Lesbian stepmother revenge sporty teenagers slurping each other

Lesbian stepmother revenge sporty teenagers slurping each other
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It was only about five minutes earlier when I left home for work and was now parking the car for my morning rendezvous with Judy. My morning routine had followed its normal pattern of showering, dressing and then breakfast.

I would then give my wife a kiss as I walked out the door and tell her "Love you. See you this evening." After waiting at the exit from our complex for traffic to clear I entered the main road but not in the direction of work. Once again I making a detour to keep a prearranged early morning visit with the woman who had been flirting with me for the past few months.

My wife and I had known Judy and her husband for about six years. We first meet them shortly after they were married when they moved into a house across the street from us. Judy was a couple of years younger than myself and about fifteen years younger than her husband.

I learned quickly that Judy enjoyed flirting with men. We had known Judy and her husband for a few months, when she insisted that we spent the night at their place. Judy made a place for my wife and I to sleep in a spare room adjacent to her bedroom.


In the morning she said to me "I didn't hear anything last night." Judy obviously was listening to see if she could hear me fucking my wife.

Years later after her flirting with me had become obvious, her husband said to me, "You aren't the first and you won't be the last." A few months prior to the events in this story, Judy's flirting with me became rather intense. She carried her flirting to the next level when both my wife and her husband could not see or hear what she was saying or doing.

Judy started pressing and rubbing her breasts and lower stomach against me at every opportunity. Her comments to me when no one else could hear what she was saying were full of sexual innuendos. Eventually on one of these occasions Judy suggested that I should stop by one morning after her husband left for work. I quickly developed a routine where I was at Judy's house one or two days a week. I would stay about tem minutes, during which we were on each other like a couple of teenagers.

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These sessions consisted primarily of kissing and playing with and sucking on her ample breasts. At times I would cup her pussy with my hand through her nightgown, but never mad direct contact with her pussy. I wanted to fuck her and she not only knew it, she used it to keep me coming back for her enjoyment. They day that she finally let me fuck her happened after about two months of morning visits. This is the story of the events for that day.

As I drove past the street that Judy lived on I checked to see if her husband's car was still there. Not seeing his car in front of their house I knew that it was safe to pay Judy a visit on this morning. I parked my car on a side street about a block away from her home and took the short walk to her house.

I approached her house from the rear, hopped over the fence, and crossed through the back yard to the rear patio doors. I knocked lightly on the door which slid open immediately, stepped into her kitchen, and slid the door closed behind me. Judy, who had been waiting for my arrival, stood before me wearing only her nightgown. The shear material of the gown as it clung to her body revealed that she was wearing no garments beneath it. The material at the top of her gown had formed around her hardened nipples.

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As my gaze moved down her body I could clearly see the dark triangle of her pubic hair through the shear material the nightgown. We greeted each other with a hug and a few kisses. Until now the furthest our relationship had progressed was a hug, kisses, fondling her breasts and sucking on her nipples.

I was with Judy for only a few minutes when I gently lowered the front of the nightgown's neck line, freeing her breasts from the material that had been covering them.

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This action caused Judy's fully exposed breasts, now released from their confine, to freely hang outside of her gown. Her nipples and other erectile tissue located within her areola had already become fully erect. Instinctively I cupped each breast in my palms, supporting their weight with my hands, and as I held them began to knead them with my fingers.

Within minutes I was also lightly pinching her nipples, squeezing and massaging her buttocks, and lightly touching the mound of her pussy. I took one of Judy's breasts and cupped it in both using both hands as I raised her breast to my mouth. As Judy's entire areola entered into my mouth I began sucking on it, drawing as much as possible of her breast into my mouth. My tongue then went into action working on her nipple, both circling around and flipping back and forth across her erect nipple.

The entire process was then repeated on Judy's other breast. We then went back to passionately kissing and my hand went down to and cupped her pussy.

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I did not try to penetrate her with my finger through the nightgown but instead squeezed and rubbed her pussy. It was then that Judy finally said what I had been waiting to hear. As we stood there, with my hand wrapped around the mound of her pussy, Judy said "Come with me, if you really want to do this." I said nothing as she took me by the hand and led me into her bedroom. Neither of us spoke as we walked towards and then entered into her bedroom.

Judy stopped beside her bed and then reached down to grab the lower hem of her nightgown. Judy did not remove her nightgown before she lay down on her bed, but instead pulled the bottom of her nightgown up high enough to expose her breasts.

This was the first time that I was fully able to see the dark, course hair that marked the location of her pussy. As Judy got onto the bed, laying on her back, she spread her legs apart making room for me to lay between them.

I removed my shoes and socks first then my trousers and undershorts joined them on the floor beside the bed.

I then got onto her bed and positioned myself so that my hips were between her upper thighs. There was no foreplay before I lowered myself onto her. I felt Judy toke my fully erect cock between her thumb and forefinger too guide me into the entrance of her pussy. I shifted my body forward, and as I felt the head of my cock fully enter into Judy's pussy, she removed the fingers which had guided me into her.

As the head of my cock passed beyond the outer lips of her pussy I could tell that she was already fully lubricated.


We were both totally ready for what was to come next. I slowly inserted my cock deep into her pussy feeling every ripple as the head of my cock made its inward journey into her depths.

We both lay there motionless for a few moments. It was then that she said the first words spoken by either of us since she took my hand to lead me into her bedroom. These are words that have been firmly burnt into my memory forever. She said to me in a soft but clear voice, "It feels so delicious." With those words I started to slowly and gently fuck her.

We fucked each other in complete silence.


Our illicit affair had finally been consummated as we each thought that we were making love to each other. I wanted to give Judy maximum pleasure and not treat her as if I were some wild animal after raw sex.

I was slowly moving my hips delivering long slow strokes of my cock deep into her pussy. With each inward stroke she was lifting her hips to meet my penetrating into her depths. We continued this rhythm we had established for almost ten minutes before I felt that my climax was rapidly approaching. I then started a brief series of deep, hard penetrations which signaled to her that my climax was close. Despite this being the first time that Judy and I fucked each other she read the signals I was giving.

Judy responded by using her body to drive my cock even deeper into her pussy, matching each of my inward thrusts into her pussy. I lasted only seconds longer when I flooded her with my semen as I erupted inside of her pussy. As I started to cum Judy gave one long, hard upward push with her hips, holding my cock deep inside of her pussy taking all of my semen deep inside of her pussy.

Unfortunately, my morning visits could only last no more than ten to fifteen at the most and I had already exceeded that. As much as I wanted to stay and repeat with her what just happened I had no real choice but to leave for work.

I knew that I would already be at least fifteen minutes if not more late for work and would have to come up with a good excuse. I pulled myself together and departed with a quick kiss, a squeeze of her breast and a promise to return on another morning for more illicit but satisfying sex.