Sunny leone sexy story emraan hashmi ki sex

Sunny leone sexy story emraan hashmi ki sex
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[b]She was good looking for an older woman. Nice body, cute ass, perky beasts, and a pretty face with pouty lips. She got her share of dates and would be the first to admit that she loved sex. She just didn't have time for a man in her life. She was to busy trying to run a house and raise her 15 year old son. She just didn't need the headache at the time.

She still made a booty call every once in a while and she loved to play with herself so it made it up for not having a man in the bed every night. She'd even admit to teasing her son's friends when she got the chance. She knew they watched her and had over heard them telling her son how hot his mom was. It wasn't like she was doing anything bad, just wasting some time, teasing the boys a little. All teenage boys needed to be teased every once in a while.

They spent so much time at her house she had to do something to amuse them. When the boys were sitting around playing games or watching TV she made sure to bend over in front of them showing off her rounded ass.


Or when she leaned down to hand them something she'd make sure to show plenty of tit. She knew she wore skimpy clothes and no panties so she could show off that cute little pussy. She walked around at night in just her panties and tee. She knew they were looking and she could see their dicks making a tent in their pants when she bent over or flashed a little something. She'd shower with the door cracked and had seen out of the corner of her eye more than once one of the boys pecking in.

She saw how they watched her with their hand down their pants. She knew exactly what was going on but didn't let on to the boys that she knew anything. Late at night she'd laid in bed playing with herself and saw one of the boys watching thru the door.

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One night she'd laid there playing with herself and seen one of them watching with his dick out wanging away. The site of that cock really got her going. She came like she hadn't cum in forever. Knowing that cock was hard because of her was such a turn on. All of the boys seemed to like watching her and loved her teasing but there was one that seemed to like it more than any of the others.

He was the one that was at her door that night. His name was Chad and he was a cutie. Whenever she was around he seemed to get all tongue tied and she didn't even have to do anything to see the bulge in his pants grow.

He seemed to hang around the house a lot more since that night. She'd catch him at the house when none of the other boys were around and he'd stay up in the living room long after her son had gone to bed. One night she walked in the living to find him sitting there on the couch with his dick out and a home video of her in the pool playing.

By the time she noticed what was going on it was to late to walk out like she didn't see anything. His head popped up and he tried to cover himself and she said sorry and quickly walked out of the room. She'd been upstairs in her room for about ten minutes when she heard a knock on the door. She knew it was Chad, her son and the other 2 boys staying the night were already in bed. She opened the door in her robe, nothing underneath.

Chad stood there for a minute not sure of what to say. "I just wanted to say I was sorry." Chad finally said. "It's alright, it's a normal teenage boy thing and nothing to be ashamed of. But I won't say anything to the other boys about it" She replied.

"Do you think I could talk to you for a minute?" Chad asked with a little voice.

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"Well, sure. You know you can talk to me when ever you need to. I love you boys. I'm always here when you need me." She was sure this was going to be some kind of sex talk just by the tone of the night so far.

Chad walked over to the bed and sat before he started telling her why he was there. "Mrs. Water, I been watching you a lot. I think your very pretty and you do things to my body I'm not sure of. I think about you all the time and the girls at my school are nothing like you." Chad started.

"Well, Chad, it's normal to have a crush on older women. I'm sure all boys do at least once in there life. I'm very flattered it's me but you'll find a girl your age that you like just as much." She assured him.

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"I don't really want to find a girl my age. I'd like to learn about girls from you before I go making a fool of myself with girls my age. I've never even kissed a girl. I've seen them naked on TV and looked at dirty books and watched movies we've found hid in the tops of parents closets but that's the most I know of girls. I'd like to learn it all from you." Chad told her.

"I know I tease you boys and all of that but I could get into lots of trouble if anyone found out I was teaching you what to do with girls. I'm to old to have sex with you and would spend a lot of time in jail." She liked the idea of it but knew she just couldn't. There was to much to risk there. "I've thought of all of that and I don't want you to get into any trouble. I wouldn't tell anyone. Not even my friends. I promise, it'd be between me and you and that's it." Chad assured her.

She sat there and thought about it. It would be so much fun to play with him a little bit. Show him how to touch a woman. Let her be his first everything. She could teach him all kinds of things the girls would love.

He was such a cute boy and if he would really keep it between them it would be some fun to keep her busy for a while. "Alright, Chad. But you can't tell anyone. This has to stay between us.

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I'd love to teach you about a woman's body but I don't want to get into any trouble for it." She answered finally. With that she leaned over to give him his first kiss. She started out slow and soft and slowly turned it into a deeper kiss. She slid her tongue in and out of his mouth. She felt his hands move to her bare leg as she deepened the kiss. She ran her fingers though his hair kissed him until she thought they both need air. For a first kiss he did a really good job.

Her pussy had gotten a little wet. She didn't know if it was from the kiss or the idea of who she was kissing. "So what did you think of your first kiss? From the look of your pants you seemed to enjoy it very much." She told him. "I very much liked it and glad you agreed to show me.

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I don't think I would have ever gotten a kiss like that from anyone else and really looking forward to a lot more." He answered her. She stood up in front of him and dropped her robe. The look of awe on his face told her everything. She leaned over and grabbed his hand, raising it to her breast. Encouraging him to feel of them. He rubbed on them like anyone that had never felt one before did. He petted them and rubbed his fingers across the nipples.

He jiggled them and felt the weight of them in his hands. She could tell he was really enjoying the feel of them and being able to explore them all he wanted. "Can I taste them?" He asked her. "Feel free to do whatever you want. Explore away, taste them, touch them, pinch them. Whatever you think you might like and I'm sure I'll like the feel of your hands and mouth." She answered.

He slowly lifted his head to her breast and licked on a nipple. Just the way he'd seen in movies. He covered her nipple with his mouth and sucked away, while his other hand continued to rub on her other nipple. He licked all around her nipple and moved on to the next one. The feel of his virgin mouth had her moaning and she could feel the wetness between her thighs. She laid her head back and enjoyed him exploring her.

He was a little on the clumsy side but it was still a nice feel. She liked the fact of him wanting her as his first. She just hoped he enjoyed it just as much. She leaned back on the bed and spread her legs.

She watched his eyes go big when he saw her dripping pussy. She closed her eyes as he began to explore with his fingers. He slid them in and out of her and played with her clit. She grabbed his hand and told him to taste her. She then dipped her own fingers and tasted herself.

She grabbed his head and lead his mouth to her wetness. She shivered as his tongue cautiously dipped into her. She began telling him how she liked it and before long he was an old pro. Licking her clit as he ran his fingers deep into her. This continued until he tasted a mouthful of her cum and she was almost out of breathe. Chad stood and she sat up. She reached up and removed his clothes. She couldn't believe the size of his penis.

Such a nice size for a young age. She could just imagine when he grew to his man size. She slid her hands around it and began to slowly jack him off as she licked the tip of it's head. She made sure to go slow and soft. She was wanting it to last as long as possible and being the first time she was sure it wouldn't take much.

She took his whole cock in her mouth and gave him head for a little bit. When his hands went to grabbing her hair and his moaning became loud she knew it was time to give him a break or it'd all be over.


She stood and had him lay back on the bed. She began to rub his body as she climbed up to straddle him. Once in the postion she wanted, she leaned up and guided his cock into her. She sat up on it and didn't move. She could tell he was on the brink already. Oh, he felt so good so deep in her. His cock filled her up and her swollen cunt was tingling against his body.

He grabbed her hips and she knew there was no way she was going to put it off any longer. So she began to ride his cock.

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His hands dug into her and she threw her head back. In no time they were both cumming and yelling and grabbing what ever they could to hold on to. They lay there not saying anything for a long time. Then Chad looked over and asked when his next lesson was.