Brazzers mom get fuck when his son was going this first day of school

Brazzers mom get fuck when his son was going this first day of school
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Part 2 Tyrese had a grin on his face from ear to ear. He had a video camera in his hand, which he had pulled out of the bag earlier to record every minute of this wife being ravaged by Freddie's cock and my cock. He now set it down on an end table next to the coach, aiming it directly at Jill's position in the middle of the living room floor.

Then he stood up and starting taking off his clothes, all the while staring at Jill. He circled her like a predator ready to pounce on its prey. "Yo baby, you ready for some real meat." She looked up at him and gasped when she saw his massive black cock bouncing side to side as he approached her.

His body was big and extremely muscular with a bodybuilder's physique. I grabbed the two kids by the backs of their necks and pulled them over to the coach with me. As I sat down next to Mandy I took in the aroma of her sweet young body. It was driving me nuts! I could smell her shampoo, her body lotion, but best of all, I could smell the scent of her sweet, young, tender body! I was taking in every inch of her young innocent body as I sat there.

I looked at her face and saw the tears welling up in her eyes. "Take it easy honey, you'll be alright." She looked over at me. "I, I, I'm scared!" The tears started pouring down her soft young cheeks. "What are you scared of sweetie?" "Your friend!" Her eyes moved over to Tyrese and then back to mine. "Please don't let him put it in my butt!" I looked into her eyes. She was so sweet and innocent.

I was rubbing the back of her neck as I spoke. "OK sweetie, I'll make you a deal." I got her attention now. She looked at me with an excitement in her eyes now.

"OK?" "You treat me real nice and I'll make sure he doesn't put it in your butt. OK? She looked at me and half smiled. "OK." She glanced down at my semi-soft cock and then back up at me. "It's OK sweetie." I started gently pushing her head towards my lap.


Her eyes were locked on mine all the way down. When she reached my cock it was obvious that she had no idea what to do. She started kissing it. I let out a little chuckle. "Mandy.

I want you to lick it like a lolly pop." She shook her head to let me know she understood. Then I felt her hot little tongue dart out of her mouth and start licking up and around my shaft. It was amazing! "Bitch, get up on yo' knees and start sucking my dick!" Tyrone said as he grabbed a handful of Jill's long blonde hair. He felt her teeth scrape the underside of his head as he roughly forced it past her lips. "Bitch! Watch them teeth or I'll knock them out" He made a fist and cocked it back to emphasize his statement.

She tried stretching her mouth as wide as she could to accommodate his girth. He reached down and grabbed both of her ears and twisted. She screamed around his cock as he drove his hips forward and slammed his massive cock against the back of her throat!

One bump, two bumps, and shlooop! It slid past her tonsils and down her throat! At the same time she felt hands grasping her hips. It was Freddie! The pills we had taken gave him a boost! He met no resistance as he entered her sloppy wet pussy. Shlooop! He slid all the way into her in one quick movement. Freddie reached up and high five'd Tyrese as they both started jack hammering into Jill from both ends.

They got a good rhythm going.

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As one pulled out, the other was slamming back in. Jill's grunts filled the room. "ugh, ugh, ugh, mmph, mmph". Then they switched and both slammed into her at the same time. She felt like their cock heads were meeting somewhere in the middle of her belly! Mandy was doing a great job so far licking my cock. It felt great having that hot inexperienced tongue licking my shaft, but now I wanted to feel it in her virgin mouth. "Mandy, it's time to put it in your mouth".

My cock was fully erect again and standing straight up. I put my hand on the back of her head and guided her onto it. She eagerly opened her mouth and went down on me. I don't know if it was the sounds of her mother being used like a common whore that excited her or her trying hard to please me so I wouldn't let Tyrese fuck her tight little virgin asshole, but she really seemed to be getting into this now!

Her mouth was much smaller and tighter than her mom's and it felt much hotter too! I was really turned on now! I started exploring her body. So young and oh so innocent. I ran my hands down her rib cage to her belly.

Her waist was tight from gymnastics, but she had the slightest amount of baby fat on her belly just below her bellybutton. I ran my hands up under her p.j. top and started playing with her perky young tits. She whimpered as I caught one of her nipples in between my thumb and forefinger and started rolling it around. After playing with both titties for a little while I moved my hand back down her belly to her elastic waistband of her p.j.

shorts. I ran my hand under the band and worked it around her waist to her backside just above the crack of her ass. I hooked my thumb into her waistband and slowly moved her shorts down over her baby fat ass cheeks exposing her perfectly round ass.

I slid them down her muscular thighs to her knees and one by one lifted her knees allowing the shorts to slide down past her calves and ankles and then finally off. I brought them up to my nose and inhaled deeply taking in her young sweet aroma, then I tossed them over at her brother sitting next us on the coach. He was sitting there, mouth and hands duct taped, with his eyes moving back and forth between his mom and his baby sister.

He had a visible bulge in his pants. The little bastard was getting off watching all of this go down. He looked up at me and caught my eyes. "You be good kid and I might let you in on the action, haha" He quickly looked back over at his mom getting double banged.

I focused my attention back on Mandy.

I slid my hand back down her naked ass, my fingers trailing her ass crack, until I reached the tight puckered ring of her virgin asshole. It was closed tight and as I scraped my fingernail along its little wrinkled eye she shuddered and her breathing sped up. I moved my fingers further down to her now moist slit. Her labia lips were puffy and fat just like her moms. I ran my middle finger up and down her slit.

"ooooooooh" She let out a soft moan as I worked my finger into her hot opening. I worked in a second finger as I started separating her meaty lips. She arched her back raising her curvy ass up into the air offering herself to me. I pushed my two fingers deeper until I hit something!

Her hymen was blocking my path. "Well, we're gonna have to do something about this!" She looked up at me and nervously smiled at me. "Raise your arms above your head." She lifted them up and wiggled her torso as I slid her p.j. top up and over her head. I took off my shirt and threw it on the floor.

I reached out and put both of my hands on her waist and scooted her up on my lap facing me. Her legs were spread, her feet planted on the coach on either side of me, and both of her knees were up against my shoulders. I reached around the small of her back and slid her up against me.

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My cock slid up the length of her slit and rubbed up along the swollen little bud of her clitoris. She let out a soft moan. I looked into her eyes and said. "Suck my nipples!" I felt electricity shoot from my nipple to the head of my cock as her soft lips closed down around it. My cock slid up and down her slit and I felt her lubricating me. "It's your turn now". I moved my mouth down to her supple breast and covered it with my mouth. She gasped and thrust her hips forward, grinding her wet crotch against my hard cock.

"OK baby, it's time. You're ready! She looked at me hesitantly, a little unsure of what to do. Jill hearing my words pulled her mouth off of Tyrese's cock and looked over at us panic stricken.

"Oh Amanda what is he going to do to you… Please mister don't do… ouuuuch, umphhh, mmm hmm hmm" Tyrese twisted her ears again, she opened her mouth to scream and he shoved back in. "Bitch, you best keep sucking my meat" I slid my ass down to the edge of the couch.

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My cock was standing straight up like a spear. I lifted her up by her hips as she steadied herself above me.

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She put both of her hands on my shoulders for support. I opened her labia with my fingers of one hand and held my cock at its base with the other as I aimed it up into her tight opening. I felt my head slip between her splayed lips. She gasped and looked down at my cock as it entered her. I felt it enter her about an inch or two then it stopped as it hit her hymen, her last piece of protection of her womanhood "Ok baby. I want you to rock up and down on it".

Her legs started to strain and shake as she lifted herself up and started sliding up and down just a fraction of an inch. Her forehead started breaking out in beads of sweat. She bit her lower lip as she felt my head hitting her hymen each time she slid down.

As she slowly and unsteadily bounced up and down on the head of my cock I could see her legs starting to give a little, slowly losing their strength and energy.

I couldn't take it anymore. I had both of my hands on her hips. I watched her raise herself up one last time. As she started coming back down on me, I pulled down on both her hips with all of the strength I had.

I felt her hymen tear as I speared through it. She squeezed my shoulders so hard her knuckles turned white as she slid down the length of my shaft! Her eyes widened with a look of shock and disbelief as she sank all the way down me to the hilt! Her lips opened in an oval shape and her face contorted from the pain! She moaned and exhaled like she had all of the air in her lungs forced out of her, but she didn't scream or cry. Her baby fat ass cheeks slammed down against my thighs. "That's it baby, blow it out!" "Oh, Oh, Oh my God!

It's so big! She was panting. She was gripping me like a vise! The tight walls of her newly deflowered pussy were stretching and straining against the intrusion!

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I felt like I was trying to fit into a glove two sizes too small! She sat there for a moment taking in what had just happened to her. She sucked in a big gulp of air and started to relax and the walls of her pussy started adjusting to the sudden intrusion. I pulled down on her hips and flexed my hips up into her. She groaned. "unnnnnnnnnh" as my rock hard cock strained up into her belly. I felt warm liquid running out between her lips and my cock.

I looked down and saw her virgin blood running down my pelvis. I started bumping up into her with short, quick, determined thrusts. She was grunting "ugh, ugh, ugh" and bent her body forward leaning into me as I started driving into her harder and faster. I pulled her down onto me and ground up into her. I felt the head of my cock grinding against her cervix. She had her open mouth against my shoulder. I could feel her soft lips and saliva against my skin.

I reached around her and grabbed two handfuls of her soft babyfat ass cheeks and slid her back and forth on my lap. "ooooooooh" she moaned onto my shoulder.

The friction in her pussy started easing just slightly and I could feel that her own juices were flowing freely now. I felt her starting to move her hips slightly, experimenting with the pain. Before too long she started sliding back and forth on her own. She moved her hands to my chest for support as she started rolling her hips on my lap. Her head was back and her mouth open as she moaned. " yes, yes, it feels good now!" "That's it baby!

Roll with it! I put my palm against her pelvis and started massaging her little rosebud clit. She started letting out soft little moans as she continued rolling her hips on my lap. I rubbed faster with my thumb, then I reached down with my finger and trapped it between my thumb.


I started pinching and pulling at her clit. Her head snapped forward and she looked into my eyes. " oh, oh, oh, oh, oh," She started bouncing up and down on me like a jack hammer! The smack, smack, smack of her ass cheeks smacking down against me filled the room! I looked down and saw her riding my pole all the way up to my big helmet head and just as fast sliding back down. My cock was red and glistening from her virgin blood! Then her belly started to twitch! "Oh, oh, oh shit! What's happening to me!

Oh, oh, oh my God!" Her eyes were wide with amazement! Her whole body seemed to shake now as she exploded into her first orgasm! I grabbed her hips and pulled down tight against me! She snapped her head back, "Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!! She screamed! Every set of eyes in the room was now focused on Amanda. I felt her uterus convulsing against the head of my cock and that was all it took!


My balls sent millions of my sperm up my shaft and out the tip of my cock splashing against her cervix! I held her tight as I pumped my seed up into her belly! She fell forward and collapsed against my chest as her pussy continued milking the last drops of my thick white sperm into her womb!