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Pic naked emo ass boy cum gay Jeremy and Patrick have been
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Guardian Angel Created by CeZy Note: All names and locations, including the story itself, is pure fantasy. Part 1: Superstar Kiyan Roberts is an average 13 year old, long black hair, very skinny and quite a fan of the computer world. Sports are what he calls his "weakness" and a very passive boy, avoiding as many conflicts as he possibly can.

Although his eyes are meant to computers and video games, he also enjoyed movies, also enjoys a Tv show whose big star is Jake Warsavage, a muscular 14 year old boy with a not very long dark brown hair and black eyes. Kiyan always enjoys watching this boy on Tv, even if there isn't anything interesting going on, Jake Warsavage made it worth watching for Kiyan. The boy knows basically everything about the superstar: Loves italian food, huge fan of wrestling and, according to what many other people say, he's what one can call a "Fan Hater".

Jake avoided any kind of contact with fans, specially those very loud and annoying girls who would kill to have his autograph! But Kiyan wasn't a girl.

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He was a boy, and boys aren't supposed to like other boys. At least, not that way, right? Wrong! Kiyan enjoyed watching that boy on Tv everyday and nobody knows about it, not even his dad. Kiyan thought his interest in boys must be due to the fact that he never had a "mother's love". His mother had passed away when he was born. His dad works in the Blue Ocean Hotel, a very beautiful building, indeed, with a great view to the ocean on almost every apartment. Kiyan would visit his dad at the hotel almost everyday, after school or after lunch, to visit him.

Sometimes he has dinner at the hotel with his dad. The hotel offers free dinners to workers once in a while, how nice of them, huh? Part 2: Blue Ocean Summer break just begun, and Kiyan would have the whole summer to lock himself in his room with his computer for the rest of summer without having to go to school in the meantime, that's what Kiyan thinks about summer. In a lovely Friday afternoon, Kiyan goes to the Blue Ocean Hotel and visit his dear father.

On his way to the counter, where his dad was at the moment, he looked to his right and saw a beautiful boy entering the elevator, when the boy turned around and waited for the elevator to go up, Kiyan couldn't believe what his eyes saw and then he ran to his dad: "Dad, are there any special guests stayin' here?" "Hum. No son, why do you ask that?" "Huh, nothin'. Just curious. Then, who was that boy entering the elevator just now?" "All right, we have a special guest stayin' here.

Why are you so curious Kiyan?" "Huh. Well. That's me, I guess!" Kiyan's suspictions were right. The boy he saw on the elevator was Jake Warsavage! Kiyan couldn't believe it!

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His favourite young actor, stayin' in his dad's hotel! How lucky can ya get!? "Kiyan, I'd appreciate if you don't cause any trouble today. You know how lucky we are for having special guests like these around just for a day." "I know dad!

I won't cause any trouble, promise! So. Can I talk my regular walk around the place?" "Go ahead. But remember, no trouble!" "I got it, dad!" Kiyan took his regular walk around the hotel, he knows every corner of the place like his own room. He knows what most of the apartments look like, specially the penthouse, on the last floor. While he took his regular walk, he went for a walk in the basement. One of the workers is a really nice guy and gives Kiyan a candy for stopping by, what nice people we have around!

While Kiyan was turning in a corner, he bumped against someone a bit taller than him. Kiyan fell to the floor and took a few seconds for him to realize what happened. Then, he heard a voice next to him: "Watch where you're going, will ya!?" "B-Back at ya! I'm the one who fell here! Ya know what, you could have apolog.!" Before Kiyan could finish his sentence, he looked at the one he bumped against and it was Jake Warsavage! "Oh my God!!" screamed Kiyan in his mind as he looked at a beautiful boy waring a white muscle shirt and black jeans: "What?

Never seen a guy before?!" said Jake with an angrier voice. "I-I'm s-sorry! I-It was an accident! I'll leave you alone." Screamed Kiyan while trying to stand up and walk away before he cause any more problems. "Hey! Don't turn your back on me like that! Can't you see I'm talking to you!?" shouted Jake even more angrier. "Why do you even wanna talk to me?" Kiyan asked with a very shy and scared tone, afraid of causing even more trouble.

"Why are you treating me like that? When you fell, you were about to explode and now you're acting like nothing happened!" "I-I. Huh." "You were sayin' something back there.

Mind finishing that sentence?" "N-Never mind that. Forget about it, please." "I'm sorry." "W-wha.??" Now Kiyan was really confused! "I'm sorry I bumped against you and yelled at you. My fault." "N-No, it w-was.!" "It was my fault.

You fell, I didn't help. I'm sorry. You ok now?" Kiyan's body was totally paralyzed. His favourite actor was standing right in front of him. Apologising to him! Kiyan also seemed to have lost his voice, because he didn't even dare to say another word, nor did he dare to look at Jake directly in the eyes, which was his way to show respect to dad's "special guests". "Hey, did you hear me? I asked if you're ok?" Again, no answer from Kiyan, his entire body was frozen solid.

Kiyan didn't even dare to make a move or let out a whisper. "'Kay. What's your name? You must have a name right?" "Kiyan!" shouted a voice behind Jake. "How you doin', kiddo? Glad you came to visit me." It was Mr. John, the worker that gave Kiyan candies for visiting him once in a while. "And who's your friend?" Mr. John asked.

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"Name's Jake." Answered the young star. "Nice to meet you, Jake.


You one of Kiyan's friends? Now that I think about it, I never saw you with a friend, Kiyan." Kiyan didn't say anything. "So Kiyan's your name. I just met him here, sir." "Oh, I see. About time you hang out with someone your own age, kiddo.

Well, here's some candy for you two.

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I gotta go clean this place up. See you later, boys." Mr. John left, leaving Kiyan with Jake.


"So Kiyan's your name, huh? Nice name, heh." said Jake with a teasing laugh, but not meant to offend.


Kiyan's face turned red. "I like your name. Sounds cool." Said Jake, and Kiyan gave him a smile, which he tried to hide right away. "What're you smiling at?" "N-nothing!" "Ah! He talks!" Said Jake with his teasing tone, and then asking, with his anger totally gone: "Hey, how about we go to my room upstairs and have some fun?" Kiyan didn't answer, but he didn't reject Jake grabbing his right arm and push him to the elevator.

They went a few floors up, and then, walked for a couple of minutes, and reached Jake's room. Jake opened the door. "Come on in. Don't worry, I don't bite." Said Jake with his teasing smile, but also innocent. Kiyan didn't dare to move, as always, but Jake grabbed his arm again, and gently pushed him into the room.

Jake closed the door. "Welcome to my new home. In case you don't know, I'll be spending the summer here. Mom and dad thought I would be better off if I spend the summer here away from the Hollywood life." Kiyan sat on the edge of a twin-sized bed, while Jake went to the bathroom, with the door opened, he shouted so Kiyan could hear him: "Look on the bright side: I won't have any of those screaming girls like, every hour of the day!" Jake came out of the bathroom with his hair was wet.

He sat next to Kiyan on the bed and looked at him for a minute. "Are you ok, Kiyan?" Kiyan didn't answer, he seemed frozen solid and his voice was still gone. "Do you. like boys?" Kiyan was shocked! He didn't see that one coming, and his face turned red, and he started rubbing his hands on each other.

"I like boys. They're far more fun and interesting than girls. Girls just scream and yell for no reason all the time. What about you? Kiyan still didn't answer. Jake put his right hand on Kiyan's left cheek and gently pushed his face, so he would look at his right, where Jake was sitting.

"Look at me, Kiyan." Said Jake with a more serious voice. Kiyan refused to look at Jake in the eyes, he feels he'll do something to Jake he'll regret later if he looks at him in the eyes. "Please, Kiyan." Still no response from the boy, so Jake took an extreme measure. Jake kissed Kiyan on the lips. Kiyan didn't kiss him back, but didn't push him away either.

After Jake released the kiss, Kiyan was looking at him in the eyes. Kiyan felt his entire body shivering. Jake moved his hand from his cheek to his hair and started playing with it. "Talk to me, buddy. Please." Said Jake, with a more calm tone.

". I do." Answered Kiyan.

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Playing with his hair must have done it. Or maybe it was the kiss. Jake took off his muscle shirt. Kiyan didn't take his eyes off his chest. Jake's body was muscular, the boy's attention was centered on his breasts, which excited Kiyan completely. Jake played with his hair again.

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"Take off your shirt, let's have some fun together." Kiyan placed his hand on Jake's chestand he slowly looked up, to Jake's eyes. "If you want me to stop and not go any further, just tell me, ok?" Jake slowly got closer to Kiyan and joined his lips with Kiyan's again. This time, Kiyan was kissing him back slowly, at his own pace.

Jake figured he has no idea what was going on. Jake took off his black jeans and was now wearing his tight underwear, he gently pushed Kiyan on his back on the bed, and rested his right hand on Kiyan's face. "I'll assume you're ok with this, tell me to stop if you don't want this, ok buddy?" Jake slowly went to his knees in front of the bed and slowly unzipped Kiyan's pants.

Before he could push his pants down, Kiyan grabbed his hands: "N-no.!" "Ok, I'll stop buddy. I don't wanna hurt you." Answered Jake. "N-no. L-Let me d-do it." To Be Continued.