Naked guys The young Latino fellow goes over to observe a movie but

Naked guys The young Latino fellow goes over to observe a movie  but
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My infatuation with my neice Darla began when she was only ten. I was looking at the age of 33 and my wife had left just a month ago. Darla is my wifes sister Kimberly's oldest daughter. Darla has an olive/tan skin tone with shoulder length light brown hair. She has a rose colored tint to her cheeks as if she's always blushing and the same color to those plump lips of hers as well. She has this sassy little attitude with the voice of an Angel. Darlas breast have began to fill out.

They are puffy around the nipples and from what I have seen latelywhen erect her nipples are an inch long. That ass of her's just screams ripe, firm and perfectly round. My cock grows hard looking at it.

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There is something about the way she looks at me lately that just makes me want to slap her in the mouth with my 9 in.

cock.Kim and Darla only live 2 doors down from me and Kim drinks all the time so Darla stays at the house alot playing with my boys.

I find myself watching her out in the yard with my cock out. She's turning cartwheels in those damn little sundresses she's been wearing lately, not even trying to cover herself.Does she know what she is doing to me?

The boys were riding bikes and I heard Darla say I am going to pee boy's and don't you dare follow me and I mean itI heard her tell them as she headed around the corner of my shop. I noticed as she looked back over her shoulder to make sure no one was coming. As I stood there jacking on my cock thinking of her little ass in those baby blue panties flipping through the yard, I realized she had been gone awhile.

I decide to go check on her. From the top of my shop I have a clear view of everything. I see Darla squatted down in a thicket with a book. What kind of book is it? I couldn't believe what I was seeing.

She had my favorite pornher purple dress hiked up to her waiste, her bald pussy exposed as she fingered it fiercly.

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She was pushing her index finger about 1/2 way in and out of her obviously wet pussy. My cock jumped to full attention at the sight of my sweet little Darla.I closed my eyes and After pulling on my cock with 3 strokes I was shooting hot jizz all in my underwear. Uncle Tommy what are you doing? Darla was behind me. Had she seen me watching? Did Darla know I was jerking off watching her play wit that bald pussy of hers?

I am about to start spring clean up on the shop today. I want to help Uncle Tommy please! PleaseI am a good helper and I will do everything you say. Darla had always been my helper ever since she could hold a hammer. Get on down there and change your clothes, you can't work in a dress. Tell your Mamma where you will be and get on back up here. I was headed inside to change my cum filled jeans as I noticed Darla turn back towards the woods.

Of course I watched her. Darla was trying to put the magazine back before I missed it. As Darla was bent over the stash boxI walked up behind herpulled my cock out and was stroking it when she stood and turned, she was eye level with my hard cock.

Oh! Shit Uncle Tommy you scared me, she giggled. I was studying her face as she looked at my cock and then back up at me.

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I should spank your little ass for being in that box! Darla giggled agin like the little girl she is. Uncle Tommy did I do that to your dick? Yes maam you did and thats why I should spank your dirty little ass. Touch it Darla!

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Touch my fucking cock right now or I am going to tell your Mother what I seen you doing today. She reached out and wrapped her smallsoft hand around my now throbbing cock, looked up and gave me a nasty girl smile she puts on so easily lately. Darla! Darla! Where are you girl? Kim was calling Darla for breakfast.

Darla ran out of the shop. Here mamma. I am helping Uncle Tommy clean up his shop today.No Darla you will just be in Tommy's way Kim said looking at me. No Kim Darla is a great helper! I could use a good helper today.

Can't get those boy's of mine to do anything. I would love for her to help out. Sub consciencely thinking of putting my cock into Darla's wet mouth. I can picture the head of my cock parting those plump rosey lips now. Her warm ,wet, soft, mouth uuum my cock of course throbbing again. I covered it with my tool bag! I excused myself to go inside and change as my jeans were full of cum! I could not get over how dirty Darla's smile had been earlier, how soft her hands had been when she stroked it.

Damn that little slut. That wickeddirty smile she gave me as she looked at my cock and back up at me. I couldn't help but think she new exactly how horny she was makeing me.

Oh fuck she would look hot on her knees sucking my cock, looking up at me with those greenish blue eyes of hers! Fuck here I am shooting another load out all over my shower door. Picturing Darla's face with my cum splattered all over it. What is wrong with me ? This is my neice I watched grow from a babe. Then the thought of Darla knowingthat dirty cunt wasn't so fucking innocent.

She knows exactly what she is doing. Kim had moved a new man in with her a few weeks back. It seems like Darla just really hasn't wanted to go home since. I was standing at the fridge getting me a cold beer when I heard her footsteps. Uncle Tommy Jimmy isn't mean to me ya know? He just always wants me to lay under the covers with him and watch t.v.

After Mamma goes to bed he changes it to the sex show. I don't like it because he pulls my butt up to his thingy and pushes it all over me untill it gets wet and little again.

Mamma is getting mad about it to. I heard her yelling about it and he told her I was asleep when he turned that on. Well that lucky son of a bitch I thought! I should kill the mother fucker! I have titties now Uncle Tommy she changed the subject quickly and rasied her tan tank top to reveal her perfect, puffy,lumps with pinkish brown nipples that were hard as a rock.

Darla was dressed sexy today. How can a ten yr old be sexy? I will tell you how! Look at them Uncle Tommy as she lifted her shirt for me.

Her hair was in a long style pig tail, the tanish camoflauge tank top (which accented her newly formed breasts really well)a pair of cut off denim shorts that fit her tightfresh, round ass very snug! They were just the right length barely covering her ass cheeks, a camo ball cap, and brown hikeing boots. Darla continued tweaking her nipples at me saying well do you like my boobies Uncle or not? I know Darla knows my cock is hard for her. The horny bitch knows exactly what she is doing, or does she?

What kind of sex do you and Jimmy watch at night on t.v.? We watch girls sucking dicks. He asked me if I wanted to lick his for him but I said no! He puts his dick in my butt crack untill it gets little. Mamma said I can't lay with him anymore but I didn't like it anyway! How long have you been looking at my books?


and do they make you horny? Darla does it make your little pussy wet to look at those cocksuckers? I like to watch them girls lick on them dicks. I was siting in the shop chair as she looked out the door acting a little uncomfortable.


Get the book out of my box you like Darla and bring it here. Show me which one of those cock suckers you like and I will show you which one I like. Darla waisted no time getting over to get the magazine out. She flipped to the cute blonde that looked maybe 15, she is what I picture Darla looking like in a few more years. That's A little cock licker there Darla!

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She is licking that Man's cock and she is likeing it. I had my cock out jacking on it. Darla was looking at the cock licker in the book and back at my hard cock. She knelt down in front of me and looked up at me with the horniest eyes and said Uncle Tommy may I please lick on your cock? Say please Uncle Tommy may I lick on your cock? Darla repeated me in the sexiesthorniest sweet voice I have ever heard.

Damn ! Yes Baby you may lick my cock i said as I grabbed her head and gently pushed it down to my cock. Darla was flicking her tongue all around the head of my cock.

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Do you like that Uncle? Oh yes baby yes I do. Now lick it all the way down to my balls. She was licking and licking up and down and sucking lightly on the head as she got to thte top. Open your dirty lil mouth for me Darla, she opens that warmwet, mouth surrounded by those plump rosy lips and I push as much of my 9 inches into her mouth that I could!

I was slowly beginning to fuck her face, Slowly fucking that young swwet mouth of hers,she was trying to pull back but I grabbed her by the back of her head and continued pumping about 1/2 of my 9 incher in and out of that wetwarm mouth of hers. Yes suck on it Darla, suck my hard fucking cock that I have for you.

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Darla began to gag some but I couldn't quit now i fucked a little harder not hurting her but I could feel the head of my dick now reaching her throat and without warning I shot load after load right down her throat and made sure to spill a touch on her plump lips!

Oh Fuck yea I said holding her head to my crotch! Did you come in my mouth Darla ask as she looked up at me. Yes I did! She smiled and said thank you ! I gave my Angel, 10 yr old cocksucking neice a big hug and said no thank you! Okay guys this is the first story I have ever written ! If you want more please comment! Tell me where I can improve and there is a life long story to tell here if I get enough feedback I will continue the story!