Old lad seduces a youthful amazing hottie

Old lad seduces a youthful amazing hottie
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PART 3 Levon Cole lit a cigarette and lay back on the table, the young, half-naked boy named Jaime next to him snuggled up close. They were both coming down from the intense sexual experience they had shared in the breakroom of their workplace. The two interns looked at one another coyly in silence. After a while, Jaime spoke up first. "So…" he said, "where'd you work before this?" "I worked at a print shop," Levon replied as he puffed on a cigarette.

He had offered one to Jaime, who had refused. "Were you fired?" "Almost. I quit before my asshole of a boss could cut me off." "What happened?" "He overworked me, didn't pay enough, and worst of all, he tried to fuck me… once." "Really?" "Yeah. I was working on fixing a copier after hours one day, not being paid overtime, of course. Out of nowhere, the sleaze grabbed my ass and tried shoving a finger up it." "Did you tell anyone?" "No… you see, I hadn't come out yet… but my boss had saw me kiss this boy one time… If I had told anyone about him pulling that on me, he'd tell my folks that I was gay." "So you quit?" "Not right away.

I took his snide remarks for months. He'd call me 'faggot' and 'queer-bait'… so I decided to just get it over with myself and come out to my parents on my own. My dad didn't take it well…" "Oh… I know how that feels. It didn't sit with my dad well either. He almost just up-and-left." "Well, mine did… but my mom has been really supportive… so now it's just my mom and me but I was still stuck in that hellhole with my boss.

So, after a whole year I couldn't take it anymore. I quit." "Good for you, Levon." "Thanks…" Levon looked down at his watch. "Shit! It's late. I should go…" "You're right. I'll see you Monday, I guess." "Yup." Levon was unsure what to do next.

Should he hug him? Kiss him? Hell, he even felt like fucking him again. But Jaime was one step ahead of him. He was already redressing and was out the door before Levon could do anything. Levon finished his cigarette and got dressed. Monday came and Levon went back to work. The weekend was tough, however, as Levon could not keep his mind off of Jaime. Levon's dreams were filled with the blonde wonder-boy. There was something about Jaime's crystal blue eyes that had burned into his mind.

Levon was even distracted at work. His mind was not focused on his tasks, but on that night those two twink bodies had shared in pure lust. "Hey… kid… you with me?" Jim Scott's voice broke through Levon's daydream.


Levon looked up to see Jim standing at the opening of his cubicle. Levon hadn't even remembered Jim had existed… not since the night with Jaime. But now Levon remembered all too well that his hunk of a boss existed, standing before him in all of his sexy glory. "Yeah, sorry," Levon said, "I was thinking about something else." "I'm just checking up on you," Jim said, "everything coming along smoothly?" Smooth as Jaime's body, Levon's mind told him.

"Everything's great, Jim." "Good, good. Listen, we're getting a little short on cubicles here. We made some changes, and we're gonna have you share this cubicle with another intern. Levon's heart pounded a little faster. He knew what was coming next. Jim called to someone from across the room, but Levon didn't hear the name over his heartbeat.

"Levon," Jim said, "this Jaime Regan." Surprise surprise, Levon thought as Jaime came from behind Jim with an outstretched hand. "Nice to meet you, Levon," Jaime said with a wink. They shook hands.

"You too," Jaime muttered. "I think you too will work out great," Jim said, and with that, he walked away. Jaime looked down the hall to see that Jim was out of view, and grabbed Levon hard and kissed him passionately. "Nice to meet you, stud," he whispered seductively. "You new around here?" Although Levon had returned the kiss, he suddenly felt angry. "Watch yourself," Levon said sternly, "I'm not getting in trouble because of you." "Oh, no sir," Jaime replied, a hint of sarcasm laced in his tone.

On their lunch breaks, Levon and Jaime returned to the breakroom, only this time they went with innocent intents.

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They unpacked their lunches and ate in silence. Another coworker soon entered, and sat down at the table opposite of the two boys. Jaime leaned over and cupped a hand over Levon's ear, giggling softly. "We fucked on that table," he snickered in whisper, "and he's eating on it." The coworker looked up from his lunch at the two boys.

He gave them a look and went back to his sandwich.


"Shut up," Levon whispered. "How hot would it be if we just fucked on that table again, right in front of him?" "I said shut up." Jaime made a pouted face and went back to his food.

As Levon finished his meal, he felt a hand reach under the table and rub at his crotch. He looked over to see Jaime looking the other way, but his arm under the table. Levon didn't let him stop at first, and Jaime's hand felt a stiffening cock under Levon's pants.

"Well hello there," Jaime said aloud.

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Levon stood up suddenly and walked out of the room. Jaime shrugged and finished his lunch. An hour later, Levon was in the copy room alone, faxing some documents. He worked in silence until a voice whispered in his ear.

"Didn't you like my little gift at lunch?" "No, Jaime, not really. I wasn't in the mood." "That's not what I felt." Jaime stood behind Levon and wrapped his arms around the other boy's broad shoulders. "Not here, damn it!" Levon snapped.

He spun around and looked Jaime in the eye, "Look," he said, "what we had the other night was a one-time deal. And if we ever do that again, it's not going to be here, especially during work-hours. I'm not risking this job." "But it's so kinky here…" Jaime pouted. "I… don't care. This job is important to me and I'm not planning on getting fired for having sex on the copier, or in my cubicle, or in the breakroom, or anywhere else in this office!" "Ooh, I like your thinking," Jaime said, eyeing the copier next to them.

"Stop it! Stop it right now!" Levon almost shouted. He tried to calm himself. "No more. OK?" "…Don't you like me?" "I don't know yet." "…'Yet'," Jaime repeated. He gave Levon a quick peck on the cheek and left the room. Levon washed his hands in the bathroom. It all started here, didn't it?

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Just then, Jim emerged from one of the stalls, buttoning up his pants and tightening his belt. Levon thought he had caught a glimpse of some of Jim's pubic hair in the mirror before his boss zipped up. "How's it going, Levon?" Jim asked casually. "Everything going well with you and Jaime?" "It's great," Levon said. "We're getting lots of work done." "That's what I like to hear." Jim washed his hands and looked at himself in the mirror.

He toyed with his thick brown hair a little and adjusted his tie.

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"Hey, I forgot to ask you about something… Were you in the breakroom Friday night?" Levon's heart stopped. "Uh… no… why?" "I came into work Saturday morning, and as I was making myself some coffee in the breakroom, I found that someone had spilled a soda.

I guessed it might've been you since you were working late." Jaime's soda, Levon recalled, it was on the table… maybe we had knocked it over when we were… yeah… "Wasn't me," Levon said. "That's alright," Jim replied, "Must've been the custodian. That'd probably be why the room smelt kinda funny." Levon feigned a laugh at Jim's remark, as a wave of relief came over him after Jim had believed his lie.

At the end of the day, Levon met his mom on her floor and they waited for another elevator. "Good day?" she asked. "Yup." "Good." A new elevator arrived, and as the doors slid open, Levon came face to face with Jaime, who couldn't hide a grin. Levon and his mother entered the elevator and it made its descent to the lobby floor. Jaime looked at Levon, who said nothing. Suddenly, Stacey's cell phone went off.

She answered it. As she jabbed on the phone, Levon's gaze remained at Jaime. "You almost got us caught today," Levon muttered quietly. "What'd I do?" Jaime whispered back.

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"That soda you were drinking the other night? You knocked it over and it spilled all over the place. Jim saw it the next day." "I did?" Jaime almost laughed, "I think it was a collaborative effort after your little sideways thrusting maneuver, remember?" "Oh shut up, you left it on the table." The door dinged open and the trio emerged. Levon's mom ended her call.

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After exiting through the front door of the lobby, Jaime followed behind as they walked though the parking lot. Jaime got to his car first, and as Levon and his mother kept walking, Jaime called out, "See you tomorrow, Levon!" "A friend of yours?" Stacey Cole asked as they got to their car.

"Just another intern I work with, mom." "Oh, ok… He seemed nice. If he's gay too, you should date him." "Mom!" Levon exclaimed, "What?" she laughed, "There's nothing wrong with a little office-romance."