First Time Cumming Inside My German Girlfriend

First Time Cumming Inside My German Girlfriend
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Chapter 10 It turned out that Philine had quite a story. She had survived in the early 19th Century by using her quick wits and her sharp reflexes. She has seen the war looming and had followed the French army in the hope of rich pickings after a battle- Waterloo as it turned out.

Philine had worked, stolen, whored and done whatever she could to survive those difficult times. Some of the stories she told about what had happened to her were so wildly outlandish they had to be true. It did bring up the question about what we were going to do with her?

She couldn't stay as that would alter the time continuum too much, we would have to insert her back before we picked her up. Simple to do, but how would we stop the French soldiers raping and then killing her, as Computer had told us was her fate. There was no way I would let that happen. There was much to consider and to use Computers massive powers to help us with. In the meantime, Philine could stay for a few days before we took her back in time.

We all made Philine as comfortable as possible and enjoyed her company enormously. We spent the rest of that day and the next lounging round the beach and generally chilling, trying to wipe the horrific experience of the Battle of Waterloo from our minds.

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Computer alerted me the next day that Susie was repaired and ready to be woken. I was interested to see what Computer had termed her 'personality upgrades.' I just hoped that Computer hadn't done anything irreversible. Not that there seemed to be much that it could not reverse, I certainly had not found anything yet!


I asked the girls who wanted to come with me to wake her up. Joanna, Philine and Melia were in a deep discussion about some point of politics from Philine's era. That left Kara, who had no idea. She smiled up at me and said, 'Yes, I will come. Let us see what the Fuckslut is up to.' At that, I had us transported up to the medical suite. I gave Computer the order to wake her up and Susie jerked to consciousness. The first thing that Susie did was to smile at me.

That was odd. The next was that she got down onto her knees and looking up at me with a smile, said, 'Master, what can I do to please you? How may I serve you? Your loyal servant begs you to favor her with a request.' It seemed that Computer had gone a bit far and totally transformed her attitude.

It was certainly better that her previous one! However, if she spoke like that all the time, it would surely drive me mad. I left Kara there to speak with Susie and I went off to have a private chat with Computer about how I wanted it to reconfigure Susie's speech!

'Computer, she needs to be more natural. I like the subservience but get it more natural, please?' I asked. 'Fine, I will adjust her when Kara has finished with her.' Computer said. 'What do you mean when Kara has finished with her?' I asked. 'Go and see for yourself.' Computer told me. I went back to the medical suite and saw Kara perched on the edge of a chair, with Susie between her legs lapping away at her pussy! It seemed that Kara had quickly taken advantage of Susie's new subservience.

I couldn't blame her though. I happily watched as Susie thrust her tongue in and out of Kara's cunt and nibbled gently on her clit. I enjoyed seeing Kara grinding her pussy into Susie's face as she approached orgasm and her pull her face harder into her pussy as she came, covering Susie's face in her juices before finally letting go of Susie's head as she finished.

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Susie stayed where she was and gently kissed Kara's pussy until Kara pushed her away, her lips too sensitive for more. 'Computer, take her now and readjust.' I gave the order. Susie was knocked out and her mind taken control of again. Computer transported her back onto a bed and I walked out with Kara, content in the knowledge that Computer would get it right this time.

Now to the problem of Philine. I desperately wanted to fuck her before I sent her back but I could not bring myself to do it, even though I had already spurted my cum all over her and Joanna's faces! I wanted to send her back but ensure that she was well provided for. I did intend to go back and seek her out in a few years and fuck her then though!

I would have to leave the problem with Computer to sort out. 'Computer, is they a way that we can provide for Philine when we send her back and not alter the time continuum?' I asked, more in hope that anything else. 'I will require time to process the many complex possibilities.' Computer said.

'Ok, take all the time you need. Let me know when you have finished.' I said. The days that followed were great. We spent most of our time on the beach and enjoyed just relaxing together.

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I had sex with the girls lots but managed to hold off from fucking Philine, despite the fact that she was more than willing to. Susie rejoined us and Computer had got it right this time.

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Susie was the perfect slave to us, desperate to please and happy with any praise she got. It was a huge turn around from when she first joined us if you remember. I was happy to suppress her memory of her massive rape by the soldiers until she needed reminding. I even started fucking her again. Computer had done a fantastic job on her pussy and asshole. They were both tight again and if anything, they were tighter. Feeling her anal ring squeezing round my cock was a joy and I enjoyed butt fucking her as she ate out one of the other girls several times.

Eventually Computer alerted me to the fact that it had plotted a course through the minefield of the time continuum and felt that it was ready to reinsert Philine back into her time period.


We had been open and honest with Philine about what we could do and she was looking forward to going home and not having to worry about money or food anymore. Computer had run through what she would need to do and what to avoid. Philine was happy and even went so far as to turn me down when I offered her the chance to stay with us. 'That is a kind offer but I am from my time. I wish to go home. I would make one more request from you, please would you check up on me regularly and make the offer again if I am unhappy?

I understand that I will not remember much of this, other than what you wish of me but I would be happy to know that you are watching over me.' Philine said.

'Philine, of course we will. Computer, make it so. Lock onto Philine and give daily updates about her whereabouts. I want immediate alerts if she is in danger in any way. Philine, does this sound ok to you?' I said 'Yes, and thank you.' she replied. With that, she stepped up to me, flung her arms round me and gave me the most passionate kiss ever.

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I was shocked but thoroughly enjoyed it all the same. 'Just something to remember me by. There will be much more when you next visit.' Philine said. She then went round all the others and did the same with them. The Computer beamed her back to her time, her memory of us mostly gone, save for a few choice titbits that she would be unable to articulate but would always be with her.

We would see her again. We watched her from the ship, picking her way through Brussels in the aftermath of the Battle of Waterloo. We had everything sorted for her and as she disappeared inside a building where she would find warmth, fortune and love, we waved a fond farewell and we left her to it. I did double check that Computer had her locked on and it was with a tear in my eye that I ordered us away from this era.

We needed cheering up and I asked the girls what they wanted to do. 'We have been discussing it and Joanna and I want to take Kara to a spa.' said Melia. I was vaguely familiar with the concept and I have to say that it did not appeal to me in the slightest. 'Fine, no problem, go to whichever one you want, just don't expect me to come.' I said, 'which one do you want to go to anyway?' 'We are just researching them and have settled on a detox week of relaxation at Chiva Som in Thailand.' Said Joanna.

'What will you do if we go to a spa for a week?' asked Melia. 'Oh, I don't know, maybe I'll go watch these Olympics I heard so much about.' I said. 'Then you have to go to London 2012, it was the best ever!' said Joanna enthusiastically. 'Ok, will do.

Do you want to go off to the spa now?' I asked to nodding heads from the three girls. 'Computer set course for the spa in Thailand, say in the year 2012, so I'll be in the same year as them when I go to the Olympics.

Arrange spa bookings and pay for everything they could possibly want.' I commanded Computer. 'It is done and we are there.' replied Computer. 'Ladies, I'll miss you but have fun!' I bade them farewell and Computer beamed them down to the spa reception to check in. I was left alone in the command room.

'Computer, fix them all with a lock and automatically beam them back aboard at the slightest hint of trouble. Now, London, July please.' I ordered. Watching the Olympics was amazing, the great atmosphere and the competitiveness was great to see and be a part of.

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It had long since been abolished in my time and I enjoyed it enormously. Watching Usain Bolt win the sprints was awesome. My eye was caught by one of the heptathletes, Jessica Ennis, a firm crowd favorite. I watched her win the gold medal and thought I'd like to meet her. I got Computer to notify me when she was alone and to beam me and Susie down to meet her. I didn't want to leave Susie alone on the ship, just in case! We were beamed into a small physio massage room, with Jessica Ennis lying face down on the table, naked except for a towel covering her ass.

I looked her over and admired her toned body. I silently made sure Computer would make sure that we were not disturbed by the masseuse and I commanded Susie to help me begin massaging Jessica. Our hands flowed over her firm body and I was extremely turned on by her sexiness. I got Computer to heighten Jessica's arousal and to make her as horny as possible. I got Susie to concentrate on massaging Jessica's thighs, going steadily nearer and nearer to her pussy.

It helped that Susie had previously been a lesbian and knew what she was doing. I could hear Jessica panting and saw her open her legs apart, granting Susie access to her pussy. I commanded my clothes off and stood naked at Jessica's head, waiting with my hard cock pointing at her. As Susie's fingers first made contact with Jessica's pussy, Jessica lifted her head and looked back to see who was fingering her.

Jessica's eyes made contact with my hard cock and I mentally suggested to her that she might want to taste it. Jessica leaned forward and opened her mouth and took my cockhead into her warm mouth, swirling her tongue around my head and making me stiffer. I enjoyed a blowjob for a while, drinking in the sight of Jessica's pretty face around my cock as I gently pumped it in and out of her mouth.

Susie was doing a great job on Jessica's pussy, she had her moaning as she expertly fingered Jessica's pussy. I wanted to taste her. I got Jessica to turn over and lie on her back.

I then mounted her and got into a 69 with her so I could lap at her pussy and taste her juices. Jessica was totally waxed hairless, her pussy, ass, legs were totally smooth. I dove in with my tongue as my cock found its way back into Jessica's mouth. Jessica tasted fresh and sexy. I lapped away happily, enjoyed hearing her moaning around my cock in her mouth, which I was pushing further and further into her mouth as I licked her pussy.

I needed to fuck her. I got off Jessica, noticing that Susie was stood against the wall with her hand in her shorts! I mounted Jessica in missionary position, lining my cock up again her wet cunt and thrusting in slowly but firmly.

Jessica wrapped her legs around my back as I searched out her mouth to kiss her. Jessica's cunt was tight and warm and I thrust into her with increasing vigor, causing her to grab my back and rake me with her fingernails.

We went on like this for a while, fucking, kissing and my back being torn! It was time to change position. I got Jessica to kneel in front of me with her face on the table. I moved in behind her exposed pussy and thrust back in hard, feeling my cock go all the way in to the base and holding it there.


I looked down at her exposed asshole and rubbed my thumb around it before pushing it in through her anal ring. With my thumb in her ass, I started thrusting in and out again, driving my cock into her pussy hard, using my thumb in her asshole to pull her back onto my cock.

I was just loving her pussy, she was able to work her muscles to grip me like a vice. Jessica was screaming out her lust, begging me to keep on fucking her. I gave her a treat and got Susie to come over and rub her clit for her as I fucked her. This sent Jessica over the edge and she orgasmed hard, her body shaking as waves of pleasure ripped through her.

Jessica collapsed forwards, my cock leaving her pussy. I just lay down on top of Jessica and worked my cock back into her pussy. Jessica was even tighter in this position and I pistoned into her as deep as I could and thrust in and out furiously. As I felt my self cumming, I plunged into her pussy as deep as I could possibly go and fired my semen deep into her pussy, feeling rope after rope of cum shooting deep into her belly.

As my orgasm subsided my cock stopped convulsing and I was able to lie on top of her with my deflating cock still inside. It was then that I had a nasty idea. I moved off her and told her to lie back on her back. I got a couple of pillows and put them under her back by her ass, raising her hips off the table. I intended to keep my semen inside her and see what would happen.

Perhaps she would become pregnant?

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I allowed Susie to suck my cock clean and gave Jessica instructions through Computer. 'You will stay in this position for the next hour. No one will disturb you. You will not remember any of what just happened and you will be unaware of any cum in your pussy.' I then had us beamed back up and left her to it!

I did some research back on the ship. It turns out that Jessica Ennis had a baby soon after the Olympics. I wondered if it was mine?