Kannada village sex story in karnataka

Kannada village sex story in karnataka
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Steven was having a bad day. He was 16 and lived in a large coastal town in southwest Oregon. A late winter storm dropped 3' of snow and ice and made getting to and from school difficult. His sister, Melody had drove off in the car and left him having to walk the 7 blocks to high school.


To make matters worse, he fell down a flight of steps and took 2 cheerleaders with him. He was bruised and one girl Pamela, had a sprained ankle. He brother also happen to be his sister's boyfriend and he was very over-protective of his sister.

Steven knew that he was going to come looking for him and pick a fight. After school, Steven made a run for home, hoping to avoid any run ins with Pam's brother. He walked quickly down the street but made slow progress because the snow was still deep and after almost 2 hours, he made it home. Big surprise, melody was their and so was Pam and her brother. Steven tried to enter the house but door was bolted shut. Each time he unlocked one, someone inside would relock it again.

This game was getting annoying and it was getting dark. He finally gave up and headed into the backyard to go through the outside basement doors and into the house that way.

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He got in and went to the house door only to find it also jammed closed. He started to walk back when someone closed the outside door and chained it shut. Now he was stuck in a freezing basement with only a small flashlight. After almost 2 hours, the basement house door opened and Melody was standing their with a sick smile on her face. He left the basement and head to his room. When he got their he saw that they had ransacked it and everything was either torn, smashed or ripped apart.

His money jar that he had his car money in was empty and broken laying on his bed. His laptops monitor was smashed and all his computer disks were broken and all over the floor. His TV and radio were also busted up and his blinds over his windows were ripped open. For just a moment he wanted to just go to Melody's room and beat her senseless.

But he pulled out his cell phone and took several pics of his room and would wait till his parents came home next from their vacation. After a long night of cleaning up, Steven was finally able to sit down and just rest his eyes.

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The school had put out a "snow day notice" so their was no school till tomorrow. He check his watch and noticed that it said 5:00am. He looked out his window to see his neighbor enter her exercise room. Her name was Helena MacKinze. She was in Air Force for 8 years before leaving to become a PMC. She would be gone sometimes for a few weeks to a couple months.

She moved in to the house next door little more than 2 years ago and was always friendly towards him. She was a person of habit. Always starting her workout at 5:00am and she always took 2 hours from beginning to end. Steven was almost certain that she knew he would watch her workout.

Sometimes wear a full workout suit and other times just a sports bra and underwear. She was very fit and made it look sexy. He watched her for about 30 mins as she did her kick boxing and weight lifting regimen. Her body was amazing! He would watch her sunbath on her patio and in the pool. She had firm C-cup breast and 6-pack abs. She had a muscular body but no large bulges. She was fit and firm and he had totally fell for her.

Just as Steven started to look away, she turned and saw him and waved. He waved back but she could see he was troubled. She moved to the window but Steven had left his room and she went back to her exercises. After an hour, Steven was back in his room and had opened his window. Helena opened her window just as Steven was pulling off his window screen. "What's up" she called over. Steven leaned out and dropped a bag of trash out of his window into a trashcan below. "My sister and her boyfriend trashed my room and stole all anything of value".

"Well that totally sucks" she called back. She gave him a supportive smile and said she would be over to help him a in few minutes. Before Steven could answer, Helena closed her window and left the room. Steven shrugged and went back to cleaning out his room. After about 20 mins, Helena came over and was taken back at the amount damage that was done. They spent most of the day continuing to clean up the mess.

Melody finally made her most grand and unwanted appearance and started to make a big fuss about having some "hussy" over in "her house". They both just laughed and Melody ran off say something about being them being sorry. Helena went down stairs and came back with a couple of beers. "You defiantly have earned one of these" as she handed it to him.

They sat at the foot of the bed and talked about how much of a bitch his sister is and laughed. By about 4:30, Helena had left and Steven was putting new bed sheets on and just needed to figure out how to replace the stuff he lost the day before.

By 9:00 he was completely spent and went to bed. the next day he had to go back to school for his end of the month exams and get his school work for the weekend. The for the most part was uneventful and Steven began the long hard walk home. He was so busy fighting his way through the snow covered sidewalks that he never saw the car coming up behind him.

Just as he got the driveway of his house, the car pulled up and cut him off. Then 4 teens with Pam's brother being one of them got out and surrounded him. For the next few minutes, Steven was being punched and kicked left and right. Several kicks went to his ribs and one good kick caused a large cut over his forehead.

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Then he heard the sound of something metal being hit. He turned and saw Helena throw one teen onto the top of their car and the other were on the ground rolled up into a ball.

She helped Steven up to his feet and told the other kids to be gone before she comes back out. Once inside Helen's house, she lead him up to the second floor and went into her exercise room. It was then that he noticed that she was wearing only a pair of sweats with a tank top with no bra and a unbuttoned shirt.

She told him to sit on the weight lifting bench and take off his jacket and shirt. She left the room and Steven began to undress. When she came back. her tops shirt was gone and was now wearing her tank-top. She sat down in front of him and started to clean his cut on his forehead. While she was doing that, he found himself looking down at her chest and under her arm he saw a small circular scar. He reached out and gently touched it with his fingers. It was smooth and only the outer edge was slightly rough.

"You curious about my bullet wound or is your aim a little off?" she said calmly. Steven moved his hand away quickly and this made Helena giggle. "Got that on my first trip to Afghanistan. Some Taliban bitch shot me with a petty .22 handgun from across room." "Did it hurt a lot?" he asked as he once again touched the round indentation. "A lot!!!" she said in a excited voice. "Then what happened?" "I snatched the gun from her hand and knocked her on her ass".

She continued to tell the story and before he knew it, she had finished with his wound and was working on the cuts on his chest. They kept talking about her other injuries she got from her work and she told him about the scar on her back she got from a piece of shrapnel.

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She turned around and lifted her shirt to show a 3 inch long semi-smooth scar going down the lower right side of her back. "All because we stopped to help a pussy-ass French unit at a check point." she told with some anger in her voice.


"We just got out of the truck and BAAM!!, RPG goes off right next to us." Steven touched the zagged scar mark and rubbed it with his hand. He felt sad for her as her body had been mutilated and that she had to live with them. Helena pulled her shirt back down and turned again to face Steven. She smiled and moved to his right side to check his ribs their. Their was a lot of bruising in the area along with the other bruises on his chest and back.

She looked up and said "this is going to hurt like a bitch, but I have to see if your ribs are broken".

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She squeezed down on his side with both hands and felt the bones to see how bad their were. Steven put his hands on her back to keep himself up right. After several seconds, She rose up and smiled "just bruised not broken". She then took a bottle of water and poured some onto a towel and proceeded to wipe off all the sweat so she could put some bandages on his ribs. She took far longer than it should have to clean him off. She was moving over every muscle on his chest and even made a small reach into his pants.

Steven knew if he was going to make a move, it had to be now. While Helena was putting the bandages on his ribs, he slowly moved his hands down her back and on to her ass and gave them a gentle squeeze. Helena did a quick pull on the ends of the bandage to tighten them and rose up "Time for dinner".

She gave him one of her AF t-shirts to wear and they headed down stairs. She made a quick bowl of Mac and Cheese and also brought 2 beers for them to drink. Every time she leaned forward, he got a great view of her breast and nipple. "You keep staring and you'll go blind" she told him in a amused tone. She finished off her first beer and went to get a second. She came back and sat right next to Steven that she was almost on his lap. She chugged the beer in no time flat and then reached for his.

She took a huge gulp and licked the top of the bottle and gave it back to Steven who drank down the last of it. She took the bowl Of M&C and finished it off with some of it dropping onto her shirt and a couple going under it.

"Can u get those for me please?" with a flirtatious look. Steven leaned down and lick the few pieces off her top and then lifted her shirt to get the ones that went under.

His tongue going higher up her chest till he was at the base of her breast line. "Did you check everywhere?" she asked as her body started to get warm in response to his search. "Not yet.

Need to keep checking" he told her. He lifted her shirt till he breast were exposed and found the M&C noodles between the them. He sucked them into his mouth and lick the cream cheese trail all the way to her neck, lifting the tank-top as he went.

When he finished, he just lifted tank-top over her head and dropped it to the floor. Helena leaned forward and kissed him then went to the kitchen, got a bottle of Jack Daniels, took his hand a lead him back up stairs to the bedroom.

They almost tore their cloths off getting naked. Helena gulped down the JD spilling most of it on her breast and stomach. Steven licked up a lot of it then took the bottle and chugged down a big gulp. He poured some on Helena's cunt and handed her the bottle back. He got to his knees and pulled her to the edge of the bed. He stuck his head between her legs and shoved his tongue into her. She twisted and jerk with each movement of his mouth and tongue and she climaxed quickly with a stream of warm fluid right into his mouth and on his face.

He then quickly went back to his chewing of her and this made her start to moan.

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His aggressiveness took her by total surprise and she was unable to control her actions or her moaning that was quickly turning to screams. She soon climaxed again and as before, she release a stream of warm fluid that covered his face. "FUCK ME, PLEASE FUCK ME NOW!!!" she screamed out. "Not yet, he answered.

"Please! You have to." she said begging. He returned to lick her cunt as her legs wrapped around his back and squeezed.

Her body was still twisting to his tongues movements and her begging soon came with threats of death if he didn't put his dick into her. Ignoring this, he kept licking and chewing until her third release. This one came with a strong scream and a massive release of fluid. Steven gave her a second to recover and was about to go for a forth climax when and rose up, "fine, you want it that bad? I'll give it to you".

He pulled down his boxers and reveled his 9" dick. Helena's eyes grew large as the thought of this object being inserted into her. He took the bottle of JD and poured some of it on his dick and then with some intensity, rammed it into her.

Helena Jumped and cried out as his manhood made it's way into her. With no hesitation, he began to thrust hard and Helena's body jerked repeatedly as each one drove her closer to orgasm. Her body was covered in sweat and her breast bouncing in rhythm with each thrust. Unlike her, Steven didn't come right away. He was able to hold it for several minutes as he knew Helena was about to release again. "Harder!" she cried out. "Harder, please harder!" Each scream made him increase the strength of each thrust.

Soon he could feel it building up inside his dick. It was ready to release his semen into her body. "I'm about to cum baby" he called out. "On my face! Cum on my face!" He pulled out hard and this caused her climax to start. As a 4th stream of fluid shot from her pussy, Steven stood over her face and pumped out a large flow of white cream on her face and had some dribble onto her breast.

Helena grabbed his dick and pumped as much as she could till he was empty. She raised up and with cum all over her mouth and lips, kissed him with her tongue entering it. He kissed her back with his tongue also going in and reached down to grab her right breast and squeeze it. She dropped back on the bed panting as her lover stood on his knees looking at her. Steven was far from done with Helena. He rolled her over on to her stomach and raised her up onto her knees.

He got to his feet and slammed his dick back into her pussy. Helena almost fell forward from such a powerful entry but was able to keep position. His thrust were more stronger and her body was vibrating with each one.

Her screams grew in intensity as he made it clear that he was her sexual master.

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Her body absorbing every thrust and every thrust brought a scream of erotic pleasure. He may have fired off his load, but he still had plenty of energy. Helena could feel the next climax building and cried out "I'm coming" between screams but Steven only increased the speed and power of his thrusts.

Her body jerked and shook as she felt her body release yet another stream of fluid. But with Steven's dick still inside her, it cause it to shoot out and hit his body.

The spray covered the entire bed and soaked the sheets. All this time, Steven was still thrusting inside of her. Exhausted, sweaty, weak and drained, Helena collapsed on the bed. Steven let her body slide of his dick and he stood over her with his manhood at full salute.

She raised her hand and he took it. Pulling him down he laid next to her with their arms around each other. They kissed one more time and fell asleep. The Mercenary and the Student.