Teacher vs boy anal gay sex movie Dad Family Cabin Retreat

Teacher vs boy anal gay sex movie Dad Family Cabin Retreat
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ANAL QUEEN Chris loved nothing better than to be fucked in the ass. But her husband Mark wouldn't do it. Chris was 4'11", 105 lbs. Nice sized tits, round firm ass cheeks and hot blood to match her flaming red locks. She kept her pussy shaved smooth as a baby's butt. And her thighs were firm and well toned from all her running. Chris ran to keep firm plus it kept her mind off of her favorite sex act.

Which was sometimes hard since the men that ran also had nice firm butts. Chris had never let anyone fuck her cunt since she got married but alot of men had savored her tight bottom. Chris's main interest now was to find a man that was hung like a horse. She wanted bigger and better cocks in her ass. She even thought about getting a horse since they lived in the country and could keep one in their barn instead of just old cars.


What really pissed Chris off was that Mark was hung good. He measured at 11" long and had a girth of 8 1/2" inches of meat. And the way he pounded her pussy would make any woman scream and cum forever.

Even Chris came like a flood when Mark poked her with his beautiful cock but he refused to bust her asshole. It wasn't because he'd hurt her, he didn't like it and thought it was dirty. Chris tried numberous ways and tricks so could feel Mark in her butt. Once he missed her cunt on the out stroke and started to enter her rectum, but when he found out where the head of his cock was going, he pulled out jump up and ran to the bathroom to clean off his dick.

It had been 4 or 5 months sice the last guy reamed her bowels and Chris was horny for a real good ass-reaming. She needed to a big cock up her ass and feel a large load of sperm being dumped into her. She had used her largest dildo the other night but it wasn't the same, she needed a real man or horse she didn't care which as long the cock was huge, fucked her deep and hard and dumped a big load into her bowels. Chris had her eye on this guy that worked at the computer store where she had her computer fixed.

He was about 6'2", 200 lbs., brown hair with a tint of grey, a cute smile and a bluge Chris couldn't and wouldn't keep her eyes off of. When ever Chris was around him, her asshole would tingle just thinking of him boning her tight butt. She always made sure to wear a low cut blouse or shirt with butt hugging tight pants or shorts when she went there.

She also flirted alot with him. She could also tell be the way he acted that he was interested in her. Maybe she would ask him the next time she went if he'd like to fuck her. Mark was going out of town for the next week, so Chris deceided that she would abuse herself with the dildo tonight.

After dinner and taking Mark to the airport, Chris came home and jumped into hot tub with a large glass of wine. Since the tub was in back she could have her dip without her suit. Chris laid in the tub sipping her wine watching her breasts float while her right hand played with clit. She would move her hand to rub her firm asscheeks then she would finger her puckered anal ring.

Chris knew this would get her blood boiling but she was looking forward later fun with the dildo. As her mind wandered to the vision of her beautiful toy, of its huge size and how good it would feel in her anal tract, she thought of the guy at the computer store and wished she had called him to come fix her computer and her. Chris continued to finger her rectum.

By mow she had pushed two fingers deep into butt and she knew she was going to cum any second. When she did, Chris moaned so loud that if they had neighbors they would have heard her. "God, I need to fucked in my ass!!!

I'm cumming again.!!! AAAAAAGGGGGHHHHH!!" The orgasm almost wiped her out. Chris deceided that she needed to get to her bed and finish what she had started. She needed to feel her ass being stretched. She needed to feel her ass packed to the limit with the fake cock. Maybe someday it would be a real cock. Chris got out of the hot tub and dried her trim lithe body taking extra time to rub her firm tits and crotch. Then she went to her bedroom. In her room, Chris got the dildo out of the drawer where she kept it.

She got some towels and the KY lube from the bath. After spreading the towels on the bed sheets, Chris laid down in the middle of them. She grabbed her dildo and brought it to her mouth. Out snaked her tongue. Chris started licking the head of the fake cock.

She opened her mouth as wide as she could and slipped the head into her mouth. Chris licked and sucked at the dildo while her other hand fingered her pink very swollen clit. Her clit was harder than ever before. It felt a small cock. "God, I wish I had man here sucking on my clit", Chris moaned. If she kept at this she knew she was going to cum. Chris stop sucking the dildo. She grabbed the KY and greased the dildo, then she smeared a big gob of lube on and into her tiny puckered anal opening.

She fingered her butt hole for a few minutes to get ready to accept the large toy. When her ass was ready, Chris put the toy up to her rectum hole. She moved it around getting use to the feel of the large head. Then she stopped. Chris thought for a moment, "Why don't I video tape this so I can look at it later and maybe even use it in the future for more excitment".

She got up, found the camera, sit it on the tripod, aimed it at the bed, right in the center of the towels. She then hooked up the bedroom TV so she make sure she had the camera aimed at and have a closeup of her asshole.

When this was finished, Chris got on the bed, looked at the TV, moved her butt to the center of the screen. With the remote, she zoomed in on her rectum. "Damn, that is one pretty asshole, if I say so myself", Chris mused to herself. While watching the TV, Chris picked up the dildo and put it up to her puckered anal opening again. "Here goes!", she moaned. With that Chris started to press the toy into her opening. The head was going to be the hardest part. She had do this before and it was always the same.

The head had to slowly stretch her butt hole so the bigger shaft could follow. Chris's hole started to open as the head of the dildo she had pressed on.


Chris pushed down on her stomach like she was trying to take a shit so it open her rectum hole to help the toy get passed the tough spectser muscle. She felt the opening give way and in slid the head of the dildo. "OH, YES, THAT'S IT!!! I love it!" She wailed.

She held the toy still while her anal opening got use to the dildo. As Chris felt her rectum relaxing she pushed more of the dildo into her ass. She looked at the TV, to see about one quarter of the fake cock had slid in her. Now she reach down and turned on the vibrator to full speed. "AAAAGGGHHHH!! OH, SHIT!! UUUUUGGGGGGHHHHHH!!!" Chris screamed as the first orgasm shook her body and brain.

She knew there was going to be more gut renching orgasms to follow and before the night and this session was over. There was a little pain so Chris figured she had torn her butt alittle. She looked at the TV again and saw a trickle of blood running down her crack.

Since it was just tiny bit, Chris continued to push the dildo deeper into her ass.

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Chris continued to fuck the dildo into her ass until she felt her fingers touch her hole. She now had the whole dildo deep in her bowels. Chris was still having one orgasm after another. As Chris the dildo out to the head she felt her intestines being pulled also. There was such a vacuum that her inside pulled down as the toy went out.

When she pushed it back in, Chris felt her bowels expand from the size of it. She started to fuck the dildo in her ass faster and faster.

In and out, orgasm after orgasm, this was what Chris loved the most. Her butt being reamed by a large cock even if it was fake. After an hour of ass fucking, orgasms too many to count, Chris was finally wore out.

She fell back on the bed and laid there. She even left the dildo in her ass. Here she was laying back panting with a monster dildo protruding from her tiny round butt. It looked like a dick coming out of her ass and it was all on tape. When Chris finally regained her senses, she slowly removed the toy from her bottom.

She looked at the TV as she renoved it. She chuckled to herself. "Will it ever end?" Finally the dildo was out and left behind was a gapping hole that was Chris's anal opening. At the angle she was at, Chris zoomed the camera in closer as to take pictures of the inside of her rectum's deep, dark recesses. After a few minutes of playing, Chris started tightrning her muscles to make her well abused asshole close up. Chris turned off the camera, turned off the lights and fell into a deep restful sleep.

When Chris woke the next morning she cleaned up her mess the night before and went fixed her breakfast. "I think I'll go to the Computer store and see if I can get something going. I guess I can tell him my compter is acting funny. Yea, That's what I'll do." Chris said to herself.

She got dress and called the store, "Hi, this is Chris Johnson, my computer seems to be acting up. Its acting like a total ass. Cam I bring it in." Chris called just to make sure that the guy at the store was the one who was working not the other guy. She put on her tightest shorts and halter top. Into the car went the computer and off she went. The store was only 5 mins.

away but by the time Chris got there her crotch was already soaking wet. "Damn, I hope it doesn't show. Then again maybe it should. That way he'll notice and give me a good buttfucking.

Chris carried her computer into the store. There was noone else there except the guy she wanted. "Good, maybe I can get something going!" Chris smiled to herself. After 10 mins. of small talk and checking the computer, the said that it was OK. "Gee, you look nice today!" The guy said. "Thank you, I wore it just for you." Chris replied. "Its nice to be appreciated. I alway like to look at pretty ladies and especailly one as pretty as you." He stated. "I could show you more if we weren't here," Chris smiled.

She knew she was being a whole lot forward but damn she was still horny. And she needed a big load of sperm in her bowels. "Maybe I could come over to your house to fix your computer from now on?" He smiled. "That would be great. Maybe I could also fix you lunch or anything else you'd like." She replied. "How about this afternoon. My husband will be out of town for the week. We could even take a dip in the hot tub and maybe other places.

Say, about 1:30?" "OK, I'll be there. I'll go home and get my swimsuit." He replied. "You won't need your suit, we have no neighbors, just woods.

See you at 1:30 then. Bye." Chris chirped as she left. Chris drove like a mad woman to get home as fast as she could. She wanted to fix her hair, douche her cunt and give her ass an emena, and make sure she had something nice fixed for lunch. Her hand kept drifting to her crotch, rubbing her clit. "Stop that, you horny bitch, you'll be satified soon." She told herself.

Chris always flicked her clit when giving herself an enema. Right at 1:30, he rang the doorbell. Chris's heart almost stopped. He was here and her pussy started flooding her small lacy panties she had put on just for him. Chris went to answer the door. Chris almost came in her pants when she opened the door. Here was her dream. Standing in front of her with a big smile. Chris just stared. Finally, he spoke, "Are you going to invite me in or our we going just stand here in the doorway?" That woke Chris from her daydream.

"Oh, I'm sorry. Please do come in. I feel so embarrassed. Can you ever forgive me?" "That's ok." He replied. "Let's go to the patio and I'll serve lunch there, Ok?" Chris mused.

As he sat down at the table, Chris continued to look at his bulge. She was getting hornier by the minute. "Would you like to take a dip in the hot tub or pool before we eat or are you hungry now?" Chris asked. "Why don't we take a dip in the hot tub. I didn't bring a suit like you said.

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Is that ok, with you?" He asked. "No problem what so ever." Chris replied as she thought, "My God, I'm going to be able to get a look at his cock." They went over to the hot tub and began to strip down. Chris wouldn't take her eyes off of him. He in turn wasn't taking his eyes off of her. As he dropped his shorts his dick sprang straight out in front of his body.

Chris noticed that he was well hung, in fact very well hung. "Just how big are you?" She asked him. "Last time I measured it, it was 13" long and has a girth of at least 10". He replied. "May I touch it?" Chris drooled. "Sure." When Chris's hand touched the cock, it swelled a little more. Chris's hand squeezed the huge shaft, it was warm and very hard. At the tip there was a drop of pre-come juice. Chris wiped it with her thumb.

It feel warm also and slick. "I've got to try to suck this dick even if just a little can get into my mouth". She told herself as she bent over and tried to take the big head into her small mouth. Chris got half of the huge head inbetween her lips but that was all. Her cunt was flowing like a river.


Her right hand went to her clit. She rubbed her fingers onto her slopping gash then brought her wet hand and fingers up to her swollen clit. She began rubbing her clit as she tried to get more of the cock in her mouth. Her asshole was tightening and relaxing as Chris fingered her clit.

"After I fuck this thing with my cunt I'm going to have him bury every inch in my butt." She talked to herself. He reached and pulled at her nipples driving Chris even closer to a orgasm. He then pulled her up and held her in his arms like a baby. He bent over and kissed her. He stuck his tongue deep into her mouth and swiped it over her tongue. Chris had never been kiss this way before.

There was a feel of passion in his kiss that made Chris start cumming in his arms. After he finished kissing her, he carried her over to the hot tub and laid her into the warm water. Then he climed in beside her. "My God," Chris said to him" I've never been kissed so good before. And I have never seen a cock so huge. Do you have trouble finding women who can handle it?" "Yes, alot of the time. I don't even think you'll be able to handle it all." He stated. "Don't you worry about me, I handle it and more." Chris smiled.

"But you are so small, I could tear you or worse." He replied. "Well, I have a husband who is 11" long and 8 1/2" in girth. My dildo is just as big. We'll just go slowly, ok?" She answered. "I like to fuck women in the butt on occassion. But I don't think I could do yours but I sure would like to." He stated. "Well, I loved to be butt fucked. Just last night I used my dildo on my ass. I had the whole thing buried to the hilt. I also have lots of KY jelly. As a matter of fact I'd rather be fucked in the ass than in my pussy." Chris told him.

"We can try it after lunch and after I ream your pussy." He replied as he lifted Chris to the edge of the tub and spread her legs. He grabbed his big cock in his hand and nudged it up to her cunt hole.

He rammed it around her pussy, getting it nice and wet for him to enter her. Chris looked down between her legs at the monster dick that was just about to enter her. She moaned as he pressed the head into her slit.

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"RAM IT IN ME!! Don't tease me. I want your cock in my cunt up to my womb. Fill me to the limit. I care if yu tear me, just fuck me." Chris wailed. With that he rammed his ass forward, buruing his dick into Chris's tight pussy. He didn't stop shoving till he hit her womb. Chris felt the large cock head hit her womb and she looked down to see that only half of the monster dick was in her. Each time he pushed the cockhead into her womb, Chris would moan. She knew that if he kept at it she'd be cumming again.

When he hit the womb opening she felt it open a little and felt the head edging it way into her virgin womb. No man had ever entered her womb but here she was getting fucked by a man that was now doing just that. Chris felt the womb give way so more and more of the cock entered her. If he kept this up she would have his cock in her womb. By the way it felt she was going to have a big orgasm from this womb fucking.

"OH, YES, FUCK ME!! FUCK MY WOMB!! FILL MY WOMB WITH YOUR BIG COCK. FILL MY WOMB WITH YOUR SPERM!! Chris screamed as she felt the cockhead hit the back of her womb. He had managed to fill, not only her cunt, but her womb too. Chris had never been so full of cock. She looked between her legs and saw that there was still 4 or 5" of dick outside of her pussy.

She had taken as much as she could in her cunt and womb with still more cock left. While he fucked Chris's pussy and womb, Chris said to herself, "I may not be able to take all of him in my cunt but I will take all of him in my ass. I don't care if I can't sit or shit for week. I don't care if I have to wear adult diapers either. I want this cock buried in my ass." Chris was brought back to reality when he hammered his monster cock deep into her womb and let go of his load of sperm.


FUCK ME HARD!! TEAR MY PUSSY. TEAR MY WOMB. FILL my cunt with your spunk. Fill my womb. I can feel it in my womb.

I've never had such a big cock, such a good orgasm, such a wonderful fuck. POUND MY CUNT AND WOMB!!!! OOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHH!!!!!!! YYYYYYEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSS!! Chris wailed as he pounded her as she asked. Chris felt his cum. Then her orgasm racked her frail body. When he finished cumming, he tried to pull his dick from her cunt.

Her womb had spasmed so hard that it clamped onto his cockhead. Chris kept cumming. She thought she never stop cumming. She could feel her wombs spasms and how it felt clamping his horse cock. After a few minutes Chris relaxed and her womb let go of the cock inside of it. He pulled his dick from her pussy. Chris look at it as it came out. "My, God, that is one beautiful hunk of meat." She moaned aloud. He was still 3/4 hard and slick with his cum and her juices. "Let's hurry and have lunch." Chris panted.

"I need to feel your cock in my ass. I can't wait." "OK, I need to rest between orgasms." He replied, "I feel I going to need all of my strenght to finish you." "You bet you will, I want every inch of that horse cock deep in my ass.

I won't guit till I have it all!" Chris stated. They sat down at the table still naked from the tub. As they ate Chris watched his cock through the glass top table. She had a hard time eating from staring at the monster dick that would soon be reaming her bowels. When they finished, Chris cleaned the table. "Let's go to my bedroom.

I have every thing I need in there." She proclaimed. In the bedroom, he found that she indeed had everything that was needed. She had all the stuff laid out on the bed and on the dresser.

He picked up her dildo. "So you use this thing?" He asked. "I sure do. You see, my husband won't fuck me in the butt. He thinks it a nasty, dirty thing. So when I'm horny and need a good ass fucking and can't find a man to help me I use him." Chris replied while she got on her knees to suck his soft dick. "How much are you able to get in you?" He asked. "I've had it all in me." Chris said as she continued to slurp on his now growing dork. "Well, I can see you do like to be butt fucked.

I loke to fuck any woman's butt who will let me." He replied. His cock was almost fully hard from the sucking Chris was giving it. But it was getting to big for her mouth. "I really need this in my ass," Chris said after she removed him from her mouth, "You won't have to be to gentle with me because of my toy and other men. I took an enema before you arrived so I'm nice and clean inside. After you are all the way in me, I want you to pound my ass like I tell you, ok?" "Anything you want.

How do you want to start?" He asked. "First I want to be on my hands and knees then I want you to lay on your back and let me do all of the work." Chris replied. Chris got on the bed with her ass high in the air.

He got behind her. "Now smear a large gob of KY on your dick then smear a lot on my ass and in my hole. I'm will stretched from last night but your not my dildo so we'll give your cock some help." Chris stated.

He smeared a gob of KY on his hard cock then as she had asked, he smear a large gob of her puckered anal hole. "Yes, that's it. Now finger my hole." Chris moaned. He started to finger her asshole.

She was not as tight since her little workout the night before. He proceeded to insert other finger. "OhGod, Yes. Finger my butt. Put a third finger in me." Chris wailed as she felt her ass accepting his second finger. She also felt an orgasn building. When he had four of his fingers in her ass, he rotated his hand as if trying to get his whole hand in her. "OOOOOOHHHHHHHH!!!!!! YYYYYYYYEEEEEEESSSSSSSSS!!!!

Put your cock in me. FUCK ME WITH THAT HORSE COCK OF YOURS! PLEASE, Do it mow." Chris screamed as the orgasm from his finger fucking took over her body. He removed his fingers from Chris's ass. He grabbed his cock and put the head against her puckered anal opening.

Part of the head went in since he had fingered her. When his dick was seated well, he grabbed her hips and started pushing his meat into her butt. "OOOOOOOHHHHH!! YES, put in me! Fill me with your cock." Chris wailed as the head entered her. He continued to push his dick into her ass. He watched as his meat was disappearing into the sweet butt in front of him.

He stopped when he had about half of it buried. "Why have you stop?" Chris asked. He said nothing as he pulled his cock out of her ass. "Please, don't take it out. I need to feel all of you." She moaned. "OOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHH SSSSHHHHHIIIIIIITTTTTTT!!!!" Chris yelled as he rammed the cock back into her bowels.

He didn't stop his forward thrust untill he had buried every inch deep in her ass. "MY God, its so big! Its so wonderful!! I have it all in my ass." Chris screamed when she felt his pubic hairs and pubic bone against her asscheeks. Chris was in heaven or so she thought. She had all of his monster boner in her butt. She had never felt anything so big, so wonderful, so hard in her ass till now. She was in love with him. She was in love with his cock.

Chris's asshole was so stretched by thid hunk of meat. But she didn't care she had it all and wanted more.

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"FUCK ME!! FUCK MY ASS!! I can feel your cock all the way to my belly. RAM THAT MONSTER INTO MY ASS!!!" Chris was dielearious from pleasure. She had what she always wanted. He pulled back on his cock, removing all but the head. Chris's insides seemed to come out with his dick.

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The vaccum created by the expelltion of air from Chris's bowels was now trying to suck his cock back in. "OOOOOOOHHHHHH!!! AAAAAAAAAGGGGGGHHHHHH!! UUUUUGGGGGGGHHHHH!!! It feels like your pulling my guts out. Pound me with that horse cock." Chris moaned.

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He again grabbed her hips and rammed his cock back into her ass. Then he pulled out. Then back in. He started to pound her ass faster and faster. Out came 13" of meat, in went 13" of meat.

His hips were moving so fast they became a blur. Chris was going crazy. He was ramming his cock so deep but she loved it. He'd pull out then ram back in. Chris knew that a butt fucking felt good, but she never knew it could feel this good. She rammed her ass back at him with every inward stroke he made.

Her bowels were stretched tight by the girth of his dick. Chris had never been this stretched before but she loved how it felt. "I'm cuuuuuummmmmmmming!!!! POUND ME!!! FILL ME WITH COCK!!! OOOOHHHHHH!!! YYYYYYYEEEEEESSSSSSSS!!!! AAAAAAAAAAGGGGGGGGHHHHHH!!!!!!! Oh, I love being fucked in the ass~!!!

Chris was cumming so much there was a puddle in the middle of the bed. "Get on your back, I want to get on top, now." Chris moaned. He stopped his pounding and pulled his cock from her ass with a plopping sound. He looked at Chris's asshole that his dick was just in. Her hole was gapping open fron the size of his meat. You could see into her intestines, Chris was so opened up. He hadn't want to remove his cock because he was just getting into being able to fuck a woman's ass with his monster cock.

As he laid on the bed, his dick stuck straight up into the air. Chris was very wobbly on her legs from being fucked so deeply. She looked at his dick then she stood above him. Chris starting squatting down.

She thought this is going to be hard to do. But Chris wanted the meat back in her ass so she endured the pain in her legs. Chris grabbed the long slick cock in her hand and aimed it at her abused butt hole. She rubbed the head to her opening then slowly inserted the meat into her ass. She continued to sit down on the cock until her asscheeks made contact with his pubic bome.

"Damn, I'm so full! Feel my stomach!! You can feel your cock inside my belly." Chris moaned. Chris raised herself up then slammed her ass back down impaling herself on the tree size cockmeat. "OH, FUCK!!! It is sooooo wonderfullll!! I'm never been so full!! I never want any other cock in my ass again. I want this cock forever.

I want to be fucked in the ass every night and day by this monster dick!!! Chris wailed as she started cumming again. She was squirting her love juices all over his stomach. "OH, Please, FUCK ME! FUCK MY BUTT!!" Chris yelled as he started ramming his cock up to meet her downward thrusts. "I'm going to cum!" He shouted as he pounded his dick up into her ass with long hard strokes.

As he was pounding Chris, she felt his cock swell as he neared his orgasm. Chris thought it had swelled to twice its size. She felt her anal opening stretching to its maxiaum size. If he swelled any larger he would surely split her rectum. Right now, Chris didn't care for she was on another ride over top. HEr cunt was cumming so much juice it was like she was peeing. The orgasms were one after another like one big long orgasm. Her belly was stuffed. Her bowels were stretched to their limit.

Her head was reeling from all the feelings, all the orgasms. But Chris continued to hump up and down on the dick stuffed in ass. "I'm cumming!!" He yelled as his balls unloaded their heavy second load of spunk.

From his balls, up the shaft of his cock, out the opening in the head in to Chris's stretched bowels. Filling her with his sperm. "OOOOOOOHHHHH!!! MMMMMMYYYYYYY GGGGOOOOOODDDD!!! OOOOOHHHHHH!!! FUUUUCCKK! OOOOHHHH!!! SSSSHHHHHIIIIIITTTTTTTT!!! I can feel your hot sperm entering my ass.

FILL ME WITH YOUR CUM!!!! I feel my bowels stretching under the pressure of your sperm filling me!!! MY ASS IS SOOOOOOO FULL!!!" Chris wailed as her jaw went slack and her head swung from side to side.

Chris felt his cock stop spurting its load. She also felt the cock softing and she knew her ride was over. She rolled off the the cock amd laid beside him panting catching breath as she came down from her orgasms. "I've have never been fucked that good ever. I'm going to want to do it again and again. Could you see about fucking me about 2 or 3 times a week?" She asked. "I will for awhile but the way you fuck, you could drain a guy in about two days.

I would hope to have enough strenght left to raise a fork to eat." He replied. "I know. My pussy is easy to satify, its my ass that is greedy. I can't get enough cock in my ass to satify me. At least, not till you. Your cock is so big and beautiful. No other man will ever be able to satify the itch in my butt. No other man is big enough. I may have to go to horses or bigger dildos." Chris rambled on. "I have a friend that has a ranch on the other side of town.

He has some horses that he lets women like you use. I'll talk to him and see if will be alright for you and I to come out." He responded.

As Chris listened to him, she had moved her hand down to her abused anal opening and had inserted her own hand into her ass up to the wrist. She then put his cock into her mouth. Hoping to get him hard for another ride.