Skinny latin chick melanie rios pumped hard in the car garage

Skinny latin chick melanie rios pumped hard in the car garage
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Gina 35 year old woman, divorced, no children, 5' 4" petite, hot and sexy. The past two weeks with me has been kind of a whirlwind. Meeting at the court house led to dinner which led to making out at her office which led to a couple of dates which led get the idea.

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Wednesday found Gina standing in her bedroom in front of the wardrobe. She had enjoyed a relaxing bath and is now debating what to wear.

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She rarely has the chance to wear her nice 'going out' clothes as her social life is non existent, until she met me. Even though it was just a few drinks with me she decided to make the most of it. Gina hears a knock on the door, she opens it. I walk in closing and locking it. I grab her from behind, my hand on her neck as I press my body hard against her. " If you try to run I will catch you, nod if you understand" I threaten menacingly.

Gina nods as I rip her blouse and bra off her body.

Then I rip off her skirt with one hand then tore off her panties, then I shove her so she landed on the floor with a thud. I look at her naked form. I had picked her because of my penchant for petite women. She is small breasted with a slender curvy body and I love that look. She surveyed her apartment and saw if she tries to escape she would have to clamber for the door and I stood in front of her.

I'm 6' 6" tall with a big body, barrel chested, a giant of a man. I'm now ripping off my clothes. Down to my shorts, Gina sees a massive bulge and cries out " Your so big." I remove my shorts to reveal the biggest, widest cock Gina has ever seen. It's veins are bulging and the great big red head looks like a monster all of its own. It sways as I move towards her, pausing to tip the contents of a bottle into the palm of my hand, then smear it over my cock.

" A little lubricant might be needed" I laugh. Gina tries to run but I easily caught her. " There is no where to go. I'm just getting started." Gina shook her head, tears streaming down her face. " Never mind, I will leave if you fuck me good and make me cum." as I push her down onto the floor on her back.

I took in the full view of her nakedness then follow her down and she nervously sees my massive tool swaying to and fro as I make my way up her body. I grab her hair twisting it in my hand, with my other hand I position my cock head at her entrance and shove my head into her, bringing a moan from her.

" Yes", I said, " feel that." " I am fucking you, I am gonna take my time and if you don't make it good, I will not leave." Gina accepted defeat, there is no use in trying to fight, she tries to relax. Maybe she can get it over with. I move another few inches into her, and some more until I'm half way in her, with still another 4 inches to go. Gina is moaning, she had had one large cock in her before but that was nothing compared to my monster and she doubts she can take much more without damaging her forever.

She tries to relax but the length and girth is too much. She feels each individual vein pulsing as it snakes its way into her, with the whole cock flexing. The dread hit her that there will be an awful lot of cum from this monster and as she is ovulating, she cannot get pregnant. This made her try to wriggle away, but I'm having none of that as I hold her firm. Gina whimpers and stops struggling. I didn't care, I thrust into her some more using her twisted hair as a grip, with my other hand holding her shoulder as I push way up into her.

Gina moans. It is truly the greatest feeling as I groan. I had watched her for two weeks, had made out with her and had a couple of dates.

I knew I had to have her, now here I'm, with the tightest, gripping cunt around my massive cock.

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Just then Gina started coughing, which made her convulse around my cock adding to my pleasure. I then set up a slow fuck rhythm, slowly moving out to the tip, then in to the hilt. Gina feels my cock head prodding her cervix and wondering if her cervix can be penetrated. She moans at every stroke, which excites and encourages me even more. She is matching my rocking movements.

"Cum for me Gina" I goaded her, and use my thumb to manipulate her clitoris, round and round in circles, " cum for me and I will leave." " cum for me Gina" Hearing her name frightened her.

With that thought adding to the stimulation, she arches up to me and came hard, her cunt quivering around my cock. Her cervix opening up to me because of the orgasm and I enter her uterus. This causes Gina intense pain and she wails a long moan, " please" she gasps, " please, finish, please cum, I can't take anymore" With that, I move the final 2 inches through into her uterus releasing a torrent of cum over her ovaries. I jolt into her again and again, trying to force more cum into her small body.

Gina feels the rush of sperm traveling up the veins and into her. She feels the blast hit her uterus wall which made her cum again, gripping my cock like a vice, squeezing the last of my cum out, making sure I coated every millimeter of her womb. I collapse on top her, breathing heavily, still hard.

Gina dare not move, she knew she would cum again.


Gina awoke some time later, the warm air blowing lightly on her naked body. I was no-where to be seen. She woke up feeling lonely and incredibly horny.

" I better take a shower to calm down, then I'll take a walk ," she thought. The feeling of arousal won't leave her, she let the shower water stimulate her clitoris. When she is done, she towels herself gently, rubbing her aching cunt and sensitive nipples. The only answer, she decided, is to masturbate. I stood in the bedroom, against the door jamb when she emerged from the bathroom.

" Oh, shit," She said. When she approached me, I kneel down sticking my nose into her crotch. Startled, she pushes me away. " Stop, John," Gina said, " Leave." She notices the huge bulge in my pants. " All men are alike," she said aloud. " Only one thing on their mind all the time." She pushed me out of the bedroom closing her bedroom door from the inside, glad for some privacy. Gina is ready to pleasure herself.

She stood in front of her full-length mirror and admiring her own body. Many men liked it, she knew. She would not be single for long. The thought made her feel better. Then she thought about last night, remembering me, my body, my huge hard cock inside her. She put on a clingy black camisole top that I had bought for her at Victoria's Secrets. Her perfectly formed, firm boobs curved out provocatively. Her nipples stood out clearly beneath the stretch fabric.

She pinched them gently, recalling how he would lick her right through the thin material and bite softly on her erect nipples. Her pussy is wet with excitement. Gina returns to the full-length mirror to admire herself. " I'm quite a fox," she said aloud.

" My legs are nice and shapely." She runs her fingers down her belly and rubbing her cunt. A jolt of sexual energy shot through her. " Better sit down for this," she told herself. She sat on the edge of the bed and begins to diddle her clit.

It feels great! She rocks forward and back, her brown hair falling in front of her eyes. After a couple of minutes like this, she lay back on the bed and spread her legs apart. She inserts her left index finger in her cunt as she continues to rub her clit with her right hand. Now she is totally focused on the sensations in her pussy. Suddenly she feels something warm and moist on her pussy a tongue. " What the.?" she gasps.

It is me. She hadn't closed the damn bedroom door securely. I begin to lap furiously at her pussy. Torn between revulsion and pleasure, Gina froze. All sorts of thoughts flash through her brain: " What are you doing?

No, no one can get in, no one has a key. You are suppose to be gone." This is disgusting. Oh, but it feels so good, so very, very good. Mmmm.I've never felt a tongue that can do this. I'm working my tongue in and out, around, and in. My tongue penetrates deeper than any man she has had before. Gina found her voice. " OK, just this time. I'm so close. I just want to cum.

That's it, then you have to leave." Then her world exploded, a massive orgasm wracking her body, as she cries out, " OH!

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AHHH! OHHHH!" She shudders again and again, delicious sensations flooding through her. She passes out for a few moments, lost in bliss. Something pokes her cunt, once, then again. Slowly Gina becomes aware of herself, the room, My hands are up on the bed, on either side of her. I stood between her open thighs. My big hard cock is poking at her pussy, Gina is horrified, but this time she isn't going to surrender to me like she did last night.

" NO, JOHN. GET THE HELL OUT!" She yells as she uses all her strength to push me off her. She stood up and tried to run from the room. But she had just had an orgasm and her legs feel like jello. One step and then, thump, she fell hard on the floor, face-first, directly in front of the mirror. Stunned and scared, bruised from her fall, Gina feels tears in her eyes. I'm standing behind her.

Gina manage to pull herself to her knees, then suddenly realizes she has made a terrible mistake.


Her ass is pointed straight at me, inviting me to mount her. " Oh, no," she sobs as I advanced, but it is too late. In an instant I have my hands on her back, then I wrap them under her torso. With my weight atop her, Gina can hardly move. She tries to pull away, but my low, menacing voice causes her to freeze in place. In shock and fear, Gina waits, eyes tightly closed. " This can't be happening to me again," she whimpers.

" Please, don't let this happen to me." She knows what is coming next. My hard cock stabbing hard at her cunt, once, twice. "Ouch!" she cried out at the pain. I'm thrusting for her pussy and missing.

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" He'll find it eventually. This hurts. So what's the point?" Gina thought to herself. She reaches under her and gently grasps my hard cock. I groan again. " Good John," Gina said softly. I stop groaning. She places the tip of my big cock at her pussy lips, guiding me in an inch or two, and letting go.


Wham! I thrust in all the way and Gina gasps at the instant sensation of warmth and fullness. My cock feels like a hot poker, no man's penis has ever felt like that. The sensation is not unpleasant. In fact, it is pleasant. I begin to thrust rapidly in and out of Gina's very moist cunt. My fingers scratching at her sides, but her camisole protects her from the worst.

Gina opens her eyes. Seeing herself in the mirror made the whole experience more real, more disgusting, more obscene and more exciting. " I'm liking this," she thought to herself, stunned by that awareness. " I can't believe it.

I'm being fucked by a older man and I really like the feeling." " I'm his bitch now," Gina said aloud to her image in the mirror. " John's little, brunette bitch." She could see her former lover in her mind. What would he say now? She smiles broadly. No more tears. " Who cares what that asshole thinks," Gina thought to herself, as my rapid thrusting brought her back to a high state of sexual tension.

" He has that other bitch. Now I'm John's bitch." She begins to meet my thrusts with her own, picking up the rhythm. " Wow, I'm in heat," she realizes. Suddenly she feel something odd, something large and hard pressing against her cunt. She remembers the knot at the base of my cock, she isn't sure what it did or how big it was. She ducks her head to look beneath her swinging tits and firm stomach. Yes, there it is, dark pink and round.

How could that possibly fit inside her? She feels fear return, and her body tenses, motionless. I press my knot against her cunt lips, which slowly spread wider and wider. It feels like someone was trying to ram a fist into her pussy. " Oh, that hurts," Gina complains, but she holds steady.

Finally, she feels herself stretching more easily, yielding to this massive intruder, bigger than any cock she has ever taken. Did she hear a pop or only imagine it? Gina isn't sure, then suddenly the knot is inside her, and she feels her pussy lips contract on the base of my cock.

" Wow," she moans. " I did it, John. I'm again tied to you." Impaled on my full cock, Gina can only hold her position as I keep thrusting. My stamina is over whelming. Gina has never been with a man that can last as long as me, she loss track of time.

Her knees aching. Her arms grew tired. To ease the strain, she takes a break letting herself down slowly onto her elbows. Her back became stiff from arching to meet my humping. She feels another orgasm approaching.

The problem with doggie style is that it provides the female with little clitoral stimulation. Gina reaches beneath herself rubbing her clit. That sent her over the edge, a climax she will never, ever forget her first as a true bitch. Finally I came inside her. She feels the sudden increase in warmth in her vagina. It feels like someone has turned on a faucet to release a hot liquid inside her. The sensation continues much longer than the last man she dated.

It seems like I left a bucket of cum inside her. After I shot my load, I start to move away from Gina, she had to grab thighs as she feel the searing pain of my knot pulling against her tender inner walls.

A new terror struck her: " What if he can't get out?" But she calms herself. She asked me to lie beside her. As I did, she turns carefully to keep my cock inside her. I fall asleep. "A ll men are alike," Gina again thought, this time contentedly. Slowly my knot relaxed, and Gina feels me finally sliding out of her. She stood up looking at herself in the mirror. Warm, cum coursed down the inside of her thighs. She already knew she wanted me to fuck her again.

As I slept, she went into the bathroom to clean up. The scratches on her side are not too bad.