Eros cristaldi and sheila stone directed by roby bianchi

Eros cristaldi and sheila stone directed by roby bianchi
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Ex-Daughter Grown Up, Part 2, Taking Care (Introduction: Part 1 of this story can be found as Part 7 of Mother-in-Law Sex, but that has begun this new series.With a wife who requires no sex from her husband had made it easy for mother-in-law to seduce me for pure sex; for me to enjoy the sexual love of grandmother-in-law until she passed away, then equally with a pure duplicate of grandmother who visited me; a consulting job in my previous wife's country led to sex and emotions with ex-mother-in-law, to sex with her sister, and after a new consulting assignment back there, to a re-uniting with my ex-wife's daughter, Yen, who I hadn't seen for years, not seen since she was the 'baby' I had always wanted, but she wasn't mine naturally, and she was back for holidays at age 17, found I was there and wanted me to know how grown up she was.

Part 1 explored that relationship which developed from my love for her as a child, to a new love for her as a woman. When she had to return to Australia to start her final Year 12 school, she had promised to take care of me&hellip.) Mae, my ex-mother-in-law, and Kim her sister, came by my house that evening, after I had finished work, and after they had bid farewell to Yen at the airport earlier in the day.

I hadn't gone at Yen's request, as she knew how emotional I am and didn't want me to cry, to then make her cry; she joked I would make her ruin her makeup as we had cuddled and I had said 'see you soon, little one' the pet name I had used since I first met her mother when Yen was 3y.o. Her Grandmother, Mae to me, and Kim, the younger sister of Mae Yen's Aunty, had promised Yen they would help take care of me.

They found me in a melancholy mood, a few beers the worse for wear, but I really wanted to be alone, on this the first night without Yen after our wonderful almost-two weeks together.

Mae cut off any discussion of loneliness, and told me Yen had flown off stoically, promising she would be back next long holidays mid-year, and asked when I was going to 'your other home' to collect clothes to come back here 'to your real home'. Mae was referring to the new job offer I had received to stay here permanently; my wife at home didn't mind she knew I loved this country more than where I lived with her, where she had her own job and her own friends, and maybe lover&hellip.

and she was fine with my decision to accept the offer - knowing I would put money in our bank for her use was also an incentive for her. It only remained for me to fly there, pack some more clothes, and return to settle back here; here, where Yen would be coming I was sure. "Tomorrow evening flight," I answered Mae, "Back in three days, Monday night." On a previous consulting stint, I had 'bumped' into Mae in the market; we hadn't seen each other for years, probably five, since the divorce was finalised since her daughter, my ex-wife Tin, had left me for another man, taking Yen and denying me any contact these past, now seven long years, with the little lady who had become my own daughter for seven wonderful years before that; this made Yen almost seventeen years old at that point.

It also made me an attractive availability for Mae, ex-mother-in law, who said she had fancied me first, before her daughter! No ties, and we enjoyed each other immensely; until Mae began feeling an attachment of emotions to me, (and I her to be honest) and she fled the city, only leaving a message via her sister, Kim, that she thought it better she stay in the countryside until I had returned to my new country and new wife.

I accepted what she meant, and didn't see or have contact with her until my next return assignment, when she found out I was there the day before Yen's 17th birthday, and contacted me, saying Yen wanted to speak with me. I broke down and cried, and had to call back after some minutes, before I could compose myself enough to speak with 'my little one'.

We spoke that first time, and I arranged with her Grandmother for a Happy Birthday celebration for Yen the day after. From the end of that dinner party, Yen and I were only separated when I was at work. She stopped using the name 'Dad/Daddy' that first evening, substituting my real name 'Steve', explaining since I wasn't her natural father, and she was now grown up and a woman, she wasn't the same as when we had a father/daughter relationship.

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Making love followed the following day, and Love struck at the same time. When Yen had to fly home, to her Mum and to begin her final year of secondary school, she had promised to take care of me, including help from her Grandmother and Kim. Tonight, I understood, was the first sign of their 'care'. I was grateful to them, but ushered them home.

I flew out the next day, had a few uneventful days at home; my wife was ok, but no more concerned with me at home than when I was away. Strange relationship it seemed but in truth: I needed her for my residency in that country, and she liked the respectability of having a husband, in name if not in body.

I did what was needed, packed what I needed, had a family dinner and flew back out to begin the next step of my life; new job back where I belonged I felt.

I settled in, which at work required no changing as it was purely formalizing of a permanent position for functions I had been performing as a consultant; but it gave both the company and me stability. The company house I had been staying in each assignment was assigned to me permanently; I kept on my housekeeper and she and I unpacked and arranged, and she shopped for necessary household items to make it more 'a home' as she put it.

I let Mae know I was back, and she passed on messages from Yen: her email address and Skype ID. I called her mobile on my first afternoon back evening her time - as I sat relaxing with a beer. We had the usual chit-chat, school was fine, my work was fine; she asked how my wife was when I left, I said she hadn't come to the airport, just phoned me 'bye and good luck'; enough said.

Yen asked if Mae and Kim were taking care of me; I said I was fine most times, and could manage myself. She said she worried I wouldn't put on the weight she needed I acquire, so she would 'fix it'. "Yen" I protested, "I'm fine, really, don't worry." She retorted "I told you I will take care of you: I will. I love you Steve" and we said bye. I missed her, but was so proud of her schooling and her future prospects; and she would be back in a few months for holidays.

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Besides, my days were full, and I was used to, even embraced, solitude at times. Two weeks later I had just arrived home, a phone call came from Ping, our housekeeper and waitress at the resort where Yen and I had stayed for our one full weekend together before she flew home. Ping had asked if I would help her improve her English, and Yen agreed and gave her my mobile number for when she returned to the city to re-commence her own Uni studies.

Now she was back and she said Yen had also asked her to help take care of me. I rolled my eyes while thinking 'oh, Yen!' even as I listened to Ping. I listened more, as Ping asked if she could come and see me, and we could arrange a schedule for her English lessons. 'How about now?" she asked. "I live not far from your house; I could be there in thirty minutes! Ok?" What could I say, but agree. Yen had been (disconcertingly) enthusiastic when inviting Ping to be my student, and visit me in Yen's absence.

Yen knew Ping was very attractive, and I had strong suspicions that Ping had sucked my cock one evening when I was asleep on the porch of our resort bungalow; I had lovingly accused Yen of the job and thoroughly confused her, as she had been fast asleep, but I think even she then guessed who had taken advantage of me. Yet, she still wanted Ping to see me and help 'take care' of me.

The ways of women are indeed mysterious to a mere male! I went upstairs to shower and throw on shorts and a t-shirt, and had just returned to get a beer and sit when Ping arrived on her motor bike. I then realized I hadn't even given her the address earlier, yet she had known it was not far -? I invited her in, noting how the short dress showed off her shapely legs, and the tight bodice showed off her ample curves and slim waist. She had some make-up on, but lightly and looked a picture of beauty, she really did.

So before we actually entered the house, I asked her to wait and I retrieved my camera, positioned her against the garden colours and took a couple of shots. She smiled, asking me if she looked 'OK'. I said "Beautiful Ping, I will send a copy to Yen so she can see you now." Once inside, I gave her some water and we sat, she on the sofa and I sat in the lounge chair.

"How did you know where to come?" I asked. "Oh, Yen left me a letter at the resort with directions, and she suggested if I took you some times on my bike and made you eat dinner, you could teach me English with no charge as a swap. Is that all right with you, Mr. Steve?" I smiled at her polite form of address before replying, "That's fine, Ping, but you don't have to take me to dinner, really I eat only a little but enough." "Oh, but I promised Yen I would; she was worried about you, said I had to make sure you ate sometimes and put on some kilos, not lose them!

So, would you like to start now, we can talk in English while we eat dinner, and help each other." Now I was sure it was a conspiracy between Yen and Ping, Mae and Kim, collectively tasked with keeping an eye, or two, on me.

I gave in, capitulated; it was already a lost battle I could see before Yen flew out. I went and changed clothes for something a little better than home shorts and t-shirt, hopped on the back of Ping's bike and grabbed her waist as she took off, reminding me of Yen's driving.

I directed her to the restaurant where Phung worked, and expected to find Kim, so I could introduce Ping, sure Yen would have told Kim about her. Phung was happy to see me and meet Ping, and led us to the back corner, same remote table where I had sat with Yen, and Kim and Phung before. She knew I would have a beer, and Ping settled for a lemon juice same as Yen I noted, as she settled into a chair opposite me, facing only me with her back to the main courtyard of other patrons.

Ping scanned the menu as Phung served our drinks; "Yen said you need to eat rice, and you like seafood, and the oysters are good; how's that?" "Fine" I replied, matters taken from me; after she had given Phung the order, I asked "Yen seems to have written you quite a long letter; what else did she suggest?" "Well, when she phoned me last week, she suggested I wait one more week to contact you, and when we did go for our first dinner, she thought I would find you had been lonely enough time, and&hellip.I would probably find this!" At that instant, I found a bare foot land on my groin, where a stiff prick struggled in my pants.

"Wow, Yen wasn't kidding! She sure knows her Dad!" I gawked and gulped, and tried not to show other patrons my discomfort, as Ping's foot rubbed up and down on me for a minute, before easing back and resting on my knee, giving me a breather. "Oh, and she also told me who you are: her ex-step-father, but not her father, and not her husband yet. We are very clear on matters between us, believe me, and I am only doing her a favour taking a little bit of care of you, until she returns.

Now, could we talk in English please, so I can improve my skills level?" She removed her foot totally, sat up in her chair, and demurely smiled, raising her glass, "To you and Yen, and to us", clinking my glass which I then emptied in one long, calming swallow. Thankfully, she let me finish swallowing before adding, "Yen also suggested I not wear any panties under my dress, and to tell you, so it would keep dinner very exciting.

Was she right again it feels so dangerous and exciting for me! Cheers!" and she toasted again as I struggled to do anything but roll my eyes and groan, just as Kim reached the table.

"Are you ok, Steve? You look sick!" I struggled to recover and stand, took a deep breath, and said in English "Hi Kim, yes I am fine; this is Ping; Yen arranged for her to study English with me over dinner; Ping, Yen's Aunty Kim." Kim said "Oh, Yen told me all about you, Ping, happy to meet you." Switching languages as we all sat back down again, they babbled away while I refilled my glass and lit a cigarette, my mind in turmoil at how far Yen had gone to 'take care' of me.

I hoped she was busy studying and completing assignments and essays with as much diligence as she had prepared her 'Project Steve'. "She's very beautiful, isn't she Steve?

Quite sexy in fact," Kim smiled, indicating Ping, and stroking her arm. Before I could decide if I needed to advise Ping about Kim's liking for other women, Phung came to the table with our food and stood right against Kim's side, slightly possessively, as she asked if everything was in order.

"Fine, Phung, but I would like another beer, more ice, and the girls need a cool drink also please." Phung then suggested Ping move to sit beside me, for the two of us to eat our food, and for Ping able to reach everything more easily.

Ping jumped up and almost leaped the table in her haste; she must really be hungry, I thought hah! Ping sat, rubbed her hand along my thigh as she adjusted her chair, and beamed. I spoke slowly and clearly in English and we had a normal conversation, while eating our food.

She told me she was studying for a B. Business in hospitality management and hoped to get into the tourist industry, 5-star hotel chain or similar; hence her desire to speak English as well as possible. I told her it was a good choice, and it was certainly a growing industry here at a furious pace in recent years.

Kim, whose English was reasonable, listened and joined it at times, but she was content to pick at her own food, allowing Ping and I to have our first lesson as teacher and student. Ping told me all her family was still in the country-side, she is the oldest of three daughters and one son, who is the youngest at 7y.o, and she lives here in the city at a Uni dormitory.

No luxury, shared bathroom and kitchen; not pleasant, but all she could afford. It was indeed only a short way from my house, and the Uni was in fact even closer, within walking distance from me I knew, having passed it many times.

The conversation was long, Ping ordered one more dish as she was, naturally, still hungry, but I passed on more food and settled for another bottle of beer, or two. Kim went off to do some shopping while waiting for Phung to finish her shift later in the evening, leaving Ping and I to continue, until I had to excuse myself to go to the toilet.

When I returned and sat, Ping put her hand on my shoulder and rose, saying she also needed the rest-room; as she stood, turning her back towards me and maneuvering out between her chair and mine, she leaned down for her fallen napkin, raising her behind with her short dress riding up, and there was the evidence of no panties! A smooth-skinned, beautiful set of buttocks inches from my face; her skin was flawless, dark coconut-brown, supple yet firm to my eyes, with a hairless pink hole winking at me, the crease below that leading down farther than I could see to the treasures which lie beyond.

She stood slowly, finally easing out of the chairs, stopping to look at me, certain I had seen what I was meant to see; she caressed my face, said she'd be 'cumming' back soon, and sashayed away, knowing as women do: I was ogling her from behind. Also, as women do, Ping returned looking fresh and made-up all over again. Why do women do that when, in a few short minutes, we would probably be paying the bill and leaving?

Not for a man to fathom such logic. It was, in fact, ten minutes until we had finished our drinks and paid the bill to Phung, and headed to collect Ping's bike. On the way to drop me off, Ping asked over her shoulder, at the same time as sliding her body backwards into my groin, "Do you have hot water in your shower, Mr.

Steve?" "Yes, Ping; I understand: you don't have in your dorm, right, and you would like to ask if you could shower in my house? Yes, that's fine, Ping, no problems." "Oh, thank you, it would be so nice to wash my hair and my body with hot water sometimes!" "Any time, Ping, you are welcome." Once at home, with Ping's bike parked in my courtyard, I settled at the table to do some work I had from the office, gave Ping directions upstairs to the bathroom, where to find towels and told her there was still some of Yen's shampoo and conditioner which might suit her, and off she trotted.

Perhaps thirty minutes later, I heard the water turned off, but after another thirty minutes Ping still hadn't re-appeared downstairs. I had finished my work and was watching the news on TV, but walked hesitantly some way up the stairs, calling softly "Ping?" No answer, so I continued to my bedroom, where I found a replica Yen look-alike lying on the bed wrapped in Yen's thin material barely covering anything above and below, long hair streaming wet down her back, long legs stretched out and appearing to be in a sound, peaceful, dreamy sleep; at least the smile on her face suggested such.

What to do now, I asked myself. Go downstairs and tidy and lock up, was a rational idea, so I did; maybe she would wake up and leave soon&hellip.who was I kidding! Ok, then go and have a shower, and let her sleep until she does wake up.

Finished as long a shower as I could, brushed my teeth, combed my hair; looking every now and again out the door: nope, still the same and asleep. Leaving the bathroom light on, in case Ping woke and was confused, I got into bed, covering myself while taking off my shorts, because I never sleep in clothes, and using the other side of the quilt to lay gently over Ping, almost trying not to look at her bosom, but I did, the gently heaving breasts and nipples attracting me, even as I noticed the pussy lips peeking out at me, a faint wisp of dark hair covering them.

A growing sensation under the bedclothes made me cover her quickly, and lie down and close my eyes.


I slept, but fitfully as I was all too aware of Ping's body so near, on the bed even if not within. However, I was wide awake when I heard her voice "I'm cold, Mr. Steve" and she shifted the quilt to get fully under it, snuggling over to my side and cuddling my body, arm across my chest and head snuggled under my chin. My right arm was stuck between us, and I could feel the material was bunched up around her waist, leaving her naked against my hand.

Lesser of two evils, I thought, as I dragged my arm up, slid it under her head and held her around her back. I couldn't resist for more than a minute before my hand began stroking her back through the material; she stirred and reefed the material away from her body; "it's uncomfortable" she slurred, settling back against me, now with a full, deliciously smooth body against my side, but a hand which had glided lower and couldn't fail to know there was a rising mound under there.

I re-started stroking her back for as far as my arm could stretch, from top of her cleft to her shoulder blades, just gently with finger tips and nails. She squirmed and moaned for some minutes, before acknowledging she was awake, "It's all right Mr.

Steve; Yen gave me this material to wear with her letter, told me to wear it here, this night; she also gave me permission to sleep here, with you she is so thoughtful, isn't she?" Ping moved her body to lay on top of mine, her skin was so smooth to the touch; and touch her I did, now with two hands to stroke her more.

"Yen also told me to be careful the first time; that you have, ah, a large piece of you which might hurt me; please be gentle Mr. Steve, I have only done this one time before, and I didn't enjoy it; he was a terrible guy who only cared about himself. Tonight, I am trying to imagine this is my real first time, just like Yen's." As Ping leaned down to kiss me, I had a vision of Yen smiling as she too leaned to kiss me, and I felt her telling me everything is all right.

I opened my mouth to Ping's descending tongue, and clenched my hands on her buttocks, pulling her into me, allowing my engorged cock to find its way between her opened thighs, and just slide up and down the wetness she was producing. Her breasts, which I had yet to see, were crushed against my chest, but now revealed to me as I rolled her over on to her back, and threw the quilt off.

I left my prick where it was, wedged between her, lying along her slit, but raised my torso, leant on my arms to look better at her upper body. "You are beautiful, Ping" I said, using English which sometimes can convey feelings in a nicer, even romantic way, better. I leaned down to suckle a nipple; if she hadn't enjoyed losing her virginity, then at least I could try and show her that love-making can be an exquisite experience.

Her nipple grew in my mouth, as did her other one under my fingers; she really did have beautiful breasts, fitting my hand just like Yen's. As I had that thought, I told myself "NO!" that isn't fair: this is Ping, and she is here and offering herself to me, with Yen's blessing ok, but this, here now, is Ping!

Her hands scraped my back, caressing but at times digging in; her lower body rolled around my prick between her thighs, squeezing me. I moved my mouth to kiss her, and she engulfed me, her hands jumping up to hold the back of my head down to her. She released me, panting, and moved my head back to her other nipple. I could almost swallow the whole breast, but not quite, but I tried with a wide mouth, using my tongue to lick around the nipple tip and sensitive area.

Ping's mouth was free and able to moan "Oh, Mr. Steve, I feel wonderful!" I swallowed her even more, and wet a finger in my mouth and across her nipple, then reached it down to find her clit, and stroke it hard. She screamed and jumped!

I tweaked at her clit with two fingers now, tugging and caressing, and then entered those same two fingers straight inside her vagina for the first time, deep but gently. She screamed yet again, writhed under my hand, and again, as she came in maybe her first climax with a man, spraying juice out as I stimulated her insides even more. She soaked my cock between her legs, and the bed below, and reached down her hands to struggle to get to, to find what she wanted now: my prick.

I raised my hips away from her, letting her hands find me, stroking urgently, but I wanted to show her how, I hoped, to reach even more heights, and I moved my mouth down, licking and sucking my way, but quickly to match her own urgency, finding the top of her slit, licking the fuzzy hair, wisps of it sucking into my mouth, as my tongue explored below, and up to swipe her clit in place of my fingers, then a wide tongue slurping down, poking into her, finding a waiting hole and digging in; met by a gush, I struggled to stay in there as her body arched, then I quickly changed positions, dragging my prick from her hands and plunging in and up to stab the walls inside her, then burying myself to the end within her, and straining my buttock muscles and thighs to just stay there, letting her feel me at my extreme length, pulsing at her cervix.

I pulled slowly back, using my hips to roam around inside, but truly there was no room to roam; Ping was very tight, and she was making the contacts for herself by jumping around as she moaned and yelped, and grunted and groaned "oh god, oh god&hellip.oh Steve, is this how it is? Oh my god!" She collapsed down to the bed, that action easing me out to her entrance, where I just poked myself back in and out a little, letting her know it wasn't over, before I pushed right back to her depths again, and then quickly out, and then as quickly back in, bring her up and easing off for a tiny moment, before I plunged hard.

She was sweating, her breasts slick as I groped them, pinching her nipples; her buttocks bucked under my hands when I moved them there to jam her up against me, as I neared the end of my efforts, one more slow series of shallow slides, then it was coming up from my balls and my cock flared and filled her narrow width as I pumped and pumped to the bottom of her channel and into the very essence of her womanhood with my manhood.

I collapsed, sucking in breaths as I lay on top of Ping, my face turned sideways on her breast with open mouth for oxygen, but not enough, so I rolled her to the side and I lay on my back, to gulp some life back in, one arm still across caressing her slowly but jerkily, to let her know I was still thinking of her in our moments of blissful post-union exhaustion.

I managed one kiss, and fell back. Ping finally spoke, "Mr. Steve, please kiss me." I could hardly move, so I laughed and replied "You're younger than me; you kiss me Ping!" She rolled to me, and placed her lips to mine, gently and beautifully, not a passionate tongue-kiss, but a loving one.

She snuggled in to me, said "We need a shower, don't we?" to which I had to laugh, wondering what my housekeeper would make of a soaking bed the next day/today.


"Why are you laughing," Ping asked quickly, afraid&hellip."No, Ping, just thinking of my housekeeper washing the sheets and making the bed tomorrow; seems it was a hot night, right? You go on to the shower first; if I go in there with you, look at you, I may want to start all over again. Then what would I tell the housekeeper!" "You could tell her the hot night steamed up the mirror!" I patted and smacked her bottom and said "go", pushing her towards the bathroom, my eyes riveted at her body silhouetted by the bathroom light; trim, taut and terrific I thought, remembering an old saying from somewhere.

She rinsed and washed as I watched through the open door; Ping no longer with any care of me looking at her. When she turned off the water and began drying herself, I wearily raised my body and kissed her as she exited and I entered to shower myself.

As I lathered my prick, I said to it: "you did a good thing tonight".

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I rinsed and dried, turned off the light, and made my way to the bed. Ping was asleep, but not quite; "Mr. Steve that was what I had hoped for the first time, so thank you for making me feel making love is as special as that.

But, when I email or telephone Yen, how can I ever explain my feelings, explain how beautiful that was?" "Ping, a woman should keep those feelings as her own; I truly hope you are happy, and if you really must talk to Yen about it, can I suggest you say something like: 'Yen, now I know what you meant and I agree'. I think that would be enough for Yen to understand: Full stop. Good night, Ping, I feel wonderful and hope you do also.

You are beautiful, and you were beautiful." Ping smiled and closed her eyes, as would I within a few moments, but not before I kissed her good night and held her hand down the bed between us, even as I smiled at the wetness everywhere under us. I woke to the sound of my alarm, taking an extra minute to gently remove the sheet from covering Ping, so that I could soak in the sight of her in the morning light, naked on her back stretched out.

She opened an eye, smiled, "What are you looking at, Mr. Steve?" I stroked her face "This", moved to cup a breast, "and this, and this" as I twirled a nipple into erection; moving my hand down over her flat abdomen, "your satiny skin" and leaned down to kiss it, coming upright to trail my fingers down from the top of her slit, "and certainly this" pausing at her clit to press a little, then down right under and up to her rosebud anus hole. She moaned throughout my touching.

I leaned to kiss her mouth lightly, keeping my finger in the cleft of her buttocks. "That I can't see, but I will one day. The rest I can see and you are a beautiful body to look at when I wake up in the morning, Ping. You can shower first, but not a long time as I have to get to work; and what time do you start classes anyway?" "Today, 0800" she answered. We were both ready in time for me to enjoy a coffee before leaving; I said fondly "You were a good student, Ping." "A good teacher makes learning fun and exciting!

Can I have another lesson soon please?" She didn't plead, but asked in a way that she was afraid of a negative response. I smiled in answer "yes, Miss Ping, but I have to go away overnight tonight; I will call you when I am back tomorrow if not too late ok?" She beamed, kissed me and left on her bike as I washed my mug and locked behind me, smiling again at thoughts of the housekeeper and her thoughts.

I came home at lunch in a car which also had now been assigned to me, few minutes to greet my housekeeper, who just smiled at me as she said "You must have been hot last night, I had to put your mattress out to dry in the sun!

You should use the a/c more sir." I told her I'd be away overnight, so no need for her to come tomorrow, packed a bag quickly and left for the airport. I told my driver my return flight pick-up time, and he headed off back to the office. Meetings from the moment I landed at the airport, clients and possible clients for our developments; mostly I listened in these types of meetings, finding it useful to keep my understanding of the language hidden until it served a useful purpose to reveal. Our company local manager translated at times, though he knew I understood all but the most technical or legal aspects of the discussion.

Finally the afternoon meetings ended, and I was taken to my hotel to check-in, an hour to spare before a company dinner that evening for all office employees, at a restaurant not far so I walked there after unpacking. I always enjoyed these get-togethers, and believed the local office staff did with me there; not only was I a foreigner who could converse with them quite easily, but I could always match them beer for beer, yet never get drunk, and I never tried to be an arrogant foreigner, just a fellow employee of the same company we all worked for.

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I really did have a good time; it was very easy as locals love to have a party especially when the company is paying of course!

The men became red-faced and loud, and drunk within 2-3 beers or whiskies, but they could just keep drinking and remain at the same state (mostly) all evening which wasn't a long time, dinners and parties here tend to be fast and short, and often finished by 8p.m.

Some of the girls drank alcohol, most soft drinks, and of those who drank with the men it was mostly banter and sipped sparingly; yet they also had fun. As some of the group began finishing up and leaving for home and families, one girl moved to sit beside me, toasting 'good health and luck' with her beer glass clinking mine, but she sipped hers only as she sat on her chair close to my side, rubbing my thigh with hers occasionally. I didn't move away. I knew her name was Liem, a young accountant in our office; she was petite and slim, but a beautiful, smiling face which never seemed to have make-up whenever I saw her on my visits truly, she didn't need make-up as her skin seemed naturally flawless, and her bright dark eyes needed no highlighting, nor did her pink lips.

She wanted to practice her English also, so we had a simple conversation: she was 23, graduated two years and worked for the company as her first position; not married, no boyfriend, lives with her mother who was away visiting her grandmother for the week. Alone and lonely she said wistfully, almost a plea as she looked at me hopefully. We were interrupted a lot for continued toasts from some of the wilder ones still wanting to drink, but gradually everyone was full and it was time for me to call for the bill; as the head office visitor, it was traditional for me to pay for these occasional company-provided dinners, and I would be reimbursed.

Liem took the bill when it came and pored over every item, counting the empty beer bottles stacked in crates behind the table, and matching to the hand-written multiple pages of the bill. This was a normal procedure at every dinner, even for two people, and it was generally the wife, or a woman, who was the inspector of the items charged; men too often just accept and pay the amount without checking at least that's what women say. Liem did find one dish we had ordered but never received, so the bill was amended, and I paid, with a tip for the restaurant and restrained handing of tips to those who had directly taken care of our table.

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As the bill payment was being organized, the other staff all paid their respects and bade their good-byes; I waved off the offer of a lift home in the manager's car, saying I would walk, and he left for home also.

Liem remained with me until I had paid, and given the tips, then I stood and drained my glass, showed my respectful thanks to the restaurant workers, and we walked out together. I asked Liem where she was going, and she said "Oh, I live past your hotel, so I will walk you there." I had faced her while talking, then tripped on a broken slab on the pavement, and stumbled; she grasped my arm, laughing as she asked if I was drunk.

"Absolutely not!" I was rather indignant, as I turned her to show the cause of my near-fall. This brought our bodies facing each other closely, and after inspecting the pavement, she turned her face up to me, lips parted and eyes questioning: 'what now?' I smiled at her, we turned back to continue walking, but she linked our arms and held mine closely to her small body.

As we neared my hotel, I asked how far she lived; when she pointed left around one corner and only 100m on, I said I would walk her home 'like a gentleman should' which brought a laugh from her, "No man would worry about that", but I responded that it was how I was raised by my parents.

She squeezed my arm tighter, and thanked me, insisting on offering me the one beer she knew she had at home before I returned to my hotel.

I accepted. Her house was a typical 3-storey, narrow building, as are most, but when she led me into the ground floor, it was beautifully furnished and I sat on one of the comfortable sofas while she turned on lights and busied herself in the kitchen at the rear. After a few moments, I stood and walked towards the kitchen, intending to find the toilet, which would normally be located between the lounge area and kitchen.

"Liem can I use the&hellip." I was asking even as I stepped through the entrance to find Liem in the process of discarding her office clothes to put on a wrap around home sarong. However, at this precise moment, she was naked except for low-cut satin panties; she gasped, as did I, but neither spoke as I glanced up and down her body, noting the pointy nipples on small breasts, and the slimness everywhere else, before turning my head and finding the toilet straight in front of me.

I quickly entered, closing the door, and fumbled to get out a penis which had suddenly grown and was stuck in my pants. I finished, washed my hands after stuffing my prick back in as best it could fit, and opened the door. Sneaking a look into the kitchen, Liem wasn't there, so I returned to the lounge and sat next to Liem on the sofa where she had placed a glass with ice and a large bottle of beer. I mumbled, with a quick glance at her face "Sorry Liem, I was looking for the toilet; I didn't mean to barge in on you; I am sorr&hellip." She interrupted me with soft fingers to my mouth, "its fine, Mr.

Steve, you didn't know, and I guess I should have gone into the bathroom to change, but I always change like that at home, so I am sorry to shock you." I took her hand from my mouth and held it as I replied "You shocked me by being incredibly beautiful standing there like that; so small but so lovely, Liem I wish I had my camera here!" She blushed, and I framed my hands like a camera, "click" I said; "yes, just like that is what I photo: natural, not posed photos with no soul; so if it is natural for you to be almost naked in your kitchen, then that is what I would photo." "You can't take photos like that!" she protested, "What would the film shop say?" "oh, that's a small issue; I have a shop which has been developing my films for years, they wouldn't mind if I did give them such photos of you; they might be surprised, and they might study them but only because the woman in the photo would be so captivatingly beautiful, and sexy.

They wouldn't know you of course either." Liem was blushing bright red, so I changed the conversation by lifting the glass and pouring in some beer, toasting her glass of water and lifting it to her lips. She sipped and calmed, then smiled sweetly, although mischievously as well, "Well, perhaps next time you visit you will remember your camera, and we can see&hellip." "I am due back next month; perhaps I can see about having the weekend here as a tourist. Now I should go, Liem." "Oh, but finish your beer first, please; here, I'll get a glass and join you to help." She scampered to the kitchen, quickly rejoining me on the sofa and pouring a half glass for herself, raising it to me.

"By the way, I almost forgot; my cousin phoned me this morning. She is at Uni in the city, and she was so excited, telling me about a foreign man she had met when she was working at her resort job, and this man's daughter well, not daughter, really wanted my cousin, her name is Ping, to help take care of him while the 'daughter' went back to Australia. Anyway, Ping couldn't stop gushing about spending the night with him, but she wouldn't tell me any details; only that she now knows what it feels like to be a woman.

She sounded so happy! Funny, isn't it: his name is Mr. Steve, and he was leaving for his regional office to stay overnight." Slowing down and becoming slightly more serious, Liem asked "Do you know my cousin Ping, Mr. Steve?" I had become increasingly flustered as Liem regaled me with these details, but never a liar, I said "Yes, I think I know Ping, as unbelievable a coincidence as this seems to be! If it is the same Ping, she's a very nice lady." Liem described Ping, and I couldn't ignore now that somehow, in some magical fashion, Yen's long hand was leading me to people she approved of to be her caretakers of me in her absence.

Absurd it may have sounded, but how else could it possibly all fit together? "Yes, Liem, that sounds like the Ping I know; my ex-daughter, Yen, though she is not my natural daughter, took a liking to Ping at the resort, and she invited Ping to study English with me when she returned to Uni.

She also must have made some more secret arrangements with Ping to ah, 'take care of me' while Yen is not here take me to dinner for one. Ping ah, did a good job and she was a good student, and she said I was a good teacher.

We had a good time together I think". "Yes, I am sure Ping did" Liem nodded, looking at me with now-confirmed identification, and toasting me with her beer once more. Liem giggled "Ping did say she was walking funny this morning, and she felt flushed during class whenever she thought of 'this man.' You must have taken her to a restaurant with uncomfortable seats, right?" It was my turn to blush, and time to change the topic to something safe, so I asked her what she could tell me about the company I was to meet in the morning, and we discussed this for a while, as the beer was drained.

However, Liem, who had had another refill of her glass, increasingly turned towards me, slipping one leg under her other up on the sofa, and leaning forward to place her hand on my leg as she emphasized a point in the talk.

She also glanced down at times to my crotch, and once losing her train of thought, as she couldn't fail to imagine what lay within, as big and poking as it seemed. She stopped talking, and placed one hand over my groin, looking up at me to ask "Mr. Steve, could you make me feel what Ping felt? I have never had a man." "Liem, are you a virgin?" She nodded, and I shook my head "Liem, if you have waited, then you are waiting for the man you can love; I can't give you my heart, Liem, it's in scattered pieces of my life, and I am not even sure that Yen can heal it fully.

Ping understands this - she and Yen seem to have very quickly understood each other, and worked out an arrangement which would not hurt anybody, but might be pleasant and truly nice. But I couldn't offer you Love, Liem, and you deserve this for waiting. Also," and I held up my hand, fore-stalling her, "It might not be the same as for Ping; different people, different circumstances.

You might be disappointed with me." "No, Mr. Steve, I am not a virgin waiting for just anybody; I have been waiting for the man I could feel would not just use me, would not please himself but not care about me; I have been waiting for you, I am sure; like Destiny. I know it can only be one night, or only when you visit here, but I ask you to try and be my teacher also, in this one subject I want to get an 'A' in!" She took my hand to her breast, covered her left breast and heart, and took a deep breath; "I am just a girl& you know that movie with Julia Roberts?

Well, I am just asking a boy, a man, to love her body." Then she leaned fully to me, inviting me to assent by kissing her. I did, gently touching her mouth with my lips for the first time, finding her open to me as my tongue risked everything to delve within.

She moaned and sucked on my tongue, grinding her mouth against mine. It was an ordained, divine moment. Liem took my hand and we stood; she left me to lock the door and turn off the downstairs lights, leading me by the hand upstairs to her bedroom, turning on a soft bedside light. She turned and kissed me, began unbuttoning my shirt, as I un-wrapped her body from the material.

Hers was off first naturally, and I marveled at the softness, yet again, of Asian women I had known. I caressed her back while she finished removing my shirt, but before she reached for my pants, I asked if we could shower and get fresh. She was somewhat self-conscious at her nakedness, only her panties hiding anything, but moved across the corridor and turned on the bathroom light. I said "You start Liem, while I finish undressing" and she turned on the water as I discarded my pants and underwear.

My penis was not at full stretch or hardness, but close, as I stepped across to the doorway, looked in, and then moved in behind Liam's back, sliding my two hands up her sides and cupping her small, but lovely breasts.

She sighed and backed up against me, gasping a little when she felt my prodding size at her buttocks, grinding herself around interested in how my prick bobbed up and down, poking her everywhere, in search of a home. I reached for a squeeze from the hand soap, and began lathering her back, down to her buttocks, then more to caress her neck and move around to her front.

She turned to face me as I continued, soaping under her chin, across her shoulders and down her chest to her breasts again. She had her eyes closed, was sighing in whispers, and just waiting, waiting for the next sensation to jolt her body.

I squeezed more soap and squeezed down her waist to hold both hips and pull her to me and kiss her strongly, this time a digging tongue buried deep in her mouth, and sucking hers into mine.

She shivered at this, and jumped when my hands moved to her belly button, poking a finger in like a little penis, and continued to where she had fine hairs covering her slit; I paused there, just trailing one finger up and down, bumping over the bump of her clit, then randomly stopping there to give a slight press on it.

Liem shuddered, but I didn't let up, next getting some more soap and reaching behind to lather her buttocks and insides of her thighs. She was shaking, but pulling at my back to stay pressed against her, head turned sideways inviting my mouth to lick and kiss her throat and her earlobes, nibbling and sucking. Then I did pry her arms away, allowing me to crouch down, more soap to wash one leg from ankle to inside thigh, tickling her pussy when I passed by, and repeating the action on her other leg.

My mouth and tongue were in need, so I pressed them against the crotch right in front of my face, and slathered her slit with a wide tongue, bottom to top, where my lips found her engorged clit and nuzzled it. She shrieked, and shuddered, and I felt she was climaxing as she dug her fingers into my shoulders, as my tongue reversed direction and travelled down, stopping this time to curl and stab her hole, just to get inside and taste her.

She shuddered again, and writhed as I slowly stood up, dragging my prick hard up her slit, until I kissed her gently. "You move and wash your feet, while I wash myself, then I'll join you in bed Liem." (In Asia, touching and washing feet is a very personal matter, and considered impolite for another to do so; of course, between lovers or wives and husbands is a little different, but a few hours hardly constitutes Liem and I as lovers, so I didn't embarrass us by trying to touch her feet.) She moved behind me, holding the wall for support while she did her feet, a dreamy smile on her face and some moments before she could speak "Did you do this with Ping, Mr.

Steve, did she feel this?" "No, Liem, we didn't; this is you and me". She dried herself, brushed her teeth, and smiled as she left me to finish; I used my finger and toothpaste to freshen my own teeth and washed myself, before using her towel and walking naked across the hall and into Liem's bedroom, climbing on and holding my arms out for her to enter my embrace.

She sighed and snuggled in, kissing my cheek and all over my face, as I began stroking her back, not lightly as it was clear Liem's passion had arisen and was ready. She rolled on top of my, hands cradling my head, her breasts sealing themselves against my own nipples, and her hips grinding against me, with my prick flattened up along my stomach between us. Liem said "That was the best shower I have ever had, Mr. Steve; is there any more I need to learn?" "Oh yes, Liem, there is more if you want; but I hope you know it might hurt." She nodded and leaned down to jam her tongue in my mouth, shutting me up.

I stroked my hands down her back, nails scraping lines to the cleft of her buttocks, and my hands positioning on her hips, raising her groin away from mine a distance and allowing my cock to raise itself into the air, seeking the wetness which had been seeping down from Lien, coating us.

I advised Liem to lower herself on me, stopping when it might be painful and easing herself down at her own pace. I helped her sit more upright and shuffled her feel forward on my sides, until she was squatting over me. I raised my head, inviting her down for a kiss, and held my prick to her open vagina, as I sat her back up and used her hips as handles to ease her on to the pole waiting there for her. While I am no beer-can width, or foot-long monster prick, I am bigger than any two or three fingers Liem might have put within herself before.

She was tiny, even opened wide as she was, squatting there above me. As a man, I can not even imagine what it must feel like for a woman the first time of entry into her vagina (though if I ever experience a cock going into my arse for the first time, I assume that would be similar). Liem persisted, and I guess that is what women do for the future of humankind: press on, and in this case, Liem sat down further, slowly absorbing me into her opening, adjusting her body to my invasion, but never stopping.

Not until we reached the barrier placed their by the Creator to give a Woman one final protection, one final chance to say 'No' and stop the action if she could. Liem didn't stop; she busted herself on me and sank down through her short squeal to the bottom. She sat there, my penis throbbing inside her vagina; her first time, and she seemed to be savouring it as I looked at her face, smiling with eyes closed, as she felt the sensations.

I lifted my hands to stroke her back and up her sides and around to her front, her breasts and nipples, gently caressing, soothing, letting Liem know it was all good. She blinked and opened her eyes, staring at me, mesmerized, before leaning down, whimpering to kiss me delicately perhaps the same as her body was feeling: delicate. She leaned back a few cms, looking me in the eyes, and whispered "You are inside me, Mr. Steve, and I can feel every movement, every ripple of you in there! Oh, what a feeling I have been waiting for; thank you so much." She lowered her face to the side of mine, kissing my cheek as she cried, tears running down both as the pent-up emotions of a virgin broke free of her body.

Soon, she sniffed and sat straight up, immediately whipping her head from side to side as the movement caused her to re-bury herself on me. I held her hips and showed her with a little pressure to raise her body up, then lower it gently; she understood and took over for herself, allowing my hands to roam her thighs, pulling her that little bit forward, increasing or showing a new sensation within her, eliciting a new shake of her hair and a growl from her throat, as she gave up gentleness in favour of sheer leg drive and pumped herself up and plonked herself down shrieking, but with pure ecstasy of the feelings.

I merely had to lie there, and Liem took over, ramming herself against me, time after time, only pausing when she shuddered within, and hitting heights of climax it seemed she had never reached before. I cupped her breasts, small enough to fit inside my gently squeezing hands, using fingers to graze and then hold her nipples, so hard and erect they might have been painful; but Liem was in the throes of her passion, and she didn't mind her own body's awakened pain she was possessed of a body with awakened sensuality, and she wasn't letting go.

She jumped up and down on my prick, which was beginning to react to a curdling in my balls, and she screamed again, coming down so hard on me my hip bones bent in their pain, and I put my hands on her hips to slow her a little, but I allowed her the one final thrust down, burying herself to the hilt of my dagger-penis, and while she squirmed and writhed there, on top of me, I released the juice which had built up and shot it upwards inside her, like rocket fuel spurting out as the main body lifts off!

Liem didn't lift off, she clamped her thighs in and down and squeezed the life-force from me, her hands pushing against my chest as mine held her back and buttocks to me, and she seemed to be cumming and cumming, as even I still came. Eventually, perhaps only a minute, perhaps ten, Liem fell forward to my chest, panting and crying and laughing&hellip.and all other human emotions all at once.

She had done all the work, but I was exhausted, stroking her hair as I breathed deeply myself, pushing my lungs up against her head, as she calmed while still emitting small spasms of her groin against me, my cock still buried, albeit softening, within her. Liem shuddered and rolled to the side, with her face against mine, pulling me to the side facing her; "Why did we shower?" she asked with a tired giggle.

I kissed her damp hair and face, "Are you feeling OK, Liem, there might be some blood, you know that, but it is normal also and you need not worry?" tenderly stroking her. She answered in English "I learned the word 'magnificent' in class before; I think that is how I feel.

But I also am sure: I feel like a Woman.


I can't wait to tell Ping tomorrow!" "Liem, this was ours tonight; if you feel so happy, and I hope you do, you should store this for yourself; well, that's my advice anyway: keep this moment of your life for yourself.

Understand?" She cuddled me, "Well, maybe I won't tell her everything!" kissing me. "Can you sleep here a little bit; I would love to have that as a memory also." I shuffled my arms under her neck and across her back, pressing her breasts against me, agreeing by way of holding her within my arms, and leaving my prick just inside her also. As hot as we were, it was tender and a time to savour. I didn't know what time I woke, but it was still dark; I really should get back to my hotel, but I was still lodged - and growing within Liem.

I moved slowly, my hips and groin sliding in and out as I grew more; Liem was asleep, but stirred. We were still wet together within Liem's pussy, and it was no problem to slide, even if I couldn't reach the depths of her here from the side, we were making love.

I moved my body slightly down, pushing my prick more straight up inside her, allowing my mouth to be at the level of her breast, which I sucked hungrily, and this certainly woke her, as she moaned and moved, pulling me on top of her as she rolled onto her back. I never let go of her nipple, grasping it lightly in my teeth as we adjusted position, and my prick was now full and strong and ready to show her how it felt with me on top.

She put her hands on my back, then down to my buttocks, and pushed me in; I let her push once, deep, then resisted and drew myself back to her opening, twirling my cock just inside, and thrusting back in but only half-way before slipping back; she moaned despairingly, and tried to push me in.

I let her, sinking to her depths, and shoving, then withdrawing, to just tickle near her entrance again. I pulled out and slathered up her slit to her clit, pushing against it; she shrieked and shuddered as I pulled away and plowed down into her, willing myself to reach her very heart. She continued shrieking, bucking against me, so I slowly pulled back, then gave her all of me in a series of deep plunges until I shot the first stream into her; held myself right there and let it go, as she arched her back up to me and I bent over to grab a breast in my whole mouth.

Gosh, she was noisy, as she screamed out unintelligibly, pushing herself against me enough to lift me up, then I slammed her down with my prick and made her endure the last drops, as I dropped on to her chest, and found succour by sucking a nipple into my mouth.

If this was spent: we were. Some time later, before I fell into the sleep I needed, I roused myself, went to the bathroom for a quick slosh of water on my face and under my armpits, across my neck and chest, then crept back, dressing before bending over to Liem. "Liem, I have to go, sorry, but you need lock the door after me." She rose groggily, hugging me as I lifted her, kissing me, but opening her eyes enough to follow me downstairs, and see me out.

She looked at me sheepishly, asking "Should we have had a condom?" then buried her face in my neck and clung to me.

"I stroked her face "Not for pregnancy, Liem, I have no sperm since my second wife ordered me to be cut a long time ago; for disease: if you trust Ping, and trust me and my family, then you should not worry; they are the only women I have been with, and I am not diseased, promise you." Liem said "Sorry" but I shushed her and told her she should ask for condoms from others in future.

I kissed her while she mumbled she had never been this happy before, and she had learned a lot from me, "Thank you, Mr. Steve, your teaching is very good." She then put on a serious look for a moment, adding "See you in the office, Boss; remember you have a meeting at 09.00." She leaned over the gate and kissed me again, but adding not to worry at the office: this was between us outside work.

She smiled and kissed me yet again, lingering on my lips, perhaps hoping I would stay, but I said smiling also "I must go. Good night Miss Liem". I made sure she locked the gate, turning once as I walked away and blew her a silent kiss, then concentrated as I tried to creep up the street and around the corner to my hotel.

Entering, I saw the clock, 03.00, as I quietly woke the night clerk to ask for my key, gave him a tip for his trouble as he smiled "Out late, sir; sleep well." Ambiguous as he was, asking or suggesting, I smiled at him and said "I am sure I will, but please give me a wake-up call at 07.30 for breakfast", leaving him writing on his schedule as I entered the elevator, pushed the button and managed to get inside my room, remove my shoes and clothes and collapse on top of the bed.

I slept the sleep of the sated lover. I woke to the phone with my wake-up call, thanked the computer voice, and rose.

I was surprisingly refreshed, shaved and showered when the door chimed with my breakfast. Liem was ushered in before the waiter carrying the tray, surprising me totally.

After he had laid everything out on the small table, and I had tipped him, I looked questioningly at a silent Liem. She simply said "Good morning, Boss, did you lose anything after dinner last night?" I didn't think so, and said the same. Liem said, concealing her hand behind her back, "I guess you have another pair of these then, to hide that big thing I know is in there. See you in the office, Boss." She twirled my underpants through the air, almost on to my plate of scrambled eggs; as I reached to catch them first, she smiled over her shoulder and closed the door.

What devilish girls I get involved with, I thought laughing! I was at the office early for my first meeting, enough time to compose myself, and look for Liem as I asked for a cup of coffee. Liem herself appeared with it in the meeting room, where I was scanning papers, as others began filing in for the meeting also.

She said "Here you are, Mr. Steve; I hope you had a pleasant evening last night and slept well, yes?" "I enjoyed myself wonderfully and yes, slept very well, thank you Miss Liem, though it was late when I finished my work. I think next trip I will bring my camera and stay a weekend and do some tourist activities, take some photos; I really like it here. Just need to find a local guide, someone who can show me to the interesting things to photo ah, perhaps you know of someone&hellip.Miss Liem?" "Yes, I think I might, Mr.

Steve; I'll check for you, just let me know when you are, ah, cumming. OK?" "Oh, you will know Miss Liem, thank you".

The meetings and the day passed, and I left in the car for the airport late in the afternoon, with only a nod and smile 'bye to Liem as I finished up. She smiled, licked her hidden lips behind her hand, and pointedly looked at my groin for a moment. She had a point, as did I, as I rolled my eyes at her and held my briefcase closer across the affected area, into the car and off to the airport to go home.

(End of Part 2)