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Hot babes lily jordan and liv revamped fucked with tutor pornstars hardcore
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I lay uneasy in my bed as the day goes by me with little effort. I've slept most of the day, waking up at 12:00 pm is great when you have had a rough week though. I lay in my bed wondering what I could do today. I list the normal going to the mall, seeing a movie, or something else that requires little effort. However where I live we certainly get hot very fast and need to cool off constantly. So in the spur I decided to visit an old watering hole that someone showed me once. Where I live we have these convections called "snow balls." These shaved ice flavored treats come in many sizes and flavors, however some locations have flavors that make them unique and worth the travel.

This particular location is somewhat dear to me because of who showed it to me. But I have not seen her in a long time. We constantly went to this particular location to indulge our sweet tooth and have a good time talking and laughing.

The memories leave as I realize that it's just getting later and they might close early. I jump into my mustang and drive off from my house. The traffic is surprisingly light for 3 o clock in the afternoon, regardless of it being Saturday. I finally get to the snowball stand that holds the one flavor that they exclusively sold. I wait in line, sweating with the beating sun over my head and no shade to be seen in slight. The stand is crowded due to the hot day, not that uncommon, but is annoying when you have individuals that can't make up their mind about what they want.

I wait patiently, sweat beginning to form on my neck and back from the heat of the beating sun. I still wait as the line shortens one by one. The only thing to do is watch as the cars leave and enter the parking lot while I wait. Then I hear a familiar sound, an engine that I know belongs to a certain type of car. I look over my shoulder to see that black car pull into the parking lot.

My eyes widen as I see it park. I think to myself "it can't be her; there is no way I'm that lucky." Even if it is her, what the hell should I do, what can I do? I see her exit her car, wearing tight short shorts and a black low cut v top. Her dark hair glistens as she steps out and stands up her hair only a little past shoulder length. My hart starts to beat fast as I try to stop myself from running to her. I look back forward and pretend to read the menu that is posted outside the window.

I then realize that I'm the last person in line; she gets in line right behind me. No doubt she knows who it is, only so many individuals could look like me and only too few in this part of town. I hear a slight giggle behind me as I finally get up to the window and place my order.

I receive my snowball and return to my car. I sit on the hood, taken a bit of my snowball and wait to see what she does. As she finishes at the window she walks over to my car.

I continue to take another bit of the sugar flavored ice. We look at each other and say hello and begin to talk about how things have been lately with our lives. Catching up is always fun to do with a friend you have not seen in a while.

We both lean on the mustang, taken bites of our treats. I notice her firm legs that stretch all the way up to those tight shorts; a little hint of pink underwear showing out the top of them. She runs one of her hands down her side and slowly adjusts one of the straps on that piece of cloth that she calls underwear. I look back up at her, realizing that I have been staring at straps of her panties for so long that she noticed. She giggles as I bring my jaw back up from its drop.

"What's wrong little boy? Is that too much for you to see?" I simply replay "No, it makes me want more!" I continue to make remarks on how she is dressed wondering myself, if she knew I would be around or if this meeting is really all a chance meeting.

Of course we both play it off as a joke, laughing it off. As we continue to talk for a short while I ask if we could go back to her place of work to cool off in the shade.

She agrees and we both return to our cars, me fallowing her to that photo studio where she works. As we walk up the stairs to where she works I look around me, a little envious about being in such a place again, knowing what happened with us the last time we where together there. She unlocks the door and we both enter. I expected a rush of ac but instead find it to be only a little cooler then outside. We sit behind a contemporary desk, with a glass top and metal stands, continuing our conversation from the snowball stand.

She sits on the desk her legs crossed one over the other. I look at her feet in her flips flops, and slowly move upward taking in ever detailed of her soft smooth skin on her legs. I continue upward till I reach the rim of her shorts and look back into her eyes that are staring at me now. I must have a weird face because she giggles and looks away. I stand up from the computer chair behind the desk and walk behind her. She looks at her icy treat and takes another bite.

I see the sweat fall from her neck and creep below her shirt.

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I feel my hart start to beat faster as my hands reaches up to her. My finger tips make contact with her neck and she tightens her body at me touch, but quickly relaxes as I start to massage her neck.

Her breaths a little harder enjoying the free massage she is getting. I continue with the top of her neck and then slowly move my hands down her back, only to be stopped by her shirt. I take one hand off of her neck and slid it underneath the bottom of her shirt. I touch the top of her panties as my hand makes it up her back slowly pushing hard on her skin.

Her sweat makes my hand slide easily up her beautiful body. She arches her back as my hand reaches half way up her back; her head falls back onto my shoulder as I reach further up her back, gently massaging her back muscles.

I smell her as she leans back onto me, even thought she is sweating she still smells like a goddess. I gently breathe on her neck which causes her to pant into my ear, telling me I'm treating her right. My hands continue to move up and down her back, drawing moan after moan. As my hand reaches back up I hit the claps of her bra. My fingers gently pop the straps allowing them to fall to her side. She takes a deep breath before I feel her hand reach down to touch my cock from the outside of my pants.

I groan as I feel the pressure grow on my dick. My head bows down to kiss her lips. She attacks my face with full force, grabbing the back of my head and pushing me as close as my neck would allow.

Our lips pressed hard against each other, tongues forcing their way through both mouths. I taste the strawberry in her mouth from the snowball she had eating.


My hand moves from her back and pulls her bra from under her shirt. My fingers slowly circle her areolas, making her gasp for air. She arches her back again, urging me to touch her more. I comply as I gasp her breast with my hand and softly squeeze her beautiful breast. She pants as my other hand moves down her amazing abs all the way to her short shorts. I feel the soft cotton of her panties and play with the elastic that shows out of the top of her pants.

Her hand starts to unzip my pants as I continue fondling her breast, my hard cock painful aching for release. Se unzips me slowly, causing my dick to twitch as it gets closer and closer to release. She stops unzipping but my dick won't come out, it's too hard and stuck inside my pants. She slow pets the top of my cock as it struggles to find a way out of its constraints.

"Aww is my poor boy having trouble getting out. Let's see if I can get him out." She turns around in the desk and throws me in another chair, and she slowly snakes her way off the desk. She crawls on the floor and climbs up my legs pushing them apart.

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She pulls her shirt off before licking the side of my exposed cock. I groan as my dick strains harder against my pants "Seems im going to have to help this guy out." She reaches in and gently pulls my dick out. As soon as my head of my dick clears my pants she gives it a nice big wet kiss.

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She pulls away leaving a trail of spit leading from her wonderful mouth to my rock hard cock. She licks her lips enjoying the little bit of precum that has spewed onto her from just that one kiss. "Delicious" she says. "You have only gotten the sample, now it's time for the main fuck." I exclaim before standing up, grabbing her by the arm and throwing her onto that desk again.

Her ass sticking out towards me, I yank down her short shorts to reveal the rest of her pink underwear that taunted me earlier. I see her pussy juices have seeped right through that small piece of underwear. She looks over her shoulder with one leg on the ground and the other leg on the desk, presenting me with the greatest pussy I have ever seen. With my dick in my hand and her nice wet pussy ready to get fucked, I walk behind her and pull the panties to the sided.

She takes her hand to her mouth, spits in it and takes grab of my dick. She guides to straight into her pussy, the warm sweet fuck hole that has been my desire for far too long. The head of my cock teases her wet pussy by sliding up and down her dripping slit. She moans and begins to buck back at my hard dick. "God just fuck me please&hellip. Fuck me now&hellip. I need it &hellip. I need you to fuck me…" I simply grin and trust hard into her soaking wet pussy.


The walls of her pussy contract again and again around my hard cock as if it is trying to suck me in itself. I moan at the way her pussy eats my cock as I continue to thrust in and out of her continuously on the desk. I give her firm ass a few slaps and gain a few more whines from her wonderful mouth. I flip her around on the desk so she could face me. I put her legs over my shoulders allowing me the best access to her juicy pussy.

I pound her hard gaining moan after moan from her; she tries to gap onto anything that the desk has to stop her from screaming.

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She finally cums hard blasting her warm pussy juice all over my dick as well as the glass desk. I continue to rock back and forth in her contracting pussy, her spasms bringing me closer and closer to my own orgasm.

I grab her from the desk and force her to her knees in from of me. I sit back down in the computer chair and grab the back of her hair and force her face to my cock, it pokes her check as I force her had down. She quickly knows what to do taking grab of it and slowly starts to jerk me off.

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She lets her lips tingle the tip of my dick before she licks it with her incredible tongue. She licks my slit torturing me with that release that I want so desperately. She giggles as she hears me groans for more. She takes me in her mouth, sliding half way down my shaft then back up again. I thrust my hips up again causing my dick down her throat.

She gags a little before getting use to it. I hold her head down on my cock, my hand entangled in her hair. She sucks and chokes and jerks my dick with everything she has, not letting up. I breath hard as I get closer and closer, I realize that the whole time she has be pleasuring me that she has been pleasuring herself.

One of her hands has been playing with her own pussy, parting her lips and using her middle finger to fuck herself. She moans on my dick making me shiver as she continues to blow me hard.

My hands grip hard onto anything that I can to hold myself from cumming to soon. Her talented tongue swirls around my dick inside her lovely mouth. She pushes herself harder and harder. Using two finger now, driving herself closer to her own orgasm. She hears me go ragged in my breathing and works harder and harder pulling my orgasm from me. She finally gives one last, long suck, a hige moan from her mouth making me finally cum fully in her mouth. She continues to suck on me even as I cum drawing every drop from my hard cock.

I lay panting in the chair, her mouth still on my dick. Then I feel her suck more as she drinks my cum straight from my dick. I look down to see her eyes closed with a look of enjoyment. I look below me and see that she had came to her own orgasm, her pussy juice dripping onto the floor now. I lay my head back and rest in the chair. She climbs on top of my legs and curls up on top of me. I put my arms around her and whisper in her ear "want to try this in a bed next time?"