Wonder woman beaten and forced to cum

Wonder woman beaten and forced to cum
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This is part two of a multi-part story I have had rattling around in my brain for awhile. Part reality, part fantasy. This segment doesn't have any sex in it… just being up front about it. There was a need for some exposition and build-up and it felt like it hit a good breaking point.

I hope you like it. I would love feedback in the comments or send me a message. ****** As I made my way back up to our beach towels, my wife Amy was pulling up the bright blue board shorts over her hips. While I was a little sad to see the sexy bikini bottoms get covered up, the way the slightly damp board shorts clung to her hips and ass was definitely a nice sight to see. I grabbed my towel and began to brush the sand off of the rented surf board as Amy packed up her things.

"How about you run your board back to the shop. I will run over and get us a table at that little restaurant that we saw earlier." After turning the board, I walked down the sidewalk and saw Amy sitting outside on the patio.

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Sitting next to her was this stunning woman. Olive complexion, wavy dark hair just past her shoulders. She was wearing pink and black rash guard shirt and pink board shorts much like my wife's. Amy saw me approaching and waved me over. As I made my way around a few tables to an open seat, Amy and her friend stood up to greet me.

Wow… Amy's new friend was a knockout!

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She has tanned, toned legs, a pert ass, and I can see the outline of her rock-hard abs through her tight shirt. "Hey sweety! I want you to meet my new friend Steph." She leans over and gives me a peck on the cheek. I reach out my hand and shake Steph's. "It is nice to meet you!" We all sit down together.


"So how did you two meet?" "Well, I met Steph in the clothing store earlier. She is the one who recommended the bikini." She gave a shy smile at Steph.

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"I have to say Steph, I am not sure what you said to her, but thank you! I have been trying to get Amy to wear a bikini for years now." "No problem.

I could just tell with her killer figure, she would just look great in it." Another sly smile passed between the two of them.

Definitely strange, but not really in a bad way. Amy was always a little slow to make friends due to her shyness, so it was probably her being a little awkward around new people. She never has been very good at taking compliments either. It was good to see her starting to open up. The waitress came up and got our orders. As soon as she walked away, I suddenly became invisible. Steph and Amy began chatting away like life-long friends. I looked through our beach bag and found my book.

I started to get lost in the story when Amy squealed and grabbed my arm. "Did you hear that? What a small world! Steph has been here for about a week now.

She lives only about 30 minutes from us and will be here for another week. She is staying in the hotel down the street from us. That is great!" And with that, they were back into their own world.

When the food and drinks came, I put my book away. Within a minute, we were all talking and laughing like we had known each other for years. It was exciting to see Amy making a new friend, and it looked like it could be a lasting one since we all lived so close to each other.

Over lunch Steph told us about some of the fun things to do around the area (that weren't necessarily in the travel brochures). Amy got real excited about a dance club that was just up the street.

Now I know Steph was having a big influence on her, because in the last ten years Amy had never wanted to go dancing. Steph was talking about a cute shop where they could pick up some club wear, so after paying the bill I headed over to the hotel while the girls went shopping. After getting a hot shower I flopped down on the bed and started channel surfing. The next thing I know I am woken up by an alarm on the small clock radio next to the bed. The sun had already started to set and Amy wasn't back yet!

I got up and was starting to panic when I noticed a long garment bag hanging from the back of the door with a note taped to it: "Hey sweety!

I didn't want to disturb your nap so I went over to Steph's hotel to get ready. Here is a new outfit for you that I just couldn't pass up. Meet us at the club around 10:00. Here is how to get there…" I finished reading the directions and put the note down on the side table.


Lifting the garment bag from the hook on the door, I laid it out across the bed and unzipped the flimsy zipper. Inside I found a pair of white linen pants that a lot of the men on the island were wearing, a black short-sleeved button up shirt, and a pair of black leather sandals.

I looked at the clock and it was already 9:00 p.m. Since I had already taken a shower, I figured I could get ready and head up to the club early. As I walked up to the door with the neon sign over it, I could hear the dance music and already start to feel the bass in my chest. I walked through the door and made my way through the crowd to the bar. The bartender brought me my beer and I turned and leaned against the bar to look out over the crowd.

Gazing over the dance floor and the handful of tables and booths, it was pretty evident from the pairing of couples that this was a gay bar. I was no stranger to gay bars from a few friends who did drag shows, so it didn't bother me. Amy and I found that we usually had more fun at the gay bars because of the great music, friendly people, and more laid back attitudes.


As I sipped my beer I found myself in a conversation with Gloria and Michele, a real sweet lesbian couple next to me. I lost track of time as we chatted until Gloria stopped mid-sentence while looking over my shoulder at the door.

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Michele saw her gaze and looked as well. "Damn, I ain't even mad. I would give you a pass for either one of those." Michele said with a sexy grin. Before I even had a chance to turn around I felt one arm wrap around my waist and another drape over my shoulders. I could feel two warm bodies pressed up on each side of me. "Well ladies, if you are into that sort of thing, you can have him for the night while I entertain his wife." I heard Steph say over the music.

"While that is sweet, I think we would rather take her for awhile." Gloria said with a wink. Michele looked the ladies up and down with a seductive smile and said "I would prefer both." As Steph pulled away and walked around to the other side of Amy, I finally had a chance to see what all the commotion was about. Steph was dressed in a pair of ultra tight white leather pants that hugged her curves and really accentuated her amazing ass.

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Her black top was shiny and came off the shoulders. The bottom of the shirt barely came to rest below her perky C-cup breasts.

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This left her midriff exposed and I wasn't wrong about her rock-hard abs. She had a pair of black ankle boots to finish off the ensemble. While I thought Steph looked scrumptious, it was Amy that made my jaw hit the floor. Like a negative image, Amy was also in black and white but opposite Steph's outfit. Amy had on a white crop top that also fell off the shoulders, but instead of shiny, it was nearly see through. Shed had on a black pleather demi-bra on underneath.

She had the most amazing pair of black pleather shorts on that had built in garter belts attached to black thigh highs.

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Capping off the outfit was a pair of white leather boots that came to just above her knees. This was definitely not like Amy, but I couldn't really complain about the changes. Before I could even get a word in edgewise, Steph put a hand on Amy's ass and pulled her close. "Not tonight ladies, she is all mine." She smiled at Amy and then gave me a playful wink.

"Who knows, maybe next time?" Amy said to Gloria and Michele and shot them a smile. "Come on, let's go dance." With that, Steph and Amy each took a hand of one of my new friends and pulled them on to the dance floor. I was left there at the bar with a drink in my hand and my jaw on the floor. For the next few songs I watched as my usually reserved wife danced with Steph, Gloria, and Michele.

They were all laughing and having a good time. It was amazing to see Amy relaxed and enjoying herself so much. I noticed that my bottle was empty, so I turned to the bartender and ordered another beer. As I was facing the bar, Gloria came up next to me and playfully bumped my shoulder. "You are one lucky guy! Amy is such a blast!" I raised my hand to catch the bartender's attention and motioned at my beer and at Gloria. As she brought over a beer for Gloria, I turned to her and grinned.

"I have never seen her like this before. Not complaining or anything; I am loving this new Amy. At home she just has so much pressure on her, she never lets her hair down." I turned to look at the dance floor and didn't see any of the girls. Gloria must have seen the concern cloud my face, because she quickly stated: "Don't worry, Michele is introducing them to a friend of ours. We are supposed to try and grab the corner booth in the back if we can." She grabbed me by the hand and pulled me towards the back.

Just we were getting to the booth, the occupants were getting up. Gloria asked them if the both was free and it was. "Fantastic… it is impossible to get a booth around here.

Of course that means at least one of us will have to stay with it all night." We had just slid into the large, round booth when the girls came up to the booth carrying a handful of bottled waters.

Amy slid in next to me with Steph on the outside. Michele slid in the other side as Gloria scooted around to the middle with me. "Okay sweety, I know this sounds crazy, but I want us to try something new tonight." Amy grabbed my hand and looked me very seriously in the eyes. "Do you trust me?" I nodded yes, but she could see the quizzical look in my furrowed brow.

Taking one of the bottled waters she twisted off the cap. Holding the bottle to me in one hand, she held out her closed hand to me. I took the water and held my other hand out for her. She dropped a little pill into my hand and told me to take the pill. No questions asked. Just trust her. I looked around the table and everyone else was taking a swig of water, obviously already taking a pill.

Normally I would have been much more obstinate, but if Amy was being so daring this trip, I could cut loose too. Down the hatch the pill went and I swallowed it with a gulp of water.