Slutty bbw valentines day pussy play

Slutty bbw valentines day pussy play
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The year was 2035. The future of online and virtual reality gaming had finally arrived with a brand new virtual reality game, that included a helmet if you didn't own one, for hearing and seeing in the game and either digital codes for games or a small disk the size of a SD memory card. This new system was named East of Nowhere or EON for short. Inside this gaming virtual reality, you could pick to be and do anything your heart desired.

The story begins on one fateful, dark and stormy night in a small town, not unlike any other one. It centers around a waitress named Carrie and her experiences with East of Nowhere. (Man, I'm beat&hellip. Working 13 hours on your feet all day, and dealing with rude ass customers and their kids is a living hell; especially when the parents aren't paying attention to their kids, and the kids are running around and screaming like little monsters…) 25-year-old Carrie said to herself after she got off her shift at the diner at 9 PM.

She clocks out in the back of the diner near the kitchen, swiping her keycard, and says good bye to her coworkers and best friend Kristie. After Kristie finishes with her current customer, she starts talking to Carrie as she walks her to the hostess stand.

"Are you going to be here tomorrow?" Kristie asks. "No, I won't be here for the next couple days. I'm on a four-day vacation, it's the only days I could get off with the new management. I'll see you as soon as I get back" She tells Kristie. She can hear the rain pounding on the tin roof, and see it pouring down the front windows.

(Ugh, it's raining again.) she thinks to herself. She tells the hostess and night manager good night. Her manager gives her, her current check, and she turns around and walks to the front door. The manager yells "Wait real quick!

Are you going to be here tomorrow?" "I'm on vacation for the next few days. I'll see you when I get back." She tells him as she pushes it open and starts to run through the parking lot to her beat up older model car before she got soaked by the hard, cold pounding rain.

She stops at the car door and fumbles with her keys, trying to unlock her car. She finally gets it unlocked and gets in and slams the door shut.

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She looks at her watch and sees it's a little after 9 PM, the video game store should still be open for a little longer at least 40 minutes or so. (I can finally pick up that game East of Nowhere, that all her friends had been raving about.) They all said it was the best, most erotic game they had ever played.

Luckily the diner wasn't too far away from the store. Being a waitress didn't pay very much, but with pay and tips she was able to afford a semi-nice apartment, and other odds and ends whenever she wanted to splurge on them.

After a quick 10-minute drive down the main street to the game store, she walks into the store looking for a copy of the game. She walks past all the new game titles to the back of the store where the pre-owned ones were sitting on shelves.

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The cover of the game was bright blue, white, green and gold with a beautiful female Knight in front in full battle armor, holding her helmet in the crook of her right arm, she was standing on the edge of a cliff surrounded by a dark, green forest, a red and black dragon breathing fire in the background setting part of the forest on fire, an electric blue dragon was following it.

A beautiful she-elf, with long black hair and blue eyes standing next to the Knight with her wrists bound with rope, her face was bruised and bloody, her left eye was swollen shut, her clothes were slashed open and partially hanging off her because of that you could see the tops of her Areolas and because of the shadow, you could barely see the edge of where her pussy would be.

As per the back case of the game, once a person signs into the game from the start screen and server they wanted to, you could either pick to be the knight, or the elf, dwarf, dragon or some other mystical being, such as a demon, orc, or dwarf. Carrie walked to the checkout desk with her empty game case. "Do you want that as a digital copy or a small disk?" the clerk asked her. "I'd like a digital copy of the game please". After purchasing the digital copy, she was handed a receipt with the game code on it.

After paying for the game code, she rushes home to be able to download it on her new virtual reality system. Carrie had the third-best money could buy. It looked exactly like a motorcycle helmet, had cushions on the inside for your head, to make it comfortable for using for a long amount of time, especially while laying down in bed or on a couch or chair, there were speakers where your ears were and a visor that came down over your eyes and acted like a small projection screen and when you set it up the first time you had to enter your height, weight, eye color, hair color and sexual orientation.

Just in case you wanted to change the game settings later. You could change the origin of your battles against enemies and recruit allies, and if you wanted to play as one sex or the other or even in between, partially with male and female parts. Remembering the cover of the game Carrie was getting turned on and wet. She already knew she wanted to play as the Knight.

Since she didn't have a roommate and lived alone, she knew that she wouldn't be bothered for the next couple days because she took some vacation time off work. After she arrived at home, she put the game code into her virtual reality helmet and waited for it to start downloading. It was a bigger sized game, so she knew it was going to take a while to fully complete the download.

While she was waiting, she stripped off her clothes and turned on the shower. Hoping to get the smell of onions and grease off her body, it seemed like no matter how often she took a shower she still smelled like the diner.

She stood in the bathroom looking at her body in the mirror. She had nice big tits that were 40 E, she had a little chubby stomach, but was still curvy in all the right places and her pussy was always shaved clean, and she knew she was tight.

She liked what she saw, and knew other people liked her body too especially in the short, tight dresses she was supposed to wear at work, even though she didn't like them. She was always getting hit on by patrons of the diner, even though she didn't like it.

She tolerated it, and flirted with the customers because it got her better tips, and she needed the money. She stood in the shower under the hot steaming water, and just let the water wash the day's stresses away.

She started pinching her nipples and running her hands over her breasts, stomach and thighs. Teasing herself, she slowly entered her index finger inside her pussy and rubbed her clit with her other hand. Feeling herself get wetter and hotter she grabbed the extendable shower head and spread her legs wide open as she sprayed the water jet onto her clit as she pushed another finger inside her body.

She started finger fucking her pussy faster and faster as her legs started shaking as she was close to Cumming. She pushes another finger inside herself, stretching herself wide open as she shoved them deep inside her, as she cums on her fingers.

Shaking and moaning as she came down from her orgasm, she finishes cleaning herself off and stepped out of the shower onto the bath mat while grabbing a towel to wrap herself in. She steps from the bathroom into the hallway, and walks towards the kitchen and starts to make some food, beef stew from a can and some rice. After quickly finishing eating she walks towards the bedroom where her helmet was charging.

She dried off quickly and laid on the bed, grabbed the helmet off the charging cord and put it on. East of Nowhere popped up on the screen prompting a sign in of her email address and her preferred name, race, and sex. She didn't want anyone to know that she was playing the game yet, because of the rough sexual nature of it, so she changed her name in the game to Sasha.

There were quite a few characters to choose from. (Knight, Elf, Orc, Demon, Dwarf, Shape changer and more). Carrie decided to choose the knight. As per usual role-playing games, there were many deciding factors in choosing a character and making it your own. Since she picked the knight, she was a front-line tank, she could give and deal heavy damage.

She could use multiple short range, and medium range attacks, a sword and shield, double bladed axe, and more. As a knight she could use medium and heavy armor. One major change Carrie chose was that she gave herself cat ears. She made her character look quite close to how she looked in real life except of the small animal changes and the cock she was thinking of giving herself since she had always wanted to know what it was like to be a man. She made her tits a little firmer since they were already quite large.

Her stomach a little tighter, and she gave herself a nice average sized cock around the size of 6 inches long, and 3 inches thick in place of her clit, she still had a vagina so if she was so inclined she could still be fucked in her pussy.

She also changed her hair color to ruby red, her eye color was gray, her ears were ruby red to match her hair color. Since this was an erotic game she decided she'd go full out and experience things she'd only ever had a fantasy about, but never was able or inclined to try in real life. After she made all the changes she wanted she was transported to the game menu, where she confirmed her changes and waited for the game to finish loading.

Since the game was virtual reality, it clouded her mind. Shut out everything, but you could see and sense in your mind. Nothing in the real world could be seen, you were transported to an alternate dimension.

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Sasha woke up on the forest floor, covered in cheap leather armor. She had on a breastplate, leggings, boots and gauntlets. She sat up and looked around for the menu screen, looked at her hands and tapped the space in front of her noticing the area was called Volstein.

The menu popped up and she could see her location on the map in front of her. She stood up and started walking around. She noticed not too far from the spawn point there were multiple low-level merchants who sold a variety of goods. She stopped by each of the vendors, just to see what they were selling. Volstein was the beginning location for all people in the game since it was the easiest and it had a respawn zone if her hit points went to zero.

She was level 1, and all the enemies around her were level 1 as well.


She knew from playing video games, that dungeons and caves had rare loot in them. She noticed looking at the map on her menu, there was a cave that wasn't too far from her. She decided to walk to the cave. As she was walking there she met a few demons, goblins and orcs, which she started battling to raise her level, they were pretty weak, so she was able to raise her level up pretty quickly. By the time she made it to the mini boss in the area, she was already a level 4.

The last battle she fought was with a demon/orc hybrid named Zukran the Brave. He was bred in the fires of hell, he was Green with red and black strips on his arms and legs, he had golden eyes, long black claws, and he had black horns and a long-spiked red tail. He wore nothing but a small kilt around his waist to hide his nakedness and he carried a curved halberd with a sword on the end, so he could do double the damage to his enemies. He was stalking around in the area, protecting the cave which was his home, when this pale skinned human walked into the glade he was standing in.

He was the best fighter of his clan, that's why he was given the title of being a mini boss, and why he took the cave over as his home. Even though he was just a level 2 monster, he was far more powerful than any of the other enemies in Volstein.

Sasha froze in shock, not expecting it to be occupied by a mini boss and stood there terrified. Zukran acted before she could react and ran towards her faster than she could see and thrust his halberd at her cutting deep into her shoulder, the blade tearing through flesh and muscle like butter.

Blood spurted out of the deep wound, spraying into an arc into the air as she screamed in pain and agony.

She fell to the ground and dropped her sword and grabbed her shoulder trying the stem the flow of blood, she passed out from shock and laid there on the ground still bleeding. After hearing the human woman scream in pain, Zukran a orc/demon hybrid who was born from hatred, pain and lust, ripped off the apron he wore and stood there naked as the day he was born.

He stared at the female laying on the ground and started stroking his large, cock. He was around 10 inches long, 4 inches thick. So, he knew he was going to cause pain. He ripped off Sasha's clothing, grabbing her huge tits in his hands, they were quite a bit bigger than a handful, but they were still firm and beautiful.

He roughly dug his claws into her flesh, making blood pour from the wounds. He raised his fingers to his mouth and sucked her sweet blood off his nails. He grew harder at tasting her blood in his mouth, and knew he was going to explode from need if he couldn't get inside something soon.

Zukran exposed her cute, pink pussy to the cold forest air, and his hot, hungry gaze.

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He could smell the musky sweetness of her pussy as he picked her up in his arms, spread her legs and shoved his cock inside her, as far as he could go, almost balls deep with one thrust, not lubricated at all, so he started dry fucking her.

She woke up from the pain of being ripped open and started screaming and crying in pain and agony. Zukran got harder, and walked back with her still in his arms and shoved her into a tree, the bark ripping gouges into the skin on her back as she was fucked roughly into it. She begged for him to stop, snot and tears running down her face as her pussy was stretched open, further than it have ever gone before.


He was slamming into her pussy wall with every thrust not caring that she was in pain. She passed out again from the pain of the rough sex, rag dolling in his arms.

Only him pinning her to the tree kept her upright. He threw her to the ground and started fucking her from behind like a dog, hard and fast, he slammed into her and realized the hole he was in was tighter than the one he was just in. He realized he was in her ass! He fucked her tight, ass very hard, his thick, long cock spreading her open farther than it should ever be spread, he was gaping her open enjoying seeing his cock make her bleed, and soon he could feel his balls boiling with need.

He was going to cum soon, and she was going to take all of it, or as much as she could. Sasha woke up again, still being violated this time she was on her hands and knees as she was being fucked from behind by this orc/demon, her huge tits swinging with every thrust.

She weakly tried to crawl away from him as she started crying and screaming in pain. He grabbed her hips hard, digging his nails into her skin, ripping it open, dripping blood onto the ground. He grabbed her hair and yanked her head back, and told her to scream louder! I like it! As he kept fucking her, he kept hurting her.

Then he slammed her face into the ground, her forehead hitting a rock and breaking open, with that new scent of blood in the air, he shot load after load of black cum inside her tight ass. After that she screamed and passed out, her spirit broken, and her body bleeding beyond repair as she would never be able to take anything else inside of her, and the lower part of her body was broken because she couldn't even move let alone stand.

He decided to just let her die as he was done having his fun. He grabbed her by the throat and wrenched her head around to the side, breaking her neck.

It was a quick death, and he had had his fun with this small human. He left her body on the ground, to rot in the sun and walked back to his home. She woke up at the same place she started in an a little while ago, Volstein. She remembered everything that had happened to her, her mind and body was repaired from the horrible scene she just endured. She gained new skill points, armor and new magic potions after her battle with that demon orc earlier, even though she lost.

She went up to level 5, and she equipped her new armor. She used one of her health potions, even though her hit points were at 90%. She sat there and just pondered what had happened to her, she never should have gone and tried to beat that dungeon or thought she was bad ass enough to be able to beat it.

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After that waking up in the forest, Carrie hit the menu screen and logged out. Experiencing the rape and murder first hand, she felt every slice, gouge and thrust of that demon inside her. She threw off the helmet and it bounced off the wall, she didn't even care if it broke at this point.

She laid in bed, curled up in a ball because even though she knew it wasn't real, it felt real. Her mind couldn't handle that experience, her mind rebelled against the fact that her character got raped. She started crying and freaking out, she vowed she would never use the game again, no matter what. She'd never let that happen to her again.