Bald teen pussy gets drilled skillfully with a toy

Bald teen pussy gets drilled skillfully with a toy
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[b] It was my first night off in three weeks and I felt like I should go out. Where was the only question I pondered. Then I remembered my last theatre romp and decided since I had broke up with Micheal I hadn't been back there I would go.

I decided to wear the same outfit as the last time and headed out the door no panties no bra and aroused just thinking about it. My 36c tits were ready for anything as my inch long nipples were already hard.

As I pulled into the parking lot I saw a group of young men or teenage boys sitting out the back smoking a few joints. I felt confident and went over to join them before going into the theatre. As I approached I could tell they were all checking me out. I was proud of how my body looked and just turned twenty one still turned heads all the time. I walked up and immedaitley a young blonde pulled out another joint and walked right up in front of me.

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In a low whisper he asked me if I was looking for a high I would never forget. I had smoked some weed in my time and as I recall it made me forget everything that had happened during the rest of the day. I smiled and told him in my most alluring voice I was upto the task. Soon all the guys were standing closer as we chatted and smoked a few more joints.

It was either my imagination or these guys were getting closer and coser everytime I was handed the jointand I soon felt a soft hand groping my butt.

The guys were all staring at my now hardening nipples which usually happened when i was smoking weed with some rather handsome young studs. As time moved on that hand became two and the hem of my skirt was raised an inch or two and I had two strong hands feeling my tight bare ass.

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It felt wonderful. The movie was about to start so we all scampered inside and I ended up with the blonde to my right and an older black man on my left while th other guys sat in the row in front of us.

The lights went down and the blonde leaned right over and planted a soft kiss right on my lips. Not having a bofyriend I took his advances well. It wasn't long before he slid his arm around me letting his hand fall on my breast.

He fondled my tit and I kinda noticed the black man watching every couple of seconds. Little did I knowthe black guy was their friend and was set up for me.

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As the movie progressed and it was really sexual in nature, I soon felt the black man slide his hand between my thighs and slowly move his hand up towards my now moistening pussy.

After fondling my tit for over ten minutes the blonde got up and went to the row in front of where i was with the black man who was now fingering my hot pussy.


Almost immediatly to my delight I saw sitting next to me my redheaded friend. She kissed me and smiled at the back guy as she saw where his hand was.

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She immediatley started pulling my zipper blouse open and started sucking and licking my hipples as the back guy slid a second digit into me. shortly there after I saw all the guys I had smoked with get up and walk towards the back of the theatre.

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The black guy grabbed me by the hand and my friend and we took off to the back of the theatre.Once at the back I saw a room off to the left and all the guys were in there smoking another joint and viewing the movie on a smaller screen but still like a big screen t.v. I didn't know what to think then a joint was passed to me and as I took a drag and held my breathe in my girlfriend zipped me blouse totally open to the delight of all the guys.

Without warning the black guy appeared behind me hiked up my skirt and shoved what turned out to be nine inches anf fairly fat meat up my pussy and ripped me apart.


I let out a little whimper then a gutteral moan as this black adonis fill ed my pussy with his large tool. My girlfiend took to my left nipple as the blonde took to my right.

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The black man finally made me cum hard and removed his tool after filling me with his love juice and immeadiatly I was filled with the cock of another guy not as huge but at least six inches and he continued to bang me for all he was worth. The blonde and my redheaded friend continued to suck on my nipples which were so hard they hurt. I was getting gnagbanged and I loved it.This place was going to see alot more of me.

i was in heaven as guy ater guy fucked my hot cunt for all it was worth. I knew the blonde guy would be a great fuck as I had fekt his prick a few times as he and my little reddhead feasted on my tits.

My little redhead I found out was called Andrea.My nipples were so hard they hurt. Andrea was relentless as the blonde guy fucked me she continued licking and suckingon m nipples as the guys watched. I had at least three orgasms before the guys has finished with me.then swee t Andrea dropped to the floor and buried her mouth on my pussy.

She snaked her tongue deep inside me.

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I bent over slightly and was treated to the sight of the guys all standing in a row infront of me with thier cocks hanging out including the older black dude.