It seems beauty likes the way that man is drilling her backdoor

It seems beauty likes the way that man is drilling her backdoor
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This is a story about a pair of twin boys in the UK and some of their experiences in life as seen through the eyes of one of them. It is set in the past in an age when children in Britain did very much what they were told to do by an adult and never questioned it.

Not to be read by persons under 18 years of age. ** WARNING ** You are about to read the fifth and final chapter of this story that will contain graphic sexual activity between boys a man, boys and women and boys and a young girl. You need to be over 18 years old to continue reading this story.

A fictional story based on facts that have been embellished. Copyright: 2011 EnglishBoy no copying or changing without owner's permission Written by EnglishBoy Contact me by sending a message via this site or by email [email protected] Les & Bob Part 5 The following morning Father Fred was certainly good to his word he was up and out before Bob and I were awake.

We woke up to the tapping on the door and the words "Are you awake yet boys?" softly spoken by Sandra our newly acquired 13 year old girl friend. She came into the room and was dressed in her night dress which went all the way down to the floor. She looked lovely her hair was down on her shoulders and she had a smile that was enough to make anyone's day start well.

For some reason I felt my 11 year old penis start to grow just when I was looking at her. I unconsciously put my hand down and gave it a little squeeze.

With sleepy eyes Bob and I sat up on bed and Sandra came and sat beside me. She said that Aunt Edith was about to start breakfast and that we ought to go down stairs. "What shall we do today, have you got any plans?" I asked Sandra "No, this is also my last day I have to go home tomorrow morning first thing. It is a bonus that you two are around though because we can play up on the moors." We went down stairs and started to eat our Corn Flakes.

Edith said that she needed to go to the shop and buy some food for tonight so we would have to go with her. "OK" we all said "no problem we were just wondering what we would be doing." Edith went on to explain that we would go and have a picnic for lunch; she explained that it was a great spot with a stream with small fish in etc. This sounded great. After breakfast Aunt Edith asked "Do you boys usually have a good wash before you get dressed?" "No Aunt Edith, usually Father Fred just makes sure that we are not too smelly and then we get dressed" Bob said.

"Well all I can say is that I would hate to smell them when they are too smelly Aunt Edith because I smelled Bob yesterday and it was awful" said Sandra. "That's not fair Sandra!" stated Bob "I only smelled like that because of Father Fred's stuff on me." "It's OK Bob, I spoke with Fred this morning and I know what happened just calm down, there is no reason to get upset." Aunt Edith said, she continued "it's all about being clean and Sandra is right we ought to make sure." "Now boys off to the bathroom please, Sandra and I will just quickly check you" as Aunt Edith said this she winked at Sandra.

Bob and I looked at each other and I thought here we go again and Bob and I smiled at each other obviously thinking the same thing. We all went to the bathroom and Aunt Edith told us to take our PJs off. "Sandra you washed both the boys last night according to Fred so I want you to check them both now please and I will check after you to make sure you have done it correctly." Sandra got us both to sit on the edge of the bath and open our legs wide.

She got on her knees and moved forward to my Willy. Just then we heard someone knocking on the door and Aunt Edith shouted "who is it?" "It's only me" "Oh come on in Jane" Jane is the person who Edith visits occasionally who has two boys aged 11 and 13.

I was mortified; she walked straight into the bathroom. My 11 year old flaccid 2 1/4 inch hairless uncircumcised penis was on view to a total stranger as was Bob's and I had a beautiful 13 year old girl kneeling between my legs who was now looking back at Jane. Both Bob and I moved our hands to cover our cock and balls. Jane was about 36 years old with long dark hair, quite pretty in a Mummy kind of way; she had a light airy summer frock on which showed her ample breasts.

"Oh am I interrupting something Edith?" "No, not at all Sandra was about to check the boys to see if they needed to wash their bits and pieces before getting dressed.

Don't be shy boys, Jane has 2 boys of her own, and you've not got anything that she has not seen already I am sure." Edith continued "we are going down to the woods for a picnic for lunch would you and the boys like to join us?" "That sounds like a great idea; they are on their way back from seeing their Dad and should be arriving in the next hour so we will be able to join you." "Why is Sandra checking the boys?" asked Jane "Well" said Aunt Edith "she wants to be a nurse when she leaves school and this is a very good anatomy and cleanliness lesson for her.

She has also recently had some sex education in school and I am sure that this is a benefit there as well." "Yes I can only agree, perhaps she would benefit from examining my boys whilst she is here so that she can understand the different stages of the development of boys, would you like to do that Sandra?" "Yes please" Sandra replied "OK I will see if there is an opportunity later." Edith said "Come on Sandra get on with it!

Boys move your hands away so that Sandra can check that you are clean." We moved our hands away. Jane started to pay more attention to us, and said to Edith "Wow you are right they are identical twins, just really beautiful specimens, how old did you say they were?" "Eleven." "It is lovely that their parents didn't have them circumcised. They have lovely shaped penises and I guess they are about 2 inches long." "Two and a quarter inches actually" said Bob Sandra moved her head forward and moved my ball sack and Willy to one side.

As she touched me it felt wonderful and my prick started to swell a little so that it was not resting on my balls anymore. She put her nose very close to the side and almost in the crease, she sniffed, as she breathed out I could feel her breath on my ball sack, she moved my little balls and penis to the other side and sniffed.

Again as she breathed out I could feel her breath. She then picked up my Willy and held it straight up and sniffed the underneath where the penis connects to the scrotum. My Willy really liked her touching it and she gave it little squeezes as she was holding it up squeezing it on the rim of the glans, it started to get a bit thicker. She let go of it and it was starting to rise being about 45 degrees from the bottom. She held it firmly in her little fingers and smelled the end where the red tipped foreskin was still covering the knob.

"Well Sandra" said Aunt Edith "How are things?" "He seems OK actually, although there is a little smell by the foreskin" Then Jane added "Sandra you really ought to smell under the scrotum or turn him round to make sure he has wiped his bottom correctly." Sandra turned me around and parted my bottom cheeks and looked and then sniffed.

I knew it was alright because I hadn't had a poo since my bath last night. "It's OK" said Sandra and then she turned me around. My Willy was still not at full standing and she lifted up my scrotum and got me to lean a bit further back and put her nose really close and smelled "there is only a little musky smell nothing else" she said. She then took hold of my prick near the top and very slowly started to pull back the foreskin. Slowly the dark purple moist glans came into view, showing more and more until eventually the skin clipped behind the rim and there it was my 11 year old wet dark purple knob on full display for all to see.

"That is just delicious" Jane said. "I can only agree" Aunt Edith said. Sandra moved her nose close and sniffed and breathed out, her warm breath made my prick bounce and it popped out of her little fingers and hit her on the nose.

Everyone laughed but I thought my prick was going to explode. And with a firmer grip she got hold of it again and pulled it down to her nose. "It does smell a little, sort of musky and a bit of wee." She pulled my foreskin back into it's resting place. Now let me have a look at Bob's, I watched as she moved along the bath and I looked at Bob's identical prick which was standing to attention obviously knowing what was coming.

"Well they are certainly well built boys Edith" said Jane "I am sure that they are not far away from puberty, looking at those pricks they must be 3 inches long don't you think and starting to get some girth, a bit like my Adam but he is a bit further down the road. Bob do you actually know how big you are, you seemed to know earlier?" "Yes Mrs Jones, 3 1/4 inches and 2 1/4 inches in circumference." Bob said quite happy with himself.

Bob's penis was throbbing with anticipation and Sandra asked him to turn around and she pulled his bum cheeks apart and had a smell. "This is OK seems the same as Les's bottom" she said and then turned Bob around to focus on his lovely large vein free, hairless, white genitals with a red rose tipped foreskin bobbing in the air with every heartbeat. As she moved his ball sack to one side he took a sharp intake of breath she moved very close and sniffed first down one side of the scrotum and then moved it again and smelled the other.

She picked up the ball sack and got him to almost lie back and she smelled underneath it and then where the cock meets the scrotum, she turned her head and said "all seems OK here" as she turned her head some I noticed that some of her hair touched his cock and balls and Bob obviously loved this because he just said "Wow that's nice!" "What is?" asked Aunt Edith "Sandra's soft hair just then, it that tickled my Willy." Sandra turned around to look and we could all see that his purple glans was just starting to poke through the tip of the foreskin.

Sandra leant forward and sniffed the tip "just a bit of wee" see said and then started to slowly pull the foreskin back. "Now you will see where the difference is between them Jane." Said Aunt Edith Sandra gradually eased the skin back as the wet slimy dark purple knob started to come into view. "You are right Edith, it is just as you mentioned the other day, and it is very tight. Sandra have you tried lubricating it?" Asked Jane "Well it does seem to slide back easier when I put some soap on it." "OK do you mind if I show you what to do?" Sandra moved out of the way and Jane knelt on the floor in front of Bob, she licked her finger and left plenty of saliva on the end and then slowly moved her hand towards Bob's foreskin and her finger was trembling with excitement, she rubbed it around the very tight edge then moved the skin forwards again then she started to slide it back again and she licked the same finger and gently rubbed the edge, then she licked her finger again and put some more on the end.

"Mrs Jones" said Sandra "should I really put spit on the end like that?" "Yes my girl now you have a go." Sandra licked her finger and rubbed it on the edge of the foreskin and pulled back at the same time, then she licked the same finger again finger again, this time rather tentatively and she seemed to be seeing if there was anything to taste.

She rubbed it along the edge of the foreskin once more and slid the skin forwards and back again. It did seem to go back much easier and reveal the wet dark purple glans in all its glory. She smelled the knob and pulled the skin back all the way and smelled it again. "Well it certainly is nothing like it was yesterday, there is a little urine smell but not much." She said. Jane said, "You know there is only one way to tell if a boy is dirty and that is to get really close and lick the areas you want to test." I saw Aunt Edith cast a quick glance and a smile at Jane.

Who continued "Sandra I will show you on Les and you then do exactly what I do on Bob." "But Mrs Jones, this sounds very dirty and I don't think I want to do it." Protested Sandra. Aunt Edith came to her rescue "Sandra don't worry, it's not dirty and checking these things is quite normal. I will show you on Bob and then you will know that it is fine to do it in the future, you will also learn something that will benefit your sex education classes in the future." Bob and I looked at each other, red faced and trembling, were they actually going to lick our pricks?

Jane told Bob and me to sit side by side on the edge of the large wooden laundry chest and lean back. She and Aunt Edith got on their knees. Jane picked up my legs and opened them a bit wider. "Sandra" she said "Come and get in-between Edith and me so that you can get a good close look." My 11 year old dick was rock hard and the glans was just visible as the tip of the foreskin was opening. The tip of the foreskin was red, but the body of the penis was white with very small veins showing and one larger darker one going up the right hand side.

Not all standing out like Father Fred's though. Jane took a close look at my balls and perineum and then anus. She moved close, she knew exactly what she was doing. She and Aunt Edith were about to give 2 little 11 year old virgins an experience that they would never ever forget. I could feel her breath on my bottom, she moved closer and sniffed, and then put the tip of her tongue around the rim of my anus. I shuddered and breathed out. "WOW" Bob and I said together, I looked at Bob who was getting similar treatment from Aunt Edith.

I leaned forward a bit and looked at what she was doing, she was using the tip of her tongue around the rim and then she licked the full length of the anus. I then felt Jane do the same to me; it was unbelievably warm and very exciting. My dick seemed to grow some more even though I thought it was already at full stretch, a little more of the purple knob started to poke through the foreskin, I looked at Bob's and his was doing exactly the same. I looked at Jane, she had her eyes fixed on me, and she could see the ecstasy I was in and lick, lick, lick along my little 11 year old anus.

It was fantastic and I closed my eyes. She then said to Sandra "I can't taste anything other than a bit of mild sweat and what must be soap from last night" when she started talking I opened my eyes and looked at her as she then started using the tip of her tongue to lick the ridge along the perineum to just underneath my tangerine sized hairless ball sack.

Then she went back and licked to one side and then the other. All the time I was looking at what her tongue was doing and she was looking at my face. I had totally lost track on what was happening to Bob as this was really all consuming. She pushed my legs up a bit further and a bit wider and then put the flat of her tongue right on my bum hole and licked from there right the way up to the scrotum.

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Sandra had got down on her knees in-between Aunt Edith and Mrs Jones and was watching intently. Jane then licked the ridge all along the scrotum to the base of the penis. It felt like nothing I had felt before, the warm of her breath and tongue was just so hot. Then she licked down each side of the scrotum in the crack between the sack and the leg on each side.


Slowly, very slowly she did one side and then the other, left and right, left and right, left and right watching the 11 year of face wrapped in sheer pleasure at receiving his first ever oral initiation. She then put my whole ball sack into her mouth and I could feel her playing with my balls.

I noticed that she was sweating. She released my legs and told me to keep my legs apart. Her right hand then went between her legs as if she was scratching herself and she looked at me and slowly with her tongue traced the ridge up my cock to the edge of the foreskin. My prick was ready for bursting, I had no idea what I was feeling but I did know that I didn't want it to stop.

Lick, lick, and lick. Then she took hold of my penis which was now almost flat against my tummy and lifted it up. "Sandra" Jane said "This might also be a way for you to get the foreskin back on both the boys but in particular Bob's tight one. What I am going to do is put my mouth over the whole penis after lubricating the end and then force my tongue under the foreskin and run it first one way and then the other stopping at the frenulum and eventually your tong will be at the back of the skin.

Let me show you." She very gently ran her tongue over the little folds of skin at the tip of the foreskin where my dark purple, already moist knob was just protruding through.

My prick jumped at this new sensation and I could see that Jane was really enjoying watching me have my oral virginity taken. She put her lips over the end so that they were just behind the ridge of the glans and I felt her hot mouth enveloping my knob and her tongue starting to explore under the foreskin. This was incredible and I told her to stop because I thought that I needed a wee. She took her mouth away and looked as if she was tasting something and said "Les that feeling is quite normal, it is not that you want to pee, it is a feeling that will get stronger and stronger and it will feel very nice indeed." Sandra asked if this was the feeling that Uncle Fred had when we bathed him to make sure the inside was clean.

Jane and Aunty Edith looked at each other and laughed "yes dear" said Edith "We are going to make sure that the boys internal things are working properly now." Sandra continued "so will this be an orgasm?" "Yes" said Jane who them took hold of my Willy again and slowly exposed the knob. I was watching carefully and she then sucked my knob into her hot lips and sucked it a bit lick a little lolly. There it was, my 11 year old cherry knob sucked for the first time.

It felt fantastic. She took her mouth off it and pulled the skin all the way back and then licked behind the rim of the glans. "Mmmm" I said and then she started licking my balls again.

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Her breathing was getting hard and I did notice that she had moved her hand underneath her skirt and was scratching herself quite quickly. She sucked both of my balls into her mouth it was so warm and almost tickly it made my prick feel really nice. Then she actually put my whole prick in her mouth and my balls, she had all of my genital on her mouth and was running her tongue around it all. God it felt fantastic.

Whilst she was doing this she was massaging my perineum. She pulled back and then put her lips over my knob again and also started rubbing the outside of my prick.

I was in ecstasy, my legs straightened "I am going to wee, are you sure about this!" I exclaimed "Just enjoy it" she said. I looked at Sandra she was enthralled and intently watching both Jane and Aunt Edith. I looked at Bob, his face was flushed and his neck and chest had some red blotches on.

He was panting as Aunt Edith was sucking on his little purple knob and moving her fingers up and down his prick. She was not scratching herself between her legs and with her other hand I could see that she was massaging Bob's perineum.


She kept on wanking me bringing me to my very first orgasm. Sucking the knob gently and wanking the shaft with 2 fingers and her thumb. Then she started to apply more pressure to the shaft as she was wanking it, squeezing harder. I started to come. "Ahhhh" both Bob and I uttered at the same time.

Wank, wank, wank, suck, suck, and suck I felt my prick start to throb and she was watching me as I then closed my eyes and got lost in my first dry orgasm. I was exhausted and she felt the last spasm run through my prick. I eventually open my eyes and looked at Jane who was all flushed and was just holding her hand still underneath her skirt.

She was smiling at me and said "See you didn't pee after all." "Did you enjoy that?" Bob was in a very similar position and we replied together "That was amazing.

No wonder that Father Fred liked us doing it to him." "That was amazing Edith" Jane said "They came at the same time didn't they?" "Yes" said Aunt Edith, "I counted about 8 or 9 spasms" "So did I" said Jane she continued "just look at these lovely boys, their pricks are still rock hard, whereas a man would be getting soft by now. Have a feel Sandra so that you know what we are talking about." Sandra got hold of both of our cocks and gave them a squeeze and pulled them down a bit and let go.

Both pricks sprang back up and slapped our tummies. This made the women laugh and she did it another couple of times. Our foreskins were forward but not completely, there was about a 1/4 of an inch of knob showing, very dark, very wet and still throbbing knob. Sandra touched our knobs and they both jumped. Jane continued to talk to Edith "They are certainly good looking boys and that was a lovely experience, how on earth did you manage not to come yourself?" "I am saving that for later" She smiled at Jane and said "You know I don't think it will be long before these lovely boys actually start to come and I am sure that whilst they have been here, albeit for 3 days, that there pricks have actually grown.

It may be just that they have never been as excited as they have been, but they do seem a little bigger. Perhaps I will measure them later." Jane and Edith agreed that we were probably clean enough now and that we ought to go and get dressed. My Willy was still very hard and when I touched it to pull the foreskin back forward it was very sensitive. I picked up my PJs and went upstairs to get dressed with Bob. However I stopped on the stairs and Bob went straight up to our room; I listened to what Jane and Aunt Edith were saying.

"Edith, what a shame these little boys are going home tonight, I wish we had longer with them." Aunt Edith agreed and said "Perhaps we can have some more fun this afternoon, in fact let's make a point of it." "Like what?" "Jane I will leave that up to your imagination but we have already taken these 11 year olds oral virginities, perhaps we ought to take the rest of them and come to think of it Sandra, perhaps it's time for you to see more than just blow jobs.

Jane and I know that you will enjoy this very much." I couldn't believe my ears, something exciting was going to happen later today and I didn't know what it was but they were obviously looking forward to it.

When I got to our bedroom I said "Crickey Bob that was fantastic!" "You're telling me" he said "I can't wait for the next time, and you know I think that Edith is right our dicks have got a bit bigger and if she doesn't measure them I certainly will when we get home." Our dicks gradually deflated as we got dressed and went back downstairs.

Sandra came down shortly afterwards dressed in a blue light summer frock, she looked so fresh and alive. Bob and I were in shorts and T shirts. Jane had already left and Aunt Edith said that she had arranged to meet Jane and the boys in the woods at their usual picnic place. We were instructed which bags to pick up and off we went across the fields to the village to get some extra goodies for the picnic. The woods we walked through were beautiful and there were lots of wild flowers, birds singing.

We came to a stream with clear water running and followed it up stream for about 20 minutes and came to a spot with a little clearing, trees all around and the stream was quite wide. There was an oak tree that was perfect for climbing and a beech which had a rope swing on it. There was no doubt that this was the perfect place for a day's entertainment. The first thing Bob and I wanted to do was to build a dam, Sandra also wanted to join in which made life a lot easier.

We found some rocks and started putting these in place and then started ripping up grass sods to fill in the holes, then plan was to build it higher with more grass sods. For someone watching it must had looked like very hard work but young children don't notice things like that and we just worked away. Jane arrived with her boys and we got out of the stream to be introduced.

There was Ricky who was 11 years old, about the same height as Bob and me but a bit stockier, he had blond hair cut quite short that was the norm in those days. He had beautiful white teeth and was wearing shorts and a T shirt. Next was Gary who was 13 years old. His hair was curly and short and was a dirty blond colour. He was much taller at about 5 foot 2 inches.

Again he was quite stocky. Ricky and Gary looked similar it was obvious that they were from the same family. Gary was also wearing short and a T shirt, I noticed that there were quite a few hairs at the bottom of his legs and that he had a feint dark line along his top lip where a moustache was forming. He was obviously much older than us. We all shook hands and they took their shoes and socks off and joined Sandra, Bob and me in the water.

This made the work progress very well and Gary was much stronger and was able to lift some heavy grass sods into place so that the dam was structurally sounder. It was excellent fun. We stopped for a cake and water break a couple of times and for fruit and then we all sat on the bank admiring our work. We had created a little pool which was slowly filling up. Ricky and Gary had also brought some fishing nets and buckets and Bob and I said we would go with them fishing.

Sandra said that she would stay behind with Aunt Edith and Jane. She got on the rope swing, as she went forward the air lifted her dress and we could see he white knickers, all the boys stood there watching her for a while and Jane and Aunt Edith noticed what we were doing.

I noticed that Gary had a bulge starting to grow in his shorts. "Right boys if you are going fishing you have about 30 minutes before lunch so get on with it" said Aunt Edith and we went upstream looking for sticklebacks and bullheads.

Gary had a watch with him and he was in charge. When we where upstream quite a bit I said that I needed to pee and Gary said so do I we stood on one side and I dropped my shorts and pants, I pulled my foreskin back a little and started to wee. I always got into the habit of pulling my foreskin back when I went to wee because otherwise the end used to fill up a bit and then burst out in any direction it wanted to go.

This seemed to get me into a bit of trouble with Mum who used to clean up after me. Gary stood at the side of me and dropped his shorts and pants, I looked at his tackle. "Wow, you have a big dick!" I said "and you have hair as well!" He also pulled his foreskin back a little to pee although a little more than me so I could actually see his knob poking out from the end. I guessed that his flaccid penis must have been about 3 1/2 inches long with a 1/4 of that being the overhang of the foreskin.

It also looked quite thick and there was a prominent ridge where the rim of his glans was. It was pale in colour but the foreskin was redder. The glans was a much darker red. "It's not that big really, a couple of the boys at school have got much bigger pricks than me.

Anyway yours isn't bad for an 11 year old. Is Bob's the same size?" "Yes, in-case you hadn't gathered we are identical twins" I said smiling "Alright clever dick don't get funny with me!" he retorted. I continued "so how big are the other boys at school then?" "Well Brian has the biggest in my class, he has the nickname of Snake because it's so long.

We measured it one day when he came round for tea after school; it was 5 inches long when it was soft and when he got it hard it was 8 inches." "Wow I know why you call him Snake." "Hey Bob" I shouted and turned to look where he was he was standing further along the path with Ricky and they were also having a pee "Yeah" he said, I was just shaking my Willy to get the final drops off and Gary was doing the same, "Gary says that there is a boy in his class at school who has an 8 inch dick." "Eight inches!?" "Yes they call him Snake." We all started to laugh.

Bob and Ricky pulled their pants and shorts up and we converged back at the stream. Ricky said "Gary's got a snake as well" "Shut up Rick" said Gary "You have!" "Well I have just seen it and it is quite big" I said "How big?" asked Bob "Nearly 6 inches said Ricky" "shut up Rick" said Gary again "Really?" I said "but it only looks about 3 inches when you are pissing." "That's still big when it's soft" said Bob "I know, would you show us it when it is stiff Gary?" "Well perhaps later" he said "Aw Gary, you know you like showing it off, go on show them it now" said Ricky or we will have to make you "In your dreams" he said.

We all three jumped on Gary and pushed him to the ground. I sat on his chest and Bob sat on his legs. Ricky pulled his shorts down. Gary in the meantime had given up with his token gesture of struggling. We three 11 year olds looked at the white cotton briefs that Gary was wearing.

There was a definite outline of his penis. Ricky slowly pulled his pants down bit by bit until we started to see some pubic hair and then one quick pull revealed a 13 year old uncircumcised boy cock to us younger boys. There was about a fingers width of hair across the top of the penis and some growing down either side of it, his balls looked totally hairless and there were no hairs growing up to his navel.

His dick had flopped over to one side and was starting to grow fatter and lift of the scrotum. Ricky got hold of it and put his whole hand around it and started to massage it up and down. "Do you 2 wank each other off?" Ricky asked Bob and me "No, we only found out that we could play with our willies for pleasure this morning" we both said. I asked "Do you play with each other regularly then?" Ricky looked at Gary who nodded "Yes all the time." He continued "it is really nice to do it to someone else and have them do you at the same time." As he was talking Gary's prick had risen and fattened out and Ricky's hand looked small in comparison as on the down stroke there was about 3 inches of his dick and knob sticking out of the top.

The knob was dark purple, moist (almost slimy) and fat. "There" Ricky said with satisfaction "I told you he also had a pet snake" and he took his hand away. "Can I feel it Gary?" Bob asked "Yes I suppose so" he said and Bob moved his hand forward to touch a 13 year old hard firm dick. It was flat against his tummy and firm against it. Bob picked it up and had to pull it upwards, I saw it throb as he touched it. "Will you get off sitting on me now Les, I might as well watch as well as you three" I got off and went to one side.

Bob ran his whole hand up and down and brought the foreskin all the way down so that it clipped behind the rim of the glans and then pulled it more. The glans did seem more slimy than our and I said"why is your knob so wet and slimy, is it always like that?" "No not always, only after I have had a wank, I had one this morning just before we all came out for our picnic." "So that is the stuff that comes out of the end like it does with Father Fred." "Has that old wanker got you 2 to wank him off then" asked Gary, Bob looked at me and I looked at Bob wondering if we should really be talking about this, we nodded at each other and I said "yes, last night we made some stuff come out of his Willy when Sandra and us were giving him a bath." "Wow Sandra was wanking him as well, that's incredible she's a right chick.

By the way that stuff is actually call semen but we call it spunk, some boys in the class call it cum. I dream of a girl like Sandra wanking me" I could see that Gary was really enjoying Bob moving his skin up and down "Les you must feel this, it is so hard." Bob said.

Gary interrupted as he looked at his watch "well perhaps later but for now we have to get back or we will be late for lunch." He stood up and his prick was flat against his tummy, the foreskin had slipped back over the knob and was leaving about a 1/4 of and inch of the glans exposed. I moved my hand forward and got hold of it before he bent down to pull up his pants and shorts. It was very hard and flat against his tummy, it was also very hot and I felt it throb when I touched it.

I gave it a couple of rubs up and down feeling my fingers go over the knob under the foreskin. My hand did wrap around the girth of the prick but I would have said that overall, it was bigger than Father Fred's. "OK that's it" he said smiling and pulled up his pants and shorts. Somehow we had managed to catch a couple of sticklebacks and we took them back to show them off. As we were walking back I told Gary that his Mum had said that she might let Sandra have a look at all of our pricks together so that she could see the differences for her nurse training and sex education classes.

He looked at me "Really?" "Yes." "Fantastic! I really like her she is gorgeous" "I know." The pond we had created had turned into a little pool and was still filling up. The picnic rugs were spread over the grass in the shade of some trees and we all sat down to eat. Aunt Edith passed around a soapy face cloth for us to wash our hands with and we rinsed them off with some water she had brought for that purpose.

We laughed and joked about lots of things. All the boys were sat cross legged and we were not wearing any shoes or socks, in fact we were quite hot so we had taken off our T shirts as well. Sandra was also sitting cross legged and she had hitched her frock up and I could just see up her skirt to her knickers.

Jane was watching me looking up Sandra's frock and smiling "What's the matter Les are you getting distracted?" I looked at her and blushed, everyone was looking at me "It's OK you know, you are allowed to be curious." Sandra was staring at me and then she looked at Jane "What was he doing?" "He was looking up your frock at your knickers I think" I was now bright red.

Sandra said "I don't mind you looking at me Les; you have to learn as well as me. In fact I would take some clothes off to be a cool as you boys but I am a bit shy of doing it with Gary and Ricky being here." "Don't be silly Sandra" said Aunt Edith "OK I will make an executive decision, everyone sits in their underwear to keep cool." We boys all looked at each other "come on, everyone get undressed" she reiterated.

Everyone stood up and slowly took off bits of clothing. Of course it was easy for us boys because we only had to take off our shorts and sit down again and then we watched the show before us as Aunt Edith, Jane and Sandra took off their summer frocks. Jane had really well defined tummy muscles as did Sandra. Aunt Edith was a little more of a comfortable nature, not fat just not well defined muscles.

Aunt Edith's bra held her ample breasts in place and it was a solid white material, her knickers were of a similar material and quite large. Jane on the other hand was wearing and almost see-through bra and knickers. I could see a dark patch of hair through the pants; it started to make me have a feeling in my crutch. Sandra was not wearing a bra, instead she had a light vest and her pants were white cotton ones.

"Is everyone feeling a little cooler now?" asked Aunt Edith "Well I think I am getting hotter" said Gary looking at Sandra. "The point is Sandra you need not feel embarrassed about the boys looking at you, it is perfectly normal" said Aunt Edith who continued "and just think back to this morning, you did get to see a lot of the boys didn't you?" "Yes Aunty Edith" "What went on this morning?" asked Gary "Well Gary" said his Mum "Sandra wants to be a nurse and she is also just started having sex education classes so Edith and I thought that it would be a good idea to show her some of the things that she will need to know.

She was actually examining the boys to see if they needed to wash their genitals before getting dressed." "Oh" said Gary "and did they?" "Not after your Mum and Aunty Edith had finished" Sandra said with a big smile on her face.

"Tell me what else happened Mum?" asked Gary "Sandra watched as Edith and I gave the boys a tongue wash." "Oh my God!

You washed Les and Bob's cocks with your tongues. Did they come?" Aunt Edith then said "both boys had not experienced an orgasm before and Sandra enjoyed watching the whole thing. They both climaxed together." "What about Sandra?" Gary enquired "Sandra has yet to experience an orgasm, but you did see how pleasant it was for the boys, it is probably nearing the time when you should try one yourself." "Why can't Sandra take her top off like us?" Bob asked and continued "after all we did give her a good wash last night and her breasts look really neat." Sandra didn't even wait for an answer she started to take her vest off.

Gary's underpants were bulging out showing the outline of his big cock. Sandra looked at it and wondered if it was as big as Uncle Fred's. "I am feeling like the sex lessons have all been one way" Sandra said and with that she stood up and removed her pants as well. We were all amazed. My cock started to grow I looked over at Bob's crutch and there was also a definite bulge. I looked at Ricky and he also had a sizable bulge, I was wondering what his cock would look like. At this point Jane said "OK, this is all a bit one sided, I think there should be a sex lesson of all you young ones, boys please take off your underpants and everyone sit on the picnic blankets." We didn't need asking twice soon there were 3 eleven year olds and a 13 year old boy sitting on the blankets opposite a beautiful 13 year old naked girl.

"Boys I want you all to lie side by side and lean back on your elbows, it is important that you can see what is happening.

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Sandra I need you to look at each boy and learn the differences for future reference. Edith and I will also come and make sure that you can see everything you need to see." Jane had obviously got in her mind what was going to happen. She took off her bra and pants and Aunt Edith followed. We were ALL sitting naked. All the boys had erections. I looked at Ricky, he had a cock which was uncut and 4 inches long, rock hard but not flat against his tummy. His balls were in a sack bigger than mine.

There were a few strands of hairs just starting to go down the sides of his cock. "Right Sandra" said Jane "I need you to compare these boys cocks and balls in whatever manner you wish, they will not mind however you do it." "Jane" Sandra asked "do you mean like you did with the boys this morning?" "Yes my girl and Edith and I will show you what to do with the spare boys.

Edith, I can't say how much I am looking forward to this." She cast her eyes over the gorgeous sight in front of her. She loved young boys and was about to have herself a really good time. Sandra got me and Ricky to stand together whilst she was on her knees; our pricks were so close to her face. She pulled them both down and got us to walk toward each other, Ricky's prick touch my hairless pubic area first but only just. His foreskin was still covering his knob but only just.

Mine was also a little red rosebud at the end. She studied the thickness of the 11 year old boy cocks "yours is a little longer and fatter than Les's cock" she said "turn and face me" we did and she then cupped our balls. I heard Aunt Edith say "Bob I want you to come here and get on your knees and Gary come over here and stand beside him." We did as we were told. "Now Bob, get hold of Gary's prick and pull it off his tummy so that it is pointing out, that's right now lick then end." I expected Bob not to do this but he didn't hesitate and licked the end where Gary's knob was sticking out by about 1/4 of an inch.

"OK now pull the foreskin back all the way" Bob did this and looked at the slimy head which he knew was covered in spunk from this morning "now lick that and clean it properly" Jane said looking at this lovely 11 year old boy who has never before performed oral sex, about to suck her own 13 year old son's juicy knob end.

Bob moved forward and Gary got hold of the back of his head and encouraged him forward. I quickly looked at Aunt Edith who was clearly rubbing her pussy.

Bob put his mouth over Gary's knob "Mind your teeth!" Gary exclaimed "Sorry Bob said as he removed the big cock end from his mouth "it's just that it does fill my mouth" "Just lick it to begin with then, under the front bit." Bob licked the frenulum and brought his mouth off as if tasting the knob end, he went straight back to licking it and Gary threw his head back and Aunt Edith and Jane were watching closely. "Lie down Gary" said Edith and open your legs "Bob lick his balls and I will suck his knob" I watched as Bob started lapping on Gary's ball sack.

Sandra looked at Ricky and me and then pulled both of our foreskins back hard, it stretched both of our frenulums and she smelled then end of both of our dicks then licked mine first, it was fantastic and then I watched as she licked Ricky's.

"Ricky lie down" said his Mum "and Les I want you to lick his balls like Bob is doing to Gary" I started lapping at his balls, they were totally hairless and I licked up each side of the sack as well as the line that ran right the way up his prick.

Sandra had started to suck the end of the fully exposed glans and as I licked up the shaft I managed to lick her mouth as well. "That's it Les and now lick the bit in-between his balls and his bottom" She lifted up her 11 years old son's legs exposing his entire underneath to me and I licked his perineum and traced it with my tongue all the way up to Sandra's mouth again.

"Sandra hold these legs up and keep doing what you are doing." Jane then went to my backside and licked my bum hole it was unbelievable, then she dug her tongue into my bum and kept licking it and then she said "there you are my sweet little boy, no longer an oral anal virgin and then she started to put her finger into my hole and press down toward my cock.

This was a fantastic feeling as she massaged my prostrate she made my 11 year old cock so hard and then she started to wank me off. For the second time in my life my 11 year old boy cock was given another orgasm. She had put her tongue back into my bottom as I came and I could feel my bottom spasm with my prick jumping in her hand. I had stopped licking Ricky for a while and Jane said "now do to Ricky what I have just done to you" I lick him bottom hole, it was almost as if his hole opened and tried to close around my tongue.

I looked at Sandra who had stopped sucking his knob and was watching me then she went back to sucking the end of his knob. I pushed my little tongue inside the hole and felt it clamp around my tongue and then he must have come because I felt it spasm 7 or 8 times.

I looked up and Sandra had pulled her mouth away from the knob and the last few drops of cum were dribbling down the 11 year old penis. "Did he come as much as Father Fred?" I asked "No Les, it just took me a bit by surprise; there was not much of it at all." Ricky said "I only started to come last week and unlike Gary's it is very watery." At that time we heard Gary say yes! He bucked his hips forward into Aunt Edith's mouth and she was swallowing his 13 year old boy cum.

Aunt Edith then said "Sandra come over here I want you to help Bob to cum" she said, she put Bob on his back and lifted up his legs, "lick his bottom hole and put your tongue inside it. Gary come round here and do the same to Sandra." Gary looked at Sandra's hairless bottom, his 13 year old dick had not gone soft and was standing flat against his tummy and this was keeping it in place, he lightly felt her almost hairless pussy with his fingers and she took a sharp intake of breath and then slowly started to lick her rim and anus and then stick his tongue into the hole, She started to breath quite heavily.

Aunt Edith then started to suck on Bob's prick, exploring underneath the foreskin with her tongue, she then exposed his knob by pulling on the shaft whilst the prick was in her mouth, she knew that this would create a truly warm experience and she knew that it was a new feeling for him, everything she has done to this little 11 year old was new to him and she was relishing taking this boy again.

Jane came to me and thanked me for doing such a good job on Ricky. We watched the Aunt Edith with the 13 year old girl and 13 year old boy pleasuring Bob my 11 year old twin brother. My prick was still hard as was Ricky's. Jane then took off her bra and pants; I saw her rubbing herself round her clitoris. It stood out from its hood. She did not have a lot of pubic hair and I could see her outer lips. "OK boys our turn to have some more indulgence and I need to cum as well." She lied on her back and spread her legs "Les come her and explore a real woman's cunt and not a little girl's fanny." I looked at Ricky who came over and said "I'll tell you what to do if you like, my Mum has shown me lots of times, it's really nice." I went over to her and got on my knees, Ricky came and knelt right at the side of me.

Jane spread her legs further apart revealing her lovely vagina. It was wet and dripping juices. Ricky straddled his Mum and lifted up her legs so that I could see the whole area, anus as well as cunt.

What a sight. I moved my head forward and Jane said "Just give it all a good tongue wash Les like I did for you this morning." I went straight to her knob and gently put my tongue on it, I heard Jane gasp, I licked it and it was sticking out from the hood even more, almost like a little penis. It didn't taste of much, a slight acidic taste and it did smell a bit of wee but it soon disappeared. She put her hands at the back of my head and pushed me harder onto the knob and said "My little virgin boy, keep licking that's wonderful." Ricky told me to put my fingers into her hole and when I did I was amazed at how wet and hot it was.

Also it was so much bigger than Sandra's little winky and the skin was missing so my finger went much further in. "Put more fingers in" Ricky said and I did, I moved back from licking her clit and watched what I was doing, although I could feel some muscles inside they kept relaxing and letting me put more fingers in until I had 4 fingers in and my thumb was rubbing her clitoris.

"That's my little boy" she said I looked up and she was gazing at me watching the fascination on my face. Then Rick lowered his body down and his cock and balls were very close to her face.

She pulled him closer and started to lick his perineum and then up to his anus and back again. I could see he prick jumping at each stroke. I was amazed and couldn't help but think that this was her 11 year old son who she was licking and they obviously did it quite a bit.

I continued to massage her clitoris and then Ricky said "lick one of your other fingers and put it in her bum hole." I did as he advised and I heard Jane moan with satisfaction. This went on for a couple of minutes or so and then I felt her muscles grip my fingers, one of her hands came down and pushed my fingers tight onto her cunt and rubbed it hard.

"Yes, yes, yes" she kept saying "Oh my God you beautiful boy, that's right keep rubbing" I could feel the muscles squeezing my fingers and the one that was up her bum.

Then she held my hand still "Wait, stop rubbing" she said. "You little angel you have made me cum." My fingers were dripping wet through. She took my fingers and started to suck them. It didn't take her long to get her breath back, she looked flushed but she did have a sparkle in her eyes. Jane said "Les I want you to experience what it is like to fuck." Ricky moved away from his mother's face and let her legs down as I moved back.

"Come closer Les and lie on top of me so that we can cuddle." I looked around and Bob had obviously cum again and everyone was watching what was going on. Aunt Edith said "Everyone watch carefully, it is very special when someone loses their virginity." I started to pay attention to Jane's breasts biting the nipples and licking all around them.

Jane had a funny look on her face really enjoying what was going on. She said "Edith I love this bit, knowing that this little 11 year old boy will soon be putting his 3 1/4 inches of boy meat into my hot cunt." She raised her knees to give me better access and to make a better view for everyone else, then she put her hand down onto my stiff prick and started to guide it toward her pussy, as it touched her clitoris she pulled back my foreskin and rubbed my knob up and down the clitty and her wet cunt lips, she was watching me intently and I saw Sandra watching what was going on.

Jane then said "OK my lovely little boy just push slowly, that's it oh yes just a bit more, oh Edith this little boy is no longer a virgin, I can feel his cock all the way in, Les when you are ready you must move your prick out again and then push it back in, Edith look at his face." As I pushed I could not believe the heat of her vagina walls on my sensitive little knob, I felt like cumming straight away but instead of moving out again and then back in I just let it rest otherwise I guessed that it would have been all over very quickly.

I had my eyes shut and started to pull out so that the tip of my knob was just in contact with her entrance and then I moved forward again.

I could feel her muscles gripping my Willy as it went in. "That's the way Les slowly does it, if you feel like going faster it's up to you." I pulled out again and then in, out, in, out, in I suddenly felt my arse cheeks being separated and looked quickly behind to see Sandra just about to lick my bum. "Ahhh oh my God, ahhh, ahhh" each time I pushed forward it felt so different and then Sandra put a finger up my bum and pushed down onto my prostrate "I'm cumming, yes, yes, yes, oh, oh, oh, oh." I collapsed onto the top of Jane; I was a sweaty little 11 year old boy who was no longer a virgin.

Gary and Ricky started to clap and then Bob and Sandra joined in. I was exhausted. Aunty Edith said "Sandra that was a very lovely thing you did for Les just then, well done. Come here sweetheart and lie down on this rug." Sandra went over to Aunt Edith "Gary, Ricky come over here as well please I want you to help to give Sandra an orgasm and Les and Bob must have been fairly close to doing that the other night from what I understand.

Now one thing I want to make quite clear is that Sandra still has her hymen in tact do you know what that is?" Gary and Ricky understood Aunt Edith continued "It is entirely Sandra's decision if she want to have a penis or a finger to penetrate her deeply so you fully respect that do you hear otherwise there will be some serious trouble." She was very stern and the boys fully understood what was going on and Jane added "Yes boys, this moment is to give Sandra some pleasure that she has never had before and the best way is to use your tongues wouldn't you agree Edith?" "Yes Jane and of course the boys would benefit from the experience of pleasuring a younger girl for a change and we would all enjoy the feeling that you get Sandra so just lie back and really enjoy it." Jane then instructed her boys as we all watched, Sandra sat back as naked as the day she was born leaning back on her elbows looking very apprehensive but very willing "Gary, Ricky go to either side of Sandra's legs and lift them a little and open them so that you can both love her pussy and bottom.

Both of you explore Sandra's pussy and bottom and see what happens on your own will, but remember no deep penetration unless Sandra says she wants o try something." Gary obviously couldn't believe his luck, he took a long look at Sandra's almost hairless 13 year old vagina and started to touch and rub the hood where the clitoris was hiding as Ricky was stroking the outer lips.

We were all watching what was happening and Sandra started to breath heavily taking deep breathes. Ricky's fingers parted the outer lips and started to explore the inner lips.

It looked very wet and pink. The few spares hairs demanded licking and Gary moved forward and started licking them; there were some to each side and a few across the top of the vagina.

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Mt Willy was rock hard again, I loved the sight of Sandra's pussy and although I had just had my first taste of woman and had actually had another dry orgasm inside a woman's love nest I would love to bury my 3 1/4 inch boy penis into her pussy. Ricky moved his mouth down to her bottom and started to rim her, he pushed her legs a bit wider and higher so that he could get better access and the benefit to al of us watching was that we had a better view of what was happening.

Sandra's breathing was getting hard and it was obvious that she was not going to be able to take much more of this, her orgasm was immanent. Gary moved his tongue onto her clitoris and started to suck, I had noticed that it was poking it's little head out from underneath the hood. Edith said to Jane "How lovely is this to watch, your two boys pleasuring and bring to orgasm a virginal 13 year old girl" "Yes it's one of the best days of my life, look at their pricks, they are rock hard, and look at Les and Bob." We were both wanking, a skill we had learnt today, just gently massaging our own cocks whilst watching what was going on.

I said to Bob we ought to look after a tit each and we moved forward to either side of Sandra's little mounds and started licking them.

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Sandra was in raptures, she was flushed and sweating and breathing in and out quite heavily. I moved my mouth off her breast and kissed her on the mouth. I surprised myself but that is what happen and she kissed me back. She out her hand on the back of my head and held me whilst she kissed me. Her lips were full and soft and she stuck her tongue into my mouth.

Wow I had never done anything like this before. Ricky took his mouth away from her bottom hole and wet his finger before starting to push it into her anus. Gary was entirely focused on licking the clitoris and then moved his fingers inside her pussy. He paused his sucking to say "God Sandra, your pussy is so hot and wet and tight" he reached the hymen and just felt the membrane.

Jane said "That's right Gary just feel it do put your finger through it, but make the most of the experience because the chances of feeling a hymen of another girl are remote unless they are young." Ricky looked up "Can I have a feel please?" Gary moved his hand away and let Ricky's 11 year old hands explore the inner depths of Sandra pussy.

"Wow it is flexible but still firm." He took the newly lubricated finger and pushed it gently up her anus as Gary moved back to applying some excellent oral skills (obviously learned from his mother) to her clitoris and pussy. I went back to massaging my breast and looking at Sandra who had her eyes closed and said "I am getting that feeling again, oh, oh ahhh, ahhh, ahhhhhhhhhhhhh.

Her legs suddenly seemed to spasm to one side. Ricky and Gary stayed were they were tongues embedded. Sandra said stop, stop and was panting. "You OK love?" Aunt Edith asked after a while "Yes, that was an unbelievable experience, why have I left it so long to learn about that!?" The boys gradually moved there heads back and let her legs down. Sandra sat up and gave me another kiss God I was in love except I didn't know it.

She felt my prick and started to rub it then her other hand went to feel my balls. She pushed my onto my back and went straight between my legs and started licking my balls and up to my cock.

She pulled my penis off my tummy and slowly pulled the foreskin back revealing a hot slimy knob which she licked all around it whilst watching me. I couldn't believe my eyes to watch this gorgeous 13 year old girl licking and sucking me was fantastic.

I wasn't going to last long and I started to cum, I moved my hands down to her face to slow her down and my spasms arrived and yet another dry orgasm swept over my body.

"Wow Les" she said "I could feel your orgasm through my fingertip on your bottom and on my tongue on your glans and through my fingers on your shaft." I was exhausted and Sandra came and lay beside me, we looked at each other "what an amazing day this has turned out to be!

I stated "Not half" she said. Everyone then decide to get into the newly formed pool, which was cold but gave us all a good laugh. That afternoon passed very quickly and it wasn't long before we were all packing up the rugs and things to make our way home. I overheard Jane and Aunt Edith chatting "I just love the simplicity of little boys, they are so willing and so able to keep hard, it's a shame that they loose that ability, I wonder why boys reach their sexual peak so young?" "Well Jane, it's so that the like of you and me can enjoy taking control of them and using them as they ought to be used, otherwise it's a waste isn't it!" "Yeah I guess so" said Jane "It is a shame that the boys have to go first thing in the morning." "Yes it is and they are getting up really early otherwise I would suggest coming back to give them a bath." "I know what kind of a bath I would like to give them." I looked around and saw them looking at me and smiling I smiled back.

We parted in the village and said our good byes to Gary, Ricky and Jane. The air was electric we all knew we had just had a very special day. Back home Aunt Edith started to make some dinner when Father Fred walked in with a box of envelopes in his arms. "Hello Edith, children, how are you has you had a good day?" Aunt Edith said "We have had a fantastic day and once this is on the go I will tell you all about it.

But basically we went into the woods and had a picnic and met up with Jane and the boys." "I can see why it must have been fantastic now. "Boys go and start filling the bath; we all need to bath tonight having been swimming in the pool." "I'll go and bath the kids whilst you get on with dinner." Father Fred said. He took the box upstairs and came down to the bathroom "Who is first then?" Bob got straight in without asking if Sandra would like to go first.

"Les you might as well get in at the same time then." "Sandra will you help me please?" "Yes" she said "I will wash Les." My Willy started to rise again. Bon and I sat in the bath whilst our hair was washed, arms neck chest and back.

We stood up, both with full on boners and our little knobs poking out of the foreskin. "Hey Bob" said Father Fred "You seem to have grown a bit today." He soaped his hands again and started to massage Bob's anus, balls and prick. Then it turned into a definite wank with two fingers and a thumb, the little foreskin being pushed back on each down stroke. Sandra was also feeling me with her soapy hands and she actually pushed a finger into my anus as she was wanking me.

I knew this wouldn't take long and before long I was cumming in her hands, another dry orgasm spasmed through my body, Farther Fred was amazed and watched as my little legs started to give way shaking with the excitement.

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"Well done Les, eventually you understand what having fun is about." He was gradually easing Bob's foreskin back as he was talking and gently massaging his balls and perineum. He started wanking Bob with his 2 fingers and thumb and moved his other hand back to his anus and gradually inserted one of his fingers into Bob's bum hole. Bob was flushed and blotchy all on his face and neck, he was breathing hard and his legs started to tremble.

"That's it Bob cum for me there's a good little boy" said Father Fred and cum he did. He held onto Father Fred so that he didn't fall down when his orgasm flowed through him. "Well done Bob" said Father Fred as he kept rubbing his penis "I can feel you cumming you little bottom his pulsing on my finger." "Les's did that to my finger as well" said Sandra. We both sat down in the bath and had the soap washed off. Father Fred got the towel and we got out of the bath and Sandra got in and started to wash her own hair as we were drying off.

We then went to help and washed her back neck arms and then her lovely little mounds of breasts. Bob and I stroked gently around the nipples and they got harder and started to stick out more. Sandra stood up and we washed her legs and then her most private parts that were not so private anymore. Father Fred left the bathroom and went to speak with Aunt Edith. When he came back into the bathroom Sandra had her legs open and Bob was washing her perineum and anus as I was washing her outer lips and slipping a finger inside to wash the hymen and then her clitoris.

I started to rub the clitoris and she said "Yes boys, keep doing that please keep doing that." She started to shake and she had a wonderful orgasm on our fingers.

Father Fred stood and watched "That was beautiful to watch. How are you feeling Sandra?" "Really nice Uncle Fred, REALLY nice." She sat down in the bath and we washed the soap off her. Father Fred took his clothes off and got into the bath, he was already hard and we all looked at his cock swaying about Sandra started to dry herself off and Bob and I washed Father Fred's hair, neck, back, arms etc. as he stood up Sandra was able to help. Father Fred asked "have you all had a lovely day then".

I said "We have had a fantastic day all three of us have leaned how to orgasm and we were with Gary and Ricky as well. They showed us a lot." "Gary has got a really bog cock" said Bob "I think it might even be bigger than yours Father Fred." "Well did you all get to feel Gary's cock?" "Yes" "well then have a good feel of mine and tell me what the difference is then." We all three literally play with Father Fred's prick and balls and Sandra said "I think Gary's is a little smaller than yours Uncle Fred, it is certainly harder but not quite as fat.

What do you think Les?" "Definitely Gary's is a bit shorter but not by much (I measured it by putting my hands up Father Fred's willy one on top of the other) I would say by half of your knob Father Fred, Gary's is much harder, his prick was so hard that it was flat against his tummy, his balls are not a big and he certainly doesn't have anywhere near the amount of hair that you have." "I liked Ricky's little cock as well" I said "It was about 4 inches long when it was stiff and there were some hairs on it." Sandra then said "He can cum as well, he came in my mouth." Father Fred looked at her "You actually sucked Ricky off?" "Yes Uncle Fred" "And he actually came?" "Yes Uncle Fred." "Well that must be nearly a first for him because as far as I knew he hadn't started to cum yet." This of course confirmed the fact that Father Fred has and does go and 'play' with Jane's boys.

"He told us that he had only started to cum last week" I said "apparently his cum is very watery and there is not that much of it unlike Gary's which cums a lot and it is quite thick." Father Fred's Willy had got really hard and was pulsing as we all soaped it. And generally washed his genitals all over including his bum into which Bob was inserting his middle finger, he was starting to get a bit flushed. Father Fred opened his legs a bit wider so that Bob could also massage his perineum and I was washing one side of his ball sack and Sandra was doing the other and we both had a hand each on his prick and we were rubbing up and down, up and down, up, down, up, down on each up stroke Sandra's hand was on top and I pushed it off the glans and then both hands would come down to the base of his cock.

His breathing was getting very hard and then Sandra and I felt his cock getting fatter. "He is about to cum" Sandra said, and we all watched as this grown man's cock was about to spurt cum in front of and because of the administrations of one 13 year old girl and two 11 year old boys.

Spurt the first shot came out so quickly and it splattered against my cheek, spurt and another came out 5 inches and then dribble, dribble, dribble as the spunk went over Sandra's and my fingers.

Father Fred was so red in the face and seemed to be gasping for breath "You lovely lovely children" he said and he went to sit in the bath seemingly exhausted. Sandra was looking at the sperm on her hands and said "Look Les, it is much thicker than Ricky's" as she said this she looked at me and laughed "look, it is running down your cheek!" Bob looked and started to laugh.

I went to wipe it off and Sandra said "wait, just a minute let me see if it tastes any different to Ricky's sperm" and with that she moved close to me and licked my cheek. "It doesn't taste of much, in fact I think I can taste more soap than sperm." We all washed the soap off Father Fred's genitals and he stood up to get out of the bath, his prick was still all red and the big blue vein was prominent and he was deflating.

His balls had started to drop down again having been drawn quite close to his body when he came. He got out of the bath and said "Right you lot, upstairs to get your PJs on, Les you had better wipe you face." We all went upstairs and Bob and I started to discuss what had gone on that day and how wonderful it had been. In our bedroom was the box that Father Fred had brought in with him earlier I went to look at one of the envelopes, it was not addressed but had about 25 to 30 photographs in it, all the envelopes were about the same size, the photographs were all of Bob, Sandra and me playing with each other.

They were in colour and some were real close-ups. I said "It seems that Father Fred is running a little business Bob." He came over and looked at the pictures "They look pretty good to me in fact my Willy is getting hard again looking at them." Just then we heard Father Fred coming upstairs, I put the envelope back in the box and put my PJs on.

"Go downstairs for dinner boys we have to eat early so that we can get up early in the morning to take you home." We had a delicious supper and we were all talking about the events of the day quite openly.

"So boys" said Edith "How did you like your initiation into the joys of sex?" "It has been great" we both said together and then Bob said "I don't want to see ungrateful but Les got to put his Willy inside Jane's pussy and I didn't do that and it doesn't seem fair." Aunt Edith and Father Fred looked at each other and then Edith said "Oh Bob, don't feel left out, it was quite unintentional, I'll tell you what, once we have finished supper and cleaned things you and I put that right and have some fun and put it right." Bob's face lit up "Really?" "Absolutely" she said.

"Sandra what did you think about the day and what you did?" asked Father Fred "It was great fun and I know that all the boys wanted to explore me in more detail and wanted to put their pricks inside me but I really don't want to break my hymen yet." "That's fine Sandra, you are still learning quite a lot and there will be many opportunities in the future for you to have sex. I am sure that the boys are just extremely grateful for what you are doing anyway, I know that I am." Father Fred continued "the more experience you get the more confident you will be about losing your virginity, just watch what Bob and Edith will do later and look at the pleasure on their faces, Edith perhaps you will talk us through what you are feeling when you are taking this lovely little 11 year old boys virginity." "Yes I will.

You know teaching children, especially young beautiful children such as you that are well behaved is an absolute pleasure. It is important that you always do as you are asked and told to do. I get excited when I have control over a young boy and it gives me great pleasure to play with nice young cocks rather than old gnarled veined ridden grown man's cocks. I like the firmness of them and the fact that I don't have to keep spitting out pubic hair when I suck and lick them.

So don't you worry Bob, as soon as we are done here I will happily take care of your every need and you will have to do the same for me." "Fred whilst I am cleaning up here with the children will you go and get their clothes out for tomorrow morning and pack the rest of their things so that you can make a good early start." "Good idea Edith" and off he went whilst we all started to clean things up.

"Let's all go into the sitting room" Aunt Edith said and once there she said "come here Bob" and she started to unbutton his PJ top. Sandra and I were watching intently as she then undid the cord around the PJ bottoms and they fell to the floor leaving Bob totally exposed to Sandra and me. Just then click Father Fred appeared with his camera and PJs on. "Oh Fred, do you really have to do that, I am sure that your punters are sick of seeing me?" said Aunt Edith.

"No they are not, in fact they really like the fact that a grown woman is willing and able to teach young boys about sex and they love seeing the fact that you and Jane are able to initiate so many different boys with such varying cocks." "Father Fred, how many people will see pictures of my Willy?" asked Bob "Not enough for you to be worried about don't worry about it the likelihood of someone you know seeing it will be very little." Remember these were the days before the internet.

Edith got Bob to lie down on the rug she produced a fabric tape measure "I said I would measure you and I will." She quickly measure the length of Bob flaccid penis by putting the end of the tape on the top of the penis into where he will one day grow pubic hair and measured to the end of the foreskin overhang click. "OK that reads 2 and 1/2 inches." She measured the circumference click "that is 1 1/2 inches." "Wow Bob, we have grown a 1/4 of an inch whilst we have been here!" I said She went to the side and started kissing his 11 year old hairless chest click and started licking his nipples click click.

Bobs 11 year old hairless 2 1/2 inch prick was just starting to rise up off his ball sack. Aunt Edith kissed down Bob's chest to his belly button and pushed her tongue into it and licked around it. "I love hairless little boys" she said and then went down to the area right above where Bob's cock joins his body which will one day be covered with pubic hair and she licked across it.

Bob's cock swelled further feeling Aunt Edith's hot breath so close to his Willy. Sandra and I got on out knees and moved closer so that we could have a good look, as we were moving forward Aunt Edith was moving between Bob's legs so we went to either side click. Bob's prick was not fully hard but close to it and Aunt Edith said "Are you enjoying this Bob?" "Yesssss!" "Good because I am, I love the smell of little boys and you smell delicious.

My pussy is getting so wet it can't wait to have you, to take your virginity and to sink your cock into my waiting hot love box." She opened his legs a little wider and lifted his legs so that his feet were flat on the ground.

She ran her tongue up the left hand side of his ball sack, in the crease and then up the right hand side. I could hear her breathing out as she did this which must have warmed his balls up. She then with the tip of her tongue traced the ridge up his hairless 11 year old scrotum and right up the length of his prick to the very tip where the foreskin was only just covering the glans. I looked closely and I could just see the tip of the glans showing.

She then went to the bottom of the scrotum again and licked up the same path but this time with the flat of her tongue. This made Bob breathe out in ecstasy "Ahhhh." Aunt Edith then picked up the tape measure again and measured the length click and circumference of the now rock hard buy penis and said "3 1/2 inches long and 2 1/2 inches in circumference, not bad, I think if you were to stay here for a month we would have you grown by another 6 inches." We all laughed.

She then put the tape measure back and settled down between Bob's legs again. Bob was resting on his elbows so that he could watch what was going on. Aunt Edith put her fingers around Bob's cock and pulled it off his tummy so that it was staffing in straight up in the air. She licked around the foreskin tip and it moved back a bit "Cor that tickles in a really lovely way." He said. Aunt Edith said "I know I felt your cock jump and grow when I did it." And just using the tip of her tongue she traced around the edge of the foreskin again click "Now watch carefully Bob I am going to put your knob in my mouth and swirl my tongue around the end.

She then put her mouth over the foreskin covered knob click and started to swirl her tongue around so that it just started to go underneath and onto the knob, she brought her head back and bit the tip of the foreskin and stretched it click she let it go and then put the knob back into her mouth and this time pushed her tongue further into the foreskin.

"God, your tongue is so hot" said Bob. She ran her tongue around the glans one way and then stopping at the frenulum she went back the other way. Bob's face was flushed and his neck and chest had red blotches on. "I can see that I am taking you too far Bob, I will slow down a little so that you don't cum too quickly, and after all I want your virgin cock to cum inside my cunt this time." Even though she obviously knew that Bob's cum was dry she still wanted to give him the memory of his first orgasm inside a woman being when he lost his virginity and she wanted that memory as well, especially with such a good looking sweet little 11 year old choir boy.

Aunt Edith then asked Sandra and me to hold up Bob's legs so that she could get clear access to his bottom. We lifted them up click and Aunt Edith moved closer, she traced the outline of his rim with her finger and then the ridge up to the scrotum and back again several times before moving forward and inhaling deeply and then rimming his anus with the tip of her tongue.

Bob breathed out slowly between his teeth and then took a sharp intake of breath as Aunt Edith licked his anus with the flat of her tongue and started lapping at it. "Do you like that Bob?" she asked "Oh yes Aunt Edith" and then she stuck the tip of her tongue into his bum, I was amazed to see this so close, Father Fred had his Willy sticking out of his PJs as he was taking photographs, it was getting hard again.

Mine was rock hard and it was poking up out of my flies, all 3 1/2 inches of my boy cock. I had to move my hand onto it and give it a couple of rubs up and down. Sandra noticed this and smiled and she also put her hand inside her nightdress and stroked her little girl pussy a couple of times. Bon was moaning with delight as Aunt Edith continued to pay attention to his bottom and then she started to move back up to his balls. She gave them another good washing with her tongue.

Then she licked all the way up the length of his rock hard 3 1/2 inch boy cock and got hold of it and covered it again with her mouth. She slowly pulled the foreskin down from the glans so that Bob could feel the heart from her mouth on his sensitive little knob. She took her mouth off his prick and left the knob exposed for all to see. It was covered in saliva and it was deep purple.

"OK Sandra, Les, put his legs down now. Bob I am going to lie down here beside you." She lay down beside him and cupped his little face in her hands and gently kissed him. She really wanted this boy. Sandra was at the side of me and she looked at me and we had a kiss. I thought I had died and gone to heaven. She has such a soft mouth and her tongue played with mine a little.

Somehow and god only knows how but this had the effect of making my Willy larger. Father Fred seemed intent of capturing photographs as Aunt Edith gradually moved Bob on top of her. Sandra and I moved down their bodies to get a better look at what was happening.

She took hold of Bob's penis, still with the foreskin retracted and started to move it up and down her hot soaking slit, rubbing it over her clitoris and then across the outer lips and then just nudging inside. Bob was in ecstasy. "OK Bob I am now going to put your lovely hard boy cock at the entrance to my cunt and you need to push slowly inwards with you bottom so that your cock slides into my cunt. We all watched as Bob's cock was positioned at the entrance and gradually he started to slide it in, first the knob disappeared and then the rest of the 3 1/2 inch 11 year old rock hard boy cock entered the warm folds of a woman cunt for the very first time.

Once he was in she wrapped her lags around his bottom and held him tight. "Oh Bob, your cock feels wonderful, just hold it there for a while, I don't want you cumming too soon" she was relishing yet another score on the card, another young boy virgin notched up on her list most of them dutifully recorded for posterity by Father Fred on film. "I can feel the heat coming from your cock Bob and now I want you to pull it out a little and then push it back in again slowly." Bob started to do as he was told, and did this about 15 or 20 times and then he started to have more urgency about it, he quickened his movements in, out, in, out thrusting as hard as he could.

We were all watching with excitement as Bob was frantically arriving at his first climax inside a woman. "That's it Bob keep pumping, harder, harder." Edith was encouraging him all the way and then it happened. Bob started groaning "Urghh, arghh, arghh, I am cumming, oh, oh, oh, yes, yes." At the same time Aunty Edith pulled him in really close with her legs behind Bob and almost screamed "YES go for it YES, oh YES Bob you wonderful little boy." They both came together and lay there, Bob on top of Aunt Edith, 2 sweaty people panting, out of breath, very hot and in the final throws of ecstasy.

After a few moments rest Bob fell off of Aunt Edith. His dick was definitely deflating. Sandra and I got closer to Aunt Edith's pussy and had a look, there was a little hole where Bob's penis had been and it looked very red. We looked at Bob's prick; it was saturated with pussy juice. His balls were still drawn up tight to his body.

He had a massive smile on his face. "That was fantastic!" he exclaimed. "It certainly was" agreed Aunt Edith. Father Fred said that it was once of the best shooting sessions he had seen. After a few minutes Father Fred reminded us all that we had to have a really early start in the morning so we all ought to go to bed.

We went upstairs and Aunt Edith said to Sandra that unless she really wanted to get up at 5 am to say good bye then she ought to say her good byes now. "It's OK Aunt Edith, I will get up to say good bye." Sandra went to her bedroom and Father Fred joined us in ours. "Well boys, I think you have had a really good long weekend haven't you?" "Yes Father Fred" we both said together "It has been fantastic and it has turned out so much better than I ever dreamed about." I added.

"Now remember boys, much of what has gone on here must remain our little secret. You must not talk to anyone else about it do you understand?" "Yes Father Fred." We both said together. "Now boys I would just like to check you both one more time before we go to bed so off with you PJ bottoms and sit on the edge of the bed please." We did as we were told looking at each other and smiling. We open our legs to give Father Fred better access. He moved to my cock first.

It was getting hard just thinking about what was going to happen. It was just lifting itself off my balls and rising slowly with each heart beat. Father Fred got hold of it and held it up and went straight to licking my balls.

No messing around sniffing now that he knew what had transpired during the day, I guess that Aunt Edith had brought him fully up to steam so to say he licked with the flat of his tongue first one side of my scrotum and then the other.

It felt lovely and warm although the hairs on his face did seem to scratch my legs a little. Then he licked the scrotum and sucked in the whole thing into his mouth and played with my balls with his tongue. It felt great! He then lifted up my legs and again with the flat of his tongue he didn't waste any time he just licked with the flat of his tongue on my anus.

It was as if he had been waiting the entire weekend for this moment. My dick was rock hard and the foreskin was straining to keep the sensitive part of my dick covered. He licked the entire length from anus to foreskin and pulled my prick of my tummy and nibbled the end of my foreskin and stretched it with his teeth then quit suddenly he pulled it all the way back, very hard, it surprised my and hit hurt a little, he put the knob in his mouth and lapped all around it.

"Oh Father Fred that feels lovely, thank you." I said. "I know, it's just a shame that we didn't manage to do this a couple of nights ago but at least we are enjoying it now." He moved away from me and over to Bob and went through the same process, the difference was that Bob's prick was covered in Aunt Edith's pussy juice.

I watched as he tasted the cock "Your Aunt Edith tastes good tonight, she must have enjoyed you very much Bob." He went on to lick his balls and anus.

"Now then boys, I want you to try something you have not done before, something that you will be able to enjoy with each other and with fellow class mates and perhaps other choristers alike (providing you don't mention me OK!) So let's all lie on the floor and make a triangle. Bob I want you to tongue wash Les's prick, balls and anus, I will tongue wash yours and Les, I want you to tongue wash mine OK, let's do it.

I looked as Bob started to lick my cock and pull my foreskin back to suck my knob. This was the first time we had every done anything like this to each other and it felt good to feel Bob's tongue working it's way around my bits. I watched as Father Fred lovingly administered Bob's cock and balls and now it was my turn to lick a fully grown mans cock. I licked the knob and tried to get it into my mouth, it was very big and I struggled but eventually I did it without scratching it with my teeth.

It was so hot and I felt it pulse as I closed my lips around it. I licked the full length of his prick and then gave his massive ball sack a good washing.

I had to keep stopping to spit out hairs which were annoying me and I remember thinking that I won't have that problem when I do it to Bob. I went further between his legs and licked his anus.


It was all sweaty from watching us earlier no doubt. Men do sweat a lot more than young boys. I needed to rest my mouth a little and so had Bob on mine and then I heard Bob shout "Ow!" I looked at Father Fred and he had stuck one of his big fat fingers up Bob's arse ad it obviously hurt him.

"Sorry Bob, I have been waiting for this for a long time and just shut up and enjoy it." This was another side of Father Fred that we had not seen before now, he was obviously sexually pent up even though he had cum earlier. I went down and really focused on his cock and balls and stuck my little finger up his bum and massaged inside.

I now know that I must have been touching his prostrate but then it was just luck. He started to cum whilst I had his cock in my mouth. It took me by surprise and although I had seen him cum a couple of times when it is in your mouth it seems like a lot and I started to choke. I went to pull my head away and he stopped what he was doing to Bob and held my head in place just trying to force his cock down my neck. He slowly removed his dick and I was relieved that it was over.

I looked at him and I could tell that he didn't really care how I felt. His cum didn't taste too bad. "Right Bob, lets have some cum from you, I want to feel you dry cum in my mouth I want to feel the orgasm of my lovely little 11 year old boy in my mouth and you need to feel Les do the same.

Lie on your back and I will get between your legs and Les you lie on top of Bob and put your prick in his mouth so that he can lick you, and you can feed him your arse and balls as you desire." Wow, this was certainly something to remember for the future.

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I could see that Father Fred was devouring Bob's whole penis and balls in his mouth at the same time; he had wet his finger more and was pushing it up Bob's arse more slowly this time. I fed my cock into Bob's mouth and then pulled the skin back so he could lick my knob and suck on it lick a little lollypop. I pulled away and fed him my balls. Bob was doing a great job of this and I thought to myself I will pay him back as soon as I can. His breathing was getting shorter and I could tell that he was not going to last long so I moved my arse onto his face and he started lapping at my bum as I started to wank myself off.

Bob started to cum in Father Fred's mouth and I started to cum with Bob's tongue in my arse. It was really great. "Wow Les, I could feel you cumming because your bum was pulsing on my tongue." Said Bob "I know I could feel your tongue in my bum hole." "Well Bob I felt your orgasm in my mouth and I really enjoyed that you beautiful little boy" said Father Fred.

We all sat back fro a while, I was exhausted, my dick had worked out enough today. Father Fred had just taught two 11 year old boys how to pleasure themselves with their tongues and he knew that there was no going back from that. We all went to bed and as far as sexual activity goes that was it for the break. In the morning Sandra did get up and she gave everyone a hug, except me and she kissed me very gently on my lips. For some reason I started to cry. We agreed to keep in touch and left to go home.