Classy eurobabe cum sprayed by gloryhole cock

Classy eurobabe cum sprayed by gloryhole cock
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It Was Her Legs… Her Gorgeous Fuckin' Legs After my wife had passed away, I sold our place and gave my kids all of our 'keepsakes' which they considered junk. Shreveport, Louisiana had a local Veterans assisted living facility, so I managed to get an apartment there. It was really a pretty good deal. I still had my pickup and was a competent driver, so I could come and go as I pleased (as long as I paid the rent on time). The main responsibility of the staff, as far as my situation, was to make sure I got my BP meds and my meals.

I visited the gym every morning and stayed in pretty good shape for a man pushing seventy. As long as I would let them know, I could stay overnight with one of my kids' family, or with my occasional date, Ms. Janie. The home only asked that I let them know when I was coming and/or going, and that I make sure to take my meds. My friend, Dave, and I were taking a nice, slow, shopping trip at the local Walmart.

Quite often, we spent more time looking over the women and speculating on what we would like to do to them&hellip. Or WOULD have done, a few years earlier. The best smelling aisle in the entire store is the one with coffee and tea on one side of the aisle, bread and pastries on the other. The ladies seem to think so, too. They take more time picking out the 'just right' loaf of bread than in the entire meat section.

Over the last year or so, Dave scored with one woman and I scored with three… one of mine wound up taking both of us, though, so we'll score it, Don-3, Dave-2.


I just picked up a can of coffee when Dave tapped my shoulder, "Son… of… a… bitch," he muttered lowly, "Check out the cowgirl that just turned the corner. I'd trade my fuckin' left nut to fuck that. Just look at those fuckin' legs." To start with, I consider myself, 1st) a man who appreciates tits, of any size. That's what I always check out first… 2nd) I check for a camel toe.

I love to see a woman who's not opposed to jerking her pants up, tight into her crotch, so old perverts like Dave and me can appreciate a good cunt outline… 3rd) I always peruse the symmetry of a woman's legs.

I really don't care if one is shorter, or a little crooked, or has an unsightly scar… I just like to examine the limbs I'd like to spread, in order to get to her pussy. Just as I got to #4), her face, something clicked in my old memory and I returned my gaze to the legs.

I already checked the crotch of her jean shorts, already checked her boobs, but once I looked at her knees again I had to know… "'Scuse me, but are you Stacy?" "Uh, yes, I&hellip.

DON? OH MY GOSH! DON!" For a split second, when Stacy's big tits smashed into my chest as she grabbed me and kissed my cheek several times, I almost felt sorry for Dave… almost. Fuck Dave… I had known Stacy since she was 9yrs old. She was my daughter's friend all the way through her school years, until they graduated and left home.

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I had coached their softball teams in little league, hosted many slumber parties at our house, and hauled many girls to school and 4-H activities for years. During all that time, I always thought Stacy had the prettiest legs in the whole school. I guess that's why I recognized her in the middle of Walmart, 60 miles from where she was raised. "What are you doing here, in Shreveport, sweetheart? I thought you lived in Mississippi somewhere." "Damn, it's so good to see you," she held my hands as though she was afraid of falling or something, "I haven't lived in Jackson since my first husband beat me up and kicked me out.

Do you remember Will Hall? He has the electric supply house back home." I did remember Will. He was a good business man and always supported kids' activities in town. His wife was a knockout and ran the office for him. He was only a couple of years younger than me. "Well, Will and I have a place on the Red River, about eight miles from town.

He and Delores split a few years ago and the two of us hooked up after my third marriage went to hell. We'll never get married, but we share ownership of the river place and it's my favorite place in the world. "So… what are you doing here?" I explained my living accommodations and introduced her to Dave, "Don't mind his tongue hanging out; he does that a hundred times a day… every time he lays eyes on a gorgeous pair of legs. He likes legs and I like boobs.

We spend a lot of time looking and wishing. It's hell on men when they get old." She gave me directions to her place on the river and invited me to visit her the next day. I cleared everything with the staff at the facility and took extra meds with me, in case Stacy and Will invited me to stay over. Liz, the Director of Nursing, handed me a small card, "Just in case you need to 'relieve' some pressure." One thing about it, that home knows that old cocks can still work with a little help, so they are quite free with dispensing Cialis and/or Viagra.

I never got Liz or Dave to admit it, but I still think the two of them took full advantage of Dave's stiffy on occasion. I spotted Parrish Road 18 and turned toward the river. My truck purred past white fences and longhorn cattle until I saw the big, arched gate with the 'Still Goin' sign.

Stacy met me wearing cut-off shorts and boots, but her tits were barely covered by a skimpy halter top… BIG tits, little halter… God I wanted my mouth on those nipples. Once we were inside, I could see the wide, shallow river through her back patio doors. The view was wonderful, but not quite as good as when she bent down to pick up her cat, "Aww… such a good pussy.

C'mon, now, it's time for you to go outside." All that my mind heard was, "Aww… such a good pussy." No doubt in this ols man's head. "Your place is awesome, Stacy, where's Will?" "He's at a trade show.

He won't be home 'til Monday. How long can you stay?" "Umm… How long am I invited?" "Are you kidding me? You're almost like another daddy to me.

You can stay as long as you want." "Well, I would love to spend some time with you and catch up on your sister, and your mama, and your marriages, and just how in the world do you still look this great at, what? 48?" Stacy just chuckled and kissed my cheek. I'm pretty sure she was aware of the swelling in my jeans, but she was careful not to look that way, "You want a cold beer?

Or. I have stronger stuff. or I have wine." "Sure, I'll have a beer," I pointed at the deck, which overlooked the river, "Okay if I sit out there and watch the water?" "Yep, it's time for me to get my daily sunshine, anyway.

There's a small fridge on the deck, would you open me one, too? I'll be out in a minute." I settled on a lounge chair with a small table beside it. Another lounge chair was against mine, with a table on the other side of it. I just laid my head back on the pillow portion of the chair when the glass door slid open… "SON-OF-A-BITCH, STACY!

Uh… I'm sorry. You just surprised me. Damn, you are definitely not my little softball player, anymore." I spilled a little beer on my jeans as I watched a 48yr old, blonde Goddess walk in front of me and ease her amazing body down on the lounger.

I had seen pictures of women wearing thong-type bathing suits, but Stacy wore the smallest I'd ever seen. Her nipples were covered with one inch squares of pink material… not enough to cover them while they were sticking out. Her aureoles were pink, lighter than her tanned skin. An inch wide strip of the same material started at the top of her slit and tapered down to the string that came under her crotch and back out of ass crack.

"You know that you could give an old man a heart attack dressed like that?


Maybe I should say 'undressed' like that." She sat back up and started to apologize, "I'm so sorry, Don. Are you okay? I'll go back in and grab a t-shirt if you want me to." "No, Honey, I'm fine. Like I said, you just surprised me.

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Hell, I've never seen a body like yours on display, right in front of me. DAMN… If I were fifteen years younger&hellip." She settled back and got comfortable. My prehistoric dick felt as big as a T-Rex, so I was the one who was uncomfortable. We sipped our beer and made small talk about when she was a kid and I was a coach, "All us girls had a crush on you, you know.

Lord, we talked about how cute your mustache was and we checked out the bulge in those white jeans you wore to our games. "Shelly and Tammy (the Leonard sisters) even tried to figure out a way to give you sleeping pills and get you naked while you were passed out." She giggled, straightened her nipple squares, and got up to get us more beers. About sixteen inches of string was all I could see for ass covering… NICE fucking ass.

"Well, Honey, I'm not surprised at anything those two would have tried. I'll confess to you, though, I did get in their mom's britches a couple of times.

Out of all the times I cheated on Carly, that woman was one of the easiest. "Ain't none of those ol' gals could hold a candle to you, though. Tell me something; why would any man, in his right mind, ever let you get away?

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I just don't understand." "Okay, let me start from the beginning. Remember the three boys that grew up on our street; the ones that always did everything together?" "Ray, Billy and Cliff?" "Yep.

They started a sex club when we were ten or eleven. The Leonard sisters, Lori, Michelle, and me were all in it.

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Glen and Monte were, too. We started out just playing with each others' privates, but that didn't last long. All of us were fucking and doing blow jobs by the time we started jr. high. "By the time we graduated, three-fourths of the kids in school were members… Godddddd… it's a miracle that only three girls got pregnant. "Okay, let me fast-forward. When I was in Louisiana Tech, I lived with my uncle Danny.

He fucked me all the time and pimped me out when we needed a little cash. I finally hooked up with Evan, my first husband, and quit all the extra men." I realized that Stacy was holding my hand as she told her story. When she told me that she had caught Evan cheating on her, he beat the hell out of her and blamed her for their failed marriage.

What a fucking dumbass he must have been. Her second husband, the father of her two kids, was killed in a convenience store robbery. He was in the wrong place at the wrong time… Her kids were now in Los Angeles and San Diego with their own, young families. Stacy was a proud grandmother of five girls, "If one of them ever gets a boy, this Granny is gonna spoil the shit out of him." "I'll be your grandson and you can spoil me," I smiled and squeezed her hand, "you can just hold me in your lap and snuggle me and I'll be content to nurse your breasts." "Still the same ol' Don we all loved.

Yeah, I kinda wish you were fifteen years younger, too." "Pffft… the thing is, I'd still look like a 55yr old man and you would look like this," I swept my free hand in a motion that indicated her body, "You may be 48, but you look 30." "Still the slick talker, too.

I'll get us another beer, but I need to go pee, first. Did you bring some shorts, or something a little more comfortable?

That," she pointed at my straining zipper, "can't be comfortable." Not only did I change to a loose-legged bathing suit, I popped a Cialis… just in case. We sat on the deck for another hour, talking about her third husband and how she hooked up with Will after that marriage broke up. The Cialis kicked in and I sported a solid tent as Stacy grilled us some hot dogs for lunch. Every time she glanced my way, she grinned and shook her head.

She was fully aware that ANY man, with no exceptions, would love to jump her bones and fuck her into next year. "I want to ask you a question, Honey.


I don't want to upset you, so if you say no, it's alright." "Uh-oh," she put down her grilling tongs and turned directly toward me, "you want to get completely naked and fuck, right?" "Uh… I'd be stupid as shit if I said no to that; but it's not what I was going to ask… well, not right now, anyway." "Oh… What, then?" "I have an older brother, a perverted old bastard, who is pretty much confined to his apartment.

I'd like to take a couple pictures of you and send them to him. The closest thing to a live female he's had for the last five years, or so, is his right hand. Seeing what I'm looking at right now would help him out for the next couple of weeks." "Sure, I don't mind at all. Will takes pictures of me all the time to show his buddies. I have some ideas that would help him bust a load pretty fast, but let's eat first." While we ate, Stacy let me in on one more little secret, "Mom and Dad were getting a divorce, at the same time Evan and I were going through ours.

Daddy and I decided to go dancing and drown our problems for just one evening. He hadn't done much drinking at all from the time Michelle and I were born. "Anyway, I was 25 and he was forty-six. Several guys had squeezed my ass and brushed against my tits that night. I hadn't had any for a few weeks and it got me all tingly inside.

Daddy was too drunk to drive, so I took him to my place, undressed him and put him in my bed. "He had a much nicer dick than my uncle, by the way.

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"I showered and started to the living room to sleep on the couch. As I walked past the bed, I could tell his cock was stiff as an I-beam. "Well, I was horny and there was a hard dick… right in front of me. I pulled the sheet back and straddled my own father's shaft. He never knew that I rode him long enough to make myself cum twice. Then I sucked him until his load blew down my throat. He moved a little and groaned with pleasure, but he was unconscious the whole time.

"I miss my daddy. Damn that fucking heart attack. If he was still alive, I'll bet I could have talked him into having sober sex with me… all he wanted." "Yes, Honey, Ed was a good man, but I don't think there's a man alive who would turn you down. How 'bout those pics, now? Once I send them on to Leo, I guess I'll be forced to let you have your way with my old body." While I was piddling with getting my smart phone on the camera function, Stacy's thong disappeared and she lay back in her lounge chair, her fantastic legs splayed apart and her pussy glistening with moisture in the Louisiana sunshine, "Get some close ups of everything you want him to see.

"Then I'll take a couple of you, eating my cunt and sucking my tits. Then you can get a couple shots of me, giving you a blow job. "If you want, we can make a video of you fucking me, doggie style.

I know men really like doggie style and so do I." My bathing suit dropped to the deck and I told her, "Goddamn, I can't stand it… let's start with the video. Turn over and stick your gorgeous ass up." I was inside the amazing woman in three seconds. The phone was on the table in 'video' mode as I pounded her pussy hard.

I knew my Cialis would hold up until I blew my load, but I had mixed emotions. On one hand, I wanted to cum so bad I wanted to dump immediately. On the other hand, her snatch was hot, willing, fairly tight and those muscles on her insides were grabbing at me.

I lasted about two minutes when I felt my my cum rising, fast. Just as I started squirting, Stacy reached back and grabbed my butt, holding me inside as she hit her own orgasm.

I turned off my phone and sank to my chair, "Stacy, my dear little Stacy… you, my dear, are just un-be-fuckin'-lievable. God, that was the most amazing fuck I've ever had, bar none." She crawled onto my lap and seated her cunt lips on top of my flagging cock. Her hand reached the phone and snapped a pic of her tits, brushing against my face.

Then she just lay on my chest and snuggled. We stayed that way for about twenty minutes before she started to wiggle and rub her pussy on my cock… it worked. It was like giving CPR to Ol' Fat Boy. A few minutes later, she repositioned until he was in her again. Stacy rode me slow and deliberate for fifteen minutes or more, although it seemed much longer.

My second batch was much smaller than the first, but my nuts seemed to work just as hard. She had cum once, about five minutes into the coupling, but hit another peak at the same time as I reached mine.

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Again, she rested on my chest, with my dick still in her warm pussy. Needless to say, I was sore and tired, but I was ecstatic about what had just happened to my old body.

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Once we rested a while, we took a long shower together. Our bodies couldn't have known each other any better, but the pleasure we enjoyed caressing and fondling was an event I'll cherish until my days are done. We returned to the deck and I sent the pictures and video to Leo. Ten minutes later, I received a text, "You mother-fuckin, cock-suckin, son-of-a-bitchin bastard. Helldamnshitpissfartfuckphooey… I'm proud of you, bro." Part 2 cumming soon.