Brunette school girl gets fucked and swallow cum watch part on warmcamcom

Brunette school girl gets fucked and swallow cum watch part on warmcamcom
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I can keep this story going as long as you guys want. After 150 positive votes, I'll take that as a sign to write the next part. I'm hoping to add a little of everything into the overall story, so comment suggestions will be considered for future parts as I care about my reader's thoughts.

Please read parts one and two first, as it will help paint the story. Thank you and enjoy part three. "All I'm saying is that we better get copies of those pics," Amber demanded. Her sister Ashley giggled her agreement as the three teens climbed back down the stairs. "Not a problem, I'll send some to you later tonight," Tyler winked back. The group were just recovering from one of the hottest sex scenes of their lives, and that was saying a lot for Tyler, the way this night was going!

The newly-acclaimed ladies' master decided he would make another round throughout the party to check on everyone again. Bidding farewell to both twins with a kiss and a squeeze of their tush, he parted from them to monitor his parties progress.

Allison, who looked as if she had been used by half of the party, lay on the floor in front of one of the TVs, passed out from exhaustion and liquor. She was completely naked and she looked to be completely covered in seminal fluid. Randy and Tim were no where to be seen, Tyler figured they had taken their two-timing slut somewhere more private. There was innocent little Hannah, watching her movie, fixated on having a good time, despite all of the distractions around her. Tayler was also now in the living room.

She was fully dressed, and was sitting with her legs clamped tightly shut, her arms nervously hung around her legs, her entire body shaking as if she was cold or afraid. Tyler continued his walk towards the dining room, finding that the poker game he had observed earlier had really taken off. Jake and Eric were now teamed up with Marcus and Ben, trying (and succeeding by the looks of things) to strip off the clothes of six girls.

Tyler was shocked at a few of the players as he identified each one. There was Sierra, the dark-tanned beauty that had handed him the dos equis earlier. To her left there was Mandy, the typical cheerleader, slim, blonde, taller, and full of sluttiness. Those two original players had been joined by Kayla, the shy, yet wild girl Tyler had stuck his claim in earlier that night.

Tyler then saw that above the game the trio of girls he hadn't expected at the party at all were arguing amongst themselves about whether to play or not. The three girls were obviously drowning in booze, but aside from their supercilious nature, Tyler couldn't deny that they looked great!

Whitney, one of the biggest sluts he had ever known (she kept it semi-discrete, but he was sure everyone knew) was also one of the sexiest girls he had ever laid eyes on. Standing 5'8 with short blond hair, straightened down to her shoulders matching her European descent blue-eyed face, she was gorgeous. Travel down her body and you would see the perfect hourglass shape, either large C or D breasts, met with a slim, yet toned belly, and had a perfect ass to go with it.

Tyler himself had squeezed that ass many times in the hallways or in class, Whitney always just glaring at him with a smirk on her face. It felt as amazing as it looked. Next up was Kristy, a short girl, maybe 5'2, with an all around petite form. She had some facial qualities of a Latina, having dark brown hair to go with it, but she looked as white as anyone.

Her hazel eyes complimented her small, rounder face well. She had smaller B cup boobs, a matching slim waist, and a delicious ass to tie it all together. Makayla was a middle-ground to the two other girls. At 5'6, she had long sexy legs, coming together at yet another slim built body. Her ass, although not as spectacular as the other two girls, was still very desirable, as Tyler had seen a picture of it around school in red lace panties, and it looked flat out amazing in those.

Her body continued up, reaching out with two amazing C cup breasts, topped by an adorable looking face with long curly blond hair. The girls were talking with each other, trying to convince Whitney to play. "Come on Whit, you have FIVE THOUSAND dollars. The least you can do is see if you can add to it!" Makayla persuaded, trying to get her friend to play. "Yeah, but my mom sold my grandma's ring so I could get a car.

If I don't come home with a car this weekend, I am royally fucked." Whitney countered. "But 4800 dollars will still buy a great car.

At least start with 200 and see if you are winning. If you don't, at least you still have all that money. But if you DO win, then you can add to it!" Kristy added. "Yeah! You're, like, the luckiest poker player I've ever seen!" finished Makayla.

Tyler saw Jake shift his attention, laughing at the last comment. The kid was an all around card shark, winning most games he played, and if he WAS losing, Tyler wondered if he had an agenda behind it. Tyler had always teamed up with him in an unofficial truce whenever he played cards around him, and had always won just by following the boys lead. He prayed that the girls would decide to play! And with a little more convincing from her friends, Whitney did just that.

"Listen up," she barked, "We want to play some poker too. But we don't want to gamble clothes. Do any of you people have any real money to wager us?" "Oh, I'm sure we could scrape up something.

Enough to play with you for a little bit at least." Jake replied, obvious annoyance in his voice from the belittling words from Whitney.

"Well we have five thousand dollars, and we want to add to it. So see if you can find anyone worth us playing," Whitney continued.

"Looks like we have a game guys!" Jake announced, shooing off the half-naked girls he had been playing with moments earlier. He adjusted his body, reaching into his back pocket and pulling out his wallet. He removed a couple thousand dollars and flashed the money to Whitney to show he had enough to play, making her eyes sparkle with greed. Tyler couldn't resist but to partake in this game, so he ran up to his room to grab some money. Racing back and sitting down with a couple hundred himself, he noticed the game was about to start.

There were six players, three guys and three girls. Tyler sat with Makayla to his left. Continuing in the circle to the left of Makayla was Whitney, Kristy, Eric, Jake, then back to Tyler. Whitney had given both of her friends 100 dollars to play with, demanding they not lose it all, or else. Tyler was the first to deal. Surprisingly, his first hand, he was dealt two kings and, thanking his luck, already knew this was going to be a great game. The girls started the betting with the minimum of two dollars, which Eric raised to 8.

Everyone called, and three cards were flipped. A three of clubs, 7 of hearts, and a king of hearts now were showing in the middle of the table. Tyler couldn't wait to bet! The girls all bet ten dollars each, which was called until Tyler raised them to 25. Makayla nervously called, as did Whitney, but Kristy folded. Eric and Jake both called. Tyler felt a swift kick to his ankle. Looking up, he saw Jake glaring at him.

Tyler understood, and would play slow. Flipping another card over, a seven of spades, made Makayla obviously happy.

She opened with a 25 dollar bet, which Whitney called. Eric called as well, but Jake ended up folding, then looked at Tyler with a stern face.

Tyler, following his coaches instructions, also folding. One more card was flipped, an ace of diamonds, and the two remaining girls each bet 10, forcing Eric to call. Eric ended up showing a pair of threes while Makayla had a pair of sevens. Whitney happily collected her winnings, and mocked the boy's stupidity, before telling Makayla to deal. This continued for maybe ten hands in a row, the boys losing every time, the girls becoming more and more bold with their bets.

Finally Jake won, the pot being 170 dollars for a single hand. He jokingly announced that the luck was about to turn, to which the girls laughed at him, mocking him with their piles of money, each girl with well over 300 dollars.

Whitney gave them each an additional allowance of 200 to match her luck, as they buckled down to play again. The girls won another three games in a row, and Eric was down to 20 dollars. Tyler himself only had 40 left, and was honestly nervous about losing to these stuck up girls.

He looked to Jake, who was now dealing, but the boy seemed very confident. Tyler was dealt a jack and a five, and wasn't too sure about the hand, but bet the opening two dollars anyway, which was quickly raised by the girls to 50. Eric folded, and all the girls laughed and called him a pussy.

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Jake called, and Tyler was just about to fold when he felt another kick at his ankle. He called, placing the rest of his money in the middle of the table. The flop came down as two sevens and a jack, giving Tyler a little hope. Whitney seemed very eager to bet now, placing another 100 dollars in the middle, the other two girls and Jake following suit. The turn card was a ten of hearts, which led to less enthusiastic, but still very high betting from the girls and Jake alike.

Finally the last card was a jack of clubs, and Tyler felt overjoyed. He didn't show it at all, but was very excited to show his cards. The girls bet the usual 50s, but this time, Jake raised them by 200 dollars. The girls, shocked at their opponents boldness, looked nervous.

The pot was already well over 600 dollars, and the girls were forced to call, or else loose all of the money they had invested so far. The pot now at 1400 dollars, Whitney laid her cards down. The two sevens in the middle of the pile added to the one in her hand, giving her a well-earned three of a kind. Her smile faded as Tyler showed her his three of a kind jacks, reaching for the pile of money. "Wait a minute! You don't get the whole pile!

You only get your bets worth since you were all in!" Whitney instructed. "And whatever he doesn't get, I do!" Jake finished, showing his two tens giving him a three of a kind as well.

Whitney was beside herself from loosing 600 dollars in one sitting, but she had still made more money than she had lost. Her friends, on the other hand, had not. They were completely out of money now. Whitney, begrudgingly, gave them another 200 dollars, thinking to herself "They've only won two hands.

I'm sure we will make the money back!" But sure enough, dollar by dollar, the boys started winning. The pots were much more modest now, only 20 dollars or less, but the girls were certainly feeling the heat of losing.

Kristy and Makayla down to 100 dollars, and Whitney only with 4,600, she considered quitting while she had only lost a total of 200, as planned.

But before she could make up her mind, Jake was dealing yet again. To her surprise, she was dealt two aces, and felt that her luck would turn back around. Ready to win the rest of her money back in one hand, but smart enough to belittle her hand, she started with an opening wager of 20 dollars. Everyone called, and the flop came, showing a third ace, matched with a seven and a queen. Certain that she would win this hand, having the highest possible three-of-a-kind in the game, Whitney bet another 50 dollars, which was raised by Tyler to 80.

Kristy and Makayla were now all-in and Whitney did seem nervous, but she shook her head, regaining her confidence, ready to win back her money. As the turn card came over, it showed another queen. Whitney almost screamed her excitement of a full house, before regaining composure and betting another 100 dollars.

Called by Jake, Tyler felt another kick to just fold. Tyler listened, folding his hand, and Whitney smiled. "Regretting that raise now, aren't you??" She snickered, before turning to Jake, awaiting the river card. It was only a two of spades, and Whitney felt it was all over. She bet yet another 100 dollars, hoping Jake would call and lose even more of his money to her. Jake didn't call though.

Instead, he raised her. The emotionless boy calmly placed 700 dollars in the middle of the table as if it was a nickle. Whitney, not sure what his angle was, counting all the possibilities, could not imagine he would win this hand. The cards in the middle presented no hope for a flush, nor a straight, and she held the highest 3 of a kind, adding a full house to boot.

She smiled at his stupidity as she rose him another 500. Makayla and Kristy both gasped at their friends boldness, and almost fainted when Jake rose her bet another 800.

With a smug grin, Whitney called, announcing her full house, crossing her arms and waiting for Jake to admit defeat. "Damn, that's a good hand. Not much I can do to beat you, is there?" Jake paused, before adding, "but there's something you need to know about me. Bitches are never in short supply." He smiled, laying down two queens, completing a four of a kind. He reached up and scooped up all of the money before Whitney could think about taking her bet back and running. In her shock, she just sat there, not sure what she should do now.

She had less than 2000 dollars now, which wouldn't buy any car worth shit. The ONLY chance that she had was to hope her luck turned around and she would win back enough to get by, hopefully get back up to 3500 or maybe even 4000 dollars, then buying a less-than-desirable car, but good enough that her mom wouldn't wonder what happened.

But she didn't win any back.

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After that last hand, the boys marched up and down her, stripping her of dollar after dollar. Makayla and Kristy were out of money and only watched as their best friend's pile shrank more and more.

Finally, at 500 dollars left, Whitney started crying. How could these boys be so mean as to steal all of her money like that? Tyler only laughed as the bitch started shaking, her entire mountain of money dwindling down. Her remaining 500 dollars was gone in two hands, and Whitney was left with absolutely nothing. The drunken blond girl just sat there, tearing up.

Eric faked sympathy for the girl, "Don't worry sweetheart. We aren't heartless. We know that you didn't mean to lose all of that money." His tone changed. "How about I buy that shirt off of you for 50 bucks?" He laughed at her, making her not only upset, but furious. She stood up, ready to full-on punch the guy, but Tyler stopped her mid swing.

"Hey, woh. If you throw a punch at my party, you'll be kicked out on the scene, and you'll probably never see any of your money again.

Understand?" That made the girl calm down a little bit, enough to sit down anyway, as she contemplated what to do. Eric continued hounding the girls. "You're right, that was offensive. You're worth closer to 100 dollars I'm sure!" He laughed again. "In fact, I'll buy all three of your shirts, 100 a piece. You can either leave with 300 bucks, or you can play some more poker, and try to win more back, but with your luck, I wouldn't try it." The three girls all told him to shove it, before proceeding to go upstairs to think about what they would do in this situation.

Tyler was just plain thrilled. Not only had he just won two thousand dollars in poker, but he had shut down the party-crashing bitch trio as well! He took a couple hundred dollars in small denominations and threw the money in the air, calling out "Fuck yes!!!" A crowd of people swarmed, picking up the money and thanking their host for the added bonus. Tyler contemplated what he should do next, and started to head outside to greet everyone in the pool area, but was stopped.

Jake had a hold of his shoulder, preventing Tyler from moving. "I'm pretty sure those chicks are gonna steal your shit man, I think you should follow us upstairs." Jake cautioned. Tyler, agreeing, not put ting it past them, and decided to head upstairs with the two other boys.

Sure enough, all three girls had found their way into Tyler's bedroom, and were digging around in their own respective areas. "What the fuck are you girls doing?!" Tyler screamed, causing all three of the girls to jump and stand at attention. They stuttered drunkenly, before Whitney said "Nothing." and proceeded to head towards the door. "To hell you're leaving!" Tyler screamed, pushing Whitney back, the girl falling onto his bed before standing back up, looking very pissed. "What the fuck is your pr-" Whitney started, before being cut off by Eric.

"Our problem is that you were trying to steal from our friend here. And we have video proof to give the cops" the boy flat out lied.

The girls believed him, however, and were stammering their objections. "Look girls, I offered you a way to get your money back, and instead, you come in here to steal from Tyler? That's fucked up. Now I'm offering you 100 bucks a piece to strip bare. And if you feel the need to deny me again, you all can explain to the judge what we found you doing." Eric gave his ultimatum.

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Makayla was quickly climbing out of her shirt, both Kristy and Whitney looked at her in shock. Only moments later, the realization hit them that they had no choice, and they in turn, started undressing. "Come here Makayla," ordered Eric, noticing her red lacy panties she had on.

"Now don't those panties look familiar boys? They look like one of those slutty pictures that was floating around the school!" Eric teased the girl who was now completely red. But she followed orders and went over by Eric as he slapped her ass. "Hey yo, Jake, get your phone out. Let's take a couple more pics with it!" he chucked. Makayla just stood there, slouched over in defeat, her face beating red. "Wait! You can't take more pictures! That's illegal!" Whitney protested. "Bitch, you're all three 18!

It's legal!" Eric countered. "Hey now Makayla, you wanna get another 400 bucks? Why don't you sign a adult model release form, and I'll make sure you get your money back." Makayla just nodded her head, complying, and Eric laughed. "Good! I'll print that out later tonight, but we can get started right away! Why don't you follow me into the next room?" Tyler piped up quickly, "Hey man, you can't just go stealin her." "Ah shit bro, that's my bad. Liquor must be getting to my head.

I forgot, it's your party, you should break these sluts in!" Eric turned to Makayla, "Look the three of you can make your money back by pleasing Tyler over there. On camera of course." He added. Makayla immediately headed for Tyler, seductively climbing to her knees before him. Eric quickly got his phone out, turning on the video recording app, not wanting to miss any of this.

Whitney and Kristy stood there stunned, watching their friend unzip Tyler's jeans. Tyler looked down at the blond girl, her eyes looked furious. But strangely enough, they didn't look mad at him.

Or at Eric for that matter. "Why the FUCK am I the only one doing this? This is for YOUR fucking car Whit." Makayla snapped at her friends before she reached her hands into Tyler's boxers, pulling out his member.

Kristy and Whitney looked at each other, then slowly headed towards Tyler. "That's it! 'Los Tres Sluttos'! The motion picture!" Eric laughed as he continued filming the event. All three girls were now on their knees, every hand groping whatever piece of skin they could find. "Wait, are we going to get the whole $5,000 for this?" Whitney asked. "Don't ask questions bitch. That question just cost you 100 dollars! You're down to $4900.

Every question you ask, take another hundred off. Every time you tell us 'no' is 500! We'll see how much you're down to by the end of the night!" Eric instructed. The girls shut up and proceeded to pleasure Tyler. Makayla stuck the cock into her mouth and was now sucking on it, actually seeming to enjoy it. Whitney was now massaging Tyler's balls with her tongue, scowling at him as she did so.

"Kristy, is there no room for you down there? Why don't you come up here and let my play with your cute little tits," Tyler commanded. The girl stood up, and Tyler starting kissing her lips, grabbing her boob with his hand.

"Hey Tyler, mind if I get it in with Whitney there?" Jake voiced, Tyler forgetting he was there for a minute. "Nah man, fuck away!" Tyler said, as if he was the girl's pimp. Whitney's face was distorted with rage, but she said nothing as she continued to suck on Tyler's nuts, still on all fours. Jake fumbled in his wallet for a condom before lining up his dick behind Whitney. "Gatta rubber up! You never know where this skank has been.

I've heard stories," Jake commentated, causing Whitney to whirl around, screaming at him. "Fuck you asshole! I'm clean!" "Yeah, and so is Teresa Patten!" Eric countered, naming the biggest whore in the school, who everyone rumored had syphilis "You guys are dicks." Whitney said in a hushed tone, before screaming out in shock from Jake's dick entering her. "Fuck, this is tighter than I imagined!!" Jake continued, before adding, "You're fucking drenched you slut." Tyler noticed that he had, in fact, not put the condom on.

He looked to Jake, who shrugged in response. "I trust she's clean. Whitney didn't respond as her and Makayla continued sucking on Tyler. Tyler was enjoying himself, surprised that he was able to even get hard again tonight, but glad that he could preform yet again. His dick and balls were in heaven as his tongue continued to dance with Kristy's. He reached around, gripping the girls bare ass, and complimenting her on the feel.

Kristy just grinned, already enjoying her experience. Makayla was not only enjoying herself, but wanting more. "When are you going to join in, Eric? My pussy needs some attention too!" She giggled.

"Well. I'm not gonna charge you for that question," Eric winked before adding, "Let me go get another camera-man and I'll be right there!" He ran downstairs, only to return a minute later with Sierra. "I lied, it wasn't a camera MAN.

But she's willing!" Sierra greeted everyone, still mostly naked from her game of poker, wearing only her dark blue boy shorts. She took the camera phone from Eric, who happily snuck back by Jake. "See Whitney? Makayla is a good little slut! And she will get rewarded as such. Why can't you just enjoy yourself? Everyone here knows how much you enjoy sex." He said as he started plowing into Makayla's awaiting pussy.

"Um, maybe because you guys are raping me?" Whitney scolded, a silent threat hanging in the air. "Bitch, you're a fucking prostitute tonight. Don't push our patience, or you'll go home empty handed." Eric countered with his own threat, slapping Whitney on the ass while Jake just smiled, continuing to plunder her guts. Whitney winced at the spanking, but continued to suck Tyler's ball sack. Tyler was still grabbing Kristy's ass, when he decided to have a little more fun with her.

He subtly inched his fingers back, still grabbing at Kristy, when without warning, his middle finger popped into her puckered asshole as he pressed his way into her. "Oooow fuck!" Kristy screamed. "Oh shit, that's nice!" She grinned at him, surprising Tyler as he continued to finger her willing ass.

"These girls like it anal!" he announced to his friends. "Well alright!" Jake replied as he pulled out of Whitney's sopping wet pussy. He placed his dick at the entrance of her anus, causing her to scream in fear. "Fuck no! I am NOT into anal at all! So you can get the fuck away from that hole!" Whitney screamed at him.

Tyler took the opportunity to be rough on her, slapping her across the face. "Bitch! That's 500 bucks you just lost. Don't tell him 'no' cunt!" "No! I'm done! You guy's can keep my money. I'm not going to let you rape me any more!" Whitney announced.

"Fine!" Tyler countered. "Then we will just take the video we have so far, post it on the internet, tag your facebook so everyone is sure to see it, and you will STILL go home with no cash!" Whitney didn't even have a chance to respond, as Jake slammed balls-deep into her rectum, causing her to scream out in pain.

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Jake was resilient though, and didn't even slow as he reeled back for another powerful hump. Whitney didn't object though, and just slouched over in defeat as she let him continue to fuck her ass. "That's another 500 bitch," Jake added. Sierra giggled, giving him a high-five as she captured the anal encounter on film. "Now this is a LOT tighter than that cunt of hers!" Jake announced to the world. "I don't think I'll last very long in here!" "Oh fuck. please don't cum inside my ass! That is so disgusting!" she paused before adding, "And I'm not saying 'no', I'm just begging you not to!" Jake smiled at her obedience.

"Well damn, you learn quick when there's money involved. Maybe you would make a good whore!" he laughed at her frown.

"But you were the one that told me I didn't need a condom!. Alright, alright, since you asked nicely, I'll let you choose where you want my spunk. In your ass, in your pussy, or in your mouth. Which one?" "Oh, please don't make me choose those three! I don't want a dick in my mouth after it's been in my ass, that's nasty! And I'm not on the pill, so I cant have you in my pussy. Fine, fine, just stay in my ass." She said disdainfully. Jake erupted into laughter "Damn girl, beg me to keep it in your ass some more!" he said with a wink.

When Whitney said nothing, he repeated himself. "No bitch, I mean it. Beg me to stay in your ass. And make it convincing too or else my baby-gravy is goin up into your fertile cunt." It took Whitney a minute to compose herself from his threat.

"Oh please sir! Please cum in my ass? I need your hot seed deep inside of me! I want to feel it spraying inside of my ass!" The camera loomed over her as she begged. "Damn Whit, you're turning ME on with that! Did you take acting classes or something?" Makayla joked, causing everyone but Whitney to laugh. Tyler stopped everyone short though when he added "Wait man, why don't we all cum on her face? That'd be a hot thing for the camera, if we all piled it on there!" Jake and Eric agreed, and soon, Jake pulled out of Whitney's ass.

Seconds after he had her turn around, he sprayed his wad onto her face. The first blast shot into her brow, forcing her to close her eyes as it dripped onto her eyelid. The second and third rope found her nose, and the fourth and final powerful blast painted her lips.


"Come here Sierra, get this nice and close!" Eric motioned the girl over, who captured the many different angles for later viewing pleasure. The visual of another guy blasting all over the girl, plus Makayla's fantastic pussy, caused Eric to announce he was next.

He pulled out of Makayla, taking the time to thank her for her amazing vagina, before pointing his dick at the side of Whitney's face, spraying her cheek and forehead with wave and wave of cum. Whitney just sat there on her knees, one eye open, looking at Tyler to end her misery.

Tyler was still going strong however, his stamina built up from all his other encounters that day. "Sorry Whitney, you're gonna have to wait a bit. Unless you guys can speed up the process!" Tyler laughed to himself. Sierra passed the camera back to Eric, taking initiative to bend down and help Makayla with sucking on Tyler's cock.

"Oh that's a good idea! Kristy, Whitney, get down there, all four of you!" Eric demanded as he went behind Tyler for a POV shot.

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The four girls all crowded around the meaty dick and took turns being the center of attention. "It's funny," Tyler laughed, "I started out with a threesome, then a single, then a double, and now I have four girls! Forget a hat trick, I just fuckin hit for the cycle!" He shouted.

Eric and Jake laughed, congratulating the boy on his incredible feat. With that, and his added attention of all four girls, Tyler was ready to sew his seed. He grabbed his dick and shoved it into Whitney's cheekbone before blasting his well earned orgasm into her face.

Eric waited for the pulsing of Tyler's dick to cease before zooming in on Whitney, covered in three different guy's cum. "Damn slut, how much money do you think we'll get from this video? Think we'll make 5000 after we pay you back yours?" Eric asked. "Wait. you aren't ACTUALLY going to share that with people, are you? But you said that if I quit back then." Whitney trailed off. No, bitch, as soon as you sign those model release forms, this is going onto every single ex girlfriend porn site that will pay us for it.

And we won't give you a dime until you sign those forms, so you really don't have an option. Hey, we have to make our money back somehow, right? I mean, damn you were good, but I wouldn't pay ANY hooker five G's!" He laughed. Makayla and Kristy grinned. "You know. we could make this a normal occurrence if we get a cut of the action" Makayla winked at Eric.

"DEAL!" All the guys agreed in unison. With that, the boys got dressed. "I really don't think you girl's need to put your clothes back on, do you? I mean, come on. We did technically buy them from you. Besides, you don't want to make poor Sierra here be the only one to go downstairs naked. She'd get weird looks," Jake grinned. After Whitney cleaned up in the bathroom, the entire group headed downstairs. Tyler shook hands with Eric and Jake. "It was fun guys. Thanks for the good game!" With that, the entire group parted, going their own ways.

The three girls headed outside and jumped straight into the pool. Sierra went to the kitchen to mix a drink for herself. Jake disappeared downstairs and Eric went to talk to a friend in the living room.

Tyler was left alone at the bottom of the stairs, completely spent. He waltzed down into the basement to dance, but was honestly bored. Some techno music was playing, which he only added to the playlist for diversity.

Only a few minutes later he went back up. It was then that he heard an argument going on in the living room. He entered to find a couple of guys making a scene around the TV assigned for movies.

"Damn girl, you come to a party and you don't drink, you don't move from your chair, and you don't enjoy any of our company?!" It was Jeremy and a bunch of friends of his that Tyler didn't remember inviting.

"Then why don't you get your prudy ass up and get me a drink? Make yourself somewhat useful!" Tyler saw Hannah get up slowly and turn towards the kitchen. He saw Jeremy's hand reach out and grab Hannah's ass, squeezing it, before whispering in her ear in a not-so-quite-whisper, "That's a good bitch. Fetch." Tyler was livid. He rushed over to the group of guys to knock Jeremy's face in, but he was already too late.

Tyler was stunned as he watched the scene unfold in front of him, it seemed to happen in slow motion. Hannah turned around and backhanded Jeremy in the jaw, causing him to shuffle backwards in shock. She wasted no time letting him recollect himself. Before he could even stand up straight, the heel of her foot was in his gut, sending him backwards, where he landed hard into the couch. She turned around to look at his friends, as if pleading for one of them to piss her off more.

Tyler laughed, as he noticed not a single one of them made eye contact. With that, Hannah sat back down, pressing play as the movie in front of her resumed from its paused state. Jeremy and his friends all shuffled away, very fast, Tyler noted. "And here I thought I would be Mr.

Romantic and come save you from the bad guys," Tyler slid into her view, causing her to smile again. "Enjoy the show did you? Sorry I wasn't your damsel in distress," Hannah teased back, again, flashing one of her irresistible grins. "Well don't be sorry! That was amazing! Don't think I could have done it much better myself!" Tyler winked. The two talked for a few minutes about nothing in particular before Tyler inquired, "So why were those assholes bugging you anyway?

What did they want?" "Well, their ringleader over there, Jeremy, kept asking if I wanted a drink. I don't think he's stayed away from me for 30 minutes before coming back, bugging me about either drinking or going upstairs with him." "Well, you could have texted me!

I told you if you needed anything to just let me know. I could. be your boyfriend for the night, so he would be discouraged to hit you up!" Tyler said, thinking himself sly. "That's very kind of you, but I think everyone here liked my way of dealing with it better," Hannah said, again grinning. Tyler grinned back. "Yeah, that was pretty awesome what you did there. I'm not bugging you am I? Cause I would be scared to piss you off!" Tyler said, only half joking.

"I know you must not be very interested in me." Tyler trailed his voice off with puppy dog eyes. "Oh, ouch! Going to play the pity card?" Hannah replied, causing them both to laugh. "But no, I'm really not looking for any one at the moment. If a position opens in the near future, I'll have your resume on file for sure," She concluded with yet another grin.

"And what. qualifications would I need to. get the job? I'm a very hard worker," Tyler said with a wink. "Well, I'm not going to lie to you, "hitting for the cycle" isn't one of the best ways to win over the staff." Hannah trailed off. "You heard that?" Tyler said, slightly embarrassed, before adding boldly.

"Are you a virgin?" Hannah spat her sprite back into her cup from shock of his bluntness. Recovering, coughing occasionally, she replied, "Well, yes I am." "What's the furthest you've gone?" "I heard I get 100 dollars for every question," Hannah smirked, before adding "Eric was over here.


He isn't the most discrete person every when he is reciting stories. But honestly, I just had my first kiss only a month ago." "Wow, you are innocent, huh?" Tyler continued. "Not that that's a bad thing! You should be proud!" he added, as to not piss her off. "Oh I am.

I mean, I don't judge or anything. ' To each his own', right? But I plan on staying a virgin for a long time." "Like. until you meet the right guy? Or until it's the right time?" Tyler asked inquisitively. "Those things, yes. And maybe a gold ring on this finger right here." Hannah pointed to her left ring finger. "Call me old fashioned, but I just. want to be sure I'm not being used." They dove into an in-depth conversation right there in the middle of the party. Tyler learned that her sister had been cheated on after 4 years of being with her boyfriend.

Although he admitted the girl was a little extreme, he admired her self-control and liked her a lot. "Tyler!!! Where are my pictures!!!" Amber butted in, paying no mind to the girl Tyler was attempting to win over. "Really.?" Tyler responded, going through his phone, selecting a few, then sending them to Amber's phone.

"There, happy? Now go away," he demanded, keeping a playful tone for the drunk girl to leave in peace. He turned to Hannah and continued, "I'm sorry about that. You know, I'm usually not a player, by like. any means of the word, really. Like, any night but.

other than tonight, you'd see I'm such a nice guy." Tyler found himself stumbling over his words. Hannah giggled. "Don't worry. I know you're a sweetheart," she assured him. The two continued to talk for quite a while. Jeremy stood in the kitchen, scowling at them both, his distaste for Tyler growing exponentially with every girl that seemed to pick the party host over him.

He heard a phone vibrate next to him, looking down he saw the alert on the outer screen "15 new picture messages". Opening it up, he found the background announcing "Ashley's phone". He went through the pictures, his jaw dropping. He texted all 15 of them to his own phone, before deleted the sent messages and putting the phone back on the counter.

He grinned, feeling that the night's luck might have just turned for him.