All Natural British Booty Jiggle

All Natural British Booty Jiggle
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as the shower started to go cold I was deciding what to wear. Tshirt dark jeans.

Nope tonight I was going with a fitted black casual shirt. Which my arm would barely fit into. Thinking it would be one of the last uses I would get out it, as I was hitting the gym hard again. I donned the clothes I looked over my should and before putting my ring on I asked my wife (jokingly) "so are we married tonight or not?" she laughed and said "no". Little did she know how this night would end. Off to the pub we go eating dinner drinking doing shots.

Having my fair share we called a cab for a ride to take us to the night club. There was a bunch of us 12 or 15. Mixed crowd was out misc coworkers. To my surprise as I was standing in line ordering drinks as my wife was chatting with a friend beside me but oblivious to the young hawty stands a little closer to me then needs as she turn to say something to me her hand touch my arm ever so gently.

She whispered in my ear as her hottt tongued flicked it. "so tonight I am going to suck your soon to be hard cock" startled by this I turn to see Melissa standing there in a very low cut shirt her heaving breast straining to bust out of their constraints. With the cutest smile and coyly nibbling on the tip of her finger. I was taken with her boldness we have worked together for almost a year. Never once has she ever given me the slightest clue. This boldness I just shrugged off after a few mins ordered some drinks as I got to the counter my wife was paying attention to the two of us.

She screamed "shots" who am I to deny her so I ordered three shots of whiskey. Down the hatch they went and six more were ordered. After leaving my wife at the dance floor. I made my way outside for a smoke and was followed by that young hawty in the tightest skirt stopping just bellow her dirtiness. Once we were outside we went to the ATM to grad some more cash while she made small talk behind me commenting on my ass.

She ran her hands down my muscular back. I hear a slight moan emitted from her dark red lipstick cover lips. As her hands continue down she grabs a piece of my firm ass.

She then slid her roaming hand around and grabbing my now thickening member.

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As the cash come out of the ATM I try to turn around but Melissa had her heaving chest pressed into my back almost bending me over the ATM. Her hand were now grasping my throbbing cock. I pushed my ass back trying to get some room to turn around.

To see this young woman's face. As I turned I grab her from the back of her neck and mashed our lips together. Lips parted and I dug my tongue into her mouth flicking her soft tongue.

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Coming to my senses I pulled back took a look at this beautiful woman seeing her chest heaving my eyes continued down to her stocking covered legs. Oh my gawd she was hot. Her heels made legs look even longer. The thought running through my mind had better judgement clouded.


Knowing we had taken enough time to grab some cash. We headed back to the club. As we entered the door I opened for her I gave her tight little ass a quick pinch. She looked over her shoulder flicking her sexy dark hair smiling she mouthed to me "later".


The night continued along with more shots and more drinks. Melissa always took her chances and grabbed whatever piece of my body she could.

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After the light came on I told my wife I was off to a friends house to keep the party going. She told me she was going home with or with out me. I said alright I will be home in an hour or so.

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Yeah right I was gonna take this sexy young minx who had been eye fucking my all night. As we got to the party we were standing on the deck having a smoke. As the cab pulled out of sight Melissa dropped to her knees and unzipped my jeans freeing my instantly hard cock.

Her luscious lips wrapped around it she began sucking me hard. I finished my smoke flicked it. And pulled her off her knees and kissed her deeply. Not caring my cock was just there actually it kinda turned me on more. inside we poured a couple stiff drink and chatted it up. Winking at me from across the room she put her finger up her skirt and revealed to whoever was watching she was clean shave and she slipped her middle finger between her second set of soft lips.

Pulling her finger out she then licked her juice off and said "hey you wanna go for a smoke". I jumped off the counter and to my amazement no one else had seen this sluts little show.

Outside she was facing the railing as I exited the house. I slid up behind her and moved her hair and began to kiss the back of her neck as my hands moved up her thighs.

Continuing past her pussy I made my way to her hard nipples breasts taking one in each hand. Caressing hard as I open my mouth and begin to nibble instead of kissing. She turns around and puts her perfectly manicured hands down my pants. Grasping my cock she kisses me with passion.

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My hand now finds its way under her tight skirt. Damn I think to myself she is soaked my finger slipped right in as our tongues danced against each other. Her hands worked my belt loose and button undone zipper down. She then slid her hands around to my toned ass and caresses it as I had her pussy stretched with three fingers in her. She then drops to her knees again and starts to suck my throbbing cock.

Taking it to the back of her throat she gags a little and backs off and slams me to the back again and again she does this till tears start to run down her flush cheeks. I had enough of the blowjob and I need to get my cock into her dripping cunt before I shot my seed. I pulled her back to her feet and spun her around and bent her over the rail.

I then pulled her skirt over her ass. Her pussy glistened in the moonlight as I positioned my cock at the entrance of her love hole and rubbed it moistening the tip with her leaking juice. I then grabbed her hair and pulled her head back so her back arched.

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I slammed my meat stick into her balls deep first stroke and continued to piston in and out. As she moaned in pleasure saying "harder harder u fuck stud fuck my cunt fuck it hard. Slam your cock into me. Gawd this feels good".

I was being squeezed by her juicy cunt muscles.

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I told her what a slut she was and asked her if she like my cock she moaned a "yes" as pulled my dripping wet cock out and slammed it into her ass without warning. She groaned as I now invaded her ass. I pumped in and out of it for a few mins before my phone rang it was my wife she wanted me home and now she said. As I was on the phone Melissa pulled my cock out of her ass and dropped to her knees and took my dirty cock in her mouth and cupped my balls caressing them as I told my wife I would be home in 15 min.

My cock erupted splattering Melissa's face she took what she could but I shot 5 or 6 loads some one her tits cheeks neck and of course lips.

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She stood and moved in I grabbed her and began kissing her tasting my own seed had never occurred as hot but fuck this was hawt. As we finished she began pulling my pants up smiling with some of me left on her. We heard something moan behind us. We turned and looked only to find ________ standing there pants around her ankles fingers deep inside herself.

Melissa walked over and ______ asked if I tasted as good as I fucked. Melissa kissed her softly and ______ pulled away only to lick my seed off her flush red face. On the way home all I could think was damn work was gonna be fun on night shifts from now on.