La leona pajeandose con su amante

La leona pajeandose con su amante
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The third part and possibly the last one. Anyway if I decide to continue this story it will have to wait. I'm already working on a new story.

Hope you like it. Enjoy! Skiing trip 3 - Going Home My life had chanced forever. Two days ago I was a virgin. Now I can proudly say I fucked three beautiful girls, one of them being my sister. Going on this skiing trip was the best choice I ever made I my life so you must believe me when I say, that a part of me did not want to get rescued. I would have stayed here for ever with the girls if it were up to me.

These were nice fantasy's but nothing more. We were going to be rescued one way ore the other. The second morning I Fucked Amy twice in the sleeping bag we shared. Both times I ended up cumming inside my little sisters pussy. I was the happiest guy in the world. I loved fucking her and she loved it to. I felt sorry because this would end. As soon as we get home we must stop.

It would be to dangerous to do it at home with my mom and big sister in the house. How to do it under their noses? These were the thoughts that consumed my mind all day. As the time passed the weather changed. By the third morning much of the snow melted. We decided to try and find our way back to town. We agreed it would be best if we go back the way we came. The problem was that back then it was snowing hard and no one saw were we headed so now it was hard even to find the way we came.

Julie said she knew where we were so we followed her. This time she found the road that went around the mountain. There were places where the snow was still deep, but with a little effort we managed to reach the town in a few hours.

It was a wonderful feeling to know we were saved. The days we spent in the cabin were magical. We all agreed not to tell anybody that we were lost and keep this as our little secret. I especially made Amy swear not to mention anything that happened in the cabin. She assured me that the secret was safe with her. I believed her. When we arrived to the motel everybody went to his our her room for a shower and after a little rest we all met up in the cafeteria for a snack.

The last days event's had completely changed Beth. Now she was a nice and sweet girl. We all ate and talked, occasionally smiling one to another probably remembering a sexy memory we shared whit each other. After that we went skiing on the slopes. It was a lot of fun. We all got along just wonderfully. One time I was on the top of the mountain getting ready to ski down when Suzie approached me. She dragged me into the forest.

When she was sure nobody was listening she said. - Roby I have something to confess to you, but I don't know how to begin. I was surprised, and wondered what it was that she wanted to say to me so privately. - Look Suzie, don't be scared, you can say anything to me, I wont get mad ore something I promise.

- She looked more reassured by my words. - I love you Robert, and I mean I am really in love with you. Its so hard for me to not know how you feel about me. I mean you love my sister right?

If I was surprised before then, now it all went up a level. She was so sweet and innocent, standing there In the snow looking up at me. Without thinking I replied truthfully. - Suzie, I like your sister a lot but I can't really call it love. You are a great girl, very beautiful but I just met you 4 days ago. Don't get me wrong I'm not saying I don't like you. She smiled at me and then asked. - And in time could you learn to love me?

- I guess but I thought you lived in another town. - I'm moving to Telford with my sister this year. I just wanted to now if you would like to be my boyfriend. I saw how nice you treated your sister and how nice you were to me to.

You understood me and did not take advantage of me when I said that I am not ready for sex. She was so honest. I could really fall for this girl. She just confessed her love to me and asked me to be her boyfriend.

- Yes Suzie I would really like to be your boyfriend. - I replied. She smiled at me and then she moved towards me and we kissed. This time it was different. We kissed with passion like to lovers would do. When we broke the kiss we cuddled and hugged each other. Suzie broke the silence.

- I want you to be my first Roby. - I would love to be your first. - I said surprised. - Lets do it tonight. Come over to my room around 10. - I'll be there. - I said without hesitation. We made out for a long time before going back skiing. No matter what I did that day I could not get my mind of Suzie and our arrangement. Just as we agreed I went to the girls room around 10'o clock. She was in her bed when I entered the room. Julie was in the room to. I thought she would be out ore something.

Suzie lifted the covers and asked me to get in beside her. I could see she was naked under the covers. I undressed in a hurry. My dick was rock hard by this time. I climbed on the bed and joined her under the covers. She stranded me and we began making out. Julie was in her bed reading a book, occasionally glimpsing towards us.

My dick was pressing against Suzie's warm pussy, parting her pussy lips a bit. As we kissed my hands wondered to her breasts. I played with them rubbing her nipples with my fingers. She moaned in reaction. I could feel that she was really wet.

After a few minutes of foreplay I asked her if she was ready. She nodded and pushed herself onto my dick. Her pussy being so wet and the head of my cock being soaked with precum made it really easy to slid inside her. A few inches in I felt some resistance. She stopped for a moment to catch hear breath and then she pushed herself onto my dick until I was completely inside her.

We stayed like that for a few seconds and then I started moving my hips. She responded with her counter thrusts. Her pussy felt tight and warm around my cock. We fucked like that for awhile and then changed the position. Now I was fucking her from behind, doggy style. By now the covers were on the floor beside the bed. I saw Julie staring. She probably was jealous of her sister right then. My dick was ramming Suzie's teen pussy with force.

Soon I was feeling close to cumming. - Suzie I'm going to cum - I warned her. - Just do it. - she said between moans. I did not need to be told twice. I filled her pussy with my cum. She climaxed to. I fell on the bed beside Suzie exhausted. She climbed on top of me kissing my mouth with passion. I kissed her back. She stayed on top of me with her head on my chest. My hands were caressing her but.

We drifted to sleep like that. When I opened my eyes I saw Julie was in the bed, between my legs with my dick in her mouth. Suzie was still asleep on top of me. Julie was a pro cocksucker. She liked my dick and licked her sisters spread pussy to.

Suzie opened her eyes and after she realized what was happening she smiled and kissed me. I kissed her back. Julie pushed my cock back into Suzie's pussy. I started fucking Suzie. Her sister licked my balls while I was fucking her. After some time Julie asked Suzie to switch places with her.

She reluctantly agreed. Julie climbed on me enveloping my cock with her pussy. After a while her orgasm hit her. She came and squirted her juices all over my dick and Suzie's face.

This was to much for me. I exploded inside her pussy. Suzie licked my dick and her sisters pussy clean. We showered together. After that we went down for breakfast and joined the others. This was the last day of the trip. That afternoon we boarded the buss. My sister sat besides me. The ride home was long and boring. I noticed my sister was wearing a long skirt. She saw me looking and whispered into my ear. - I'm not wearing panty's. Wow, my sister was cool. I never knew she was like this.

Being bored and horny I decided to play along. My right hand wondered under my sisters skirt. She was telling the truth. My fingers made contact with her bare pussy. She gasped. I motioned her to be silent. This was so hot. Being able to do this with my sister with so many kids around.

I fingered her. She had her hand over her mouth preventing herself to cry out loud from the pleasure I was causing her. She started shaking uncontrollably pushing her pussy onto my fingers.

As her orgasmic pleasure was subsiding I looked around checking if somebody noticed but nobody was looking. Amy put her head on my lap. We stayed like that most of the ride. I was happy I made Amy cum, but the problem was that in the process of making her cum, I sustained a hard on. It was very annoying.

We finally arrived home. It was dark outside. We all said goodbye to each other. Suzie and me had a special goodbye. We kissed and she rubbed her hand over my hard on.

This made me even harder. After we said goodbye Amy and me went home. Entering the house we were greeted by Violet my older sister. She was really happy to see us. She hugged me hard making her tits press against my chest. I was sure she could feel my hard on. Amy asked Violet where mom was. - She had to go in for work tonight. - Oh, to bad I really wanted to see her. - Amy said. - Don't worry you'll get to see her tomorrow.

My big sister said and went into the kitchen. I went up to my room. My balls were in real need of immediate relief. I decided to wait until the girls go to sleep. I watched my TV for awhile. Finally I decided the coast was clear, turned off the lights and started jacking of. After a few minutes I heard my door open.

Amy came in, saw what I was doing. Suddenly she wrestled me onto the bed.

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She was naked to. She positioned herself onto me so that my dick slid into her. After a few pumps we kissed and I started massaging her big breasts.

Suddenly I realized something was different. Amy's tits were not so big yesterday. What could have happened. I decided to turn on the light. When I did my jaws dropped in horror and surprise. It was not Amy but my big sister. She had a wide smile on her face. - What the hell are you doing sis? - I asked in shock. - Well after I had that shower with you I could not forget that big dick of yours.

I decided that when you arrive home I will try it. So here I am trying it and I might add I like it. Maybe I will by it. - This was really something. I was buried in my big sister not knowing what to say to her. She resolved my dilemma by starting to ride my dick.

Soon I gave up resisting and started pumping against her thrusts. We fucked hard then slowed done a bit to make out, and then fucked hard again. She was awesome. Of all the pussy's I have fucked the last couple of days hers was the best.

Her breasts were jiggling in my face. I licked and sucked on them. Her moans were getting louder and louder. I was close to. I came in her without asking her permission but I don't think she disapproved. I fell asleep quickly because I was really tired.

When I woke up I was alone. She had already left.

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I took a shower and went down into the kitchen. Everybody was there, my mom to. She greeted me with a crushing hug. Her tits pushing against my face. I ate my breakfast and went to watch TV in my room. Amy joined me after awhile. She leaned against me on the couch. I hugged her to me with my arm. She looked at me our eyes met.

She was so beautiful. I really liked her. She kissed me on the mouth. I kissed her back. Just then mom came in to say she had to go to work and that she was going to come home late. I nearly had a heart attack. We almost got caught. I reassured myself that mom haven't seen anything. After an hour or so I went outside. I had a date with Suzie. We met in the nearby park. She was wearing a mini skirt and after I looked closely I could see she was naked under it.

We sat down on a bench. We hugged and kissed each other, but as the sun was going down we started to explore each others bodies more bravely. I played with her pussy and she massaged my hard dick through my pants. Then I saw her looking around to check if we were alone. I looked to and saw that we were alone.

She then whispered to me. - Do you want to do it? - I guess but what if somebody catches us. - I asked her - Nobody's here and nobody is going to catch us besides it would be hot to have some audience. - she said teasing me. I wasn't reassured by her explanation but what the heck I wasn't going to miss out on fucking her young pussy. She got up and climbed onto my lap.

I pushed my pants of and helped my dick to her entrance with my hand. She pushed herself down onto my cock. Man I was a lucky guy. Until last week sex was unknown to me and now I was doing it at least 3 times a day and with different girls I might add.

I could really get used to this. She moaned hard. I was afraid somebody might hear her. Her pussy juices were flowing onto my hard shaft. The fact that we could get caught seemed to turn her on and to be honest it turned me on to. Soon I was ready to blow. She was close to her own orgasm to. I picked up the tempo but suddenly I saw somebody's outline in the dark. The mystery person was coming towards our direction and was really close to us by the time I noticed.

I pulled Suzie onto me so that my dick was buried in her all the way. We waited like that and seconds later we saw that a woman stopped in front of us. From what I could tell she was around her 40's. She looked at us and smiled.

- What are you kids doing here this late? - she asked. - Her question made me angry. Who the fuck was she to question us. - I'm afraid its none of your business. - I replied furiously. - she looked at me and said. - I'm afraid it is, if you put it that way. You see I'm a police officer. - she showed her badge. Suddenly my anger transformed into fear. We were in real trouble now. The park was a public place and it was against the law to fuck here. She looked at us.

Suzie was really scared because she had her head buried in my chest. I was unable to think of a way to get out of this situation. We were busted. Then the police woman spoke. - Look I wasn't going to do anything to you but you're a really rude kid.

- she said to me. I was embarrassed. - I'm sorry. - I said with a shaky voice. Until now I was hoping she wouldn't notice what we were doing, but she probably could see my balls between Suzie's ass cheeks. After all she was wearing a mini skirt. And besides that she must have been drawn here by Suzie's moans. - I will let you go this time but only with two conditions. - she said and I noticed a wicked grin appear on her face.

- First of all I want to see your cock. And after that I want you to make her cum in front of me. - she said. I was surprised by her requests. We might just get away without punishment I thought. If we're not going to play along my mom would find out about this. It would be very embarrassing to explain to mom why we got caught. I decided to do what she wanted. But I needed to convince Suzie to.

She was sobbing into my chest. She must have been really scared by the taught that her parents will find out about what she had done. I slid my dick out of her pussy and held it in my hand so that the police girl could see it. She smiled and I noticed she licked her lips. - That's a nice cock you got there boy.

- she said smiling. - Thanks. - I said - Now put it back in and fuck her until she cums. I did so. Suzie jumped a bit as I slid my dick in her pussy.

I started pumping. The police woman was watching my dick sliding in and out of Suzie's pussy. She seemed to enjoy watching us. Soon I felt my balls tensing up but before I released my load inside her she came real hard. She screamed as she reached her orgasm.

I hugged her hard against my body until our orgasms subsided. I looked towards the police woman. She seemed to be satisfied. She grinned. - Now that was nice. Thank you. - she said. - Now go home. I lifted Suzie onto her feet and pulled up my pants.

We said by to the officer and left. I took hold of Suzie's hand as we walked. I could feel she was still trembling. I wondered if it was the orgasm ore the fear of getting caught. I stopped and pulled her close to me. She looked into my eyes.

She was so cute. Her curly blonde hair was partially covering her innocent blue eyes. - Next time be careful what you wish for baby. - I said smiling. She looked astonished by what I just said. Seeing her face I quickly added. - I'm just kidding. She then smiled. I kissed her lips. She responded. We kissed for awhile before she said she had to go before her parents notice she was missing. We said goodbye to each other and I headed towards home.

When I got home I could see that the lights were out. I figured that everybody was sleeping by now. I went up the stairs quietly. As I passed my mothers bedroom I saw the door was open.

I peeked in to check if she was there. She wasn't so I decided to go to my room. As I was about to turn around I heard the bathroom door open. Suddenly I was face to face with my fully naked mom. She was really hot. It never saw her naked before. Her tits were big and round with big nipples. Her pussy was trimmed but had a stripe of hair over her slit.

I was frozen to the spot and so was she. I stared at her naked body. She started to realize what was happening and asked me to go to my room. As I passed her I couldn't resist the temptation and turned to watch her ass. She went into the her room. I was really horny from the encounter with my naked mother. My dick was stone hard. I entered my room and tried to go to sleep but my mind was filled with images of my mom's naked body. Her ass was so tight and beautiful.

My dick stayed hard all night long as I struggled to fall asleep without success. In the morning I walked down to the kitchen just to found my mom waiting for me. She sat at the table. As I walked into the kitchen she said to me. - Last night I thought you were sleeping. That's why I did not get dressed before leaving the bathroom. - she explained. - Where exactly were you last night by the way?

- I looked at her and tried to think of an explanation. - I was on a date. - I said. Deciding it was no use to lie to her.


She looked at me and smiled. - Since when do you have a girlfriend? She asked - Since the skiing trip. - I replied. - I guess it's to soon but I want to know if you have done something sexual with this girl? - she asked me. My face turned red. I was a bad liar. - Yes I did mom. - I replied embarrassed. - And what would that be? - she asked. - Sex She looked at me surprised.

- You had sex with a girl you just met? - she asked. - I guess. But I love her mom. I really do. - If that's true then I guess I'm ok with it. But I'm worried that Amy would follow the example you show her. She really looks up to you. - Don't worry mom. She is mature enough to decide for herself. - Ups. I just realized I said to much. To my relief mom didn't seem to notice. - Just be careful where you do it with your girlfriend.

I don't want Amy to follow you're example. She's just to young for sex. - I smiled, thinking of Amy riding my cock like a pro just the other day. Mom noticed my smile and asked. - Is there something you're not telling me? - she asked suspiciously. - No mom. - I said quickly. - Ok then. I have to go. I'm going to be late for work.


I will come home late so go ahead and order some food. - she said and left. Phew. It was close. I nearly lost it. I went to my room and heard mom leave.

Not long after I heard my door open and Amy came in. She was naked. She looked at me and said. - I want to fuck you now. - she came over and sat on the bed. I undressed and joined her. We rolled over and over on the bed kissing and playing with each others bodies. Suddenly my big sister Violet came in to. Amy jumped but I whispered to her that it was ok. She relaxed. Violet joined us. I was laying in my bed with my two naked sisters.

Amy took my cock in her mouth while Violet positioned her pussy over my mouth. I liked her slit with my thong. She moaned and pushed her pussy onto my face. My thong went straight inside her pussy hole.

She was really wet. I fucked her with my thong as my little sister sat on my dick. I was instantly buried in her warm pussy. Both of my sisters were moaning. I was in heaven fucking to angels. After awhile Amy switched places with Violet. She road on me like there was no tomorrow. I did not take long to me to blow my cum in her. We rested a bit but resumed the sucking, fucking and licking soon.

We were not yet satisfied. The second time Violet came first. She was shaking all over and was barely able to walk out the room. She went for a shower. Her girlfriend was supposed to come over later that day so she went to clean herself up. I was left with Amy in the room. Soon I was ready to cum inside my little sisters pussy. Just as I picked up the pace the door to my room opened.

I wasn't paying attention because I thought it was my big sister, but to my horror as I looked up ready to see Violet's big breasts I saw something unexpected. My mom was looking down on me with a terrifying look on her face. I could tell she was really angry. You may think I stopped fucking Amy instantly but as I was so close to cumming I wasn't able to stop. My mom saw me continuing to fuck her little daughter and got angrier, if that's possible.

She shouted at me. - Robert! Stop fucking you're little sister immediately. - Everything happened so fast. My mom reacting on pure anger, grabbed hold of my cock and pulled it out of Amy's pussy.

The thing was she pulled it out at the wrong time. I couldn't hold it any longer. My balls released my hot cum. She held my dick in a way that it was aiming directly at her unsuspecting face. The first spurs of cum shot her directly in the face. She was so surprised by this that by the time she moved my dick away, all of my cum was on her face and hand.

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As she thought this could no get any worse, Violet came into the room, not knowing that mom was there. It is not worth mentioning she was naked. My mom looked at her and she looked at mom who was still holding my dick in her hand and had her face covered with my cum. There was silence that seemed to never end. Finally mom broke the pressing silence.

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- Now somebody please explain what's going on here. - It seemed pretty obvious what was going on. I spoke. - It's all my fault. - No it's not. - both of my sisters said at the same time. Mom looked at each of us. She was still holding my dick in her hand.


I guess she forgot about it. - So you're all to blame, is that right? - Yes. - We all said together. Then without any warning mom suddenly did something that made all of our jaws drop. She raised her other hand and brushed her finger over the cum on her face and then licked her finger. We stared at her in silence. She then said. - I know that I can't put a stop to this. You would just do it behind my back so I think I have no choice but to except it.

But its not fair that both of my girl have a cock to satisfy them while I have to use a dildo. So that's why I want in. I am going to let you do this but only if Roby fucks me regularly. So this was to be my punishment. To have to fuck my mother on a regular basis.

I was really in heaven.

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My mom got up and pulled her shirt off. Her bra was see through. After a few seconds she was standing besides my bed completely naked. I was hard by then. She climbed onto the bed and laid on her back spreading her legs and pussy to my viewing pleasure.

- What are you waiting for? - she asked. - Satisfy me already. I was eager to comply. I positioned my dick so that it was pressing against hear pussy lips. I pushed and slid in her easily. She moaned loudly. My sisters joined in by licking moms boobs. I picked up the tempo. I fucked my moms pussy hard. She came fairly quickly. As she did her pussy gripped my cock.

It was enough for me to lose it. I filled moms pussy with hot cum. My sisters licked my dick and moms pussy until all of my cum was gone. Mom thanked me for the great fuck and left the room. My sisters smiled at me. - I think that the fun had barely begun. - Amy said. - I just hope you can keep up with our need's. - Violet said. - I hope so to. - I said grinning.