Hot voluptuous chick gets her snatch drilled in lots of poses

Hot voluptuous chick gets her snatch drilled in lots of poses
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Love v. Lust Chapter 2 by aliveinpr My stories do not necessarily reflect my personal proclivities, desires, wants or fantasies. Read and enjoy.

My desecration began to gnaw at me, I was an unfaithful wife, I had never cheated on my husband. I went and took a long bath to wash all the dirty sex filth off my body.

I even douched several times to be sure all the filthy cum was out of my body. I was bad to think the way I had. Thinking about many men, lots of men, fucking me.what was I thinking?

I had pictured man after man coming in the front door, naked and with hard, pre-cum dripping cocks and fucking me hard. I cried most of the afternoon, curled up on the bed. I wondered what John would think if I told him what had happened, or should I just keep quiet, after all it would NEVER happen again. I could just act like nothing happened and John and I could just enjoy our planned 'sexual' weekend. I just had to concentrate on John and his cock alone. I tried to get the affair out of my mind, but it kept haunting me.

Seeing a strange man jacking off in front of me. I had never seen a cock that looked so strange. A cock I wanted to explore, a cock to handle and feel, a cock to fill my pussy.

I just couldn't get it out of my head. I sobbed some more and then fell asleep. I was startled when I heard the front door open. I jumped up off the bed and ran down stairs and flew into John's arms. I was hoping to disguise my infidelity from John. I kissed him deep and loving and he began groaning and held the kiss for a long time.

I asked him if Marlene had kept her promise to me to see that he would get out of the office on time. He said, "Yes, and she made sure I was horny and hard all day".

I asked, "How did Marlene keep you horny?" John answered, "She kept flashing her panties at me, they were wet, soaking wet. I'm surprised that she didn't finger herself while I watched." I smiled to myself, because I knew from conversations with Marlene that she would fuck John if given a chance, but she did not want to get in the way of our marriage.

I told John to get his shower and I would get dinner ready. While I heard the shower running and I was making our dinner, I kept having flash backs of Bill and all the cum he filled me with. I sat down, my head dropped down and I began to get tears in my eyes. I kept thinking of how unfaithful I had been.

There was no reason to cheat on John, we have such a fabulous sex life. I just couldn't get it out of my head. My pussy was tingling and I could feel my juices flowing in my panties. I remembered Bill saying how our DVD was so sexy that he just had to masturbate. He thought it was a regular porn DVD until he saw my face, the same face on the TV. He had complemented me on being a great cock sucker and how wonderful my pussy felt encasing his cock.

Now that memory was causing my pussy to get wetter again and again I started to weep up. I was an adulterous, unfaithful to my wonderful husband. John came into the kitchen wearing only the shorts I had laid out for him. He saw me tearing up and asked what was wrong. I just said, "I'm just so happy that we are together and have the whole weekend together." John came up behind me in the chair, put his arms around me and hugged me.

He gave me a kiss on the cheek and said that he was glad I was his wife. He said, "Marlene is a great secretary, but she is such a tease at times, it's a wonder I don't cum in my pants." He then said, "Today, she was so bad in her teasing, I almost tore her clothes off and fucked her right in my office." That made me feel better, John talking about fucking Marlene. It helped clear my mind of Bill, at least for a few minutes. I got up and served our dinner.

We cleaned up the dishes together and went into the living room to see the news before beginning our weekend. John sat in the chair Bill had been in. I sat on the couch and began to curse myself again for being unfaithful. My mind kept going back to seeing Bill in that chair with his cock in his hand, a hard cock that he was pulling on while watching me on the TV giving John a blow job. In my mind I kept seeing that odd but beautiful cock and I pictured John sitting in that very chair, the one where I was mesmerized by a cock that made me feel so full, of both cock and cum.

The chair where I straddled a man I did not know, a total stranger, sinking my pussy down on his cock and letting him fuck me. I was feeling so ashamed. I was quiet, more quiet than usual and my eyes began to tear up again. John kept asking me if I was all right, and I just shrugged it off and said that I was OK. When the news was finished, John got up, took my hand and led me up stairs. When next to the bed, he put his arms around me and pulled me close.

His hand went under my chin and raised my head so he could give me a passionate and long deep kiss. My response wasn't the usual and he pulled back and looked at me.

"What is wrong, did you have a bad day?" he asked. "You seem quiet and reserved, like you have something on your mind", he said. I answered, "No John, I want to make love to you and to let you know you are the love of my life".

He slowly began removing my top and exposing my bare breasts. His hand squeezed the left breast and his mouth began to suck in the right and licking the nipple with his tongue. Then he slid my shorts down my legs and brought them up to his nose.

He said, "You must be ready, your shorts are soaked in pussy juice, they smell delicious". With that he eased me back onto the bed, spread my legs wide and aimed his head toward my pussy. I could feel the warmth of his breath as his mouth and tongue got closer. He began to lick the sides of my legs just below my entry.

My clit was engorged with the expectation to be manipulated the way only John knew how. He was an expert and knew this was one of my 'buttons' to a climax. His hand reached up and found my clit causing me to begin an orgasm. When his mouth and tongue began working on my pussy, I arched my back and this caused my first full blown orgasm as my hips thrust my pussy to his mouth. He liked to eat my pussy and he savored spending a lot of time there.

John then began to massage my clit with his fingers while thrusting his tongue in and out of my pussy, fucking me with his tongue.

That's all it took for me to stiffen up, arch my back and climax. My body began shaking and quivering as a shattering orgasm overtook my body. I could feel my pussy muscles spasm on John's tongue, trying to milk it like a cock. John could make me cum without ever having his cock anywhere near my pussy. John knows all my 'hot spots' and knows he can make me have shattering orgasms. My orgasm began to ebb and all of a sudden my mind turned back to Bill.

This was one act Bill did not perform on me, now I was wishing that he did. Why was I thinking that way, I was going out of my mind, why was I thinking of Bill?

John was making me feel so loved, so why was I thinking about Bill? I began to cry again and John sat up and again asked me what was wrong. I really began to bawl and I just couldn't deceive my husband any longer.

"John," I said, "I can't believe what I did today". "What is it honey?" John asked, "You can tell me anything, we have always told each other whatever was on our minds." I looked up at him, my eyes full of tears and I'm sure by now very puffy. "John," I said, "I cheated on you today, I'm so sorry, I don't know what came over me. I love you so much and I just don't know what to do. I have tried to hide it from you since you got home, but the guilt is eating me up." I then said, "I promise it won't happen again, I love you too much to cause a riff in our marriage.

I want to be your wife forever and I'll never let another man touch me again." John held me close and hugged me for a long time. He then said, "Why don't you tell me about it, I'm sure its worse in your head than what really happened, just tell me why you feel that you cheated on me." I began to sob uncontrollably again, and tried to talk, "Oh, John," soooooob, soooob, "It's so filthy," soooob, soooob, "I really don't," soooob, sooooob, "want to talk about it." I really began to cry and curled up on the bed like a fetus in the womb.

John lovingly began to rub my back and he quietly said, "Darling, you can tell me anything, I promise that I won't get mad. We have always worked anything out." After a while, my crying calmed and I turned to look at him.

John's face was calm and he looked peaceful. This is the John I loved so much.


He could always make me feel comfortable. I then asked him, "Are you sure?, I feel so ashamed with myself".

John answered, "Yes, tell me so you can get everything out in the open and we can work everything out. It can't be as bad as you make it out to be." My eyes began to tear up again, but John gently touched my cheek and wiped my tears away.

He then leaned in and kissed my cheek. I thought for a long while and then began to tell him about my day. "John, the TV guy came today and fixed the TV and DVD. I had forgot he was here when I walked naked into the living room and saw our DVD from 3 weeks ago playing.

I didn't see him masturbating behind me and I was turned on by our love making, I began finger fucking myself." I began sobbing again, and John pulled me close and we rocked quietly on the bed. He kept kissing my cheeks and telling me to get it out of my system. I continued, "I heard him and turned around. He looked at my pussy and I looked at his hard cock. I know I should have run away right then, but something about his cock kept me from running.

I had never seen a cock like his before, it was different some how. Oh, John, I don't know what possessed me, I just dropped to my knees and began to suck his cock." I then began crying again, I felt so ashamed that I cheated on John, the man I love so dearly. John continued to hold me and said, "Is that all? So, you sucked another man's cock. That's not cheating, you were overwhelmed thinking of the sexual starvation we have both been through. It was like you were automatically thinking it was me." "No, John," I answered, "I knew it wasn't you, he had the same size cock, but it was different in some way.

I wanted his cock and I MADE him fuck me, I wanted his cock in my pussy." I continued, "I am so sorry John and I feel guilty that I enjoyed the feeling and all the cum he filled me with. He even caused me to squirt when I had my second orgasm." John kept rocking me.

I was sure he would push me away when I told him that I enjoyed all the cum and that I was so turned on, that I released my female ejaculate. I usually didn't ejaculate unless I was very stimulated. I felt better when John was still holding me and rocking me on the bed. He turned his face to me and we kissed lovingly. I opened my mouth and accepted his tongue. I was feeling better that I told him about my infidelity that day.

John rolled me toward him and I felt it. He had a hard penis, it was harder than I could ever remember. John said, "Let's begin all over baby, I want you and I want to make you squirt all over me". He laid me back at the edge of the bed again and in seconds, his lips and tongue were on and in my pussy, pushing and probing.

He was like a wild man, a John I have never known, like a better John as he wildly stimulated my clit and vulva. His hand worked on my clit and it wasn't long before I was having a strong climax. Suddenly, John had three fingers in my pussy and working on my G spot.

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Yes, he was stimulating me to another climax and I knew he wanted me to ejaculate and squirt into his face and mouth. I began to thrash from side to side, my legs began to shake and it was time for my pussy to expand and contract with a mind blowing orgasm, gushing female juices into his face. "YES JOHN, I'M.I'M CUMMING.FUCK ME.FUCK ME WITH YOUR.YOUR TONGUE.I'M CUMMING, OH, GOD.YES, YES." I was screaming. I kept cumming and cumming and he kept his face and mouth at my pussy drinking my juices.

John had never given me such a climax before. We have had some super orgasms, but not as explosive as this. I loved this man deeper than ever before. My heart and soul belonged to him and I would do anything for him. When I calmed down, I said, "John, I hope you never quit making love to me like this.

I want to feel your cock in me right now, I want that cock as far into me as you can get it. I want to feel your cock encased by my pussy, to feel your cock rubbing against my walls, reaching my cervix." John got up, placed the head of his penis at my opening and rubbed it up and down in my juices.

He teased me for a long time.

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I had to beg him to fuck me. "FUCK ME, FUCK ME NOW.I NEED YOUR COCK IN MY PUSSY. PLEASE JOHN FUCK ME." John then said, "I hope you begged the TV repair man the same way." My mind reeled thinking that John was stimulated by another man fucking me.

My pussy had been fucked and filled with cum from a complete stranger. John was turned on by the image that I had an orgasm so powerful that I ejaculated from being fucked by a stranger. I was being stimulated by my husband, but now the mental image of Bill, a complete stranger having his cock stuffed in my vagina was stimulating ME ten fold. I yelled, "FUCK.OH, FUCK.I.I'M CUMMING AGAIN.OH, YES.OH.FUCK ME.NOW.UGH I NEED YOUR COCK FILLING ME.FUCK ME HARD.FUCK ME." I again started thinking about Bill.

I knew I had to see him again so he could fuck me again. Somehow Bill's cock had mesmerized me and I wanted it, no craved it to fuck me again. I know now, if I did see him, my pussy would be open to his cock for as long as he wanted to fuck me.

"FUCK ME.I NEED YOUR COCK IN ME.FUCK ME", I begged. John then plunged his swollen cock into my engorged vagina with a violent thrust the way I would want Bill's cock to enter me again. John then pulled out after three full deep plunges. John flipped me over on my back, legs hanging over the side of the bed. He then thrush his cock in hard spreading my walls to open wider to fit his cock.

I could feel his cock head, the crown pushing against my cervix, causing my body to feel full. He continued pumping in and out of me violently shoving his body into mine. It was like he wanted to follow his cock with his body. His wild fucking was causing me to have one orgasm after another.

If it wasn't for my fluids that I ejaculated lubricating my vagina, his cock would have caused my pussy lips to be raw and sore from the friction. John slowed his pace and then stopped. His cock still buried deep inside me, he laid his chest on my back and began to kiss my neck.

He said, "I don't want to cum in you yet, I want our weekend to last." I mewed and then said lovingly, "Yes, John, I want that to, please hold your cum for a while.


Pull your cock out so I can suck you and then I can also taste my pussy and female cum juice the way you did." John slowly withdrew and I rolled over causing John to be on his back. I immediately sucked his cock into my mouth swirling my tongue around the bulb tip of his cock. While handling John's cock, I kept wondering why Bill's cock was so different. John began moaning and reminded me not to make him cum. John reached over, spreading my legs apart, and began to finger fuck me with two, then three fingers.

He knew the spot to hit and he hit it right on. My clit was full of blood and very sensitive as he massaged my 'G' spot with his fingers and my clit with the thumb. My body began to convulse again, this time so intense, I had to let his cock out of my mouth afraid I would bite down on him from the stimulation he was causing.

"YES JOHN, THAT'S . OH, I'M CUMMING AGAIN.YES, YES.NOW," I yelled. This orgasm was better than the last one and my ejaculate squirted everywhere. I had never sprayed like that before. Yes, after all these married years, John knew just where to push my buttons. I sure hope he continues this love making the rest of our lives. John suggested that we take a break, rest a bit as we had all weekend. I thought that was a good idea. If he was going to make me ejaculate all weekend, I needed to re-hydrate my body.

John and I sat naked in the living room and sipped wine. He turned on the TV and DVD with the same DVD in the player. We watched for a while and I noticed that his cock was beginning to rise.

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He said, "I can see why the TV guy was hot, just looking at my wife giving expert head makes me hard." I began to cry again and he asked me, "What's wrong baby, you look like a professional porn star. Anyone watching would get a hard on." He then said, "I would expect any man watching you on that DVD, would want to fuck you." I looked at him with tears in my eyes, and said, "John, when you said that, it made me think about Bill again".

John then said, "You don't need to forget him, you need to tell me everything, maybe in detail, the full depth of what happened". I curled up in John's lap and quietly said, "You're right John, I'm sorry, I was a cheat and you deserve to know". "When I was sucking his cock," I continued, "I felt him beginning to swell in my throat. I didn't want him to cum in my mouth, I wanted cum in my pussy, I had been thinking all day about having my pussy filled with cum, but your cum.

At that time, it seemed that I didn't care where the cum was coming from". John said, "So, that makes you a cum slut". And he began to laugh. I sat up and gave him a nasty glare and told him that wasn't funny. John said, "I'm sorry honey, but I know you love cum in your pussy.

He gave me a light kiss and told me to continue. I then told him, "I let go of his cock, and immediately straddled his legs and pushed my pussy down on his cock as hard as I could.

I wanted him as far into me as he could get and I did finally feel him hitting my cervix a few times. I bounced up and down on his cock.

He fucked in and out of me for a long time. I wanted more, so I got up and bent over telling him to fuck me doggy style so his cock would constantly hit my cervix. I wanted his cock. I wanted his cum." "God, I know I was cheating on you and I knew it was wrong, I just needed to be fucked." John's cock was hard again. I don't know if it was from the DVD playing or from my description of the morning fuck. At this point, I didn't care, I love John's cock and I instantly shoved my hand under his balls, lifted his cock and sucked him all the way down my throat.

I bobbed my head up and down on his manhood. My drool slipping out from around him and dripping down my chin. When my mouth would come up to the head, I would wrap my tongue around the bulb and then sink back down on him, taking him as far down my throat as I could.

Many times, I would gag and would have to come back up for air, but I didn't care if I died from suffocation as long as I had his hard cock in my throat.

John then started to swell and I knew I had to stop. John was leaning back with his head over the back of the couch. His eyes were glassy and I knew that I stopped just at the right time. Neither one of us wanted him to cum so early. With the weekend, there was plenty of time where he could recover for another round, but we both seemed to sense that his first orgasm and ejaculation would be very powerful, and that I wanted to feel him deep in my pussy when that happened.

I wanted him to cum so hard and long, that his sperm would gush out around his cock and flood between us. As we lay there in the living room, I began to think of Marlene.

John had told me that she kept showing her wet panty covered pussy. I'm sure John has fantasied of fucking her, in fact all the females in the office.

They were all hot. I knew them better than John and I know they all enjoy sex. Joan, the receptionist is the only one that is married, but she has told me about having "quickie" sex with strangers when her husband wasn't around and that he did not know about her affairs. I wonder if she loves her husband as much as I love John, after all, my affair shook me up so bad, I couldn't hold it in. It was eating at me until I finally told John. I still don't know, don't know how John feels about me fucking another man.

Not quite.

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I did feel better when John mentioned that I was so hot, it was natural that men would want to fuck me, and he liked that. He liked me teasing them, he liked my exhibitionism showing my panties making men want me. It was not all my fault, I now knew and I did masturbate myself when watching that DVD while Bill was also masturbating watching. All I know right now, John and I are having super sex and so far it is helping me shrug off my extra marital affair as just a fling.

In my mind, I know I will never again cheat on John.

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I still had the thought of Bill fucking me again. Maybe, now that John knows about Bill, it's OK for another man to fuck me with him present, and it wouldn't be cheating. John and my relationship is solid and we love each other deeply. I wouldn't blame him if he got back by fucking Marlene, or for that matter, all the women in the office.

Even if I hadn't cheated, I would condone John fucking all the women in his office. John stirred and got up, picked up our wine glasses and asked if I would like a refill. I gave him a smile and coo'd, "I would love it before you fill my tummy with your delicious cum." John poured us another glass and said that we should go back to our bed.

I turned off the TV and DVD and with a wet and dripping pussy, made my way upstairs for more of John's loving. I knew that I would probably ejaculate many times this weekend, and I was looking forward to it. We snuggled on the bed and began to kiss, long and loving kisses.

My mind was now fantasizing of two men fucking me, John and Bill. I pictured Marlene telling me of having both lovers all night, her description while telling me was almost giving her an orgasm over the phone. How would John react if he saw Bill fucking me when he came home from the office? Would John join us for a three some and openly share me and accept that I was being filled with Bill's cum? Again, I began to picture in my mind, both John and Bill fucking me over and over.

My pussy was beginning to pulsate just thinking of all the cum they would fill my pussy with. Now my pussy was oozing. Just the thought of having two men filling my pussy with cum, over and over. Yes, I knew I would love a Menage a Trios. My mind went back to my thoughts when Bill was fucking me.I wanted all the men in the world fucking me.

I propped my self up on my elbow and looked deep into John's eyes. I asked, "John, what was on your mind today when you kept looking at Marlene's wet panties?" John said, "To be truthful, I was wondering what it would be like to taste her pussy and how her pussy would feel wrapped around my cock." I saw John's cock start to stir and I knew he was thinking about what a good fuck she would be.

I told John that Marlene confided in me that she was divorced and that she picked up men at the bars and would go back to their apartments to fuck the rest of the night. She never took any of them to her apartment for her own security.

I told him that I shouldn't tell about her sexual habits as she probably didn't want anyone to know. She didn't say not to say anything, but I made John promise that he would never say anything to her. I also let slip, "She had a three way with a guy when his room mate came home and that it was so fantastic, she was planning to repeat it some time. Probably, from the way she was teasing you today with her wet panties, I wouldn't be surprised if she repeated that three way this weekend." I was testing the waters of a threesome with John and Bill.

John's cock was rock hard, I knew he fantasied over the women in the office, but now he was thinking of a manage a trios in the back of his mind. I planted the seed, and my pussy was getting wetter. I knew he enjoyed watching Marlene and her very short mini skirts. He never said anything, but I knew the way he would look at them when I was in the office. I didn't feel jealous of his sexy looking employees, just never thought about it. I got them to wear very short mini skirts and sheer blouses for John's pleasure.

Some day, I will make him tell me his fantasies of those women, right down to the exact details. I wanted detail so I could picture in my mind how his cock invaded their pussies and pumped his ejaculate deep into them.

I have to admit, I fantasize of watching John fucking them, either alone or all together. As well as I know the girls, I'm sure it wouldn't take a lot of effort on John's part to get them to shed their clothes. I think they all loved John too, he was a good boss and would help then in any way he could. I turned my mind back to John and his cock standing at attention. I wrapped my hands around his shaft and licked the tip trying to get my tongue in his cum hole.

Once again, John flipped me over and dove his head, tongue and lips deep into my pussy. It didn't take long for me to feel another orgasm building. He pulled his head away and with one hand he massaged my clit while with his other hand, he finger fucked me again with three fingers hitting my 'G' spot. I began to spasm, my hips kept rising and thrusting forward to meet his fucking hand.

He knew I was getting close. It hit and I squirted more than before, and the juices just kept coming from my pussy. I was so wet and now the bed was soaked from so much liquid.

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John stopped for a bit, then he started thrusting his fingers into me again. "OOOH, I'M CUMMING AGAIN, OH GOD JOHN I WANT TO BE FUCKED SO BAD, PLEASE FUCK ME.FUCK ME." John then placed the tip of his penis at my vagina and kept swabbing it up and down in my juices, but he wouldn't put it in. Only once, so far, has he put his cock in me, but then pulled out to tease me.

"JOHN," I pleaded, "PLEASE, I WANT TO BE FUCKED. FUCKED LONG AND HARD AND FILL MY PUSSY FULL OF CUM." John pulled away from me and looked at me and asked, "Is that what you yelled at the TV repair man?" I pulled further away and began to cry again. Sheepishly I said, "Yes, John, I told you before. I feel ashamed, but yes I begged him to fuck me and fill me with his cum." I was now bawling and again John pulled me to him and cuddled me in his arms.

John said, "I want you to tell me every thing, every detail and everything you were thinking." He said, "I didn't pull away because I was mad, I love you, love is different than sexual lust." After a bit, I stopped crying and I bit my lip. He wanted me to tell him "everything", even my thoughts.

I loved John so much, I knew that I couldn't hold back. I had been too chicken to hold my infidelity from him from the beginning. "OK, John," I said, "I saw a hard cock in front of me and I wanted it in my pussy, I didn't care whose cock. My thoughts, OK, please don't get mad, as he was pumping his cum deep into me, I wished there would be more men coming through the front door so I could have more cocks fucking me and filling me with their cum." "I'm so sorry John," I continued, "but those were my thoughts.

You wanted the truth, that's the truth.

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My pussy wanted all the cock I could get in the world." I looked up at John and he was pumping his cock. I then said, "I hope you aren't mad at me John, I love you. I just had a need to be fucked and have my pussy full, as full as it could get of cum." John's eyes were glassy and he then said, "Oh, fuck sweet heart, that is so fucking hot. I wish I could have seen you with his cock stuffed up your pussy".

I was shocked at what he said, but now I knew there could be a three some.


He would want to watch another man fuck me. He wanted another man with him as they fucked me. He then said, "Jan, you were just having a 'lust' fuck, that is different than our loving. We fuck for love, there was no love when you let the TV repairman fuck you, that is not infidelity, especially since you told me about it right away.

I love you. It's like if I fucked Marlene, it would only be lust, not love, and I would never have kept it from you." He then shocked me and said, "I'm glad you enjoyed having him fuck you and you enjoyed his cock." John always knew what to say, I was feeling so much better. I knew now that I also wanted Bill again. I know that the 'lust' was from sexual frustration.

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We didn't make love for such a long time, I was needing a release. John and I fucked like bunnies the rest of the weekend and I don't remember the number of mind numbing orgasms and ejaculations I had, but Monday morning, I had a super wide smile on my face. As John was leaving for the office, I said, "I hope you are all 'love fucked' out.

I hope you are spent and won't be tempted TODAY to have a 'lust fuck' with Marlene." John, chuckled at the word, 'today', and gave me a long loving kiss and said, "Her panties can be soaked all day and tempt me. After this weekend, I don't think I could get more than half hard to fuck her or anyone else, for that matter." John gave me another big kiss and since I was still naked, he let his hand slide up my leg and finger fuck my pussy.

He put his fingers up to his nose, then licked them and told me, "You taste and smell especially sexy this morning, even with cum still running down your leg." With that John turned and shut the door behind him. I began to fiddle around the house, clean the dishes from breakfast and straighten the house from entire weekend.

I turned on the TV and watched John and me make love with one of the DVD's we made. I did make a note to call Marlene and confide to her how the weekend went, to rub in all the exceptional, mind blowing sex. I even gave her the juicy details of my tryst with the TV repairman. I just had to tell her and cause her panties to get wet.

I'm sure she will tempt John and keep his cock hard. It wasn't until around noon that I finally got in the shower and 'deep' cleaned. I even used my dildo for a long time to be sure my vagina was well serviced. I was surprised that my pussy was not sore.

After cleaning up and dressing, I did my errands, paid some bills and just enjoyed the day from my wonderful weekend high. I couldn't help but picture Marlene and her fantasy of my affair.

I'm sure she had to use the rest room several times to masturbate. I'm also sure, she was flashing her wet panties at my husband, I knew John would appreciate looking at her pussy. Every once in a while, my mind thought about Bill. I enjoyed our tryst, all the cum he filled me with. I wondered about his cock, why did it look different than any others I had ever seen. Even on the porn DVD's we have, I never saw a cock like Bills. My mind started to try some sort of plan to have Bill return and spend more time between my legs, and to be more comfortable in my marital bed.

I didn't know anything about the TV or DVD to cause a service call. Even when he was here, he said he had spent too much time of the call and couldn't stay longer.

I had to plan something, I wanted his cock again. John was right by calling me a 'cum slut', I craved cum, most importantly, in my pussy or ass. It seemed that I just couldn't get enough cum. The man seed was what I craved, to have my pussy or ass FULL of sperm constantly. Now, how was I going to get Bill to visit again? He would have to be able to spend more time filling me with the sweet man nectar I desired.

Just what could I do to the DVD to cause a 'long' service call? Anyone for Chapter 3?