Amazing brunette and her broken ass

Amazing brunette and her broken ass
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I never knew how good it would feel to be my brothers sex slave up until a few years ago. Now I love being used by my brothers just to give them pleasure. When I wake up every morning my pussy is already wet just thinking about the day ahead of me being the filthy little slut that I have turned into.

Just knowing that I will be serving my brothers and getting fucked as much as possible almost gives me an orgasm. I have two brothers, Mark and Tony. At the time this all started Mark was 17 and Tony was 18. They always thought that I was just an innocent girl. I was only 14 at the time. I wasn't a virgin but not really a Slut YET. I was an average teen. I was five feet five inches tall.


I had a very mature body for my age. I had a tight waist and a nice round ass that added to my hot body. We only had a mother that lived with us.

Even though she was worked a lot and was rarely home. My brothers and I almost always have the house to ourselves.

We never really took advantage of this time but we sure do now. It all started one day when my boyfriend and I were hanging out my house one day. We were in my room and me being the tease that I am sat on his lap and started grinding my ass into his cock.

I could tell that he was getting so horny because I could feel the bulge poking me. I told him that it looks like we have a problem to take care of, reaching my hand down to rub the bulge in the front of his pants. So I got up and led him into the bathroom. I got down on my knees and he sat down on the toilet seat knowing the drill.

Giving him a blowjob was nothing new to me.

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I just love having my month full of hard cock. I unzipped his pants releasing his cock. Looking up with a teasing smile I grabbed his cock. I went right to work; I put my lips around it and took all of it into my mouth.

Not 2 minutes later I hear the bathroom doorknob turn and my brother mark walks right in. I was so embarrassed that I couldn't even move. Unlike my boyfriend who was scared shitless being caught by my older brother in such a bad situation.

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My brother mark calls Tony upstairs. He comes up just in time to see my boyfriend zipping up his pants. Out of anger Tony immediately grabs my boyfriend by his arms and carries him out of the room, downstairs and throws him out of the house.

In the mean while I gain the courage to try to stand up to leave but mark puts his hands on my shoulders and push's me back onto my knee's. "You aint going nowhere you little slut" mark says as he unzips his pants and pulls out his semi hard dick. Tony comes back up the stairs "So our little sister likes sucking cock" he says as he joins mark undoing his pants and pulling out his cock.

Mark laughs out saying "we'll give her some cock to suck on". I felt so dirty just getting caught giving head by my older brothers, and now I have my brothers dick dangling right in front of my face.

The worst part is that I actually started getting wet looking at my own brothers cock while I'm on knees. They were the biggest I have ever seen. Mark was a good 8 inches. While Tony's must have only been around 7 inches but very thick. I started to think how good it would feel having them in my mouth even though they were my brothers. Mark was the first one to step up and he put the tip of his cock on my lips trying to put it in my mouth.

I was trying to fight the craving to just shove it in my mouth but it was just too great. I put it in mouth trying to take as much I could. I love when a cock gets hard when it's in mouth.

He put his hands on the back of my hand forcing the rest of his cock down my throat. As I was working on mark, Tony had gotten behind me stroking his cock. He grabbed my ass, rubbing his hand down in between my legs. He rubbed his hand over my crotch making me even more wet and horny. There was no way of hiding it.

My panties were soaked and were seeping through the thin materials of the tight sweat pants I was wearing. "Look at this brother" he says to mark "she is soaking wet, our sister is a little freak" He leaves the room saying "I got something for that tight wet pussy".

A minute later he comes back with a small dildo. He hands it to mark "Do you want to do the honors while I take a turn at her mouth".

Saying it as I was just a toy for them. Tony handed him the dildo as he takes his cock out of my mouth and is quickly replaced by Tonys. I just couldn't help myself. I was addicted to cock. Didn't matter if it was my brothers or not anymore. As I work my way up and down Tony's hard cock, mark gets behind me and pulls my pants and panties down.

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He started rubbing the dildo in between the lips of my pussy making me moan. Then mark slipped the dildo into my pussy and pushed it in to the point where I got worried I wouldn't be able to take it out. I can tell Tony was enjoying the extra pleasure from the vibrations on his dick from my moaning.

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He was moaning out, throwing his head back while he continued fucking my mouth. I was anticipating on mark fucking my pussy with the dildo. I needed to cum so bad and get some relieve. But instead he left it their and pulled back up my pants and panties.

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It was such a tease having fixation in my pussy but not being able to do anything with it. Mark joined Tony as I continued on both cocks. Sucking on for a minute while I reach out and stroke the other. As marks cock was in mouth I felt it get even harder and knew he was right bout to cum.

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I wanted him to pump all of it into my mouth so I can taste it and swallow every last drop. But even if I didn't want to, I didn't think I had much of a choice. Cum started jetting out of my brothers dick into my mouth.


He started moaning grabbing the back of my head and pushing his cock down into my throat. I guess it was just too much for Tony seeing his little slutty sister getting cum shot down her throat. As he stroked his cock he groaned and moaned as stream after stream of Tony thick cum shot out all over my face.

He defiantly came more then mark. I felt so degraded while on my knees eating and getting sprayed in my face be my brothers cum. After the waterfall of cum finally went dry mark and Tony put their cocks away. Mark reached down and lifted me up off my knees by my crotch. I moaned out as he pushed up on the dildo in the process of lifting me up. He started massaging me their knowing what affects it would have because of the dildo. I started purring from the sensations. "You better not tell mom bout this, I don't think she'll like to find out that her daughter is a dirty little cocksucker," He threatened.

Tony joined in on giving me commands telling me that I am to leave that dildo right where it is and that for the rest of the day I am to stay in their sight to make sure I don't try to masturbate to relieve myself of the orgasm that has been slowly building up and teasing me. They told me to clean up my face. While doing that they told me not to worry and that they will have something planned for me tomorrow after mom leaves and the house was empty.

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