I m about to cum right in her mouth

I m about to cum right in her mouth
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My name is Eddie, to you, anyway. I have lived a life of interest, and have always had a passion for writing. I am six foot one and white, with a messy haircut. I have always preferred wearing flat-toe cowboy boots, tight-ish jeans, a band shirt, and a leather jacket. I suppose you could say I'm handsome enough, most girls say at least an eight, with my square jaw and "gorgeous" eyes.

The names in this story have been changed in order to protect those involved. From the time I was just a boy I was interested in sex, but not really pleasure. Put into more simple terms, I enjoy pleasuring my partner, rather than myself.

I was in high school at the time, when a shy blonde girl by the name of Crystal caught my eye. I introduced myself, and she looked down at the floor, shuffling her feet. In a very soft voice, she looked up to me and said, "The preps don't like it when I talk to the boys they like." I thought to myself for a moment, wondering if they were making her say that.

I decided to gently brush her hair from her face, which caused her to look up swiftly. "Well," I said, "How much would they hate it if I kissed you?" She visibly shuddered, and lowered her face again.

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How shy she was only made her look cuter, and spurred me on. I waste no time in telling a girl about my feelings for her, as I figure life is fleeting. So, without hesitation, I gently put my hands on her hips, brought her in close, and looked deep into her eyes. Her bottom lip was quivering as I moved in for the kiss. She pulled back at first, and I let go, but soon she initiated the next kiss.

We must've been there for ten minutes before the bell rang, signaling for lunch to end.

I pulled away and asked her, "Would you be interested in going to see a movie this Saturday?" She said nothing, only shook her head vigorously. I embraced her once more, and she hurried off to class, tripping as she tried to gather her thoughts.

I chuckled and continued with my day. When Saturday finally did arrive, I drove over to her house to pick her up.

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When she came out of the house, she blew my mind. Normally wearing long skirts and turtlenecks, she was now wearing short shorts, combat boots, and a tank top. When she stepped into the car, she was wearing just enough perfume to make my brain stop working for a moment so it could be lost in the wonderful scent. She looked at me with eyes that don't leave room for mistranslation, and I immediately started kissing her.

She moaned excitedly as I kissed passionately down her neck.

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Suddenly, she pushed me away, and said, "I want to have a little fun, play a little game." I looked her up and own as she said these words, and felt a malicious grin spread across my face. "Alright," I began, "What kind of game?" She grinned in anticipation and reached into her small purse, and brought out what I immediately recognized to be a vibrator.

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"I put this in my pussy," she began, "And if I finish before the movie is over, you choose where we go next. I put the car in drive and headed for the movies. She pulled aside her shorts to reveal her tiny, pink pussy, and slid the vibrator in. She quickly began to let out moans as the toy was sealed in her.

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I was reeling at how fast all of this was happening, and as we sat in our seats for the movie, she was really starting to squirm. The movie started, and she let out small, barely contained moans.

I looked at her shorts, and it seemed like she had peed herself, she was so wet. She was now in a state of mind where she wanted to cum, and I felt her grab my hand and shove it between her legs. She was soaked through her shots, as I moved them aside and started working on her clitoris.

She was howling now, and everyone in the theatre was staring. She let out a small gasp, clasped my hand, and I felt a surge of juice. She was silent through the entire orgasm, but not still.


She was writhing about in her chair, she had kicked off her boots and her toes were curling. When she finished, she collapsed on me, and I carried her out of the theatre, out onto the pavement. We went to an area no one ever went to behind the theatre, and I yanked off her shorts and panties. She pulled out my now-erect cock, and gasped.

My cock is easily eight inches hard, and she was very daintily built. I aligned it with her pussy, and slammed it in, feeling her toes dig into my back. I started pumping fast, and she was moaning loud. I felt her toes curl again as the walls of her pussy clamped down hard on my cock, but I kept pumping.

She kept having an orgasm until I finished, which took me a while. When I did cum, she let out a moan that rang through the parking lot as I shot load after load into her. When I stopped cumming, I put my cock away, and she went for her shorts.

I pulled them up quickly, to keep any cum from escaping, and we got back into the car.

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When I dropped her off at her house, she said softly, "You were my first." and left. I continued to date her for upwards of a year after that, but we never had a night quite like that one ever again.