Two lesbian babes loving having

Two lesbian babes loving having
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POTLUCK POUNDING By Dabria Dixxon 2016 The alarm clock blasts you awake. "Damnit" you growl and reach over and hit the snooze. It's Saturday and you should be sleeping in but "Oh NO" your wife had to get you both invited to some lame picnic with a bunch of her boring, stupid friends.

You would much rather sleep in, and lounge in front of the tv most of the day. The alarm goes off again and you roll over to find your wife not sleeping next to you. You have a raging morning wood and you sigh in frustration. Not that it would matter if she were there, she never wants to fuck anymore and that really pisses you off.

You wrap your fingers gently around the thick shaft and lay back relinquishing to the fact that, again, you have to take care of it. You hear her down in the kitchen as you stroke your cock. Probably cooking up all kinds of potluck dishes for the picnic.

You wish she would show you as much attention. Just as you are about to cum, you roll on your side and shoot your jizz all over the sheets on her side of the bed. "Serves you right" you snicker as you straighten up the blankets pressing down hard on the wet spot.

Thinking about the look on her face tonight when she tries to get in and the sheets are stuck together.

LOL. In the shower you linger under the hot steamy stream, not in any kind of hurry to go downstairs. As you're lathering up your dick and balls you eye her pink razor.

Another smirk spreads on your face and you use her "Do not touch it's for my legs" razor to do a bit of manscaping. After your balls are nice and slick and you have neat and trimmed bush you put the razor back without getting all the hair out of it. "Ha" you bellow as you step out of the shower and begin to towel off. "What?" comes a yell from downstairs. "Nothing" you call back. "You'd better hurry !!

she hollers, "We have to leave soon." "Fuck you." You say under your breath. The drive to the park is filled with you staring blankly out the window while she yammers non-stop about who-knows-what as you aren't even listening.

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It would be funny that she didn't even notice you didn't utter a single word the entire hour long drive if it wasn't so maddening. Your marriage has been bad for a long time now and you just feel numb. "Carry that basket" she orders as you force a smile. You grab it with one hand and reach up and shut the raised back hatch of the SUV with the other. She has already ran across the grass towards the group milling around the picnic tables and all the women chattering sounds like a bunch of fussy hens in the henhouse.

"Just shoot me now." you say outloud to no one as you make your way towards the tables. "Hey dude !!" yells Doug, the obnoxious blowhard husband of one of your wife's friends, "Glad you could get outa bed and come out today hahaha" he makes his way towards you and you can tell he is already half drunk.

"Whoa" he stumbles and some of his beer sloshes out of his red solo cup, "Hahaha! Watch out for that step!!" he sidles up next to you and you can smell his rancid beer breath. "Nice shorts" he bellows and laughs way too loud. You smile weakly as you really just want to punch him in the face. "Thanks" you mutter as you walk away but he follows "Git yerself a beer, bud!!"he belches and then laughs as you quicken your step and dodge around behind a group of people crowding around the tables.

You don't look back but soon hear his way too loud voice now pestering someone else. "Good grief" you say to yourself as you spy some sad looking husbands sitting in folding chairs under a nearby tree.

You walk over and make small talk. They all appear to have also been drug here against their will and at least you now have guys to commiserate with. You sit in an empty chair and watch the kids playing and the women busily working around the tables. The food is always really good so that's one bonus for having to come today. Then you see me.

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I have just arrived and am walking across the grass from the parking lot. Your mouth falls open a little and you blink to make sure I am not an apparition. I am tall and lean. My tanned legs are taut from all the yoga and piyo that I do at the gym.

My cutoff jean shorts are too short for a family picnic but I have always been one to get off on shock and awe. As I approach the main table and bend over to place my dish you can see right down the front of my little shirt and my big round tits barely contained in a lacey red bra.

I look right at you and when our eyes meet for just a moment we both feel a jolt of electricity. "Now this day is looking up" you say to yourself as you look me up and down and watch me mingle with the other women and notice they all smile to my face but look at me disapprovingly behind my back.

You can tell they're all just jealous as I am young and hot and have a really beautiful face and they're all plain, chunky or downright fat. You wonder who I am and why you've never seen me before. As soon as you see me talking to your wife you get up and come over knowing this is your excuse to meet me.

"Can I help with anything?" you ask as you walk up. Your wife is so clueless she doesn't even notice that you have only come over because I am there.

"No" she says putting a big wooden spoon in a bowl of potato salad, "Were about ready to eat." I smile at you and extend my hand "Hi" I say, "Nice to meet you" You take my hand in yours and for a moment we are the only two there.

You force yourself to break eye contact and let go of my hand before your wife notices. "Damn," I think to myself, "I want this guy for lunch." I notice your broad shoulders and imagine my ankles resting there. My gaze travels down to your crotch and I see the thin material of your shorts is stretched tight. I get a shiver of pleasure between my legs as I imagine seeing what is straining there.

I can tell from the look in your eyes that you want me and my pussy is getting wet. "Time to eat !!" a fat woman in an old lady apron bellows out and hoards of screaming kids come running squealing and shove themselves up to the tables. You and I exchange quick glances as everyone is getting their food and even after everyone has sat down and are getting their fill of the delicious feast we still are making occasional sly eye contact.

While everyone is distracted shoving food in their faces I get up slowly and make sure I get your attention. You meet my gaze and then I look towards the restrooms then back at your eyes.

I stand and walk towards the restrooms, making sure to sashay my sweet ass a little more than necessary, knowing you are watching. You almost choke on your bite of baked beans as you realize I am inviting you to follow me. You look around to see if anyone noticed and everyone is so engrossed in their plates or conversation that they're in a daze.

You look at your wife, who, big suprise, isn't even sitting next to you, and is so busy babbling to an older woman bouncing a baby on her knee she doesn't even know you exist.

You get up and excuse yourself but those around you aren't even paying attention so you walk off in the direction I headed.


As soon as you get to the big brick building that has the restrooms and a gazebo, you look around for me. "Psst" I whisper from inside one of the unisex bathrooms where I am holding the door ajar. You look around to see if anyone is watching and no one is.

You can't believe this is happening and you approach the door. As soon as you step in to the dark from the bright sun it takes a minute for your eyes to adjust. As soon as they do you see me leaning against the wall, one foot up behind me. The door closes loudly and, without breaking eye contact, you turn the lock.

"Hi" I say with a smile as I arch my back against the wall. "Hi" you reply as you walk towards me. You open your mouth to speak, "My name is." but I press one red nailed finger against your lips.

It's clear I don't want to talk or even exchange names and right now that is fine with you. As soon as you get close I let out a little moan as I run my hands up my tummy and open my shirt presenting my D cups to you.

You accept that invitation and bury your face in my warm, soft cleavage. As you are kissing my tits you reach around and undo my bra. You push the lacey red material out of the way and find my hard nipples with your mouth and tongue.

"Oh yeah" I say and I spread my legs. As you flick and nibble my nipples your right hand slides down my belly, over the front of my shorts and up between my legs.

Your fingers expertly slip between the silky material of my panties and are immediately met with a gush of hot slick juice. Your fingertips part the folds of my slit and slide inside. It's so hot, wet and tight and you start fucking me with your fingers. After a few thrusts you pull your fingers out and run them up and over my engorged clit. I cry out as my button is so tender that it hurts so good every time you touch it. You love that you're driving me crazy and you detach from my nipple and kiss over my mounds and up to my neck.

My long auburn hair is soft against your face and as you kiss and bite my neck. Your left hand is squeezing my left tit and your right hand is fingering my pussy. We are both breathing heavier now and you raise your face up to mine and kiss me hard. Our tongues swirling wildly, so wet and hot.

All you can think about is the need to taste me and you kiss your way down my stomach and unbutton my skimpy shorts. I raise my hips in anticipation as you face my red lace thong and accidentally rip it pulling it off. I step out of it so I can really spread myself wide for you. "Eat me now, I need your tongue in me" I say breathlessly and you don't have to be asked twice. You move closer and, knowing how bad I want it, start licking and kissing up the inside of my thigh.

"Oh God" I moan, "Eat my pussy NOW !!" but you continue to tease me by gently kissing my clit and flicking the pink folds with the tip of your tongue. I take it for as long as I can then I grab two handfuls of your hair and push your face into my sopping snatch.

You bury your face and plunge your tongue as far as it can go deep inside my hole. I cry out and thrust my head back.


You fuck me deep and hard with your tongue and then slurp on my clit and I am writhing and getting ready to cum. Your expert tongue slips from clit to asshole and alternates plunging deep inside. Your cheeks and chin are wet with my juices and your face slips all around between my legs. "Oh right there.right there.don't stop" I moan as you have your open mouth clamped over my clit and are slowly sucking it's hard nub. You know that when a woman is getting ready to cum that what you are doing is working so you don't go any faster or slower and keep the pace.

As my body racks with orgasm and I have to bite down on my hand to keep from crying out. You stand and we kiss some more and I lick up my juice from your chin.

I push your shirt up over your head and work my way down your chest, lightly biting your nipples, getting you really excited. My tongue traces it's way down your stomach to your shorts, slowly unbuttoning and opening the front. I reach in and fish out your dick, big and hard and ready to go.

"Wow. Nice cock." I say as I move down and blow my hot breath over the tip of your throbbing head. It pulses in response. I lick my lips and slide the head of your dick into my mouth. The soft skin is so hot against my tongue and I love that it's so fat that I have to open wide. Slowly I get it moistened up to slide in and out, deeper with each downward motion. I flick the underside of your head with my tongue and then drive it deep down my throat with one hand wrapped around the base of your shaft.

You moan with pleasure as I swallow your member with each thrust. I bob my head up and down and am playing with your balls with my free hand. Noticing how nice and cleanly shaved they are I know I have to suck on them.

I slowly back your pulsating cock out of my throat and suck on the head a few more times before I nuzzle my head underneath and take your clean shaven sack into my mouth. I roll both your aching nuts with my tongue and play with them gently, loving how smooth and fun they are. After playing with them a few minutes I let your balls plop out of my mouth with a slurpy sound and go back to hungrily devouring your waiting rod.

It is so big it's gagging when it hits the back of my throat but I don't stop. I am pumping my left hand up and down on the base in time with the bobbing of my head and I take my right hand and slide it up your ass crack and start playing with your puckered hole. You can't believe this is happening to you. It's just like the fantasies you read about and see in porn films.

You haven't even had a blowjob in so long as your wife hasn't done it for years. And she would never finger your asshole or have dirty, nasty sex in a public bathroom.

You look down at me and watch your cock sliding in and out of my beautiful mouth and start feeling an unearthly orgasm building. You have to brace yourself with a hand against the wall. With your dick in my mouth I look up at your face and see that your eyes have rolled back and I know it's time.

I force my finger into your asshole and press it forward towards your cock. The sensation suprises you and you immediately unload the biggest flow of cum you have ever released. I am gargling on the pulsing flood as it pumps into the back of my throat. I gulp and swallow it down but there's so much that it runs out the sides of my mouth.

You fall back against the wall and my finger slips out of your ass. When the head of your dick slides out over my mouth a long strand of cum stretches from my lips to your head like a mini suspension bridge. I wipe it off with the back of my hand and stand up. You are leaning back against the wall breathing deep and hard. I smile and slowly walk backwards towards the long counter with the row of sinks. As soon as my ass touches the cool surface I push myself up into a sitting position, scoot back and bring my feet up.

All that yoga has me quite flexible and I drop my knees wide giving you a spread open view of my shaved pussy. I lean back against the mirror and watch you as I finger my wet slash and flicker my clit. You are finding it hard to catch your breath as your eyes trace my finger and then up my taut tanned stomach and then over my voluptuous breasts.

My long hair is trailing over my shoulders and tickling my nipples. You look up at my mouth and when you see that my lips are still wet with your cum you feel a flicker of life in your drained noodle.

"I need you to split me open with that huge cock." I say to you as I slip my slick finger out of my tight hole and bring it up to my lips. You watch as I trace my bottom lip with my wet finger and now you have a semi.

You walk over and I take my wet finger and trace it along your bottom lip glistening it up with my lube. You lean over and kiss me, starting slowly, our tongues co-mingling our saliva and my musky oil. Things heat back up quickly and we are now hungrily kissing with wide open mouths. You are now raging hard again and are ready to give me what i am dying for. "Come give it to me" I am smiling up at you and rubbing my clit.

You step between my legs and line up your dick. I grab your shaft and slide its fat head up and down my wet slash getting it all slicked up and you waste no time as you slowly slide it inside my sopping wet cunny. I moan loudly as it fills me up and I am so tight it needs to be stuffed inside. With a quick thrust you are more than halfway in and you pull it out almost to the tip and then thrust it back in again.

It takes a few thrusts of your hips before it is finally buried to the hilt.

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I cry as it bottoms out as it hurts so good. "OH MY GOD, you are going to split me in half !!" I squeal as I grab your hips and help you pound me. I am so wet that I can feel it gush out with each plunge. You moan as you feel my pussy constricting around your dick like a mouth sucking on it. I lower my ass just until the head of your dick almost falls out and then drive my hips up so you go balls deep. I slam my ass and pussy down every time in perfect rhythm with your thrusts and the sloppy sounds are echoing in the concrete room.

"Oh fuck, Oh fuck, fuck" I feel another huge orgasm building. My body starts to shake and that makes you weak in the knees and you let out a gasp "I am cumming again too" and as your balls slap my ass with every thrust we both shudder and shake and are racked with simultaneous spectacular orgasms.

You lay your body down across me, your rod still buried to the hilt, and try to catch your breath. After a minute of us both heaving and panting you start to rise up.

"Pull it out slowly" I command. "I like to watch." You raise yourself back up to standing, being careful to keep it inside.

I lean forward and look down between my legs and you slowly slide it out.

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Your dick is still half hard and slick with both of our juices. We both watch as a gush of cum gets pulled out and lands on the bare floor with a loud splat. "Damn" you say with a deep exhale of breath, "That was the hottest thing that has ever happened to me." You bend over, grab your shorts from around your ankles and pull them up.

Your dick still feels like it's pumping cum. "Just what I needed for sure" I reply with a smile and hop down off the counter. We gather up our clothes and giggle as we are getting dressed. I have to go commando as my red thong is ripped so I put them in my pocket. "Sorry about that" you say. "Totally worth it" I grin. We decide you will leave first and then I will come out in a few minutes.

You are nervous as it seems like you've been gone an hour but when you walk back out and over towards the group they are all just as you left them.

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Milling about, eating, drinking and talking.completely unaware of the crazy nasty sex you just had. You try not to appear nervous while scanning the crowd for your wife. Then you see her, fussing around the table, she didn't even notice you were gone. You grab a cold beer out of the cooler, wipe the dripping water off and pop the tab.

Oh that cold drink tastes so good and you drink half of it in one shot. You hate to wash the taste of me away but you're so drained you are like a dying man in the desert.

You leisurely stroll back to the other guys and sit back down in the same chair. No one says anything. It's like being in the Twilight Zone. You see me walking back across the grass. As I get closer our eyes meet and we give each other a slight smile. I get a huge plate of food and wander over by a couple women sitting in the grass. "How do you eat so much and stay so skinny?" one woman asks me as I am shoveling enormous forkfuls into my mouth.

The others nod their heads in confused agreement. "I get lots of exercise" I reply with a smile.