Wife dilettante bdsm tit castigation

Wife dilettante bdsm tit castigation
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I thought it was odd how all my relationships don't seem to last very long. I was a kind of a ladies guy but none of the girls I had ever gone out with had gone all the way with me and that got me sexually frustrated. It was the first day of the summer holidays and it was very hot in the early afternoon sun. I was just kicking around as you do when there is sod all to do. I was doing some work on my computer when my mum knocked on the door and let herself in.

"Now you know its your fathers birthday soon, so I decided that he and I should go away for the weekend to a health club. I was going to tell you earlier but I've just been so busy organising it and everything, is that ok?" "yea sure" I replied. The day came when they were leaving and I couldn't wait. Having the house to myself for a whole weekend. It was going to be so cool! I could have all my mates round and have a rave in the garden and shit.

She put the last of her bags in the car and came up to me to tell me when I should let the cats out and to feed them. "There's food in the freezer and the pans are in the dishwasher." "Right ok." "If you need me I will always have my phone on me just in case." "ok." She got in the car and waved as they drove off. I went inside to watch a bit of tv. After a while of rubbish daytime tv the phone rang. My friend eddy and his brother al wanted to know if I would go to the park wit them to do a bit of skating.

I said sure, grabbed my board and left. We went up to the park where it seemed everybody in the village seemed to be. The place was crowded with teens. "Ah man the place is packed!" complained al as he usually does. "Lets go some place else" he said again. "I don't know man, these chicks look pretty hot!" I replied back to him.

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Edd then leaned towards me and said "check it out, watch that girl over there run". I looked up and saw a girl I think was called Jenna running after somebody who had taken her bag. I watched her huge perfect breasts bounce up and down as she ran.


"Come on lets just go on the half pipe I said." So we went passed the group of people and started skating on the half pipe. After about 5-10 minuets the group had gathered around us watching us pulling off tricks.

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After about half an hour we finished off and started heading home. We got to the t-junction where edd and al turn off to go home n I said id see them tomorrow.

I continued walking down towards my house when somebody came running up behind me. I turned around and saw one of the girls from the group run up towards me. "Hey, that was some pretty good skating you and your friends did back there." I laughed "Ah thanks" I replied.


Thinking that would be the end of it I opened my front door and said "well see you later". To my surprise she squealed and said "oh my god you live here?" "yea why?" "Me and my family just moved in 3 houses away from you!" "Really" sounding surprised. "cool." "Yea. Wow can I see your house"? she asked. "Sure, its not exactly impressive" She walked around and commented on how it was cool and everything. As she walked round I couldn't help notice her breasts.

They were perfect in every way. Not small, not too far apart, just perfect. She was wearing a small miniskirt and a tight white top which exposed her abdomen. She was also slightly tanned and had perfect skin. I started getting ideas and got a slightly hard dick. "Can I see your room" she asked.

I complied and took her upstairs and showed her my room. "Oh cool love the same music as me." "yea I love punk and goth." I said. She then walked out and into my sisters room, "oh this is cool this room." She looked around as I sat down on the double bed. She picked up one of my sisters bracelets but dropped it. She bent down to pick it up. As she bent down I saw that she happened to be wearing a black lace thong. My dick suddenly went stiff again.


She turned round and saw my trousers with a bulge in them and then she giggled. "do you have a hard on?" I looked away from her. Then for no reason what so ever she kneeled down and started undoing my jeans.

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I sat there stunned, trying to say something. But I had some feeling inside me that it was right. She then started pulling my jeans down and off my legs. Then she went for my boxers and pulled them down too. My dick flicked straight up in the air. She pulled her hair back and leaned down holding my dick in her hand and took it in her mouth. The feeling was incredible. Her soft lips sliding up and down my dick. I suddenly took off my shirt and put both my hands on her head and pulled her up and down.

I started to reach an orgasm. But then she stood up and pushed me down onto the bed and then crawled on top of me. She lay there on top of me for a moment and then started kissing me very lightly but then getting harder and snoging me instead. She slipped her tongue into my mouth. I started getting really horny so I pulled back her head back and started to lick her mouth.

Whilst I was doing this I realised that she was still clothed. So I turned her over and sat up. She looked so hot there underneath me. I slowly started sliding off her top to expose her breasts which were held together with her black lace bra. I then grabbed the sides with both my hands and gave it a hard yank snapping the strap. I threw it to one side and started to pull off her skirt and thong. I pulled them down reviling her beautifully shaven pussy. I started trembling at the sight of her.

She was breathing really heavily which got me even more exited.

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So I leaned down pulling her legs around my back so I could lick out her pussy. My tongue made contact with her pussy and she flinched a little. I licked at it very lightly flicking my tongue up and down her pussy. After a while of that I pushed my tongue deeper into her pussy licking up her juices. She was moaning all through this. My cock was getting a bit bored so I decided that I should fuck her like nobody else could.

I climbed up towards her and licked her again. I then looked down to position my dick above her moist pussy. I trembled again and then plunged my knob all the way to the end of her pussy. She screamed out it in pain and pleasure. I left it there for a few moments so her muscles contracted around my pole. I then very slowly started lifting my waist up and down into her love box. I got more and more exited to get harder and faster.

She groaned as I pounded at her. She then wrapped her legs around my back and tightened her grip on my shoulders. We were breathing really heavily on each other and I could feel the sweat rubbing between us. "Oh yes, oh ,oh OH YES!" she was getting so horny now.

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"DESTROY MY PUSSY YOU BITCH" she shouted. So I started lifting my waist so high I thought it was going to slip out.

As I lifted up I then slammed down as hard as I could making her scream out in every time. We were getting so fast now and I could feel her about to cum. I moved my hands down from under her shoulders to her ass which I squeezed tightly. I continued to pound into her fuck box until she screamed louder than usual and I felt her juices squirt against my dick and balls. "AAAAAARRRRHHHHH YYEEEEESS!" she screamed and this then triggered another orgasm and made me blow my head off!

I sprayed my cum deep inside her now dripping wet pussy. We had stopped now and were just lying on top of each other. I then decided to pound her again so I rolled her over and then made her fuck me from on top, there was no way I was going to do all the work.

She suddenly picked up the pace immediately from where we had stopped. I kept my hands on her ass and pulled her cheeks apart so she moaned a little more.

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She was almost jumping up and down on me taking long quick humps. I pulled her down and licked her whole face and at the same time she licked my tongue. I wanted some harder fucking so I got out from underneath her and got her on all fours.

I kneeled there holding her ass and then leaned in to tongue her asshole. I could tell she liked this by the orgy that she produced. I then positioned my shaft over the tight entrance of her ass and then pushed deep into her anus. She groaned and screamed more than before and I got harder quicker so it hurt more for her.

Her ass was so fucking tight it made my dick so sore! I was pounding at her tight little ass for ages and I thought we were going to pass out.

She was panting and breathing really heavily. And we were both covered in sweat. I kneeled there and slowly pulled my half stiff dick out of her ass.

I then shakily walked out of the room and left her there to get some energy back. I put my clothes back on and went outside in the warm afternoon sun. It was about an hour before she came into the garden. "Hi she said briefly" fully clothed. "eerm I better be going now, ill see you around." With that she turned on her heal and walked back inside and headed for the door.

I watched her ass move from side to side as she walked. And then I thought "im not gonna let that tight little slut walk off without being finnished." I quickly got up and ran inside, grabbed her ass and slammed her against the wall. "No I don't want to I have to get back"! she struggled against me but I held her there still against the wall. I held her and then with one hand pulled at her skirt so hard that the button snapped off and I could let it slide down her gorgeous legs revelling her beautiful ass.

With her still trying to get out of my grip I then pulled her top over her head and dropped it on the floor. She was shouting at me now, swearing and trying to stamp on my feet but we both knew she was gonna get raped. All she had on now was her thong because I had broken her bra. So I thought I might as well finnish it off. So I then pulled at her thong waiting for it to rip. I pulled harder and she cried out in pain and then I heard the lace rip and it dropped to the floor with everything else.

I then started fiddling with my shorts that I had put on trying to undo the button. I then pulled them down and my cock flicked out into the air. I licked her back and whispered in her ear "now you will know what it feels like to get raped." And then I bent her over and pushed my cock at her wet pussy lips and slipped my manhood all the way inside her making her yelp in pain.

I pushed in and out very quickly with great speed. She was screaming moaning in pleasure.

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I felt myself cumming inside her but I couldent give a shit if she got pregnant. She was my fucking slut for me to fuck when I wanted. I could tell she was enjoying it now because she was'nt swearing at me anymore. Or trying to get away.

She wanted to be fucked. I then pulled out of her, took her hand and led her to the sitting room. She then quite happily lay down on a sofa and I got onto her. I pulled her legs over my shoulders and then rammed my cock into her again and started slamming into her fuck hole as hard as possible. She was screaming and panting and just generally loving all of it.

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Her nails were digging into my back and we were both about to pass out but we kept going. And then she screamed louder again and screamed "AAAARRRHHH IM CUMMING" and she sprayed her juices all over me and the sofa and then I shoved my dick in her face and shot out hot sticky cum all over her face and mouth.

And then I just lay back at the end of the sofa and breathed heavily in and out looking at her perfect body drenched in sweat and cum.