Nude men fucking granny and gay teen cum porn images Gorgeous Leo

Nude men fucking granny and gay teen cum porn images Gorgeous Leo
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Me and my friend have been best friends for many years. We shared everything.

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But after he started going out with his girlfriend seema, things were different. When they decided to get married I was the first one to know. I was close to seema as well.

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If they ever had trouble between them, she would always bring it up to me. But before I get into the story let me tell you a little about myself. I have a live in Lover EVA and she is amazingly good looking. She is 5'7 36 A boobs with long splendour legs and a beautiful plum ass. Click on this link for some of her pictures Seema was a little shorter but very slim as she was a gymnast with 5'8 height 34a boobs and nice shaped ass.

I didn't notice it until the day before the wedding. I was getting all the arrangements done for the wedding and seema calls me and asks if she could meet me as she wanted to talk about something. I went down to their hotel where they were all put up.


I knocked on the door and seema opened and looked upset. "so, whats up??" I asked, "I don't know i am getting cold feet about this whole wedding thing, I thought i was ready but I feel am not." I just looked at her and said, " what's troubling you?" she said "its this thing, me and ajay have said we won't have sex until the first night and I am scared I won't be able to satisfy him, cuz I am not an expert in all this" I just patted her shoulder and made her sit on the edge of the bed, " look you have done it before and it will be great, you are just worried for no reason." she just looked at me and said "I trust you a lot and I am know you will not make it a big deal but can you give me some good pointers to make sure he loves it!" I told her sex is something you learn by doing it and it wouldn't just be able to teach you.

She just got up and started walking around the room and said "look you think if I watch I will learn?" I just didnt know what she had in mind, I just looked at her and said who are you gonna watch? She said you and Eva. I just burst out laughing, "she will not have sex with me while you watch unless u join us", and she picked up the phone and called her and said "lets see!!" she called and explained to Eva everything and Eva was in the hotel so she came to the room.

She walked in and said, " you ok if she watches?


She is really troubled about it, if we can help it will be good" I said I was ok if she was ok with it. And to my surprise Eva said she was ok with it if she did not want to join yet but was sure it won't be long if she did. Eva stepped in front of me and pulled my pants off and my dick just sprung out with full 7" length and thicker and harder than ever.She held my dick and said, "just lick it lightly and and then take it in" Eva just licked it lightly a little and slowly took it in her mouth.

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Pulled her mouth in and out and kept licking for a good 5 mins, I know she loves sucking my dick, then she broke off and said " wana give it a shot" I just couldnt beleive it, I would get a blow job from my best friends girl friend, who is getting married tomorrow. Seema just knelt down and licked my tip of my dick and she even licked it from the bottom to the tip and took the whole thing in.

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She was amazing, her warm mouth was feeling great, two women sucking on it would be even good but I felt my wife's hand on my balls and she was helping seema take it in completely, seema kept sucking till I started moaning, I was loosing control and had forgotten who was sucking on my dick, and suddenly Eva's phone rang, it was the wedding planners and they needed her urgently down stairs and Eva announced she will be there in a min and told seema to continue until I don't tell her so.

And she told me to help her out if she was not doing it right. Eva just picked up her tshirt and left the room. Seema looked up at me and said, should I continue and I just nodded and she went back to sucking my dick.

Her warm mouth was pulling herself in and out made me week in the knees, and i held her head and started to face fuck her but softly. I realised she was moaning and loving the size and the attention she was getting. She broke off and i said" to continue you kiss him and pull him to bed and we kissed passionately and she pulled me to the bed. I made her lay down and told her" ask him if he wants a treat for his lips from you, I am sure he won't say no so just slip back and pull off the thong" that's exactly what she did.

I lay down on the edge of the bed and started to lick her pussy. The blow job had got her wet and was oozing and wet. It was amazing I rubbed my tongue and slid my tongue in and out of her pussy, I could taste her pussy and it was just amazing, and she moaned and said " please don't stop" i was not gonna either, it was great. I licked her pussy and tongued her and she held my head and pushed it in her pussy and said "please go wild on it, please, its been too long and ajay hates eating my pussy!!" I just looked up and said "I thought I am here to show what he would like!!" she said " pls just keep eating my pussy it feels sooo good.

Hmmm oh god i am gonna cum on your face" I started licking it and rubing my tongue and I could feel her body squirt and she had a orgasm. I moved up to her and she kissed me again and took off my tshirt and said, " I havn't had this kind of orgasam in years" and we kissed again.

The room phone rang and seema answered and it was Eva, she asked if it was all ok and if i was teaching her well, seema responded and said" perfect, do you mind if we carry on", and Eva said that's fine, just carry on!

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And seema kept the phone and said "so what's next?" and i just smiled and said" next you kiss him and he will do the rest". I rubbed my hands on her net bra and slipped my hands on her boobs and she just unclipped her bra and threw it on the floor and I started to suck her nipples and slid my finger into her pussy and she was wet and craving for a fuck.

She made me lie on my back and got on top of me and said" tell me if you like what I'm doing" and she slid mydick into her pussy and she let out a moan and said " how does it feel?" i just moaned and said "it was perfect" and said I don't have a condom and she smiled saying she was in a pill for ajay and it didn't matter.

Her pussy was tight and wet. She started to bounce on my dick like a rider and in between would roll her hip and she said" oh fuck, I can't believe I am fucking you, had kept everything for ajay, oh god I can fuck you all night. Aaaah fuck me please" and I made her stop to turn her over and started fucking her from the back. "oh fuck you are amazing, I can't beleive i am fucking you, mmmm, you are tight and amazing, i wana fill your pussy with my cum" and she was shouting, " pls fill me up, just fuck me!!" and Eva opened the door, we didnt realise she had taken the the key card while leaving.

We both stopped and she walked to the bed and said, "have you riden him?" and seema said yes and she took off her top and jeans and got naked and said "let me teach you a little bit more" went under seema and started sucking her boobs and shouted out, "don't stop, what you were doing, you got to teach her how to fuck!" I ramped my dick back into seema's pussy and Eva pulled my dick out and said do you mind fucking me a little and I was more than happy to oblige, I switched between both pussies till Eva shouted, "oh fuck, I'm gonna cum baby, fuck me harder, baby please, but you cum inside seema's pussy she wants it more", and reached a orgasm and then seema wanted my cum inside her pussy and I told her I will shoot it inside her, Eva was busy kissing seema and she realised I was gonna shoot she sucked on seema's nipple and she said " oh fuck I am gonna cum, fuck me before my Lover fucks me and cum inside me before he does", I just pushed my dick inside her and every bit of my cum in her pussy and seema and I let out a moan and just to have some fun I removed my dick and pushed it into Eva's pussy and squirted a little inside her and she let out a moan too.

I came off and lay on the bed and Eva told seema, " never leave a guy wet, you need to take it down", seema just sucked me clean on my dick and my wife went to get dressed and wash up, I kissed seema and said she was amazing. She said she has learnt everything she had to and winked and got off to get dressed. She didnt bother cleaning up. Eva came out and told seema, "hope you learnt everything and if there is anything else just let us know", just winked and walked towards the door saying "let her get some rest she has a big day".

more to follow soon. hope to hear yr comments. soon.