Redhead masseuse and ebony anal fucking

Redhead masseuse and ebony anal fucking
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May not be reproduced in whole or part without written permission of author. Volleyball Humiliation Slut I'm a bus driver. Assigned to take the mens and ladies College level teams on a three night road trip.


When I arrived at the pick up the Ladies were waiting with the men nowhere in sight. This is pretty normal as the men will take more than there fair share of seats if the Women don't stake there territory first. As we were loading luggage and gear one of the little cuties turned her back to me and bent over to slide her luggage into the bus.

She was wearing these form clinging tights and as became obvious no underwear. I got a lovely look at her camel toe from the rear. I wished it hadn't been an lucky accident, but 60 year old fat bears don't tend to attract college girls. Off we went & and 7 hours on the road for our first days travel. The Ladies pulled an upset win and the men won as expected.

Unbeknownst to me there was a quiet party down stairs in one of the girls rooms. Most of the team drunk but as it was only the Ladies, no noise complaints. I sleep naked, if you said yuck, screw you.

There came a knock on my door. I checked the peep hole and oooo its the tights girl. So I grabbed my pants and shirt then opened the door. She was very obviously drunk. She kind of pushed past me with a big smile, not that I tried to stop her. Plopping down on the bed she said; "My name is Shelly and you are Bernie, you said I think" with a little giggle.

I generally hate gigglers, but shes good looking, drunk and on my bed, I'll give her a pass on that. "Yes, and why are you here Shelly" "I want to give you a rim job" She said.

And my brain quit working for a little bit there. "I kind of have this thing for doing humiliating things for old guys like you, and since I'm drunk I've got the courage to ask." said with a smile. "So too humiliate yourself you want to lick my stinky unwashed poop hole?" "Yep" as she laid back on the bed with her arms spread to the sides.

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I laid down beside her lifting her arm out of the way and as i did she rolled over to look me in the face. "You really are drunk, aren't you?" "Muh-huh" Nodding as she squirmed a bit to get comfy.

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I needed to pee so I said "I'll be right back" By the time I got back she was asleep. I couldn't wake her so I reached over and confirmed she wasn't wearing a bra, sighed and rolled over and went to sleep.

Why didn't I go further? Its no fun if they aren't awake and enjoying themselves, or not. Way early the next morning, like 4:30 ish I wake up too "What the fuck!" said loudly and right into my ear. She is thrashing around getting off the bed, I rolled over kind of covering up in case she is going to hit me.

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She ends up standing against the wall panting and staring at me. As she started to calm down I asked "Do you remember last night?" "Oh God, NO" She turned around and plunked down on the bed and held her head in her hands, "I asked if I could . ahh" "Rim me?" Very quietly " yes, oh god" she whispered. "Look at me" said in an authoritative tone.

As she turned I saw the flush on her face and raised resperation, and maybe a throbing vein in her throat. Was she actually turned on by this? "I'm not going to tell anyone, if you don't" said with a smile. "And if you want to talk later I am willing to listen, OK?" She nodded.

"I think its time for you to go to your own room." "Yes I think so" She said and stood up. "You really wont tell anyone?" "I really wont" again with my most reassuring smile. Last thing she said under her breath as she left was "Oh God, I'm soo horney" Of course I couldn't get back too sleep.

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We loaded up and left at 8 am. I was way tired, but its only a 4 hour run. When we got there the girls won as expected against the worst team in the league. I can't rember how the men did, I was there to watch my little cutie.

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After the team supper I sacked out. About 9 pm a timid knock on the door. I had my shirt on already as I had hoped she would visit, threw on my pants, and opened the door with out checking the peep hole. It was the coach, he appologised for getting me up.


Thank god I got dressed. We talked about schedule changes. I stripped down and went back to bed. Just nicely wrapped up and another quiet knock. This time as I dressed I checked the peep hole, then I wondered if I should strip off, no I might scare her off. "Yes?" as I opened the door. " Can we talk ?" Shelly said standing in the hall. I was disapointed, Both a Bra and Jeans. " Sure" as I stepped back and waved her into the room.

She hesitated for a moment, looked over her shoulder to see if anyone was watching and slipped inside. After a moment of huming and hawing she sat on the bed and said "What I said last night". "Yes" "I still want to" As I drew a breath to speak, she said "Rim your unwashed stinky poop hole, I mean" "You'r sober?" "Yes.

you didn't say anything or get creepy today so I think I can trust you" "You said you like to do humiliating things, but other than the rim job whats in it for me?" I asked. "You can use me anyway you like tonight" This is a less large give than you might think. I can get it up for real about once a week. I can jerk off more often but it means no hard wood for pushing. "Ok I'm in" said with a smile.

"I'm warning you I took a shower this morning, and I did shit at the truck stop at lunch time. So you are getting all day dirty" She started squirming on the bed, flushed and breathing quickly. Oh yeah she wants to do this. "When your done you are going to kiss me with tongue and then strip for what I want." Now she licked her lips and nodded. I dropped my pants and turned around to lay beside her, as I did she caressed my ass and said "keep your hips on the edge of the bed." As I lay down she slipped off the bed and kneeled, moving in as I raised my knees up so she could get access to my asshole easily.

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Her togue went up insipde as far as she could push without warning. I arched my back and grunted as I tried to relax my ass. She seriously worked her tongue in and out and swirled it around. I could see her head bobing a bit. "Are you masterbating?" I asked. A very muffeled "Um humm" came back. "Stop when you come or I'm likely to shit in your mouth." Instantly she stopped work, put her forehead against my taint and let out a groan and began panting.

Oh yeah, orgasim. Her kiss tasted like my finger after I scratch my ass and cherry lip gloss. I had the bigest, hardest hardon I've had in years. "Time to strip off Shelly" "Ok" as she stood up. Good god shes gorgious, from her dark hair, small athlete tits, hard body abs, to her shaved cunt, absolutely stunning. "You have two choices" Said with a smile.

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"Cowgirl or reverse cowgirl, and go untill you come." She looked at me and said "Its your choice," with a smile. "OK Cowgirl, I'm going to get a god view of your asshole later" It was good to see her eyes widen in suprise. As she slid he tight soaking wet cunt onto my extra thick 7 inches I asked, "This humiliation stuff really gets you going, doesn't it?" "yessss" as she nodded and worked me in and out. She seemed to be less into this part, then I had a thought.

"This must be the most humiliating part of the night." She looked at me with an expresion that said she didn't understand. "You're bare backing a fat old man to pay for licking and litterally eating out his asshole." It was joyus to watch her realise what I meant. She blushed redder that when she asked to rim me sober. A few seconds later I felt her cunt start to pulse around my dick as she came so I let go an filled her with cumm.

As we lay panting on the bed I asked "Are you using contraceptive of any kind?" "Yes I'm on the pill and I have a IUD up my cunt" "Maybe later I'll try to get ahold of it with my tongue" Smiling "If you do, no more cock in cunt for you!" "Who said anything about any more dick for you or your smelly cunt?

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"Smelly, I'm not smelly." I reached down and slimed up my finger in her vagina and smeared it under her nose.

"Really? and dont you dare wipe that off." "Now go to sleep I have a 10 hour drive to our next stop in the morning." She snuck out sometime durring the night, I hope I can keep her interested as she will be on my bus two more days and if I bribe the dispatcher with a bottle of bourbon maybe a bunch of times this season.