Big dick disappears in a small pussy

Big dick disappears in a small pussy
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The aroma was both the first and the last thing I remember about that room. As soon as I swung the door open, a rush of that air-conditioned hotel smell marched into my nostrils. There was a single bed, bathed in the dim sunlight through the closed shades.

I turned on the two lamps in the room and they bounced a romantic glow into the space of the room. I ran my hand along the royal blue bedspread; it was gentle against the soft skin of my hand. After I set my bag down, I made my way into the sink area and looked upon the person in the large mirror before me. They say my green eyes give it all away. They say that the lust in them is like an unstoppable spear wrapped in fire. Okay, they don't say that, but I like my eyes; at least I like them a lot more than I like my body these days.

I'm not young anymore; 43 wasn't young by my standards at least. I started at my hair, because that was the second most decent part next to my eyes. It was a light red color then, slightly dyed from my natural shade of honey-blonde. It was short, draping down only a couple inches below my chin. I moved down and was reminded again about how I never liked my breasts; they just seemed too far apart. Many men and women have told me that they were fine though. At least they were a decent size at 34cc.

I heard a noise in the hallway and jumped over to the viewing hole in the door. It wasn't him, but rather a very odd looking cleaning lady across the way. I used the term odd, because she was so ferociously sexy. She was about 5'9" with some deliciously long legs from what I could see. She definitely didn't belong in this place with the fading wallpaper and stucco. I moved my eyes up and down her slender body and rested them on her tight bun of hair, which from the looks of it, went halfway down her back when unfurled.

I watched her bend over and traced the lovely curve of her long legs. I was envious and awestruck.

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I used to have a body like that, and I wanted her body against me. I was getting a little moist at the thought of running my hands up her skirt and hearing her cum inside my ear… I broke from admiring the vixen that cleaned the rooms and went back to myself.

I slipped my strapless green dress off and continued down my body. I wasn't fat, I weighed 140 or so, but I sagged just a bit too much for me to get used to. My legs were as long as they were when I was twenty, but a bit more worn.

I stood there and convinced myself that I wasn't that bad. Compared to some of those women that I saw in those "milf" videos, I was doing alright. I thought of the cleaning girl briefly again; she was so fucking hot. My hand unconsciously found its way to my now very moist inner thighs and then collided with my pussy. I rubbed myself for a few minutes before my mind cleared and the thought of my real purpose here took hold.

I quickly slipped my dress back on, high heels as well, and then made way to the bed. I sat cross-legged on the soft blue fabric.

I'd imagine he was about five minutes away at the very most. I was so nervous to meet him, but so comforted by the thought of him in the same instance. The confliction of these two contesting emotions sent chills up my body. It was the heart-searing fear of being in a forbidden place coupled with the deepest of sexual arousal on all sensory levels.

I've never in my life done something like this; my nipples were rock hard and my pussy was dripping down the inside of my thighs. I was seething with confidence and weighted down by the virgin parts of my conservative nature at the same time.

The last time I got fucked; really got fucked, was more than eight years ago. I wanted this so badly, but another part of mind continued to will against me. I could almost cum on the sharp changes in adrenaline alone. My hands were trembling and my legs were soaked. It was time.

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I met this man online. I don't even know if the word man is appropriate; he was 19 for god sakes and 18 when I met him… I was old enough to be his mother. I guess that turned him on though. We started exchanging emails and as I got to know him, I realized that he made me feel a certain way.

He made me feel younger, like a girl again, but made me proud and confident to be older as well; he transfigured the word "aged" into "experienced" and gave me a powerful bravado to go along with it.

We exchanged pictures too. He told me that he was exceedingly aroused by me; that he loved my long legs and "shapely breasts". He told me that he wanted my curves against him and he wanted to learn every inch of me.

I think I was definitely getting the better piece of the pie though. My god did he look incredible. I forgot what the body of a 19 year old had looked like; and college wasn't even an eighth as good as him… He was about 6'2" which is a good 5 inches taller than me- and he was chiseled but not overly muscular. His cock was fucking amazing. He didn't tell me exactly how big he was, but I could get quite an impression from just starring at the photos.

He could get both of his hands -which looked quite in proper proportion to his height- around it, so I could only imagine what it would look like in mine.

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I just hoped he would like me. I hoped he wouldn't run out after realizing he made a passionate mistake that ultimately lead him back to his much younger and probably far tighter girlfriend. I had to channel that experience and mix it with my lust. I had to load the biggest gun in my arsenal and aim straight for the center of his deepest desires.

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My aim might be off at this age, but my impact was just as strong. I would make his eyes roll back and never return; I had to… I remembered my ex-husband; that disgusting and abusive asshole. He basically raped me, and he never once made me feel like anything more than a flake of dirt wedged between his selfish world and my fledgling one.

I left him for a reason. I left him for the benefit of the rest of my life, and if all goes well, part of that life will be walking through the door shortly. I rubbed my tender nipples slightly and ran my hand down my long legs to my feet. I envisioned a grand scene of the man I've never met.

My legs were getting soaked. I wasn't a dried up old lady. I was one of those milfs I saw online now and my pussy was tight and wetter than ever. I giggled to myself and realized that I never told my young friend that I was probably going to squirt all over him; hope he enjoys that sort of thing. Finally after waiting a small eternity, three knocks echoed from the door.

I adjusted myself one final time and slowly opened the door, not even checking the peep hole first. My prey stood before me; the 6'2" statute of my desire. He was glorious. His brown eyes took me back 20 years and then rushed me to the present in an un-fathomable jolt of sensation.

He smelt like a god should smell. He spoke… "Julie, you look amazing darling. May I come in?" Polite in person too! Overwhelming charm was a few inches from my face. "Please do hun, you make yourself comfortable," I said with fake confidence. My heart was racing. He walked up beside me, kissed me gently on the cheek while catching a whiff of my perfume before he sat on the bed and removed his jacket. My pussy was absolutely soaked.


I collected my confidence back together and just let go. I locked the door after spotting the luscious maid one last time and walked gently over to the bed. I sat close beside him with my legs crossed, making sure to extend them as far out as I could, emphasizing their length. He turned to me and let his eyes wander up my body. I could almost physically feel the manifestation of his touch caress my skin as he gazed upon me.

"Like what you see baby?" I said, softly. "Oh yes, I hope you can say the same." I giggled, "I think I'll have no problems in this case my dear." We starred at each other for a short while.

In our minds, we both wondered who would make the first move… the strike. For some reason, the cougar inside of me came alive, and I could no longer wait to claim my prey. I moved my hand to his face and then down his neck. I brushed his abs, and then caressed the top of his thigh. He was looking in my eyes and burning every inch of me.

I locked my eyes to his and felt him shake slightly as my hand ran over his stiffening cock. "Are you as big as I imagined from your pics dearest?" I asked. "Bigger," he said. "Mmmm." I kneeled down, spread his legs apart, and leaned into him; my arms were at his sides and my hands were running up his chest.

My breasts were pressed against his groin. I slowly leaned down further until my mouth was an inch from his crotch and I breathed hot air through his jeans onto his balls, feeling him tense with anticipation. I instructed him to remove his shirt as my lips lightly touched the area near his zipper. I pressed my lips against his cock through his jeans and watched him struggle to remove his shirt.

He eventually got it off which allowed me to gently tweak his nipples as my mouth continued to tease his impressive cock through his jeans. It was already halfway up his leg… breathtaking. After thoroughly teasing him, I stepped back a few feet and stood against the dresser that was in front of the bed. "You look incredible hun," I said, "do you want me to leave my heels on baby?

I know how you like them." "Yes please," he replied. "Okay you just sit there for a moment dear." I slowly and carefully undid the two straps on the back of my dress, and then let it fall away on its own; the leaf hiding the flower fell away.

I watched his eyes widen with excitement as he saw my naked body. He hovered around the black butterfly tattooed on my stomach for a moment; an eternal stamp of my twenties. "You shaved your pussy…" "Waxed baby." I stood up semi-straight and criss-crossed my legs as I ran my hand down the center line of my body and back up. I brushed my hands through my light red hair and then turned sideways. I bent my right leg up and then slowly turned around revealing my ass to him.

I ran my hand down to my left cheek and spanked it for him once before bending over to show him the rest of my pussy. I slipped my hand down and then a finger inside myself for a minute and then sucked my own juice off the length of my finger. "I have a surprise for you honey," I said lustfully to him.

"Mm… what's that?" he asked. "I can't get pregnant, so you can cum inside this pussy all you want. You can fill me up till I explode!" I giggled slightly. He didn't say anything, but I don't think he could speak at that point.

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I noticed he was rubbing his cock. "Ah ah, you stop there dearest… no play yet," I winked at him. He smiled and complied with my demand. I walked over to him and propped my right leg onto the bed next to him, giving him an eye-level view of my moist and burning pussy.


"My legs are soaked baby, and it's all because of you," I said. "You can play now boy." Without further hesitation, he ran his tongue along the inside of my thigh and then very swiftly to my pussy. He lashed at my clit with the tip of his tongue and then slipped it inside me as he firmly grabbed the top of my thigh with one hand, and my ass with the other. I snapped my head back and ran my fingers through his short black hair as I came absolutely unglued.

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My pussy never felt this good… ever. He continued to eat my wet cunt as I started to play with my nipples at the same time. Then out of the blue, he looked up at me fiercely, grabbed me, picked me up, turned me around, and laid me on the bed.

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He then continued to burry his lips into my cunt as he reached up and grabbed my breasts with his large hands. I was in love and almost ready to cum. After another few minutes, I felt it. The wave came over my body slowly and then without warning burst. I came twice all at once and squirted slightly into his mouth. I briefly freaked out in my mind, expecting him to stop… but no. He kept going, almost drinking my juices and let me squirt and cum all I want.

Eventually he stopped and left me in my own ecstasy as he stood up on the side of the bed. He removed his shoes, then his jeans, and was left standing in his plaid boxers. His cock was unmistakably huge now. I giggled wildly and licked my fingers while rubbing myself and then lay on my stomach facing him. "Oh my goodness dearest, you are good hee hee," I said smiling my quirky little smile.

"Thank you honey, you taste amazing." "Well, are you gonna show me what you've been hiding from me boy?" He pulled down his boxers and I nearly came again at the sight.

It was fucking gorgeous. Pictures would never do his rod justice in a million years. It was at least ten inches and slightly thicker than my wrist. I've never even seen a cock nearly as big. I had to keep myself together, but he could see as I bit my lip, that I was awed. "Oh my dear, you are huge!" I said lustfully. His cock was so hard too, gloriously stiff and slightly curved upwards to his slightly larger head. It was perfect.

I inched over to it, admiring it as my lips eventually reached the tip of his cock. I looked up at him while I gently pressed my lips against his throbbing head and parted his hole ever so slightly with my tongue. I toyed and teased him for a moment before I surprised him and stood up against him.

I pressed my body against his and then my lips to his. My arms wrapped around his neck as his hands found their way firmly to my ass.

They were so big and strong, easily eclipsing more than half of my cheeks. My tongue wrestled his and I felt his cock throb at my side. Its length surpassed my body by quite a bit and I felt it brush against me as we kissed.

My pussy flowed with fresh juice, ready for him to fuck me senseless. I stepped back for a moment and inspected him once more, putting my hand gently against his chest to halt his inevitable advance. I wanted to seize this sight for one more moment before the storm of fucking that would ensue.

It was then, that I noticed yet another thing about my young friend… "Wow baby, your balls are fucking huge too," I said surprised. He laughed gently. His balls were massive, at least the size of a couple small baseballs. His balls alone were bigger than my ex-husband's penis… and at 19!

"And to think young men grow until they're 25 sometimes," I said, "How'd they get so big baby?" "They're stuffed with cum for you Julie," he replied. "Come get me boy!" Before another word was uttered, he advanced towards me and flipped me around facing the bed. He nibbled on the sides of my neck and breathed his sweet hot breath down my collar bone.

His hands played with my tits and tweaked my hard nipples. I felt his cock press against my side. I reached a hand around his neck and another down to his balls. I squeezed them ever so gently in my hand; I couldn't even fit one in my palm. He moaned and I giggled slightly. "Wow baby, you sure have some cum for me." He then gently pressed me down onto the bed, my hands supporting me as my ass was up in the air. He took his massive cock in his hand with his other grabbing my cheek and gently nudged his head against my ass hole.

It was soaked with my pussy juices as he very slightly slid the tip of his head into my ass. I was rubbing my pussy and cumming as he did this, squirting a little down his legs. He moved his cock down from my ass, rubbing my pussy up and down gently.

Then finally, he parted my lips with his massive cock and started to slight it in. "Ooooooooooooh myy god!!" I moaned. He slowly slid half the length of his cock in and then back out of me a few times, getting me used to his size. It was painful at first, but after a few gentle thrusts, I couldn't get enough. "Baby you are so big, you're my big boy… fuck me!" I said. "Mm… Julie, you're tight." "Say my fucking name again boy!" "MmmmmMmmm Juuulie!!"; he slid the full length of his titanic cock inside my tight wet cunt and I felt like it was in my stomach.

He was splitting my pussy and filling me up all the way. I felt his head hit something that I didn't even know my cunt had and I let out a rush of juice all down his shaft and balls. After a few more slow thrusts, he began to get a good motion and pounded me furiously. He pulled on my hair and then bent me up slightly. "Uhhhmmmm baby you are so huge, fill me up!" He thrusted harder and harder until he could feel me start to shake; then it happened… My whole body tensed, and as his cock pulled out I squirted all over his shaft, balls, and legs; even getting some up his abdomen.

I collapsed on the bed, my cum juice dripping all over the place. I normally could not be touched for a few minutes after cumming like that, but he very gently slid himself back inside me.

It was amazing. I felt his cock fill me up as I was still shaking and cumming. It was like having a hundred orgasms a second. To top it off, he then bit my neck and stuck a finger in my ass. I squirt again while he was inside me. After I came, I sat up and nudged him away from me slightly, then pulled him towards me as I kneeled down in front of him. I wasted no time shoving his cock into my mouth, which was a very poor fit.

I tried my best to get it down and managed to get about half of it in my throat. I briefly imagined that maid sucking him off as I rubbed my pussy. I came gently a few times while I sucked him. As I lightly rubbed his balls, I felt a big shot down my throat. "Did you cum baby?" I asked. "No hun, that was just precum," he replied, "keep going, you're doing soooo good!" I couldn't believe it; it felt like when any other guy came. It honestly turned me on a great deal further.

After swallowing his precum, I put his cock back in my mouth and gagged on as much of it as I possibly could, stopping periodically to suck on his huge cum-filled balls. He put his hand on the back of my head and gently shoved his cock a little further. I was his little cum slut right now. Eventually, he stood me up. "Did you like that baby?" I asked. "I did, now I'll return the favor." He grabbed my ass very firmly and hoisted me up; my legs wrapping around his waist.

I slid down on his cock as he stood there hard as a bronzed statue. I could feel his muscular chest against my breasts, I could smell him as I kissed his neck, and most of all I could feel his gigantic cock filling my tight cunt. "MMMMMMMMMMM FUCK ME!," I screamed, "My big strong boy!" I pounded up and down on his long, thick shaft as waves of juice oozed out of my pussy all over him. His cock felt so amazing. He then lay me down on the bed and put my legs over his shoulders. He kept on pounding ever faster as I struggled to moan and catch my breath.

The entire massive length of his cock was sliding to the very depths of my wet cunt. I could no longer contain myself… I sprayed all over him, my entire body a temple under the effects of a catastrophic earthquake of pleasure.

He kept plowing his cock into me as I continued to cum. It was the most pleasurable feeling I'd ever experienced. I literally nearly passed out from his cock. "MMMMM JULIE!!" he yelled.

"Mmmm fill… me… up baby!" Suddenly, I felt his entire body electrify and tense up. Then I felt his cock get so hard that it nearly split me in two.

He unleashed a tidal wave of his hot cum inside me; I felt it fill me full. He slid out quickly, grabbed his cock, and continued to cum all over me. It was so intense that it hit my face and the bed behind me. Eight giant streams of cum alone outside my pussy, and so much inside that it was still oozing out. I quickly sat up and sucked the remainder of it out of his cock as I massaged his big balls.

"Mmmmmm fuck!" he said. "Oh dearest, you were full!" I giggled. I tortured him a bit by sucking his still stiff cock until he actually sprayed 3 more shots down my throat.

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I was now completely full of his cum. We collapsed on the bed together, my leg wrapped around him. As we lay in the twilight, I looked once more at his godlike cock; watching it glisten in the light and still stand hard as a rock. "Thank you baby, you made my year," I said softly to him. "My pleasure, Julie," he said to me in a whisper. I took in a big whiff of that air conditioned hotel aroma, now permutated with the scent of our bodies. The cougar had awoken, and would not sleep for a long time.