White Girl Sucking A Big Black cock

White Girl Sucking A Big Black cock
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It was the start of my daughter's senior year, and I wanted to get her something as a reward for her 3.8 GPA. Sarah was not just a good student, she was turning into a beautiful woman. With her love of modeling shows and posting her pictures online, I thought that perhaps a meeting with a modeling agent or photographer would be something she might like. But, her mother was not a fan of this. And, being divorced, there was little I could do.

So, with her 18th birthday a few months away, I figured we could sneak it in. Then, if Sarah liked it, she would be 18 and able to make the decision herself. When I told her about it, she was incredibly excited. "Oh, dad! That would be so much fun." So, I let her investigate it and find someone she was happy with. After a couple hours on the internet, she found a photographer that not only took pictures, but included lessons on how to model and what to expect.

She promised a portfolio after a 4 hour session. But, the cost was $1,500. A bit more than I expected. But, Sarah was adamant. She had study the photographer's online gallery and was determined that it was for her. So, making an appointment for a Saturday that Sarah would spend with me, I was pretty much locked in on the expense. Sarah had spent the entire morning doing her makeup.

When I was finally allowed to see her, she walked down the stairs in her favorite pair of tight blue jeans and black silky shirt that stopped just at the waistline of her pants. She was stunning.

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At 5'10", she had my height. But, she had her mom's shape, with just the right amount of curves around her hip and a well-proportioned chest. I really had no idea what her sizes were, but they were incredibly sexy.

Her best feature, though, was her face. Despite having the body of a mature woman, she had an incredibly young, beautiful appearance. Long blonde hair, with deep blue eyes, and a soft, blemish free complexion. Almost the face of a 12 year old. The studio was in downtown Chicago, part of the artistic district in Lincoln Park. We hopped into the car and made the drive down from Evanston. My ex-wife was getting ready for her school year as a psychologist, so she wouldn't be hounding Sarah for her daytime activities.

As we pulled up, Sarah was beaming, but obviously nervous. I tried to get her to relax, and after a few breaths, we walked up to the lark brick studio and rang the bell. Opening the door was a stunning older woman.

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She was probably in her mid-40's, smiling and flashing a beautiful smile. She quickly introduced herself. "Hi, I'm Heidi, and you must be Sarah." Sarah shook her hand, beaming back. "Yea, hi. It's so nice to meet you." We walked inside and I was stunned at the size of the warehouse.

Different style rooms blended into each other. A bedroom that looked out of the 1500's blended into a dining room, which blended into a modern bathroom, which was next to a more modern bedroom. Racks of clothes were everywhere. Clearly, the place for a wide variety of photo shoots. "So this must be your dad?" Heidi asked as we sat down on a couch. "Yea, hi, I'm Peter." "Well, I'm glad you came to. It helps makes things more relaxed." Heidi turned to look at Sarah.

"Well, you're even more gorgeous in person. I'm really excited. Why don't you stand up and let me look at you." Quickly, I became uncomfortable. So many times I would take Sarah to the doctor, and just sit in the waiting room.

Now, I was in the middle of the process of something I really didn't understand or prepare myself for mentally. I had expected to just be sitting somewhere and waiting. Sarah glanced at me with a nervous smile and stood up.

She turned to look expectantly at Heidi. "You are beautiful, but give me some posture! Stand up proud push your chest out accentuate your beauty!" Sarah smiled slightly and pushed out her chest. Her silky fabric hung over her chest, showing me her true proportions. I was shocked at the size of her chest as it pushed against the sheer material. "Oh, much better. You must always stand proud at your fullest height and let people see your beauty." With Sarah standing in front of us, Heidi turned to me.

"Since she is only 17, I need you to sign these papers for a release. Why don't you go over them, and while you do, I'll talk with Sarah and get some specifics from her." So, I sat down and began reading the agreement.

And as I did, Heidi stood up and walked Sarah over to a desk. I could hear Heidi talk about "measurements" and "bras" and other girl items that got lost while I read. The agreement wasn't much of anything, saying we had to approve any use of the pictures, so I quickly signed away approval of Heidi to photograph my daughter.

As I put down the clipboard, I looked up to see Sarah slipper her bra out from under her shirt. The magic trick that all women know. I stared in disbelief, realizing that there wasn't going to be any changing rooms for privacy. We were already private. They came walking back Heidi gave me another clipboard. It had some basic information on it about Sarah, with some blank spaces. Sarah walked over, holding onto her bra. "Just give that to your dad, honey. We need to get your measurements." Sarah, blushing, gave me the black bra.

It was completely mesh, and as I held it against my hand, I could see my hand perfectly clearly through the other side. I never knew Sarah had such a bra, and as I began to think about what she looked like in it, knowing her nipples would be completely visible, I felt a twinge I didn't expect.

Heidi pulled out a tape measure. "Now Sarah, I want you to stand proud, just like you did before. And hold still." I was to the side of Sarah, and when she pushed out her chest, I stared in shocked amazement. Without her bra, her breasts kept their perfectly upright appearance as she pushed forward against the silky top. Their natural appearance was on full display, showing their bulge to the sides of her body. But, what was completely unreal was the tight outline of her nipples.

They stood like proud tulips on the end of small melons. Almost a breast on a breast. The puff and size went beyond any type of silver dollar nipple I had ever seen.

Apparently Heidi had the exact same thoughts. "Oh my gosh, Sarah, you have such a beautiful chest." Sarah looked down, blushing slightly. Heidi walked in front of her and, without warning, reached around Sarah's back with her tape measure and brought it softly to the front, wanting to be as gentle as possible to ensure she gave Sarah the full measurement she deserved.

As she brought the tape to the front of Sarah's chest, lightly resting her fingers on the front of Sarah's soft nipples, Sarah shivered noticeably. Heidi moved her hands gently against Sarah's chest, bringing the two ends of the tape together. "Wow. 36 and ¾. We'll call it 37. That is a nice size.

Have you had your breasts done?" Sarah laughed slightly as Heidi dropped her hands, simply saying "No." Heidi and I watched as Sarah's nipples slowly transformed under the fabric from exceedingly puffy, to hard points pushing against the fabric. Sarah shuddered softly, feeling her chest tingle from the brief touch of Heidi. "Natural. That's a bonus.

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Make sure you check that box Peter, and write down 37." I looked at the paper and found the right space. I also noticed some of the other boxes to be filled out. "Waste size." "Hip size. " "Pubic hair color." "Pubic hair shape." "Special Moles." "Complexion." On and on. But, what amazed me most was the following: "Skin color around anus." I knew modes were under incredible scrutiny, but it was almost obscene. I looked up to see Heidi holding the tape measure around Sarah's hips. "Hold your shirt up a little honey." I stared in awe as Sarah exposed her pale, flat belly for Heidi.

"25. Nice proportion." Dragging the tape lower, she brought it together just in front of Sarah's crotch, pushing into it. Sarah continued to hold the shirt up, almost tucking it under her breasts.

"33. Wonderful." Heidi stood back, looking at Sarah with a big, beaming smile. "You are going to be very popular.

You have the body of a woman, but the face of a child. The perfect combination." I filled in the last two numbers and gave the information sheet back to Heidi. "Now, sit down, and let's chat a bit." Sarah plopped down on the couch, her bra free chest swinging back and forth. I couldn't help but stare.

Luckily, Sarah was completely focused on Heidi. "Now, the thing about being a model is this you have to be completely relaxed with yourself. Your body. Your looks. Your clothes. Your photographer. It takes incredible confidence. Even though you are beautiful, you need to practice using your beauty. Being confident. And, that is what I am for. To get you completely comfortable, confident, and ready to be the hot, sexy model that advertisers want to use.

" Sarah just sat there, looking hard, listening, and not paying any attention to me. "So, that is what we will do today. Get you uncomfortable, because right now, it doesn't matter. But, by becoming uncomfortable now, you will become completely relaxed and comfortable later. Today, you are taking pictures for nobody but yourself. It is practice. And, like anything, the more you practice and get uncomfortable, the more confident you will become.

Got it?" Sarah was transfixed. "Yea. Sounds perfect." I just stared at Sarah's chest, watching her transformed nipples sticking out sharply against her soft, silky top. My mind was forgetting who she was, instead taking in her intoxicating beauty. Heidi continued. "Right. So, if you were to be any model, who would you want to be." Sarah thought for a moment. Then, knowing the answer before it was asked, she responded. "Kate Upton." Heidi quickly stood up. "Absolutely. Then let's look at some of her shots and get going." "Well, the top of the top.

You certainly have her body type, and are probably just as beautiful. Why don't we go to my desk and pull up some of her shots, and then we'll find a place in here to re-create them. Dad, you just stay here." I watched the girls walk over to a computer and start to search images on the internet. "Oh, I like this one." Heidi chirped after a few minutes. "Why don't you pick two, and I'll pick two, and that will set up the shoot." Sarah browsed for a bit, and then made her decision.

"This one… and that." Heidi clearly approved. "Those are perfect. Let's print them, and use them as reference." As they waited on the prints, Heidi continued her model education.

"Now, you picked some pretty sexy, revealing shots. It is important to remember that, as a model, many things you have may come out during a shoot that certainly will never end up in print. But, to get the shot, many chances have to be taken. So, you should always get final approval of the shots in contracts, so that if you flash something you don't want shown, that it stays out of the public eye.

And, many times, photographers Photoshop the images so they don't embarrass you." Sarah listened intently. "Yea, they talk about that on the top model show I watch." "Good." Heidi continued.

"Then you know that sometimes, you might feel exposed, but it is necessary to get the shot. Look at Kate here, in this shot you picked. She isn't even wearing anything on the bed here, but Victoria's Secret wants you to think she is, and this generates the beauty of the shot." I knew only too well what Heidi was talking about, and was beginning to wonder if this was something I wanted Sarah to be a part of.

The more I thought about it, the more I felt like I was telling my daughter to pose in Playboy. Heidi walked over to a makeshift runaway in the middle of the warehouse. "Why don't you come over here and practice your walk and some initial shots. Go to the end and just wait for me." Sarah climbed up onto the wooden runway and walked to the back. Heidi found a light switch and the warehouse went dark except for the bright lights on the runway. Grabbing a camera, she walked to the front.

"Now, just walk towards me." Sarah paused, adjusted herself mentally, straightened up, and walked. I have seen many videos of models on the runway, and Sarah just fit right in. Here hips swayed back and forth, her chest was pushed forward, her back had a slight arch, and her head was perfectly still, looking forward. Her chest was swinging back and forth, in rhythm with her hips. From the angle I was at, her belly button was visible, like a small vagina.

Heidi was holding her camera on Sarah, capturing the moment. Sarah got to the end of the runway, and without any prodding, put a hand on her hip, spun around, and walked back. I watched her ass sway back and forth. My excitement was clearly evident as my hardness throbbed in my pants.

Sarah got to the end and stopped. "That was great Sarah. You're a natural. But, this time, I want you to put some more movement in your shoulders, try not to be so stiff.

And, when you get to the front, give me some poses." Sarah was clearly beaming and excited to be in the spotlight and to hear such approval. Once again pausing, she thrust up her chest, nipples poking there way forward, and began her walk again. This time, she began to purposefully move her shoulders in unison with her hips. This resulted in her chest swaying much more obscenely, hanging free without the constraints of a bra. I couldn't help but think I was watching soft porn live.

Sarah was putting herself on display, learning what it meant to be a model and have men ogle your body. But, sitting in the dark, Sarah was oblivious to me. She was lost in her own little world. When she got to the front of the catwalk, she bent forward, hands on her hips. Sarah's chest sagged forward, showing deep cleavage. She brought her hands up to her shirt, pulling it tight against her sagging chest. Then, she stood up, mockingly running her hands over her chest.

"Great." Heidi chimed in. "Pout your lips and look right at me, pretending to push your shirt up." I watched as my daughter didn't miss a beat, well acquainted through years of sex on TV, advertising, internet, and movies. She knew what was expected, what was sexy and was ready for it. Sarah grabbed the bottom of her shirt, exposing her pale white stomach, and pushed the fabric into the swell of her breasts, hands in between them.

Sarah was exposing barely exposing the bottom of her chest. The round white globes of my daughter were barely visible, with Sarah leaning back, toying with Heidi. Heidi just kept pointing her camera.

Heidi paused. "Now, when I say hold, then that means I want you to hold the pose until I say OK. Got it?" Sarah stopped, stood up, and dropped her shirt. "Yea, got it." "Good. Now, put your hands on your hips and lean forward as far as you can, head up, looking right at me with your sexiest face." My daughter must have practiced this pose for years. Her eyes sparkled, pouted her lips, and leaned forward, running her tongue over her upper lip.

Sarah's teenage breasts fell forward in her shirt, hanging down in what looked like two footballs hanging from her chest. I was shocked at her voluptuous beauty.

Her nipples were stayed well hidden, but that was about it with her large v neck holding almost nothing in place. "Now, grab your shirt and push." Sarah ran her hands up her stomach and slowly pushed her shirt up to the underside of her breasts, bent over in her tight, low cut jeans.

"Push it up higher, and use your arms to cover yourself." A classic pose, but on my 17 year old, it was shameful. Sarah put her arms together and slowly pushed the fabric over her chest. All I could see were elbows and arms, but knowing she was exposed increased my excitement. I could see the sides of her breasts squeezing out to her side. "Now, slowly straighten up." Still squeezing her chest, Sarah stood up, following directions perfectly.

"Let your hands run back down to your hips." Sarah completed the move, dragging her shirt back across her chest, once again concealing it. I guess the show wasn't going to be everything I was hoping it would turn into, and was embarrassed at my disappointment.

But, apparently, things were only just starting. "Now, grab the cleavage of your shirt and pull." There was plenty of stretch in Sarah's shirt, so she easily began to open up her cleavage. The full roundness of her teenage breasts, apparently size 37, started coming into view. They were firm, pert, and horizontal. Sarah dragged the fabric just to the point of her nipples and then stopped. "Pull as low as it can go." Sarah paused, knowing what this would mean. But, her pause was slight, and with a final pull, Sarah's breasts popped out and were hanging freely for Heidi to photograph in all their beauty.

The first thing I noticed was the sheer size and darkness of her nipples. I had seen faint traces over the years, but until you actually see something, you are never quite sure what to expect. Sarah's nipples were a dark brown, in the shape of a large tulip bulb.

They were back to their puffy state, fluffed out a good 2 inches not only in diameter, but in height. They were almost chiseled onto her chest. Heidi clearly noticed too. "Wow, you have gorgeous breasts." Sarah blushed, but kept moving the shirt, pulling it down, letting herself be exposed. Without direction, she bent forward, letting the true size and sag of her chest stand out. Her little girl face did not match the womanly treasures she was putting on display. The contrast was incredible.

"Put your hands behind your back and hold that." Sarah let herself hang forward, putting her arms behind her back as directed. Although her body tried to stay still, her tits kept swinging back and forth, like pendulums. I sat in disbelief at the situation I was watching. If her mom knew what was going on, I'd be shot. "Great. Now, stand up, but leave your shirt where it is at." Chest completely exposed, but completely unconcerned, Sarah stood up.

Her chest swelled across her black shirt, standing out in stark contrast to the black sheen. Heidi looked at her approvingly. "Now, unzip the front of your jeans." Sarah's eyes crinkled, thinking that she was pretty much done with the shot. And, she had clearly reached the end of her comfort zone. Heidi could instantly tell. "This is about making you uncomfortable, like we talked about. This is for you. If you can't, or don't want to break through it, then fine.

But, you need to decide." Reminded of the purpose, but also remembering I was in the room, Sarah peered into the darkness where she thought I was sitting. She was slightly red and embarrassed. "You need to forget about the people around you when modeling. There will always be people. You have to focus on yourself, and me." Tits hanging free, my 17 year old daughter made the decision. She reached down to the front of her pants and unzipped them. They stayed closed, revealing nothing.

"Now, spread the jeans open." With trepidation, Sarah grabbed either side of the zipper on her pants and spread them open in a V. Heidi and I were rewarded with an erotic view of Sarah's silky black mesh panties, with small strings holding the front in place. But, what was more intoxicating to me was the pubic hair exploding out of the top of her panties.

Sarah clearly was not a shaver, and it looked like she never even trimmed her bush. I sat up, wanting a better look. "Awesome. Now look at me like I was your boyfriend, showing me yourself for the first time." Sarah instantly took on a coy, embarrassed look. Probably because that was exactly how she felt. Her body squirmed back and forth, causing her naked chest to sway slightly.

"Now, I want you to go back and walk down the runway again." Sarah seemed relieved. She turned and walked back, letting her shirt slip back into place, and zipping up her pants. She turned around and prepared herself, but Heidi interrupted. "No, just like you were. I want you to feel exposed uncomfortable embarrassed." Sarah reached down and unzipped her pants again, letting her black panties with exposed pubic hair stand in proud contrast against her alabaster skin. Then, she grabbed her shirt, pulled it down, and once again exposed her teenage, gravity defying breasts.

I adjusted myself in the seat as my hard on throbbed. Sarah began her walk, and I was transfixed on her nipples like someone being hypnotized. Back and forth they swayed, vulgarly on display, with her thick patch of pubic hair peeking out of her pants. She reached the end of the runway, uncertain with whether to stay or go back. Heidi poked her face from behind the camera. "Now, put your thumbs on top of your underwear and pull down only the front." Sarah was certainly posing in ways she never imagined, but she was not going to pause and ask why when she already knew the answer.

She was slowly being broken in, and knew not to ask. Instead, Sarah grabbed the top of her waist band and gently pulled down her black panties. The dense pack of pubic hair sprang out proudly, hiding Sarah's treasure that lay beneath. I was pretty sure she was still a virgin, having spent few nights out past 11pm. But, who could know for sure.

All I knew was that, from my current position, I was staring at my daughter in a way no dad should. And she knew it. Sarah stood there with a face of fear and trepidation, exposing herself in ways she clearly understood was not the norm. She was not comfortable. "No, I mean pull them down hard. Stretch them. Put forth an effort.

Look like you are trying to be sexy. And smile for god's sake." Sarah smiled, the same smile she used for her year book picture. The same smile she used when standing next to her mom. The same radiant smile that I would see when her grades came home.

But, instead, she was smiling for me with her tits exposed. And now, I watched as she jammed her panties as low as she could, clearly exposing the soft folds of skin that lay between her legs. I stood up quietly, in the darkness, and moved more towards the front.

What had been about a 30 foot distance between us, I was cutting down to about 20, trying to make sure I was out of the light. Sarah continued to smile for Heidi, letting her bush be photographed and documented.

"Now, turn around." Sarah swished her head, turning, letting her hair sweep around her. She looked over her shoulder at Heidi, waiting instructions. "Now, looking right at me, I want you to bend over." Sarah did just that, letting her tits hang down, nipples looking like they were weights holding down her breasts.

Sarah's ass was stretched tightly against her jeans, pointing straight at us, we her face looking around the side of her body. "Nice. Now, reach behind, and still looking at me I want you to pull down your jeans only, just below your butt." Sarah put her hands on either side of her hips, hooked her thumbs into her jeans, and slowly rolled them over her ass.

I stared at the dimples she exposed above each ass cheek, reminding me of times with her mom, bent over in front of me, Beth letting me violate her visually and physically. I could almost smell the familiar aroma of Beth's anal treasure releasing its toxins. And just like that, Sarah was standing before us, jeans hanging below her ass, mooning us. Her underwear did no justice in covering her ass.

The fabric certainly prevented anything vulgar from showing itself, but pubic hair was springing out on all sides. The center of her anal opening was perfectly clear as the area around it had more hair poking out of her underwear, and the walls of her cheeks had a dark brown stain to them.

The fabric, being black, made it hard to see any outline of her pussy. But, that did not take away from any of the excitement. Sarah kept her eyes focused on Heidi, looking for approval. I remembered the check box about the skin color around the anus and the pubic hair questions and understood the reason. I don't think I ever saw a model with the traits I was now seeing on Sarah. Heidi was unphased. "Wow, what an ass. I love the dimples. Now pull down your underwear, just to your jeans." God, it was unbelievable, how in one breath Heidi would complement, and follow it up with a casual request for Sarah to expose herself obscenely.

I walked closer, transfixed on my daughters reaction. Sure enough, Sarah just reached back, and pulled down her thong. Time stood still as her underwear slipped below her anus. It was bulging out at Heidi and eye, almost breathing like the mouth of a fish.

It was perfectly symmetrical, a dark brown circle of ridges with a pink core. Hair was standing around it, proud and tall, like the quills of a porcupine protecting it from unwanted entry. My mouth was dry. But, what was the most undeniably sexy, most erotic thing that I ever have come across, was Sarah's pussy.

Her mounds were pale white, not yet flushed with the color of a mature woman. Black pubic hair stood on end, standing thick and straight, providing a dense nest for her pussy. But, in the center, where there was a 2 inch gap that hair did not exist, lay the pink center of Sarah's womanhood. I'm not sure what I expected. Maybe I was still remembering the fold of skin she had as a child, with no hint of sexuality.

But, what I saw was amazing. Despite the soft, gentle nature of her mounds surrounding her vagina, Sarah's pussy lips were fully engorged. They were like two small rose petals, bright red, flared out around the opening of her womb. And, they were glistening, almost as though coated in honey. Sarah was clearly in a state of sexual excitement. I suppose the attention, the environment, the idea that she was becoming a model can be enticing for a girl.

But, to Sarah, it was clearly electrifying. Her pussy lips, though barely extending much beyond her slit, clearly flared open, showing her willingness and readiness like a dog in heat. But, her opening was so small, so virginal, that I don't think much more than a small finger could have fit inside of her.

But her opening was certainly clear, and as I stared in disbelief at the center of my daughter's sexual being, I was brought out of my trance by Heidi.

"That's perfect.

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Now, spread your legs a bit more, look at me, and smile." Once again, Sarah posed for her yearbook. But, with her legs spreading, vagina opening, and anus bulging, it was a picture that few daughters would ever bring home to their dad. I walked up closer, standing to the side of Heidi. She paid me no mind, but Sarah noticed me for the first time. For a moment, she looked like she was caught doing something wrong, staring at me, wondering what she should do.

But Heidi would have none of it. "No, look at me. Put your hands on your butt and arch your back as hard as you can. Exaggerate." Sarah put her hands on her ass and arched her back, staying bent over. Her pussy bulged out at us, like the ass of a baboon, lips red and flared.

Her vagina bloomed open, revealing what I had always assumed to be the case Sarah still had her hymen. The sheer whiteness of it stood in stark contrast to the pink walls that had become exposed. It had a small, round opening, about the size of a pencil. I now knew what Sarah used pads because a tampon would never fit. Sarah was glistening. "Hold that. Perfect." It was beyond perfect. It was angelic. My little nymphet was putting herself on display.

I didn't know what to look at. The damp, wet look of her pubic hair. The deep brown anus, breathing from its pink center. The white hymen, so private, but so exposed. And then I found my target. Sarah's petals were beyond damp. They were dewy, gathering the liquids draining from her excited pussy. And, as I stared, I watched as the liquids gathered to form a substantial drop, hanging from the lowest part of her vagina. Then, with time slowing, I watched as it dripped from her pussy and onto the stage.

Sarah was more excited than I was. Heidi just kept the camera focused on Sarah's ass, moving for different angles, sometimes zooming, and sometimes pulling back.

Sarah didn't flinch. I counted 5 drips, creating a small pool on the floor. I could even hear the small drip when they landed. I didn't want the moment to end. But it did. Heidi was not in the least bit disturbed, or affected by anything.

"Great, honey. Now, stand up and come here a second." Sarah turned around and walked forward, pulling up her pants. "No, keep them down. I want to show you something." So, Sarah waddled over to the edge of the stage, pants on her thighs, tits hanging free.

"Alright, now I'm not going to hurt you. Just stand still." With her tits hanging obscenely over her shirt, Sarah looked down as Heidi grabbed hold of Sarah's bush. Then, pulling back, Heidi stretched Sarah's hair to its full extent well over 4 inches. "If you want to be a model, you will need to work on this. It is bulging out of your underwear, and that is not something magazines can show. Plus, it is not what is sexy these days.

It is longer than many girls normal hair." Sarah blushed, looking down. "Yea. I guess I didn't think about that." Heidi continued in her motherly talk. "It is nothing that can't be fixed, and I'm sure many guys would love it. But, it is just not something for the Kate Upton's of the world." Although I knew she was right, I dreaded the thought of Sarah losing her bush.

It was larger than her moms, and now that I saw it, I never wanted it to change. But, I never should have seen it in the first place. "Now that you're comfortable, let me put some music on and see how you move to a rhythm." Heidi walked over and began fumbling with some electronics. Not getting any direction, Sarah just stood there, pants now falling to her knees, tits free, looking at me. She whispered softly. "Dad, don't look at me!" Her hands moved in front of her bush, legs slightly crossing.

I felt caught, knowing that I was staring right at her pussy, seeing the fold of skin that represented her clit. I couldn't help it. But, Heidi came back, quickly rescuing me. "Alright, pull up your underwear but take off your pants. And fix your shirt." Sarah seemed relieved. Quickly, she pulled up her underwear, but unable to hide all of her bush. Then, she quickly put her boobs inside of her shirt, thankful for the return to a hint of comfort. But, as she bent to peel off her pants, her right boob sprung free, her shirt having been stretched to the point that it no longer held things in place.

With her right tit hanging free, Sarah kicked off her pants and quickly tucked it back in. The song started. It was some type of rap song, with a beat that could have been one of a thousand. Sarah, standing next to her crumpled pile of jeans, in her thong and shirt, patiently awaited instructions.

Heidi grabbed her camera and resumed control. "Now, I want you to move your hips back and forth, dancing in what is comfortable for you." Sarah just got right to it. She began swaying her hips, keeping her knees together, moving like a voluptuous snake. She moved perfectly with the song, naturally moving her hands in circular motions that seemed effortless and natural. "Beautiful, Sarah.


But, I want you to relax, close your eyes, and pretend you are home in your room without any eyes on you." Closing her eyes, Sarah began to move more dramatically, more aggressively. Her breasts were moving wildly, her right breast again popping free.

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But this time, Sarah just let it move as it wished, swinging to the movements of her body. Her knees began to separate, moving outwards, and Sarah began to grind the air in front of her. Slowly, Sarah started to turn, letting us watch her ass swing in a circular motion, small and rhythmic. She arched her back, putting her hands over hear head, almost stretching her breasts tight against her body. Her exposed nipple pulled itself against her skin, once again defining itself as an engorged tulip on a large, firm melon.

With her legs spread, ass towards us, we were once again staring in awe at the mass of pubic hair that her underwear couldn't contain. "Now, I don't care how you do it, but I want you to lose your underwear and shirt, in the sexiest way you can think of." Sarah didn't even pause this time. She had been there, done that. As she slowly turned to face us again, moving her hands from above her head, she grabbed the top of her shirt and pulled it down, freeing her other tit. She ran her hands over them, squeezing them, causing her nipples to explode between her fingers.

The song continued to pump, the singer going on about "Ride my elevator, up. First floor&hellip." Lyrics I could barely make out, but got there meaning. Sarah moved her hands down below her chest, grabbing the fabric of her shirt, and with both hands in front of her, pulled it over her head. But, instead of dropping the shirt, she just held her arms straight up, holding it high, and began to turn her body in a circle, knees back together.

Sarah was no longer dancing her body; she was moving her body around her swinging tits. They were stretched tightly against her as she pushed her hands up to the ceiling, but the mass kept circling back and forth. She began to worm her chest forwards and back, starting from her stomach and ending with her neck. As she completed the circle, eyes closed, tongue on her lips, she dropped the shirt. Slowly lowering her hands, Sarah ran them into her hair, spreading it out like an angel, then pushing it into a bun as she leaned forward and let her tits hang down and sway.

She was moving in ways that I thought no 17 year old could ever move, let alone my daughter. The song kept her moving, kept her completely focused on herself and not anyone else in the room. Dragging her hands along her sides, Sarah reached under her breasts and pushed them up towards her chin, pointing her nipples right at us.

I don't know what caused her to do it. Perhaps the thrill of the attention. The lyrics of the song. The sexuality that she was releasing. Years of being trapped in suburban Evanston. But, regardless of the reason, as I watched her lower her head and slip her right nipple into her mouth, I wanted to pull down my pants and cum on the spot.

It was brief, and Sarah seemed to jump a little, shocked at her own actions. But, the result was immediate. Her nipple, glistened with saliva, was becoming rock hard. Sarah tried to pretend that it didn't happen, standing up and changing her position, releasing the hold she had on her breasts. I looked at Heidi, and she was just continuing with the shoot, as though nothing out of the ordinary was happening.

The song got back to the chorus, and Sarah stood up, putting her thumbs once again in the front of her underwear. It was all that she had on. As her dark brown nipples, more like anuses on her chest, swayed back and forth, Sarah began to grind the air with her crotch again, pushing her hips forward, And, as she did, she pulled down the front of her underwear. It was her version of the tease.

Not taking it all the way off, but putting herself on display, letting us get a taste of things to come. Her thick bush was leading the way, exposed and being thrust towards us. I could make out her clit starting to poke out, desperate for attention. Sarah almost looked as though she was standing behind a girl, trying to fuck her with her pubic hair. Then, turning, she pushed her ass towards us, bending her back, and began swinging her ass to the music.

As much as I wanted to stare at her swinging boobs, hanging down, wondering if she would lick them again, I could take my eyes off her ass. The dimples again appearing, handed down from her mother. The roundness of her globes. Reaching back, Sarah slowly peeled down her underwear, trying her best to keep her ass still while her body moved.

Again, her anus came into view, and I moved to position myself directly behind her. I stared at the hairs, marveled at the brown skin surrounding it. Sarah continued to roll her underwear down her ass, letting it hang at the top of her thighs. Sarah's pubic hair was wet and matted, having been ground into her body with her dancing.

Her pussy lips were still engorged, glistening. Just the briefest glimpses of her hymen could be made out. But, the affect was undeniable. I wanted to fuck her. Sarah stood up, letting her ass close back together. Her underwear casually fell from her thighs to the ground, and as the song ended, Sarah stood completely naked, in front of us. Opening her eyes, trying to get her bearings, Sarah looked towards Heidi.

"How was that?" "Honey, that was incredible. You are so much sexier than Kate. I'm so proud." Sarah blushed a little, smiling, happy with the response. It was everything she wanted to hear, and with teenage girls, when they hear approval, they want it so much more. "So, why don't you hop on down and we'll get some of those shots you wanted." I felt myself in a hypnotic trance, walking back to the couch, unable to focus.

Heidi turned the lights back on, and Sarah continued to remain naked. She was comfortable in her environment. She no longer paid attention to me. I suppose the point was, if she could be completely comfortable in what just happened, then nothing would phase her as a model. But I was completely uncomfortable. I had the hardest erection I could remember. I stared in amazement as Heidi and Sarah talked, looking for outfits, Sarah casually getting dressed and undressed.

What was I doing here, watching my daughter? After about 10 minutes of recovering, Heidi came over with Sarah, dressed in a beautiful, full length dress. It was red, sheer, and exposed in the back all the way to the top of her button. It opened enough at the bottom to show the dimples above each ass cheek. Sarah was elegant. Heidi looked at me. "Now dad, you can help but using this reflector and pointing the light where I need it." I grabbed the large, round mirror like object and saw what she meant.

It reflected light and eliminated the appearance of shadows. We walked over to a dining room themed environment with Sarah standing to the side of the table. For 5 minutes, Heidi directed me on where to point the light as Sarah posed for the camera. The dress provided a provocative view of Sarah's cleavage, and the fabric sort of hung on her breasts.

Her nipples couldn't be seen, but their texture was certainly visible. "Now, arch your chest towards me, hands on your hips." Sarah did just that, causing the subtle point of her nipple to push against the dress. "Pull down the front of your dress a little, and off your shoulders some." Sarah reached up, moving the right strap from her shoulder.

Then, adjusting the front, she lifted out her breast for Heidi, as though presenting it to her as a gift. "Oh, no honey put it back. Not yet." Sarah was a little too eager. She thought, in order to be sexy, she had to expose herself. What she didn't get yet was how to not expose herself and be even sexier.

Guys want what they can't have. Just as I wanted Sarah. As the dress fell on Sarah's breast again, showing her nipple, Heidi put down the camera. "Wait, let me show you something." Heidi walked to the other side of the room, grabbed a hair dryer, and returned. "Honey, what do you think people find most sexy about the breast." Sarah was caught off guard. "How big it is?" Heidi laughed. "Well, yes, but other than that." "I don't know the shape?" "Close.

The nipple. When guys see a magazine, and a woman has on a beautiful dress, they immediately notice if the nipple can be seen. Even the outline. It is one of the sexiest aspects of a shot. So, I want to show you something. Take your breasts out." Sarah, no longer concerned about the level of her exposure, dropped the straps from her dress and let it fall to her waste. I was 5 feet away from her, holding the reflector, staring at the moles, the nipples, the soft hairs that covered her breasts.

She paid no attention to me. I couldn't help stare at the largeness of Sarah's areolas as she watched Heidi. I could see the nipples softly bulging over a ball of fat sitting on her breast. And, at the tip of each nipple, I could see a slight indentation where she would some day be expressing milk.

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Heidi finished what she was doing and stood up with a hair dryer in her hand. "How do you make your nipples stand out?" Sarah looked at her. "I don't know. I guess, you know, when they get cold." Heidi smiled. "Yes, that's one way." She reached into her glass of coke and pulled out an ice cube.

Then, walking up to Sarah, she put the ice cube on Sarah's right nipple without any warning. Sarah jumped, not quite ready for the intrusion. "Sorry, honey.

It's cold. But, for your nipples to stand out, you need to get them iced up." Heidi ran the ice cube around Sarah's brown anus that stood atop her chest. We all watched as it transformed from a 2", semi fluffed nipple pouting on the end of her breast, to a tightly wrinkled, 1" pointy object with a small eraser head at the tip. After holding the ice for a couple more seconds, dripping water down Sarah's stomach, Heidi stood back. "Now, put your dress back on and push out your chest." Sarah tucked her boobs back into her red gown and put the straps on.

Then, thrusting out her chest, her frozen nipple stood proud against the fabric. "See? You want to catch the attention of the audience. Make them notice you in ways others don't get noticed. That's what makes a unique model." Sarah looked down at herself as Heidi stood to the side, taking pictures so that she got the profile of her nipple.

Sarah pushed it out even harder, proud of her little crown. Heidi stopped. "But, this is a very common thing to do. Pull your other boob out." Sarah did as she was told, just reaching into her dress and draping her left breast on top of the dress, hanging out of her cleavage.

Heidi grabbed a hair dryer, turned it on, and began blow drying Sarah's exposed nipple. At first, it too slowly puckered up.

But then, as it got warm, Sarah's nipple began to grow, to puff out to a fully engorged state. It swelled beyond 3 inches in diameter, puffing out almost just as far. There was no pointy tip, just a round, puffy patch of sheer brown skin. Heidi turned off the dryer. "See, you have a very puffy layer of fat right behind your nipple that is harder than the rest of your breast.

So, when it is warm, it swells up and creates a very distinct look." Heidi took her thumb and finger and pinched Sarah's nipple, highlighting the hard ball of fat. She crushed it in her fingers, making sure Sarah could feel the distinction. "Do you feel it? See what I mean?" Sarah's nipple was getting hard again from the contact. But, she knew her body well enough.

"Yea, I know." Heidi continued to dry her nipple. After it swelled to its maximum potential, Heidi had Sarah put her breast back in her gown and push her chest against the fabric. Sure enough, Sarah's nipple was clearly standing proud against the fabric in a much more sexual, unique manner than just when it was cold.

I had to admit, I was more excited. After taking a few more pictures, Heidi and Sarah walked back to the racks of clothes. I was left holding the reflector. I could see Sarah pulling of her dress, once again exposing her pale white ass to me.

The same ass I would change, wiping away the dirt around her anus. I wished she would let me do the same, right now. The next outfit was a simple Jeans and Pink Sweater. Although beautiful, I was disappointed that after 10 minutes, it became apparent that everything was staying on.

Sure, Sarah wasn't wearing a bra. And yes, she bent and pushed herself that would make many men have a heart attack, but after the initial show, I was spoiled. But, I did my job and kept the lighting in the right spots. But, my patience was rewarded. The third shot was going to be a swimsuit, and Sarah had picked out a white thong bikini.

I watched as she squeezed her boobs into it, adjusting herself, trying her best to tuck in her pubic hair. But, it just wasn't happening. The white triangle in front of her suit had a good 1 inch of growth sticking out in some areas.

"Don't worry about that, honey. You're not going in Sports Illustrated yet." Sarah laughed. "I'll have to fix this later." Heidi walked over to a shower in the middle of a tile floor, simulating a bathroom. "We'll do this shot over hear." Sarah walked over, and before she could get situated, Heidi just started getting film, pointing the camera right at Sarah.

Not sure what to do, Sarah just naturally started moving her hips again, as though repeating her dance. As I adjusted the light, it became apparent that the material was fairly sheer. Sarah's nipples could be seen outlined beneath the white triangle of fabric on her chest.

And, the blackness of her pubic hair could not be mistaken. But, none of that bother Sarah. She was getting comfortable. Sarah let her chest sway back and forth, putting her hands on her hips, looking right at Heidi, smiling as though her mom was introducing her to someone for the first time. Sarah turned around, arching her back, looking off in the distance. Her ass poked back towards us, and Heidi and I could see the suit had become wet in her crotch, tightly folded into the flaps of her pussy.

Heidi focused on it as long as she could. When Sarah turned around again, Heidi paused. "Here. I'm going to turn on the water. Let me know how the temperature is." Sarah stood to the side of the shower head, feeling the water as it came out. "It's fine." Heidi came back and positioned herself right in front of the shower, about 10 feet from Sarah. "Alright, now pretend you are washing your hair." Sarah was putty in her hands. Turning her front towards Heidi, dipping her head back, Sarah backed into the warm water and began to let it flow over her body.

Instantly, as the water cascaded over her chest, Sarah's nipples became quite obvious. It was as if the suit was just made out of thin cotton. Sarah closed her eyes, pulled her hair behind her head, and rolled her head back and forth under the water. Sarah lost all of the maturity from her face as her hair was pulled back. The youthful, nubile appearance could no longer be hidden by long, flowing hair.

I felt like I was looking at her class picture from Kindergarten. "Now, pretend like you are washing your breasts." Heidi wasn't missing any opportunity to try and make Sarah uncomfortable. But, Sarah was accustomed to the request by now and just slowly ran her hands over her chest, pushing her globes together.

Squeezing her nipples behind the fabric. "Now, tuck your top under your breasts." As if anticipating the request, Sarah's thumbs were already in position above each breast. With a gentle pull, Sarah's glossy white orbs, crowned with her puffy nipples, had popped into view once again. Sarah just rolled her hands over them, letting the water cascade from the tip of her 37 chest.

I had no idea what cup size she was, but both of my hands probably couldn't have wrapped around them. "Now turn around and put your hands on the wall, bending over." Sarah did as she was told.

With her ass towards us, the shape of her pussy was clearly visible though the damp fabric. Even her anus was slightly visible, with the suit not coming close to covering all of the hair that surrounded it. "Turn your head and look at me." Sarah turned, staring right at the camera. She had to look of a girl who wanted to be fucked.

She was feeling the excitement as she presented her ass for the camera. It was her present to the world. "Put you thumb in the back of your suit and pull it to the side while looking at your ass." Sarah looked at her ass as though she wanted to lick herself, wanted to see what she looked like from behind.

And as she did, Sarah put her hand in the middle of her crack and pulled it aside, exposing her tightly puckered anus what her mom called a "poop hole." Heidi bent down, getting a direct view of the anal treasure. "Great, now turn around and put your foot on the stool." Sarah, keeping under the shower, moved her right foot onto a stool that Heidi slid in place.

Water was cascading off of Sarah's chest. "Now, cover your breast with your hands" Sarah put both hands over hear breasts, covering herself up for the camera. Heidi slowly pushed the stool further away, causing Sarah to spread her legs open as her right foot moved with the stool. "Now, slowly bring your hands down until your right one is on your hip, and use your other hand to pull your suit to the side as far as you can." Sarah's chest fell back out of her hands, sagging gently.

Then, with one hand on her hip, Sarah behind her suit and pulled. Once again, her pussy lips showed her true excitement, flaring out even with the water running between them to cool Sarah off. Even her clit could be seen poking out behind the forest of pubic hair. "Come on. Look at yourself like you're sexy." Sarah looked down at her exposed pussy, tits hanging, proudly displaying her beauty.

She grew up being told how beautiful she was. To her, this was what beautiful women do. "Now, pull down your suit and put one hand on your vagina, and one covering your breasts." The sheer white suit slipped effortlessly onto her thighs.

Sarah's pussy didn't hang loosely between her legs like many women. It was a tight package. But she quickly covered it up while holding one hand across her breasts.

She looked like an embarrassed school girl, caught nude, trying to cover up. "Beautiful. Now, push your breasts up to your face with both hands." I remember barely being able to push Beth's nipples into her mouth while we had sex. But for Sarah, the task was effortless. Without being directed, as if it was the natural thing to follow, Sarah opened her mouth and once again pushed a nipple into her mouth. This time, there was no shock, and she began to suckle.

"Look at me, don't forget." Sarah stared at Heidi while she breast fed herself from one nipple, while the other was dropped to her chest. Both hands were pushing on either side of her boob in a milking fashion. "Now, take off your suit." Sarah took her foot off of the stool and reached behind her chest, letting her boobs stretch in the process.

Quickly, she united her suit, and then stepped out of the bottoms. My little girl was now naked in front of me, showering. Clearly, I had chosen the wrong profession. "Go back to the wall and put your hands on it again." Sarah bent over and pushed her ass back as she leaned against the wall. Her anus was bulging out at us again.

Pussy flexed open. "No, take your hands off the wall and put them on your butt cheeks." Sarah complied, straightening up a bit in order to keep her balance. She turned around to look at Heidi, for the first time glancing over at me. Then, she looked down at her ass, as if giving me permission. I obliged, staring as the pressure from her hands opened her ass a bit more.

"Now, pull your button open as much as you can while looking at the wall." I don't know what Sarah thought was going on. Clearly, it had gotten to a point that any normal person may have just walked away.

But, she was clearly excited, clearly wanting to participate in every lesson Heidi had to offer. With Sarah's fingers on the insider of her ass, just above her pussy, her asshole began to gap open.

I could see inside my daughter, bending forward to get a better look, forgetting about the light. Her pussy was also being pulled open, clearly stretching the hymen that was perfectly visible. Sarah's bright pink lips spread out of the way, ready for an intrusion. "Now, pretend that you are washing yourself." Taking her right hand, Sarah reached around her front and began to run her fingers through the folds of her vagina.

And, as if to be considerate of us, she kept her left hand on her ass, using her thumb and fingers to push open her cheeks around her anus. She was making sure everything that was supposed to be hidden was perfectly visible. Sarah seemed to be enjoying the situation, slowly moving her hips as her fingers pushed back and forth in her folds of skin. Her thin, middle finger pushed back, running into the opening of her sex. It toyed gently with her hymen, rubbing it gently.

The, pushing further back, Sarah gently rubbed around her anus to clean any stray material that must usually be trapped in her thick hair. But, I saw none. Sarah didn't care. She just followed her normal routine, and I almost jumped as she let her finger gently probe her asshole. It was out before I even noticed, but the affect was mind blowing. Even Heidi had paused, not expecting the intimate intrusion. Sarah began focusing her cleaning on the front of her vagina, gently rubbing her clit.

Heidi stood up. "Alright. That was, well… incredible. Let's dry you off and get our last shots." I walked up to turn off the water. Hell, I almost walked into the shower just to cool myself off. The 4 hour modeling session was wearing me out.

I had to find release. I sat down on the couch and closed my eyes. Heidi called over to me. My eyes bolted open, almost expecting to wake up from my dream. But I was still in the studio. Sarah was in a robe, hair dry, when I finally regained my senses.

Heidi was walking over the bedroom with Sarah following. Apparently she already had the final outfit on, so I didn't get a heads up while watching her change. "Alright, dad, are you ready? This outfit is pretty sexy. But, Sarah picked it out, so you have her to blame." Lying, I said "Sure." Really, I wasn't ready for any of what went on.

Sarah dropped the towel, and I inhaled sharply, dropping the reflector. Sarah was wearing absolutely nothing. Rather, she had no clothes on at all. Instead, she was coated in a sheen of oil with gold flakes in them. Her nipples were fully engorged, pubic hair completely matted to her skin under the weight of the oil. Sarah's hair was up in a bun, keeping it off of her body, with strands hanging down to create a look of sexiness. Sarah looked at me with her deep blue eyes, wide set, looking for approval.

"Honey, what is this? Where are your, well… your outfit?" "Dad, Kate Upton did it, and really, it is just supposed to make me learn to be comfortable." Heidi had done her job.

"Sarah, seriously, you shouldn't." "Dad, you can leave if you want, but this is what I want." I certainly wasn't going to leave. I bent down, picked up my reflector, and stood still. Heidi looked at Sarah. "You look beautiful. Hop on the bed and lets finish up." Sarah crawled onto the bed, letting me see the sheen of her asshole and pussy, realizing that she had everything covered.

Her tits hung down, swinging like udders. Then, with a plop, she rolled onto her back. Heidi was already at work, having captured Sarah's dog crawl. I walked over to the side of the bed, looking at the glistening body below me.

Sarah was just lying there, arms outstretched, tits exposed in all of their glory, hanging to the side of her body. More exposed than her mother ever was to me.

Heidi draped some blankets over Sarah in strategic spots, so perhaps the session was going to be a bit more tame than I thought.

Sarah did some Marylyn Monroe type shots, stretching out her body under the blankets, while Heidi stood on the bed over her. But, after a few more poses, Heidi jumped off the bed and started to work on the "uncomfortable" part. "Now, why don't you lay on your stomach." Sarah turned over, rolling out of the blankets, and lay on her chest.

Her round ass was just like her mothers, full and sexy. The blankets were coated in gold speckles, having mostly come off of Sarah. Heidi pulled them out of the way. "Honey, you lost your sheen. Do you want some more?" "Yea, sure." Sarah lay with her head on her hands. Heidi quickly returned with the bottle and gave it to me.

"Honey, I'm cleaned up for the camera. Can your dad put it on your back?" I was shocked. Sarah's head lifted up. I looked at Heidi, but she was paying me no attention. Sarah wasn't answering, not looking, running through the list of reasons why she didn't want me, her dad of 17 years, to be rubbing oil on her back.

I could read her mind "Absolutely not!" I knew that air about her, the tone of her shoulders. But, to my complete disbelief, after a good 10 second pause, she said "Alright." I was stunned. This couldn't have been another "Get Uncomfortable" test. It was outrageous. But, I was incredibly hard, desperate for some type of sexual release. And Sarah was beautiful. So, with her back to me, I put down the reflector and slowly climbed onto the bed.

I felt Heidi begin filming again. "Just put it on her shoulders." Heidi was back in control of the situation. It is an odd feeling, doing something that someone tells you to do, even though you know you shouldn't. On the one hand, of course I shouldn't be watching my daughter's modeling session.

But, on the other, I am being told to. I had a moral "get out of jail free" card because I could put the blame on someone else. So, I opened the bottled, climbed up next to Sarah, and squeezed out the oil. "No, one leg on either side of her back." I looked down at Sarah, and her eyes were shut tight, ignoring the situation. I lifted my right leg over her exposed ass and tried not to sit on her.

With the old pooling on her shoulders, I began to rub it into her. Sarah shuddered at the initial contact. I wanted to ask if my hands were cold, but Heidi didn't tell me to, so I stayed quiet. I pushed into Sarah's small shoulder blades, studying the soft hair on her back.

"Keep moving lower." I slowly slid my knees backwards, moving down so that I sat over the top of her thighs, but not really sitting on her. I squeezed more oil onto her back, sliding lower and along the sides of her stomach.

I pushed up, feeling the bulge from the sides of her breasts. Sarah's body quivered at the contact. "Circle her dimples with your middle finger." I found each of her dimples, like small vaginas on her back. I circled them as I would her mother's clit, trying to draw pleasure from them. Sarah subconsciously arched her back slightly, knowing that I was finding an intimate place on her body.

"Squeeze some on each of her calves." I slid down, wondering if I was just going to skip the virgin ass that lay beneath me. As I rubbed oil into her calves, onto the back of her feet, and around her ankles, I stared at the virginity of her bottom. The bleached skin, pale, having never seen the light of day. Heidi was now to my side, focusing on me instead of Sarah. "The back of her knees." I pushed into one of her mom's erogenous zones.

Sarah didn't move a muscle, so it must have skipped a generation. I could sense Sarah squeezing her knees together, desperate for me to not move beyond my current target. "Sarah, spread your legs open." She was trapped. Sarah willingly bought into the project. She found the photographer. This was all her deal. And now, she was beyond the point of no return. Despite the conflict in her mind, the intense feelings that she absolutely should not go any further, Sarah did as she was told.

She became as uncomfortable as she ever did and spread her legs for her dad. Despite everything that had gone on, nothing could have prepared me for what lay before me. Sarah's aroma wafted out from between her legs as quickly as I saw the beauty that lay before me. Even though she had only half heartedly complied with Heidi's request, Sarah's anus was staring back at me, just 2 feet from my face.

I could almost count the rings on it, smell the musk coming from it. The stain on the inside of her butt cheeks was as deep of a brown as her anus. It ended just before the roundness of her bottom began. It was a skin that no man, especially no father, should ever see on a woman. Long black hairs curled their way up with the skin, creating a sparrows nest around the core of Sarah's biology. The only thing pinker than the center of her anus bulging out at me was the folds of her vagina that were flaring out.

Sarah was clearly moist, subconsciously excited at the situation. I pushed oil up on the back of her thighs, without any direction from Heidi. "Push her open, wider." Heidi was climbing onto the bed with me, focusing on Sarah's ass. I pushed outwards, spreading Sarah to a ninety degree opening. Heidi and I stared at the bulging vagina that lay before us. Her small opening began to separate.

"Massage her ass." I moved my hands onto her butt, feeling the soft flesh that was as doughy as her moms. Frankly, from this angle, I would have guessed she was Beth. I pushed on her cheeks, forcing them wide, separating her asshole, causing her anal hair to flex. I watched as Sarah relaxed her anal muscles with each breath, and then tightened them. "Put some oil between her cheeks." I squeezed the oil onto the top of her butt.

Slowly, it began to drip down the crack to her asshole. I ran my fingers in the trail, following it. And then, with no intention of stopping, I let my finger push the oil onto her anus. I felt Sarah tense up and squeeze her butt cheeks together. She was definitely not comfortable. "Put your finger in her ass." I probably would have done it without direction.

Sarah's head immediately came off of her hands, looking up, as though she may have heard something she couldn't believe. Her asshole puckered instantly, desperately trying to block any invasion. But, the oil made it too easy. I straightened my pointer finger and entered my 17 year old daughter. "Oohhhh&hellip." Sarah let out an instant sigh. Not of pain, and not necessarily of pleasure. It was more of a gasp of shock.

Sarah's anal walls were completely smooth. I could smell her biology pouring out of her from the slime I was disturbing. I felt a wall and pushed harder, causing Sarah to jolt. My finger traced it's way to the internal opening, and further I pushed. "Sarah, turn over, but don't let your dad slip out." Slowly, Sarah lifter her hips from the bed. I moved with her, and as she rolled on her side, she lifter her leg up high so I could keep my finger in her.

She wouldn't look at me as she lay back, legs spread, and breasts hanging down the side of her body. "Get on your elbows and look at your dad." Sarah got up, looking down at her breasts. Then, with a final pause, she turned her head up and looked at me.


I expected her to look at me with disdain, or anger, or tears that I was violating her in such a way. But, instead, I saw a look of desperate sexual need, one that I recognized instantly once again from her mom. Her eyes were glassy, her lips were parted, and her breath was short. I moved my finger deep in her ass, looking for a reaction, and she inhaled deeply, pushing out her chest, and stared right through me.

I needed no more directly from Heidi. I looked down at Sarah's swollen pussy, clit well extended beyond her teenage slit, and paid no attention to the fact that this was my daughter. I lowered my head and began to lap away at the soft folds of skin. Sarah gasped and pulled her legs back, pushing into the intense feelings of pleasure between her legs.

I pushed my tongue into her hymen, licking the thin membrane, feeling the small opening. I curled my fingers in her ass, feeling the textures that Sarah stored in her bowels.

Quickly, I focused on her clit. I could tell she was almost ready to explode. She grabbed the back of my head, forcing me into her. Her hips bucked, pushing hard. The young teenager was ready to go, and after just a few firm traces, Sarah's body began to shudder, Loudly, Sarah moaned. "Dad, I'm cuming&hellip." I looked up at Sarah's face, the picture of ecstasy. Her mom rarely let me feel her cum from inside of her asshole, so I felt Sarah's body was convulsing on the inside in a way I don't remember feeling before.

Heidi was right next to me, capturing the same expressions on Sarah that I remembered from her mom. Sarah began settle down and I slowly took my finger out of her ass. I moved gently up her body, not sure what to expect. I passed over her nipples, licking them gently. As I got close to Sarah's face, her eyes opened, looking at me with love, and kissed me deeply.

Our tongues explored each other's mouth, Sarah certainly tasting herself on me. After a few minutes of passionate embrace, Heidi reminded us of her presence. "Sarah, take your dad's shirt off." Sarah looked at Heidi, and then looked at me. This was not something she could just do because Heidi asked, she needed my acceptance. As she looked in my eyes, she saw the permission in my eyes. She reached under my V Neck T shirt and lifted it up over my head. "Suck on his nipple." Sarah smiled slightly, laughing slightly on the inside.

She lowered her head and began to tenderly breast feed from me. As she did, I reached down and pinched her own nipples, feeling the hard balls of fat the Heidi showed me before. Heidi was capturing it all. "Take off his pants." Sarah slid down, pausing in front of my belt buckle. She undid it and quickly slipped it free. I leaned back, helping her gain access to my zipper.

She could feel my hardness on the other side and was desperately eager to see it. With the unsnap of my pants and opening of my zipper, Sarah pulled down my pants and exposed me. Instantly I sprang up against my stomach, 7" of solid steel. The escapades with Sarah would do the same for any man.

Sarah paused, staring at her first penis, studying the veins, the purple head, the balls. "Pull down his pants, Sarah." Remembering the task at hand, Sarah slid my pants off of me. With a final kick, she returned to her kneeling position, face next to the head of my cock, studying it. "Get the oil honey, and put some on it." Sarah reached over and grabbed the oil. She began slowly dripping the gold flaked oil onto my shaft, watching it drop onto my stomach.

Then, when she thought she had enough, Sarah began to rub it in. My body almost came then when she touched it. "Now, masturbate your dad." Sarah knew exactly how to masturbate a penis, having seen it many times on the internet. I had seen many of her browsing histories when she was 13 and didn't know any better about internet protocol. Sarah wrapped her hands around my member and began sliding the oil up and down, watching in pride at the reaction she was getting from me.

"Put his balls in your mouth." This was not something Sarah expected. But, that didn't mean she wasn't going to do it. Sarah bent down, looking at Heidi, and popped my left ball into her mouth. Her masturbations slowed down, but the feelings were still incredible. "Now, put your mouth over his asshole." Sarah's head jumped at this request. She looked at me, wondering if this was even something that people do. I pushed her head lower, giving her the answer without saying a word.

She opened her mouth and encircled my asshole with it. The feeling was electric. I felt Sarah's tongue moving back and forth, not really sure what to do. I pushed my ass open, trying to make it easy for her to enter it.

But, she wasn't trying to, she was just tyring to do what she thought was the right thing. I had to cum, and her slow masturbations were not doing the trick. Heidi must have sensed my frustrations. "Now, put your dad's penis in your mouth, looking at him while you do it." This was certainly something Sarah had an idea about. She slid up, anal hairs on her lips, and looked at me with an open mouth. Then, with little hesitation, she let me enter her. I could tell it would take little work.

I put my hands on either side of her head and began to guide the speed, lifting her face up and down. My hips began to pump into her face, and pretty soon, I was holding her face still and just moving my hips. All throughout it, Sarah just looked at me with her blue doe eyes.

Heidi wanted a change of angle. "Sarah, lie down while your dad does this." I slipped out of Sarah's mouth as she lay down. With her comfortably on her back, I sat on her chest and pointed my wet penis at her mouth. But, I different thought came to mind. I slid down and put my dick between her tits.

Heidi was all for it. "Yea. Sarah, hold your chest together for your dad." My little girl was holding her chest together for me as I began to slide back and forth. Her nipples looked like they were going to explode from the pressure. "Sarah, do you like your dad making love to your chest?" Heidi was right next to us with the camera. Sarah softly answered "Yes…" I looked over at Heidi and saw that she had set up two other cameras' on tripods, one behind us and one high and to the side. I was completely unconcerned and just wanted to cum all over Sarah's chest.

But, as much as I was ready to come, I guess I had been hard for too long. My dick was not releasing, not climaxing as I desperately wanted to. It needed more than just Sarah's soft, fatty breasts rubbing against them. I slid my body down, letting my hard penis rub against her belly. As I moved in to kiss Sarah, she felt my hardness rub against her pussy. Sarah quickly pushed back against me. "Daddy, no. I've never done it before… We can't." I was shocked.

I didn't think Sarah had any limits to this exercise. This was her doing, what she wanted. Sure, Heidi may have pushed her, but I was rock hard and ready to come. "Honey, I'm so ready to cum. I just can't get there on your chest." Heidi was moving in, capturing the resistance. Sarah was not even focused on her. "Dad, you can cum in my mouth. Please." Slowly, I pushed Sarah's hands above her head, almost forcing them, looking into her eyes.

I was rubbing my cock harder into her pussy. I was ignoring her pleas. My mouth moved onto her neck, licking her, inhaling her scent.

My cock sensed it was about to be rewarded. "Daddy, don't…" Sarah began to squirm as I held her harder, letting my mouth wrap itself around her soft nipple, pushing my face into her breast.

I was pushing my penis into her birth canal, feeling the small opening of her hymen. Heidi had put down the camera and moved above Sarah, helping me hold down her arms. Sarah looked back, eyes wild, helplessly thrashing her 105 pound body under my 190 pounds. I paused, causing everyone else to pause. Sarah looked at me, tears dripping down her eyes. Heidi looked at me, begging me to fuck her. "Honey, if I don't fuck… If I don't take your virginity, can I do something else?" Sarah was beside herself.

"Yes, daddy. Please. Cum in my mouth, or on my tits. Anything." "Anything but your pussy?" Heidi smiled slyly as Sarah responded. "Yes, anything." I slid my hand under Sarah's ass, found the head of my cock just barely inside of her, and moved my fingers lower.

I began to finger her ass. Sarah's eyes grew wide, immediately knowing my intentions. "Daddy, no, pleases not&hellip. not THERE!" I bit down on her nipple, slightly chewing on it, as Sarah began to squirm again. "Honey, you have two choices. I'll give you that choice, but if you don't make it, I'll make it for you." Sarah was petrified. She had just let me finger her ass to make her cum, but when it came to my turn, nothing was allowed. It was just like her mother. But, as she calmed down, realizing there was an alternative to losing her virginity, she consented.

"O.K. You can cum in my butt." With that, Heidi let go of Sarah's arms and resumed her direction. "Alright, get on your hands and knees Sarah." Sarah looked at her like a scorned child, realizing that someone who she thought was her friend was not. But, Sarah stuck to the plan, ready for things to come to an end as soon as possible. I grabbed the oil and began to lube myself up, knowing it would be a tight fit.

Heidi had positioned herself right next to me, looking straight down at Sarah hairy anus. I pushed open Sarah legs, spreading her wide. Sarah's asshole caved in on itself as I ran my dick between her cheeks. Despite saying she would do it, her body did not want to let her. I slowly pushed myself into her anus, trying to slip into her brown ring. Seeing I was not getting anywhere, Heidi reached forward and slid her painted fingernail into Sarah's ass with ease.

Sarah grunted, feeling the intrusion, but not looking back for the source. Heidi was moving her finger around, pull against the sides of Sarah's rectum, trying to relax her. Then, quickly withdrawing it, Sarah's butt hole stayed open. I pushed into it and penetrated my daughter with the head of my penis. Sarah moaned in displeasure, feeling the ultimate in discomfort. Heidi leaned in with the camera, watching as Sarah's anus began to cave in on itself. I pushed a little more, leaning into Sarah, forcing myself into her.

With the first inch, the remaining inches were going to come. Back and forth I pushed, slowly feeling the pressure build around my entire penis. Then, at about 4 inches, I seemed to hit a barrier. So, I backed out, watching her asshole grip the sides of my hardness.

Again I pushed, a little less slowly, as Sarah began to relax and loosen up. "Oh, Sarah, your dad is fucking you up your ass." Heidi was almost talking to herself. Sarah didn't respond. She just let the moment happen, trying to block the uncomfortable feelings from her mind.

I put my hand on either check, amazed at the expansion of her bowels. I pulled on some of her anal hairs, seeing how long they were. I rubbed her stained ass cheeks, wondering if the color would rub away. I ran my thumb around the ridges of her asshole, feeling the sheerness of the skin. As I began to find my rhythm, focusing on the feeling deep within that I wanted to let out, Heidi gave another order.

"Turn her over." Heidi was no longer directing Sarah, she was directing me. Looking at Sarah's face as I came is all that could have improved the situation, so I rolled her over. As I did, my dick slipped out. Sarah lay back, legs spread, waiting for the intrusion. I pushed her thighs up and as wide as I could.


"Put it in her ass." I took the head of my penis and lined it up once again. Sarah was still gapping open slightly, so I entered her with ease. Sarah grunted once again at the extreme intrusion, laying back, letting it happen. I began to move back and forth again, rhythmically pushing her asshole inside of her, and then pulling it back out.

"Spread her pussy open." Letting go over Sarah's legs, I put my thumbs on either side of Sarah's small lips. Heidi was leaning in with the camera, getting everything she could. I pulled her open, stretching Sarah's hymen to the complete circle it was with the small target of an opening in the center.

The edge of her hymen was still perfectly attached to the sides of her vaginal walls. It was a beautiful, sexy display of the female anatomy. I could see the bulging of my hardness on the other side of her birth canal. It was depravity in the extreme. Heidi could sense I was getting close. My pace was quickening, my breathing was short.

"Let me see you cum on her hymen." I wasn't sure if I could. I moved back and forth, desperate not to pull out before I was ready to cum. The buildup had been so long, I doubt I could repeat it. I leaned forward, mashing Sarah's tits together. I wrapped my hands around her neck, squeezing her. She just lay back, wanting the situation to end.

I pushed her hands above her hand, smothering her nipples, ravaging her breasts. And then, I felt it. My dick began to spasm. Even Sarah could sense it, feeling the bulge in her ass begin to grow. I leaned back, looking down at Sarah's pussy. I spread it wide, exposing her hymen. I could sense I was about to explode.

Quickly, I pulled out, my dick streaked with the slime from Sarah's asshole. "Sarah, I feel it, I'm going to cum soon." And then I came, spewing my seed harder than I could ever remember. I pried open Sarah's virginity, aiming my sperm at the center of her hymen. I watched it squirt into her, entering her biology.

My dick was spamming, desperate for release, unhappy that the pressure had stopped so abruptly. "Oh my god, Sarah." I pushed into her, desperate to find the hole I had just left. Sarah screamed as I pushed forward, leaning into her body. I felt tension around my penis, and I began to push again, desperately trying to finish my deep orgasm.

Sarah's body was shaking, I could sense her legs kicking, but I just grabbed her hands and held them above her head. I was completely out of my mind, desperately humping away to the tight, wet skin that was surrounding my cock. I felt my second explosion, the full release, began to take me over. "Oh, god Sarah, I'm really coming now…" Harder I pushed into her, slamming myself into her tender body.

My mouth was covering Sarah's face, sucking in her scents as she shook it back and forth below me. Her head stopped moving, and as my mouth kissed her, I felt water, tasting salt. I exploded into her womb, feeling my penis hit a flesh wall. As I slowed down, I opened my eyes and looked at the tear filled face of my daughter. I had taken her virginity, though promising not to. Her eyes were red, her hair a mess. Makeup was running down her eyes.

I looked at her, realizing what I had done. "I'm so sorry honey." "I know dad, it's O.K." … Heidi was on the other side of the room, talking to Sarah quietly. I had written the check, not for the $1,500, but for $2,000. As I left, Heidi said she would send me the disc in about a week. Turned out it wasn't just a camera, but a video combo. I was already curious as to what she captured. Sarah walked out in the outfit she arrived in about 10 minutes later.

I was beginning to wonder. But, as she hopped in the car, she gave me a soft smile. "I have a meeting with Ford Modeling agency in a couple weeks. They are the best in the world! I can't believe it." Sarah seemed to move on from what had just happened. I don't know if I was ever going to be able to. "Honey, listen, I'm sorry…" "Dad, its O.K. I understand why it happened. It's just… can we please, just not tell mom about this?" Not tell mom?

Sounded like a fine plan for me.