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@guavapancake The Other Way Around Ben answered the phone. Rico didn't say a word. Trevor was also surprised and couldn't say anything. Ben put the phone on loud speaker mode so Rico and Trevor can hear Tory. Tory: Rico!! Are you there? Hello?.Hello? Ben: I am sorry Tory, this is Ben speaking.

Tory: Ben?! Why do you have Rico's phone? Ben: Well you see Rico is failing in class and He begged me to tutor him. Tory: Really?! Then why did he say he was free tonight? We had plans.

Can I speak with him? Ben: I wished he can speak to you; I hate to speak in behalf of Rico but he is in the bathroom right now.

Can you leave a message? Tory: Well, please tell him I understand but I want to talk to him. Thank you Ben. Ben: You're welcome. Ben hung up the phone. All this time while speaking with Tory, Ben was looking straight into Rico's eyes. Ben: Now Rico should I tell Tory the truth? I can always call her or even better video call. Rico couldn't object anymore since he is very exhausted physically and emotionally. He just wants to go home and do normal stuff.

He doesn't want to imagine nor think what would happen if Ben revealed everything to Tory and also He thought that if Ben got Trevor to do this to him, surely He wouldn't back down into dragging Tory into this mess.

Whatever the outcome is one thing is for sure He is screwed. Rico left Ben's gazed: no don't do that, I will submit just leave her alone. Trevor: Ask for it Rico! Rico: huh? The Hell&hellip. I don't know how! Ben wrote something in the phone and showed it to Rico.

Rico read it and his face was in disgust. Ben: Here this is what I want to hear, slave! Rico: Please… Trevor…Fuck me with your dick, make me your slut… I need your cock in me… Rico was so red he was so embarrassed of what he just said he closed his eyes waiting for Trevor's response.

Trevor: I want you to shout it! I didn't hear you Rico. Rico just wanted all of this to be over soon so he just did what he was asked. Protesting was pointless and would certainly make the situation worst. He sighed with surrender. Rico: PLEASE FUCK ME TREVOR! Trevor: Hahahaha! Alright!

Trevor stripped off his basketball uniform. He ripped up a condom and put it on his dick. His dick was really huge girth wise; it was about 6 inches in girth.

The condom was so stretch out because of the beer can size cock. He poured a large amount of lubricant and spread it in his cock. He then poured some around Rico's hole. Rico clenched as he felt the lubricant on his rim. Ben was in awe when he saw Trevor completely naked. Trevor was also a looker with his wild brunette hair brushed upwards and his angular face makes him look like a jock model. His body was slim but very toned with muscles complete with abs he was a hot jock.

Ben released Rico's arms and pulled his leash. Rico was forced to move out of the table. Ben: Trevor go lie down at the table. Trevor lied on his back with his hard dick sticking out pointing upwards. Rico eyes widened as he realized what Ben was thinking. Rico: Oh no!!! no!! I can't do that!! I don't know how!!!


Trevor soon understands it too. Trevor: Hahaha! Rico you are going to do it cowboy style. Fuck! my girlfriend never even did this to me hahaha you are a slut Rico hahaha. Ben pulled the chain so that Rico was forced to walk towards Trevor. Rico got on top of Trevor and aimed his asshole at the throbbing cock. Rico was going to ride Trevor's cock.

Rico: I can't Trevor your dick is huge I can't! Trevor: Just do it slut! Rico slowly lowered himself towards Trevor's meat. The tip of Trevor's cock pierced his hole, Rico gasped and slowly continued to lower himself, the cock head was now slowly entering him he clenched his teeth because of the big intrusion. Then Ben squirted a large amount of lube at Rico's hole and Trevor's huge dick. This made Rico slide faster into Trevor's dick. Rico: Aaaaaaah it hurts aaaaaah!

I can't go on! My hole is stretching aaaahh FUCK! Rico's eyes were closed and his face look hurt. Trevor's dick was now half way through. Trevor: Wow Rico it's so warm inside and tight my dick almost bending.

Ben was so turned on by the sight, Rico spread legs and sitting on Trevor's dick while Rico's cock was flaccid but exposed to Trevor. Ben put his hands on Rico's shoulder and suddenly pushed Rico downward with all his strength.

Rico: FUUUCKK AAAAHHH SHIIIT!!!!! Trevor: FUCKK that felt good! It's so hot inside! Rico was now fully impaled onto Trevor's dick.

He screamed in pain and lost all strength and fell down, his face at Trevor's chest he was cursing through his teeth while Trevor laughs. He never realized how hard Trevor's chest were and felt bad thinking about that he was not a fag why is he feeling up this pricks' chest! Ben pushed Rico upright again and he was surprised of what he saw. Trevor saw it too. Rico's cock was 9inch hard foreskin pulled back and spewing precum all over Trevor's abs.

Trevor's dick apparently hit Rico's prostate and it was giving him so much pleasure. Rico was so confused he didn't like it but his body was so hot, his cock was so hard and it was a different kind of feeling.

Trevor: Shit Rico you like riding cock so much? I didn't know you were a closeted gay! Rico: Shut up! Shithead! Trevor: Say what you want I am not the one with a boner having his hole filled. Trevor's dick was still inside him and it was so painful but his cock was hard.

Rico was so dazed of what was happening he don't know why his body was responding this way. Ben: Move up and down, fuck yourself using Trevor's dick! Trevor moved his hand on the back of his head, he really was enjoying this.

Rico tried moving upwards and Trevor's dick slid off making him again ache in pain he closed his eyes and move upward then downward forcing Trevor's cock to slide in and out of his hole.

Trevor was moaning now. Rico was beginning to feel pleasure because of the stimulation of his prostate. His cock was leaking precum and he was so embarrassed by it. Ben suddenly touch Rico's dick and began examining it.

When Rico is moving downward impaling himself, his cock would throb and blow precum almost like a pump. Trevor's abs was so wet now it was like a bucket of water was splashed all over him. Trevor was feeling so good since this was Rico's first time, the fucking was very slow and very very tight it was like a vacuum stroking his cock over and over again. After a while Rico's pace started going faster naturally.

Rico was hitting the base of Trevor's dick now. His hole was beginning to expand. Rico was now full fucking himself on Trevor's meat. He was so humiliated, He never thought that his first time having sex was with his enemy and he himself was the one who is riding a dick. He was not fucked by anyone but he himself agreed to impale his hole on his rival's dick. After a while of Rico riding Trevor's dick. Trevor pushed Rico and Rico easily dropped on the table.

Trevor knelt down on top of the table and aimed his dick and began fucking Rico's hole. Rico was now again in a state where there is no emotion in his eyes he looked away while Trevor kept pounding him with his cock.

He thought that his first time having sex, he was going to fuck Tory but now it was the other way around, he was the one being fucked. Rico was moaning in pain his legs were spread and his cock was still spewing precum, all for Ben and Trevor to see.

Trevor scooped some precum off his abs and fed it to Rico. Rico willingly licked the precum off of Trevor's hands. Trevor was mercilessly hammering his dick inside Rico like a dog in heat. Trevor: Ahhh aaahh! Now who is the better between the two of us! Who! You asshole! Rico didn't reply his eyes were looking at the sides with no emotions. He can't look at Trevor, He can't look at the person fucking him. It was too much. Trevor: Answer me!!!!

Rico: Aaaah aaaaah! You! You are the better one! Aaaah aaaaaah! Trevor: Look me in the eyes while I fuck you!


Rico opened his eyes and met Trevor's eyes and he accidentally shed a tear because of the pain. Taking a huge cock was really a leap for Rico since he was a virgin after all. He felt so degraded He was looking at Trevor while being fucked. Trevor's eyes was fierce he was moaning with pleasure and grinning. Trevor: Now who is crying slut! You know how many times you beat me at games and humiliated me?

Now take it all! take my cock!! Trevor's dick was now going so fast fucking the tight hole. Ben was watching all of this and he was so aroused. Rico suddenly started feeling a lot of pleasure, Trevor was hitting his prostate so many times it was a new feeling it was so good that he was trying hard not to cum.

But he was feeling it and then Trevor finally knew where Rico's spot was because every time he plunged there Rico's dick would throb and released a new bead of thick precum. Trevor concentrated on that spot and soon Rico's face was becoming redder and his eyes were now closed. Rico was moaning with pleasure. Rico: FUCK TREVOR not there!!!!! I can't hold it if you fuck me there aaahhhh! Trevor: Where?. Here!!! Hahahaha! Trevor kept on shoving his hard dick in the spot.

Rico couldn't bear it his cock was so so turned on. He moved his hands into his face to cover his embarrassment and tears.

His cock then began cumming even if it wasn't being rubbed. Ben and Trevor began lauging at Rico. Rico's cock was throbbing while spewing semen all over himself. His cock blew 8 times while moaning in each release.

Rico: Please don't look at my cock cumming please! Aaaaah! Trevor: Hahaha! You came while being fucked in the ass dude hahaha!

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You are a pervert! I will never see you as a rival anymore hahaha! Rico was so shamed he was being fucked and he blew his load. It looks like his body was enjoying being fucked.

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Trevor after what seems to take forever finally reached his limit. With a powerful final thrust of his 7inch beer can cock inside Rico. He closed his eyes. Trevor: I am cumming!! Aaaaahhh take it all Bitch!! Rico felt Trevor's dick throbbing inside of him releasing spunk into the condom. Trevor was moaning so hard. Ben looked so please, He looked at Trevor while cumming and he was so cute. However He felt a jab of pain in his cold heart. It wasn't pity, was it jealousy? He quickly dismissed the idea and concentrated on the sexy porn in front of him.

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Trevor quickly pulled out his dick. Making Rico scream in pain of the sudden release. Ben: Spread your legs and show us your hole Rico. Rico spread his legs and using his hands he spread his ass cheeks to expose his hole.

Ben whistled: Wow! now that looks like a hole which was fucked all night. Rico's hole was very pink and it was gaping open with lots of ass juices and lube coming out. It was obviously sore from all the hammering of Trevor's dick. Ben took a photo while Rico's hole was exposed. Rico was so red he was so embarrassed showing them his hole. Trevor: Take my jockstrap again Rico! Rico was now so exhausted physically and mentally to protest.

He picked up Trevor's jockstrap. Trevor: Now lick the part where my dick juices are. Rico licked it over and over again tasting the saltiness and smelling the dirty jockstrap. Trevor took the condom out of his cock carefully and gave it to Ben. Ben took it and felt it.

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The condom was so filled with cum that it seems it would spill out if not correctly handled. Trevor began to dress up. Ben: Hahaha! your cum is still warm Trevor. Trevor: Fresh out of the meat! Ben then took something out of his pocket. It was a transparent straw and he put it in the condom and gave it to Rico. Rico knows what is being asked of him already he began to sip from the straw. Ben: Slowly!

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I want to see the cum flowing from the straw. Trevor: HOLY SHIT that is disgusting!!!!!! I can see the cum flowing and&hellip. ughhh!! Trevor ran at the side of the court and began gagging. The image of Rico consuming his cum makes him sick and from a straw.

It was okay when Rico was giving him a blowjob but this was something else he can see the condom being emptied up. Trevor: My girlfriend wasn't even willing to swallow my load but you Rico you are sipping it like food.

That's my fucking spunk slut!! Ben: Rico look at the camera while drinking! Ben: Is Trevor's cum still warm? Rico: Yes it is&hellip.master. Ben again took his phone and typed something and showed it to Rico.

Rico's eyes was now distant it was hollow. Ben: Now say it to Trevor. Rico: Thank you for fucking my virgin ass Trevor. I am sorry for being such a jerk.

I really want to suck your dick again and also this cum filled condom is so fresh that it's still warm inside my mouth I really enjoyed drinking it. Trevor: Hahaha! you are welcome Rico! And keep that jockstrap as a reminder! End of part 6