Slut Lucy traffic cone fuck

Slut Lucy traffic cone fuck
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Sweaty, big, 16 year old boys ran about the football field. Some throwing, some catching, some tackling. You couldn't tell one from another with their helmets on, but Jeremy, a blond haired, blue eyed boy stood out from them.

He was tall, a rippling 6 pack, and skinny, but not scrawny. An angel face, and with a cute, tight ass to tie it all together.

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"Alright, boys, you're done. Go on and hit the showers!" The coach yelled. All complied. Many of the boys in the locker room weren't shy about getting naked at all, and Jeremy secretly liked that. He could sit there, in the showers and secretly size up all the boys' cock sizes.


He would fantasize about sucking them dry, having them brutally shoved up his eager asshole. Suddenly, Jeremy's 8 inch cock sprang up, and he quickly edged closer to the wall to conceal himself.

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Evan, brown hair, and VERY sexy build body glanced over to see the happening. He smiled to himself, and walked to where two other boys were sitting. "Sounds good." Said Jack, nodding his head, causing his shaggy black curls to bounce. "Sure." Said Damion, nodding the same, and running his hands through his short brown hair.

After the showers, Jeremy was the last to leave like always. He sat down, naked, when suddenly Jack and Damion had his hands behind his back and he was on his knees. Jack began kissing Jeremy's neck, and nibbling on his ears.

Damion was quick to follow, showering his chest and nipples with kisses, nipping at him every now and then. Jeremy moaned lightly and threw his head back, opening his eyes to see fully nude Evan with a hard, 10 inch cock in his hands.

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"Suck." He commanded, and Jeremy quickly took the monster into his mouth. Instinctively his tongue worked its way around the head. As he deepthroated Evan, the other two had worked their ways down Jeremy's body.

Damion and Jack were taking turns licking and lightly touching Jeremy's penis, but never fulling putting it into their mouths.

This kept Jeremy very much on edge, and he moaned on Evan's cock. Evan grunted and grabbed Jeremy's head, pulling it closer and plunging all of himself into his mouth. "Take it all down, bitch." Evan laughed at he came down Jeremy's throat. Jeremy did as he was told.

Evan pulled out, and took Jeremy by the hair, standing him up. "Oh the fun I'm going to have with you, bitch.

You're my new slave, my new cumdumpster, and you'll be damn good at it." Evan smiled as he threw him back to the floor. Damion and Jack quickly went back to torturing Jeremy's cock. Jeremy threw back his head in ecstasy. Evan stood back and stroked his dick, which had already gotten hard again.

Jeremy moaned loudly, and held onto a bench near his locker. After the sexual torture had gone on for a while, Damion and Jack stood up. Jeremy, still hard, looked very confused. He looked to Evan for answers.

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"Did you really think I'd let you cum already? You have a lot to learn, slut." Evan nodded to the other two and they stepped closer to Jeremy, pulling him up on his knees. Damion was first, and plunged his 7 inch cock into Jeremy's mouth.


Brutally fast, he went in and out, slamming the back of this throat until he came. Next, it was Jack's turn. His method was equally brutal, and equally fast.

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After Jack had ejaculated, not in Jeremy's mouth, but all over his face. It was time for the real fun to begin. Evan signaled for them to move Jeremy into the doggy-style position. They did so, and started to lick his asshole. Jack played with Jeremy's balls while Damion proceeded with the rim-job. He plunged his tongue into the pink, puckered flesh. Jeremy clenched and unclenched his muscles, more than once having to stop deepthroating Evan so he could scream.

After Evan came for a second time in Jeremy's mouth, he stepped around to his asshole. Evan knelt down and continued Damion's work. Damion lay down and licked at Jeremy's cock, gently stroking it. Jeremy moaned loudly and Evan smiled. Suddenly, he plunged his slobbery cock into Jeremy's asshole.

"Christ! You've been fucked in the ass before! I knew you were a slut!" Evan laughed ruthlessly and he jammed his cock into Jeremy's ass over and over again. Evan smacked Jeremy's ass as hard as he could, and Jeremy grunted and moaned. Jeremy started pushing his ass towards Evan's dick, and his own was about to explode from the pleasure Damion and Jack were giving it. "That's it whore, you know you like my huge cock slamming your ass!" Evan yelled as he increased speed, slamming even harder in Jeremy's ass.

Jeremy was screaming and moaning by the time Evan was getting close to his climax, and Jack and Damion started going harder on his cock. Evan yelled loudly and gripped Jeremy's hips, cumming into his asshole.


Evan pulled out and wiped off his dick with a towel, and then threw the same towel and Jeremy. "Clean yourself up."