Threesome classic porn scenes with colleagues

Threesome classic porn scenes with colleagues
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No one under the age of fourteen has any sex in this story. NOTE: I am only very generally aware of Europe's history of this time period in the years after the crusades. So, for any disparities from historical accuracy, I apologize to those that worry about such things. This is a fantasy and not an historical account.

The assumptions come from my fertile mind and not from any history books. PRINCE ROGLAN THE NOBLE: The fifteen year old Prince was on his first solo foray into the fields of his home kingdom, Midnoing. It is a small kingdom, really a glorified principality in Northern Europe.

But, due to its fending off of the invasion of its neighboring country of Ricktavia a hundred years ago, it was accorded the title of Kingdom and with no smarm either because of its noble treatment of the soundly defeated invasion troops who were sent home loaded down with the much needed foodstuffs in their soldier's arms. The desperately needed foodstuffs being the reason for the invasion in the first place. Actually the invading troops were very happy to simply leave with what was needed without doing any substantial damage to Midnoing's countryside, since the two countries had been friendly for many years.

It's just that starving people become very desperate in their actions. The worst damage to Midnoing's people was the rupturing of a number of virgin hymen's in the celebration of their gentle defeat, but the accomplishment of satisfying the generating need before leaving for home.

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There was a serious uptick of births about nine months later. The Prince on his initial trek through his father's kingdom was not really alone, as you can imagine. Along with him and serving as his squire was a former knight of the Christian invading armies of the Moslem controlled areas of the former holy lands of the Jews. Upon arriving back home after initial victories there, he had started this service to a friendly king for the benefit of his son, the prince.

He had taken a somewhat reduced stature to do this, but with the promise that upon the Prince's eighteenth birthday, the now squire would be returned to being a knight of the land and receive his choice of the king's five daughters, three older than Roglan and two younger. So, he had three more years to wait. Also in the king's service for the prince was an Arab arms master for the instruction in the use of the Saracen blade, which was much lighter than the swords of Northern Europe and incredibly strong and sharp.

It was very appropriate for the young prince to learn martial arts with and remained his favorite even when in his older years. It was always worn with his much more usual long sword in his later years.

Saved his life a couple of times, too. The Arab had come back to the knight's home territory, because they had become friendly enemies of the blade during the last battle and the devastation caused by it left very little of consequence to the Arab's living. He never revealed his name to the people that he became a resident among. He was always called The Arab and addressed as, Arab. But, the king, Roglan's father took a liking to him and from among his captive servants provided The Arab with a suitable wife to comfort him in his foreign domicile and The Arab would have done anything for the king and son in return.

Roglan's mother was of Moorish nature, having been brought to the king from the south of Espania. She was only fifteen when she became the fortyish king's bride, but in between his dalliances with the local women, she managed to provide him with many children over the long years of her life, and she was only mildly resentful of her life in the cold and drafty castle after her youth in the warmth of her homeland.

She was kept very busy with her growing brood over the years. Roglan was the favorite of her many children, since among other things he took on more of her darkish coloring than any of the others.

Also, he was extremely responsive to her loving touch and treatment. He lasted at her tit much longer than any of his siblings, even when his mother was also nursing other babies at the same time. And though in those years, she never made unnatural advances to him, she did delight in giving him his baths and rub downs after his exhausting workouts with the squire and arm's instructor. By his fifteenth year, Roglan had already inaugurated his entry into the sexual modes of men, his first experience being with an older sister, who was chafing at having to wait for this kind of intimate activity, while her father and mother were very busy in their beds.

The men of the castle at this time were afraid of irritating the king by taking up with her, though the king had said nothing about this to anyone. So, the sister entered the young prince's bedroom one night and they began the adult sensual activities learning together that night.

All of his sisters eventually graced his bed as they attained their later teen years, and at least one child was engendered by him in one of them, though the king took no note of that, since he was busy with the pretty girls of the castle's servants.

Though none of the children born from the king's dalliances were acknowledged, they all were treated very well and if progressive in their learnings of crafts or booklore, were moved up to responsible positions in his service.

His daughters of the bed who just wanted to be bedmates, were used in that manner, too. The king and son, using them also. On this trek through the fields of the kingdom though, Roglan wanted to acquaint himself of some of his peoples, since he had rarely been out of the castle in his life so far and never in a position to learn about the personalities of the individual common folk of the realm.

As he was riding across the meadows he noticed a young woman gathering up hay into hillocks, with a baby tied up to her back. When he approached, she looked up and when recognizing his relative position in the kingdom rose up and curtsied to him.

With that he left his saddle on his horse and moved to be up to the woman. As he gazed into her submissive eyes, he moved to open her bodice to avail himself of some of her milk, since she was obviously nursing with a child on her back. He addressed her with, "Ma'am, I am very thirsty and would like to drink of your bounty on this thirsty trek," so she opened her bodice even more and leaned back so that he could nurse on her, just as he still did with his mother at times even now.

Since, he was very accomplished in this activity, she was getting very much excited by his mouthings, and so asked him if he would like any other service, and when he nodded, she backed up on to the nearest hay mound and opened her legs to his sight and welcomed his cock up into her furry peasant pussy.

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He wasted no time in his plowings up into her and she surprisingly came with him, and then he nodded to her and left her to her work in the field. The baby was none the worse for wear, since it had been held by the squire during the prince's carnal adventures. After riding about for many hours admiring the many people that he met on the way, he approached the small village nearby and sought out the largest house in it and knocked on the door and asked for asylum for the night.

The Jewish owner of the house welcomed him in and after a fine repast shared with him and the squire, invited them to enjoy separate bedrooms for the night. And he supplied a daughter each for the two men to enjoy the night with. Roglan's was a girl of fourteen who was unfinished in her journey to adult womanhood, but very darkly attractive anyway in her willowy mid teen's form.

When she sheepishly came into his bedroom for the night, she was very terrified and in tears, but Roglan gallantly stood up and gathered her up into his arms and carried her over to his bed and then settled her down on his lap for some young lover taming.

As the tears continued, he whispered into her ears, "Be still, my young lovely, nothing that happens this night is intended to hurt you. I will honor your young maidenhood with my most gentle advances possible." With this comforting assertion, the tears substantially slowed down and she fiercely grabbed hold of him and anchored herself in his arms up to his chest. With this, Roglan knowingly dealing with her as he had with several of his virgin sisters, lightly held her back and began to move his hands about her back, loosening her very tight muscles with his very affectionate and lightly administered hands.


She soon showed the effects with this as her panicky mode of holding on to him began to relax. With her warming up to his touch, he began to move his hands up and down on her bare arms, and backed up to lightly kiss her tender face and eventually take up notice of her very warm and soft lips. Her eyes began then to glaze over and she also began to welcome other sensual advances about her young and slim body.

His tongue began to invade her newly initiated mouth and she began to feel his ultra-gentle fingers on her budding breasts. They began to swell under his attentions and she could feel his fingers manipulating her nipples, which brought unexpected pleasures to this unused pre-woman. She also felt a warmth a wetness developing in her private area, which surprised her.

When his hands moved down to plunge under her very light nightgown, she wasn't even surprised, despite the fact that she had received no instructions in these matters at all before this encounter. And when his fingers started to slip up and down in her girlish slit and round about her pronounced clit, she was lost as to any further virginal convictions.

She soon, wanted what she didn't even know about, with a wild desire to be entered, though she still didn't know where it would occur, nor how it would be accomplished. With his knowing of her state now, he whispered to her again, "Now is the time for it, my young lovely." And he rose and settled her back on the bed with her nightgown now removed. She didn't even notice its absence and settled down in his bed calmly anticipating what was to come next.

Her pussy and clit weren't calm, though. Her pussy flower was inflamed red in passion and her clit was arisen to point out directly to him, in its rather exaggerated longish form. Roglan had never seen anything like it before and so just naturally moved down to take it into his warm mouth and gently licked and suckled on it.

This drove the maiden over the top and her screams and moans matched those of her sister's next door with the squire. With her now in a totally relaxed state, though still sensually enlivened, he moved up to between her open legs and probed into her pussy hole to her distinct curiosity.

She knew that it felt good, but the idea of it being up to inside of her was a new idea to her. Then when he entered and pushed past her hymen to make her a full-fledged woman, she sharply let out a scream and then when the pain greatly lessened settled in for whatever would come next. And what came next was the most gentle and inspiring intimacies that she would ever receive in her life.

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The feelings of his gentle probing into and nearly out of her newly inaugurated vagina, was just pleasures that she couldn't have even conceived of before its actual happening. As he progressed along in deep admiration of this very slight figure under his body's command, she began to raise up her hips in response to his plunging down into her and the cooperative couplings of them raised them to even greater heights of sensuality.

With that, she was absolutely out of her mind with passion for him who was installed into her dear body. And the reactions of her body was to release an egg from her egg sack for the first possible impregnating opportunity in her young life. And with his release of his sperm up into her which brought on another round of body shivers and quaking's, sperm met egg and another human being was inaugurated to her un-knowledge. After that, he laid back to relax and pulled her slight body up to being laying upon his and gathered her up into his arms to await for his equipment to rest and be ready for further duties with her.

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She shut her eyes and just enjoyed the moment, maybe the best so far in her long life. They played later that night with her in the spoon position and upon waking in the morning, she practiced on a loving treatment of his royal member in the bed and got her breakfast right down her throat for her nourishment. When Roglan moved downstairs for morning feast, he sincerely thanked the master of the house for his hospitality and generosity.

The mature Jewish man then recognized that he would now have a special place in the heart of this young man, who didn't just take his daughter's virginity, but was noble and grateful for the opportunity.


And so it worked out, when he got old enough for his own household in the castle, he sent for Marion the young Jewish woman and she became his dearest chambermaid and longtime lover. She came to his service with her three year old son, and with him being his secretly. Manford his secret son grew up in his service and got a first rate education for this time and eventually became the young king's chamberlain and deliverer of his Jewish peoples during several times of difficulty.

And because of this, the young king all through his reigning years was always welcome to the homes of his Jewish subjects and the beds of their daughters. And he often availed himself of that privilege disguised as a poor traveler. No one was fooled by his appearance, but it gave needed cover to his dealings in these matters. Back in the time of his first countryside trek, as he left the house of his Jewish host, he spied the young girl up in an upper window looking down upon him, he doffed his hat to her and winked.

Then he turned away to further adventures for the day. She somehow knew in her heart that she would be again with him sometime in the future and in his bed to enjoy his services to her womanhood.

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As he wandered about the area, he noticed that the women were nearly all very busy, but that some of the men were lingering in the shade. He decided to address this to the king upon his return to the castle. Perhaps a kingly agent in each of the cities and districts of the kingdom to make sure that all of the able men we employed either in the craft halls, fields or military.

And if one was found malingering, some very unpleasant duty would be afforded him. The increased cost of the kingly agents of the country would more than be covered by the increased tax base stimulated by their administrative attentions. In the meantime, at noon the prince entered into the only drinking establishment of the small town that he had now entered and found several such idle men in drinking attendance there. They recognized who he was and after noticing his scornful looks, they made themselves scarce, even a couple of them moving to do some kind of productive work for the rest of the day.

As he settled in to a seating at one of the empty tables, several of the older men of the village acknowledged him with their bows and nods. He nodded back at these men who had served their country and king very well in the past.

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Then he turned to gaze up at the bar and the very sensually dressed serving wenches standing there. They had little or no covering to their pussies and breasts and would be totally disapproved of anywhere else in the kingdom except in their husband's bedrooms and here. As they each sashayed their behinds while having their legs opened and seemingly ignoring his presence he thought about a proper response to this flagrant royalty insult.

So, he motioned up to the barkeep and he sent one of the ladies to wait upon him. Roglan ordered a very common beer beverage and awaited its arrival. The lady delayed a bit and then came and sat on his lap, unbidden and served up the beer to him from her hands. The prince's brow and eyes sharpened at this, but the slattern seemed to take no notice.

So, after finishing off his brew, he rose and took the slut by the hands to the bar. Upon arriving, he commanded her to turn around and put her hands and face down on the bar. After she settled in there, he reached down and with the point of his fighting knife indicated for her to widen her hips. At the risk of losing some of her blood, she readily obeyed this indicated action of hers. He then reached out to her hips and vigorously slapped them until they were rosy red.

And then moved up to enter his arisen cock up into her pussy with no gentleness at all. After he had ridden her to her wetness, he then reached up to the bar and took a finger full of the lard there on the counter and wiped his cock with it and then poked it up into her behind.

As she was about to rise and protest this invasion, he plowed his cock right up into her ass and began a very pronounced using of her rectum and lower G.I. with him being fully entered up into her. With her mostly uncalled for loud screams and protests he continued on till he emptied up into her anal regions. And then with his cum and her ass leavings still in place, he forced her to clean this area off with her protesting mouth.

When she was done with that, he backed her up to the bar and with her legs widened again, took her pussy to his great enjoyment and her more than adequate responses, this time with no screaming added to it at all.

After he came again up to her, with her cumming accompanying it, he slapped her behind and gazed at the other bar slatterns who all of a sudden became a lot more respectful to him. He took them only pussy-wise and then offering a tip to the barkeep, made his leaving from the establishment to the cheers and applause of the older gentlemen in attendance on that day.

The word got around very quickly about this and from that time on, he was accorded due respect wherever he went and with whatever he chose to do. The barkeep renamed his place as the ROYAL PUNCH, in celebration of that day's events. When he got home that night with his squire very relieved to get him home undamaged and in good spirits, Roglan moved up to his bedroom and his mother fresh off from feeding her nurslings moved to be in his bed and mounted his lips to her still freshly milk laden nipples and let the young man fall asleep in her love.

Late in the night she backed up to him and installed him up her ass to dream of wanton women for the rest of the night. Twenty-two years later, his father had died three years prior and Roglan was firmly in control of his little kingdom within the Holy German Confederation of principalities.

He was indirectly under the lordship of the Germanic Kingdom, but had a considerable amount of freedom as a semi-independent state under his rulership. His mother, with the Germanic name of Mathilda, still was alive, but through with producing children. She was busy with her grandchildren now and still intimately mothering her favorite son, the king. The Jewess Marion was still in his service and usually in his bed, too.

She had born to him several more children, but Manford the oldest was his favorite and a twenty-one year old assistant of the aged chamberlain from his father's reign. But, his mother, his lover, his son and the old chamberlain were all recommending that he take a wife to secure his dynasty's future.

Marion's children would always have a central part in his kingdom, but to satisfy his people he needed an official wife to produce his legitimate heirs to the rulership. As Roglan couldn't very well leave his country with no heir to succeed him in the case of some unpleasant eventuality, he sent his son Manford on this mission.

And since his mother desired a young girl of her part of the world as a companion for herself as well as a wife to her son, Manford was sent to the Kingdom of Granada to find one. It was ruled by a Moorish (Moslem) king called a Caliph at the time. So, with his father's squire, now raised back up to being a knight and a light armed guard to travel through the Kingdom of Germany all the way down till he went through France to Espania, thus travelled the son.

And then after clearing things with the Christian rulers of the middle and northern regions of Spain, he came into the kingdom of the Southern Moors of Espania. When he crossed the borders between the two areas, because there had often been firefights between the two opposing forces, there was some suspicion by the caliph's border guards. But, when he presented a letter from his mother of this very region and his warrants from his king and the Germanic ruling authorities, as well as the grants of passage from the Christian rulers of Spain, he was granted to advance to the capital city and to seek audience with the Caliph.

The Caliph was very curious about this young man, described as half Jewish, one quarter Moorish and one quarter Germanic and the sub chamberlain of his kingdom at such an early age. When he appeared before the Caliph, he was very impressed with the solemn, but friendly demeanor of this handsome visitor from the far north. He could see among other things the influence of his Moorish grandmother and the sharpness of his mind from his Jewish heritage.

Whatever his mission was in his Kingdom, he wanted some of this fine man's body and mind in a couple of his daughters. The resulting children would be of much interest and hopefully of a character much like him. So he told Manford, that he would review all of the papers and seek to find out what he could of his grandmother's heritage and family and then try to produce a proper young woman to be his master's wife.

Roglan's mother had been known as Yazmine of Cordoba among her people. And under that name had been widely known and honored among her fellows. The caliph was very happy to know that she had flourished in the north in her assignment as a king's wife. Manford was very surprised of the lightness of color of the Caliph and his family.

But it became known that when the people who became known as the Moors first entered Spain, they brought no women with them and took wives from among the peoples already there. And from then on, their men nearly always preferred blond women up to Manford's day. So, Mathilda's ancestor's must have been from among Berber peoples who came in succeeding generations as she was darker than the Caliph's family was.

As the Caliph was winding up his audience with the young sub-chamberlain, he put him under the wing of the head of his guard to be feted in proper fashion until the affairs at hand could be resolved to everyone's satisfaction. There was some nervousness on Manford's part in this, but the head of the guard turned out to be a fine fellow and he was very respectful in his guidance of the young Jewish administrator from the far north.

Since the Caliph didn't want to come across as ungracious, nor too controlling, he willed to move things forward as quickly as possible for his chosen daughters to get their bodily gifts from Manford.

So, after a fine feast with some of the Caliph's family, Manford retired for the night to review in his mind his situation, which didn't appear to be strained and to consider carefully his next moves in regard to his commission in coming here. But, as he prepared for bed in a sumptuous chamber, one of the Caliph's daughters (recognized from the dinner,) a blond late teenage dream of a girl came into his quarters and guided him to his bed and then with her clothing disappearing as if by magic, she joined him there.

Since Manford was unsure of the propriety of this arrangement he let her have the lead. Being his father's son, if not an officially acknowledged one, he was thoroughly ready to spend some very intimate time with this young lady of the court.

His father already had sponsored his initiations into the bed sports of men, so he was more than sufficiently equipped of body and training to give the young girl the ride of her life. So, upon her obvious readiness for the intimacies that would be coming, he took her into his arms and hugged her up to him, with her melting into his grasp and welcoming his caressing hands over her back and arms. She herself used her free hands to caress around his hair and face.

With her fingers lightly splaying around in his luxuriant tresses. Then her lips came up to his and a dual of sexualities ensued with each trying to get the upper hand on the other, but both finding their tongues gravitating to the other's mouth. The kisses got very insistent and demanding and finally with each other's tongue down the other's throat, they gave into the total sensuality of the affair.

His hands moved down to her buttocks and probed down her rear crack, hers found his male member and began rising it up to the duty she envisioned for it. She then widened out her legs and his hands moved up to her pussy, now wetted with her personal lubricants against the coming invasion of her virginal reproductive body. His precum was evident on his cock and so she was spreading it around, too.

She then backed off to allow him to access her sprightly young breasts, since she had heard that many men are fascinated with them, though they are really meant to feed their offspring. No problem, what the attractive man wants, he gets.

And he fondled them to a great degree, surprisingly pleasant to the girl, but with no milk given to the disappointed lips of Manford. In her mind she decided to send a nursing mother to him in the morning to satisfy this craving of his, too.

And she did so. Manford from under his father's training knew about the reactions of women to having their pussy licked, so he moved down in the bed and initiated this for the young princess and was rewarded with outrageously profuse reactions of her bodily and vocal abilities to augment his efforts to please her in this way.

And when he backed up and initiated his penetration of her secret womanly home, she was lost in the sensory feeling of the moment so strongly that she didn't even feel much of his plunging in past her hymen in the taking of her virginity. He plunged deeply and firmly into her girlish belly and soon produced the desired result, the planting of his manly sauce right up to where it would do the most good, and the moving up of it due to his pumping action into her womb to be utilized by the egg awaiting it there.

With the realization of this intimate accomplishment, she pulled him down to her body with him still installed in her and encouraged him to fall asleep in her arms for the night. When the night was gone, she was gone, but a very fine looking young mother was in bed with him, offering up her nipple to him to satisfy his desires for mother's milk.

At this point he wondered if he would ever want to leave this country and castle. He spent a good part of the month as the guest of the caliph and during that time repeatedly mounted several of his daughters during the nights and some of the days.

The caliph was going to have several descendants from these couplings for his study up into the future. In the meantime, the Caliph had found his grandmother's family and after their celebrations over the news of their long gone relative, they came up with a young and beautiful niece to please a king and give Yazmine some comfort in her growing old age with a person from her former country. The trouble was that though the Caliph's family preferred blond women, Manford had no such prejudice and fell immediately in love with this young woman meant for his father.

But, he bucked up under his father's mandate and after things were cleared with her family and the Caliphate, he took his leave of the very gracious Caliph and moved on his trip to back home for his father's marital cause. He had a very difficult time not pursuing his own intimate interests with the young woman, but restrained himself on the trip that seemed all too long in the carrying out, with his growing saddened heart. He did have the maidservant of the young woman for his comfort and allayed his heart somewhat with his availing himself of her very willing body during the trip.

But, everyone read what his real heart was suffering, especially the young bride to be. She steered away from his immediate presence to prevent further accentuated heartache on his part. When he got home, his father Roglan and his grandmother Mathilda were extremely pleased with his successful venture for the future of the kingdom. And when he stood up for his father at the wedding, he got the surprise of his life.

As the handmaiden of the newly crowned wife of his father and Queen of the realm, was her twin sister, who immediately rushed over and jumped up into Manford's arms. Everyone was much amused by this deception inaugurated by the very sympathetic and wily Caliph. He had delayed Manford's leaving of his kingdom for a few days while he had sent his guard to gather up the young girl's twin and then had her hidden on the trip home. Several times when he thought that he had caught a glimpse of the bride to be, it was actually her sister that he saw, and she was falling in love with the young man, as he pinned away for her and her sister.

Most of the time the sister had disguised herself as the handmaiden. After a few weeks he married the young twin and the two twins and Mathilda (Yazmine) became fast friends and the two sisters were able to comfort one another in their home now far from their acclimated lands.

And they were of course deeply in love with their respective husbands and fathers to their children. Manford's mother Marion continued to be a favorite of Roglan's bed along with his young wife and they all lived out their lives in a very friendly environment for the rest of their lives.

A few years after the twin marriages of the twins, Manford happened to be wandering down one of the main corridors of the castle, just taking a look at the general status of things. He happened to encounter a particularly pretty young woman of the servant class. She was dressed as one of the washerwomen staff, but her hands were empty at this moment.

So, he deflected her into a short alcove off of the main walkway and left his accompanying Captain of the Guard to deflect any attentions of passers-byes of the activities in the alcove. He directed the young woman to lean up against the wall braced up by her hands and head, and to lift her gown and down her undergarments. This left her nether regions for the direct view of Manford and he was enjoying the view tremendously. His cock was rising, so he opened his garments and turned her head to the side and filled her mouth with his cock to rise it up to operational condition for the process it was going to soon enter.

After her efforts rose him to suitable height he moved to around her back and entered up into her birth port to afford her an intimate gift up into her lower belly. As his plowing up into her accentuated in its frenzy, she got caught up into the emotions of the moment and was matching him in her bouncing back against his belly in return.

Just in that moment, King Roglan happened by and looked in past the guard and saw his son, the Chamberlain going about one of his duties.

He smiled and winked at the Captain and asked him to pass on a request for the chamberlain to visit his office later in the afternoon. The guard nodded at that. In the meantime, Manford finished up into the young girl's pussy and then entered up her ass dry to emphasize that she needed to keep her hands busy in her assigned duties. After he came up her ass and relieved to some degree the pains of his entry there, he excused her to go about her duties and then received the message from the King, through the Captain.

When he entered into the King's private study and office, he was asked to close the door and the two of them settled down together. Roglan first addressed his son, the chamberlain by asserting that he could acknowledge his father within these private walls, but not elsewhere, ever.

He the father knew his son and revered the man that he had become, but for royal protocols, that had to remain private between the two of them. Then the King addressed the real purpose of this meeting. Manford suspected that he might be called to account for his activities in the alcove, but that did not turn out to be the case. Instead the subject was addressed in a much wider context. "Son, I have a commission for you in addition to your other duties.

I actually totally approve of your tupping the various unmarried women in the castle and elsewhere in addition to taking care of your dear wife and the coming young Jewish girl who is carrying your baby.

I know of that and also approve of you bringing her into the castle to serve you much as your mother has served me to my eternal gratitude. As much as I love and honor my mother, sisters, daughters and my dear young wife, Marion is the love of my life and if I ever have a life after this one, she is the one that I want to spend it with. In the meantime, I take care of all of their sexual needs and the occasional servant girl in my habitation in the castle, too.

Since, I am aging and am overwhelmed by my immediate intimate responsibilities, I will be depending on you to carry on as I have in the past by sharing in keeping the unmarried women of the land busy in making babies. I want you to enlist your brothers and other near relatives in this enterprise.

The reasoning on this is that the sons and daughters thus produced will provide the majority of the soldiers, policemen, castle guards, skilled workmen, teachers, nurses and loose women necessary for the management of our fine nation. To top this off, since the throne only gets ten percent of the all of the farming, business and investment earnings of the nation, we get one hundred percent of the exporting of the excess of these people to the surrounding nations.

They are becoming very popular among the other royal houses, since they are very loyal to them without any desires to depose them for their own benefits. So, the excess for our own nation's needs of these young people help to support the throne in its many responsibilities to its people.

Please continue this service to the throne and enlist others of your fellows to do the same." "Yes, father I will do so." That very afternoon after he took care of his dear wife, he left the castle to return to the previous house of his mother and the current one of his sixteen year old pending baby-mother. When he arrived, she quickly gathered him up and led him to her bedroom to enjoy some time with him and also to show off her growing belly with his child. He then informed her that she would be coming to the castle to attend to his wife and be his secondary, but much loved, lover from then on.

She was ecstatic to hear of this and then left the room briefly and led one of her younger sisters, only fourteen and a half to enjoy a time with him also. She also wanting to get a baby by him entered wholeheartedly into the enterprise and their mother who was nursing, came in to feed him with both sides as her younger daughter was planted on his cock and idly motioning on it.

After the mother left things got real hectic and he then came up into her and he took his leave of the two sisters to return to his duties at the castle. The official histories of this small kingdom ignored a lot of these situations, but the throne and people thrived for many generations to come.

And in that part of Europe, there are undoubtedly even today, still descendants of the principals of this little narrative.

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