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Big dick black gay twinks tubes first time Ayden amp_ Jacob Undie
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The next few days were a blur of activity. I would make up, work out for a few hours and at the mini golf place by 9AM. Kristen had set up meeting after meeting for me. From suppliers to contractors. The most immediate and pressing need was finding a contractor who could restore the "clubhouse" and also demolish the old, decaying golf courses already on the lot and build new ones in a quick and cheap fashion.

I ended up hiring Blake, who had vastly underbid the the other contractors. He was a bit intimidating, even for my 6'2 frame.

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Blake was built like a brick house, probably roided up and had a clean shaven head. He looked like Mister Clean and did not respond well when I told him that. This was way more work than I had anticipated. For the first week or so, I wasn't getting home until very late.

Kristen did an abysmal job trying to cook dinner one night and we simply relegated ourselves to take out.

I never told her about Ashley, of course. And I never intended to. Kristen and I had a perfect relationship, but I decided that she wasn't meeting all my sexual needs. Kristen's amazonian body made me crave a small, petite girl like Ashley. Although I wasn't home much, I did keep an eye out for Ashley around the building, but I never saw her.

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By the time Friday night had rolled around, I was exhausted from a week of 14-16 hour days. Kristen was used to that lifestyle, being the work a holic she is. Her energy levels were still through the roof when the weekend came around.

She, of course, wanted to go clubbing. She loved to dance and I always thought she loved having a "trophy boy" to show off. So we went to her favorite club with some of her friends.

Her friends weren't an unattractive bunch, but they had faces and bodies that had been bought. Collagen, personal trainers, tummy tucks and boob jobs. It made them look better, of course, but also tended to make them overconfident and slutty. Kristen wore a tight purple halter top with displayed her large, natural cleavage.

A micro mini skirt was just inches away from showing off her pussy. Black, knee high boots completed her outfit. Vodka and red bull was the only thing keeping me going as Kristen and her friends traded off dancing and grinding on me. I felt a bit like man-meat to them.

At 3AM, we grabbed some grub at the 24/7 diner and went our separate ways. As soon as Kristen and I got into a taxi she lifted her skirt up a bit so she could straddle me. I'm sure the cab driver had a view of her bare ass. I ran my hand under her top, lifting it up halfway. Ske mauled me, kissing me passionately, shoving her tongue into my mouth.


She was moaning, loudly. Maybe even extra loud for the cab driver? I felt the heat and wetness coming from her satin panties. I reached between us and between her legs and grabbed her underwear on both sides.

I used her panties to rub her pussy.


She gasped and grabbed my face and was looking deep into my eyes. She looked as if she was silently screaming in pleasure as I continued rubbing her own panties on her.

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Kristen started bucking wilding now, trying to control the tempo of my ministrations. I let go of her panties and slowly started to push my finger into her now sopping wet pussy. She was audible again and I'm sure the driver was contemplating -- I don't know, actually. Either recording us or kicking us out of his cab both sounded like possibilities.

As I started working a second finger into Kristen we arrived home.

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She got out and straightened herself out a bit. We made out passionately in the elevator as I pressed her against the walls. At last we were in the condo. Kristen took my hand and let me to the living room.

She sat me down in the leather recliner and dropped to her knees. "I've been waiting for this in my mouth all day." She said as she finished my hard cock out of my jeans. She looked at it lustfully before giving me on long, slow lick from the base to the tip. When she got to the head she swallowed my whole length and I let out my own primal groan.

"Oh fuck yes." I groaned out.


Bigger girls definitely give better head. And more often. I looked down at her and she was looking back at me the way I taught her to. I could see the lust in her eyes, the wanton desire. She needed my hardness in her mouth, I knew.

The wet sounds of her slurping my cock were only punctuated by my moans of pleasure. I grabbed the back of her head and started thrusting my hips at her, making her choke softly. Her hand was buried underneath her skirt. I wondered if she was flicking her clit or if her fingers were plunged into her depths. "Take off your top." I commanded. She smiled seductively as she leaned back and took off her halter top and bra, letting her gorgeous breasts fall free. "Do you want to fuck these?" She asked, lifting her large tit to her mouth.

She licked the nipple and started pinching and rubbing herself. She moved closer and wrapped her tits around my engorged member. I immediately started thrusting again and Kristen was too happy to have me nestled between her boobs.

She spit between us, lubricated us further. "Oh shit, Kristen. I'm going to cum!" I warned her. She never batted an eye.

I started spurting rope after rope of my cum. She took it like a champ as the first shot landed just under her eye, ruining her make up, I'm sure. The next spurt landed on her chin and she never broke my gaze as she put her mouth over the head and took the rest in her mouth.

When she was satisfied I was done she sat back on her legs and opened her mouth, showing me the results. Then she let it all dribble out of her mouth, onto her chin and chest.

When it was all out of her, she began cleaning it up, carefully rubbing it off her chin and putting it back in her mouth. She swallowed and moaned in pleasure as she cleaned her cheek, her breasts and the last bit that had run down to her skirt, she scooped it up and pushed it into her pussy. Limp and even more exhausted, I moved to the floor with her and began rubbing her body when she stopped me.

"No. Not tonight. That was my gift for you for working so hard and coming out with us tonight." Not satisfied with that, I tried again, but Kristen meant business. She stood and went to the bathroom to shower and get ready for bed.

I barely mustered the energy to flop down on the comforter and finally pass out. We both slept until noon on Saturday. I made us red velvet pancakes before leaving for the building gym. Kristen left for one of her business inspections, and I decided this would be a good time to hit the pool. I packed some extra beers in case I ran into Ashley again, but I never did. The pool was empty on a perfect Saturday. I swam laps and basked in the sun for several hours before walking back to the condo to shower.

I left again to get the mail and I hit the last step, I saw her.

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Ashley was standing there with both her parents. I said hello and made some vague mention of having seen Ashley before. I don't know how cool I played it.

The parents introduced themselves, a young couple maybe in their mid to late 30's. That just made me wonder about the age of the girl who gave me a blow job the week before.

The awkwardness of the situation started to dissipate and her parents cordially invited me and Kristen to come over for drinks later that night. I immediately and politely declined, citing Kristen's need to work for the rest of the day and most of the evening. I looked over to Ashley in her cute blue summer dress and her eyes lit up when I said Kristen wouldn't be home for several more hours.

We said our goodbyes and I promised to take them up on their drink offer soon. I picked up the mail and returned home. I wasn't there for 10 minutes before there was a knock on the door and Ashley stood there, looking cute as ever.

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