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Stellar tiny sweetie gets her spread pussy and tight anal fucked
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"Hey.Um, I'm Aries". "Yep. I know" "You do?" Asked Aries in a sincerely puzzled look. "Dude we've had like 5 classes together in 2 years" Autumn was clearly annoyed that the guy she didn't want to be talking to didn't know that she didn't want to talk to him or that she knew exactly who he was.and again that she didn't want to talk to him. "Oh yea, well I dunno I've seen you a lot since middle school and I just figured we could be friends." "Yep, I guess" Autumn slumped back in the chair and looked at her pink and gray Nike shoes.

She wondered if they really matched her gray and pink shirt, they were exactly the same colors but the swoosh sign on her shoes were pink and the sneakers were gray but her hoodie was pink and the swoosh was that ok? Autumn pretty much ignored everything Aries talked about only responding enough to seem barely halfway interested.

The only thought in her head was, "Jesus why won't class start already." and the only thought in his head was "Wow what a total stuck up bitch you've become." *Doon.Doon.Doon.Doon* "Ah man, that's the late bell, I guess we both really needa get to class maybe we'll finish up some other time" Autumn was so relieved to have a legitimate excuse to run away from this guy.

As Autumn stood and gripped her backpack Aries cut in "Thanks but don't worry about next time, it was really nice to finally have a conversation with you." And with that snarky remark Aries turned to leisurely walk to his class overwhelmingly late.

Sifting through his regretful memories of the last six years Aries remembered how much he liked Autumn, how for six years he's followed her like a little puppy dog doing all that he could to get her to notice him.

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He would try to predict her classes in order to sign up for them, he'd sit a few tables over at lunch and breakfast to try and hear her interests, how he would spend endless nights, even last night in his room on his bed with his cock in his hand and lotion lathered over it as he'd jerk it picturing her naked alternating his fantasies of how he'd fuck her trying to decide whether she had cute little brown nipples or big puffy pink ones that he could suck on.

Or her legs being pried open by the muscles he didn't have as he would lap her wet juices from between her legs sucking on her clit. Licking biting tonguing sucking until she came on his chin.

He couldn't get enough of jerking off to her, almost every night either his bed or stomach was soaked with his hot cum as he imagined stretching that tiny pink pussy open as he ran his fingers over her shaved or trimmed wet pussy as she bounced on his cock.

He didn't have a big dick but it wasn't little either he was just average at about 7.5 inches and when he would finally get it between a girls thighs he made a vow to himself that it would only be between Autumns. Autumn's sweet tight virgin pussy that he could ram day and and night until the day she'd bend over with her little ass in the air and tell him to go for it there too.

Those were the good old days when he was in love with her, the days like when she was almost raped by.Kennedy? Kris? Whatever his name was he cried for hours in a ball in his room hating himself for not being able to do a damn thing to protect her. He's known her since he was 11 and she was 10 and here they are him 16 about to be 17 in a few months and she 15 about to be 16 in two weeks and he couldn't conjure a single shred of loving emotion if he were commanded by the phoenix Jean Grey telepathically, or Professor X at that.

Interrupting his pity party he thought "I seriously needa let the comic books go." "Hey!" Shouted Autumn as she caught up with him a little out of breath. "What did you mean don't worry about next time?" Aries wasn't sure if she wanted clarification or was really that ditzy but he hated to explain it either way, "Look Autumn you know I like you." Autumn opened her mouth but had no room to interject.

"Don't even lie and say you didn't. We both know its obvious and you've caught me staring more than once but I guess I was wrong about you all these years, well these last few years anyways so thanks but no thanks." Darren rolled on his heels again and took a step only to be cut off by a pint sized blonde as Autumn looked up at him and snapped with fury "Who the fuck do you think you are?


Just because you've had some bitchy little crush on me and I didn't return it you think you can just throw me aside like I don't mean shit to anybody." This made Aries laugh, and laugh a little too much for Autumns liking.

"And just what the fuck is so funny?" Aries stood up and smiled. "You, you're funny." Autumn was sick of the games and it was apparent on her eye-rolling face. This time Aries got serious. "I don't know who you are, six years of liking you and in one conversation you've killed all my emotions and freed any lingering doubt in my head that I've got no clue to who you are.

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Cause whoever you are you're not Autumn" "Then who am I?" Aries leaned against a locker. "I dunno, not Autumn" Autumn looked less irritated and more confused than anything. "I can prove you're not Autumn" "Ok" was all that Autumn could think to say. "You're outfit is a perfectly coordinated ensemble with matching accessories, you have blonde hair, no freckles, and blue eyes." Now it was Autumns turn to laugh, much to Aries disapproval.

"So what? Cause I've dyed my hair, I sometimes wear contacts and makeup, and I know that colors go together I'm some kind of imposter?" Autumn condescendingly chipped. Aries leaned in with a straight face and said in a hush voice. "Really want to know how I know you're not Autumn?" "Uh Duh!" Aries stood back up to his full height of 6'1 inches and walked through the double doors leading to the stairs, poked his back out looked Autumn up and down, smiled and said. "Your shoes match". Then vanished around the corner before the green colored wooden doors slammed shut.

Autumn finished her day very frustrated after her first real conversation with the lapdog that has followed her for six years. She went home that night and slept uneasily. However the next day she felt completely fine, she showered, got dressed, and headed off to school seemingly forgetting all that Aries said to her the day before. However when she got to school, she ran directly into Aries who was talking to Selena. "Hey girl, I was just talking to Aries, did you know he can speak Hebrew?" "So" replied Autumn smugly.

"So thats really really cool, Hey Aries I can teach you Spanish if you teach me Hebrew" "That sounds cool but I gotta ask, how do you know Spanish?" Selena rolled her eyes she always get this conversation. "I know I may look black but I'm half Dominican" Aries smiled and replied "You do know most Dominicans are black right?" Selena punched Aries in the arm and the two fell out laughing.

The entire time Autumn stood there Aries ignored her as if she had never been his dream girl, his midnight fantasy, like he never jerked his peewee dick pretending it was sliding into her wet pussy. Her mind swam with confusion and anger but then he was gone. "What the fuck was all that about?" "Chill Oddball I just came over to Aries to ask him how ya'll talk went yesterday, don't worry I'm not moving in on your man, besides" Selena frowned as she walked towards their class "He said that it turns out you two don't have much in common and you guys are just kinda friends" Autumn didn't understand why he said this, why he didn't tell Selena all that they talked about or why he hadn't told her what a total and complete bitch she can be.

But most of all she didn't understand why he continued to smile at her, and be nice to her whenever he saw her but otherwise ignore the living hell out of her as if she was just a person he had classes with and nothing more with such complete authenticity she could almost swear this guy wasn't someone she shared a painfully harsh reality check with the day before.

A few days passed and Autumn felt worse and worse without really understanding why. Then on the following Tuesday she woke up shuffled her way in the bathroom fumbled for the light flicked it on whenced in pain at the stinging brightness then stared in the mirror waiting for the bubbles and fuzzy darkness to dissipate.

Then noticed the center of her hair was burnt orange. "Well ain't this fucking great I gotta dye my hair before school". She brushed her teeth, washed her face, damn near fell back asleep when she sat down to pee and made her way past her dad, When he shouted "OH MEH GAWD DON'T KILL ME, MY WIFE HAS MY MONEY" He clutched his chest then leaned over and put one hand on his old faded checkered green pajama pants. "Oh" he panted " Its just you, for a second there I thought you were some hideous bedhead morning monster robber type thing.

then I noticed your hair and thought hey could this be my long lost daughter?" "Ha ha dad verrrryyy unfunny" Autumn punched her dads arm and entered her room. She gathered her clothes for the day and headed to the bathroom which was pretty much her second closet. She walked into the bathroom and peeled off her tank top and dropped her pajama pants. She reached behind her to unhook her bra, last night was one of the few nights she actually wore a bra to bed.

She fumbled for a minute before she realized that the this one closed in the the front. She looked down to undo her bra and noticed her highlight orange bra matched her highlight orange panties which sorta matched her neon green toes and neon green nails.

Autumn looked up in the mirror and saw her golden-violet eyes. It was awkward. She was so accustomed to blue eyes, or hazel, or green, or gray. But never violet. "Jesus Fucking Christ.when don't I wear contacts?" she peered at her roots and wondered why she always switched from blonde to brunette. Are gingers really that bad? Or her freckles that she could barely see from the day befores makeup. Or her matching lingerie.

"Do I really hate myself this much?" she wondered while continuing her mental dissection. ""Really want to know how I know you're not Autumn?".""Your shoes match"". "Aries' words rang throught her head dipping in and out of volume whispering under her earlobe and screaming in her ear drum it was overwhelming.

Autumn clenched her fist and smashed her bathroom mirror with as much fury as she could doing little more than cracking the glass and cutting her knuckles and palm. "WHO THE FUCK AM I?" and with that the half naked, 5'3 102pound girl curled up on the ground and cried on her bathroom floor.

---- Cat really wasn't surprised that oddball wasn't at school Tuesday. Oddball usually made a habit of not coming to school when she didn't complete her homework or she was on her period. She knew she wasn't on her period it was too soon but maybe she didn't finish their English essay on Greek mythology vs Roman Mythology "Beowulf vs Ceres". Cat dismissed her absence and made a mental note to text her lazy procrastinating ass later.

---- Cat became a little worried Wednesday when Oddball again didn't show up. Maybe she got her period early? It had to be something. She didn't hear or see anything on the news about her brother or father. Why wasn't she at school and why wasn't she returning her calls and texts? ---- Thursday morning Selena woke up extra early to go to Autumns house. She was down right pissed it was two days and two nights of calling and texting and no response from her best friend.

She marched up the cobble brick steps to Autumns white fiberglass door and banged with all her might calling Autumns name between knocks. Mrs. Day opened the door and looked at Selena with a sense of frustration. "What can I do for you Ms. Matiano?" "Oh. Um I'm sorry mom, I was wondering if Autumn was home." "Well Selena, if you are my daughter then I think I would've taught you banging and screaming on someones door a few minutes shy of 7:00A.M.

Is both rude and extremely annoying." Selena shrunk back, trying her hardest to disappear within herself. Ever since Autumn and Selena became friends both their moms, Mrs. Day and Mrs. Matiano, treated the either as their own daughter. "Yes mam, I'm sorry, it won't happen again." "I should hope not, and Autumn was up bright and early this morning looking like her old self, she decided to walk to school instead of catching the bus.she said something about the sunrise on its last day.wait no the day is the last sunrise.wait every last sunrise day um." "Ok thanks mom I'll see her at school" Mrs.

Day was jarred away by the fleeing African-Domincan from her porch and shut the door to try and force out the winter air. Selena beemed on the bus happy that her friend is feeling better she walked through the doors and instantly found Autumn, as did every one else in the cafeteria which was quiet. Everyone who has ever attended public or private or imaginary school knows, cafeterias are never quiet. They were all staring at Autumn who was eating her breakfast and singing to herself.

Selena opted to skip the absurdly long breakfast line and sit down across the unusually empty table and stared at her bestfriend with no words. Autumn looked up with her violet-green eyes and smiled extremely big and leaned forward to hug cat.

"Hi! CAT" She squealed eager to see her friend after two days of isolation. Selena sat back and smiled wide. Mrs. Day really meant it when she said Autumn was back to her old self. She was back alright.wayyyyyy back. Autumn sat at the table with her newly almost dye free hair which was blood-red with purple-bluish tips which kinda fluffed or rather fizzled out around her head pulled back by a black headband which made her look like a lioness with a badass mane.

Not only was her hair back to when she first met her but so was her outfit with her blue "Black Veil Brides" shirt covered by her white washout jean jacket with a dozen holes in it. Her white mini tutu neon blue leggings adorned with one long purple and gray striped sock and a equal length blue and gray sock secured by her one blue and one purple flat shoes.on opposite feet of the matching color socks of course. But the biggest thing that brought a smile to Selena's face besides her drastic un-makeover was the bright orange freckles on her bestfriends face.

"Hey oddball". The bell rang and the two friends got up and headed to class as those who didn't see stopped to stare and those who did see.also.stopped to stare.some more. "Wow.Autumn?" Oddball whirled around to see Aries with his eyes nearly popping out his head.

Autumn smiled wildly.obviously proud of her reaction. "So am I Autumn?" Aries opened his mouth to answer but was interrupted before he could utter a word. "Do you wanna go out Saturday? To the cliffs? I like sunsets. I like sunrises too but sunsets more." What she did next completely caught him off guard.

She placed both hands on his shoulders and pulled him down to her and kissed his cheek. Autumn turned on her heels and bounded away without hearing an answer from Aries.

Aries stumbled into the locker with his cock straining against his zipper. How unusual, he's kissed a few girls but never got a hard-on from it. He groaned as the late bell rang knowing that if he stood up.everyone would see that he was really standing up. So he decided to take his detention and wait for saturday. ---- Autumn was whispered about for the next two days, some friends dropping her instantly, others trying to be nice while completely weirded-out, and the last few as loyal, loving, and encouraging as Selena.

But Autumn genuinely didn't care.


She hardly cared about anything anymore just a carefree girl, free of so many things and just happy. She was happy she was alive, happy she was herself, happy it was Saturday. ---- Aries arrived at the Day house. He knew as did all the guys who had a crush on Autumn who her father was and who his "friends" were. No one dared mess with the Captain or his loyal and more intimidating lethal police force. Aries figured if he was gonna die he was gonna die like a man.who made sure to pee before he left the house that way he wouldn't do it when Mr.

Day wrapped his massive "criminal-killing" hands around his scrawny 16year old neck. Aries stepped out the car and walked towards the Day house each step reciting the lords prayer. *step* "our father who art in heaven" *next step* "hallowed be your name." *step.aries was on the the first step of the the hell did he walk so far already?* "Thy Kingdom come, thy will be done, on earth as it is in heaven" Aries reached out his hand and rang the doorbell.

Before the chime could end Mr. Day.not as tall as he thought but definitely as muscular stood before him in a muscle shirt, blue jeans, socks, and a Smith & Wesson M&P9L austintatiously strapped to his hip.

"You Aaron?" he asked without blinking once since he opened the door. He truly thought about correcting him, "Y-y-yess sir." he said trying to clear his throat through his words "Shoes off, go down the hall sit on the coach don't touch anything." As Aries entered the room he then again reverted to the bible.

"Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil: for thou art with me; thy rod and thy staff they comfort me." Aries made it to the couch.

While sitting on the couch Mr. Day made it clear that he was not to fuck, kiss, touch, smell, hear, see, taste, or think about his daughter while out on her FIRST FUCKING DATE.

She coulda mentioned that, and when was it a date? I thought they were hanging with friends when did it become so exclusive? Fortunately Mrs. Day came down and forced Mr. Day to quiet down while she chatted with Aries.

Eventually Autumn came down with a large oversized t-shirt on and swimming trunks. Her hair with even more blue and purple. Mr. Day was overpowered by the two women in his life and eventually retreated to his favorite chair while he cleaned his gun. After almost an hour they two made it out the house at about 11:30 and headed to the cliffs.

It was easily a 90 minute drive and Autumn sang the entire way.without the radio. She wasn't a terrible singer but far from the best but she was so into it.

The way she'd clutch her chest when she sang Whitney Houston or pumped her fist to LMFAO. The wind blew through her hair in Aries, Jeep Cherokee and she sang her heart out while she wiggled her butt in the leather of his car seat.

He loved seeing her happy and even chimed in with a duet when she sang "I just can't stop loving you" by Michael Jackson and "Little Talks" by Of Monsers and Men. Finally they arrived. At the cliffs a little after 1pm and he asked Autumn whether she wanted to go up the the cliffs or recline on the beaches. She didn't respond she just started heading towards the trail. It took less than 20 minutes to get to one of the highest cliffs an Aries threw the jeep into park and slid out to stretch his legs.

Autumn climbed out the window like a silly monkey. Aries couldn't get enough of her. She peeled off her shirt reveling a very bright neon yellow bikini top. She may have only been about a 34B cup and pretty skinny but she was sexy and majestic at that moment. Autumn tiptoed to the edge of the cliff and wiggled the dirt and sand between her feet. "Don't stand too close, if you fall I'm not jumping down there to get you." "Aw not even for me?" She asked with a pouty face.

Aries walked over to Autumn, grabbed both of her hands and looked her in her eyes. "Hell no." he dropped her hands and laughed as he walked to the jeep to search for snacks. "I want to go for a swim" she said looking at his abs through the jeep window. " What?" now he was annoyed. "We just walked all the way up here and you want to go back down, fine but later i'm not going to be doing all this climbing today." "You really wouldn't jump after me?" Aries felt sick, he slowly leaned out his truck and measured how close Autumn was to the edge of the cliff.yep a strong or light wind could knock her right off.

To make matters worse she took off her swim trunks at some point displaying the most beautiful pair of matching yellow binkin bottoms. "Autumn wh-." Autumn smiled "Each days sunrise could be the last" with those words she flashed a smile at him, and let her body fall off the edge of the cliff. "AUTUMNNNNNNNNNNN" Aries strangled scream pierced the beautiful scenery as his voice cracked and he ran to the edge of the cliff. He didn't prepare he didn't slow down he simply took one hard step on gravel and another on thin air as he launched himself over the cliff after her.

Jeez falling is so much faster than running. He was within 10 feet of her on the cliff but over 40 as they fell. She was dangerlously close to the water her hair flowing past her face as her feet and arms flailed and her back prepared to hit the water. The world slowed, sound ceased and Aries' heart sank as he knew the way Autumns body was falling would cause serious and possibly lethal reprecussions when she smacks the water.but there was nothing he could do to catch up to her and turn her body.

Then in the most graceful and impossible move. Autumn arched her back pressed her thighs together, pointed her toes, and rose her arms above her head in a olympic style dive meer feet above the water and dove deep into it as he pretty much smacked the water after her impossibly impressive dive. His chest stung and he lost a bit of air and took in a lot of water as he struggled to reach the shimmering light of the sun and surface.

Then teeny tiny hands wrapped around his waist and yanked him to the surface. Coughing and spitting Aries screamed "WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH YOU? DO YOU WANT TO DIE?" "Um, I dunno, I don't really care" she responded.

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This infuriated Aries. "Fuck it. You're not cool, you're not unique, you're not carefree, you're a fucking dumb lunatic and i'm taking your stupid ass home." Aries wadded a bit and turned at Autumn who was sifting in the water.

"Lets go, now, this date is over." "I'm sorry I got you mad, next time will be better". Aries screamed. "Next Time? THERE WON'T BE A FUCKING NEXT TIME. WE AREN'T DATING, WE AREN'T FRIENDS, WE AREN'T SHIT NOW GET OUT OF THE FUCKING WATER!" Autumn swam over to him and grabbed both his hands.

"I think you love me." she said smiling and blushing together.

Aries couldn't get it, what was wrong with her? He was cussing her out and telling her he was done with her and she was trying to flirt with him? "You really are nuts I don't love you, Ii don't even like you, as a girlfriend or a friend anymore." "So you admit it, you wanted me to be you're girlfriend?.Because you love me right?" "NO I DON'T FUCKING LOVE YOU, I HATE YOU, I HATE THAT YOU NEARLY KILLED YOURSELF" "But I didn't, I'm an excellent swimmer and nailed a perfect dive, you almost drowned silly.I saved you." "Yea well hold on to that memory cause its the last one we'll ever share, you're a fucking lunatic and I always knew it but never wanted to believe it." "And yet you jumped off a 185ft cliff for me when only last week I was a total bitch to you.its ok, I love you too Aries." before he could form a cognizant rebuttal Autumn crushed her lips against his.

It took all but a matter of seconds for Aries to genuinely return the passion and lust he felt for his dream girl of six years. They continued to kiss as Aries wrapped his arms around her waist and they wadded in the water their bodies pressed against one anothers. He might be too skinny for other girls but his skinny body was technically ripped.

Aries tried to slide his hand to the back of Autumns neck but his thumb got snagged on her bikini string and the top fell down.

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They broke their kiss and Aries instantly apologized desperately trying to convince Autumn that it was an accident. Autumn just giggled and undid the bottom of her bikini top and let the top float in the water she moved against Aries pressing her pussy against his cock. Even through his swim trunks, the water, and her bikini bottoms he could feel the heat radiating from her pussy, he just knew she was wet and he couldn't take it.

He grabbed Autumns bottom and squeezed as he kissed her neck and finally fufilled his dream by sucking on her pink nipples. He took the right one in his mouth and suckled as he pinched and pulled the other. Autumn squeeled and grinded her pussy against his trunks which made him nip down only to be returned with a harder grind. The two were so in sync with one another that when the water in front of Aries cock exploded with heat as Autumn entered her orgasm Aries let go of her nipple and kissed her as his cock exploded cum out the tip off his swim trunks.

The two moaned and kissed and shook and grinded until their orgasms passed. She wrapped her legs around him tighter as he held her in the water. Eventually she released and and tied up her top. She grabbed his hand and they slowly made their way to shore. Most people ignored them but the ones closer to the water eyed them.possibly overhearing them.

As they made their climb they ate all the snacks Aries packed earlier that morning completley famished from all the swimming and the two incredible orgasms they shared. ----- Hours passed and Autumn and Aries talked them away. The sky burned orange and pink as the sun began to set.

"A few days ago you said you like sunrises and sunsets. But sunsets more.why?" Autumn smiled and lifted her head off of Aries chest and looked him in the eyes. She looked down at their feet hanging over the cliff edge and back into his beautiful gray eyes. "Because. A sunrise is a new beginning a chance to make new accomplishments or new mistakes. Either way you've got a least one more chance. But a sunset is the end. You might not have any more chances so you better have used them to the fullest.

Thats why I asked you to take me on this date." "Ah so I'm an experiment?" Autumn wrinkled her nose and wiped away her now orange hair. "No, you're an amazing guy who has always cared about me, tried to protect me, has always been nice to me, and has always admired me. I should've noticed before.I did notice before.I just didn't care and for that I'm so so sorry." Tears rushed to Autumn's eyes as she fought to keep them in, a few too powerful to be witheld.

Aries wiped them away. "Don't ever apologize for who you are, who you were a week ago and these last few years. That wasn't you, who I'm with now is who you are, who you were happier as and who you probably will be happier as now. And if you're not I'll make you happy I promise.

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I love you Dork" Autumn smiled, "I love you too nerd." Aries leaned in for a kiss and the held it for a while then finally broke. "Besides its my job to make you happy, I am your boyfriend." Autumn wrinkled her nose again.

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"Boyfriend?" she laughed at him "When did you become my boyfriend?" Aries was 110% confused. "But---in the water—and you said you love me—and i thought." "I do love you Aries.but you never asked me to be your girlfriend." "Fine!" Aries said rolling his eyes "Will you be my Girlfriend Autumn Lynette Day?" Autumn giggled "Well Aries Michael Clear.we'll see." "WHAT? WE'LL SEE?

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Tell me you're joking." "Of course I am, I already made my answer after our first kiss." "Well" asked Aries rather impatiently. "What the hell is it?" Autumn ran her fingers through Aries dirty blonde locks and kissed him. She scooted away from him and gave her evil smile. "Look baby, the sunset is almost over.

That means its the end of the day. Heres the deal I'll tell you if you can catch me before the end of sunset." Aries gave her a stern look and she blew a kiss to him. "See you at the bottom" She slid off the rock and headed towards the cold water below.

This time Aries took the time to gather himself and dove with a perfect spiral into the water after his possible girlfriend.