Massage loving cutie gets pussyfucked

Massage loving cutie gets pussyfucked
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Room 1707 Here I am. I let a co-worker fuck my ass in the office and now my boss, Gordon, the fat maniac, is using me as a complimentary gift for his new clients. Five guys I just took a professional meeting with are waiting behind the hotel room door to ravage my body in celebration. It is better than being an intern though. I hope I enjoy it. Never done this kind of thing before, one of the guys, Dan, is black; that'd also be a first for me.

I can hear someone opening the door. Gosh! I don't feel ready at all. About 3 months ago. Having let Craig use me like a fuck-doll in the office I didn't expect him to be a gentleman about it.

I had thought he'd act normal, but when he walked into my office and asked me, "How does that ass feel?" I knew I had made a big mistake. Craig then told me that I had made an impression and that the boss, Gordon, wanted to see me in his office. I didn't know what to make of all of this.

Gordon was a fat ugly pervert who I had caught ogling at me many times in meetings and around the office, but did Craig mean I had made an impression as a professional at the meeting or last evening as an obedient fuck toy? I got up from my chair and gathered myself. I was sure Craig didn't rat me out to Gordon and this was going to be a professional meeting, although my mind was toying with the idea of it being a little more sinister than that and this was now getting me wet.

As I walked out of my office I noticed again how the maintenance guys had screwed up my middle name on my office door. They spelt it ALIVIA MARIE ANDREWS instead of.ughh never mind. I made my way to the elevator and for the first time I pushed the button for the top floor.

As the numbers changed on the elevator, I remembered that post my break up with my sissy boyfriend I had secretly fantasised about Gordon having his way with me.

I was nervous and really wet when the elevator door opened. This floor was for the two senior partners of the firm and had two massive offices only; with a common reception area which was also very big. The receptionist was a tall brunette in her thirties who smiled at me and said, "You must be Miss. Andrews". "Yuh.Yes." I responded trying not sound totally retarded. She led me into Gordon's office which instantly took a shit on my dream office.

His actual office was a hundred times better than my imaginary one. He smiled at me from his desk as she left us alone. "Welcome Alivia, come have a seat." He said, with his subtle Italian accent. I sat down in front of him. "You are a very smart young woman, Alivia, a hard worker, very good!" he sounded sincere and I thanked him with a smile. "I will not force anything on you Alivia, but I have to let you know that we have security cam footage of you and Craig but that is just to protect us from any legal action you might take" I had no idea how to respond.

I looked around his desk in confusion and found a picture of his wife and daughter, both of whom were stunning. "That's my wife, Linda and my daughter Sabrina, she is about your age" he stated. "She is very pretty" I uttered truthfully. My heart was racing. "Your salary and perks will improve should you agree to this arrangement." "Wh.what is the arrangement exactly?" I enquired, trembling with nervousness. He got up and walked towards me, "You have a great body, Alivia, a beautiful face, nice round tits and an ass of a Goddess" He stood in front of me and gave me his hand.

He smelt musky. I grabbed it nervously and he helped me up from my chair. Then he shamelessly shoved his hand inside my skirt, under my panties and felt the wetness of my pussy on his fingers.

He was staring right into my eyes as I looked at him in shock and helplessness.

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"I will tell you about the arrangement at dinner, will you cook me a nice dinner young lady?" his hand was now drenched in my juices but he hadn't put his fingers inside me which I secretly wanted him to do. "I will." I replied, wide-eyed under the shock of his audacity. "I'll be at your place at seven tonight, okay?" he withdrew his hand and smelt his fingers.

"Sure" I said. He licked his fingers clean and gave me a long sloppy kiss on the lips, making me taste myself as I kissed back. I was super confused as I reached my floor but somehow, out of the blue, I confidently walked up to the maintenance guy and said, "Its MARY with a Y not IE.

Have it corrected before the end of your shift." The guy was flabbergasted and only managed to utter, "Yes Miss Andrews", as I walked away. I couldn't believe how horny I was as I prepared dinner for Gordon. He was ugly! I hated him and I was going to let him use my body as he pleased. That turned me on.

I had put on my tightest mini dress, it was white; put on my black heels and done my hair like I was going to a party. I remember liking the way I looked and immediately realising that perhaps I am a whore now. Gordon pulled up in his benz around 8. He had brought a bottle of wine and hadn't removed his wedding band.

Scumbag! I greeted him at the door and before I knew it he had taken me in his arms and kissed me full on lips like I was his girlfriend. We ate dinner, he said he liked it; and when I asked him about the arrangement he said he didn't want to talk about work. The wine he brought was really good and I almost started to enjoy dinner too. I was really glad that he liked my cooking; when he complimented me on the way I looked that night and also every day in the office I actually blushed.

Then he ruined it by making a perverted comment about my ass. I still smiled at him not knowing what to say. He finished his food and excused himself to go to the toilet. For some reason I guided him to the one in my bedroom and strangely that made me wet. I went back to kitchen to bring out dessert. "Do you get ESPN?" he startled me as he came back out.

"I want to eat dessert on the couch." "Sure", I said as walked up to switch the TV on for him. "There." I gave him the remote. "Thank you sweetheart" he kissed me again and I threw my arms around him like a good girl. I could feel his boner through his pants as he pulled me closer into one of the sloppiest kisses of my life. I knew then that he didn't just want to fuck me.he wanted to consume me and I wanted him to do so too, not knowing what was in store for me.

He broke the kiss and smiled at me. I smiled back. His hands ventured down my waist, to my thighs, lifted my dress and began to pull my panties down. They were soaked. I helped him get them off.

He asked me to bring dessert to the couch. I fixed my dress as I made my way to fulfil his desire. I knew I wasn't going to say no to anything he asked of me.

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He sat there sniffing my panty shamelessly even after I gave him the dessert and sat next to him. He threw them on the ground, unzipped his pants and pulled them down. His dick was so thick I almost gasped. "Nice" he commented on the dessert. I hadn't noticed that he had started eating it because I was distracted by the monstrous girth of his veiny.

thing. He asked me politely to jerk him off and I remember being disappointed that he hadn't asked me to suck it cos that's what I really wanted to do. I kept my eyes fixated on his cock cos I was too shy to look at him or was it because I couldn't get over the thickness of his cock.

I can't remember. He was so thick that I couldn't get my grip around it properly; nonetheless I had worked up a tempting amount of pre-cum on the tip. He put his hand at the back of my head and played with my hair, I looked at him for approval and he gave it to me by slowly pushing my head down.

I opened up my senses as my face approached his dick. It smelt like lust. I slurped the pre-cum and it wasn't as tasty at it looked but I liked it 'cos it was filthy.

As I took his dick in my mouth I realised how much I had to open my jaw up for it.


So I started to use my lips and tongue to work around the big mushroom, sneaking sniffs at it too when I rubbed my face on it. I was really enjoying sucking the fattest cock I had ever seen. I knew he didn't want just that when he pushed my head harder into his dick.

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I gagged on his dick for a while and by this time he had unzipped my dress. When I felt the pressure of his hand ease up on the back of my head I got up to step out of my dress. I felt my tears roll down my cheeks as I sat upright. I got out of my dress and stood in front of him, naked, letting him feast his eyes on my body. My pussy was screaming for attention.

He took off all his clothes, smiling at my naked body as he did so. Without saying a word he walked away, into my bedroom. I took off my heels and followed him. As I entered my bedroom I saw his ass staring at me. He was on my bed, his head stuffed into my pillow and ass raised up. I loved that he was commanding me without saying a single word. I approached his fat ass and slowly spread his cheeks with my hands. His asshole was hairier than I had thought and as I took in a whiff of it, I realised that it smelt dirtier than I had hoped.

My head involuntarily jerked backwards from it, the smell was quite strong. I don't know if it was the wine but I was committed to being used that night; I went in again to take in a longer whiff and followed it up with a sweet kiss on the smelly little asshole. He pushed back lightly towards me, his ass cheeks pressed on my face as I kissed it. I pulled back again, repulsed by the smell, a sense of shame took over me as I noticed my favourite mascara smudged on Gordon's ass cheeks.

To buy myself time I sheepishly grabbed his thick dick and started stroking it, noticing even more pre-cum building up as the thing pointed downwards. A drool of pre-cum started to make way from his penis towards my bed. Leaving my hand on his dick, I reached down to lap that mucky juice up with my tongue. Ignoring his asshole, I decided to slurp on his balls as a safer bet; and continued to stroke his dick from behind. As I massaged his balls with my slippery tongue, I managed to tell myself that I had been excused from servicing the smelliest asshole in the world--- I was wrong!

Gordon's left hand reached my chin from between his legs and pushed it upwards towards his shit chute. His push made my nose grind against his pongy hole and I gave it another half-hearted kiss.

His right hand was now trying to reach the back of my head in an attempt to push my face deep into his ass. I took a deep breath as I helped him out by burying my pretty face into his smutty crack. My nose was literally up my boss's bum and I gagged every time I breathed. He started to move his ass up and down to make sure he rubs it all over my face and I decided to just do that for him.


As I wiped his asshole with my face, I felt my pussy tingling again. I loved doing this to my sister, Lisa, but her ass smelt and tasted wonderful. I had lost myself in her ass many times while she had phone sex with her boyfriends. She had taught me to please. I sucked on Gordon's asshole and then pushed my tongue inside it. He grabbed the back of my head and pushed me in with all his strength as he let himself lie flat on his belly. I could hear him sigh with pleasure as I too made dirty sounds every time I thrust my face in and out of his ass.

After enjoying me fucking his ass with my tongue, he grabbed the back of my head and pressed me hard into his butt. I pushed my tongue out as much as I could and could feel and taste the inside of his ass. I felt him pushing his butthole out, but I persevered with my eyes closed. When he eased his grip on my head, I slowly let my tongue slip out. I felt a soft fart on the tip of my tongue as it left his ass.

He probably heard it too but didn't flinch. My tongue had a bitter tingling sensation on its tip as I took it back in my mouth. He turned to face me and I looked up at him with shame and sadness. I felt dirty and vulnerable. He got on top of me and kissed me full on the lips. My face was smelling like his ass but I was glad that I was still worthy of kisses.

Just then he pulled away and spat a thick, creamy ball of spit on my face and slapped me, jolting me out of my lust. "Don't wipe that off", he commanded as he went down on me.

The familiarity of my bedroom began to sink in. All my stuff stared at me in disbelief and I stared back with emptiness. Gordon ate my pussy and asshole as I lay there in silence. He climbed on top of me, his spit still on my face. I had never felt so humiliated before. The last thought I had before he entered my pussy was how much I hated him: then his thickness stretched my pussy and all I could do was whimper in pain and ecstasy.

I rolled my eyes back as I started to enjoy getting fucked by his manly thickness. He obviously didn't want that so he pressed on my neck with his heavy forearm, making sure I don't breathe.

My eyes opened wide as I looked for mercy in his. There was none. He was enjoying my pain a little too much. I tried to push him off me but I had no strength. I couldn't even make a sound. I stopped struggling in fear of my life as he continued to fuck my pussy hard and choke me within an inch of my life. My body was no longer in my control. I was scared. I thought I was making sounds but I couldn't hear anything. My vision had lost focus when all of a sudden he let go off my neck and pulled out of my pussy at the same time.

I gasped for life and it came back to me with the realisation that I was squirting hard on Gordon's face. My body was now convulsing involuntarily and I didn't know why I was crying. Gordon got on top of me again and kissed my face gently to calm me. I too held him tightly, quivering in his arms like a helpless baby, crying for reasons unknown to me-- it was probably in fear cos I thought he might actually kill me or in happiness cos I knew now that he wouldn't.

"Shhh, shhh." he whispered into my ear and I found myself relaxing again, gaining control of my breath.

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My body was still trembling though and Gordon held me warmly. I turned towards him and buried my face into his hairy chest. I felt safer in that moment than I have ever felt before.

Gordon grabbed my hand and guided it slowly to his cock that was still throbbing with lust. I stroked him slowly. He then reached behind me and grabbed my ass tightly, then started to play with my asshole with his fingers. I knew what he wanted but I was scared to have my ass fucked with his dick. I looked into his eyes for reassurance but I found a scary emptiness in them. He was looking at me but I don't think he could see me. I surrendered. As I turned around slowly to offer him my pink asshole, I hoped that I would go into a trance.

A trance which, anal sex tends to throw me into. I hoped that my trance would help me escape the pain, but as he began to shove that fat cock up my bum: I found myself shrieking in pain.

I spread my ass with my hands as much as I could but the pain wouldn't stop. I screamed again as he pushed in further but this time his hand came to my rescue: it was suddenly on my neck choking me with a ferocity that derailed me from reality.

I always knew I enjoyed being submissive with my body, but now, I had begun to enjoy surrendering my life. I was in utopia as I went to sleep. Don't know how long I passed out for. It took me a while to figure out where I was. And what was being done to me. He was still fucking my bum.

He wasn't fucking it hard; he wasn't even all the way in. I suppose it hurt him too. He was pushing in and out of it nice and slow. I couldn't hear anything at first. not even my own thoughts. Then the squishing sound of him fucking me became faintly audible followed by something Gordon was mumbling in my ear. I decided to enjoy the sweet pain but jolted back to reality when I thought I heard him mutter, "I love you." in my ear.

He continued to mumble and in my agony I decided to listen closely to his grumbles. "I fucking love you.uhh.soo much.---uhn-Sabrina.I love you" It took me a while, to place who Sabrina was and my heart almost exploded when I remembered the picture of his family on his desk. It was his daughter! The fat fuck was dreaming and drooling over his own daughter as he fucked me!

I had never felt so humiliated before and the feeling of disgust for him and my worthlessness turned me on in such a weird way that I did something bizarre. I turned my head towards him to kiss him on the mouth; he was in such a trance that he continued muttering her name over our sloppy kiss. I broke the kiss and looked helplessly into his blank eyes then almost involuntarily I snapped back at him with, "I love you too Daddy".

there it was an evil spark in his eyes that came alive that very instance as he fucked my bum with a certain sense of desperate encouragement. "I fucking love it when you fuck my ass Daddy. yeah.Daddy I love you." I teased. He picked up his pace and then without any warning with a loud grunt shoved all of his cock up my asshole. I shut my eyes, turned away from him and let out a scream from the pain. He was now all the way up my ass and was still pressing into it and pulling me back by the waist.

It wouldn't go any deeper but that didn't stop him from trying.

I could only moan as he squirted his hot, white, gooey, passion deep in my ass. I felt him relax behind me. He let go off me and slowly let his dick slip out and slipped out with it was the big load he had shot inside me.

I felt it's warmth trickle down my butt cheek. He was silent, staring at the ceiling as I turned towards him. I kissed him on the forehead and rested my chin on his chest.

I needed to know whether he had crossed the line with his daughter and he knew too that this was the only question on my mind. He wasn't going to explain himself, so I began to ask, "Have you ever."-- he cut me off. "No, I am not a monster!" We lay there in silence. I've met Sabrina many times after that, mostly at parties. She is a year older than I am and, I think, an inch taller. My stupid butt is obviously bigger than hers. She's a confident girl. I like her and I think she's fond of me too.

But that'd change if she knew that when no one is home, Gordon and I sneak into her room, he makes me wear her clothes and does the most depraved things to me while calling me by her name. I feel truly worthless at times and have learnt that this feeling adds to my arousal in a big way.

I have to wear her used underwear at work every day now. Higher salary and perks but I am supposed to fulfil some clients dark fantasies every once in a while. Some of them are really twisted but I figured I could keep up with them, didn't think it was such a bad deal. --------------------Room 1707 Tight black mini-dress, stockings and high heels; 5 star hotel, waiting for 5 guys to shatter any sense of shame that I might be left with.

The door opens. It's Matt. He smiles at me, I attempt to smile back politely.

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He senses I am nervous and gives me his hand. I take it and step inside. The door shuts behind me. Oh dear!