabbed hold my hips to stop me pulling away and started bobbing her head up and down my shaft humming softly.

Spit dripped from her mouth down her chin, landing in a pool on her chest. I moved my hand inside her panties and began to slide a finger along her slit, it was so warm and soft and dripping wet again. Soon I had two fingers deep inside her soaking pussy sliding slowly in and out as I watched her gasp and gag on my cock.

I started to feel the familiar urge as my balls began to tighten; I knew I wouldn't be able to hold it much longer. I stopped fingering Lucy and put both hands on her hand and started to face-fuck her, gently at first but getting faster and harder.

She gagged, coughed and spluttered, send spit everywhere but her eyes never left mine. As I came, I thrust my shaft down her throat, she took all 7 inches and hummed as I shot my hot sperm directly into her belly, her tongue still licking and slurping wherever she could reach on my cock.

As I began to soften I slowly pulled out of her mouth, saliva dripping my cock. I stood up and licked her juices from my fingers then helped her to her feet. As soon as she was up she re-adjusted her clothes and ran off to the house. My mine became a blur as thoughts raced through my head, most where naughty ones about what we would do later today, if we would do anything but soon bad ones crept in, like what would our parents do if they found out, what our nan would do.

Overwhelmed by all those thoughts I sat in the shade of a tree and slowly well asleep in the afternoon sun. I woke to the voice of my nan calling for me to say it was dinner so I went inside and ate, Lucy had gone for her gymnastics and wouldn't be back for a half hour so after dinner I went for a shower to wipe the grime and sweat off myself.

I must have been in the shower a long time because I turned around to see Lucy standing in the door way with one hand in her leotard fingering herself furiously while the other played with her small boobs, she had her eyes closed and was leaning against the door frame. I coughed causing her to jump yanking her hand out from her pussy and fled from the doorway. I laughed to myself as I got out the shower and went to my room.

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I dried off then hopped into bed and tried to sleep but the thoughts of today rushed back to my mind, I thought about Lucy and how great a kisser she was, and how good she was at sucking cock, the image burned into my mind of her lips wrapped around my rock hard cock got my blood pumping and soon I was at full mast. I jacked off twice to the thought of her tight pussy on my raging hard on before falling into a light sleep.

It must have been an hour later when I heard more door open and someone try to walk quietly across the room. I rolled over and looked up to see Lucy stood at the end of my bed wearing nothing but a long white shirt and pink panties.

Her hair looked like liquid fire in the bright moon light, I could tell she wasn't wearing a bra from the way her nipples stood erect atop her perk pre-teen boobs. The thought of licking those forbidden boobs was enough to make me hard again; I had a hard time hiding it under my thin blanket.

A small smile spread across her face when she saw me trying to hide my hard on. "is that just for me? I'm honoured, now it's your turn to see me naked!" with that she knelt on the end of my bed and started to crawl towards me giving me the perfect view of her budding tits with their puffy nipples. She sat on my legs and took off her shirt, I gasped as those beautiful breasts came into view, those pink, perky, perfect breasts, my mouth watered at the thought of licking them I reached out and pulled her close to me, my mouth latching on to a nipple while I fondled the other in my hand, my other hand massaged her arse.

She moaned quietly and pushed her chest against my mouth. She reached down between us searching for my pulsing member, her tiny hands grasped the tip with her thumb gently rubbing the head, and even through the sheet it still felt great.

I moved my hand inside her panties and began to trace the soft curve of her bum, soon my fingers found the wetness that lay between her thighs. I rolled her over and knelt over her, my legs on either side of hers. I leaned in and started kissing her, I moved to her ear and whispered "This is for earlier" I kissed my way down her body, taking each nipple into my mouth and licking and sucking on them, my tongue swirling around those puffy, erect little nipples.

Slowly I kissed down her stomach, my tongue dipping into her belly button, her skin tasted of her sweet, sweet sweat. I got to her panty covered pussy and took the waistband in my teeth, in one motion I pulled them down, freeing the hidden beauty.

I took in the first view of my cousins pussy, it was slick with her juice, red and swollen just waiting for me, it was topped by wisps of copper hair.

I lay between her legs breathing in the sight and the smell of her dripping pussy.

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As I lay there staring Lucy brought her hand down to cover herself. "Don't just stare at me" she said "I don't do this for everyone" This brought me back to my senses and started to kiss the insides of her thighs, I would start at her knee, kissing my way down the sensitive skin of her thigh, as soon as I reached her dripping pussy I would switch to the other leg, soon she was begging for me to touch her, she writhed, moaned and groaned.

I gave in to her begging and slowly slid a finger along her slit, I pushed lightly, my finger entering easily, her soaking pussy offered little resistance, my finger slid in to the second knuckle before encountering resistance.

"Oh god, your finger is too big, I'll never get your cock in me" she brought her hands up and started playing with her tiny tits, moaning in pain and pleasure.

"Don't worry I'll go gentle" slowly I drew my finger out and pushed it back in; with my thumb I found her clit and started massaging it. Lucy began to writhe on the bed, all sense of pain gone, but still her pussy was tight. She started to moan, louder and louder, I gathered that an orgasm was close; I covered her mouth with one hand to stop our Nan hearing us. I tenderly licked her slit, sliding my finger in and out faster and faster.

My tongue flicked over her clit repeatedly, she started to grind her pussy to my mouth as I licked her out. Lucy grabbed the back of my head holding it in place as I licked furiously. Her thighs closed around my head as her body tensed and wave after wave of pleasure hit her from her orgasm.

After several minutes her legs loosened, allowing me to move. I crawled up to her so my dick rested on her smooth flat belly; we kissed deeply, our tongues intertwined as we stared into each other's eyes. She rolled me over and straddled me, keeping my cock pressed against my abdomen; she put her hands on my shoulders to steady herself as she slowly ground her pussy against my cock. I grabbed her ass and lifted her up, freeing my cock; slowly I lowered her till the head brushed the outer lips of her pussy.

"You ready?" I asked, the urge to thrust up was getting stronger.

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"Ok, just don't hurt me. Go slow!" I let go of her ass as she started to impale herself on my pulsing rod.


She cried out, her face mixed with intense pain and pleasure seemingly unsure of which emotion was stronger. Even after her orgasm she was still tight, almost unbearably so. A tear traced a line down her screwed up face, pain etched in every line, I felt a pang of guilt that I was causing so much distress to my beloved and unbelievably sexy pre-teen cousin. But pleasure cast that thought from my mind as a little more of dick slid into her hot, tight wetness.

About two inches were in and I felt the familiar resistance of her hymen, I would enjoy taking her virginity. "Are you ready?" I asked she nodded dumbly as I grabbed hold of her hips and prepared to trust upwards, I counted to three slowly, the suspense was killing me but making it worse for her, each passing moment made her think about how bad it would feel.

"Wait, I do&hellip." I didn't give her time to finish as I thrust up and pushed her down. She was so tight, warm and wet. Blood and pussy juice mixed at the base of my dick and spread onto the bed, she collapsed onto me crying deeply, slowly I started shallowly moving in and out of her. In between sobs crept of moans of pleasure as she started to thrust back, meeting my thrusts steadily getting stronger and stronger as her tight snatch loosened up enough to take my cock easily.

Soon the quite moans became wild, loud groans. Huge smiles crossed her face as she started to bounce up and down wildly on my cock, the wet slapping of her ass on my legs was mesmerising and rhythmic, the way her small tits shook and jiggled as pelvis met pelvis. I was in heaven as we locked eyes. Her fingers dug into my shoulders as she ground her pussy into the stubble of my pubic hair.

Her eyes rolled back in her head and she began to gyrate. She had so many skills for such a young age. I rolled her over and began drilling into her, she screams became shrill as I thrust in and out harder and fast, all 7 inches of my rock hard member disappeared into her red raw pussy.

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Soon the sound of flesh on flesh was all that could be heard. I don't know how I lasted this long but thank the gods I had, Lucy screamed in ecstasy as another orgasm racked her body, by now I stopped caring who heard us, her pussy spasmed around my cock and that was the final straw, my balls tightened and I spurted cum deep into her pre-teen womb, I took one breast in her mouth to stop myself from screaming out, it was the strongest orgasm I had ever felt and it just kept coming.

I looked down at the mix of blood, cum, pussy juice and sweat on my cock as I quickly softened and with a wet plop I slipped out of her pussy; both of us were covered in a thin sheen of sweat. I laid down next to Lucy and she crawled over and laid her head on my chest looking down at my soft, red raw cock.

I started to drift of when I felt Lucy begin to kiss down my body again, my sensitive cock was engulfed in the sudden warm wetness of her mouth, and I could feel her tongue licking all around my cock from base to tip.

Soon she had me at full mast again and she was slurping down my cock, taking at least 5 inches of it. I reach down and took hold of her hips, swinging her round so we were 69'ing.

I took a moment to breathe in the sight of her used pussy, it was swollen and red with her inner lips poking out, a mix of cum and juice ran down her thigh as I looked.

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I reached up with my tongue and licked from her arsehole to clit; she shuddered and stopped licking me as she sighed deeply from this new pleasure.

I took it as a sign and began licking round her little puckered rectum, so soft and perfect I thought. I slid two fingers into her pussy pumped them in to her as fast as I could. Now she stopped sucking me and just moaned and sighed. I put my pinky at her little rosebud and pressed lightly, her muscles were tight but they slowly gave way and sucked in my finger to the first knuckle.

Lucy arched her back and gasped as another orgasm racked her body covering me in pussy juice. Once she had finished her orgasm she went back to licking the tip of my cock making sure it was clean, then in one swoop took all 7 inches and deep throated my throbbing member, she hummed and licked where ever she could.

I lasted minutes under this treatment before pulling out and covering her face, hair and tits in cum. She lay back in my arms and we kissed deeply sharing each other's juices till we fell asleep.