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Nackter geiler boy
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Hey guys. This is my first story, be kind. Any feedback will be appreciated. ________________________________________________________ This is important for later on in the story. I'm putting it here now so it doesn't look like I just added it later on. This story takes place in a world very much the same as ours except males can get pregnant as well as females, but the pregnancy requires sperm as any pregnancy does and also is only possible when the male is physically ready.


________________________________________________________ Chapter 1 Sean and Kyle were brothers, more than that, they were identical twins. Their father had died shortly before the twins were born, from what they had heard, he died in a car crash.

Their mother however, couldn't cope carrying the twins and she died on the operating table while Sean and Kyle were being born.

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So the twins were alone, with the exception of each other. From the time they were taken from the hospital, they were put into the fostering system, placed with family after family using the boys for the pay check that came with them. Finally when they were 14, the twins were placed in a home where the family actually wanted them.

Alec and Mara Guinness had been trying for years to have a child without success, then Kyle and Sean were placed in their home. Sure, after being shunted from house to house the twins initially had resentment towards the poor Guinnesses, but after the couple opened up to the boys and allowed them to be heard, they let their guards down and invited Alec and Mara in.

Six months later, the boys had been adopted and at last had a sense of belonging and stability. Sean, after a slow start, caught up to his classmates in school and even surpassed them. Kyle, on the other hand was still trying to catch up. Not long after the twins moved into the Guinnesses, Sean had discovered masturbation, oddly enough, it was also the time that he first discovered he was gay, he was alone in the room that he and Kyle shared, lying topless as it was a hot day watching a show on the TV on his bed.

The characters were at a pool party, and one of the guys was walking around shirtless, well defined abs and pecs. Sean's heart skipped a few beats upon seeing this, his eyes glued to the shirtless guy. It took him a minute or two but he soon realised that his 4" cock was rock hard. Still watching the guy on the screen, Sean was vaguely aware that he was stroking his dick, he continued for a while increasing with his intensity the longer he watched the TV.


Eventually he started to feel something, it started in his bladder which made Sean think he needed to pee, but he continued anyway, playing with himself like this was feeling amazing, only the sensation in his bladder grew and grew until he really thought he would wet himself, the feeling in his bladder then spread out to the rest of his body as he pushed himself past the point of no return, his body stiffened up, Sean was trying to hold back the urge to pee as long as he could but that was it, his body shuddered as he had his first ever orgasm.

He felt something wet hit his stomach and thought he really had peed himself. He opened his eyes and saw that what had hit him was certainly not pee, just in time for another wave to hit him making his eyes roll back into his head and he shot his second rope, hitting him in the centre of his chest. Sean lay there in pure ecstasy as his orgasm continued to wash over him. Sean slowly got up after his orgasm ended and found an old shirt lying on the floor so he could clean himself up, he then sat on the bed revelling in his new discovery was this what the boys at school called "jerking off"?

It really seemed like it. His mind then travelled to thinking of how this started, he was looking at the hot shirtless guy and he got hard. "Wait a minute" he thought "guys don't get hard over guys…or do they?" he decided he'd have to ask someone about that. But that could wait, there was someone Sean really wanted to talk to about his new discovery.

Sean quickly put his clothes back on and ran out of the bedroom "Kyle!" he called out. Chapter 2 "What?" Kyle yelled out from the lounge-room. Sean practically ran into the lounge room.

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"You've got to come with me, there's something really good I want to show you" Sean begged. "What is it?" Kyle asked. "I can't tell you." Sean muttered "I have to show you" "Well can it wait? I'm in the middle of my show" "Kyyyyyyyyyleeee noooooooooooowww" Sean whined.

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"It's really cool I promise, please?" "Urgh alright" Kyle relented. He followed his brother up to their room. Sean closed the door behind them. Before sitting on his bed. "Kyle, do you trust me?" he asked "What? Sean? Of course I trust you.


We've always had each other's backs" Sean smiled "Ok well I really need you to trust me now and do everything I say, no matter how weird it may seem. Could you please do that for me?" Kyle was starting to get worried now, but he trusted his brother more than anything "Ok Sean, anything you tell me to do, I'll do it." "Trust me, you won't regret this" Sean was grinning ear to ear now "Now take your clothes off" "Take my.what?" Kyle was startled and shocked "my clothes?

Why?" "Yes, your clothes, you'll find out why soon" Kyle was hesitant but agreed and slowly lifted his shirt as Sean watched. When Kyle took his shirt all the way off, Sean became enthralled with his brother's small body it was the same as his own after all the boys were smaller than the other kids in their year due to some of the malnourishment they received from the various foster parents who had taken them in before the Guinnesses did.

They had been placed with the Guinnesses a couple months earlier and so they had begun to fill out, when Kyle breathed in, Sean could still see a few ribs sticking out, but he looked so much healthier.

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Sean had begun to tent in his shorts just looking at Kyle, he was completely focussed on his brother's body that he hadn't noticed that Kyle had finished undressing. "Sean!" Kyle snapped Sean out of his reverie. Taking a few moments to remember where he was, he took one more look at his brother before saying "lie down on the bed".

Kyle did so. Sean then took over, he got up off of his bed, walked over to Kyle and took his brother's tool into his hand. "Sean what are you doing…that's…that's my private part." Kyle was alarmed. "Kyle, trust me." He repeated as he started to stroke the member. "Holy mmm, that feels good" Kyle moaned. Sean raised an eyebrow.

"See I told you. You wanna give it a go?" Kyle didn't need to be asked twice, he immediately took his 4 incher into his hand and jerked himself off. He masturbated himself a little while Sean watched. Sean then had an idea, but didn't know how Kyle would react. Acting on impulse, Sean started to pinch and tease Kyle's nipples who started moaning louder. Kyle suddenly took a sharp breath "I gotta pee real bad" "Kyle, keep going, trust me you don't." "No I gotta pee" He took his hand off of his dick and tried to get up Sean put his hand on Kyle's chest to stop him, then grabbed his dick and kept stroking him "Sean!

I gotta pee. No Sean please stop" Kyle moaned "Sean…Sean…I'm…I'm…peeing" he cried as his orgasm took him over and he started shooting load after load over his chest. Sean kept rubbing Kyle's dick until he was sure he had finished.

Kyle looked up and saw his chest covered in a white liquid.

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"Holy mother Sean, that felt amazing! Where did you learn that?" "Well I was watching the telly and there was this shirtless guy, my dick got hard and I began to play with it" he explained.

The boys kept talking inside the bedroom for a while. Unbeknownst to them, Alec had noticed that Kyle had left the TV on when he left the lounge and had gone upstairs to find him.

He got to the bedroom door and heard everything that had transpired inside the bedroom.