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Gay escort male sex nude They undoubtedly seem into each other as
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January 12th, 2008 1:34pm I'm still trying to catch up with writing what happened last night. After he was done with Rosalyn, I told Tomas to pull his car behind the house and sleep in it for now like he had been, until I could get a small travel trailer set up for him in a few days. Baby and I walked a naked and still crying Rosalyn down to the basement. When I opened the door, Flower was in position.

I was surprised. I assumed she'd be asleep because it was after midnight. Flower tried not to look up, but couldn't help herself. She stared at Rosalyn in shock. She should be punished for breaking position, but I guess I would be shocked too if a naked, crying girl walked in to my room. "Flower!" I snapped, "Why are you still awake?" "I. Master." she stammered, "I. I heard screaming." "It was just your new roommate." I informed her.

"My." Flower trailed off, still staring at Rosalyn. "Flower, put your headphones on." Baby ordered. "And turn the music up.loud." "Yes. Mistress." Flower replied. "Flower." Baby continued, "Do you happen to know Spanish?" "No, Mistress." Flower said, putting the headphones over her ears.

We walked Rosalyn in to the punishment room. Rosalyn looked around and panicked. She yelled something in Spanish and tried to turn around and run. I grabbed her and threw over a padded saw horse. She fought me, but I wrestled her in to position and tied her hands to a second padded saw horse that is about a foot higher than the one she was leaning over.

I held her legs in place as Baby tied her ankles to the legs of the lower saw horse. Her upper body was now almost horizontal, and she was vertical below the waist. Her legs and arms were spread wide, her head falling between her arms unless she held it up. She had already been mouth and pussy raped tonight, and it was late.

I just wanted to give her the punishment spiel and the basic ground rules. I grabbed the dowel rod from the cabinet. "Baby, translate for me." I ordered. "Rosalyn," I started, "You have been kidnapped. You will be trained as a sex slave, and sold." I waited for Baby to translate.

Rosalyn began sobbing and repeating phrases in Spanish. "Your brother did not want to do what he did tonight." I continued. "I told him I would kill you both if he didn't. Do not blame him." Baby translated. Her sobbing seemed to subside a bit. "I also promised him that if you cooperate, I would sell you to a rich person, and you would have a nice life, and not want for anything." I said. Baby translated and she quit sobbing. She said something to Baby. "She wants to know since we forced him, was it still a sin." "No, Rosalyn," I assured her, "It was not a sin.

Nothing you do as a slave is a sin." Baby translated. "Mister Edward," Rosalyn said, "I do as you say now." "It's not quite that easy, Rosalyn." I replied. "It's not enough to just agree to obey. You will be trained to follow all orders immediately and to the letter." Baby translated.

Rosalyn looked confused. "But I do as you say now." she repeated. "Yes, Rosalyn," I confirmed, "you will do as I say. And you can start by calling me 'Master'" Baby translated. "Mister Edward?" she asked, confused. "Master!" I shouted, whacking her naked ass with the dowel rod. She cried out in pain and hysterically started repeating "I do as you say now." over and over. "Baby, explain it to her." I directed. Baby explained it to her and she said "I do what you say now, Master Edward!" "Just MASTER God Dammit!" I yelled, whacking her across the back of her thighs.

Baby tried to calm her down as she screamed and sobbed. She tried explaining it again. "I do what you say now, Master!" she promised. "Baby, tell her the whole thing about this is what will happen if she disobeys, is slow to obey, etc. I'm fucking tired. Let's get this over with." I grumbled. Baby explained it to her. "Also, be sure to tell her this will never have to happen again if she obeys us." I added.

Baby told her what I had said, and seemed to be reassuring her as Rosalyn started to sob loudly and beg in Spanish. "Does she understand?" I asked. "Yes, Master." Baby replied, "I think so." "Good." I said curtly, and began to wail on her ass. I lost count of the strokes around number fifteen, becoming distracted and increasingly annoyed at her screaming "I do as you say now, Master!" between each stroke. "Master!" Baby pleaded. Baby's plea broke me out of my fit of rage and I stopped beating on Rosalyn.

It was right then I realized I wasn't really that tired, and I wasn't pissed off at Rosalyn. I was upset with what I knew I had to do, and desperately did not want to do. "Baby." I began, handing her the rod, "Take this, go upstairs to the bedroom and wait for me there." "Yes. Master." she replied, her voice cracking.

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Baby left the room and headed upstairs. I untied Rosalyn, made her lie on the bed and handcuffed one of her hands to it. I closed the door without saying a word, leaving her in the dark. "Go to sleep, Flower!" I commanded as I passed through, not waiting for a reply.

I went upstairs, locking both doors. I walked up to the bedroom, hesitating at the door. As much as it breaks my heart, this must be done. I took a deep breath and walked in. Baby was sitting on the edge of the bed, dowel rod across her lap. "Daddy, I know I." she started. I quickly interrupted her. "Baby." I said. "I'm 'Master' right now, not 'Daddy'." "I'm sorry.Master." she replied. "Baby, God dammit!" I cursed. "There is no excuse for allowing yourself to be followed. This could have been the end of everything." "Master, I." she began, tears welling up in her eyes.

"There is NO excuse, Baby, so don't try to make any." I replied. "I. I know, Master" she agreed. "Stand up and hand me the rod." I demanded. She immediately complied, but started crying.

"I'm sorry, Master." she sobbed. "I know you are, Baby." I told her, "But you know I have to do this." "Daddy! Please." she pleaded. "Drop your pants, Baby." I ordered. "Daddy." she continued to beg, as she unbuttoned her pants and slid them down to her ankles. "Lay across the bed!" I directed. She laid length-wise on the bed, her head at the foot of the bed. "Put your face in this." I said, tossing her a pillow.

"And put your hands behind your head." She complied and lie there sobbing quietly. "Baby, for carelessness that could have resulted in the arrest and imprisonment of both of us: 10 lashes." I pronounced. Baby sobbed loudly in to the pillow, anticipating the first lash. It was not long in coming. "I love you, Baby." I said, raising the rod over my head. The rod lashed viciously across her ass as she let out an ear-piercing scream in to the pillow. One of her hands left the back of her head and she tried to touch her ass to ease the pain.

I grabbed her hand and put it back on her head. Again and again I lashed her ass and the back of her thighs as she screamed and cried, but did not fight me or try to block the lashes. Three more lashes to go, and I have to pause a second to clear the tears from my eyes. Whoever said "This is going to hurt me more than it does you." was. well, he was an idiot, but this is still one of the hardest things I've ever done. Baby's ass clenches tightly as each of the last three strokes quickly land.

She is crying hysterically in to the pillow, ass still clenched, not realizing it's over. "Stay there." I ordered, walking in to the bathroom and grabbing the lotion and a towel. I pulled her pants the rest of the way off, gently covered her ass and thighs with the medicated lotion to help minimize the welts, wiped my hands off with the towel and crawled in to bed. She slowly turned around in the bed and crawled under the covers with me.

She laid her head on the left side of my chest, my left arm wrapped around her. "I love you too, Daddy." she sobbed, and we quietly cried ourselves to sleep in each others arms. January 12th, 2008 4:21pm We woke up this morning and got ourselves ready for the day as usual, neither of us mentioning what happened last night.

I could tell by the way she walked that she was still sore. We only have three days before Wayne's friend brings his wife to us. I've decided to wait until she is here to do Rosalyn's evaluation, and then do them together.

I called Wayne after breakfast to tell him I had two girls now, three once the guy's wife gets here. He told me the guy's name is Kevin and the plan was for him to be here on the 15th, about 1pm. I told Wayne that to protect myself, I would need Kevin to disable and secure his wife by himself while I video tape it, to prevent Kevin from later denying any role in this.

Wayne understood and didn't think it would be a problem. I asked him to tell Kevin I would make an assortment of ropes and handcuffs available to him, as well as a choker chain, duct tape, etc. Wayne says several of his friends are quite interested in getting a girl.

Star has apparently made quite an impression on some of them. He asked when the girls would be available. I told him I wasn't sure, but Flower and Rosalyn (I need a new name for her.) could probably be ready in two weeks. I have no idea on Kevin's wife.

He suggested I think about having an auction. He is sure he could get at least three or four of his wealthy friends to show up.

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We could also make Kevin buy his girl at auction. He has never seen Flower, and even though I assumed she would be sold to Kevin, she has not been promised to him, and no price has been quoted. I think I like this idea. Wayne then suggested a partnership. He would give me $50,000 to keep everything going and give me some cushion.

He would also find the buyers, wine and dine them, do background checks, ensure they are safe, etc. In exchange, he takes 40% of the profit from every girl sold. He believes some of his contacts overseas would be repeat buyers. I definitely like this idea. I can concentrate on obtaining and training girls, without being worried about money or finding buyers.

I think the 40% split is fair. Assuming about 20% of the sale price is spent to feed and house the girls, we both end up with 40%, and I get a steady stream of cute, young girls to fuck. I told him I would agree to this under two conditions. Number one is that he not interfere with the way I obtain and train the girls. He readily agreed to this, saying he has no intention of even coming to my house again. We need to maintain a separation between us, and suggested we even stop talking on the phone.

We can use a secure email server to communicate. The second condition is that he makes at least some effort to ensure the girls are not being sold in to prostitution, or to make torture porn or snuff videos. No matter how I try, I can't help but forming some attachment to my girls and I couldn't sleep if I thought they were being used like this.

He agreed, and pointed out that not many people would pay $100k+ for a girl just to whore her out. There are plenty of girls who volunteer to do that already. And it's a lot cheaper for someone to grab a girl off the street for torture porn. Both were good points. We are going to try and set up an auction for February 2nd. That should give me enough time to get the girls ready.

Kevin's wife may need more time, but Wayne pointed out that the buyers don't actually pay cash and walk out that night with the girls.

We would have at least another week to get them ready and set up the exchange. He would handle receiving payment and I would deliver the girls. He said he would transfer the $50k on Monday. January 12th, 2008 7:33pm I filled Baby in on the new partnership and planned auction.

She is thrilled and asked if she could plan it. I told her to come up with a plan and show it to me. She grabbed a notebook and a pen and was excited to get started until I reminded her that it was almost 10am and we still had a naked Hispanic girl chained up in the basement.

I told her that her first job was still to train the girls, and that she should plan the auction around her other duties. We went down to the basement. Flower was in position. "At ease, Flower." I said, "Have a seat." She complied and sat on the futon. Baby sat beside her and I stood in front of her.

"Flower, as you saw last night, you have a new room mate. Her name is. uh, her name is." "I think her name was 'Ruby', Master." Baby interjected. "Right, yes," I agreed, "Her name is Ruby and she speaks very little English.

We are going to bring her in here soon. I expect you to make an extra effort to help her learn English." "Yes, Master." Flower replied. "Baby speaks some Spanish and will also be teaching her, but it needs to be a group effort. Concentrate initially on words she will need to know to perform her duties as a slave, such as the names for body parts, including slang terms for private parts, and words like harder, faster, softer, deeper, etc." "OK, Master, I will do my best." Baby and I went in to the punishment room.

Rosalyn was just lying there, patiently waiting for someone arrive.

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"Mister Edw. err. Master!" she said, "I do as you say now!" "Please tell her to quit saying that." I said in frustration. Baby spoke to her in broken Spanish. "And tell her the part about not speaking unless she is spoken to." I added. "And that your name is 'Mistress'." "And that her new name is 'Ruby'". Baby finished speaking to her. "Does she understand all of that?" I asked. "I think so." Baby responded.

"What is your name?" I asked, looking at Ruby. "My name is Ruby." she said. Baby nudged her with her elbow. "Err. my name is Ruby, Master." she said. "Very good, Ruby." I praised. "Baby, get her cleaned up, and give her a slave outfit." I ordered, "Come out when she is ready." I grabbed the dowel rod from the cabinet and turned to walk out. "I DO WHAT YOU." Ruby shouted in fear, interrupted by a jab in the ribs from Baby's elbow.

I hung my head and rubbed my eyes in frustration, then walked out, closing the door behind me. "Flower!" I said, sitting upright in the recliner. "Yes, Master.?" she said, with fear evident in her voice, noticing the rod in my hand. "Don't worry, Flower." I reassured her, "The rod is not for you. I need a shoulder and neck massage." "Certainly, Master!" she said excitedly, clearly relieved. She stood behind the recliner and dug in to my shoulders with the thumbs of both hands.

"Ahh!" I grunted in pain, my shoulders even more tense than I thought. She worked my shoulders and then my neck like a trained professional.

OK, maybe not, but God, it felt good. Baby usually does this for me, but we've been so busy and getting to bed so late that it's been a good two weeks since I've had a decent massage. "Very nice, Flower!" I praised, twisting my neck from side-to-side to help loosen the muscles. "Thank you, Master." she said, quite pleased with herself as she continued to massage. The stress relief and her soft touch was starting to get to me. "Flower." I began.

"Ruby is going to come out here in a few minutes. She is still very early in her training. I need you to help her along. Encourage her, comfort her, make her feel welcome." "I will, Master." Flower assured me. "Also, your full training will begin in a few days.

Both of you." "Master?" she inquired, confused. "Your training." I repeated, "You need training in different techniques and methods of pleasing your master." "Oh." she trailed off. "Don't worry, Flower," I assured, "There is no more punishment involved, assuming you obey orders." "I will, Master." she promised. "Actually." I began, "Walk around here in front of me." She walked around in front of me, about a foot away. I sat up on the edge of the recliner, putting my hands on her hips and running them up and down the outside of her thighs, reaching around and lightly groping her ass.

"I've never even tested you out yet." I said, "Let's see how you do on your own." I unzipped my pants pulled out my semi-erect cock and leaned back against the back cushion of the recliner. Flower silently dropped to her knees, one soft hand encircling my cock, the other gently cupping my balls. She lightly stroked my shaft a few times and caressed my quickly-shrinking sack.

Her hands are incredibly soft. I closed my eyes and let out a deep sigh. After several more strokes, I felt her lips touch the head of my cock, and gradually part as she slid the head between them. Her tongue slowly. torturously slowly, began to glide across the underside of the head.

The girl has been working my cock for all of 45 seconds and my balls are already aching.

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"We're ready, Master!" Baby said, poking her head through the door. "Fuck!" I cursed under my breath, "OK, just a second." I grabbed Flower's chin with my thumb and index finger, tilting her head up to look at me.

"That was incredible, Flower. We will pick this back up later. Go sit on the futon." I crammed my stiff boner back in my pants, zipped up and sat back down in the recliner. "Come on in!" I shouted. January 13th, 2008 12:02am Baby walked in, closely followed by Ruby. Baby pointed at the ground and motioned for her to stand in front of me. She complied and hung her head, looking at the ground. Baby had dressed her in plain, white, cotton panties and t-shirt.

Her thick, black, bush and dark nipples very noticeable through them. "Ruby," I said, "look at me." Ruby looked up at me, embarrassed, nervously moving her hands near her crotch, wanting to cover herself up but unsure if it was allowed.

"I want you to meet your room mate. Her name is 'Flower'." I said, pointing the dowel rod at Flower. Ruby looked over at Flower, then diverted her eyes to the ground. "Very nice to be meeting you, Flower". Ruby said. "Nice to meet you, too." Flower replied. "Look at me, Ruby!" I ordered. She looked back up at me, deciding it was OK to cover her crotch with her hands. I took the rod and slowly poked it between her hands, nudging them away from her crotch.

She put her hands back at her sides but continued to move them nervously toward her crotch, then back again. I sat there looking at her for many seconds, enjoying her embarrassment. I ran the dowel rod along the top edge of her panties, then along their entire triangle, nudging her hands back out of the way whenever she moved them too close to her crotch.

"Have you never shaved before?" I asked. She looked at Baby, who translated for her. "No. no, Master. It is a sin." she responded. I moved the rod to her left hip, sliding it up and down several times.

"You need to work on these hips." I informed her. "I. yes, Master." she replied, lowering her face toward the floor in shame.

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I made my way over to her stomach, poking her belly pooch with the rod a few times. She moved her left hand toward the rod, then decided she'd better not touch it and put her hand back at her side. "And this belly." I continued.

"Yes, Master." she again replied. "Turn around." I demanded. She understood and did as she was told. For another few minutes, I ran the rod over Ruby's body, inspecting every curve and crevice.

"Baby, as of now, she is on a strict diet." I declared, "And I want her exercising those hips and belly for at least one hour per day." "Yes, Master." Baby assured me, looking over and nodding at Flower. "We'll get her in shape." "Baby, translate as needed." I ordered, moving over to sit between Baby and Flower on the futon.

"Ruby. look at me." Ruby looked at me, her face red with embarrassment.

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"Let me show you how things work around here." I continued, looking her straight in the eyes for several long seconds. I could tell it made her very uncomfortable. "Flower!" I commanded, not taking my eyes off of Ruby, "Remove your panties." Flower paused for a second, surprised that I was addressing her.

She then stood up and slid her panties down to her ankles, kicked them off, and sat back down. I transfered the rod to my left hand, reached over with my right hand and began caressing Flowers cunt, never taking my eyes off of Ruby.

Ruby looked down to watch my hand gently pet Flower's well-trimmed pussy, a look of shame on her face. "Look at me!" I demanded. Ruby looked back at me, slight fear beginning to show on her face. "Baby, remove your panties." I ordered. Baby immediately complied and sat back down. I set the rod down across my lap and moved my had to Baby's crotch, fondling both vaginas in unison. "Ruby!" I said sternly, looking her directly in the eyes. "I am Baby's master. I am Flower's master. I am *your* master." I used simple sentences to make sure she understood.

"Baby, is your mistress." I explained. "You will do as she says, just like you do as I say." I waited for Baby to translate. "Flower is the top slave." I continued, "You will also do as she says, as long as it does not conflict with orders from me or Baby." Baby translated while Ruby shook her head as if she understood.

"Do you understand this, Ruby?" I asked. "Yes, Master." she replied, "I am low slave." "Good. good." I said, sitting back in the futon. I sat there looking her up and down several times, then looked her in the eyes and paused for a few seconds. ".Dance for us." I commanded. "Master.?" Ruby asked. "I said, 'Dance for us'" "Master. I." she stammered. I took my right hand away from Flower's cunt and put my hand on the dowel rod in my lap. "I *said* . 'Dance for us.'" I repeated, gritting my teeth for emphasis.

Tears started to well up in her eyes as Ruby tentatively began to sway her hips. I nudged Baby and nodded my head toward the remote on the end table. She grabbed it and turned the TV on, finding a music channel with dance music. Ruby started moving her hips to the beat of the music, but was otherwise didn't move much.

I lifted the rod a few inches off of my lap. "Dance better!" I demanded. Ruby looked down at the rod, then back at me and started to move her feet and arms. She was dancing fairly well now. We watched her for a few minutes. She started to get more in to it and moved around the room a few feet from her starting spot as she danced and actually started smiling a bit.

The song started to fade out. "I dance good, Master?" she asked, smiling at me. "Yes, Ruby. You dance good." I answered, ignoring her speaking out of turn for now. She smiled with pride and changed her dance to match the next song, which had a faster beat. Getting over he shyness and dancing full-throttle, she was amazing.

With a little body work, and in another situation, she could definitely be a professional dancer. We watched her, thoroughly entertained, until the song ended. We all applauded her, as she looked down, feigning humility. "Very nice!" I praised, turning the TV off, standing up and walking over to her.

I pet her hair and lightly kissed her sweaty forehead. "Talk with Baby and Flower." I ordered, "Get to know them and they will help you with your English." She looked at Baby, who quickly translated for her. "Yes, Master!" she said excitedly. I originally had a lot more planned for this session, but after she unexpectedly had her moment of glory, I thought it best for her, psychologically, to stop on a high note and let the girls begin to bond with each other.

I went upstairs to the bathroom and masturbated to relieve my aching balls. January 13th, 2008 11:02am Baby came to bed well after I did, and is still asleep. I found a good deal on a travel trailer for Tomas at an online classified ad site. We can run a heavy-duty extension cord out to it and an insulated hose from the spigot on the side of the house. I've not come up with a good way to handle the sewage yet, but for now, we can drain the sink and shower out to the far side of the property and Tomas can dump the toilet tank back in the woods as needed.

I have Tomas cleaning the area behind the house while I go get the trailer and supplies needed to hook it up.


He asked about Rosalyn. I told him she was doing well, and that her new name was Ruby, and to please use that name from now on. He was as surprised as we were to learn she was an excellent dancer. She must have only danced in private.

He showed me the pictures he had in his wallet, and from Ruby's purse, which I had given to him, asking if I wanted any of the girls in them. They were mostly his cousins and a few girls from his old neighborhood.

I looked them over, quickly rejecting most of them.


There were a couple of possibilities, but I want to see how much Ruby sells for first. January 13th, 2008 6:14pm I picked up the trailer and have Tomas out getting it all hooked up. There are a couple of things that will need fixed, but it's livable, since we have mild winters here. It's pretty small, but still a mansion compared to living in his car. He is happy to have it. When I got home, Baby was down with the girls. I watched them on the monitor as I ate lunch.

They were teaching Ruby English. The girls would point to body parts as Ruby tried to name them. She would sometimes mix them up or mangle the slang terms. It was quite entertaining. When they were done, Baby came upstairs and we talked for quite a while. The girls apparently talked until almost 3am last night.

Flower opened up to her, telling her that she never knew her father, and that her mother spent most of her time at her friends house taking drugs. When she was home, it was to sleep, or to occasionally fuck some guy to get drugs.

She didn't think her mother was a hooker, but would fuck just about anyone if they'd get her high. Her mother all but ignored her. Her mother somehow paid the rent on their mobile home and kept the utilities on, but Flower had pretty much lived alone most of the time since she was 13.

She walked to the grocery store and used the food stamps they received to feed herself. She finally ran away right after she turned 17 when she woke up one night to her mother standing in the doorway of her bedroom, and some "old guy" sitting on the edge of the bed, fondling her tits.

She screamed, grabbed some clothes and left, never returning. She is sure that her mother let him do it for money, or drugs. The last thing she heard her mother say was something about it being "time for her to help out around here." Baby thinks that after we finally broke through her "tough guy" exterior, she was just a little girl that dearly wants a family and someone to care about her. Baby showed her love and attention that night, and Flower emotionally attached to her.

Baby said Flower talks as if she is desperate for my approval. I don't think it's a father figure thing. I think she just wants to fit in and be loved, and knows she needs my approval for it. Baby is very concerned about her when it comes time to sell her. She doesn't think Flower will be able to deal with it. We discussed whether we should tell her about the auction so she can get used to the idea of leaving, but decided not to tell her yet.

Ruby had quite a different story. Her family was intact, but her parents were very strict Catholics. They fled from their country about a year ago when the wars between the police and the drug kingpins escalated.

They lived in half of a double house, about 9 of them all together. Her father worked as a laborer, mostly roofing houses. Her mother was a part-time maid at a rather sleazy motel. Ruby took care of the younger children during the day and cleaned houses at night when she could get the work.

Her brother, who worked as a general laborer, would drop her off and pick her up a few hours later. None of them could find full-time work since they were here illegally, but they made enough between them to get by OK. One night a few weeks ago, Tomas had picked her up from a cleaning job. When they turned down the street they lived on, their house was crawling with police and immigration officers. Apparently, one of her younger brothers had been arrested for trying to sell drugs.

The house was raided, and they were all deported. They kept driving past the house and she ended up in the shelter where Baby found her. She is extremely repressed, especially sexually. She even thinks dancing is a sin because it may cause men to lust, so she only did it when no one else was around.

Baby believes Ruby will comply with us because she has nowhere else to go except back to the shelter, or back to her country. But, Baby also believes that Ruby thinks it is voluntary, and she ultimately can refuse orders and leave if she wants. She sees it as a job with a very strict, perverted employer, but better than being deported. We both agreed that she needs to understand the reality of the situation, and soon.

This is where I was headed with Ruby yesterday before I decided to stop early and let them bond. We also talked about the auction. She suggested making it more like a cocktail party. She thinks wealthy men have more class than to bid on girls like farmers bidding on cattle. She suggested an informal social atmosphere, with plenty of alcohol to loosen their wallets. And we can introduce the girls at different times throughout the night, then let them mingle with the guests.

The actual bidding would take place near the end of the night. I told her I liked the idea, and to go ahead and plan it out. January 13th, 2008 11:23pm I gave Tomas $100 to buy himself some groceries, and poured the last 3 gallons of gas I had in the garage in to his car.

He apparently used all his gas to follow Baby out here. I warned him to be extra careful not to speed or get pulled over. I also gave him another $75 and had him pick up a few things from the hardware store.

We have a new girl coming in two days and we need to do a few things to the second slave room downstairs.

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After seeing Tomas off, I went down to the basement, where Baby and the girls were watching TV. Normally, Sunday is more relaxed and they can mostly take the day off, but time is short until the auction, and Ruby needs to understand her place.

They couldn't hear me come down over the sound of the TV, but once I opened the door, they scrambled in to position.

I picked up the dowel rod and sat upright in the recliner and told Baby and Flower to sit on the futon. "The TV should not be so loud that you can't hear me coming." I said. "Sorry, Master." Baby apologized, "It won't happen again." I paused a few seconds, tapping the rod on my knee.

"Ruby!" I barked, "Stand up!" "Yes, Master!" she said, snapping up as if she were a soldier, the chain hanging from her collar getting twisted around her ankle. "Why are you here?" I asked. "Master.?" she asked, confused, as she bent over to unwrap the chain from her ankle.

"Why. are. you. here.?" I repeated slowly. "Master. I. I need place to live, and I do as you say." she replied. "Ruby," I continued, "Do you understand what a slave is?" "Yes, Master. I do as you say." "No, Ruby. That is an employee. Do you understand that you are a slave?" She looked at Baby for a translation. I don't think Baby knows the right words to properly express it in Spanish.

"Ruby, I own you." I informed her. "No, Master, I do as you say." "Ruby!" I yelled, lashing her across her right thigh faster than she could react to it. She let out a yelp and grabbed her leg in pain. "I. own. you." I repeated. "No, Master," she responded, starting to cry. "I. I leave now." "Ruby." I began, standing up and walking behind her. She swung her head around, trying to see what I was doing. I put my left arm loosely around her chest, just above her tits and put my mouth up to her ear.

"Master." she said, trailing off, clearly scared. "I own you." I again repeated, pulling out a large pocket knife and opening it with my thumb using the quick open knob. "No, Master!" she cried, "I leave now!" I quickly pulled my left arm up under her chin and tilted her head back, exposing her throat. I held the blade out in front of her so she could see it and slowly moved it towards her throat. She began to grab my arm with both hands and push the knife away.

I jerked her head back farther with my left arm. "Ruby!" I yelled, "I'm not going to hurt you." She relaxed somewhat but still held on to my right arm. I slowly moved the knife toward her throat, repeating "I'm not going to hurt you." a few times. Once the knife was near her throat and she couldn't see it, I flipped it over and put the dull edge against her throat to avoid any accident. "Let go of my arm." I ordered. She sobbed loudly and moved her hands back to her sides.

"Ruby. I own you. I could kill you right now. Do you understand that?" "Master. I. I." she stammered.

Baby translated and she started crying again. I waited until she settled down a bit. "You are my property, like my house, my car, or my shoes." Baby translated and she just continued to cry. "Baby and Flower are also my property." I added.

"Master, I. please, I leave now." she pleaded. "You can never leave here!" I yelled, pressing the knife against her throat. "Master! Master!" she cried hysterically. I thought this was a good moment to let it all out, and barked several lines at her, waiting for Baby to translate between them. "I own you, completely!" I said, releasing her head from my left arm but keeping the knife in place and pressing it harder against her throat. "I own your mouth!" I yelled, jamming the fingers of my left hand in to her mouth and fucking it with them as Baby translated, and for a few seconds after.

I slid my hand down her chest and belly, putting my hand between her legs. "I own your pussy!" I barked, harshly grabbing her cunt. She let out a sharp, startled yelp. I firmly mashed her cunt in my hand for a few seconds, then moved my hand around to her ass. I massaged her ass cheeks for several seconds then slid my fingers up her crack, through her panties. She lifted up on her toes, trying to escape my probing fingers. "Master!!!" she begged. "I own your ass!" I said, jamming my middle finger against her asshole.

I purposely avoided penetrating it. She screamed and started babbling in Spanish. I gave her a minute or so to calm down, then continued. "I own you until I sell you to someone else, then he will own you!" Baby translated and she started sobbing again. "You will never see your family again!" She wailed loudly upon hearing this and started crying hysterically and babbling in Spanish again.

I gave her another minute to calm down. "Ruby." I said calmly, trying to tone this down a bit. "I also own Baby and Flower." "Flower!" I ordered. "Remove your panties!" Flower stood up, removed her panties and sat back down.

"See, Ruby?" I asked, "I own all of you." "Master." she cried, but trailed off, sobbing. "Do you understand, Ruby? I asked. "I. I understand, Master." she replied. "And you will follow every order you are given?" I asked.

She hesitated, so Baby translated for her. "Yes. Master," she answered, still sobbing, "I am low slave." "Good, Ruby!" I praised. I looked at Baby and motioned with my head to Ruby, then to Flower. As usual, Baby knew what I had in mind and whispered to Flower. "OK, Ruby," I continued, "Here is your first test." I looked at Flower and nodded to her. "Um. Ruby." Flower began, slowly spreading her legs and scooting her ass to the edge of the futon.

"Come here and, um. come here and lick my pussy." "Master!" Ruby yelled, "I cannot! It is a sin! Please, Master!" I was growing tired of this 'sin' crap. I knocked her down on her knees and grabbed the hair in the back of her head. Keeping the knife to her throat, I pushed her head in between Flowers legs, within smelling distance of her cunt.

"Do as you are told!" I yelled, pushing the knife harder against her throat. "Or I will kill you RIGHT FUCKING NOW!" Ruby sobbed a few times and then stuck her tongue out, lapping like a cat drinking milk, but she was unable to reach Flower's cunt.

I guided Ruby's head to Flower's slit, her tongue licking and probing. "Ahhh! huuh huuh huuh!" Ruby cried as her tongue found the opening. "You are doing fine." Baby praised, petting her head and looking at me.

I knew she wanted to take over now so I stood up and just watched for a few minutes. Flower seemed to be very self-conscious with me watching and was not enjoying it. I walked behind her and reached my hands down to her tits. I caressed her through her shirt and whispered in her ear.

"I want you to close your eyes." I said, as Flower shut her eyes tightly. "Don't think about where you are or who is here.

Think about that wet, warm tongue inside you. Doesn't it feel good?" "Mmm-hmm." She moaned, "a little." I waited a couple of minutes until she seemed to be responding better to Ruby's tongue. "Pretend it's anyone you wish." I encouraged. "Mmmm-hmmmm." she repeated, licking her lips and grabbing the edge of the futon with both hands. "Mmmmmm-hmmmmmm" she groaned. I continued to caress her tits, circling her nipples with my index fingers. "MMMMMM. MMMMMM. Oh, yes!" she gasped, gyrating her hips slightly.

"Oh God. Oh! God! sssssssssss!" she hissed, sucking air through gritted teeth and arching her back. "Mmmmmm." she trailed off, relaxing her body and putting her hand on the back of Ruby's head.

Baby waited a few moments and then pulled Ruby away from Flower, wiping her face off with a towel. Ruby sat there on her knees, sobbing lightly, her head hung in shame. I nudged Flower and Baby and nodded toward Ruby, putting my hands together.


We all applauded Ruby as she looked at us, confused and embarrassed. "Ruby. listen to me." I urged, "I looked it up on the Internet. The Bible says that slaves should obey their masters." Baby translated, and Ruby looked at me, unsure. "It does?" she asked. "Yes, it does!" I replied, "Also, I looked on his web site and even the Pope says that nothing is a sin if you are obeying your master." Baby translated, and Ruby's eyes perked up a bit.

"He did?" she asked excitedly. "Yes!" I lied, "So you can do what you are told and not have to worry that you are sinning!" "OK, Master." she said, somewhat relieved. "Also," I continued, "You be a good slave, do what you are told, and do not give us any trouble, and I promise that you will be sold to a very rich man. He will take care of you, and if you are a good slave for him, he will probably let you send money to your family." Baby translated and her face lit up.

"Thank you, Master!" she exclaimed, "I will be good! Thank you!"