Fetish cfnm hottie gives handjob to loser

Fetish cfnm hottie gives handjob to loser
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Online dating, for years it's been seen as one of the most desperate ways to meet someone. The possibility of meeting people who were unstable, lying about their identity, or complete psychopaths drove most sane people away. Lately with more and more people spending time on their computers, tablets and phones, it's been given a massive popularity boost.

I never really got into the whole dating scene in general to me it was for people looking to settle down or people looking for sex. I was a decent looking man, not extremely strong or macho but fit enough for an active life, I kept myself clean, my light brown hair managed as long as it didn't get too long in which case it became ridiculously curly and out of control. So I didn't have much trouble with women but I was content with being without those complications for now.

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My friends however felt differently. One morning I was going through my emails as I do every morning and there I saw something new. There was an email in my in-box with the label POF.

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I figured it was spam but I felt curious so I opened it. It was a regular email greeting, Hi thanks for joining our site, edit your profile, upgrade your account etc etc. There was only two things wrong here, one I had never heard of a website called POF before, and two the name at the top of the page was Carli, the name of one of my best friends.

Of course it was Carli, she had been driving me insane lately telling me I need to go out and meet someone. Apparently a friend who isn't in a relationship has to be miserable, so what's the better solution than to toss him into the world of online dating.

She had even written a profile up for me and posted one of the worst pictures imaginable right on the site. Looking over at the clock it was 8:14am, she was definitely asleep right now, perfect.

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Dialing her number I let it ring until I got her voice mail, I hung up immediately and redialed. It took three more of these until she finally picked up. "What?" she grumbled sleepily. "So Plenty of Fish sounds like a fun site," I said calmly into the phone. "Chris? It's eight in the morning, what the hell are you doing calling me?!" she yelled "Well I was checking my email and considering you were kind enough to sign me up for something like this I thought I would return the courtesy by giving you an early wake up call." "Ugh, fuck off," she moaned, followed by the click of her cell closing.

This was far from over though I knew Carli too well. She wouldn't be able to sleep after that. I finished going through my email and just as I started on a report for work I saw that familiar Skype bubble in the corner, "Pocketkitty" was online.

Chris: So you ready to explain this? Pocketkitty: You didn't have to wake me up like that, I Just want you to be happy Chris: I am happy, I'm always happy Pocketkitty: Yeah well now you'll be even happier!

Chris: Well how am I supposed to go around meeting women when I have your name?

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Pocketkitty: No problem you can change that. Chris: Along with the ridiculous description and hideous picture Pocketkitty: Awww, I worked hard on that description, and it's not my fault you hate cameras. Chris: Do tell me what keeps me from just deleting this account? Pocketkitty: Because if you do meet someone and I meet someone then we can double date and all hang out together!

Chris: … Pocketkitty: Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease?!?! Pocketkitty: I has extra ticket for Sound of Music Chris: If I meet a murderer and get killed I'm going to haunt you forever Pocketkitty: YAY!!! And there I was, sitting in front of a screen, ready to edit the web page that would act as the conduit for my dating life. After changing the name, rewriting my description a dozen times and deleting the photo I was ready to start looking for someone. Hitting the search button I started going through the nearby women who I thought would make good girlfriends but nearly every one had "Must have a picture to contact this user", even for the women that didn't have pictures themselves.

I guess I will have to take a decent picture one day until then I will wait. Just as I was finishing going through the tabs I had already opened fate seemed to shine on me, a woman who had no requirements for contact, no picture either but I didn't mind.

And my luck didn't end there, she was online and available for chatting now all I needed was a way to get her attention. Staring at the blank chat box I went through all the possible ways to introduce myself.

Roamingwild: So a woman of mystery, you must have all kinds of men chasing after you on here. Cutiewithabooty: Hehe thanks you're right I even have a stick ready to chase them off. I see your being mysterious yourself any crowds of chicks chasing you around? Roamingwild: Well today's my first day so I haven't been subjugated to the flood of adoring women just yet. I was actually hoping I would find myself someone soon so that I can change my status and avoid the endless date requests.

Cutiewithabooty: Well I could use a break how about we spend a little time together and see if we click? Roamingwild: Well if you can put up with me then it sounds like a plan. That day really was my lucky day, not only did I find someone I found someone who seemed to be able to actually hold a decent conversation. And it went that way for almost a month, we were both great together, every witty comment, joke, and insight I made received a reply in kind that always kept me on my toes.

We were always flirting and messing with each other, both knowing exactly how to push the others buttons in good ways and bad. I couldn't believe finding a woman this great on a dating site like this. And then she said it, she asked me to meet her in person.

Neither of us had added a picture to our profile and still had no no idea what the other looked like, we didn't even know each others names. It didn't really matter, I didn't care about what she looked like and she said she didn't care and names are meaningless as long as we have our profile names.

I was still nervous about finally meeting though. Cutiewithabooty: So what do you think? Its about time for us to meet Roamingwild: I don't know, without this sense of wonder I don't think our relationship could go on Cutiewithabooty: Oh Im sure theres a lot more oddities to keep me wondering Roamingwild: Alright but my town is pretty remote, it made me put Ottawa but I actually live at the edge of the city in Richmond Cutiewithabooty: You have got to be kidding! I'm from Richmond too!

Where are you exactly. Roamingwild: I'm on Perth street, right next to the S&S my names Chris.


Cutiewithabooty: Chris? Really? It's me Carli!!! Can you believe this? Roamingwild: Wow. just. wow. Cutiewithabooty: Meet me at Sammy Boys, we have got to talk. I could never have imagined this, Carli has always been a great friend but we had never talked like this before and had never imagined flirting the way we had.

I guess there really are sides of people you just don't see until you have the right opportunity. For us it was to be blindfolded and thrust into a conversation without knowing who it was with. I couldn't get out of the house fast enough, Sammy Boys was a diner in the tiny strip mall on Perth street. It wasn't very far and so I decided to walk, it would help me sort things out on my way.

But the walk wasn't enough, I was standing there in front of the diner with my head still going at a thousand miles an hour, I could see Carli waiting outside, her back to me as she fidgeted on the spot and I knew the only thing I could do was confront her.

As I walked forward Carli spun towards me and smiled softly. My heart was beating through my chest and I could feel a large lump forming in my throat. Never before had I been so nervous to see her before and never before had I thought of her this way. I had always seen Carli as a woman, and an attractive one. She was a bigger girl but that just made her cute, especially with her deep hazel eyes and flowing brown hair. Now I was looking at her, not as a friend, but with the eyes of a suitor, someone who wanted to admire the sensual curves of her body, the way her calves flowed from beneath her skirt, the way her chest pushed against her t-shirt, accentuating her voluptuous figure.

We both stood there in front of the diner and I looked into those eyes, losing myself in their intensity. Neither of us spoke, there was nothing we could say at this point. I had come here to sort things out, to calmly talk it over and leave with our friendship intact. Those plans were quickly slipping from my mind as I gazed at her face blushing slightly under my stare. I couldn't help myself, I felt drawn to her like a magnet as I brought my face to hers.

Our lips met and there was a bolt, a spark between us as our lips molded together. "Wow," we whispered as our lips parted. With that kiss we let the walls between us drop, all that tension that had built since the day we had met began rushing forward as we kissed again, this time letting our tongues dance between our lips.

It was like a huge weight had been lifted from my shoulders, this woman made me feel wild, excited, confident. I felt completely blind considering it had taken this long to see it.

Free of the confines of our friendship we began walking together, hand in hand, as we joked and talked with complete inhibition. I lost track of where we were going and before we knew it we were in front of her house, walking up the steps. I didn't want this to end just yet but there was just so much to take in. Giving her one last peck on the cheek I turned to leave as she pushed open the door.

Before I even took a step she grabbed me and pulled, dragging me into her house. I spun around just in time for her to pull me back to her beckoning lips. She began to walk backwards as we kissed, her soft moaning growing with every step we took. Finally we pushed through her bedroom door and she pushed me away to fall back on her bed. Pulling herself to lie completely on her bed she waved me over, arms stretched.

Slowly crawling forwards I began kissing my way up her legs, slowly enjoying the soft texture of her skin. As I reached her skirt I undid the clasp and zipper but left the garment on. Continuing up her stomach I pulled her shirt up with my lips following behind. Just as I saw the edges of her bra I pulled the shirt straight off of her body, kissing her lips the second it cleared her head.

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Carli sat up and I reached behind her back to undo the clasp of here bra. Once it was free I pulled in from her body, releasing her ample bosom. Leaning back I noticed that she had slipped the skirt from her legs, dangling by one ankle it was quickly kicked across the room. I stood for a moment to remove my own shirt and pants, taking some time to admire her exposed body before kneeling onto the bed. Nuzzling her neck gently I savored the sweet music of her moans and began to caress the softness of her back, her hips, her voluptuous chest.

Kissing, licking, and nibbling my way down I found my lips latched onto one of her hardening nipples while my hands massaged their smooth, firm flesh. My lips resuming their journey downwards I tweaked and teased her nipples with my fingers until my mouth met the cloth of her panties. Running my hands smoothly down her hips I took her undergarments gently between my teeth and followed my hands down her legs, reaching her feet and discarding the final scrap of clothing.

Putting my head between her legs I closed my eyes and stuck out my tongue, slowly flicking the tip of my tongue across her calf, then her thigh, then just as I felt the warmth and smelt the sweet aroma of her womanhood I opened my eyes.

The sight before me was absolutely stunning, here was one of my best friends, not only completely naked, but obviously aroused by my touch. The swollen red lips of her mound were slightly parted, wisps of thick black pubic hair coating their glistening surface. As a further testament to her arousal a small stain was quickly growing across her sheets.

Looking up at Carli's face her head was thrown back against her pillow and her breathing was heavy. Her hands tightly grasping the sheets beside her and every breath caused her breasts to heave and jiggle.

It was just too tempting, I took each of her breast in my hands and squeezed just as I brought my mouth to her pussy, parting her lips and taking a good taste of her juices as my tongue ran along the length, flicking her clit right when Carlis thighs clenched around my head.

I could barely hear her moans and gasps as I ate her out, taking in every drop of her delicious nectar. Taking one hand from her breast I let my lips and tongue dance across her engorged pearl and gently inserted a finger into her soaking entrance, slowly exploring every spot that made her jump and groan. As my mouth worked her clit and my finger played within her Carli began crushing my head between her thighs, even that didn't stop my assault on her pussy or the squeals of her oncoming orgasm from reaching my ears.

Slipping another finger into her body I ran them both against her sweet spots just as her body seized and she began to tremble against the bed.

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Her back arched, the spastic moaning turned into one long, drawn out sigh and her body released a flood of her delicious juices. I don't know how her climax lasted, all I cared about was keeping up with my licking and fingering.

Finally I was released from between her thighs and her body collapsed to the bed. Taking one last long lick I rose to my knees and looked at the vision of beauty before me. Her eyes were closed this time, her breathing heavy and erratic. I didn't think it was possible but with her hair wild and untamed and the beads of sweat glistening across her luscious body she looked even more beautiful than before.

I couldn't help but bring my lips to her again, caressing and massaging her body I kissed it randomly, letting my lips decide where they would go next as she recovered.

It didn't take long for her to come down from her climax and she grabbed my head just as I was kissing across her soft neck. My mouth met hers and they gently played together, it was like a soft whispering between them but with no words, only the soft caressing of lips and tongue. Suddenly Carli took control, wrapping her hands around my head she kissed me passionately as we rolled together, ending with her on top of me and her naked groin rubbing against my briefs.

She wasted no time ripping those from my body and releasing my manhood, it was fully erect and standing proudly as her soft hand wrapped around it, her fingers almost able to make it around its entire thickness.

Now it was my turn to start moaning as her hand and lips played at my uncircumcised cock, slowly teasing its length while she nibbled and licked. I just lay back, closed my eyes and enjoyed the sensations of her playing. My tip soaked with precum it was easy enough for her to pull my foreskin down, revealing the engorged head.

My eyes flew open when I felt her lips touch its sensitive flesh and she slowly took it within her mouth. More and more of my member was being sucked into her lips and her tongue casually played along it, extracting a long groan from me as I resisted the urge to lift my hips and thrust more of me into her mouth. As hard as it was I let her take her own pace, bringing more and more of me until finally I felt her lips brushing against my pubic hair.

Bringing her mouth back with a loud slurping I lost control of my breathing, coming out in gasps and groans when my body would allow it. As the pleasure grew so did my loss of control and my hips began to gyrate and hump gently into her head as it gently bobbed against me. The feeling of her mouth and tongue trying to pull the pleasure from he was amazing and I couldn't help but feel disappointed as she drew her head back and let my head slip from her lips with a soft pop.

I groaned in frustration and looked up, meeting her eyes and mischievous grin as she slowly crawled forward. And now a new sensation replaced that of her mouth, her chest was pinning my cock between her voluptuous breasts and she squeezed, trapping me between their softness.

I couldn't even make a sound, it was hard enough to keep breathing as she slid across my length, kissing and licking the head as it came close. Her mouth was amazing but this was just too much, the softness and warmth of her tits was indescribable.


There was no way I could last like this, gasping out a warning of my impending climax she responded by taking my tip completely into her mouth, her breasts still jiggling against me as she sucked. I just couldn't take so much pleasure and I let it all out, rope after pearly rope into her inviting mouth.

I didn't realize it at first but my hands were gripping the bedsheets so hard my knuckles were turning white. Releasing their grasp as the last waves of pleasure subsided I immediately brought myself up. Pulling Carli to her knees I brought my lips to hers hungrily, alternating between kissing and biting her lower lip softly. My arms wrapped around her I lay back and she fell with me, our naked bodies writing against each other as our entire beings became devoted to the ecstasy.

Gone was the slow and calculated licks and caresses, now it was pure and simple pleasure. I could feel my cock hardening as it was crushed against her hot groin and I could feel every inch of her lips, hugging and sucking at my cock. Neither of us knew when I had entered her, we could have always been connected, not that we cared.

All that mattered now was the pleasure, that insane urge that drove our hips together and made us one. Even with the wild thrashing and moaning there was a sense of calmness between us. I could feel her completely, every heartbeat, every breath, every pulse of pleasure between us I could feel and it was wonderful.

Suddenly we weren't just having sex, our paces slowed and the animalistic writhing became slow caressing. We were making love and it was beyond the simple word of pleasure at this point. There were no words that could describe the feeling between us. Throwing her body back Carli began to ride me slowly. Our eyes locked together in that bliss my hands did the seeing for me, exploring every inch of her curves. Her hands were doing some exploring of her own and my hands found the back of her neck the instant hers found mine and we pulled me to her, our bodies caressing each other with every breath, every thrust, and our foreheads pressed softly together, not daring to break the bond we shared between our eyes.

Time fell away, the only sound we could hear was the moans of our partner, the only thing we could feel was the bliss blooming between us, in those moments the only thing that truly mattered to us was each other.

We came together, it was so soft but so powerful, like the rising of the tide it overtook us completely. This wasn't the violent spasms we experienced earlier, this was pleasure in its purest form, it took control of our bodies and we wanted it to.

All movement stopped, our hips were pressed firmly together, our breathe even caught in our throats as the pleasure built between us, growing and churning within us. Without warning it came crashing down, I didn't even realize our lips had met but we were kissing, didn't feel the motion but we were thrusting together, didn't hear the sound but we were moaning into each other.

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Our bodies were drawing the pleasure out as long as they could, we were just along for the ride. I knew I had released my seed into her body and I knew her climax had subsided but still we writhed together, the pleasure just refused to fade and we liked it that way.

I didn't remember falling asleep but I awoke with Carli lying across my body, a soft purring escaping her lips as she slumbered. I just smiled and kissed her gently on the forehead, making sure not to waken her before I closed my eyes and slipped into my dreams.