Interracial sex fucking after park pick up

Interracial sex fucking after park pick up
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I had knelt down before Leon, but he had gently raised me back to my feet. I suppose it is a sissy cliché, but kissing Leon had made me light-headed I had only kissed girls before and had usually been the initiator/aggressor, so I was not at all prepared for the force with which Leon pressed his more ample lips to mine and his larger tongue into my mouth, nor was I prepared for the warm gentle strength with which he held me in his arms - he was a big man, 6'2'' maybe 210, and not fat.

The way he held me made me feel the way a girl must feel when I held her only more so, because he was a BIG man and I am on the slight side, so the difference in size was even greater than between me and most of my high school crushes.

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I felt forcefully possessed and a little bit faint. After he broke off and brought my lips to his again with a big strong hand behind my head, I indulged myself and let my knees go limp, he didn't let me drop even a part of an inch, but lifted me and swung me around as if I were a ballerina.

As he set me down, he whispered in my ear, "you are the prettiest gurl I have seen in a long time." I don't know how many gurls or girls either for that matter he had seen, so I don't know how literally true it was, but I do know that it made me feel pretty and lucky to be in the arms of such a strong handsome man. I was quickly aroused to wanting him in my mouth and reached to his zipper to let him know, I got the fly open and found his member with my hand it was plenty big enough, so it was easy to find.

if you know what I mean. It filled my hand and its width and heft were so exciting, I was getting hard myself. It was warm, filled my hand and had a wonderful weight. I grasped it gently, then petted it softly, as I would a little kitten or puppy.

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I badly wanted to be seductive for him, so I got on my toes, le boi,and ran my lips up his cheek, I could feel his beard, made my way to his earlobe and kissed it, then I got up on my toes and whispered in his ear: "Uncle Leon, may I kiss your beautiful big brown love shaft? Or maybe even suck on it?" He chuckled warmly, sounding very pleased and, said, "well, as long as you ask me so nicely and since you are such a sweet little boi, I suppose it would be ok." It made me feel so sexy and warm.

"It might even be cruel to deny you." I knelt down and as I did he undid his belt and the waist button of his pants. I pulled the pants down around his knees and his BBC sprung up like in a porn movie.

I leaned forward to kiss his balls, licked them, then worked my way up his big shaft to the tip, kissed it and licked it like it was a popsicle or a tootsie pop. He was circumcised so I licked a loving outline around the head and cooed my appreciation of his tool.

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"Mmmm, Uncle Leon, you are so big!" longer than 9 inches and maybe two inches thick, with a nice curve to it. I was wishing that he had precum so I could lick it Instead, I got my mouth around it but now I was really worried about teeth, I wanted to give him the best blowjob I possibly could, actually I wanted to give him the best blowjob he had ever had, but, despite my enthusiasm, it was my first time, so I was a little unsure. I realized then that all the practice I had done in the past was up my ass and that I had no real experience giving blowjobs, it came to me to try to swallow him all the way it made me choke a little, when I gagged, Leon was nice, he stopped and let me catch my breath before poking back in, but he laughed a little.

I took him back in and tried to swallow him whole again. Like I said, my desire was to give the best blow job he had ever had but my lack of previous practice and genuine skill was becoming pretty apparent.

I wanted to please him so much! Eventually I asked, "Uncle Leon, would it be better for you to get in my 'pussie?' I used the term that had been used by his brother LaMar when he had fucked my ass. He nodded yes, then guided me firmly, but not at all roughly to my hands and knees., there was a tub of shortening nearby that I had not noticed because it was in a plain container and he applied some to his big rod and put a little dab on a finger and spread that around the outside of my love rose.

Then he moved behind me, poked his big hard love rod into my hole and pushed in. It was heavenly the cliché is that anal hurts at penetration, but if you have done it as much as I had done it to myself and have enough lube there is at most a little stab, more a sensation of pressure than discomfort.

And Leon was plenty big enough that I felt pressure, but soon he was railing me pretty good, I was moaning pretty good and it felt great he was so big it almost felt as if he had his arm in me. I felt totally possessed by someone who liked me and wanted me to feel good. He felt so good in me, I was moaning like the wind in a stom, I was so happy I wept, he paused for a moment and asked if he was hurting me. "N-n-n-no, Uncle Leon you aren't hurting me, you feel good, you feel so good, what LaMar did to me was sorta ok, and I liked it physically, but as sweet as you have been to me, and you are making me feel so good, I am just so happy.

I hope you will do me like this more in the future. A lot more." And I resumed sobbing softly. He chuckled softly, stroked my left cheek then resumed railing me a few minutes later he squirted a load into my pussie gently forced me down onto the bed and lay on top of me with his big, beautiful black dick going flacid in my ass and sweat on my back and his chest and his pleasant manly smell in the air.

I realized now, though, that for the plan I had to get even with LaMar to work, I was going to need to be a lot better at blowjobs and didn't have much time to work on my skills. Anyway, after a few moments of afterglow, Uncle Leon asked me if I wanted him to get me off with his hands. I could not resist having those big hands on my dick, so I said, "yes, please, that would be nice, I would like it." He put some of the lube on his right hand and grabbed my now softening little erection with that big hand and squeezed it gently, I almost came immediately his hands were so big compared to my 'shaft' that he could not move them up and down in the usual motion.

Instead he squeezed and pulled my head sliding it back and forth inside his big fist. Then he got some lube on the middle finger of his left hand and shoved it up my ass, obviously probing for my prostate. He knew when he found it because I started moaning and whimpering as I had while he was railing me and squirted in my ass. All in it was less than five minutes, I splattered a load inside his hand, then grabbed it and brought it to my lips to lick off my sweet Uncle Leon was not going to need to wipe cum off his hand, unless maybe he wanted to wipe it on my face.

"You really are the sweetest little sissie" and he gave me a big smooch on the cheek.

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"Thank you, Uncle Leon," I was getting emotional again. "But, can I tell you I think I need to practice with my hands some more if I am going to get LaMar off as much as I need to." He raised his eyebrows. "Do you think Dannell and Donnell could help me out?" He first gave me a big smile and another one of those deep basso chuckles. "Actually, I think your friends Dannell and Donnell would be very happy to help you out with that." He smiled and kissed me again.

I was so happy.

"The other thing I need and want though is I want to use a mouth guard over my teeth and I will need to fit it. They are between $20 and $30 at the drugstore." At that he really did laugh out loud: "Little boy!" I loved it when he called me little boy. "You are the most professional cocksucker I have ever known." I smiled and replied, "yeah, well, just let me get my mouth on your huge cock when I have one on and I am sure I can show you some cocksucking you will never forget." "No problem, sweet boi, I'll bring it back tonight, now, though, I am going to tell Dannell and Donnell that you are ready and waiting for them.

When 'Uncle' Leon left, I used the time to freshen up showered, shampooed, and, though I shouldn't have been surprised, found a razor and shaving cream. So… I decided to shave my legs and underarms.

I do not have thick hair, but even so, shaving did make a difference and, without any hair, my legs felt, well, sexy. I also found nylons and a garter belt and decided to try them on. It was exciting I actually got hard when I slipped the nylons on my now totally smooth legs. I also trimmed the hair in my crotch, but I didn't take it all off for the bald look, like you see so often in porn movies, I just cropped it real close, my hair isn't very heavy anyway, but I just wanted to have less.

I spent the rest of the time until Dannell and Donnell arrived checking out the restraints I was going to need for my payback to LaMar. In addition to the collar and chain LaMar had used on me there were wrist and ankle restraints and straps that would fit around the waist, chest, and the legs too. There was sufficient hardware that it seemed as if the legs could be restrained either spread or together.

I thought about it and decided I wanted LaMar restrained with his legs spread, so I could have access to his balls, not to hurt them, that wasn't part of my plan, I was going to stimulate them.


Hopefully in a way that he would never forget. About two hours later, Uncle Leon returned with the tooth guards I wanted and he took me up to the kitchen in the house to boil them in water and fit them. He told me that the twins would be another hour or so, since they needed to do some family business.

That gave me an idea. "Uncle Leon, since Dannell and Donnell won't be here for an hour or so, would you be willing to help me test this tooth guard, please?" I tried to sound a little girly when I spoke.

Leon just looked at me and smiled, just a grin at first, but gradually spreading to a smile that made me weak in the knees. This sexy brown man actually seemed to like me, I started to get a little excited.

"What do you have in mind, little boi?" he asked In that basso that seemed like chocolate and honey together. I popped the tooth guards into my mouth, and just stuck my tongue out… He gently grasped the sides of my head in his two big hands and drew it to his erection. I kissed up and down the length of his stiffening boner, then down to his magnificent ball sack, gently lipping and licking his balls, together and individually. Then tonguing my way back up his now erect sissy pleaser to the tip, when I poked my tongue into his pee hole, probing for some precum, I was rewarded with a light moan and a deep-voiced chuckle.

That actually made me start to leak, I was surprised when I caught a glimpse of my little peepee leaking, but it made me feel warm and proud because I was being so sissy in front of this masculine brown god. And, the mouth guards helped, I was able to, for lack of a better word, attack his penis with my mouth without fear of scraping him. As a test, I stopped for a moment, and slurping my spittle back into my mouth, asked, "Uncle, I want to close my mouth a little and I need you to tell me if you feel teeth scraping or if it feels smooth.

" "Ok, my sweet little pussy boi," he answered in a voice that sounded like a lion purring. I forced my mouth down onto his shaft, getting him in almost the whole way - so far that I had a chance to practice suppressing my gag reflex. His deep growling moans were a big encouragement for me. I stopped, slid back off of his sissy-pleaser and looked at him with what I hoped was, if not worship, then deep affection in my eyes.

I actually felt almost a little like weeping for joy. "Uncle Leon, does the guard work?" "Yeah, it does, actually, it sorta feels good to feel them on my shaft, its almost as if there were fingers in there gripping me. You actually might be the best sissy I have ever had." With that kind of encouragement, I went right back to work with determined enthusiasm. And desire the desire to feel his spurt deep in my mouth and taste his man goo before gulping it down my throat. I moved his hands to the back of my head and he immediately got the idea, gripping me firmly, then actually grasping me and using my head and mouth like a jack-off sleeve sex toy.

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after just a few moments, I was rewarded with the splashes of three spurts deep into my throat, then two more slightly less forceful ones. The feel and taste were deliciously satisfying.

But it was a bizarre kind of satisfaction, as it left me wanting more, if that made sense… "Mmmmm" I couldn't help myself, his cum tasted so good in my mouth, and I was so proud of myself. When LaMar had throated and face-fucked and ass-fucked me, he had been driven by his own desire to use me to satisfy himself and dominate me, but Leon had treated me like a lover as if I were a sweet little girl and I had pleased him enough that he became excited enough to orgasm.


I was pleased and satisfied, but like an athlete who does well in an event, I was already looking forward to the next game. Even so, I had to try to make him understand how special it was to me to be able to lure his spunk out of his balls and into my mouth, spread it over my tongue using the roof of my mouth, then swallow every drop.

I had to thank him and tell him how much it meant to me, that I would never forget the first time I had ever been able to love a cock of a sexy man who liked me. I never have forgotten there are times when I can't recall parts of LaMar's assaults on my ass and throat, but I remember everything about Leon: the shade of dark brown of his shaft, the sort of pinkish tint of the head, how the inside of his slit tasted, when I first licked it, when the first pre-cum graced the tip of my tongue, and while it was squirting jizz into my eager oral love appliance.

I don't know if it was love as much as it was worship, not religious worship, but the deep personal admiration of someone who seems to care for you and is a person you think well of. "Uncle, it was so good, your penis and your jizz both tasted so good and you were so hard.

I will never forget this.

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Thank you. I hope you will let me suck you a lot more in the future." He just chuckled that basso that melted me inside again, looked me in the eye and said, "you can count on that, Timmy, you can count on that." With that, he took my face in those big strong hands, drew me close and moved to kiss me.

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I shied away because of the loads he had blessed my mouth with. Then he did laugh, it was a sincere and reassuring laugh. "You been watching too much porn, baby boy?" I looked at him puzzled because I was. "I'm not some dick in a porn movie who won't kiss the mouth that just pleased him so sweetly. You pleased me, I think you are a pretty little boy, and from what my nephews tell me, you are a good kid, a nice guy, now come here and kiss your uncle Leon, baby." Then I did cry.

And he, my handsome, manly, strong and gentle 'Uncle' Leon held me.